i was going to say what this reminds me of

i laugh whenever people make mr. darcy out to be the ultimate heartthrob, because let me remind you this man’s talents amount to gushing about his little sister when literally no one asked, not socializing at parties, insulting the people he likes as well as their loved ones, probably saying “thank you” to the bus driver (that one’s good, at least), randomly jumping into lakes whenever he’s in a particularly angsty mood, sulking in the background while his one friend socializes with someone else, ruining his and everyone else’s personal relationships, and making what should go down in history as the Worst Marriage Proposal Ever™

8 minutes of a lifetime

You know I rewatched the whole episode again

And even if the last scene with Marco not remembering his password of his laptop seems unsettling I think it was there to remind us that what happened to Marco in that dimension DID happened, but he is in the process to going back to his 14 yearls old self. His mental state is not going to return to his normal age as fast as his body, because if that happened, it would have been disturbing for him.

The next scene is what, at least for me, proves my point

“Still warm”

That means he did remembers the burger, that he bought that and that’s why he says “Still warm”. This is showing us that he is starting to going back to his old mental self.

And lastly

“Alright, let’s go for a walk”

He still remembers this and it’s not doubtfoul of what the puppies want and he is doing it with a smile. He is sure of what he needs to do, something that didnt happened with the laptop. I think by this moment confirms that he is back to being 14-years-old Marco.

So this scene is actually shwoing us a slower process of him regaining his 14-old mind. Mind and body are different things and I think this is very realistic in the point of handling differently a body change with a mental change. You cant just show two different realities to someone an expect them to addapt quickly to them. It took a little more time that his body, but he is back to his teenage mental state.

His memories of what happened in those 16 years will go away? Probably not. But he isn’t going to remember it as “what-i-am-now” but a “what-i-can probably-be” more likely scenario. That he can have a future if he proposes things.

With the experience he gained, he is going to enjoy his teenage life with his friends and family. 

He knows he have a future.

But for now, he is going to live his present.

“At the moment, nothing”

FUCK YES. Sorry I know it’s all angst and sad and Malec are going to have to deal with a lot. But Let me tell you how much I love cold and calculating Magnus. It brings me life. Because everyone takes Magnus’ kindness for granted, they take his compassion and his love that he pours out so devotedly for granted. And when Magnus says ‘nothing’ you can look in vacated eyes and see nothing. I live for things like this, because it’s a reminder of what Magnus has gone through his immortality. Magnus Bane can be compassionate, loving, empathetic but he can also be cold and calculating and nonchalant if people push him. I LOVE IT.  

  • kai: what's say? Chicken wings for dinner?
  • junmyeon: why isn't anyone listening to me?
  • baekhyun: I'm going to the bathroom,do you want to come?
  • Lay: wait what? Can you repeat that I'm confused
  • minseok: this reminds me of that one time *repeats same story twice a week*
  • jongdae: ah waeee
  • kyungsoo: do you want to die?
  • sehun: you're all SUFFOCATING me,move away I need to breathe

Moana has combined type ADHD. I mean:
•She’s pretty much always moving around
•She keeps getting distracted by the ocean
•She keeps repeating the line her grandmother gave her (which is definitely a memory tactic that I use)
•The whole line about the “call isn’t out there at all its inside me”
•I could probably think of others but I’m really tired and some scenes are kinda spoilery

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Lena being arrested tonight just reminds me of that text post that's been circulating about the cops going 'what you say will be held against you' and Lena's like "Supergirl". I'll be lowkey disappointed if they dont do that tonight tbh.

Or worse. 

Maggie: What you say can and will be held against you.
Lena: Kara!
Kara: Yes, Lena, I’m here–
Lena: No, I mean Kara, hold her against me!

okay, i am calm now to tell my story about meeting Hope!

So anyone who follows me knows I’m in recovery and that Carli is my inspiration to stay in recovery. So I told Hope everything my sob story if you will lol and how if Carli didn’t play the way she did in the WC I honestly don’t think I would be alive etc and I showed her my tattoo on my wrist and told her it’s Carlis autograph and that I tattooed it to remind myself to keep my head up and I haven’t touched drugs since she signed it and that it’s 8 months to the day. So she’s like “oh my god that’s incredible that takes so much strength to make that first step! You’re stronger than you think you are! Keep going you’re doing great, it’s only gonna get better and listen, you say me and Carli inspire you but guess what? You just inspired me! I’m so touched right now this is great!” And I was like dying on the inside from her pep talk to me lmao WHICH BY THE WAY SHE NEVER BROKE EYE CONTACT WITH ME, so then we took selfies and i’m like my friend told me not to take a pic with my glasses cause they didn’t look good, but I happen to think I’m cute as hell in them so can we take two selfies one with one without lmaoooo and she’s like “sure! don’t listen to them they look great” hint hint @in-solo-we-trust Lmfaooo then we took the selfie and I took them off and she’s like hey with or without you’re beautiful!! LMAO 


I get onto the train to go back to CT, and I’m waxing nostalgic going through all the pictures @in-solo-we-trust took of my interaction with her and I notice this set of pics, currently edited with Carli’s butt over my fat butt:

so here you can see me showing Hope my wrist tattoo and she’s touched, She held her hand over her heart the literal second I said Carli’s name and didn’t take her hand off until the end when we took pics, she was moved. Harli is real, y’all

Now here, is immediately after the tattoo when I said to her I am 8 months clean to the day, again you can see her emotions that she’s super proud to hear this, and I am so happy @in-solo-we-trust captured this moment, it really means so much to me to see this woman so genuinely happy for me and my achievement and anytime i doubt myself I can look at this picture and see a proud face of one of my idols. Thanks, Alexis.

THEN I see this pic, and I’m like wait whats in her hand? I zoom in and see its my book she signed the cover to..  which btw sorry @blessedwithpress she could only sign one thing, i hope you understand :-..  So I’m like wait this is weird, she signed the front of my book, why is the book opened in her hand? Just for hahas i decided to take the book out of my bag to see why she had it open like this in the pic and then i see 


needless to say, i was hysterical crying on the train I didn’t know what to do but cry.. if i ever have any doubt about maintaining my sobriety, this helps, this really helps. what a saint.

“i have to get out of here,” she says while frantically throwing clothes into her suitcase.
“slow down,” her sister yells. “what do you mean you have to?”
“i can’t stay here. everything reminds me of him. i have to get out of here before i go insane. that’s what he’s going to do to me; he’s going to make me insane. everything, everything reminds me of him; these walls, these photographs, all the gifts he’s gotten me. every street and every store and everywhere i look, he’s there. i have to go somewhere new, i have to find a place i have no memories of him. i have to leave him behind, i have to leave him here because he’s left me, do you understand? he’s moved on and i’m stuck here in this town where the ghost of him resides, i have to get out. i’m sorry,” she says and packs the last of her essential belongings and leaves.

Tonight’s Facebook post:

Fair warning - Whether Trump wins or not (and I’m still praying he doesn’t), I’m going to spend the next four years and probably the rest of my life being a lot less tolerant of bigotry in my presence. I don’t care who it is, I don’t care what it is, I don’t care how they “actually” meant it, I don’t care what they “think” they know about whoever it is they’re belittling. If freedom of speech allows you to be casually hateful of your fellow human beings, then it also allows me to remind you that what you’re saying, however funny you find it, is disgusting and has no place in any kind of progressive society.

If I have to live in a country where I have to worry about my friends being shot or imprisoned for being black or latinx or non-Christian or immigrants or LGBTQ, then the least I’m going to do is stop being quiet about how much it pisses me off.

If it’s going to be a fight, then you best believe I will come out swinging.

  • doesn’t trust everyone right away and takes a while to really warm up to someone but he’s always willing if he finds the relationship worth investing in
  • but once he does warm up to someone he would die for them tbh
  • like he will go out of his way to do something for someone if it means a lot to them and hes the type to be like “hey i saw this and it reminded me of you so i bought it for you ???”
  • also the type to roast you but makes sure they know he doesnt mean it
  • loves when his friends are really passionate about something like it puts a smile on his face when he sees hunk in the kitchen cooking ??
  • never really knows what to say when people come to him for emotional advice other than the “itll get better” generic stuff but he always wants to help
  • Jason: There's something about you, kiddo. I'm not quite sure what it is. I look at you and...
  • Damian: And you're reminded of yourself when you were my age?
  • Jason: Hmm? Oh, no, what I was going to say is there's something about you that is really annoying, and you never do what you're told, and sometimes I question your intelligence, but even so, I'm going to train you because I like having someone follow me around like a little puppy. It makes me feel good about myself.

can we all take a moment to appresiate dirk’s pure happiness after he finally found out what’s going on?

i love it so much

he figured the whole thing out and he’s so excited about it and doesn’t give a damn about the situation he is currently in (and let me remind you that the situation is kinda Dangerous in a deadly way):

dirk is smiling when patrick spring threathens him because he solved it!! solved!!:

dirk says that he can explain everything and it sounds like dirk himself is surprised by that. like “wow, dirk! you actually can do this! go ahead!”:

and he surprised even more when it turns out that things were exactly like he said:

but the next one touches me the most. dirk is DYING, he has a freaking ARROW in his shoulder but he is so proud of himself and happy and trying to smile:

that “you are not a detective” thing said by colonel riggins back then in so harsh tone hurted dirk. and now dirk proved him wrong.

 he is a pretty good detective

i’m proud of him



dirk trying to act cool:

and failing:

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what are your top ten (twenty?) shinee moments?

it took me 3 years but I finally managed to come up with my top 10 20 25 (mostly ot5; some ot2, etc.) moments and I gotta say ily for making me revisit all of these okay

they are each very very special to me whether they depict smiles or tears (or both), so, a heads up: the following list was arranged in random order! and a friendly reminder that these are /my/ favorite for some reason or another; it’s fine if anyone doesn’t agree, you don’t have to. 

1. I’m your boy tour @ tokyo dome ending talk (2015)

this should go without comments, but… even though this list isn’t sorted in any particular way, if there’s any moment that deserves to top it… this is it. tokyo dome had been their dream since japanese debut days, and watch it come to life was more than any of them, any of us could take. they cried, we cried, everywhere and everything was shinee and we didn’t allow ourselves nor anyone else to suppress our pride at how long they’d come, have come. it felt awesome to see everyone gathering together in a single mess of too many emotions.

2. that one time jinki murdered taemin at the JAT  (2013)

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  • Rin: Makoto! You have to help me get Haru to the hospital! He says he doesn't need to go but there's blood everywhere.
  • Makoto: Oh my god! What happened?
  • Rin: We fell over and I bit his tongue and you know how sharp my teeth are-
  • Makoto: You bit his tongue? How did you manage that?
  • Rin: We...ah...well...that's not important right now! We have to get to the hospital! Right, Haru?
  • Haru: *With much difficulty and garbledness and blood spitting* We were kissing and it was magical.

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Thoughts on this Louis twitter/Instagram always you stuff? Please?

I have like a million and one thoughts floating through my head, none of them cohesive.  I’ve gone through every scenario in my head from lightest timeline to darkest timeline and everything in between.  In general, I’ve gotten to the point where I try not to read to much meaning into or predict anything anymore.  I’m just kind of along for the ride.   but since you asked….

Basically, my take is pretty much the same as everything i’ve seen on my dash so far.  Louis has made a point to say he knows how fans figure things out.  He knows what he’s doing.  The “yes of course always” post was just making it’s rounds again so that leaves me a little side eye emoji.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he was maybe a little drunk and maudlin and missing a certain someone. 

But I also think it’s a bit of a reminder to us because big stunting is about to go down.  I don’t want to say it’s a WARNING, per se, but just a “hey guys, just remember whatever happens next, Harry and I are still good.”  It’s vague enough that it can be read as a reference to Eleanor, but people piecing things together as again, he knows we do, would know it’s not just that.  

My thoughts aren’t particularly revolutionary, but I do think this week is going to be pretty interesting and I hope that whatever happens/is happening, he’s doing alright and I look forward to the day when he can give us a full beaming smile in one of his selfies.  

InuYasha  {Sentence Starters}

  • “You ought to be arrested.”
  • “Are you crying? No crying!”
  • “You. Will. Stop. Flirting… Right?”
  • “I’m gonna make you my woman.”
  • “Sorry. I didn’t wake you up, did I?”
  • “Where did you get those bruises?”
  • “Can we lose some of the violence?”
  • “Don’t you faint on me, you stupid girl.”
  • “Remind me next time not to save you!”
  • “Well, you could learn to be more gentle.”
  • “Tell me something. Why were you crying?”
  • “You should shut up and let me protect you!”
  • “Pain is nothing. It is death that concerns me.”
  • “Listen, it’s fair to say you don’t like me, right?”
  • “I thought I was going to lose you. I was terrified.”
  • “Look what you’ve done! You’ve hurt his feelings!”
  • “Will you WATCH where you’re aiming that thing?”
  • “I don’t belong to ANYONE! Get your hands off me!”
  • “I am not going to kill you. I am going to break you.”
  • “Don’t get excited. I still think you’re pretty useless.”
  • “I really don’t want to see you suffering on your own.”
  • “Its irrational. Its impossible. Its against my religion.”
  • “If it hurts so much you should have said something!” 
  • “Are you crazy? You could have gotten yourself killed!”
  • “If you ever do anything like that again, I’ll rip your stupid arms off.”
  • “I thought I was going to lose you. I thought you were going to… die.”
  • “I want you to hear my feelings. You don’t need to say anything, just please, hear me out.”
  • “Mind explaining to me why you haven’t been able to look me straight in the eye since yesterday?”
  • “I want you to be happy. I want you to laugh a lot. I don’t know what exactly I’ll be able to do for you, but I’ll always be by your side.”

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I must say, when you use the gif of Molly Weasley hugging Harry, it reminds me of That 70's Show and the episode where Red Foreman more or less adopts his son, Eric's, friend Steven Hyde when his mother abandons him, and I wonder sometimes if you'd do that with one of your Tumblr kids... Then I realize you're more like his wife, Kitty, just calmly going "These are my seven kids, six are in the same grade" (But still very much Molly. So... Molly-Kitty fusion?)

I’m laughing so hard cause the other day someone compared ETD to Arthur Weasley dealing with one more child at the table.

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But if you know him, he’s got a good solid streak of Red in him too.

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And, yea, I can see where you get Kitty Foreman vibes from for me too.

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Request:  Hi there, finally got the time to gather my thoughts into words and it goes kinda like this: imagine helping Leonard Christmas shopping for Lisa. Thanks for listening and please keep delighting us with your stories

“Remind me,” the low drawl came from beside you, reminding you, not for the first time, of Leonard’s disapproval of this plan. “Why must I buy her something?”

“Because,” you start with a good natured roll of your eyes as you turn to him, “this shows you care.”

“No, this shows that I was forced to go to a department store,” Leonard counters, giving you a pointed look. “We both know I could get her something better…”

“Yes, you could steal something,” you reply in a hushed voice. “But what does that say? ‘Hi sis, I decided to put this one thing aside from my latest haul, thought you might like it? I know you can’t actually wear it or anything because, well, it’s stolen, but hey, who cares?’”

Between the look of disbelief thrown your way and the slightest of twitches on his lips, it was easy to tell you hadn’t succeeded at getting your point across so much as amusing the man. Yet somehow, with a conceding nod, he gave in.

“Jewellery?” he asks with a raised eyebrow, curious as to exactly what you had planned.

“I was thinking something gold…”

is it just me or...


Goblin - has it backstory set in GORYEO. what does that screams to me? And the latest latest cameo by Kim So Hyun - spots a striking similar hairstyle to Hae soo’s !! MAN if seol grew she would prolly looked like that (delusional fan)

Weightlifting Kim Bok Joo - HAHAHAHAH 13TH PRINCE IS IN THERE WHAT ELSE CAN I SAY. And we have Woohee and Jisoo CAMEO. OMO can i just mentioned in ep 12 when bokjoo confessed to joonhyung and joonhyung PULLED HER IN by the waist - HE MUST HAVE LEARNT THAT FROM HIS HYUNGNIM !!!!!!! 

Hwarang - i didnt want to watched this originally cause i was afraid it would bring me angstttt. but mannnnnnn. the scene where park seo joon and go ara met for the first time and he saved her from an incoming horse…. JUST REMINDED ME OF SOSOO FIRST ENCOUNTER TOO !!! and then and then the queen and the king interactions too but of course our baby wang so has it worseeeee. but there you go, another king with mommy issues. 

ANDDD also the upcoming drama - The King Loves IS SET IN GORYEOO TOOOOOOOO. 

pls tell me im not the only that is suffering from post-scarletheart problems.

kthx. ^^v