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Tropetastic Tuesday wrap up Week Six: 4/11 - 4/16

There’s nothing fake about the talent in these pieces! In no particular order, here’s a wrap-up of works submitted for @thegreyhenley’s Tropetastic Tuesday challenge this week. In this challenge, writers and artists had from Tuesday through till Sunday to submit trope inspired pieces to the #tropetastictuesday6 tag. If I missed your work here I apologize and please message me so it can be added in among the wonderful pieces under the cut.

This week’s challenge was: pretending to be a couple / fake married

Check out the responses below the cut: 

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1D Hiatus Prompt Meme

If you’re like me, you’ve started to panic thinking about what you’ll do with all of your time when the boys go on break. Gina and I decided we should do what we know best - read fic. And what better way to do that than with group effort?!

Wait, what exactly is a prompt meme?

A prompt meme is an opportunity for fans with fic ideas they want to read to submit their prompts to one main page for fan authors to see, read, and fill. There have been so many great prompts on tumblr that go nowhere and I just want to read them, dammit! So here’s your chance to get any fic you’ve been dying to read, written! 

Because this is a prompt meme, the works will be anonymous at first, and there will be no direct and exact gifting of fics. You can submit as many prompts as you’d like (although AO3’s limit is 50) and write as many fics as you want as long as you finish before they’re due. If you submit any prompts you have no obligation to write a fic, and vice versa.

What can you do?

1. Submit prompts! (Now until April 1st)

2. Claim a fic to write! (Now until May 1st)

3. If you’d like to be a beta or britpicker, or even just a cheerleader to help an author in need of some encouragement, send us a message with any info you’d like an author looking to know. (Whether you can britpick, what you are and aren’t comfortable with, etc.) We’ll add you to this page for anyone looking for help.

4. Follow Gina, me, and/or the prompt meme tumblr for updates on posting, progress, and the AO3 profile. Questions can be sent through the blogs as well.

Quick and General rules:

  • ~Feel free to include Zayn as a member of 1D and the friend group. Or not. Whatever you want. OT4 and OT5 are well loved.
  • MUST be a 1D fandom prompt. For example, a Zerrie prompt that really centers around Little Mix and only involves the boys as side characters for the Zerrie relationship does NOT count as a 1D prompt. Interactions with other fandoms ARE OKAY, like a 1D/Walking Dead crossover, but once again, at least some of the boys must be main characters.
  • Prompt whatever pairing you’d like to read! Larry, Zouis, Niam, Tomlinshaw, Zerrie, Sophiam, etc are all acceptable. There are no limits on pairings, including multiple, polyamorous, and open relationship pairings. We also love no pairings as well, and qpr’s! Request whatever your heart desires!
  • Please don’t claim multiple prompts if you know you won’t write them all. Only claim prompts when you know you’ll complete them. But you should claim a prompt as soon as you know you want to write it, or else someone else may claim it first!
  • No kinkshaming!
  • For more detailed rules, see the hyperlink below.
  • Remember how awesome you are for filling a prompt; you’re gonna make another fan so happy. Fic exchanges, prompt memes, collections, and kinkmemes would never work without you.

Fics will be due July 1st, and posting will begin July 8th. 

See our AO3 profile for detailed rules and FAQ.

Thank you Anna for the photoset & header!

Creamsicle masterpost

It’s not much, but hey, it’s like 10 of us in this fandom anyway

For the wonderful phasmarey


(that are posting or have been posting creamsicle related posts)

(also, if you’re one of these blogs, tell me if you want me to remove you from the list!)







 Fave gifs/photos/photosets/art:
















http://alexkrycek1994.tumblr.com/post/126932050599/reservoirgays-is-this-creamsicle (i s2g this is them)


















v-mons  asked:

Hi there, so just a couple moments ago I stumbled upon an edited yoongi photoset and however much I am opposed to whitewashed Yoongi, the credits of the fansite state that it isn't editable. Now I understand that of course, this is a restoration blog and I understand that the main cause is to "restore" photos that have been whitewashed but at the same time we need to respect the original fansites regardless of whitewashing. (1/2)

I totally understand that you cannot control what has been submitted to you, and obviously you’d assume that if a photo has been edited that has respected the original fansite’s wishes but if you don’t mind, could you take it down? It was the flame in my heart: suga photoset from changwon kpop festival. I’m so sorry to send this message to you but it really does irk me when people edit non-editables, I hope you understand. (2/2)

It was nice of you to message us, but unfortunately we must decline on your request to take down “uneditable pictures”. 

But considering you were much nicer than most people that have talked to us, we will give you an explanation as to why:

  • Plenty of, but not all, fansites make profit off of their photos. Having a fansite means that you are offering a type of brand with the photos as a product. We as consumers are well within out rights to dispute, criticize, and call out on their behavior.
  • Some fansites that exist that are editable, also request us not to restore them. Because they don’t want people to criticize their behavior.
  • Think about the effect one whitewashed picture has on an idol: They have to deal with pressures of a damaging beauty standard by applying makeup/wearing skin whitening products/whitewashing their own selfies already from internalized colorism. And yet despite this, fansites are still DISRESPECTING and TREATING the idol/person they are taking pictures of as if they are a lesser being. Fansites/fans have already made fun of idols for their skin, whitewashed official photos, taken their selfies and whitewashed them more, etc. Idols have already publicly stated that they don’t like being treated this way. Including taehyung multiple times.
  • Think of how one whitewashed photo affects fans: Fans are going to be brainwashed into thinking that the whitewashed photo is an  accurate representation to the real thing, and when it comes to international fans, they start associating these traits to all east/southeast asian people. This has already led to racial fetishization and stereotyping what a east/southeast asian should look like. 
  • Think of how one whitewashed photo effects an east/southeast asian people: It fuels colorism and xenophobia within the east/southeast asian community. This would give more power to light skinned asians as they are seen as the “right version” of what an asian should look like. It also justifies discriminating behavior towards asians with average/dark skin tones through bullying, violence, sexual harassment, and other dehumanizing acts. 
  • Think of how one whitewashed photo affects dark skinned east/southeast asians: It builds up their insecurity with their skin, seeing how a person they look up to look a certain way, or how people call the person they look up to ugly because of their skin color, damages their self esteem from internalized colorism. If you add discrimination based on skin color to it, especially to young kids, it could ruin them for a long time.
  • Think of how one whitewashed photo leads to racism: Because colorism is based on the discrimination of dark skin color within a mono racial community, it already has lead into racism. This leads further prejudism and discrimination amongst race groups.

If you take these into account, from one whitewashed photo, it damages up to millions of people around the world. And the history of this has lasted for generations and generations.

Restores only hurt one person: The personal feelings of the whitewasher. Restore blogs have no respect to fansites whatsoever and we simply do not have to because of how damaging and prejudist their behavior is.

It’s not like the fansites respect company fan etiquette and idols’ personal space anyway. They aren’t supposed to take pictures at concerts and venues, they aren’t supposed to take pictures of them at private settings, they aren’t supposed to follow them around constantly, they aren’t supposed to make the idols feel horrible about themselves and yet they do.

And I will end off at this note. 

Why do you want us to respect the fansite, more than we should respect the person in the picture? 

Why do we have to respect people who hurt who they “supposedly” love?

- Admin Matte

RFA Profile Picture Collection Project

Hey, @zentherainbowunicorn here with another MysMe project ^^

I thought about writing a bit of an intro for this blog, but the tl;dr is that there are a lot of profile pictures used by the characters in Mystic Messenger that never get saved to your album as they are not “full CGs”, and I’d like to collect as many of them here as possible :)

Since the profile pictures change based on route and time of day (and can’t be viewed in the Extras), I need the fandom’s help to collect them all! All you need to do is go into your game and screenshot each member’s current profile picture and submit it to this blog. Ideally you should screenshot it directly from their profile, like so:

This is the highest-resolution version of the picture, which will make it nicer for use as icons and such.

After I collect several of these, I’ll crop them and post them in a photoset for use on your blogs, Twitter, Tumblr, whatever you like. Thanks for all your help!

Submit your screenshots here!


LoliRock Secret Santa 2016 Sign-Ups - NOW OPEN!


  • Gift exchange will take place DECEMBER 23 -JANUARY 7
  • You are required to send your giftee ANONYMOUS love at least once a week until the day you submit your gift, which is when you’ll be revealed as your giftee’s Secret Santa :) Make sure you’ve got “Asks” enabled otherwise you can’t receive anon messages! DON’T REVEAL YOUR IDENTITY UNTIL GIFT EXCHANGE WEEK!!!
  • This is give to receive; you must give a gift to receive one! YOU MUST MAKE YOUR GIFT, DO NOT STEAL GIFS, ART (that incluudes treacing), FICS, AMVS, ETC!
  • Your gift can consist of anything you can reblog/post on tumblr that DOESN’T cost money! This can include ART, EDITS, GIFS/GIFSETS, AMVs, FANFICS, MANIPS, PHOTOSETS, ANIMATIONS - things of that kind of nature!
  • GIFTS NEED TO BE COMPLETE! For fics, we suggest oneshots, but if its multichapter, finish it before posting! Same goes for everything else!
  • ****IF YOU DON’T COMPLETE YOUR GIFT BEFORE THE NEXT SECRET SANTA YOU CANNOT PARTICIPATE!!! We had way too many people do this; some got gifts and never gave their giftee their’s; if something comes up, let us know so we can find someone who can get their gift done please! Only exceptions are if you finish the gift PRIOR to 2017 sign ups or inform us of it before he deadline so we have time to let your giftee and the backup know. We understand that life happens.
  • HATE is not tolerated and you will lose your spot in LRSS if you post hate in your wishlists or gifts.
  • THINGS I’D LIKE: (this can range from ships you like, brotps, favorite characters, prompt ideas, what kind of gifts you’d like or prefer etc)
  • THINGS I DON’T LIKE: (includes things from notps, things you hate, types of gifts you don’t wants, triggers, just stuff you really don’t want to see as part of your gift)
  • WHAT I CAN DO: (can you make art, fics, gif sets, amvs, etc; can you do smut? what rating are you ok with going up to? stuff like that)
  • .WHAT I ABSOLUTELY CAN’T DO: (any ships you just can’t do? any themes that you find unbearable? hated character you don’t want to write for? hardcore anti smut kinda person? let us know!)
  • CAN YOU BE A BACK-UP GIFTER: (sometimes life catches up with us and we’re unable to finish a gift or something, let us know if you’d be willing to do more than one gift to make somebody’s Christmas)
  • ANYTHING WE DIDN’T ASK BUT YOU WANT US TO KNOW: (in case you forgot anything :P)


Now this is VERY important! Remember to tag your gifts with these (3) things:

1) lolirockss, lr secret santa, or lolirock secret santa (so we can find it and share it)

2) lolirock (so we can fill the tag up with your awesomeness! and its guaranteed to be seen by giftee and new curious visitors)

3) your giftee’s name (if you change your url during this time, send us an ‘fanmail” message letting us know so we can let your santa know!)

4) If you wanna upload a sneak peak, tag it #sneak peak or #teaser - submit it to us so you aren’t revealed please!!!

ALSO, if you’re gift is rather violent, or sexual, tag it properly. We trust that everyone knows that you tag smut as #smut #nsfw to protect the peoples, same goes for gore, blood, death, etc. Please be considerate!

That’s about it! You will get your gifee’s wishlist and name in a message around November 27-30th to guarantee sign ups stragglers get a chance! And it gives us time to match properly! If you have any questions, you can send us an ask on anon, or a fan mail if you’re question requires you not to be anonymous!

Let’s try and enjoy the season LoliRockers!

Originally posted by fuckyeahlolirock

ACNL things I want to happen, but don’t have the followers to publicize:

Dream Town Secret Santa-A weekly/monthly/semi-regular day where people submit Dream Addresses, they get shuffled around, and I send them out to partiicipants with no usernames attached. E’erybody posts screenshot photosets captioned and tagged with the town info, and e’erybody gets a little more publicity. (If I had to pick a day, it’d be Thursdays. idky)

Bonus- People caption with adjectives/ratings of the towns they visit. I’ll post an example with my town and update this post with a link.

QR Set Requests- to me with a random topic (i.e. ‘Music,’ ‘Beyonce,’ ‘Communist Mayor Flags,’ ‘Favorite Tumblr Mayors,’ ‘Favorite Fandom Costumes,’ etc…) *

Mayoral Fanart Day- Similar to #1, except after visiting, everyone/the artsy volunteers draw the visited town’s mayor. Everybody needs mayor fanart!

(Update, forgot this one) QT QRs- Selfie in your favorite get-up and someone (or me) QRs it.

*I’m actually going to do this one right now, starting with ‘Music.’ I’ll update with examples of my QRs, then send me some requessstttss!


Hello Tumblr are you ready for the opportunity of a LIFETIME. I have been collecting KagePro merch for 3+ years and it’s about time to get rid of it so before selling it elsewhere I want to give fans on Tumblr a chance to purchase these from me because I’ve met quite a few amazing KagePro fans on here. 

I’m looking to sell literally everything that is pictured here. If you’d like specific details on anything(s) you see, please ask and I’ll tell you whatever you’re interested to know!

If you’re interested in purchasing anything, please circle everything you’re interested in buying from the first pic in this photoset and submit it to me. This way I won’t get confused with there being so many different rubber straps for sale here, LOL.

Everything you see here is official merchandise and has been purchased directly from Japan via Proxy. I’ll decide on prices depending on what you ask for from me, keeping in mind the more you ask for the better of a deal you’ll end up getting because I can combine shipping.

I accept Payment via Paypal (I’ll tell you where to send it to after reviewing what you’re interested in and coming up with an exact total!) and I’ll only ship to the USA, sorry. I’m unable to go to the post office myself and the person who will be going there to ship out these packages refuses to fill out customs forms.

If you’re interested, please make sure your submit box is open! So I can contact you through there and tell you your total and where to send the payment. Thank you. :-)

If you can also send anyone to this post who might be interested in buying anything here PLEASE DO I REALLY WANT TO SELL THIS STUFF I NEED MONEY.. (I’ll charge reasonable prices for everything, of course!)