i was going to use the word 'mantra' but it sounds too serious

Sneak Pt. 1 [M]

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Graphic smut, this is pure filth, i am not sorry, ceo!namjoon

Word Count: 5.3k

A/N: this shoot had me feeling all sorts of ways. don’t tempt me into making this a series because i very well could lol oops rip me. Also, this is unedited. I will be coming back to it to make edits once I finally sleep

Originally posted by jackjacky5

You stood behind the podium and stared out into the boardroom. The group of unamused business men clad in suits that costs 6 months of your rent stared back at you. The youthful face of the CEO stood out amongst the wrinkled frowns of everyone else in the room. You tried not to stare, or at least not let him notice you were staring. You had been working for this corporation for 3 months but you still hadn’t gotten used to the idea that Namjoon was your boss. Granted, there weren’t many CEO’s in their 20’s anyway.

But he was handsome. His dirty blonde hair always sat messily upon his head. Thick black framed glasses sat perfectly on his face while two dimples frame the sides of his perfect lips. Not that you had notice his perfect lips to begin with. Namjoon was your boss, a mantra that you had to remind yourself on a daily basis because if it weren’t for that then you would certainly be wanting to get him in the supply closet. But Namjoon was your boss.

Taking a deep breath, you started your presentation. It seemed like all the knowledge your fancy degree had given you went out the window as soon as you started to speak. You weren’t even sure if it was english, but before you knew it you had reached the last slide. Silence filled the room as the men in suits took in the last of your words. “Any questions?” you asked.

There was no response. Just pairs of empty eyes staring back at you. The overwhelming feeling of failure creeped into your bones as you stood awkwardly in place, unsure of what to do. Finally, the grumpiest of all the men raised an eyebrow and started to speak, “How is this relevant to our company? The ideas you are proposing are very provocative, but we don’t run the business this way. It seems a little out of reach, don’t you think?”

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Superhusbands4ever’s January 2017 Fic Rec

Hey guys! So I got the idea to do a monthly fic rec where I list any Tony ship fics that I read and liked that month (because I read a ridiculous amount of fanfiction, it’s crazy), and a lot of people were interested! So I’m going to post each month’s list on the last day of every month, but I’m posting two this month since I missed January (there’ll be more in next month’s, I promise). (If you’re not a Tony fan this list probably won’t interest you lmao)

January | February

Fics marked with ** are personal favorites that I highly recommend you read. Like if you don’t read the others, at least read those.

Stony (Steve/Tony)

“But as a guy who’s never been good at anything but killing- lemme tell you this. Wars can come to us, and we can fight to end them.”

“But nothing’s ever worth starting one. Nothing at all.”

As the dust of Civil War starts to settle- Steve begins to see a couple of things.

  • Your Name on Every Wall by Sineala - 616 Fix it of so many things, general knowledge of Civil War and Original Sin recommended - 18K

The Time Gem throws Steve into the past rather than the future, and in doing so, it gives him the opportunity to undo his past mistakes. But when it turns out that all of his mistakes involve Tony Stark, Steve begins to wonder if he’s ever going to be able to mend things between them.

Tony is no stranger to paternity claims from his female conquests, there’s a system in place for them. But when one of the tests actually comes back positive, he makes a rash decision to not tell anyone about it, not even Pepper Potts. All Mary Parker wants is for Tony to spend a little time with their son. Tony has a lot to think about in his life now, how he wants to run his company, how his life is going to change with the arc reactor, and what he’s going to do about his son, Peter. Then, the Avengers Initiative pops up, and in waltzes his childhood hero, and enemy, Captain America.

Follows the lives of the Starks, Parkers, and Rogers’, as they grow up, and grow in life.

(more under the cut)

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The Perfect Girl

Beast Boy dipped a wing lower and began the lazy downwards spiral that would bring him to a landing on the roof of the Tower. The moon was barely a crescent, but his keen owl eyes sliced effortlessly through the darkness, noticing immediately Raven’s figure floating above the ledge in her signature lotus position.

Gone were the cloak and the leotard. She was wearing a short, strapless indigo-blue light summer dress that allowed the ivory paleness of her shoulders, arms and legs to glow in the darkness.

He figured she was probably already aware of him, even if she couldn’t see him. He flared his wings to kill the momentum and landed softly behind her, transforming into himself and walking over on soundless feet. He plopped down beside her, sitting on the ledge, his legs dangling over the void. He looked at her with keen interest in his eyes.

“Hey, Rae! I didn’t expect you’d be back so early. How was your date?”

“It was a disaster,” she replied dryly. Beast Boy winced at the bitterness in the otherwise flat tone.

[More below!]

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Hedgecraft According to My Tradition

Let’s talk about hedgecraft! It’s a difficult topic to discuss, because if you ask fifteen self-identified hedgewitches what hedgecraft is, you’ll probably get seventeen different answers, and when you do get those answers, sometimes the language is cumbersome, difficult and sometimes bordering on appropriative that can make people feel awkward and strange about it. So, I’m here to try and put this difficult subject into somewhat easier words, or at least, as best reflects my practise and traditions. Others may disagree, or want to expound on something, and I hope they do! I’d love to get a dialogue going. I’ve only been actively hedging (ie: on purpose) for about sixteen years, so I know there are people out there with more (and different) experiences than me!

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anonymous asked:

This will probably be a little different than the usual requests you get. I'd like to see reacts of the RFAs + Saeran when MC wants a break up.


-You brought it up after dinner, while the two of you were working together to wash dishes.
-He didn’t know how he managed not to drop the dish he was drying.
-You were being so casual about it. It almost scared him.
-He cleared his throat, trying to get his voice to sound just as calm.
-“M-May I ask why?”
-“I’ve realized I value you more as a friend than a partner.”
-He just nodded, not saying a word. He didn’t know how to react. Everything felt like he was walking through static- His head felt numb as his heart slammed against his chest.
-The two of you finished washing dishes. You grabbed your purse, kissed him on the cheek and told him you loved him, and you walked out.
-He just slowly got ready for bed. He slipped on his PJs, threw on his hoodie for good measure, and climbed into bed.
-That’s when it hit him. Your smell still lingered on his hoodie, his pillow, his whole damn bed. Hell, he was pretty sure he smelled like you too.
-He gripped his pillow tight and ended up quietly sobbing into it most of the night.
-He stayed off the RFA chat for a few days. He even stopped playing LOLOL for a while because of this. He just couldn’t focus on anything. Just was a husk until Seven managed to come over and help him through it.

-He’d just gotten done rehearsing for the day, and he was so excited to come over and hang out with you!
-He went ahead and pulled out his phone, leaning against his bike, giving you a heads up.
-“Hey, babe! I just got out for the day. We finished a bit early! You still on for today?”
-“Hey, Uhm. Not really.”
-“Oh, did something come up?”
-“Yeah, a bit. Uhm… Zen. I want to end things. With you.”
-He let out a nervous laugh, but when you didn’t laugh back, he felt his stomach churn.
-“You’re being serious?”
-“Yeah… I’m sorry, Zen.”
-He was quiet for a while, and before anything else could be said he ended the call and cut off his phone.
-He teared up a bit, but since he was still outside of the theatre, he just took a deep breath, climbed on his bike, and drove.
-He ended up driving for a while, just thinking about all of the reasons you could have wanted to end things. The rude comments his fans made once in a while? The idea of being known outside your friend circle? God, did he do something? Did he do nothing?
-He wanted to ask you a million questions, but instead he just went to his secret spot and smoked until 3 am.

-You brought it up one morning, while rejecting a morning cuddle session.
-He sat upright in a jolt, confused completely.
-Unlike the others, he did ask you several questions. Why? When did you decide this? Were you feeling unwell? Is it not something to be discussed? Was he not good enough?
-As you slipped into your day clothes, you gave him short answers, not looking at him.
-“Jumin, I just don’t love you anymore. Can you please just have someone drop off my things at my place? You can keep what you bought me.”
-He felt the threads that used to bother him suddenly squeeze him tightly, barely even allowing him to breathe.
-“Right. I’ll… Send someone to do that. Right.”
-He didn’t even go to work that day. He tried, but he just couldn’t focus on anything.
-It was hard to breathe, hard to talk, hard to move. Everything he did felt like it took every bit of energy from him, no matter how small the task was.
-Even Elizabeth 3rd wasn’t helping him.
-He stayed away from the chat, ignored all the phone calls, ignored Jaehee.
-Sometimes, once in a blue moon, he’d try to call you after drinking too much wine, but he’d always hang up before you could answer.

-She felt like her world was falling apart.
-Her first friend, her first business, her first long bout of happiness- All of it ended in a flash.
-You handed in your resignation, her shock making her need to close the cafe for a few days as you packed up your things. As you finished off any employee notes. As you left her.
-As you did this, once in a while you’d walk into her crying- But she quickly sucked it up and acted like nothing was wrong.
-Sending your last paychecks hurt her. She didn’t want to stop giving you any. She didn’t want to fill your position.
-She reverted back to the old C&R Jaehee. Completely focused on work and the slight Zen DVD. Even the DVDs were hard for her to take joy in. Her fondest memories were watching them with you.
-The Cafe wasn’t doing well without you, no matter how hard she worked. She was doing the work of two people. Sure, she used to do this before, but now it seemed harder, like there was a mental block.
-After a while, she would consider selling the cafe and go back to working for Jumin again. Anything to get rid of the barrier in her head. Anything to stop thinking about you.

-It hurt him so much. God, he couldn’t even compare it to missions where he had been fucking stabbed before.
-It hurt because it was his fault.
-You stood at the door, a few bags in hand, almost emotionless.
-Angry? Sad? Done? Done was the only way to describe how you were. What aura you had.
-He ended up hugging your knees, sobbing against your thighs, chanting a mantra of “Please” and “Don’t go”.
-He would change! He’d stop having those anger spells! Those days of pushing you away! Of saying he didn’t need you!
-He was just so so scared. You were the only one who made him feel worth anything. Who made him feel like he deserved to live.
-You ended up breaking down. He hurt you so much, he just wanted to pretend this never happened. Take you to space, let him hold you and never let go.
-But you pried his arms off and left, and he broke.
-He stayed in his room, he sold a few of his cars, he tried to get someone to track him down and hurt him. He deserved it, he deserved feeling nothing but pain, right? That’s what he did to you, wasn’t it?
-But he never could do it. He was too scared they’d try to track you down first, and he had hurt you enough already.

-You brought it up one night after an argument about something ridiculous. He even realized it was dumb and said he was sorry. But you realized you just didn’t have it in you anymore.
-He had his off days, he would admit that, and damn he was doing so much better than he was
-But it was so emotionally draining on you. You ended up being more stressed than when there was a bomb set to go off near you.
-So you ended it. Said you couldn’t do it anymore. You cried and he just stood there, silently crying along.
-He never felt so weak in his life.
-The one person that loved him, that wasn’t family, that loved him at his worst, couldn’t bare to stick along any longer.
-It hurt the most because he knew it made sense. He knew you needed to be okay and happy too.
-He begged you for one last hug before you went, and ended up not being able to let go for ten minutes.
-You couldn’t either.
-You said maybe, just maybe, if he was better in the future, the two of you could get back together
-He agreed, but he knew by then you would find someone who could treat you better.
-When you left, he actually ended up having to hug his brother for a while and just sob.
-Why did he have to have this life? What did he do to deserve this?
-The only bright side is that this brought him closer to his brother, and he was at least happy for that connection.

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51: “A bull in a China shop has more grace than you.”

For @imagicalrainbowunicornpuke​ who asked it with a clumsy Nico.

a.k.a I present to you, the accidental spy AU I suddenly tried my hands on but most likely failed at haha.

“Careful on that now! I told you not to touch anything!” Will Solace gritted his teeth as he tried so hard as to not yell at the Italian man out of pure frustration “We’re supposed to be stealthy. Don’t draw attention on us! And can you please fix your tie?”

They were both currently attending a party hosted by a lady named Rachel Dare, a known artist in the country whose works of arts are sought after by the social elites. Will Solace had gotten words from his informant that his current target would most likely be here.

The Italian carefully placed the ceramic vase back on the table which he almost accidentally knocked out with his hands. Thankfully, no one else seemed to have noticed his little act “Well, I’m sorry for lacking your required spy skills but whose fault is it that I’m here? Also, it’s not like I tried to knock it on purpose”

“Fine, I’m sorry I mistook you for someone else. My bad”


“And sorry I didn’t bother listening to your argument and instead dragging you without your consent”

“Continue” The man, who is most likely Italian due to his features simply made a lazy casual wave much to the blond’s annoyance. Okay sure, he mistook him for the other spy he was supposed to work with and yes, his mistake but can he really be blamed if their descriptions are similar? Raven haired. A little pale. Wears a black shirt. Has a tattoo visible on one side of his neck.

How was he to know he grabbed the wrong person?

Focus, Will. Focus. The word ended up as a mantra in his head.

“…Therefore actually having ended up endangering your life”

The man looked satisfied and smug at the apology and casually began walking away, this time careful enough to stand nowhere near anything less he risk accidentally breaking something. Then he stopped, seemingly having a debate with himself before letting out one long sigh and looking at Will.

“Since I’m pretty much already dragged completely into this. What do I do?”

“We join the party of course. You’re going to be Luis Sebastian, an Architecture firm owner from England wanting to expand your company into the American soil. Single. Likes to go golfing during your free time. You’re looking for potential business partners hence why you’re here. Remember to interact and gather information without being a subject of suspicion. You don’t have to worry about being photographed by the paparazzi since Rachel doesn’t allow them in her parties. You should still avoid personal photographs though”

“Fine. And how am I supposed to do that whole gathering information thing?” The man questioned, sounding like he already signed his name to his fate. “I didn’t even have a crash course on this”

“Talk. Mingle. Eavesdrop. Flirt. I don’t know just don’t get caught” Will looked at his new found companion, eyes suddenly all serious. “Just see if you can get any information about a man named Octavian and try not to trip while doing so”

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anonymous asked:

Patsy and Delia prompt - Patsy is asked to help out at the London while Delia is hospitalised. Delia needs a bath - Patsy has to help. Awkwardness ensues !!

Hi hi! I hope this satisfies ^.^ 

It seriously ran away from me this time and is almost 4000 words, its a little more serious than awkward but I tried to include some of that too. 

Also to the Anon from a while ago who asked for a story about Delia getting hurt and Patsy’s reaction this may fit that as well. 

Hope you all enjoy, let me know what you think!

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BBRae Week - Day 1: Pining


Two weeks.

It’s been two cursed weeks since he’s been gone.  Two weeks since Robin sent him to Steel City so he could lend a helping hand against an uptick in crime over there, while things in Jump were getting uneventful to the point of being boring.

Which gave her a lot of time for thinking, and moping, and pining.

Not that they were dating. Or going out. Or seeing each other. Or having a… thing. Or whatever you would call a normal romantic relationship between two teenagers desperately in love with each other.

Of course they weren’t. It was stupid to even think about it. She was anything but normal. It’s not like she could have a romantic relationship with anyone, let alone inflict herself on him. She had to keep her feelings hidden from him, and from the others.

But of course, all of that didn’t mean she didn’t miss him terribly. Miss the sound of his voice, the green of his eyes, the flash of his grin. Yearn for the comforting, calming, almost overwhelming tide of love that flowed into her every time he was near. How in Azar’s name was he able to stir everything up in her and yet calm her down?

She groaned, exasperated and irritated by him for being impossible even when he wasn’t around.

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The New Addition - A Bear Brown One Shot

Request for @lovelyphelpslover13

Rated M

Bear waited impatiently as the pot on his mother’s stove was barely starting to simmer. His legs were itching to move. He’d waited, pacing back and forth, in large circles around the first floor of his parent’s cabin while the soup cooked.

“Mom…is it done yet?” He flipped his hair from his eyes, his hands on his hips. He knew Lottie wasn’t feeling well and wanted to get back to her as soon as possible.

“Sol, it needs just a few more minutes to come together. How sick is Lottie?” She asked; it was concerning to her when anyone in Browntown was ill, it didn’t happen that often and she couldn’t deny her motherly instincts.

“She’s not keeping anything down Mom, and she just looks…I don’t know…. Tired. I’m starting to worry. I’m hoping your magic soup will work wonders on her. “ He looked concerned himself, but lit up a little when complimenting Ami and she beamed back at him.

“Well, I don’t know if I called it magic…”But her smile gave her away. She stirred it once more more, smelling the aroma, “I’d say it’s done now.” She scooped some into a container, sealing the lid. Bear jumped up grabbing the container and spoon, kissing his mother’s cheek before racing out of the cabin. He jumped over the railing and sprinted for his treehouse. He called up for his wife, still getting butterflies in his stomach at the thought of seeing her.

She’d always done that to him, made him react in such a way. He kept thinking one of these days, life would just continue on, he’d see his wife and not feel like a giddy teenager, but it hadn’t happened yet, not one single time had he not looked at her in awe or felt honored to just be in her presence. She wasn’t as….extreme…as he’d fantasized about his partner being. At least not in the way he thought. Sure, she climbed trees with him, jogged with him through the forest, adoringly watching him roll around in the mud. But it was her spirit that he found to be the most extreme. She pushed him to try new things, things out of his comfort zone.

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Chris Evans Fic: Back Home in Boston

Anon request. It’s a fairly long one from me, this!

‘Mom, please don’t. Seriously, this is the first time she’s been here. Can’t we just stick with the photos on the walls and leave it that?’

‘Oh Chris, it’s my duty as your mother to humiliate you in front of your girlfriend! Besides, she’ll want to know what her future kids will look like, right?’

Lisa looked right at you and winked. Now you didn’t know who was more embarrassed but you sure as hell could feel the heat rising in your cheeks at the mention of kids: it was too soon, wasn’t it?

This was by no means the first time you’d met Lisa, but you’d always visited with her in LA as yours and Chris’ schedules just hadn’t matched up enough to allow a trip to Boston together until now.

‘Oh my god Mom, just stop, I’m begging you! It’s one thing humiliating me but I draw the line at you humiliating her on her first visit to Boston.’

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Of Princesses and Frogs

Here’s another old story. I’m posting it while I try to get myself to write something new. It’s probably my favorite one-shot, so I hope you’ll enjoy it.


Raven loved the rain.

As the first drops fell, she created a black, bird-like dome over her head to keep it off and took a deep breath, savoring the fresh smell and the slight chill it brought. It’s not that she was dark or moody; it was simply that rain and gloom calmed her. Beautiful, sunny days had the same effect on her as Starfire did; they were delightful and enjoyable, but ultimately exhausting. Give her a nice, long autumn rain any time.

She floated a few inches off the ground in lotus position, watching the pond as it rippled with the impacts of the tiny missiles falling from above. The ducks and swans didn’t mind it; they probably enjoyed it just as much as she did.

She allowed herself a small smile, hearing the alarmed shouts coming from her friends as they scrambled to cover the barbecue and protect the picnic food spread on the grass while seeking shelter from the falling droplets. Maybe she should help them? There wasn’t anything valuable that could get damaged, and the worst danger was that one of them could come down with a mild cold. No, she could afford to be a little selfish today and enjoy her favorite weather by herself.

[There’s more under the cut]

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Title: Unconscious

Author: Abby (amorluzymelodia)

Original Imagine Link: Imagine Sam and Dean thinking you fell asleep in the backseat of the impala after a long hunt while you’re actually unconscious losing blood because of a serious wound

Word Count: 931

Warnings: none


Just a few more hours, you can make it Y/N c’mon don’t be a wuss.

You repeated this mantra to yourself as often as the three of you made your way to the impala behind Sam and Dean, who were relatively unscathed. You on the other hand were literally holding in your screams as each step was agony.

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Rhythm (Part 3 of ?)

Derek Hale x Reader x Pack

Okay. Now we are getting fluffy. I see a few more installments for this. What do you think? Here is part one and here is part two if you wanna get caught up.

Words: 2,232

Warnings: None that I am aware of. There may be in later parts, but this is just mainly funny fluff. Though there is a bit of mom’s being…. Mom-y. But very briefly.

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.


Tapping your pencil incessantly on your open textbook, you wanted to scream. Everything was so…. Present.

Sounds were louder, making the ticking of the clock above the teacher’s desk the most annoying thing you had ever heard, the simple act of brushing your teeth made you cringe as it sounded like gravel being pushed around your mouth, lockers closing became lockers slamming, and the once just irritating bell of the school now an irritating fog horn.

Smells were stronger, smells you didn’t even want to know existed accosting your nose often, smells you didn’t even want to know what they were wafted by on occasion, and smells that once were subtle, pleasant aromas like your light perfume now smelled like bad air freshener.

Sensations were the hardest to get used to, everything so much more intense, it was almost too much, and it reminded you of being little and staying in the bathtub or pool too long, getting pruny fingers, resulting in everything you touched just feeling odd.

“Y/N,” Stiles said softly beside you, making you jump, which was ridiculous because you had smelled him when he came in the room, but at the way you startled, he may as well have been shouting. He held up his hands whispering sorry’s and taking his seat next to you as you waved him off, muttering your own apologies, returning to your pencil tapping.

His hand over your makeshift drumstick is what caused you to release the breath you didn’t know you’d been holding. “Thank you,” you sighed, closing your eyes in relief as you felt tension release from your body, his hand moving to rest on yours extremely comforting.

Looking at Stiles, you raised an eyebrow at his soft smile. “It’s okay. I know. Well, I don’t know because I’m not one of you, but, Scott went through the same thing. You’ll get used to it. I swear.”

You sighed. “But he is a TA,” You had coined the term for Scott’s pack status after the fifth time Stiles had shushed you in the hallway. “It’s been two weeks! How long did it take him?”

Stiles removed his hand from yours and looked down at his desk, beginning to tap his pencil in the same fashion you had.


He kept tapping.


He ignored you, flinching slightly at the low growl you let out.


Immediately stopping and turning to you, his eyes went wide. “Woah, woah, put the claws away,” he whispered. Looking down you noticed in your anger you had begun new etchings on the desktop. For a brief moment you wanted to smile, thinking they would surely look better than the eloquent male anatomy scratched lovingly into the wood, but Stiles’ voice jerked you once again out of your head. “Are those new contacts?” he asked in regards to your flickering eyes, innocently enough to not attract the filling class room, but you heard the tension in his tone. Finally he leaned in and whispered. “Use your anchor.”

“I don’t have one,” your voice was strained, starting to go lower than it had ever been, somewhat distorted and creepy sounding, even to your own wolfy ears. You tucked your hands into your lap, staring down at the desktop to hide your face from innocent bystanders.

Stiles was looking over his shoulder, muttering Scott’s name among curses and nonsensical sounds, his foot tapping incessantly. Finally he stilled, looking right at you as you continued to stare at your desk. “Alpha, beta, omega.”

Everything stopped. All the sounds that were flooding your senses, the sensations that were driving you crazy, the smells making your stomach turn in knots. The only thing that existed as you began to join with it was Stiles’ voice, repeating the mantra quietly. “Alpha, beta, omega.”

You turned to look at Stiles, your nails retracting and your eyes fading as you both continued the saying. Soon you heard Scott’s whispered voice join in, and you looked up to the doorway to see him peeking in, a small smile on his face as he nodded once and flashed his eyes. Isaac and Liam appeared behind him, joining as well. “Alpha, beta, omega.”

Derek had explained it to you that first day, repeatedly stressing how important it was to find an anchor, but until then, to use the mantra.

Stiles and Liam had laughed and shoved one another’s shoulders as they sat on the couch, recounting the story of a trip to Mexico with a freshly turned Liam who had nearly scared Derek before he taught them the mantra. He had snorted from the kitchen as he poured himself a cup of coffee. “I wasn’t scared.”

Isaac, being your only other “real” packmate had stayed up late with you, just talking and answering questions for the first week. He’d promised to protect you while at school, keep an eye on you just in case the mantra didn’t help.

You looked back to Stiles, smiling as the bell rang, glancing back to the door and seeing your friends had vanished. “Thank you,” you whispered to him.

“Of course,” he said quietly, settling into his seat with his own grin. “I don’t always need my bat to save the day.”


Your parents had commented on you spending so much time with Scott and Stiles, your mother making a joke about meeting the family before things got too serious.

Without thinking you corrected her, telling her about Kira and Malia, to which she had patted your back with an, “I understand,”, some comment about “not needing a relationship at almost nineteen, you were still young” and walked away.

Arriving early for the pack meeting to let off some steam, each punch on the hanging bag was one less problem to worry about, or so you told yourself. Hey, you were trying to be therapeutic. But it wasn’t working. You felt your wolf taking over more than you wanted, shouting the mantra as you went, enunciating each word with a punch.

Derek chuckled as he walked back into the training room from the kitchen with a glass of water. It was almost to his lips when he spoke, making his voice sound strange. “Woah, tiger. Calm down. What bee stung your ass?”

One last pitiful punch before you stopped the swaying of the bag with both your hands, you un-velcroed your gloves, leaning against the desk beside him with a huff. “My mom.”

Derek smirked, a dark look clouding his eyes as he stared blankly ahead, and you remembered about his mom, inwardly kicking yourself. The glass of water still held at his lips, you took it and began drinking, staring ahead thoughtfully.

“Hey! That was mine!” His voice sounded miffed, almost grumpy, but the slightest amount of amusement hidden in there made you not feel bad about it.

“It’s just,” you began, throwing your head back to stare at the ceiling, letting out a frustrated grunt. You collected your thoughts as you continued to stare up, rolling the rim of your glass against the edge of your chin. “My mom made some stupid comment about it being ‘okay that I was single’ and I ‘had the rest of my life ahead of me’ and ‘for almost nineteen I still could find someone’.” You made a ridiculous voice and air quoted what she had said, earning a snort of amusement from Derek.

You rolled your eyes at the absurdity of what had been said, lowering your head to once again look forward, downing the rest of the water and setting the empty glass on the desk with a satisfied ‘ahhhh’, wiping your lips with the back of your hand.

Feeling Derek staring at you, you listened to his heartbeat, shrinking slightly as you looked over to him. “Sorry.” He just stared at you like he had that first day weeks ago, unwavering. “Okay, by the way your heart is beating, and forgive me if I’m wrong because this is still all,” you gestured in two large circles in front of you with both of yours hands, “very new to me, but with a heart rate that fast you are either extremely turned on or extremely angry.” His heart rate rose higher. “While I would like to say I think it is the first, it is probably the second, in which case I really need to start running.”

Peter walked down the spiral staircase and toward the front door.

“How long have you been here?” You asked, slightly terrified you hadn’t known he was there.

“Long enough,” he rolled his eyes, causing you to quirk an eyebrow at him, earning a smirk in return. “And that look?” He tilted his head toward Derek, “is not a look you should be running from. It is however one I want to get far away from. I’ll put a sock on the door handle.” And with that he was gone.

You let out a sort of half scoff half snort, pointing at the door. “A sock? What good would that even do? That door doesn’t even lock. I don’t think…. Does it?” You looked back to Derek, but before you had time to question any further, you saw his eyes flash for only a second before his lips were on yours.

Everything in your body went rigid, taken completely by surprise, until you gave in, relaxing into his touch. He cradled your face between his hands, angling your lips to deepen the kiss. Snaking your arms up around his neck as he wrapped his around your hips, he pulled you close, and you could feel his heart beating in tandem with yours.

That invisible string had just been pulled a little bit closer, drawing you both into something unexplainable and unexpected.

Pulling away, you were both breathing heavily, oxygen seeming to have disappeared from the planet sometime during the kiss.

“Where do we go from here?” He asked, leaning his forehead against yours, eyes cast down on the floor.

“I don’t know,” you admitted. “We’re playing with fire.” He sighed heavily, eyes closing, nodding in agreement. “But I’m willing to get burned.” His eyes opened, he seemed to be holding his breath and you listened to his heartbeat. “I’ve heard I heal pretty fast. Like, inhumanly fast.” He flicked his eyes up to yours and that now all too familiar murmur of a skipped beat sounded between the two of you. That was when you realized.

Hearing voices down the hall, the two of you separated like lightning, him to refill the glass of water, you strapping your gloves back on quickly, giving the bag a good swing with two hands so it looked like you had just unleashed hells fury on it.

Letting out a grunt, you punched the bag as the door slid open, the pack all filtering in, Peter last, closing the door with the same smirk he had when leaving.

“Y/N! I wondered where you disappeared to so quickly after school,” Scott said.

“Yeah, you had me worried,” Isaac said, a bit agitated.

“Sorry,” you said quietly, wiping sweat from your forehead and taking your gloves off yet again. “Just needed to let off some steam. Silly argument with my mom.”

Everyone nodded knowingly, accepting your answer. Derek suddenly appeared next to you. “Well, come on, lazy asses. Get ready,” he hollered in typical grumpy Derek fashion. Grumbles went around the room as Peter and his smirk climbed the stairs to his usual perch halfway up.

Turning to you, Derek offered you the cup of water, his features schooled into his signature scowl. “For me?” You asked sweetly. He nodded, something sparking in his eyes. You shook your head, unable to contain your own smirk that rivaled Peter’s. “No thanks. I’m good. For some reason I’m just not thirsty. Odd.”

Derek let out a low growl, turning away from you as he tipped the glass up to drink it himself, but you caught his small smile as he pulled the glass away, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, letting out a sound of satisfaction much like you had earlier, sending you an arched eyebrow on his way to put the glass away.

Following him into the kitchen, double checking the coast was clear of wolfy ears, you leaned with your back against the counter beside him and spoke quietly. “I think I found my anchor.”

His eyes met yours. “What is it?”

“Well, when we were talking right before everyone got here, there was a moment of perfect silence.”

“The skipped beat.”

So he felt it too. You nodded. “This is so weird to say, but, it was deafening. Huge. And in the silence I finally realized it has been staring me in the face this whole time.” You held his gaze. “It’s like my mind was just waiting for me to fill in the blank. I just never thought it would be you.”

Something in his gaze changed, something softened, and a switch went off somewhere, illuminating a whole new emotion within his stare.

“Sometimes life can be funny that way. Stuff happens when you least expect it. And more often than not,” you leaned up on your toes, whispering in his ear, close enough that your lips and the tip of your nose brushed his skin, a slight shiver running through him. “It’s right under your nose.”

Part 4

Inside your head

I’m sure you’ve seen this pic enough time already and read all the fanfictions attached to it, so… let’s make another variation in aischenna style! ;D Have fun folks!

Lucy wondered occasionally what was in his mind - but she never expected it to find out right now and right here…

Tightening her hold over his naked shoulders, Lucy tried really hard not to feel embarrassed in this situation. She could feel every part of his body flush against her own, see little things on his tanned skin, freckles on the top of his nose, thin scars along the way of his contoured biceps…
Her heart drummed against her ribcage as she shifted from one uncomfortable position to the other.
“Lussshie?” Happy whined from the side, with his little body curled against Natsu’s right arm as he held her adoptive father. “You’ll squeeze the air out of him with your weight,” he warned and that made Lucy snarl.
She flicked the little exceed on the forehead as a petty revenge before turning away.
“Whaa, so mean!”
Lucy nickered. They had some much better to do than bickering. For one, they needed to save Natsu.

“Enough!” snapped Porlyusica as the healer turned to their direction. “If you want to see him ever alive, you do as I said before!” She thundered from outside of the cave while probably treating the others. Lucy couldn’t hear, but she knew Porlyusica was murmuring something about how she hated humanity.
Her ears caught another voice from beside, and Lucy looked to the side. It was Happy muttering, “Please… open your eyes!” while scratching Natsu’s shoulder desperately with his tiny paws, tears welled up in his doe eyes. He was clutching him as if his life would depend on it.
She needed to bit in her lower lip. “Natsu,” she squeezed it out through the lock of her teeth, her hands laid flat on his pectoral as she let her body entirely on the top of his, the boundaries between them disappearing. She didn’t care how his naked torso felt against hers, didn’t care about how their tights bumped, or how she tangled their legs together.
She wanted to save him – so she needed to give him her warmth.
His body was cold… she could feel it. Cooler than ever before – as she believed. It was even low for a normal human without magic, not to mention that he was a human replica of a fire dragon!
It was unnerving.
Taking a big breath, she slipped upward, creating some kind of friction to gain more heat. Lucy snaked her arms around his broad shoulders carefully, lest hit Happy accidently. She lent her head on the top of his, their forehead touching.
Her eyes widened, and with that instant she snapped her head away.
Happy looked up at her, but after a little shrug he turned back to scratch Natsu’s shoulder, already accustomed to Lucy’s weirdness in the middle of the worst situations.
However which made her jerk was something… impossible. She saw a really detailed picture of Wendy in her mind while her voice rang in her ears. It echoed in her mind as she thought back at her words, “… was told by Anna…
This image disappeared immediately, leaving a confused Lucy on the top of her best friend.
She didn’t understand as she tried desperately not to connect the dots and led it back to her ancestor. Too curious for her own good, she shifted back in her previous position, her and Natsu’s skin rubbing yet again.
Lucy gasped.
To her biggest surprise, it worked. Now being able to see Gajeel’s grumpy face and his untamed, black hair, she needed to realize that this was taking place in Natsu’s mind; might be his feverish dream.
She could feel the cold breeze that flew by, how the snow smashed against her face and it did hurt… and lowered her natural temperature with ease. It seemed more serious than a simple dream as she searched for some clues of magic while invading in Natsu’s mind, going deeper.
Lucy could catch glimpse of black vines surrounding the entire imagined world. His mind was possessed – drawn the realization on her.
The next thing she knew that she was trying to tear the vines out with her own, thundering magic. Her fingers whitened from the force as she was squeezing on Natsu’s shoulder in reality while she was reaching out with her light, but those sickened plants always managed to slip out of her hold.
Her expression morphed as she moved her light around his consciousness, afraid to not bother the actions displayed in front of her soul’s eyes. She needed to be careful not to have the black magic caused more chaos that it already had.
She was fighting and was not about to give up as she was able to catch Gajeel’s words as those were the background voice for her, “It’s all coming for your own heart, dimwit. Quit acting so sho—!”
“No!” she yelled, not even realizing that she scared Happy and made him jump lightly.
It wasn’t coming from his heart! It was those disgusting vines’ doing and had nothing to do with Natsu. He was their victim, a victim of this troubling magic that seemed to seep under his being, undermining his body as he was unaware of the reality.
With more vehemency, she moved her lights faster, imagining it to be her whip, madly reaching out and dividing the main thread into tiny ones, curving and twisting the light in different forms to cage that disgusting magic.
She got it!
It was Natsu’s voice which made her tremble. With holding a firm grip over the black magic, she looked at the scene, not caring about the cruelty of this weather or the hair as it whipped against her face.
“It’s just one thing after another with you guys!” he growled, clearly pissed over something. Never minding the situation, it amused Lucy, and she let her lips quirk up timidly. “I thought you were supposed to tell me about the cause of what’s got me on my death bed or—!”
Death… bed?
She let out a breath, shakily as if afraid that it could hurt him. She slowly opened her eyes, the created world fading from her vision as she was too shocked to use her vocal chords at the moment. Her vision became blurred as she looked down at the sharp features of the man she loved.
It can’t be…
“No… I won’t let that happen!” she muttered, as she tightened her hold over his body, pressing herself even closer to him and feeling her own warmth returning to her body and sharing it with his. Her hot tears rolled down from under her tick eyelashes, landing on his face. “I won’t lose you… yet again!”
She hoped that her voice could reach him… She really hoped that as she lowered herself to the level of his ear as she chanted her mantra, over and over… It was something for Lucy that helped her to believe in him. Heck, their family was famous for never giving up! And she expected him to do as always!
It was a weird scent which hit her nostrils. Almost like something was burning and the sizzling sound beside that, was what made Lucy look down, near Natsu’s body.
Only to see the straws burned, black on one end… She felt his heart rate sped up as his natural temperature got higher by every passing minute.
He was fighting.
She nuzzled closer to him, not even caring even if he was about to combust himself on fire. Knowing that he was doing his best was enough for her. Enough so that she didn’t let him out of her hands.
Ever again.

CS AU Fanfic: What it Means to be a Savior.

Banner by @katie-dub

Au Sci fi. The worlds are in turmoil with a small band of rebels fighting to restore the balance. What they need is a miracle, what they get is a Savior.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away… This fic has been plaguing my mind for a long time. It’s kind of a cross with OUAT - Star Wars - and Star Trek. It has taken over a large part of my life and I hope you enjoy it. Let me know, please, reviews, kudos, and comments keep me motivated and encouraged. Will be posted on FFN and AO3. Rated M. 

A huge shout out and thanks to @ultraluckycatnd for taking on the task to beta this. It’s an epic fic and your expertise has been so much appreciated. 

Chapter 1 - Once More into the Breach.

They moved across the surface, scrambling for higher ground. The night skies of the foreign world were illuminated by the endless firefight. Killian looked to his right and then grabbed Arthur, dragging him over the barrier as he searched for his team. Liam was still missing, and he had no idea where David was.


“How much longer?” Penelope asked.

Liam looked at Penelope and shook his head. They were scheduled for evac in less than thirty minutes, and those minutes would fly. Chances were, they weren’t making it. He should have left her on the transport. He watched irritation and anger flood his wife’s face. She hated losing.

Setting the charges, he tossed another pack to her. The substation was key in the planet’s defenses. If they could remove it, the sub-field protecting the planet would fail and the invasion would begin. Their holding planets were already weak, and the Legion now ruled more than three-quarters of the known star systems. The war was going badly, and its end was near. Liam swallowed the bitter pill that the Royals were losing, and thus the Galaxy Warswould end soon with their surrender. But that didn’t matter. This planet was theirs.


Killian felt the vibrations of incoming missiles before they hit. He rolled and folded into a ball to protect his softer parts. He cursed as the impact vibrated around him, the ground shaking and debris flying in all directions; he felt the sting of something burning as it pierced his side. The Legion weren’t budging. They were fighting back and holding the Royals in check. Sitting up, Killian reached behind him and pulled out a large, hot piece of shrapnel. It burned his hands and it took three tries to remove it, but leaving the shrapnel in would have been worse. The material was a liquid heat alloy that melted into the skin and poisoned the blood supply. He preferred not to have toxic material in his body.

“Arthur, let’s move. Dust-off in twenty, and we’re going to have to haul to get there.”

Killian reached for his Com officer to pull his hand free of his body. Looking down, he registered the smoking remains of Arthur and the fact that the incoming round had torn Arthur’s body into three parts, scattering pieces everywhere. Taking the com unit from his dead friend, Killian also took Arthur’s dog tags, placing one in what might have been his mouth. He didn’t know if they would, or could, clear the field and process the bodies. But just in case, it would be nice to return Arthur’s genetics home.

Killian rushed the field, creeping along the embankment, using its higher rise for cover. It was the movement of Will over the top that caused him to pause. Grabbing Will and pulling him next to him, they sheltered for a moment.

“You set them?”

Will nodded, gulping a harsh breath to fill his lungs. He had breathed in the gas as he infiltrated into enemy lines to bury the live rounds under their feet.

“Yeah, along the ridge and three clicks in. The detonation sequence is set to go in eight minutes, so we need to haul ass.”

“I’ve got boomers on the left crawling into the field. Arthur is down; Walt took it back sixty feet, and I haven’t seen the B-boys.”

“I saw them,” David said, tumbling down the dirt bank to join them. “Bark and Brine are both toast. They took the left ridge down and out. The Legion were using the targeting laser as a heat seeker. They never stood a chance.”

Will bent his head forward as the rush of air in his tortured lungs made his dizzy. “Cap?”

“I don’t know. He and Penelope went into the access port. We’ve got to hold the line and maintain the right until he can set the charges. This substation sub-field will be re-enforced after tonight if we fail.”

“Killian.” Killian took the com unit and inserted it in his ear at the sound of Liam’s voice.

“Go, Cap. What’s your twenty?”

“Charges are set, but the Legion are moving fast. We’re coming out. Dust-off in ten. Get your men there.”

“Aye, Cap. Don’t be late, Liam.”

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My Favorite Albums of 2015 (So Far)

To say 2015 has been an INCREDIBLE year for music is an understatement. Every other week has been just a haven and music fan’s dream coming to fruition, so much so that this is the first top list of albums I’ve made that ISN’T in a particular order! This list encompasses more than just hip hop as well mind you so there’s should be plenty for any music fan to enjoy here. Sound off below on any of your favorite jams this year as well if you think I missed any!

Kendrick Lamar — To Pimp a Butterfly

As abstract and bold as ever, K. Dot manages to completely reinvent himself within the landscape of hip hop and the ever changing image of black men in America throughout his journey of coming to terms with his identity, humanity, and status as a whole, nailing every single concept he lays forward with absolute perfection. Whether it’s the ignorance wobbles of “Hood Politics” the gut wrenching suicidal thought of “U” the politically charged anger of “The Blacker the Berry” or the false hope of “Alright”, Kendrick brings in a well molded perspective that is solely unique to him, yet remains singular in his own way.

Jamie XX — In Colour

Leave it to the producer of The XX to make me like song featuring Young Thug (“I Know There’s Gonna Be Good Times”) and make one of the best electronic albums in recent memory. Warm and immediately accessible and electrifying with tons of satisfying depth to them that make each and every song rewarding, tracks like “Girl”, “Gosh” and songs with his XX cohorts (“Loud Places”, “SeeSaw”) will stick with you (and in your head) long after you finish playing them. Jamie took his sweet time recording this album enough to put one of the biggest indie pop outfits in the world on hold to do so, and was rewarded handsomely in the end.

Hiatus Kaiyote — Choose Your Weapon

An interesting but underdeveloped album with a Grammy nominated song featuring Q-Tip later, this Austrailian neo-soul outfit has managed to craft their own signature sound with a bliss ho-hum one second and blazing electronic synths in another. The warm energy of “Molasses” juxtaposed with the beatnik rhythms of “Atari” with the eclectic mashup of all styles in “Jekyll” can leave you breathless trying to catch up to it all, whether it’s their frantic energy, Nai Palms soulful and beautiful vocals (where it’s at her best on “Fingerprints”) or the ingenious lowkey single of the year in “Shaolin Monk Motherfunk”.

Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment — Surf

For those wanting more of Chance or more rapping, you gotta understand this: THIS IS NOT A CHANCE THE RAPPER ALBUM. However, it does bring Chance’s abundant joy into the mix with the debut of Surf. Tracks like “Just Wait” and “Slip Slide” showcase the other talent the group has to offer, while Chano shows no signs of faulting lyrically either, as “Miracle” and “Warm Enough” show that he’s more than apt to hang with some big stars (Erykah Badu, Busta Rhymes, J. Cole, Big Sean, Janelle Monae) in their space as well. Mixing live instrumentation with its eclectic styles keeps the record fresh throughout 52 minute listen.

Sufjan Stevens — Caroll & Lowell

Seven albums in, and not only has the most innovative indie singer-songwriter of his time manage to reinvent himself once again, but he brings forth what may be the best album of his career thus far His songwriting excellence shines once again on tracks like “The Only Thing” and “Should Have Known Better”, displaying the heartbreaking love Stevens had for his parents. Though the production is easily his most stripped down of his album, it’s this exact approach that makes it hit all the harder for it.

Vince Staples — Summertime ‘06

To think that a rapper who was only previously known for guest spots on an Odd Future record would make the best hip hop debut album since Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City is still a wild concept itself, but even thinking his first album would be a double disc affair is even crazier. But as “Senorita”, “Norf Norf” and “Street Punks” are set to remind you, this record is serious business, and it’s even crazier that it all worked. No I.D. lends Vince some of his best production in years that hits you hard despite some songs being over in a flash.

Father John Misty — I Love You, Honeybear

Humorous and cynical, Josh Tillman’s knack for songwriting is still as great as ever. From the harmonic synths of “True Affection” to the soul influence of “When You’re Smiling and Astride Me”, the beautiful range shown throughout the album is one that immerses you instantly, and even a few that make you genuinely laugh at such politically charged tracks such as the self-deprecating humor of “Bored in the USA” (sitcom laugh track notwithstanding). The former Fleet Foxes bandmate has never sounded better.

A$AP Rocky — At.Long.Last.A$AP

After taking an extremely long break from the biz in London after exploding onto the scene (along with the surprising passing of his former mentor A$AP Yams), A$AP Rocky returns with his best commercial project yet with even crazier ideas, better songwriting and most spectacular production and guests to accompany him. From Miguel on “Everyday”, Danger Mouse as the executive producer, a reinvigorated Lil Wayne on “M’s”, Kanye West soulful production (and drunk ramblings) on “Jukebox Joints”, MIA on “Fine Whine” and even Mos Def closing it with “Back Home”, A.L.L.A. shows substantial growth while also retaining Flacko’s signature charm and flow as well. Excess that remain gully is the name of Rocky’s game and it’s never been better than it is here.

Leon Bridges — Coming Home

Music revival is one of the slipperiest slopes to cross in this day and age, as it can either win you acclaim or date your music and reputation from the start. Fortunately, Leon Bridges translates this old school love into a great album from start to finish. As the title track “Coming Home” transports you back to where artists like Sam Cooke and Otis Redding were surpreme, Leon makes the environment crackle like the jukebox it and other songs like “Lisa Sawyer” and “River” were meant to be played in.

Earl Sweatshirt — I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside

Ever the loner in Odd Future, Earl Sweatshirt releases his 2nd studio album that manages to be bleaker and more interesting than his preceding album. Surprisingly well produced by himself throughout (along with one Left Brain credit) songs like “Grief”, “Mantra” and another scene stealing Vince Staples verse on “Wool” create a dark atmosphere for a more livelier sounding, monotone-free Earl to showcase his lyricism and cynicism in one fell swoop.

Drake — If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late

Easily his most aggressive and confident sounding album to date, Drizzy managed to shock his audience with an album that nearly reinvents his sound while knowing what still can pull in radio plays at the same time. Whether it’s the hyperactive “Energy”, the catchy melody of “6 Man” and “10 Bands” or sheer boastfulness of “Used To”, “Legend” or “6 God”, Drake leaves no expense into making this project (still unclear what it should be referred to) one that may even be bigger than the album he on the way later this year.

Miguel — Wildheart

As Miguel opens the album with the words “Accept the new, don’t mingle on the “past”, Miguel manages to reinvent himself and blend a myriad of styles into one of the best R&B albums since Channel Orange. Breaking into bad boy gangsta of “NWA” with an appropriate verse from Kurupt, the disco like groove of “DEAL”, the sexy rhythms of “Coffee” and the Jai Paul produced “FLESH”, and his varied songwriting from the expressive freedoms of “A Beautiful Exit” or the aggressive, hilarious lyrics about wanting to fuck like they’re being filmed for a porno in “the valley”, Miguel’s idiosyncratic style knows no bounds, not even to himself.

Shamir — Ratchet

Shamir is one in a long line of pop aficionados (Charli XCX, M.I.A.) that is quietly reinventing the approach to the genre. However, it’s the dark and wonky sound that songs like “Call It Off” and “On the Regular”, the downtempo and melancholy feel of “Youth” and downright madness of “Make A Scene” make this an album that betrays normal pop conventions that embraces all the sleaze but shows that more emotional moments such as “In For The Kill” that help the fellow Vegas native wear his heart on his sleeve.

Oddisee — The Good Fight

Oddisee has always shown his strength as a producer yet always faulted on his rapping. Though as the song “That’s Love” shows, Oddisee has been hard at work trying to master his hands at both. “Want Something Done” highlight his frantic flow, with “A List of Withouts” bang some new age boom bap in many coming-of-age tales. Blissful, ambitious, and consistent throughout, The Good Fight sharpens his jazzy, free formed flow that leave him only more room to grow from.

Okay (Bucky x Reader)

word count: 900

( damn val back at it again w the sad )

               You knew he wasn’t the Bucky you and Steve used to know, and you knew that he could never be that man again. He could never be the same James Barnes that you loved in the 1940s, but you loved him anyway. The fact was, you weren’t the same Y/N you were in the 1940s, and you were never going to be that girl again.

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anonymous asked:

Peter finding out that his girlfriend is pregnants? Thank you! Love youuu! xx

Originally posted by iniquitysoneoftheperks

Title: Excuse me, What?
Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader.
Words: 1000
Rating: T(Mentions of sex, language).

“Are you okay?” Peter asked you with raised eyebrows, talking with a mouthful of Twinkie. Smiling at him ever so slightly, you shrugged your shoulders. “Are you not feeling good?”

“I’m just really tired.”

“Go take a nap.” Peter suggested, tucking back some of his smooth silver hair. “I’ll go cuddle you if it’ll make you feel better.”

Laughing quietly, you shook your head. “Not that sort of tired.”

“There’s another kind of tired?” He sounded appalled, looking at you with playful eyes and leaning towards you from his seat on the couch. “Please, explain.”

“Getting up at 4 AM to puke isn’t my idea of starting a day.” You told him quietly. Peter tilted his head, licking his bottom lip before sitting back. He appeared to be thinking about that before speaking, and you wondered if he had caught on already.

“The flu, maybe?”

He didn’t.

“No,” You murmured, “I don’t think so. It’s only in the morning.”

Peter scrunched his face and sighed quietly. He knew what you were doing, and he wasn’t very gifted at guessing right away on his first try; so instead, he opted to say,  “If you’re trying to like, code something here, I’m obviously not getting it. Can you just tell me what’s up? I know it’s something, my mom told me you went to the doctors today.”

Damn that woman, you thought to yourself and readjusted to face him. “So, I jus… We have an active sex life, yeah?”

“I’d say so.” He shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, “Nothing wrong with that.”

You took a deep breath in and looked into his dark eyes, shuddering as you did. There’s no better time than the present, you said to yourself like a mantra, “I’m pregnant, Peter.”


The only audible sound was the sound of the Twinkie wrapper crumbling onto the floor.

He didn’t falter for a few seconds after hearing that. Resting his hands in his lap, suddenly self-conscious, he looked at you, “What did you just s-say?” His voice was sharp and executed, as if he was making sure he wasn’t dreaming any of this.

“I’m pregnant,” You repeated a bit louder for him to hear this.

“But, we use…” Peter swallowed softly, “We use protection.” His brows furrowed together in thought, “Except… Oh fuck…” The memory came flooding back to him. At least a month and a half prior, he hadn’t used protection and decided to–

“You thought you pulled out in time but…” You shrugged, pushing back tears in your eyes, “I guess not. But, I went to the doctor after taking a test, just to make sure and I… I’m having a baby, Peter… Yours.”

That seemed to echo inside of his mind.

“Fuck, (Name)…” He cursed, but more to himself. Running hands through his hair quickly, he was standing and zipping around the room. Before you could even blink, he was leaning against the wall, clear across the room, “I-I… I can’t be a dad!” He rested on uneasily, now leaning against Ms. Pacman. “I never had one! I can’t… I can’t raise a child… A baby.” His experience itself wasn’t the issue any longer. He had plenty of that when his baby sister was born. This— This was something else. Something long unresolved.

Lifting his hand, he pressed it against his forehead and rubbed the now taunt skin there. There was an undeniable feeling of dread washing into his chest. Physically, he felt like he had a ton of bricks resting on his chest, a thousands words going through his mind at one moment. And for a mutant that lived millisecond to millisecond, he felt surprisingly overwhelmed. “Why aren’t you freaking out!?” Peter suddenly asked you, moving back to sit beside you. “I’m about to have a fuckin’ panic attack here. Where’s my paper bag!?” You could hear the joke under his voice.

That made you laugh, but not for long before you were looking at your fingertips. You found his ability to joke in the most serious moments a talent. It was something that came in handy when he needed to cheer you up, “Peter…”


“I’m scared.” You whispered, holding your hands together.

“C’mon, don’t get all soppy now, you’re gonna make me cry…” Peter scooted forward to sit in front of you, his hands on your forearms. That sent a shiver down your spine. “And we both know I’m an ugly crier.”

You tried to smile, with everything you had but you couldn’t bring yourself to do that before bursting out in tears. Peter’s reaction was immediate, and he was jumping forward, cupping you into his arms and digging his face into your hair. You smelt familiar, something gentle, like a flower, and something he craved desperately from you.

Home, he thought to himself and brushed back some of your hair, “You don’t need to be scared…” Peter was gentle with his words, stepping lightly, “And I-I didn’t mean to freak out…” Peter uttered into your hair, puffing his cheeks out as he did,“I guess… I’m sort of scared too… My dad… He left before I was even born… I never had that influence in my life, other than the occasional dude my mom would date.” A small laugh tumbled from his open lips, though, you could tell it was bitter and hateful, “(Name)… What s-sort of dad am I-I going to make?”

You didn’t have to think twice about your answer, “An amazing one.” Clutching onto his Pink Floyd shirt tightly, you breathed in his scent and sighed shakily. He smelt good, like a brisk walk in the park on an Autumn afternoon. This calmed you slightly.

“D-does my mom know?”

“I’m pretty sure she’s upstairs looking at baby clothes right now.”

“What about my sister?”

“Not yet, but you can tell her. She likes you more.” You pouted softly, digging your face into his chest.

“I’m telling you, she didn’t stick gum in your hair on purpose, it was an accident.”