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why wouldn't you be excited for bts to win an award at the bbmas?

I didn’t say that I wasn’t excited, but here, let me explain it for you nice and clearly! I also just want to say that this is my personal opinion, you don’t have to agree, but please don’t message me about it if you don’t. I literally cannot be arsed to hear it.

One, I’m kind of feeling sad about them becoming so huge. Yes, I am tremendously proud and also amazed at how successful they are and how well received they are, but I just feel like KPOP in general is so huge now that liking it almost feels like a trend? It makes me very nervous about the future and the amount of “fans” who will like it simply to stay relevant. Every YouTuber who has done a “reacting to kpop” video has done it because they have 1) seen how well received they are, 2) they get more views which means more money, and 3) it’s so popular that it’s literally the only way they can stay relevant. Listen, Pointlessblog, if you want to make more money and you’re stuck on ideas on how to keep your fanbase of 12 year olds living, make another rip off Wreck it Journal. 

BTS going to the BBMA’s and winning an award is amazing and I’m very proud of their success, don’t get me wrong.

Two, they will obviously receive a lot of attention at the BBMA’s. I don’t want to be seeing celebrities bandwagon on BTS (and KPOP) for the attention and relevance. Of course, if they genuinely enjoy the music, then go for it. I mean, we all saw how White Devil™ Chloe Mozzarella-sticks tried to fit in with KPOP for a while…now we’ve got Jaden Smith meeting Sehun once and thinking he can make a debut as a Korean idol….and then you have the mess that is EXP, doin as (most) whites do, ruining everything. I just want BTS to be praised for their music and talents, and not bandwagoned because of their success and name and also, this is an occurrence, good looks? I see a lot of YouTubers + celebrities suddenly only stanning because they are sexy or attractive. Yes, obviously, I think they are all attractive men but I don’t like them just for their faces; believe it or not ya girl has been listening for a while and I actually didn’t care about the members that much when I first listened and only liked their music. But, go off I guess.

Three, it’s overhyped. I see BTS fans trying to add the hashtag everywhere- I literally saw somebody hashtag #BTSBBMAS or whatever in the VOTING HASHTAG that Korean citizens used to show that they voted for their newest President- something that is so so important in South Korea and yet fans were trying to use that hashtag (probably not knowing what it meant, but they just saw the Hangul and thought nothing more) to promote BTS. Like, first of all, you don’t need to put the hashtag in every single tweet you make, and also just use the hashtag appropriately? Like, uh, oh I don’t know, NOT in a hashtag that is so important and literally has NOTHING to do with BTS? But whatever.

Four, I guess I’m just jealous. My ass gonna be crying in the UK meanwhile Kendall Jenner will try to take a sneaky pic with my boo Hoseok. Not ready for it. (Don’t know if she’s actually going or not, just used her as an example, lol)

And five, I literally just do not give a single flying fuck about the BBMAS. I don’t listen to western music enough to care about the other people attending, and I literally had no idea it existed until BTS were nominated. The BBMA’s are only “relevant” to me now just because my boos are nominated. Case closed.

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hello~ i watched all of yuri on ice in a night & already having withdrawals b/c i need s2 like yesterday :"( i need some vikturi fanfic to get me thru it, i ship them so hard, do you have a tag for it b/c there's so much fanfic for the ship and i wouldn't know where to start + your taste in fanfic is always the best, so please help <3

Hii! Aww, I feel your pain! D: 

Unfortunately, I don’t really have a Victuuri rec tag because I try to keep this blog 99% Destiel and SPN, especially when it comes to fics. However I’ve read plenty of Victuuri fic, so I can maybe share some of my faves with you? As a starter kit, lol! 

You didn’t mention what you’re looking for though? Fluff? Angst? Smut? Long? Short? A little bit of everything? I’ll just go with a little bit of everything, and you can read the tags and summaries and pick what you want? :p 

(Only finished stories, because I’m paranoid when it comes to WIPs, lol!)

❄ From The Moon [4,8k, canon!verse]
‘That one time Victor finds out why Yuuri has never let him inside his bedroom because… Well, we all know why.’

Literally the first Yuri On Ice fic I’ve read, as far as I can remember. By now a lot of people have written the missing scene about Victor possibly finding Yuuri’s posters, but I still really adore this one. Great take on it, very in character, must read!


❄ Maelstrom [4,3k, Time Loop AU]
‘Victor Nikiforov is poised to win gold in his fifth consecutive Grand Prix Final. He has the world at his feet, is unparalleled in the sport–right up until a snowstorm blows into Sochi, and he finds himself repeating the same day over and over and over. He stumbles over Yuuri Katsuki, and everything changes.’

Fics that include messing with time are usually not the first ones I pick, because they tend to confuse what few brain cells I have. But damn, this one was seriously wonderful, so easy to read. It has some humor, some angst, some fluff, some smut, but it’s all balanced out very well! I’d definitely say give it a go!

Unwritten [34k, Soulmate AU, canon divergence]
‘Soulmates AU where whatever you write on your own skin appears on your soulmate, but when there is a language barrier, meeting becomes just a little more difficult than it should be.’

Everyone knows that I am a total sucker for soulmate AUs, so unsurprisingly I absolutely loved this one. Does loosely follow canon verse (they’re both ice skaters), but with a soulmate twist. Neat!


❄ All The World’s a Stage [112k, AU, actor!Victor/ice skater!Yuuri]
‘Everyone has a guilty pleasure. For Yuuri, it just happens to be romance movies starring famous heartthrob Victor Nikiforov.’

This one was simply adorable. In which professional ice skater Yuuri teaches famous actor Victor how to figure skate because that’s what his upcoming movie will be about. Do I need to mention that they fall in love along the way?

❄ Katsuki_fc Wrote [12k, canon!verse]
‘Just because Yuuri isn’t big on social media, doesn’t mean his fans aren’t.’

Plenty of social media centered fic in the yoi fandom, but this is a total gem! The story of Yuuri and Victor as seen through the eyes of Yuuri’s fans. 

❄ Souls Bond, Hearts Follow [12k, Soulmate AU, canon divergence]
‘In a world where soulmates are individuals connected on a spiritual level, able to communicate with variable degrees of empathy or telepathy, there is an appropriate time and rhythm for everything, even for a soulbond.
Yuuri knows this. Viktor will learn.’

Another soulmate AU, because hey, it’s me you’re asking. I have nothing other to say than; just read it.


❄ Russian For Dummies [2,4k, College AU]
‘"Are you a beginner?“ 

Viktor was not a beginner. Viktor was the TA supposedly in charge of this study session. Viktor spoke Russian. Viktor was Russian.


Looking for something short, cute, and hilarious to read? This fic is for you. OR the fic that properly displays what idiotic stuff Victor EXTRA Nikiforov would probably do to get to Katsuki Yuuri, no matter the AU. 


❄ Your Biggest Fan [8.5k, canon divergence]
‘By chance, Viktor caught sight of one of Yuuri’s competitions and quickly fell head over heels in love with the Japanese figure skater.’

Because who doesn’t need a fic where they both fanboy over each other, it’s plausible, and this fic warmed the cockles of my undead heart!

❄ Victuuri: Wedding planner and florist AU [AU, ongoing series of fluffy one shots]
‘An Alternate Universe in which Victor Nikiforov is a renown wedding planner, and Yuuri Katsuki is a florist running his family’s little flower shop.’

Fluff is the reason I breathe, we’re all aware at this point, and this is just so sweet and fluffy and amazing, I recommend reading the entire series if you’re into AUs at all. 

❄ Warm [2,2k, canon!verse]
‘Russia’s cold, Yuuri can’t sleep, and Victor is always careful to keep his door open for anyone in need of a touch of help.’

Sweetness overload, everyone needs this in their life. I’m just saying. 


And last but not least:

❄ Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches [197k, canon divergence]
‘Of all the rivalries in the world of sports over the years, perhaps none has become so legendary as that of Russian figure skater Viktor Nikiforov and his rival, Japanese Yuuri Katsuki.

A single event changes the course of Yuuri’s life, throwing him into a bitter rivalry with Viktor Nikiforov that spans across his entire skating career. But as the years go on, rivalry and hatred begin to develop into something very different and Yuuri doesn’t seem to be able to stay away, no matter how hard he tries.

Hatred and love are two sides of the same coin and even though everything changes, some things are still meant to be.’

So every ship has that one fanfiction that basically the entire fandom has read, or at least has heard of. For Victuuri, this is that fic. And it’s hella long, so for me, the person with the attention span of the average goldfish, I have to give this fic some huge kudos because I actually finished it within 48 hours, even though I usually don’t even dare to read a fic that long. 

I’m not gonna lie, there is angst, a lot of it. In fact, this fic is probably the mayor of a town called ‘Angst’. Regardless, it’s very compelling, the author put a lot of thought into the fic, and the soundtrack as well, picking wonderful songs for all of Yuuri’s and Victor’s programs, and working it into the main plot with a lot of meaning. The ending will satisfy you, and as a bonus there will be a companion piece from Victor’s POV to fill in any minor blanks that might be left after reading this story. 

Hope there’s something in there for you, have fun! x 

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idk why you all feel so sorry for Harry. He is a 23 yo grown ass man who has been trained to handle himself & maybe if he were a little more honest he wouldn't be in this predicament to begin with. The only thing he was honest about is he is quite boring. Anyone linked to a kardashian/jenner can't be that bright.

listen to me…. first of all what does his age got to do with this, i know he’s a grown man, i know he knows how to handle himself, that doesn’t mean some random ass interviewer can treat him like shit from the beginning of the interview and ask him something that’s clearly going to make him uncomfortable, like if you think about it that way that woman is probably around 40 and she should’ve known that was a not an appropriate question to ask.

he was just trying to be diplomatic and polite about it, he was caught off guard like what would you wanted him to say? do you think it’d be better if he said “fuck larries, i hate them?” or, “yes it’s about louis, we’re madly in love and do you know what happened in wellington, wait let me explain…?” he did his best to answer the question without hurting anyone.

and lastly, if you determine people’s character w the kinda people they’re associated with, then the entire industry is a bunch of fucking assholes, including all 1d members.

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I think we should go back in canon. Around the time Damian is settling in the manor, Talia calls and is like, "Oh, yeah, I killed the Joker. Love ya, Bruce, but I can't let you have that fckin' clown running around anymore with Damian and Jason in Gotham. It's wouldn't be appropriate for our growing boys." "Hold up, did you say *Jason*?" "Oh, yeah. You're welcome btw." And the situation is RESOLVED.

jason was well back by the time damian is settling into the manor. 

roll back some more. 

jason has just been tossed in the pit. ra’s says something snotty.

talia takes both kids and dumps them on bruce’s doorstep. 


It was summer at last. The sun beat down on their backs and burned their skin, but no one minded too much; it was a small sacrifice to pay in return for no school and very little stress.

Nancy sat at the poolside, feet dragging through the light blue water. Mike and his friends, not far off, were wrestling. Max, the newest addition, was rolling her eyes. She sent Nancy an exasperated look, and Nancy smiled back in sympathy.

“Nancy! Hi!”

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Wouldn't It Be Nice

Maybe if we think and wish and hope and pray it might come true

4500 words. Gamagoori/Mako. Upon a re-watch of the Fight Club episode, I thought it would be nice to write up a little date scene that could have taken place. Enjoy!

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How would Daichi, Sugawara, Asahi, Tsukishima, Oikawa, Kuroo, and Kenma comfort their partner after having a nightmare about them leaving (breaking up with them/going somewhere far away)? **p.s this blog is the best thing to see on my dash! keep up the good work!!!**

(Oh my, thank you so much for your nice words, dear anon. We hope you will continue enjoying our posts. Btw, extreme fluff alert!)

Upon seeing his significant other so distressed, Sawamura would immediately pull them into a hug and gently stroke their back, letting them hold onto him as long as they needed. When they told him about their nightmare, he would tighten the hug, placing his head in the crook of their neck and stay in this position until their shaking would subside. He would then pull away just enough so he could catch their gaze. His eyes locked firmly with theirs, he would, in a serious voice, tell them: “I need you to listen to me very closely now. This was just a nightmare. Nothing else. I’m here. And I’ll stay here, right by your side. I have no intention of leaving you. I love you. And I will say it as often as you need to hear it, and I will hold you as long as you need me to.

Sugawara would listen attentively to his significant other as they told him about their nightmare, giving their hands a reassuring squeeze whenever they choked up and needed a moment to compose themselves again, while concern shimmered in his eyes. He would be truly overwhelmed they cared so much about him that a nightmare of him leaving had put them into such an agitated state. When the last words had faded away and the only sound left was the ticking of the clock on the wall, he would pull them into his lap, the tips of their noses so close they almost touched. He’d wipe away their tears with his thumbs, before picking up a blanket and wrapping it around both of their bodies. He’d press a soft kiss to their forehead, and then look them in the eye, while a soft smile would grace his face. “I know this nightmare really upset you, but it was just that: a nightmare. I love you, and I will not leave your side. You are so precious to me, I can’t even imagine life without you by my side, so forget about that terrible dream and show me one of your beautiful smiles instead.

Asahi would be completely unable to cope with seeing the person he loved in such a state. He’d hold their shaking hands in his, which were trembling just as much, before placing them on their shoulders, cupping their face, and going back to entwining their fingers, while he listened to them telling him what they had dreamt. It would pain him greatly to know he was the cause for their agitation, even if not directly, and his face would be like an open book, his emotions clear for them to read in his expression. Yet, when they had finished, he would surprise himself when the words that left his mouth sounded nothing but firm, almost forceful: “Something like that won’t happen. You mean so much to me, there is no way I would leave you just like that. Ever.

The fact that Tsukishima’s significant other would get so worked up over a nightmare when he was right here, beside them, would make him let out a little, irritated sigh. It wasn’t that he’d be mad at them, or think they were overreacting – he knew how real certain dreams could feel – but the fact that even his strong arms around them didn’t really help to cease their trembling would make him feel somewhat helpless. And he didn’t like that feeling. Not one bit. So he’d pull back slightly and press his lips on theirs, almost a bit too fervently, to take their mind off the nightmare and bring them back to the here and now. With him. When he could finally, slowly, feel them relax, he’d break the kiss just long enough to murmur against their lips: “This is better. Stop worrying about bad dreams and focus on only me. The real me.

It would break Oikawa’s heart to see his significant other so distressed, and even more so when he would find out the tears were running down their face, because they had had a nightmare of him leaving. He’d pull them close to his side, kiss their damp cheeks and leave a salty taste on their lips, when he pressed one kiss after the other on them, in the attempt to calm them down. He’d run one of his hands through their hair, while he’d hold their waist with the other. When he felt they had overcome their initial shock after waking up from such a horrible dream and slowly regained control over their senses, he would softly whisper: “See, I’m here. You can feel me, can’t you? It was nothing but a nightmare, but this here is real.

Kuroo’s significant other might be a bit apprehensive to tell him about their nightmare at first, even as he would keep asking what was wrong while he was grabbing their shoulders and looking at them with sincere concern palpable on his face. They’d be afraid he might laugh it off with his often so easygoing manner and tell them they were overreacting. But since the uneasy feeling just wouldn’t go away, and their body kept trembling while it became harder every minute to hold back the tears threatening to spill over, they would eventually tell their alarmed boyfriend what it was that had made them feel so distressed. Immediately, they would realize how wrong they had been about him, as he wouldn’t scold them at all for taking the nightmare to heart, but he’d actually be really understanding. He would plant little kisses on their face as he held them in his arms, stroking their hair and back, and when they finally relaxed under his touches, he’d say: “You don’t need to worry, there’s no way in hell I’d ever let you be my one who got away.

Kenma would be at a loss of how to deal with this situation appropriately, the thought of ever having to tell his partner he wouldn’t be leaving them never even having crossed his mind. He’d shift around nervously, his eyes only occasionally finding theirs, and he’d chew on his bottom lip so hard, he’d surely have sore lips the next day. However, he’d understand he would have to do something, anything, to take away their fears, and so he’d open his arms a bit awkwardly, letting his significant other fall into them. The hug would be a bit stiff, but his partner wouldn’t mind, as the fact he tentatively wrapped his arms around their back would already be quite bold for Kenma. In a quiet voice, he would eventually say: “It’s alright now, isn’t it?

~ Bekki

In the extremely unusual occasion that a run in with the FAHC results in an arrest rather than an all out firefight an argument could be made that the members of LSPD are even more displeased than the criminals themselves. It’s not just that many feel the crew members don’t even deserve the luxury of an arrest, think the world would be a better place if they were shot on sight, but also the fact that the interrogations themselves never go to plan. The possibility of being the one who brings about the downfall of the FAHC sours in the face of the intangible feeling that the arrest was intentional, that getting one of the Fakes into an interrogation room is still somehow playing into their plans.

Neither Pattillo nor the elusive Brownman have ever made it to the station, the few occasions which have come close getting cut short before they get any further than the squad car. Pattillo is unerringly polite even while effortlessly knocking out arresting officers, while Brownman is utterly relaxed, putting up no resistance and complaining loudly about losing the chance to sleep away the afternoon in custody when his crewmates drag him free. Dooley, on the other hand, seems to turn up at the station with alarming regularity; the FAHC’s newest member wandering in for anything from paying off minor traffic tickets to reporting petty crime. Its infuriating, the man exuding nothing but appropriate respect and utter sincerity, and without any evidence, without anything but street knowledge of his involvement, they can do nothing but treat him like a regular citizen.

When Ramsey is brought in he is calm, judgemental and obnoxiously sure of himself. He proclaims his innocence, his ignorance, his life as a simple businessman with just enough of a smirk to make it clear he is laughing at them, never once even hinting at anything incriminating. Interrogating the man is always a race against the clock; through bail or legal intervention he’s out of their hands almost as soon as they get him. Once, and only once, a detective tried to go the unethical threatening route, claimed other members of the crew were in unrecorded rooms having one-on-one sessions of their own, that if Ramsey cared about them at all he would just confess and save them all the trouble. It was months before they got all the blood off the walls, and the mysterious failure of every camera in the interview room had the station caught up in internal investigations while Ramsey walked away scott free.

Where interviewing Ramsey is always too short to be satisfying, no detective can be done with Jones fast enough. At first the fact that he doesn’t shut up seems like gift, his rages an easy way to trip him up, trick him into revealing information, but its not. Jones will curse you out, run his mouth about the precinct, the cheif, your mother, his own mother, and the competence levels of his crew but he never says anything of use. Even when they wise up to his methods, realise he is waiting out his time as efficiently as Ramsey in his own way, there is still no directing him; his rants and rages as genuine as they are frustrating.

The observant would note that the vagabond was never once arrested before the force gets a photo of his face, fuzzy and still obscured by face-paint but finally mask-free. When he is brought in, silent and looming but disturbingly amiable, the first thing they take is his mask. Then promptly wish they could put it back on, piercing blue eyes amused and unconcerned as the Vagabond’s smirk only twists his face-paint into more grotesque obscurity. Despite staying utterly silent, being securely chained the the table and making no aggressive moves three separate detectives leave his interrogation room in a near panic, two more refusing to even enter in the first place. Mask or no mask there is no lawyer alive who could argue for the Vagabond’s freedom, but a convenient explosion grants enough distraction for the empty cuffs to be left neatly on the table, a box full of contraband disappearing alongside the familiar black skull.

Interviewing Free feels a lot like signing up to the crew’s personal watch list. He doesn’t have the presence or deniability of Ramsey, doesn’t rage like Jones or ooze threat like the Vagabond. Instead Free is all smiles and winks and cheeky flirtation, derailing the interrogation to ask questions of his own, from opinions on sea monkeys to the statistical likelihood of extra-terrestrial life. For those detectives who play along he will answer questions in turn, talking fondly about the most dangerous criminals in the city, never actually helpful but close enough that it almost feels like a victory. For those who don’t, the detective’s who’s interrogations are aggressive and underpinned by something nastier, Free’s demeanour doesn’t change, but his careless questions do. He asks about their money problems, their monthly AA meetings, the not-always-figurative skeletons in their closets. He’ll ask, still smiling despite the rising tension, about each of their family members by name.

Cultural Appropriation

I saw that not only are people saying you can’t practice Kabbalah, but you can’t say Karma or Chakras because it’s not “culturally appropriate.”

Well shame on everyone who says Coca-Cola who isn’t American. Your going to have to call it sweet brown drink or something.

there’s no place like home...

A/N: This started as an AU from a bed sharing prompt, but I changed course. What if Zelena’s portal never opened and Killian and Emma never went back in time? What if Emma really decided to leave Storybrooke for New York? (don’t worry, I kept the bed sharing)

He wonders if he will get even a wink of sleep tonight. With the filled to the brim yellow bug parked outside of the loft and it’s driver teetering on the far edge of the bed, he doubts it very much. From the moonlight streaming in from her open window he can just make out the knotted mass of her blonde curls piled atop her extra pillow, leaving her neck and shoulders bare and beckoning. But she’s leaving…so he can’t. The divide is too wide and if he reaches, he know he will fall.

Fall farther, that is.

Is there really any farther to go?

He loves her. He loves her so much that he has no other choice than to let her go. Tomorrow morning, he’ll watch her drive away with Henry, off to find whatever she thinks is waiting for her in New York City. The possibility of what they could be will always be just that, a possibility unfulfilled. Pushing her further will do no good and he’s already tried with no success. He has to let her go and hope that she “misses it”…misses him.

The fact that he’s sharing her bed on her last night, it just doesn’t mean as much as he wishes it could. With Henry passed out on the couch after the revelry of the farewell celebration went late into the night, he had been unexpectedly confronted with Mary Margaret’s unrelenting demand that he not walk back to Granny’s in the bitter cold. David’s incredulous expression had added much needed humor to the tension filled moment as the suggestion of Killian sharing Emma’s bed had fallen without second thought from his wife’s lips. Emma had shown the necessary reluctance, but eventually relented as there really was no other option left available.

But he needs to be more than an option. He needs to be her choice.

She shifts beside him and he closes his eyes, not wanting her to find him still awake watching over her. Stinging as it may be, he does have a sliver of pride still remaining that needs to be protected if he’s to find his way here without her once she’s gone. Slowing his breathing, he feigns slumber and fails miserably in his attempt to clamp down the buzzing beneath his skin growing stronger with each creak and dip of the bed beside him as she moves. His facade almost cracks as her breath warms the skin of his neck, signaling how close she has come, too purposeful an action to be unconsciously made. This proves to be true when the fingers of his hand resting atop his stomach are tentatively covered by hers, her blunt fingernails tickling his skin through his thin shirt as she curves her fingers between his knuckles.

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I love your fanfics! Could you write us a Percabeth in New Rome please please please?? And I wouldn't say no to more Solangelo :)

WHY NOT BOTH IN ONE???? okay it’s mostly solangelo but

“Well?”  Nico sputtered.  “What’s it say?”

His fiancé’s eyes were flying across the scans, triple-checking the results.  Nico heaved an aggravated sigh, lowering himself off the medicine cabinet and pacing the room.  

Reyna had called them up a few months ago- the previous New Rome doctor had finally retired, and offered the position to the just-graduated Will Solace. 

Soon enough, he and Nico had packed their bags and left New York for the sunny skies of California.  It’d been harder to leave than Nico had anticipated.  He never realized just how much he loved the city and Camp Half Blood until he was faced with departure.  But the move had gone without a hitch.  Will’s office was going great- everyone loved him.  Nico was back with his sister, and all their friends.  Percy, Annabeth, Jason, and Piper had stayed here after college at New Rome University.  And of course, Reyna and Frank were here with open arms.  

The past few months had been…crazy perfect.  Their new apartment was nestled right in the heart of New Rome, with a great view of the sprawling golden hills and sparkling Pacific waters.  And in a freaky coincidence, he and Will had both proposed to each other at the same exact moment.

Annabeth had even offered Nico a job heading the interior design division of her successful architecture firm.  

Speaking of Annabeth…

Nico snapped his fingers wildly in front of Will’s face.  “It isn’t that hard.  It’s either yes or no!”

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my mom is a preschool teacher, and she always gets these lavish gifts from her (rich) students, and i just cant help but think of cherik lmfao... charles always gets these expensive chocolates from lorna on every appropriate holiday and he wouldn't mind except lorna's father is obviously trying to ask him out through the cards

This is very good. I love this idea. My kiddos are at the age where they don’t bring presents to all teachers–only the ones they really like or the ones their parents feel the need to apologize to (which makes me laugh a lot). But here’s a brief look at preschool teacher Charles :D I swear I’ll get to my teacher prompts soon.

Charles very deliberately sets the box Lorna hands him on the far side of his desk. It’s not that it’s big or abnormal, but it’s wrapped in deep red paper and there’s a bow on it and a card taped to the bottom and now is not the time.

“Thank you, Lorna,” he says again, putting on his best smile.

Beaming up at him, Lorna asks, “Can I open it now?”

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Awkward dinner with Digg, Lyla, Laurel, Oliver, Felicity, & Dick Grayson. Oliver and Felicity have been secretly together for a while but Oliver thinks she's safer if no one knows. They both get jealous that the other one is out with someone else.

I literally forgot about the Digg and Lyla bit until I’d already written it, sorry! So this is missing that aspect, but i hope you enjoy anyway! Also this might be rated T? Idk, but there’s kissing.


Felicity doesn’t know how she finds herself in these situations. Of all the awkward moments she’s suffered through in her life, and there have been a lot, this one takes the cake.

And it shouldn’t be awkward really, she’s on a date with a lovely, charming young man who seems to really like her.

The only problem? Her secret boyfriend is sitting opposite them, on a date with his ex-girlfriend. Awkward.

It all started when Richard Grayson, visiting town to lend a hand, asked her out. She would’ve simply declined as nicely as possible, had he not chosen to ask her with Oliver in the room. Upon hearing the question, her eyes had flicked to him, and of course then followed the whole ‘oh are you two together?’ thing, which prompted a rather long winded ramble on her part, denying any relationship with her boss.

Really, she could just blame this whole thing on Oliver, if he hadn’t been so determined to keep their relationship a secret (‘it’s too dangerous’, ‘your reputation at work will be damaged’) none of this would have happened.

But as it was, she’d denied, rather too adamantly, being involved with Oliver in any way. Which, judging by the flicker of hurt that had crossed his face, wasn’t the right thing to do. She’d then found herself in the situation where she was unable to refuse Grayson’s invitation, and her flustered agreement had done nothing to wipe away the dark glower that had slowly spread across Oliver’s face.

Then, because the universe seemed to want to punish her, Laurel had walked in. And somehow, she wasn’t quite sure how it had happened, but the whole thing had turned into the double date from hell.

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I don't agree with what KatBlaque said about Rihanna's song "Work". Just because Rihanna sings in her Caribbean accent doesn't mean white people can't cover the song. But Formation is MUCH different. Not only is it a song about black empowerment, but it also deals with police brutality and uses racial slurs. It just doesn't make any sense from a white person's POV. I wouldn't go as far to say that it upsets me when white people sing it, but it's definitely inappropriate.

I can see why you’d say it’s “inappropriate” - I understand that point of view but it is wrong and racist. “Inappropriate” things are done constantly by people of all ethnicities. Beyonce’s part in the Coldplay video for “Hymn For The Weekend”, for instance, was barely criticized as “cultural appropriation” and by the same logic you use here, her appearance was highly “inappropriate” and even justified repeatedly as all Coldplay’s fault as it was “their song” and “their video”, completely absolving Beyonce of her part in it.

This is the problem in a nutshell - it’s only “inappropriate” when it’s a white person doing it. That’s racism. It’s either “inappropriate” for any artist to cover a song by someone of a different ethnicity or it’s racist hypocrisy. There is no middle ground. And if we are going to play the “you can only cover music by artists who share your ethnicity” then we must dissect every single artists exact blended heritage. For example, Beyonce is not just black, she’s mixed - as she admits in Formation: “you mix that negro with that creole make a Texas bama, I like my baby heir with baby hair and afros. I like my negro nose with Jackson 5 nostrils. Earned all this money but they never take the country out me, I got a hot sauce in my bag swag.” So then it would go to reason that the song is “inappropriate” to be covered for anyone who isn’t mixed in exactly the same way that Beyonce is, whatever her ethnicity is specifically. So then by your own logic for any black person who is not mixed to cover or sing Formation is as “inappropriate” as a white person covering or singing it.

Do you see how this becomes a problem rather quickly? You cannot pick and choose who gets to do what based on ethnicity without supporting racist mentalities and ideals. By saying it’s “inappropriate” for a white person to do something based solely on the color of their skin, you reinforce the core concept of racism, which is that we are not all the same despite skin color - and that skin color is a legitimate defining line that separates human beings. When you say and support these kinds of ideas you agree with the people who support segregation and racism.

It is either “inappropriate” for everyone or it is “inappropriate” for no one. There is no middle ground and attempting to establish one based solely on the color of an individuals skin is racist and wrong.

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In addition to just being inappropriate in general, wtf kind of awkward af host makes comments about her "fertility" when one of the band members is dealing very publicly with an unplanned pregnancy with a stranger??? (I mean, for now that's the "truth" for the general public/View's audience.)

Literally 0% of that interview was appropriate. I’m actually embarassed for the television channel she’s associated with. They better send One Direction a fruit basket and flowers for putting up with that.

She touches Harry’s hair (twice!) without permission. He’s not a Barbie doll. Nor is he an object that you can announce to an entire audience of people, “He wakes up, he rolls out of bed like this, girls. Who wouldn't want to be there when that happens?!”  What is wrong with her??? "He’s so mad at me,“ she says as she proceeds to invade his personal space and touches him yet again like he’s some sort of object. "You’re a very handsome young man.” She tacks on, of course, as she continues running her hands through his hair - yet again - without his permission. She only stops because Raven literally cuts her off and derails the interview from her blatant attempts at flirting and sexual objectification. "I want to let you guys know. I’m extremely fertile. I’m younger than I look, and I’m ready. It’s a first come, first serve situation, and I’m here.“ WHAT. THE. HELL. WHO. THE. FUCK. SAYS. SHIT. LIKE. THAT. EVEN IN NORMAL CONVERSATION, NEVER MIND IN FRONT OF AN AUDIENCE FULL OF PEOPLE ON TELEVISION. HOW THE HELL IS THAT APPROPRIATE??? It’s literally less than two minutes into the interview. WHAT THE FUCK. Then, Harry helps her, and she giggles, and then pretends to auction off a couple of pieces of paper he picked up for her. Launched straight into, "HOW MUCH COULD I SELL THESE FOR?" THEN she proceeds to completely MOCK them. "Is it about a normal Saturday night? You and a lady?” HAVE YOU EVEN LISTENED TO THE SONG??? And then Louis tries to give a serious answer. And then she mocks it, and LAUGHS. And then Louis tries to thank a fan for the Adidas jumper, and she just completely glosses over it to mock his choice of words. And then, fast forward more of Liam taking one for the team. And then she brings up Bachlor in Paradise, which - what? Why? Maybe you should ask them about their upcoming album, maybe? Their tour, maybe? No? You decide to bring in that show so you can tell them, "How good would these guys be on Bachelor in Paradise? Basically, a bunch of single guys go to and island with a bunch of girls who will make out with you. Would you guys ever do something like that?“ AS FAR AS YOU KNOW, 1 OF THEM IS IN A COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP, 1 OF THEM HAS A PREGNANCY SCANDAL IN THE HEADLINES, AND YOU THINK THIS IS AN APPROPRIATE THING TO THROW AT THEM? Who HIRED this lady????? Who approved these questions??? And there is the LONGEST bit of awkward silence because it’s literally like, "WHAT THE FUCK." She straight-up looks at Harry and asks, "Harry?” DIRECTLY wanting a response from him. And, God bless Harry for pulling their tour as a response because this lady seemingly can’t remember that’s what they’re there to promote, not their sex lives. And thank God again for Raven for trying to take the interview back. And then she even makes a question about dance moves into a sexual innuendo. Like, what THE HELL, lady? And then they dodge her question about what a girl can do in order to get their attention, and when they try their cop out answer, she insists on making it on romantic. And thank GOD for RAVEN for completely just cutting that interview. And Harry’s complete CACKLE.

Honestly, ABC and The View need to APOLOGIZE for this interview.

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accidentally mixed my love of gender-non-conforming!Eggsy with my Eggsy undercover in Merlins department Merwin HC and ended up with this: After Merlin making some disparaging comments about new agents being unable to keep up covers for long Eggsy decides a prank is in order. He's going to hide under Merlins nose, in his own department, as Vanessa the new intern. Luckily they already have a new intern called Vanessa so he doesn't have to falsify any files (Merlin definitely wouldn't miss that)

(cont)  Unluckily for Vanessa she’d only been at work for one day before being hit by a car and ending up in hospital. This is very good news for Eggsy (he will send Vanessa a gift basket for revelling in her misfortune) as Vanessa is the perfect cover. Eggsy goes to his closet and fishes out the work appropriate skirts and blouses he never thought he’d get to wear in an actual work environment (he’s very excited) and calls Roxy over for a transformation montage worthy of Amanda Bynes in She’s The Man.

Eggsy as Vanessa spends the week in soft Marks and Spencers jumpers running errands, shoulder length brown hair in cute french braids when he delivers Merlin his coffee on Monday morning, nails painted deep purple when he hands Merlin the gadget expenditure statistics Tuesday evening, rose coloured lipstick leaving marks on the sandwich from the sandwich runs he does every lunch. All in all it’s an excellent week for Eggsy, he’s proving a point AND wearing a nice breathable dress in the annual English summer heatwave while all his regular colleagues struggle in three piece suits. His week gets even better when Merlin finally corners him Sunday night after helping finish up Percival’s mission. It’s just the two of them in Merlins office at this point, 2am, mugs of cold tea and coffee on every surface (even in the office dogs bed) when Merlin says “I know it’s you Eggsy”. Eggsy had been waiting for the other shoe to drop all week so he’s not exactly surprised. 

Turns out in the heat of the moment while directing Percival through the underground tunnels of a Slovakian monastery Eggsy let his mellifluous Welsh accent slip into something a little more south London. But on the upside Merlin hadn’t noticed it was Eggsy until that moment. Seven days. Seven days! Eggsy had fooled Merlin and his colleagues for a week, suck on that ya Scottish git! And while Merlin hadn’t noticed Eggsy all week, he was definitely noticing him now, with his carefully mascara'd lashes, gentle curls, and work appropriate heels. It was all he could do not to turn Eggsy around and flip his skirt up. But no, Merlin is a gentleman. So he takes Eggsy out for late dinner (very early breakfast really) and then walks him home, where he precedes to flip Eggsy skirt up and make him cum so hard his vision goes white.

(Extra - I get the feeling that despite his cockiness growing up with someone like Dean made Eggsy very insecure inside, especially about showing his feminine side at work. But after being with Merlin for a while, who tells Eggsy he’s beautiful no matter what outfit he has on that day, Eggsy starts wearing subtle lipstick to work, or a gentle heel to his boot, and anyone who says anything answers to Merlin (or Merlin just tells Eggsy who fucks them up and then Merlin puts the feed on youtube)

*smashes table and throws the company sofa out the window*

THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT THATS WHAT IM TALKING. ABOUT. FUCK YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS. im really loving the non-gender conforming HC that’s floating around the fandom lately. 

Boyfriend - AU High School Barry X Caitlin // Snowbarry Week

Theme // Opposites

‘Any last words?’ He asks her, a sheepish grin spreads across his face.

'If I drop dead, I’ll know exactly who to haunt after this.’ She mirrors his amusement of it all. 

And all of it is that they are, from all that is supposed of them, opposites. Barry Allen didn’t exactly fit the mould that others have fit as Caitlin Snow’s boyfriend. A fact that many have made more than crystal clear to him, screaming insults across the cafeteria and abruptly halting gossip in between classes. 

So, it’s a good thing that they’re faking it. It’s a wonder anyone even believes it. What with him being a junior with science club pariah stamped across his forehead, and her being a senior in the same club with an excusable pretty face. Yet, she’s holding on to him as they sway in tune to a languid, airy song by the school’s resident 90’s tribute band at a Snowy Fairytale dance.

'Is Iris watching?’ She whispers to him, scanning the crowds over his shoulder. 

'I think so,’ he says, though he’s staring at his careful steps in deep concentration. 

'Relax,’ she advises, and nudges him to look up. 'Ah, she is looking. Now, say whatever you want, so I can try something.' 

'How do you know this is working?’ He stumbles over his feet, recovering with a slew of incoherent curses. 

Then, she pulls him closer, bursting into bright laughter. Her hand comes up to cup the side of his face, and, with her eyes fluttering with admiration, she exaggerates, ‘Barry, you are crazy! Stop! Just stop, okay? I get it, you’re funny!’ 

She keeps a clasping hand to the laughter she’s holding in, shaking as she does so. Around them, dancing couples stop to take in the sight of both Snow Queen and Snow King (Felicity’s handy computer hacking skills consulted for the online polls here) parading around their fake relationship. Barry’s crown slips a little while she continues to jostle. She is good, really good. 

Sneaking a glance as they turn, he sees Iris eyeing them, looking doubly embarrassed as she is too late to avert her gaze. Almost instantly, she pretends to busy herself with fixing Eddie’s tie, and launches into an animated story. It’s only until Barry turns a few more times that he sees Caitlin’s plan working, as both Eddie and Iris not-so-coincidentally begin to share their dancing space behind Caitlin. Barry hides his glee when he spots Iris’ tell revealing itself, her nervous habit of wringing her hands together, even as they’re around Eddie’s neck. 

Then there’s Caitlin’s hands, everywhere. They are roaming over his chest, playing with his hair, and fussing with an imaginary stain on his lips. He won’t deny that he’s sometimes wondered what it would mean to have her genuine attention once they started this two-week Mission Iris-possible scheme. Even as her best friend, he’s contemplated how incredibly intelligent she is, how he’s lucky enough to share the limelight when she makes it a point to come sit with him for lunch, ignoring leering eyes, how he’s often felt sick to his stomach watching her trouble over Ronnie. So, he can’t decide what is more intimidating: gorgeous Caitlin closing more and more of the distance between them, or Ronnie, her not-fake boyfriend, scrutinizing over their (ridiculous, he’s complained) plan. 

'I think it’s working, Bar. By tonight, Eddie will just be that date she once went on before she finally notices the guy right under her nose. I mean, who in their right mind wouldn’t want you? Cute, kind, genius, incredible you.’ But, she chews her bottom lip until her eyes Eureka in realization. 'Close your eyes, and…just trust me, okay?' 

'You think I’m incredible?’ He offers a toothy grin, and he doesn’t miss the way she looks surprised by what she’s admitted without thinking. 

'I think…’ She adjusts her tiara. 'If Iris comes any closer and sees how you’re actually dancing, she might run for the hills. Close your eyes.' 

'Okay, okay, okay.’ He shuts his eyelids. 'But, I just want that down on paper, so I can hold you to it when you get in one of your mood—' 

The softest, most tentative contact from what feels like her lips starts at the corner of his. But, he’s too stunned, both feet rooted in place, to open his eyes. Instead, his own mouth is still slightly parted when she tries again, kissing him fully, deeply. She’s so unbelievably soft and warm, and then it’s as if his brain jump starts to catch up. When he kisses her back he inhales the scent of her faint floral perfume, and, once the haze of peonies fills his lungs, he begins to think he’s losing his breath. 

'Um,’ she comes up for air. 

'Wow…’ He almost laughs from disbelief, heart thrumming in his ears, making it hard to think of any other appropriate describing words for her. 'Cait, I…' 

When she steps away, he realizes that she’s untangling herself from his arms. ‘I think it worked.’ She nods her head toward Iris, now alone and waiting for a cue to move in. 

'I should go before Ronnie ditches me. He’s my only ride, after all. I mean, I could ask Felicity and Oliver, but the fact that my boyfriend might want to be my ex-boyfriend after this doesn’t really sit with me. I mean, he did say this was a bad idea, and he’s been so patient with me, and, yeah, but you have fun. You’re welcome by the way, and, and—' 


'Oh God, I gotta stop hanging around Felicity so much. I sound like a spaz.' 

With that, Caitlin turns on her heel, her long dress swishing behind her racing steps to the gymnasium’s exit. 

'Is she going somewhere?’ Iris asks when she is finally at his side. 

'I think Cait and I just broke up.’ He realizes he has to say, staring after Caitlin awkwardly trying to figure out if the doors are a push or a pull. 

It’s a push, and she’s gone. 

'That was quick.’ Iris observes sympathetically. 'Sorry.' 

'It hardly felt like it even started,’ he admits, not ashamed, but more confused by how openly disappointed he sounds. And feels.

AN: I suppose it fits under the jealous theme too. Thanks all for your kind words!

Fighting While Pregnant #23
  • Zayn: "Maybe if you stopped overreacting about every single damn thing, we could communicate like a normal couple!" I never thought I would hear those words coming out of Zayn's mouth, especially while pregnant. "Well, excuse me, Zayn, for being emotional while being pregnant with your baby," I emphasized the your, "and only wanting what's best for the three of us!" He narrowed his eyes at me, "Fine, maybe I'll leave until you stop being so fucking emotional." After saying those words, the tears came like a waterfall. I couldn't see anything, but I heard him opening the door and forcibly closing it. As the door closed, I felt some sort of warm liquid traveling down my leg. Opening the door, I screamed, "Zayn! My water broke!"
  • Harry: "I'm just so done with everything right now, Harry. This isn't healthy!" He rolled his eyes, "I know it's not, but you need to stop yelling at me and arguing over every single thing." I cried out, "I'm not the only one fighting, you know. It takes two. Stop fucking blaming me for everything." He ran both hands furiously through his hair, "But I'm not blaming you!" I took a deep breath, this wasn't heathy for our unborn baby girl. "Stop lying," I chuckled humorlessly. "I'm out. I'm fucking out. Call me when the baby comes. We need to stop this fighting one way or another." My eyes widened as I felt an unusual feeling and grabbed the phone. "I'm doing what you told me to do. She's coming."
  • Liam: "Liam," you shook him, "I'm hungry." He groaned out loud, "It's 4am. Make something yourself." You were dumbfounded. Never in your life would you have thought that your husband would tell you anything like that. "What's wrong with you? Why are you so pissy?" He groaned again, "Because." I rolled my eyes, "Yeah, because that's an excuse." He rolled out of bed, "I'm going to Zayn's house. I'm not in the mood. Don't give birth." He closed the door and I yelled, "Yeah, I'll just tell him to stay in there until you decide to get your shit together." An hour later, after huge discomfort, I called Zayn (not Liam, knowing he wouldn't pick up.) "Hey, Z. Please meet me at the hospital with Liam. I'm going into labor."
  • Niall: Coming home from a baby shower was exhausting. Both you and Niall were in a bad mood because you were both dreadfully
  • exhausted. Your 3-year-old daughter was asleep on Niall's shoulder and he was walking to her room to put her to bed. He walked back downstairs only to tell you that he was going to bed. You stopped him, "Hold on! You mean to tell me that you're leaving me alone? It's not enough for you to be gone for months?" "Apparently, it's not," he yelled back, going back downstairs and walking towards the front door.
  • "Don't you dare fucking walk out that door Niall James Horan because my water just broke!"
  • Louis: In any other occasion, for example when you weren't pregnant, you would have been all over drunk Louis. But when the sake of your babies depended on it, you'd obviously confront him about it. "I can't believe you," you shook your head. "Can't believe what baby?" he asked, wrapping his hands around your very, very pregnant waist. "You have come home drunk almost every single night for the past month," you argued. "Yeah because God forbid I have a little bit of fun after long days." You gasped, "Your behavior is not appropriate for our babies. Get out." He turned around and opened the door, "Gladly." Realizing what was happening to your body as you felt a liquid run down your leg, you ran out the door, getting in your car. On your way to the hospital, you called Louis, "Go to the hospital when you're sober. My water broke."
  • a/n: requested, "Hey I was wondering if you could please do one where you're pregnant, you fight, he storms off and you go into labor?" :D i may write a second part for this, you know, the reconciliation. request away, lovelies!

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With Wildberger (the ultrafinitist guy on youtube), the fact he even thinks about such things and talks about it so openly seems kinda shitty to me. A construction worker wouldn't think about construction in the same way Wildberger thinks about math. Just write your papers and move on, or something. What do you think? I don't want to get into a discussion about finitism. But the fact he thinks about it at all. Doesn't that seem off?

i didn’t even know there was an ultrafinitivist guy on youtube…

But, i mean, i guess i think that the (ultra)finitivist position can be seen as posing a question about why it is, if all computation is ultimately finite, that we need to postulate infinity?

And I mean, like, there’s a bunch of ways to answer, anything from “well it’s fun” to “we have constructed these abstractions to represent infinite processes because a lot of things in reality and mathematics require arbitrary lengths of time to compute and it makes sense for us to, in essence, think in terms of the objects we would get if we could just wait forever”.

The (ultra)finitivist programme (of, typically, trying to show up the rest of mathematics by showing that they can do the same things on weaker foundations, at least where it matters) is… well. I mean, I guess abstractly it could be interesting. Finite models of theories are always fun; why not finite models of the non-infinitary parts of set theory?

No, the problem I think you’re perceiving (and I haven’t watched any of this guy’s videos) is the ultrafinitivist attitude. And, I mean, perhaps this is a common thing among almost every group that has some particular foundational stance, but I feel like the ultrafinitivists are particularly bad with this.

See, the trouble to me comes down to the fact that all of these people think that the property of existence, mathematical or physical, means a lot more than it does.

Alright so I’m going to go on something of a tangent and talk about the meaning of the concept of “existence”, at least as far as I can tell.

Consider the following question: “Does patriarchy exist?”

Now, one way to answer would be to say “There are no molecules of patriarchy, no atoms, nothing in physical reality is, in a physical sense, patriarchy; as such it doesn’t exist.”

Of course, that’s not what the question means.

The question is asking (in one reasonable interpretation) if, in a large-scale model of the social reality of the speaker, a particular power relation exists. This can ultimately be reduced to questions about how, if it exists, this particular power relation would affect our model of social reality, and testing these predictions against our observations.

Now, if we conclude that patriarchy does exist, does that mean that there exists anything that isn’t, yknow, atoms and molecules and photons and space and time so on and so forth?

Of course not.

My point, in all of this, is the following:

  1. We use several very different models to make sense of what happens in reality. (in this case, a social model and a molecular/atomic physics model)
  2. Existence always means something only relative to a given model.
  3. If we say that models are ‘compatible’ or ‘incompatible’ depending on whether they contradict each-other in their predictions in places where they can both be applied, compatible models have no need to agree on what actually exists.

In other words, existence is not a fundamental property of “things in reality”. It is always always always a property of things in a given model.

(And, of course, a model need not be of reality)

You can actually see a lot of this at work in, say, the various flavors of physics that you learn that are appropriate at various scales and for various levels of background knowledge/computational difficulty (newtonian mechanics, quantum mechanics, special relativity, general relativity, quantum field theory, whatever else…)

All of these things have different opinions (so to speak) on what can or can’t physically happen or exist in the universe; they are all useful though because they have their areas where they might be more tractable than the others, or more precise, or whatever. The fact that they (sometimes) disagree about what the universe is ultimately made of really doesn’t matter.

(In my head I think of this whole train of thought as saying that, basically physical existence is always already mathematical existence but… well that’s just in my head.)


Now, what does any of this have to do with ultrafinitivism and mathematics generally?

Well, basically,

It seems that (ultra)finitivists (tend to) think that mathematical existence should mean something physical, and have glommed on to infiniteness as the one thing that means something definitely doesn’t exist. 

(which is confused, I would argue, since, 

  1. obviously, just because something is finite doesn’t mean it has any further physicality than anything infinite. Is the number 5 made of atoms? Is it made of a platinum-iridium alloy and stored in a museum somewhere in an argon atmosphere under two bell jars? No.
  2. ultimately, as I’ve previously explained, I think that it perpetuates a subtle error as to what it means for anything to exist in the first place


AND, they think that everyone who doesn’t realize this is (variously) an idiot or just clinging to the remains of the unrigorous history of the mathematical edifice out of convenience or laziness or some kind of romanticization of the concept of infinity.

Which is extremely annoying.

See, basically the whole thing I’ve been arguing here is that the lax attitude towards the precise meaning of mathematical existence that working mathematicians typically have is actually completely justified and correct. It’s subtle, but it makes sense, ultimately, not to really care, because even in talking about physical reality we don’t really care.

And the thing is, a thing you see in cranks and laypeople confused about mathematics both, is precisely this confusion about what mathematical existence precisely means. People are very often incredibly confused about mathematical existence and physical existence and what they mean.

And this, precisely this, is the heart of my beef with ultrafinitivists and other alternative-foundationists with similar attitudes: They’re perpetuating a confusion, and the confusion that they’re perpetuating is precisely the worst possible confusion they could possibly perpetuate.

and i don’t like that.

Far Sighted? Third Way interview with Jeremy Corbyn
  • Huw Spanner: Do terms such as 'hard-' and 'far-left' make you wince?
  • Jeremy Corbyn: What do they mean? I mean, who defines them? They're an invention by those in the media that don't want to engage in the political debate.
  • Huw Spanner: But you would use the term 'far-right', wouldn't you?
  • Jeremy Corbyn: I would use the term for somebody who holds racist or neo-Nazi views, of course, and I think that would be appropriate. But how do you describe a socialist, somebody who believes in democracy, as extreme?
  • Huw Spanner: I thought I'd read that you said you couldn't be friends with anyone who was not on the left…
  • Jeremy Corbyn: I would never have said that. I can't remember ever saying that. Somebody asked me if I'd have a relationship with somebody who was not on the left - now, that's different. But any friend, you're not going to agree on everything. It would be quite difficult to have any de­gree of friendship with somebody who holds appalling views - racist, homophobic or something like that - but with people who hold politically different views, yeah, of course. Surely, we need to have a diversity of opinion around us? It's good for us, is it not?
  • Huw Spanner: Are you fundamentally optimistic?
  • Jeremy Corbyn: Yes, absolutely.
  • Huw Spanner: What is that optimism grounded in?
  • Jeremy Corbyn: In the fundamental good in people, and [a belief] that you can create a society where people do feel valued, do feel involved and can make a contribution. What a waste there is in poverty! What a waste there is in illiteracy! What a waste there is in unemployment!