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Hi, I’ve been considering starting a book in the fantasy genre. I really wanted to give some Native American representation in it, since it's something that I rarely see. However, this story wouldn't take place in America, it would be in a completely different world (though one loosely based off of earth in the 14 hundreds ish?) This is similar to your mixing cultures post, but I wanted to know: is there a good way to give Native American representation in stories that aren’t historical fiction?

Representing PoC in Fantasy When Their Country/Continent Doesn’t Exist

The core of this question is something we’ve gotten across a few different ethnicities, and it basically boils down to: “how can I let my readers know these people are from a certain place without calling them by this certain place?” Aka, how can I let people know somebody is Chinese if I can’t call them Chinese, or, in your case, some Native American nation without having a North America.

Notes on Language

As I have said multiple times, there is no such thing as “Native American culture”. It’s an umbrella term. Even if you are doing fantasy you need to pick a nation and/or confederacy.

Step One

How do you code somebody as European?

This sounds like a very silly question, but consider it seriously.

How do you?

They probably live in huts or castles; there are lords and kings and knights; they eat stew and bread and drumsticks; they celebrate the winter solstice as a major holiday/new year; women wear dresses while men wear pants; there are pubs and farms and lots of wheat; the weather is snowy in winter and warm in summer.

Now swap all those components out for whatever people you’re thinking about.

Iroquois? They live in longhouses; there is a confederacy and democracy and lots of warriors from multiple nations; they eat corn, beans, and squash (those three considered sacred and grown together), with fish and wild game; they wear mostly leather garments with furs in winter; there are nights by the fire and cities and the rituals will change by the nation (remember the Iroquois were a confederacy made up of five or six tribes, depending on period); the weather is again snowy in winter and warm in summer.

Chinese? They harvest rice; there is an emperor appointed by the gods and scholars everywhere; they use a lunar calendar and have a New Year in spring; their trade ships are huge and their resources are plenty; they live in wood structures with paper walls or mud brick; they use jade and ivory for talismans; their culture is hugely varied depending on the province; their weather is mostly tropical, with monsoons instead of snow on lowlands, but their mountains do get chilly.

You get the gist.

Break down what it is that makes a world read as European (let’s be honest, usually English and Germanic) to you, then swap out the parts with the appropriate places in another culture.

Step Two

Research, research, research. Google is your friend. Ask it the questions for “what did the Cree eat” and “how did Ottoman government work.” These are your basics. This is what you’ll use to figure out the building blocks of culture.

You’ll also want to research their climate. As I say in How To Blend Cultures, culture comes from climate. If you don’t have the climate, animals, plants, and weather down, it’ll ring false.

You can see more at So You Want To Save The World From Bad Representation.

Step Three

Start to build the humans and how they interact with others. How are the trade relations? What are the internal attitudes about the culture— how do they see outsiders? How do outsiders see them? Are there power imbalances? How about greed and desire to take over?

This is where you need to do even more research on how different groups interacted with others. Native American stories are oftentimes painful to read, and I would strongly suggest to not take a colonizer route for a fantasy novel.

This does, however, mean you might not be researching how Natives saw Europeans— you’ll be researching how they saw neighbours. 

You’ll also want to look up the social rules to get a sense for how they interacted with each other, just for character building purposes.

Step Four

Sensitivity readers everywhere! You’ll really want to get somebody from the nation to read over the story to make sure you’ve gotten things right— it’s probably preferable to get somebody when you’re still in the concept stage, because a lot of glaring errors can be missed and it’s best to catch them before you start writing them.

Making mistakes is 100% not a huge moral failing. Researching cultures without much information on them is hard. So long as you understand the corrections aren’t a reflection on your character, just chalk them up to ignorance (how often do most writers get basic medical, weapon, or animal knowledge wrong? Extremely often). 

Step Five

This is where you really get into the meat of creating people. You’ve built their culture and environment into your worldbuilding, so now you have the tools you need to create characters who feel like part of the culture.

You’ll really want to keep in mind that every culture has a variety of people. While your research will say people roughly behave in a certain way, people are people and break cultural rules all the time. Their background will influence what rules they break and how they relate to the world, but there will be no one person who follows every cultural rule down to the letter. 

Step Six


Step Seven

More sensitivity readers! See step 4 for notes.

Step Eight

Rewrite— and trust me, you will need to. Writing is rewriting.

Repeat steps seven and eight until story is done.

Extra Notes

I’ll be honest— you’re probably going to need a certain amount of either goodwill (if you’re lucky enough to make friends within the group you’re trying to represent— but seriously, please do not make friends with us for the sole purpose of using us as sensitivity readers. It’s not nice) and/or money to get to publishing level. 

The good part is the first three steps are free, and these first three steps are what will allow you to hurt others less when you approach. While you’ll still likely make mistakes, you’ll make a few less (and hopefully no glaring ones, but it can/does happen) so long as you do your due diligence in making sure you at least try to understand the basics.

And once you feel like you’ve understood the basics… dive down even deeper because chances are you’re about to reach a tipping point for realizing how little you know.

People will always find you did something wrong. You will never get culture 100% accurate— not even people who were born and raised in it will, because as I said in step five: cultures have a huge variety of people in them, so everyone will interact with it differently. But you can work your hardest to capture one experience, make it as accurate as possible, and learn more for next time.

~ Mod Lesya 

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Hey! I am very pro-AZA facilities, but I am a little bit concerned about your recent comment on sanctuary breeding. Sanctuaries and rescues are NOT receiving genetically valuable animals, usually they come with no genetic history, and are inbred for color morphs or mixed species (i.e. tigers)! This wouldn't be smart breeding for conservation like the SSPs! (1/?)

The animals they receive should essentially be considered like the excess domestic dog/cat populations in the US (only big and dangerous), because there truly are more than there are available suitable homes for. The argument of breeding for conservation in captivity has to be done in line with responsible breeding that’s part of a larger networked plan, because roadside zoos breed all kinds of animals irresponsibly (filling up the sanctuaries) and claim conservation.

Most of what you’re saying is true, and what you’re most concerned about re: the SSP mention is going to be an issue in the future. However, there are a couple things I want to respond to because they’re going to be super important for people who care about big cats to understand in the near future, in regards to conservation and the sanctuary industry and animal rights interactions. I’m gonna break those down below, but it’s not intended as a smackdown - you just gave me a great opening to talk about something I’ve been realizing I need to write about. To give you some context: I’ve spent the last couple months digging into the histories of sanctuaries and rescues as an industry and studying a lot of the exotic animal legislation that has been proposed/passed in the last couple decades. That means I’ve been researching the evolution of legislation and how animals move (both around the US, and between types of placement) in response to it, and what legal actions or public petitions influence those movements. The holistic picture is… interesting. 

First, though, I want to talk about a couple of the statements you made - because they’re super common in sanctuary messaging right now and, most importantly, have started showing up in legislation and lobbying regarding big cats recently. 

The lack of known lineage for big cats coming into sanctuaries and rescues was really only accurate in the 90s and potentially early 2000s, and from what I can really was at latest an issue up until 2007. The 90s was the period when the big cat population in private ownership in the US was out of control and rescue began to be a big deal - hence the formation of the current major big cat sanctuary organizations. The last large number of big cats of “unknown origin or lineage” left private hands and went into sanctuaries between 2004-2007, as people prepared for the full enforcement of the Captive Wildlife Safety Act (which, among other things, prohibited moving cats across state lines). After that point in time, the need for rescue - by which I mean hoarder situations or animals that truly were not receiving appropriate care, not exotic pet politics framed as abusive - dropped off sharply because anyone who hadn’t given up their big cats prior to 2007 was very aware that the CWSA meant that they were responsible for keeping those animals for life because they could no longer be easily transported to a new owner or another facility. So, a decade after that, animals coming into rescue are generally coming from either pet situations or are confiscations from private facilities. The people who are currently breeding big cats outside of AZA accreditation - regardless of what else you think about them or their practices - are smart enough to understand that inbreeding can occur and that tracking bloodlines is important. All of the exotic pet communities are pretty small and tight-knit in the US, so I can’t believe that there’s no known lineage for the animals currently ending up in sanctuaries. It might not go back more than a couple generations, or might not be something the sanctuaries are given, but it’s got to exist. 

I’m also really skeptical about the whole “there are more big cats than there are suitable homes for” messaging that’s omnipresent in the rescue and sanctuary industry right now, for two reasons. One, there’s no agreement on what a “suitable home” for a big cat is: the Animal Welfare Act is the federal set of requirements for appropriate care, but sanctuaries and animal rights groups consistently condemn places that meet that criteria, and only AZA likes the idea of AZA standards being a requirement for a suitable home, since most facilities don’t have the funding and mission to become part of the AZA. This means there’s no other set of standards that sanctuaries and rescues can point to to back up a claim about a situation for a big cat being ‘not good enough’. Since sanctuaries continue exist because they house confiscated animals, in the absence of data or concrete standards used to quantify a bad situation, any statement they make about big cat quality of care is inherently embroiled in politics. 

Two, the current numbers for captive big cats in the US just do not make sense. They’re all over the place and appear to be estimations because there aren’t primary source citations in any document - legislative or media - that I’ve found past 2003, and even that’s iffy. 

Let’s just look at tigers, for instance. In 2003, a paper Nyhus and Tillson estimated that there were anywhere between 5000-12,000 captive tigers in private hands alone in the US. The excuse given for such a huge potential range: the authors think most pet tigers would be kept illegally and not reported. It goes on to say the most likely estimates are between 7000-9000, but following up on those sources simply gives me news articles where the one of the authors is quoted about those numbers - there’s literally no data or study cited to support that. Okay, so, hold on, we’re guesstimating in a scientific paper about the existence of multiple thousands of tigers, multiple times more than exist in the wild, because of an utter absence of data and the determination that people lie? That doesn’t seem right.  But, then, in 2008 a report on tiger trafficking done by Fish and Wildlife said there are “as many as” 5000 tigers in the US - total, including in zoos and sanctuaries as well as private hands. They were using data from a single 2005 study, which estimated 3349 tigers in “private” hands (2120 in USDA licensed facilities that were not considered zoos or sanctuaries and 1129 in non-exhibition situations). That’s a drastic difference from 2003-2005, and only the 2005 citation shows evidence of actually having data backing it. Now, fast forward to the last couple of years. In 2014, the World Wildlife Fund states that of the 5000 tigers it thinks are in the US, 4700 of those tigers are in private hands. In 2015, the founder of the sanctuary group Tigers in America stated that he thinks there are actually upwards of 7000 tigers in the US with no mention of location. Neither of these statements have any sort of citation, and those numbers don’t make sense. It’s been a decade since the last mention I can find of an actual study of the locations of big cats in the US, so does that mean the numbers that are now being used in legislation and advocacy efforts are simply estimates based on how many pet tigers these organizations think people aren’t reporting? Not to mention, the numbers don’t make sense - the Captive Wildlife Safety Act, as well as many pieces of state-and local-level legislation restricting big cat ownership have majorly restricted the ownership, transport, and breeding of big cats. How are the numbers going up as legislation gets more restrictive? If anyone can show me actual data on the number of big cats in captivity in the US post-2005, I’ll happily update this post - until then, I remain pretty skeptical about this supposed surplus of big cats because after months of searching I’ve found no primary data anywhere to support it. 

Next, let’s chat about roadside zoos for a second. If you’re not aware of why I think that appellation is outdated and meaningless to the general public, please take a second to read this article I wrote about the topic. This is especially pertinent to this discussion, as many facilities outside of AZA (frequently referred to as roadside zoos) directly contribute to the success of SSP programs - see Mill Mountain Zoo’s success with Pallas Cats and Red Wolves, and Tanganyika Wildlife Park’s success with Clouded Leopard breeding. Not all non-AZA places are of the same quality - some do still promote breeding color morphs or talk about white tigers as a separate subspecies - but it’s inaccurate to say that all roadside zoos don’t contribute to conservation or just “fill up sanctuaries” with excess animals. 

Okay. Now, on to the SSP and sanctuaries comment. Most of the cats coming into sanctuaries right now are either previous pets or animals confiscated after animals rights investigations, as mentioned above. Right now, AR groups aren’t going after places that participate in SSPs… but that’s not going to last. For years, HSUS has been campaigning to close down every zoo that isn’t AZA. You can see that in their rhetoric, and in the fact that in every single piece of legislation and media they right they directly contrast how AZA does things with the horrors of roadside zoos. As of earlier this month, the CEO of HSUS made a statement indicating that AZA is partnering with them to help police the rest of the zoo industry - and the biggest focus that HSUS wants to see from AZA is help shutting down roadside zoos, according to a representative who spoke on HSUS’ behalf at the 2016 AZA national conference. It’s convenient that there’s no operant definition for “roadside zoo” published anywhere in HSUS literature since 1980, isn’t there? (See the linked article above for that discussion). This leads us to the question of what happens to the big cats in external facilities that participate in SSPs when animal rights organizations start going after facilities they deem “roadside zoos” or those they condemn for simply not being AZA. Somehow I sincerely doubt they’ll deviate from the long-term plan of shutting them all down just because they happen to support a decent big cat conservation program. When HSUS lobbies to have a facility investigated, and the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF, the legal branch of the AR organizations) get involved with advocating to have animals removed from a facility, there’s always a sanctuary or two ready and willing to take those poor animals -  and they’re all ones that are tightly associated with the animal rights organizations and decry the breeding of their residents. So yes, I do think we’re going to see genetically valued animals “rescued” from facilities where they were part of legitimate, planned breeding programs in the near future and put in sanctuaries where they can no longer contribute to the conservation of their species. 

I also don’t think it’s a stretch to say that the animal rights organizations will eventually start going after AZA, once all the other zoos have been driven out of business or had their animals confiscated. The head of BCR has said publicly that she wants to see all cats removed from zoos and in sanctuaries by 2025 - and that she plans on doing it by first turning the public against roadside zoos, and then by taking in all the big cats the zoos abandon after she convinces the public that they’re fundamentally immoral for having them. That lines up pretty neatly with the current rhetoric coming out of sanctuaries and animal rights organizations about zoos right now, and hey, BCR and HSUS and ALDF are all sponsors of all the recent big cat welfare petitions to the USDA and heavily involved in lobbying for congressional legislation like the Big Cat Public Safety Act. Still not convinced? In the newest iteration of the BCPSA, AZA-accredited facilities are no longer accorded their historical exemption from the proposed regulations. 

Big cat sanctuaries may currently only have cats who aren’t considered valuable to conservation programs, but I don’t think it’ll stay that way. All of the animals who came into the sanctuaries because of the Captive Wildlife Safety Act in 2007 (along with a ton of funding, because pretty faces and sob stories are great for fundraising) are reaching the end of their natural lifespans. If the sanctuaries want to continue to exist, they have to get new animals from somewhere - and you can see them beginning to turn against the zoo industry and demand ownership of their animals. It’s scary, but it’s real, and it looks like it’s starting already - in late 2016, ALDF notified Landry’s Downtown Aquarium (an AZA facility) of their intent to sue for removal of their tigers under the Endangered Species Act if Landry’s did not send the cats to an accredited sanctuary. 

Some of the relevant citations:

I get tipsy and call out fallout (to a friend)
  • me: can I say something about fallout (specifically fallout 4, but it might apply to other games too in certain cases) I observed lately tbh
  • me: Goodneighbor really made me think about it
  • me: so like, fallout 4 in particular has a fucked up discussion going on about what's culture and whats counter-culture
  • me: diamond city seems to be a mimic of what we consider 'culture' as opposed to the lawless no-inhibitions degeneracy of the savage commonwealth.
  • me: its clean, everyone is 'normal'
  • me: the central element of it is buying and selling goods
  • etc.
  • me: the most 'strange' element in it is an unusual marriage-- the codifying of a socially respected relationship and household
  • me: maybe.
  • me: (I know the mayor is a synth, that is a reveal tho)
  • me: goodneighbor seems to be a schism of those that we consider 'counterculture'-- disabled people, disfigured people, people considered second-class citizens that are not willing slaves or servants of the community, refugees and asylum seekers, addicts, artists, bohemians
  • etc.
  • me: including implications that this is where trans people belong, through Kleo
  • me: and outside, the raiders seem to be a very portrait of 'degeneracy' with gambling, drugs, and implied sex (those fetish harnesses and other 'shocking' looking kinky clothing styles!)
  • me: etc.
  • me: but the thing is
  • me: what's culture?
  • me: no one has systemic legitimacy in this world over any other person
  • me: is Diamond City majority culture? its citizens are a minority.
  • me: why do we consider it 'safe' or 'ordinary'
  • me: why do we consider Goodneighbor 'counterculture'
  • me: ?
  • me: If our prior culture or idea of normality has totally dissolved(and with it, the game keeps implying, all pressures or personal sense of responsibility or morality, like a constant festival of fools or a The Purge like scenario), why are people who dress like, look like, act like 'freaks' any less respectable than 'good honest farmers/tradespeople/citizens/etc.'
  • me: And its not a coincidence that the aesthetic of the obviously counterculture raiders, and some of the people in Goodneighbor, is sort of dog whistle 'queer'-- lgbt+ people have taken accusations of degeneracy and turned them on their head, taken weapons out of 'moral majority' hands for generations and appropriated them to demonstrate the facile nature and arbitrary bounds of the ruling class
  • me: (non-harmful) Kink's historically gay even if straight kinksters often don't have correct respect for lgbt+ spaces.
  • me: Pride's not full of leather and drag, tiny holographic print shorts, for no reason. Pride's not about establishing who scans the 'most normal' to the status quo, but a suggestion that there's no reason that our world finds these images more shocking than straight relationships, which run the spectrum of health from committed to downright poisonous themselves. Totally without examination or accusations of being 'wicked.'
  • me: what I'm trying to say is that it's a statement by omission that in the future, it's the raiders that have the wacky hairstyles, the tats, the fantasy personas, have the riots, and do the drugs, or go 'insane' from lack of 'healthy relationships' and basically manifest all the negative stereotypes that lgbt+ people have weathered in different ways
  • me: and that there are no respectable people in diamond city that walk around without pants and have an undercut, or are camp
  • etc.
  • me: can you imagine going to one of the 'respectable' establishments and seeing someone who looks like a raider and calls you (of any gender) 'cookie' or something
  • me: it wouldn't happen
  • me: meanwhile we have overt transmisogynistic caricature robot in Goodneighbor that basically implies that the creators think that trans women are an uncomfortable fringe and barely within society-- at least she's not a gun crazed drug fiend. And even then, you can find violent dirt on Kleo.
  • me: there are not even 'passing' trans women in Diamond City, who conform to the demand that to be an honest, respectable person, 'normal' (conforming to gender roles) is the thing to be
  • me: or trans men for that matter
  • me: basically like
  • me: I think that the fallout universe has something to say about the power fantasy that many disaster or apocalypse scenarios suggest-- that if there was no society, job, car, house, future holding you back, you'd be a badass who could do anything they wanted
  • me: even in that scenario, when all societal obligations have been erased and all your debts to it have been absolved, our status quo of society still exists
  • me: 'normal' has never been destroyed
  • me: despite the game's major theme of "maybe 'normal' was our undoing"-- capitalism, strict reactionary gender roles a la the 1950s and 1960s, nationalism over global fellowship, etc.
  • me: "normal" is still in place as the yardstick of 'civilization'
  • me: sorry ive had a non-insignificant amount of rum in the last half hour
  • me: but like
  • me: that's just what I think
  • me: why aren't there settlements full of people who look like raiders but overall are cool and friendly?
  • me: why aren't there seemingly 'normal' looking people who actually are super hateful raiders who buy and sell people's children?
  • me: Throughout history it's not been the marginal 'freaks' with no power who sell people to other people
  • me: it's been the prestigious people. Wealthy people who define what's acceptable and what the laws are, with social power and money to buy, who have labor they need doing and see the value in owning all the means of production... including the laborers.
  • me: if that world's been destroyed,
  • me: where are the benign 'freaks' of Diamond City?

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Wouldn't it be kinda racist that one of hermiones most memorable actions is literally freeing the slaves at hogwarts? (if she's cannon black)


ok 4 things

1) I am not making the argument that Hermione is canonically black, and I sincerely doubt that any of the people who also interpret her that way are, either. There is a very notable difference in something being your personal headcanon and the author explicitly saying something is that way. And since JK Rowling most likely didn’t write Hermione canonically as black, then when she wrote Goblet of Fire I doubt she was considering how Hermione’s racial identity and corresponding experiences might directly affect her views and actions in regards to house elf slavery as a parallel to race based slavery.

So the answer to your questions is that it’s a non-issue, because Hermione was never written to explicitly and canonically be black.

(Also, historically not all instances of slavery have been race based, so your questions is also moon because it’s possible to address the themes and issues surrounding slavery without bringing race into it)

2) Beyond house elves being unpaid servants to wizards, there actually isn’t that much of a parallel to the real world kidnapping and forced slavery of Africans by Europeans? I mean, the most obvious difference between the two is that house elves enjoy their slavery: they’re deeply loyal to their masters, take pride in serving their masters, and will get offended if you try to compensate them for their work.

That alone I think renders the analogy to black slaves completely ineffectual; one involves depriving black people of their freedom, agency, and personhood, while Hermione’s storyline with SPEW involves learning to actually allow house elves the agency to decide for themselves how they want to live their lives (with many of them willingly preferring unpaid servitude), regardless of whether their choice is in direct contradiction of her own narrative of how the world works and her idea of how those house elves should live their lives.

(ahem ahem)

3) Even IF Hermione was written as canonically black and even IF you could make the argument that house elf slavery is very specifically a parallel to race based slavery, writing people of color dealing with issues that are historically linked with race isn’t racist in and of itself???

As a caveat, yes, it’s going to be dependent on the quality of writing and the amount of research and work the author puts into it, so yes, it does have the potential to be problematic, much in the same way an author trying to write in the voice of a different race and culture can potentially be problematic and constitute cultural appropriation if that author doesn’t do that character their due diligence.

But there’s nothing intrinsically racist about having a character of color openly discussing/addressing race and issues centered on race. That argument to me is akin to “YOU’RE the racist for pointing out the racist thing I did!!” Being willing to openly acknowledge and address issues of race is in no way, shape, or form racism in and of itself.

I always find it frustrating that people are so squeamish and so uncomfortable talking about race that the mere mention of it reads the same as racism itself to them. (◞‸◟;)

and finally

4) What’s up with the constant need by people to nitpick at other people’s personal interpretations of a character and to try to dismantle those preferred characterizations based on pedantics?

Both the argument presented here and the “Harry is white on the book covers” argument from another ask I got just feel petty. It reeks of nitpicking so you can prove that you are right and thus have a superior interpretation of the character to someone else.

I mean yeah, if you have an interpretation of a character that lies outside of canon then there are potentially going be instances in the text that contradict your interpretation.

But the great thing about fiction books is that they’re meant to be an exercise in imagination. People will read these books for different reasons, get different things out of the same books, and value these same books in different ways.

When people that are different than you read the same book with the same character, they might value and prioritize things about that character that you don’t. I think it’s a safe assumption to say that what a lot of people value the most about Hermione is her intelligence, resourcefulness, and willingness to stand by her beliefs. Her race, for a lot of people, is going to be incidental to those qualities, so if they want to imagine her in a skin tone that reflects their own and allows them to connect with her better, let them. It doesn’t change the core qualities of what makes Hermione Hermione, and how someone else sees a character also doesn’t have to change how you see that character.

To throw in people’s face that NO, she’s absolutely white, and that they HAVE to prioritize her whiteness in the same way that you do is just so self-important and petty

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hello~ i watched all of yuri on ice in a night & already having withdrawals b/c i need s2 like yesterday :"( i need some vikturi fanfic to get me thru it, i ship them so hard, do you have a tag for it b/c there's so much fanfic for the ship and i wouldn't know where to start + your taste in fanfic is always the best, so please help <3

Hii! Aww, I feel your pain! D: 

Unfortunately, I don’t really have a Victuuri rec tag because I try to keep this blog 99% Destiel and SPN, especially when it comes to fics. However I’ve read plenty of Victuuri fic, so I can maybe share some of my faves with you? As a starter kit, lol! 

You didn’t mention what you’re looking for though? Fluff? Angst? Smut? Long? Short? A little bit of everything? I’ll just go with a little bit of everything, and you can read the tags and summaries and pick what you want? :p 

(Only finished stories, because I’m paranoid when it comes to WIPs, lol!)

❄ From The Moon [4,8k, canon!verse]
‘That one time Victor finds out why Yuuri has never let him inside his bedroom because… Well, we all know why.’

Literally the first Yuri On Ice fic I’ve read, as far as I can remember. By now a lot of people have written the missing scene about Victor possibly finding Yuuri’s posters, but I still really adore this one. Great take on it, very in character, must read!


❄ Maelstrom [4,3k, Time Loop AU]
‘Victor Nikiforov is poised to win gold in his fifth consecutive Grand Prix Final. He has the world at his feet, is unparalleled in the sport–right up until a snowstorm blows into Sochi, and he finds himself repeating the same day over and over and over. He stumbles over Yuuri Katsuki, and everything changes.’

Fics that include messing with time are usually not the first ones I pick, because they tend to confuse what few brain cells I have. But damn, this one was seriously wonderful, so easy to read. It has some humor, some angst, some fluff, some smut, but it’s all balanced out very well! I’d definitely say give it a go!

Unwritten [34k, Soulmate AU, canon divergence]
‘Soulmates AU where whatever you write on your own skin appears on your soulmate, but when there is a language barrier, meeting becomes just a little more difficult than it should be.’

Everyone knows that I am a total sucker for soulmate AUs, so unsurprisingly I absolutely loved this one. Does loosely follow canon verse (they’re both ice skaters), but with a soulmate twist. Neat!


❄ All The World’s a Stage [112k, AU, actor!Victor/ice skater!Yuuri]
‘Everyone has a guilty pleasure. For Yuuri, it just happens to be romance movies starring famous heartthrob Victor Nikiforov.’

This one was simply adorable. In which professional ice skater Yuuri teaches famous actor Victor how to figure skate because that’s what his upcoming movie will be about. Do I need to mention that they fall in love along the way?

❄ Katsuki_fc Wrote [12k, canon!verse]
‘Just because Yuuri isn’t big on social media, doesn’t mean his fans aren’t.’

Plenty of social media centered fic in the yoi fandom, but this is a total gem! The story of Yuuri and Victor as seen through the eyes of Yuuri’s fans. 

❄ Souls Bond, Hearts Follow [12k, Soulmate AU, canon divergence]
‘In a world where soulmates are individuals connected on a spiritual level, able to communicate with variable degrees of empathy or telepathy, there is an appropriate time and rhythm for everything, even for a soulbond.
Yuuri knows this. Viktor will learn.’

Another soulmate AU, because hey, it’s me you’re asking. I have nothing other to say than; just read it.


❄ Russian For Dummies [2,4k, College AU]
‘"Are you a beginner?“ 

Viktor was not a beginner. Viktor was the TA supposedly in charge of this study session. Viktor spoke Russian. Viktor was Russian.


Looking for something short, cute, and hilarious to read? This fic is for you. OR the fic that properly displays what idiotic stuff Victor EXTRA Nikiforov would probably do to get to Katsuki Yuuri, no matter the AU. 


❄ Your Biggest Fan [8.5k, canon divergence]
‘By chance, Viktor caught sight of one of Yuuri’s competitions and quickly fell head over heels in love with the Japanese figure skater.’

Because who doesn’t need a fic where they both fanboy over each other, it’s plausible, and this fic warmed the cockles of my undead heart!

❄ Victuuri: Wedding planner and florist AU [AU, ongoing series of fluffy one shots]
‘An Alternate Universe in which Victor Nikiforov is a renown wedding planner, and Yuuri Katsuki is a florist running his family’s little flower shop.’

Fluff is the reason I breathe, we’re all aware at this point, and this is just so sweet and fluffy and amazing, I recommend reading the entire series if you’re into AUs at all. 

❄ Warm [2,2k, canon!verse]
‘Russia’s cold, Yuuri can’t sleep, and Victor is always careful to keep his door open for anyone in need of a touch of help.’

Sweetness overload, everyone needs this in their life. I’m just saying. 


And last but not least:

❄ Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches [197k, canon divergence]
‘Of all the rivalries in the world of sports over the years, perhaps none has become so legendary as that of Russian figure skater Viktor Nikiforov and his rival, Japanese Yuuri Katsuki.

A single event changes the course of Yuuri’s life, throwing him into a bitter rivalry with Viktor Nikiforov that spans across his entire skating career. But as the years go on, rivalry and hatred begin to develop into something very different and Yuuri doesn’t seem to be able to stay away, no matter how hard he tries.

Hatred and love are two sides of the same coin and even though everything changes, some things are still meant to be.’

So every ship has that one fanfiction that basically the entire fandom has read, or at least has heard of. For Victuuri, this is that fic. And it’s hella long, so for me, the person with the attention span of the average goldfish, I have to give this fic some huge kudos because I actually finished it within 48 hours, even though I usually don’t even dare to read a fic that long. 

I’m not gonna lie, there is angst, a lot of it. In fact, this fic is probably the mayor of a town called ‘Angst’. Regardless, it’s very compelling, the author put a lot of thought into the fic, and the soundtrack as well, picking wonderful songs for all of Yuuri’s and Victor’s programs, and working it into the main plot with a lot of meaning. The ending will satisfy you, and as a bonus there will be a companion piece from Victor’s POV to fill in any minor blanks that might be left after reading this story. 

Hope there’s something in there for you, have fun! x 

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why wouldn't you be excited for bts to win an award at the bbmas?

I didn’t say that I wasn’t excited, but here, let me explain it for you nice and clearly! I also just want to say that this is my personal opinion, you don’t have to agree, but please don’t message me about it if you don’t. I literally cannot be arsed to hear it.

One, I’m kind of feeling sad about them becoming so huge. Yes, I am tremendously proud and also amazed at how successful they are and how well received they are, but I just feel like KPOP in general is so huge now that liking it almost feels like a trend? It makes me very nervous about the future and the amount of “fans” who will like it simply to stay relevant. Every YouTuber who has done a “reacting to kpop” video has done it because they have 1) seen how well received they are, 2) they get more views which means more money, and 3) it’s so popular that it’s literally the only way they can stay relevant. Listen, Pointlessblog, if you want to make more money and you’re stuck on ideas on how to keep your fanbase of 12 year olds living, make another rip off Wreck it Journal. 

BTS going to the BBMA’s and winning an award is amazing and I’m very proud of their success, don’t get me wrong.

Two, they will obviously receive a lot of attention at the BBMA’s. I don’t want to be seeing celebrities bandwagon on BTS (and KPOP) for the attention and relevance. Of course, if they genuinely enjoy the music, then go for it. I mean, we all saw how White Devil™ Chloe Mozzarella-sticks tried to fit in with KPOP for a while…now we’ve got Jaden Smith meeting Sehun once and thinking he can make a debut as a Korean idol….and then you have the mess that is EXP, doin as (most) whites do, ruining everything. I just want BTS to be praised for their music and talents, and not bandwagoned because of their success and name and also, this is an occurrence, good looks? I see a lot of YouTubers + celebrities suddenly only stanning because they are sexy or attractive. Yes, obviously, I think they are all attractive men but I don’t like them just for their faces; believe it or not ya girl has been listening for a while and I actually didn’t care about the members that much when I first listened and only liked their music. But, go off I guess.

Three, it’s overhyped. I see BTS fans trying to add the hashtag everywhere- I literally saw somebody hashtag #BTSBBMAS or whatever in the VOTING HASHTAG that Korean citizens used to show that they voted for their newest President- something that is so so important in South Korea and yet fans were trying to use that hashtag (probably not knowing what it meant, but they just saw the Hangul and thought nothing more) to promote BTS. Like, first of all, you don’t need to put the hashtag in every single tweet you make, and also just use the hashtag appropriately? Like, uh, oh I don’t know, NOT in a hashtag that is so important and literally has NOTHING to do with BTS? But whatever.

Four, I guess I’m just jealous. My ass gonna be crying in the UK meanwhile Kendall Jenner will try to take a sneaky pic with my boo Hoseok. Not ready for it. (Don’t know if she’s actually going or not, just used her as an example, lol)

And five, I literally just do not give a single flying fuck about the BBMAS. I don’t listen to western music enough to care about the other people attending, and I literally had no idea it existed until BTS were nominated. The BBMA’s are only “relevant” to me now just because my boos are nominated. Case closed.

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For your requests, perhaps your take on a trans Donatello? Because female turtles are usually a lot larger than males, and he's always been so much taller than his brothers, I always liked the headcanon that he might actually be biologically female and wasn't aware of it until later or something along those lines.

I’m always a slut for trans scenarios, especially when I can slip my OT3 into things.


Casey has been staring at Donnie for a full three minutes now without a word, and Donnie is starting to think this was a mistake.

“If I’d known I could make you shut up this long just by outing myself to you, maybe I would have tried it sooner,” Donnie says, crossing his arms and trying for levity in their situation. Fuck. April hadn’t been like this, and Donnie had been hoping Casey wouldn’t either…

Casey opens his mouth, then closes it, and keeps staring at Donnie across the lab table they’re sitting at. Donnie can almost hear the gears churning in his friend’s brain.

This isn’t going well. Donnie can feel it. Casey is either going to throw a fit, or… well, worst case scenario is him rejecting Donnie for being even more divergent from the norm than he already is as a mutant, or he’ll keep being friends with Donnie, but insist on using female pronouns, or or or-

Donnie isn’t feeling well. He feels like his stomach is trying to flip and invert and maybe ouroboros itself all at once. He’d wanted to do this, or told himself he had, because in order to go any further with his relationship with Casey and April both, Casey needed to know. Because otherwise it would have been lying, and then if Casey had somehow found out afterwards, then it would have been so, so much worse than just rejection right from the start, and Donnie-

Donnie needs to step out and breathe. Give Casey space to wrap his head around the idea of Donnie being trans. Maybe things’ll be less awkward if they both take a moment.

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Got7 reacting to you wanting to go out showing to much skin

**I’m writing under the pretenses that ya’ll are dating and ya’ll are going to the mall**:)

Lets say you were wearing something like this 

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Mark ~ Oke so Mark would be like “Damn my girl looks nice.” And just as yall finna walk out the house he gona be like …”Waitttt..”*Thinks to self* That dress is kinda short..

Originally posted by alicekwon1993

JB ~ Yall already knew he’s like traditional and shit so he’d be like an old asian dad like “Excuse you but i believe that thats a little short for the occasion” And lowkey he’d find bossing you around to be turning him on and looking at how gorgeous you look would drive him nutsss. 

Jackson ~ He would immediately tell you to change he’d be like “Please don’t wear that i should the only to see all that” And although you were totally feeling yourself you’ll change just cause he’s being an annoying lil cutie .*like usual*:)

Jinyoung ~ jinyoung would be like a mother probably be like a mother and be like “Ummm i dont think thats appropriate.” And give that face that says i dare you to talk back little girl.To which you’ll you pout like how you do when your mom is like those short are too short go change.*LIKE THIS*

Youngjae ~ He wouldn't say anything even though lowkey it bothers him.He would keep pulling it down while yall are walking through the mall and walk behind you so people cant your exposed curves.

BamBam ~ He would be too concerned with how hot you look to bother with you changing and at the mall he’d be smothering you so people know that your his and basically to stop staring because he knows how good you look.

Yugyeom ~ He’d be super worried and be like ugh why does she have to do this.He wouldn’t tell you to change he’d make you put on one of his sweatshirts and he’d keep pulling down your dress.

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idk why you all feel so sorry for Harry. He is a 23 yo grown ass man who has been trained to handle himself & maybe if he were a little more honest he wouldn't be in this predicament to begin with. The only thing he was honest about is he is quite boring. Anyone linked to a kardashian/jenner can't be that bright.

listen to me…. first of all what does his age got to do with this, i know he’s a grown man, i know he knows how to handle himself, that doesn’t mean some random ass interviewer can treat him like shit from the beginning of the interview and ask him something that’s clearly going to make him uncomfortable, like if you think about it that way that woman is probably around 40 and she should’ve known that was a not an appropriate question to ask.

he was just trying to be diplomatic and polite about it, he was caught off guard like what would you wanted him to say? do you think it’d be better if he said “fuck larries, i hate them?” or, “yes it’s about louis, we’re madly in love and do you know what happened in wellington, wait let me explain…?” he did his best to answer the question without hurting anyone.

and lastly, if you determine people’s character w the kinda people they’re associated with, then the entire industry is a bunch of fucking assholes, including all 1d members.

edgardothebrawler  asked:

I think we should go back in canon. Around the time Damian is settling in the manor, Talia calls and is like, "Oh, yeah, I killed the Joker. Love ya, Bruce, but I can't let you have that fckin' clown running around anymore with Damian and Jason in Gotham. It's wouldn't be appropriate for our growing boys." "Hold up, did you say *Jason*?" "Oh, yeah. You're welcome btw." And the situation is RESOLVED.

jason was well back by the time damian is settling into the manor. 

roll back some more. 

jason has just been tossed in the pit. ra’s says something snotty.

talia takes both kids and dumps them on bruce’s doorstep. 


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For US/SF!bros: S/O's best friend and the skelli are talking and best friend tells them: "Y'know, I've liked S/O for as long as I can remember. When you came along, I was really jealous of the way they would always talk about you, I thought "this isn't fair" and "I was there first". But then I actually met you, and now, I think I couldn't dream of anyone better for them. I know you guys don't need my blessing to be together, but just know I wouldn't trust anyone else to take care of them."

You know Summer, I love your prompts. I’ve actually sent some exactly like this one - looks like we’re on the same page.


– It happens when you’re all hanging out and you’ve excused yourself to the bathroom. Plum listens to them, as attentive as he is with you. He respects your best friend and more than likely has become friends with them himself by this point.

– When they tell him that, his hand flies to his mouth, eyelights blown wide. After a moment of silence he grabs their hands in between his and says,


– He is incredibly happy to hear that they approve. He couldn’t dream of what he’d do if they didn’t - and for them to tell him like this means so much to him. He feels like he’s reached an incredible milestone in your relationship without you even knowing; and he promises your best friend that he’ll do everything in his power to keep you happy.

– When you return, Plum and your best friend are having an animated conversation about how great you are. Your confusion and blush is simply met with two hundred watt smiles, with the comments and praises being directed right at you now.


– For some wild reason, Cherry decides to take transit for once and he bumps into them there. He waves and sits with them, casually starting conversation. But he’s anxious; he’s never been with your best friend without you around, so he worries he might mess up.

– When they drop that into the conversation, he’s in the middle of putting a new lollipop in his mouth. It freezes halfway and his jaw hangs half open as he listens. He lowers it, his gaze following as he twirls the stem between his phalanges. Then he looks up at them, sockets grateful.

“thanks. that.. that’s good to hear.”

– He gets it. He’s had doubts about his worthiness in your relationship, too, so he doesn’t blame them. But there’s something about it being your best friend telling him this that grants him confidence that he’s doing something right.

– The next time he sees you, he mentions that he ran into them but decides to keep that moment to himself. It’s a memory he clings to when he starts to think he’s not good enough for you.


– You’d asked Hunter to pick up your best friend from their work cause you just found out you’d be doing overtime, and you didn’t want them coming to your neighborhood alone at night. Hunter only agrees because it’s you - but he makes sure to complain to you about it loudly (with no real bite behind it) before hanging up. 

– He’s surely met them before, what with him insisting on knowing the important people in your life after you reach the surface, so it’s not uncomfortable. He’s his same slightly (very) bombastic and oddly charming self. When they tell him this, they’ve stopped at a gas station and are waiting for the tank to fill up. He’s unusually silent, but when your best friend finishes, he gives them a smirk.


– After that, Sans gains a new respect for your best friend. He knows that he own pride would never have allowed him to admit that were he in their position, and so they’ve won points with him for doing so.

– He also fails to mention that to you later on, out of honour for your best friend. He knows that that is for them to reveal if they wish.


– They’ve just arrived to your shared home, ready for you two to hang out. Hound lets them in and assures your best friend that you should be ready soon - he’s mostly comfortable with your best friend by this point. He’s heard the stories about them from you and spoken with them himself a few times so he trusts them enough.

– They say this when they are both on the couch waiting for you, and he’s taken aback by their confession. The silence stretches - all either of you hear for a long time is your humming and rummaging from the other room. He takes a while to respond, looking for the most appropriate words to express his appreciation. Finally, he looks up at them with a small but incredibly bright smile.

“that’s really good of you. thank you for trusting me.”

– He’s impressed by their honesty. He knows that he may not come off as the perfect boyfriend to most, so the fact that they took the time to meet him and not write him off completely means a lot. Your best friend and Hound share a quiet understanding, and they might even become good friends from here.

– He tells you about it when you come home that night, wrapping his long arms around you as you settle into bed. He says something about you having great friends and all go to bed with a soul full with happiness.

fueltransitsleep  asked:

Regarding Bill C-16, would it be accurate to say that you're no more likely to be charged with a crime for misgendering someone/using a transphobic slur than you would under current hate crime legislation regarding race? For example, you almost certainly wouldn't be charged with a crime for using the n-word on it's own, but if you used it towards someone while assaulting them, you could be charged with a hate crime in addition to assault.

The only thing that would warrant jail time would be a transphobic hate crime, which misgendering/slurs by itself wouldn’t warrant.

That’s my understanding of Canadian law, but correct me if I’m wrong.

Here’s the University of Toronto explaining:

It [Bill C-16] will add the words “gender identity and expression” to section 318(4) of the Code, which defines an identifiable group for the purposes of “advocating genocide” and “the public incitement hatred”  It joins colour, race, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, sex, sexual orientation or mental or physical disability.

Finally, Bill C-16 also adds “gender identity and expression” to section 718.2(a)(i) of the Criminal Code dealing with sentencing for hate crimes.   The provision provides that evidence that an offence is motivated by bias, prejudice or hate can be taken into account by courts in sentencing.  The list already includes race, national or ethnic origin, language, colour, religion, sex, age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation or any other similar factor.

So what does this mean for pronoun misuse?  Well, refusing to use a person’s self identified pronoun is not going to be considered advocating genocide – unless the refusal to use the pronouns was accompanied by actually advocating genocide against trans and gender non-binary folks.

Similarly, it’s hard to see the refusal to use the appropriate pronoun –without something else –  rising to the threshold of hate speech.   Hate speech laws in Canada have only been used- and only can be used –  against extreme forms of speech – explicitly and extreme forms of homophobic, anti-Semitic or racist speech.   Moreover, prosecution needs the approval of the Attorney General.

It was summer at last. The sun beat down on their backs and burned their skin, but no one minded too much; it was a small sacrifice to pay in return for no school and very little stress.

Nancy sat at the poolside, feet dragging through the light blue water. Mike and his friends, not far off, were wrestling. Max, the newest addition, was rolling her eyes. She sent Nancy an exasperated look, and Nancy smiled back in sympathy.

“Nancy! Hi!”

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Fancy Dinner Parties
  • Me: *wide eyed* Oh my god, this mansion is gorgeous! It's like something out of a movie! Look at how pretty that staircase is! Is that an actual suit of armor over there? I think I'm going to faint!
  • Flesh Mass: *wringing out skirt* ...Yeah.
  • Maid: *descends staircase* Welcome back, ma'am. I see you've returned with a guest. *bows*
  • Flesh Mass: ...Yeah.
  • Me: Oh my god, is that a real maid? That's a real maid! This is so cool!
  • Maid: Does our guest wish to be shown to the bathing quarters.
  • Me: Oh! My! God! You're so old school! You don't have to ham it up like that! Like, oh my god, I can't believe this! You're so precious! But, yeah. I could totally go for a bath right now. Gosh, a real bath in stead of a shower. Sorry, sorry. It's been so long since I've been in a bath full of warm soapy water. We only have a shower back at my apartment. Am I rambling? Oh my god, I'm so embarrassed! Sorry!
  • Flesh Mass: Are you guys cool, I'm going to go play xbox until I pass out.
  • Maid: Master requested ma'am's presence in the dining room. We will be having dinner tonight to honour our guest.
  • Me: Oh my god, dinner for me!?
  • Flesh Mass: Seriously, dinner for her?
  • Maid: Master says her arrival is a special occasion.
  • Me: Oh my god, how romantic!
  • Flesh Mass: *under breath* It wasn't a fucking special occasion when he kidnapped me. *loudly* FINE! I'll see you guys in the dining room for this SPECIAL OCCASION. Fucking waste of my time.
  • Me: She's so nice. Are your baths as fancy as the staircase?
  • Maid: Indubitably so.
  • Me: I don't even know what that means, but I just know they're going to be extra fancy.
  • Maid: *sighs* Our guest may come with me now.
  • Me: Oh, I'm so excited!
  • *in the dining room*
  • Java Wolf: *seated at one end of a long table*
  • Flesh Mass: *seated at the opposite end of a long table* What's this all about?
  • Java Wolf: A feast for my first step into sheer depravity. Think of it as a true handing of the torch of evil from father to son. You'll see.
  • Flesh Mass: Are you going to kill that lady?
  • Java Wolf: Of course. Did you expect me to let her live? Anyone who enters my abode is a simple play thing for my visceral needs.
  • Flesh Mass: Don't kill her.
  • Java Wolf: Why?
  • Flesh Mass: She's innocent.
  • Java Wolf: None of us are innocent. Besides, what connection do you have to that miserable woman which makes you vouch for her life?
  • Flesh Mass: I've see her around town before, but it's not that. She was on the streets in a trash can. She looked so pathetic. She looked like me. I pity her.
  • Java Wolf: Pity. Whenever I see something pitiful I get an insatiable urge to kill it. But, my dear, I have to say that you're beginning to disappoint me.
  • Flesh Mass: I was never trying to impress you in the first place, dude.
  • Java Wolf: Indeed, it's more of a personal bugbear than a true failing in your character. It's slightly irritating that a being with a unique condition such as yours would fall so in line with traditional morality that you would even take pity on a worthless vagrant woman. Most people simply ignore street riff-raff like her. She won't be missed. Then again, I have an inkling that whatever morality you may display is but a simple front for an ideology that's much more alien and unknowable. Would you say that's the case?
  • Flesh Mass: I don't think about that type of shit, dude.
  • Java Wolf: Such a shame.
  • Maid: *enters the dining room* Our guest has arrived.
  • Me: *enters the dining room in an elegant dress* Oh my god, this is the prettiest room I've seen in my entire life. *takes a seat in the middle of the long ass table* I can't believe this table! Why is it so long! Can you guys even hear! Do I need to yell!
  • Java Wolf: No yelling is necessary, thank you.
  • Me: Oh. My. God! Are you a furry!? Your fursuit is so pretty! I used to be a furry, y'know! I had to get out of the fandom because it was too expensive, and I was working 24/7! Oh, it was horrible! But, I never thought I'd meet a real furry! Especially, one that owns such an awesome mansion! Are you a celebrity!?
  • Java Wolf: No, my dear. I am not a celebrity. My name is Nathan Wolfe, heir to the Wolfe fortune. So, I must be honest with you and say that the extravagant wealth that you see before you now was not created by me, but instead appropriated from my father. Rest his soul. You can refer to me as, Java Wolf. My dear, would happen to know about the history of my family?
  • Me: No, but I've heard the name around before.
  • Java Wolf: It's no surprise that you would, my family is the most wealthy family within in the county area, due in part to the former family business, that of exporting premium grade luxury coffee. My father was the head of the business for the majority of its existence, but when he passed he I had inherited control of the business and his fortune. During this period I had traveled to the country where the coffee beans that fueled the business were collected. You wouldn't believe what I saw.
  • Me: What'd you see?
  • Java Wolf: Debauchery and cruelty, my dear. It was pure slave labour, even torture at times. I couldn't believe such a thing was legal, much less condoned under the command of my father whom I always viewed as a man of absolute moral integrity. I couldn't let it continue, my dear. So, I shut the whole business down and put an end to that exploitative madness, snuffing out my father's bloody legacy once and for all.
  • *the maid places mugs of coffee on the table*
  • Me: Whoa, that's a pretty big thing to do.
  • Java Wolf: Yes, though I am no saint. I have my base needs, my wants and comforts. I've kept all the wealth my father accumulated through the company, though its no different than blood money in the eyes of a just arbitrator. However, I don't think such an arbitrator can exist in the Western world, so wrought with capitalist hegemony. Do you, my dear?
  • Me: I don't know really know what you mean.
  • Java Wolf: *chuckles* It's no matter. No matter at all. We're not here tonight to discuss politics or morality. We're here to celebrate an awakening, and give welcome to our beautiful guest.
  • Me: Oh gosh, you're making me blush.
  • Java Wolf: *lifts mug* So, may I propose a toast. A toast to the Wolf and the Trinity that unites us all in debauchery.
  • Me: A toast to the Wolf and the Trinity of something something!
  • Flesh Mass: Whatever she said.
  • Java Wolf: Drink, my dears. Drink. *sips coffee* Hmm, this coffee tastes pretty odd. *yawns* Goodness, excuse me. *passes out and falls out of chair*
  • Maid: Oh, how foolish of me. I accidentally gave master the spiked coffee instead of our guest. How could I have made such a grievous mistake. *lights cigarette and takes a long drag*
  • Flesh Mass: Yeah, if you need me I'll be playing xbox. *walks off*
  • Me: This is a weird party.

anonymous asked:

Thank you for answering my question about Germany! The reason I asked about Goths was because it seems to me that it has the largest Goth population, like there are festivals etc. and most Goth people I've encountered on internet are from Germany. I heard soccer is VERY big in Germany. Why is that? And could you please tell more about food or education system or what life is generally like in Germany (I suppose it wouldn't be too different from other countries but still). Thanks! ❤️❤️❤️

That goth thing surprises me a lot because i’ve never heard of it but it’s possible? But let’s start with some German stuff. It’s almost midnight here so I’m sorry if this is not as eloquent as it could be. 

Soccer Football: YES. It’s big here, mostly because it’s actually something we’re successful in. I’d say it’s on the same level as American football is in the US? We have the Bundesliga with several teams competing internationally, and of course the national team who are the current world champions. The world cup is also the only appropriate time ever to have German flags at your home or literally anywhere else. You can collect little stickers of the national team, and we have “public viewings” in the streets and in restaurants where people meet up just to watch the game together on the big screen. We had those in the auditorium of our high school! Everyone met up at school and watched the game together, it was awesome. Things like the Fanmeile in Berlin are good examples of football culture. 

Food: You have no idea how tired I am of people thinking we only eat sausages and sauerkraut or some shit. The last time i’ve eaten a sausage was like 7 years ago, and i only know two people who actually like sauerkraut (me included, but I’m an exception i think). You CAN eat sausages, but I wouldn’t say we eat them drastically more than other people?? We eat pizza and pasta and rice and all other things just like anyone else. You can of course eat traditional  “Hausmannskost”if you want, but only my grandma still makes that on a regular basis. There’s a book called “German Cooking Today” which can give you an insight into that if you want. I actually think there are way more “traditional” pastries than meals that are actually frequently consumed by Germans - Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, Pfannkuchen, Bienenstich, Donauwelle.. That’s my subjective impression though, it might not actually be like that everywhere.

Education system: Every single one of the 16 states has its own education system, and it makes me want to cry on a regular basis when i try to revise for my education exams. You either go to school with 5 or 6 years, you have primary school for 4 or 6 years, then either 6 or 7 years of secondary school (or if you only had 4 years of primary, 8 or 9 years), there are two or three or four or more kinds of different secondary schools all with different exams, you can leave school after grade 10 or grade 12 or grade 13 (if you have a grade 13), and depending on which school you went to you can go to uni or not. And if you can, you still have to have the right grades for it (at least no one cares about extracurriculars here). But everything’s free, so I’m not complaining too much. Personally, I went to school with 6, had 6 years of primary, 6 years of secondary, finished with the Abitur and went straight to uni. The biggest difference to the US, in my opinion, is that there’s no real “school culture” - no dress code, hardly anyone has uniforms, no real teams or mottos or school colours or whatever. We just go there at 8, have some lessons, and are back at 3 or 4pm (mostly - earlier if you’re younger). Also, I have never participated in extracurricular school activities ever except from 6 miserable month in our choir, because no one gives a shit at school what you’re doing in your free time, and universities don’t care because stuff like that is not included in the applications. We also don’t have things like debate club or marching bands (though that’s a wild concept imo), we have choirs and if you’re lucky an orchestra. Extracurriculars are mostly for younger kids who need to be entertained after school hours - apart from choir and orchestra out of sheer loyalty, none of my classmates participated in any extracurricular activity after grade 9. It might be different in other schools or states though? (Also, basically everyone goes to public schools and there’s absolutely no stigma around them in general, just against very specific schools that might have a bad rep.) Also, everyone learns two foreign languages in school (not always with the greatest success, but there should be no one who hasn’t at least had five years of English classes). 

What life is like: Pretty good I’d say. 

  • We recycle a lot. I constantly explain to exchange students at my uni what the colours of the bins mean, haha. (Blue is paper, grey is general, yellow is plastic, plus three different glass containers for green, white, and brown glass.) 
  • We also get 25 cents for each plastic bottle we return to the store, and it’s become kind of a second national sport to collect them. 
  • We complain about our trains and that they’re always late, but I think in comparison to other countries they’re extremely punctual most of the time and we just have high standards. 
  • I was very taken aback when I found out that so many people hate sparkling water. I mostly drink still water, but sparkling water is amazing. If you order water here, you’ll get sparkling water, so be prepared. 
  • It is probably true that Germany drink more beer than others, but you can’t ask me because I don’t drink any. 
  • Don’t open the following discourses: Nutella, Pfannkuchen, Viertel/Dreiviertel
  • We have elections this September! I don’t think the results are gonna be very life-changing but I’m still excited because it’ll be my first nationwide election that I’m able to vote in. If you want to know more about elections, tell me, but I don’t want this post to get too long. 

This is quite a random assortment of facts or statements haha but I hope it was what you were looking for? Again, I’m really tired right now so I might edit this tomorrow and rephrase some of the more blunt statements haha but I hope this helped! 

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How would Daichi, Sugawara, Asahi, Tsukishima, Oikawa, Kuroo, and Kenma comfort their partner after having a nightmare about them leaving (breaking up with them/going somewhere far away)? **p.s this blog is the best thing to see on my dash! keep up the good work!!!**

(Oh my, thank you so much for your nice words, dear anon. We hope you will continue enjoying our posts. Btw, extreme fluff alert!)

Upon seeing his significant other so distressed, Sawamura would immediately pull them into a hug and gently stroke their back, letting them hold onto him as long as they needed. When they told him about their nightmare, he would tighten the hug, placing his head in the crook of their neck and stay in this position until their shaking would subside. He would then pull away just enough so he could catch their gaze. His eyes locked firmly with theirs, he would, in a serious voice, tell them: “I need you to listen to me very closely now. This was just a nightmare. Nothing else. I’m here. And I’ll stay here, right by your side. I have no intention of leaving you. I love you. And I will say it as often as you need to hear it, and I will hold you as long as you need me to.

Sugawara would listen attentively to his significant other as they told him about their nightmare, giving their hands a reassuring squeeze whenever they choked up and needed a moment to compose themselves again, while concern shimmered in his eyes. He would be truly overwhelmed they cared so much about him that a nightmare of him leaving had put them into such an agitated state. When the last words had faded away and the only sound left was the ticking of the clock on the wall, he would pull them into his lap, the tips of their noses so close they almost touched. He’d wipe away their tears with his thumbs, before picking up a blanket and wrapping it around both of their bodies. He’d press a soft kiss to their forehead, and then look them in the eye, while a soft smile would grace his face. “I know this nightmare really upset you, but it was just that: a nightmare. I love you, and I will not leave your side. You are so precious to me, I can’t even imagine life without you by my side, so forget about that terrible dream and show me one of your beautiful smiles instead.

Asahi would be completely unable to cope with seeing the person he loved in such a state. He’d hold their shaking hands in his, which were trembling just as much, before placing them on their shoulders, cupping their face, and going back to entwining their fingers, while he listened to them telling him what they had dreamt. It would pain him greatly to know he was the cause for their agitation, even if not directly, and his face would be like an open book, his emotions clear for them to read in his expression. Yet, when they had finished, he would surprise himself when the words that left his mouth sounded nothing but firm, almost forceful: “Something like that won’t happen. You mean so much to me, there is no way I would leave you just like that. Ever.

The fact that Tsukishima’s significant other would get so worked up over a nightmare when he was right here, beside them, would make him let out a little, irritated sigh. It wasn’t that he’d be mad at them, or think they were overreacting – he knew how real certain dreams could feel – but the fact that even his strong arms around them didn’t really help to cease their trembling would make him feel somewhat helpless. And he didn’t like that feeling. Not one bit. So he’d pull back slightly and press his lips on theirs, almost a bit too fervently, to take their mind off the nightmare and bring them back to the here and now. With him. When he could finally, slowly, feel them relax, he’d break the kiss just long enough to murmur against their lips: “This is better. Stop worrying about bad dreams and focus on only me. The real me.

It would break Oikawa’s heart to see his significant other so distressed, and even more so when he would find out the tears were running down their face, because they had had a nightmare of him leaving. He’d pull them close to his side, kiss their damp cheeks and leave a salty taste on their lips, when he pressed one kiss after the other on them, in the attempt to calm them down. He’d run one of his hands through their hair, while he’d hold their waist with the other. When he felt they had overcome their initial shock after waking up from such a horrible dream and slowly regained control over their senses, he would softly whisper: “See, I’m here. You can feel me, can’t you? It was nothing but a nightmare, but this here is real.

Kuroo’s significant other might be a bit apprehensive to tell him about their nightmare at first, even as he would keep asking what was wrong while he was grabbing their shoulders and looking at them with sincere concern palpable on his face. They’d be afraid he might laugh it off with his often so easygoing manner and tell them they were overreacting. But since the uneasy feeling just wouldn’t go away, and their body kept trembling while it became harder every minute to hold back the tears threatening to spill over, they would eventually tell their alarmed boyfriend what it was that had made them feel so distressed. Immediately, they would realize how wrong they had been about him, as he wouldn’t scold them at all for taking the nightmare to heart, but he’d actually be really understanding. He would plant little kisses on their face as he held them in his arms, stroking their hair and back, and when they finally relaxed under his touches, he’d say: “You don’t need to worry, there’s no way in hell I’d ever let you be my one who got away.

Kenma would be at a loss of how to deal with this situation appropriately, the thought of ever having to tell his partner he wouldn’t be leaving them never even having crossed his mind. He’d shift around nervously, his eyes only occasionally finding theirs, and he’d chew on his bottom lip so hard, he’d surely have sore lips the next day. However, he’d understand he would have to do something, anything, to take away their fears, and so he’d open his arms a bit awkwardly, letting his significant other fall into them. The hug would be a bit stiff, but his partner wouldn’t mind, as the fact he tentatively wrapped his arms around their back would already be quite bold for Kenma. In a quiet voice, he would eventually say: “It’s alright now, isn’t it?

~ Bekki

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If Emma’s short remarks and snapping tone the past week are anything to go by, she’s definitely still bitter about the way Jones just…pulled rank like that during their little tiff — like the fact that him being a Blackpool finalist meant that he even could! He had some nerve, that man, acting like he was allowed to make decisions for them without so much as consulting her about it. They were supposed to be a team for crying out loud, but right now they didn’t feel like much of anything other than at odds with each other.

It’s normal she knows, particularly for brand new partnerships, to be a little rough around the edges at the start. Like any relationship, there’s a period of growing pains, of time you spend getting to know each other, discovering the ins and outs of one another, understanding the other’s little personality quirks and the like. It’s work; you have to put the time and energy in, and it’s rarely ever easy — on the dance floor or off.

But that doesn’t mean she has to like it — the process is tiresome and aggravating no matter how necessary. She still shows up everyday though, still does their morning workouts and their rigorous practice sessions — rolling her eyes while he continues to drill her on technique and a number of other things, giving him snarky replies (however childish it may be) whenever he irritates her (he particularly hates 'aye-aye, Captain!’ followed by her mocking little salute), and smiling sarcastically back at him whether he’s giving her exasperated looks or completely amused ones.

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In the extremely unusual occasion that a run in with the FAHC results in an arrest rather than an all out firefight an argument could be made that the members of LSPD are even more displeased than the criminals themselves. It’s not just that many feel the crew members don’t even deserve the luxury of an arrest, think the world would be a better place if they were shot on sight, but also the fact that the interrogations themselves never go to plan. The possibility of being the one who brings about the downfall of the FAHC sours in the face of the intangible feeling that the arrest was intentional, that getting one of the Fakes into an interrogation room is still somehow playing into their plans.

Neither Pattillo nor the elusive Brownman have ever made it to the station, the few occasions which have come close getting cut short before they get any further than the squad car. Pattillo is unerringly polite even while effortlessly knocking out arresting officers, while Brownman is utterly relaxed, putting up no resistance and complaining loudly about losing the chance to sleep away the afternoon in custody when his crewmates drag him free. Dooley, on the other hand, seems to turn up at the station with alarming regularity; the FAHC’s newest member wandering in for anything from paying off minor traffic tickets to reporting petty crime. Its infuriating, the man exuding nothing but appropriate respect and utter sincerity, and without any evidence, without anything but street knowledge of his involvement, they can do nothing but treat him like a regular citizen.

When Ramsey is brought in he is calm, judgemental and obnoxiously sure of himself. He proclaims his innocence, his ignorance, his life as a simple businessman with just enough of a smirk to make it clear he is laughing at them, never once even hinting at anything incriminating. Interrogating the man is always a race against the clock; through bail or legal intervention he’s out of their hands almost as soon as they get him. Once, and only once, a detective tried to go the unethical threatening route, claimed other members of the crew were in unrecorded rooms having one-on-one sessions of their own, that if Ramsey cared about them at all he would just confess and save them all the trouble. It was months before they got all the blood off the walls, and the mysterious failure of every camera in the interview room had the station caught up in internal investigations while Ramsey walked away scott free.

Where interviewing Ramsey is always too short to be satisfying, no detective can be done with Jones fast enough. At first the fact that he doesn’t shut up seems like gift, his rages an easy way to trip him up, trick him into revealing information, but its not. Jones will curse you out, run his mouth about the precinct, the cheif, your mother, his own mother, and the competence levels of his crew but he never says anything of use. Even when they wise up to his methods, realise he is waiting out his time as efficiently as Ramsey in his own way, there is still no directing him; his rants and rages as genuine as they are frustrating.

The observant would note that the vagabond was never once arrested before the force gets a photo of his face, fuzzy and still obscured by face-paint but finally mask-free. When he is brought in, silent and looming but disturbingly amiable, the first thing they take is his mask. Then promptly wish they could put it back on, piercing blue eyes amused and unconcerned as the Vagabond’s smirk only twists his face-paint into more grotesque obscurity. Despite staying utterly silent, being securely chained the the table and making no aggressive moves three separate detectives leave his interrogation room in a near panic, two more refusing to even enter in the first place. Mask or no mask there is no lawyer alive who could argue for the Vagabond’s freedom, but a convenient explosion grants enough distraction for the empty cuffs to be left neatly on the table, a box full of contraband disappearing alongside the familiar black skull.

Interviewing Free feels a lot like signing up to the crew’s personal watch list. He doesn’t have the presence or deniability of Ramsey, doesn’t rage like Jones or ooze threat like the Vagabond. Instead Free is all smiles and winks and cheeky flirtation, derailing the interrogation to ask questions of his own, from opinions on sea monkeys to the statistical likelihood of extra-terrestrial life. For those detectives who play along he will answer questions in turn, talking fondly about the most dangerous criminals in the city, never actually helpful but close enough that it almost feels like a victory. For those who don’t, the detective’s who’s interrogations are aggressive and underpinned by something nastier, Free’s demeanour doesn’t change, but his careless questions do. He asks about their money problems, their monthly AA meetings, the not-always-figurative skeletons in their closets. He’ll ask, still smiling despite the rising tension, about each of their family members by name.

Cultural Appropriation

I saw that not only are people saying you can’t practice Kabbalah, but you can’t say Karma or Chakras because it’s not “culturally appropriate.”

Well shame on everyone who says Coca-Cola who isn’t American. Your going to have to call it sweet brown drink or something.