i was going to say what this reminds me of


Addition to my earlier Montfermeil post:

According to this article the house on the left in these photos is indeed the location of the inn called “Au rendez-vous d’Austerlitz” in Montfermeil where Hugo stayed on his way through Montfermeil and which he turned into “Au sergent de Waterloo”. I don’t know what their sources are because I didn’t see any mentioned but since this was pretty much my guess too I’m willing to accept it as truth. xD Also it helps that I’m always happy to find out that significant canon era buildings still exist.

So yeah, I suppose we could say this is pretty likely to be the location?

Actually… you know what that photo reminds me off?

…. in fact this looks so similar that I’m pretty sure they must have used this place as the model :O (although idk what’s going on with the ruins on the right, there should just be an open square there. Maybe they only had that one photo but didn’t know what the surroundings were like?)

Wow, Shoujo Cosette… you keep surprising me

tacos replied to your post:i watched mike’s speech to ginny from the pilot…

he knew exactly what to say to her…exactly what she needed to hear.

do you think he knew what she needed to hear because he had to go through the same thing when he was a rookie. like he needed to be reminded that this game is about them, for them, for the fuckin’ team and not the million other people watching them with their own opinions

mike had been there and fuck me up he was showing ginny that he got it

i hate myself im going to go bury myself alive now

know you so well

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by rydian

“Why did they tell you to come to me?”

“They said they thought you could help me,” she says, “the guy said you were friends with Magnus Bane, and that he helped you, and that he thought you would be the perfect person to help me.”

“Okay,” he says – he still doesn’t fully understand why, but he knows that he has to help in some way – she reminds him of something, deep inside and buried. “Tell me what’s going on.”

“I don’t think I’m a girl, or anything,” she says. “I just feel kinda… like, I don’t know, like I’m nothing.”

(In which Raphael is gay, trans, and in love with Simon. Together, they’re the go-to people for every downworlder kid that thinks they might be LGBT. It’s beautiful.)

Words: 1470, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 15 of little bits of stardust

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2e1Jmff

britt’s out at the moment, and before i tackle the inbox i’m going to put a little reminder out there for everyone. in our rules, we state that god modding starters are truly discouraged. if you weren’t sure on the definition, let me just explain real quick. starters that assume things about another character, or put that character doing something specific they might not be doing, are godmodding. so, if you said “HEY! get out of my shower!” in a starter, that’s what i mean. because this takes control of someone’s character away from them. and on a less drastic but still important note, we do say to use small gifs or gif icons in replies. if you aren’t sure if your gifs are too big, or you’re having trouble finding smaller gifs, i’m a pretty good gif hunter and i’m here to help you. and on a sentimental note. opening has been a spectacular success, and i know that britt is OVER THE MOON excited about how amazing all our members are and how awesome the characters on the dash are. i’m seriously so happy that everything came out so nicely and all of britt’s hard work and my minimal work payed off so spectacularly. britt’ll be home soon, so i’m gonna do some replies on vivienne.

what I hear each sign say a lot

(based on everyday encounters)


taurus - come over i’m lonely

gemini - …why isn’t anyone listening to me

cancer - I’m not good at art

leo - you’re all SUFFOCATING me I need to BREATHE just move aWAY

virgo - can we compare answers?? also you need to be more punctual

libra - I’m going to the bathroom do you want to come

scorpio - Nice, but uh… *slowly maneuvers topic of conversation back to them*

sagittarius - Look at the bright side, at least you’re not flunking out of school

capricorn - That reminds me of that one time… *tells the same story at least once a week*

aquarius - See, I don’t know if that’s correct though. I think my answer would fit better? Haha, but we can talk it out.

pisces - Wait can you repeat that I’m so confused

An eating disorder is always portrayed as a little monster that’s clung to your back, and screams awful things at you when you decide to get seconds or when you look at yourself in the mirror.
An eating disorder is not some fictional monster.
When I grab seconds, it is me that scolds myself and I remind myself how much I’m going to regret it.
When I look into the mirror, it is me that says those God awful things that make me want to tear myself apart.
It’s all me.
I checked under my bed, and I checked in the closet.
There is no monster, it’s just me.
—  What Should Be Under My Bed

So I’m pretty sure the person Dean is talking to here is Cas. It can’t be Sam as even with his new short haircut that much of his ear and neck wouldn’t be visible from this angle, and I also spy a tiny bit of a tan collar there in the corner. And you know what this reminds me of? That scene in Road Trip where he’s talking with Cas and says “so what you’re saying is we’re both a couple of dumbasses?” and even with everything going on he’s still so soft and calm around him.

I’m gonna stick with my theory that Dean will not be cured all the way in 10x03, but Sam will administer human blood to him that will act as a temporary fix until they can figure out what to do about the MoC. I don’t know if Cas will be present for the curing, but it looks like he’s in the bunker at some point as I believe they’re standing in Dean’s room in this scene. IDK I’m just emotional about the way he talks to Cas and the way he is with Cas and the two of them standing in his room talking goodbye friends I am gone.

another big qualm i have with da:i is how anytime someone says something remotely nice about sera when she’s not in earshot, it’s immediately followed up by “but don’t tell her i said that” like.. why not? what’s wrong with letting sera know she’s liked and appreciated and an indispensable member of the team? sure maybe she’ll lord it over them for a while but only because she’s so entirely unused to being treated with respect and good will that she’s GIDDY when someone does so & OF COURSE she’s going to want to talk about it and remind them that “hey you said you like me don’t forget no take backs” like why can’t anyone just treat sera like a human being who deserves to know when people think highly of her

Blackout day ✨

When you’re thinking about how much you miss me, and I’m completely fine, remember how I felt, and remind yourself this is what you wanted. Because with every day coming and going, I’m learning how to be okay without you. And I can’t wait for the day when I get to look at you and feel absolutely nothing.
I hate saying that anybody is the next CM Punk - I dont wish that upon anybody. But if anyone was its this guy. He’s got IT

CM Punk on Dean Ambrose

 “Ambrose has always reminded me as having some Brian Pillman and some Roddy Piper in his personality. So, if Ambrose doesn’t get institutionalized (Only kidding) with those perceived personality traits, he’s going to be outstanding. A little of The Loose Cannon and some of Hot Rod equates to money to me.” Jim Ross on Dean Ambrose

I’m very impressed with the one guy in The Shield — what’s his name  — Ambrose, that’s it. He’s really good. He’s got it down. He’s such a first-rate thinker on his feet when it comes to his timing, his expressions, his quickness, his deviousness. I love his deviousness! I saw him this past weekend and told him I thought he was great.” Bret Hart on Dean Ambrose:

Now, most of the guys are being manufactured and they think about breaking away from the pack and becoming someone special. Guys like Dean Ambrose are different from other wrestlers. The thing is, you need to take those same moves and personalize them.” Booker T on Dean Ambrose

I love the whole Shield gimmick, everyone’s real focused on Roman, and I think he’s definitely going to be a huge star, but Dean Ambrose to me, he’s the star of that.Batista on Dean Ambrose

All the ones I’ve mentioned (Cesaro, Barrett, Bryan) are going to be big, big stars, but my personal pick – and I hope I don’t jinx him with this – is Dean Ambrose. People have no idea how good he is yet; they have absolutely no clue how much he can do. He can be everybody’s perfect opponent, and I mean everybody, for the next 10 years. It doesn’t matter what role he’s playing, or whether the fans like him or not – he can be that guy. He’s just so good.

I spotted him as soon as he came to work here. He got put on the developmental TV just through one promo – they hadn’t even seen him wrestle. He was on it within a week, and then everyone was like, “Wow, he’s really good in the ring as well.” The people have only seen him punch and kick so far, but wait till you see what he can really do. It’s the same as Daniel Bryan – he’s invaluable to this company.” William Regal on Dean Ambrose

After listening to Dean Ambrose do commentary my 10 year old turned to me, and said, “Dad, he’s a good talker” Indeed he is. Mick Foley on Dean Ambrose

If I should have a daughter, instead of Mom, she’s gonna call me Point B,
because that way she knows that no matter what happens,
at least she can always find her way to me.
And I’m going to paint solar systems on the backs of her hands,
so she has to learn the entire universe before she can say,
“Oh, I know that like the back of my hand.”
And she’s going to learn that this life will hit you hard in the face,
wait for you to get back up just so it can kick you in the stomach.
But getting the wind knocked out of you is the only way to remind your lungs how much they like the taste of air.
There is hurt here that cannot be fixed by Band-Aids or poetry.
So the first time she realizes that Wonder Woman isn’t coming,
I’ll make sure she knows she doesn’t have to wear the cape all by herself.
Because no matter how wide you stretch your fingers,
your hands will always be too small to catch all the pain you want to heal. Believe me, I’ve tried.
“And, baby,” I’ll tell her, “don’t keep your nose up in the air like that.
I know that trick; I’ve done it a million times.
You’re just smelling for smoke so you can follow the trail back to a burning house,
so you can find the boy who lost everything in the fire to see if you can save him.
Or else find the boy who lit the fire in the first place,
to see if you can change him.”
But I know she will anyway, so instead I’ll always keep an extra supply of chocolate and rain boots nearby,
because there is no heartbreak that chocolate can’t fix.
Okay, there’s a few heartbreaks that chocolate can’t fix.
But that’s what the rain boots are for.
Because rain will wash away everything, if you let it.
I want her to look at the world through the underside of a glass-bottom boat, to look through a microscope at the galaxies that exist on the pinpoint of a human mind, because that’s the way my mom taught me.
That there’ll be days like this.
♫ There’ll be days like this, my momma said. ♫
When you open your hands to catch and wind up with only blisters and bruises;
when you step out of the phone booth and try to fly and the very people you want to save are the ones standing on your cape;
when your boots will fill with rain,
and you’ll be up to your knees in disappointment.
And those are the very days you have all the more reason to say thank you.
Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.
You will put the wind in winsome, lose some.
You will put the star in starting over, and over.
And no matter how many land mines erupt in a minute, be sure your mind lands on the beauty of this funny place called life.
And yes, on a scale from one to over-trusting, I am pretty damn naive.
But I want her to know that this world is made out of sugar.
It can crumble so easily,
but don’t be afraid to stick your tongue out and taste it.
“Baby,” I’ll tell her, “remember, your momma is a worrier, and your poppa is a warrior, and you are the girl with small hands and big eyes who never stops asking for more.”
Remember that good things come in threes and so do bad things.
And always apologize when you’ve done something wrong.
But don’t you ever apologize for the way your eyes refuse to stop shining.
Your voice is small, but don’t ever stop singing.
And when they finally hand you heartache,
when they slip war and hatred under your door and offer you handouts on street-corners of cynicism and defeat,
you tell them that they really ought to meet your mother.

Sarah Kay: If I should have a daughter…

Some days I feel like things are getting back to the way they used to be before you were in my life. Most days, things aren’t like that. Most days, I find myself scanning the crowd for your face like it’s something I was born knowing how to do. On days like these I find myself looking back in time because our memories are the only things that are capable of making me feel something these days. Most days I’ll catch myself forgetting that things aren’t the way they used to be, because they’ve been that way for so long. When the memories flood in it hurts like hell, but whats worse is when I catch a familiar scent or I hear someone saying something that reminds me of you, and all I want to do is go tell you about it. I then realize you aren’t there to talk or listen or just be and suddenly it gets hard to breathe. Every day I ask myself why it still hurts so bad, and every day I give myself the same answer; he was my first, and that’s never going to go away. The pain will lessen, but it’ll always be there. I’ll always be changed because of it.
—  Days Like These it’s Hard to Breathe, emmuuhhhhh
For the people who swear that Sebastian is heartless and doesn’t give a flying fudge let me just remind you of this moment.

People like to say oh Sebastian isn’t kind and he can’t change he’s only doing what Ciel tells him to do. Well Ciel didn’t tell him to fixes his manor. He even says something about going to an inn. You know what Sebastian does though he fixes the whole manor without being told to do so. Sebastian who let me remind you is a demon a creature that is know for only doing things to benefit themselves did something for a human of all things. I understand that Sebastian has done some pretty terrible things but that doesn’t mean he can’t change into a demon that can learn to love. Lets also not forget this isn’t the only time he has done something like this. So next time you want to laugh at someone for saying things like “well Sebastian can truly care and love Ciel” keep in mind that the person you are laughing at may be on to something.

It kills me because you can see Killian starts to pull away, because he’s ashamed and seeing them free is reminding him just what he had done. And so he starts to pull away, his hand shifts just the tiniest bit, before Emma reaches out and covers his hand with hers, stopping his retreat.  It’s a simple, yet powerful action, reassuring him and silently saying, “Don’t pull away from me, Killian…I’m right here….I’m not going to let you go through this alone." 

It’s just so beautiful. 

(gif borrowed from the lovely captainswanouat)


I got a lot of emails asking to turn this comic into a t-shirt!  And I was like, man, there’s a lot of different ways that could be done!  So I made THREE DIFFERENT VERSIONS, and for THIS WEEK ONLY, you can get them all! Right here:


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I chose to put on a shirt that superficially says everything is great but if you look just a little more closely it actually reminds me that so much can go wrong in a life, so much, some of it in my control but a lot of it not, and that no matter what I do I


make mistakes, and since we live in a world in which our past decisions affect what kind of futures we get (THANKS REALITY) blowing even a single moment 15 years ago could make my present suboptimal, and while that means not all of us will get to


millionaire playboy vigilante astronaut race car driver, that’s fine, really it is, because lots of my alternate selves have it even worse, so even though odds are I’ve already screwed up today, it’s probably not as much as I could’ve, and no matter how


the mistakes I make, they’ve got to be even worse elsewhere, and if things here are bad all I have to do is make one decision at least marginally correctly and I’ve made this world we share just a little bit better, and that’s what I keep telling myself, day after day after day after


The Depressing T-Shirt Challenge!


NYT to Sofia Coppola: “critics often say your films are ‘too aesthetic.’ But you tell stories visually. Music plays a big role, and there’s not a lot of talking.

Anjelica Huston: My favorite kind of movie. I want to work for you.

Sofia: Sometimes, people think aesthetics are superficial. But I think they can be deep. I love the atmosphere and the visuals. So, I do what I love. Some people connect with it, and others don’t. It reminds me of something Anjelica told me in my 20s: “Not everyone is going to like you.” It saved me years of disappointment.

Angjelica: It frees you up.”

Sofia Coppola & Anjelica Huston’s exclusive club: the only 3rd generation winners in Oscar history


Okay I’ve seen a lot of people concerned about this part and worrying that Haruka is going to choose to go pro just for Rin’s sake.

Let me tell you, I HIGHLY doubt even Rin would want Haruka to choose that path just to help him get ahead.

Sousuke can say what he wants and try to influence Haruka in Rin’s favor, but in the end, Kyoani isn’t going to cheapen Haruka finally discovering what path he truly wants to follow by having Haruka swim only for Rin.


This isn’t the first time Haruka is hearing it. He knows how much it means to Rin for them to swim together. Rin has only spent all of the last two seasons reminding Haruka how much it means to him. In season 1 Rin forcefully told Haruka to swim for him because he was hurting and he needed just that one time so he could move on. Haruka could have said no, but he went ahead, since it was just supposed to be that one race so that he himself could be free. Haruka became free by the end of season 1. He no longer feels any guilt toward Rin, and it’s clear by his responses to Sousuke (“this doesn’t concern you”, “why are you always so concerned about Rin” “so what” etc) that using “help Rin achieve his dream” isn’t going to get Haruka to budge. 

And if you think “Well, Sousuke just doesn’t know Haru that well, but Rin knows how to work him!” there are plenty of times Rin tries to influence him to spice up a race and Haruka stays unaffected:

(Just one example)

It’s usually one little thing that Rin (or the Iwatobi Boys) says that fires Haruka up:

(Just one example)

Rin doesn’t do it to manipulate Haruka, not anymore. Rin is like Makoto and Naigsa and Rei: he wants Haruka to find his dream and to be happy in the path he chooses. As much as he wants Haruka to go pro with him, he would be happy if Haruka chose another path, too. He might be disappointed, sure, but I think he would absolutely respect Haruka’s choice.

I think that respect shows in this question:

Haruka wouldn’t be solely swimming to placate Rin and help Rin get ahead in the world. He would go pro because he wants to continue swimming with a friend of his that is dear to him.

If you wanted to, you could probably read the following as Rin trying to con Haruka into following the same dream as him. But really, if Haruka chooses the same path as Rin, their dreams will not be the same.  

I choose to read it as Rin saying “Haru! Look, there’s a whole world out there waiting for you to discover it! From the moment I met you, my dream has been growing until now when it’s shining above me, calling to me to reach out and grab it. Your dream is out there! Go get it!”

Rin is going to show Haruka that there are so many pools out there, and Haruka has the potential to swim in all of them if he wants to.

Only a mother's love.

I am a very lucky person. I was privileged enough to have such an incredible mother in my life for 24 years, and she will live on within me forever. I’m not going to be hateful, I’m not going to go all “fuck cancer” on the world. That’s not what I am here to do. My mother wasn’t a hateful person, and neither am I. It’s a tragedy that happened to someone who had a heart of gold and a strong reminder that life isn’t fair.

You know when you watch movies, or speak to people and they say “I held her hand until the end, I slept in the hospital all night”? I’m sorry, but no. That’s not reality. One thing they never tell you is that it’s absolutely horrible sitting in that hospital room. I’d be in there for 30 seconds before the thoughts of leaving entered my mind and consumed me. It was my own torture that I’d endure for my mother, because I love her so much.

The last words she spoke to me before leukaemia took away her consciousness were “I love you too”. I spent that night telling her how proud of her I am. How she has fought so hard. I told her that I never used to, but I now see so much of myself in her. I am blessed with my mother’s strength, determination, resilience, loving heart, sharp mind and obscure humour.

I am glad to say that when it happened, when she took her last breath, everyone was there. I was sitting next to her and we all knew straight away as the little colour left in her face faded.

Mum, Nicki, my mother… I love you. I am incredibly sad of your passing, but equally relieved. No more fighting. No more suffering. You’re at peace now.

I know that she will be with me always. I’ll carry her legacy, living my life to the fullest, with love and laughter, just as she would have wanted.

While the heart beats, hope lingers.

I still can’t believe we went from this:

To this:

in the space of two minutes. 

In the first image, we see a young adult, who is forever bound to her duties as a commander, but also forever bound to a teenage girl who she loves wholeheartedly and can see a future with.

And we saw that future too.

Jason handed us this, he handed it to us on a silver platter and said ‘take it, it’s safe.’

And then two minutes later, we see Lexa get shot, not courageously, not anything, we simply see her get shot. The Commander of the Twelve Clans let me remind you. We see this brave warrior get shot by a stray bullet.

She didn’t die on a battlefield, she didn’t die fighting some evil character. She died on accident. Accident.

If Jason thought people weren’t going to be mad, then I really don’t know what to say to him except, Jason, you’re not George R.R. Martin, and you never will be. This wasn’t good writing, this was a hashed together plot that was messier than Murphy’s fingernails after they were pulled out in season one. It was quick, it was ridiculous, it was unjust for such a wonderful and inspiring character. It was simply nothing.

Whatever you have planned Jason, please, count me, and hundreds of others out.

Thanks for the ride but I think I’ll pass for now.