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Manuel Neuer | UEFA Champions League | Bayern München x Real Madrid | 12.04.2017

And for once, it might be grand
to have someone understand…


Hi, guys! Thank you so much for being super amazing about sending in your amazing requests and the really nice messages you all have left me. I will be going through them soon and will be writing them in a random order so don’t worry if you have yet to see your request being posted! I will post them eventually so check this POST out and send those requests in!

Okay, this is actually supposed to be something short but I don’t know why it’s over 2k words (it sounded and looked so much better in my head/imagination). So I’ve put the rest under the keep reading line. Thank you so much for sending in your prompt and honestly, I hope I did it justice. Enjoy!

PS: This is the only imagine that is queued, mostly because it is already super late on my side of the world so I will try to get some more done tomorrow morning and post them accordingly.


Being close friends with Peter entitles you to a lot of things – like knowing his well-kept secret: The Spider-man. Being his close friend also entitles you to sweeping in to save Peter when he bails on his lovely Aunt May when he gets called to go for a brief mission.

“You owe me big time.” You tell Peter as you park outside of his apartment. You turn the ignition off and unbuckle your seatbelt before getting out of the car. “Do you think you will be long?” You ask him, locking your car and heading towards the apartment building. Peter tells you that he does not think he would be long – maybe a good thirty minutes to an hour. “Alright, see you later, Peter; stay safe.” You remind him and Peter chuckles before you hang up the call.

Once you reach the seventh floor, you head over to their apartment room and just as you are about to knock on the door, the door opens and you step back when May steps out with a big smile on her face. “Hi, Y/N.” She presses her lips against your cheek and you give her a brief hug. “How are you?”

You smile at her. May is such a lovely person so much so, sometimes you want to smack Peter for almost always bailing on spending time with May. “I am feeling fine – a little bit swamped with assignments and the likes but nothing I can’t handle.” You inform her as May locks the door and the both of you begin to head towards the elevator, heading straight to the ground floor and in to your car.

“I am so thankful you can help me out – my car is still in the workshop.” May buckles her seatbelt once the two of you get in to your car and you shake your head. It’s not like you minded at all – coincidentally, there are a few things you need to grab too. “So how are Peter and you?” May winks at you and you resist the urge to roll your eyes as you begin to drive towards the nearest supermarket – which happens to be a good twenty-minute drive from the apartment.

You laugh sheepishly. “There is nothing going on between Peter and I, May.” You glance at her from the corner of your eyes. You have no idea why May think there is something going on between the two of you – you have always been Peter’s close friend and you probably will always be; you don’t even think you have seen him in that light.

May looks a little bit skeptical with your answer but she nods her head, a knowing smile on her face. May has lived long enough to recognize the looks the two of you would give each whenever you think the other is not watching. Sometimes May would want to just make the two of you have a sit down and talk about feelings but trying to push the two of you together would probably result in something completely different. So she simply minds her own business - only occasionally sticking her nose in this particular area of the business.

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Five Little Words

Characters: Y/N (reader), Jensen Ackles, Natalia (OFC)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Power outage, bad weather (no one is in danger but it sounds scary), mention of crappy ex, mention of abandonment, Jensen singing (and hell yes that is a warning!).      

Word Count: 3100ish

A/N: This is a three in one ;) I hope I won’t dissappoint anyone. A while ago I did this tumblr game thing where I let people send me a “I wish you would write a fic where…” I told a few people I would do theirs. @chaos-and-the-calm67 said this:

I wish you would write a fic where Jensen and the Reader get stuck in a room when the lights go out (place of your choosing) so they sit in the dark and get to talkin’ and when the lights come back, Jensen asks the Reader out :)

I changed it a little Bev, but I hope you still like it.

This is my entry for @buckysmetallicstump‘s Disney Quote Challenge where my prompt was “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” — Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh as well as my entry for @iwriteaboutdean 200 follower challenge where my prompt was “Kiss Me” - Sixpence None the Richer.

Song also used Return to Pooh Corner by Kenny Loggins.

Thanks to amazingly talented @blacktithe7 for betaing this one for me.

No hate towards Danneel intended. Her and Jensen are my otp. This is just fiction. Also no mention of Supernatural in this one so I guess if you prefer to see it as an AU it could be that.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

The storm was raging outside. It seemed to have hit the town out of nowhere. You hated that you had to go out in this weather, but your washing machine was broken. It was your turn to wash your daughter’s softball mini league uniforms, and she needed them tomorrow. So you didn’t have a choice. You sighed as you watched the darkness outside the glass doors  that were almost quivering in the wind. You quietly folded the uniforms as you dreaded having to head home in the storm. Luckily your little girl didn’t pay much attention, she had never been to fond of lightning storms, but she seemed to slowly be growing out of her fear of them. She was too busy playing with her favourite toy, her Winnie the Pooh teddy.

Natalie made you so proud. She was a tomboy who played softball and soccer, and still she was one of the most artistic and imaginative kids in her class. She made up stories and loved drawing little pictures to go with them. She was a special little girl and the light of your life.

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imjustlo  asked:

Hey mom! Can you talk a bit about "protester's guilt" if that's what it's called? Like, I really care about net neutrality and know they need all the help they can get, but I do not have the energy for volunteer work, and I feel awful about it, like if net neutrality dies, it's gonna be my fault specifically. I know it's silly, but I think a lot of people have issues similar to this?

I know what you are meaning but I can’t remember the exact term for it, but I think what you mean is activist exhaustion. It’s happening to quite a few people right now, especially this year, and little wonder considering all that is going on. 

It sometimes feels like everything is a fight at the moment, which is why it’s important to stay active and woke, but to also take time for yourself and just try to shut your brain off for a while. Like I’m doing right now by watching reality tv and zoning out cause otherwise I’ll just start screaming at the thought of all the things I have to do tomorrow so instead I’m sitting here watching a bunch of idiots freeze their asses off in the middle of nowhere Canada dressed as pioneer settlers.

I often hear the word “slacktavist” thrown around the describe people who share things on social media outlets, but honestly I hate that term. Not everyone has the mental or physical capacity to volunteer and be boots on the ground when it comes to activism. 

And that’s okay. 

A lot of posts going round demanding people do XYZ to save the country/world or they are Bad People, tend to be incredibly ableist and neurotypical in their expectation and wording. Not all of us can do these things, not all of us are able to be physically present at rallies or give up time and energy for hours on end, either due to physical limitations or otherwise. But what they can do that day is reblog something or share something on facebook or retweet it and perhaps spread a message a little farther than it might haven gotten without them. And sometimes maybe you don’t want to reblog that post, sometimes the wording on it is guilt tripping, or maybe right there in that moment you don’t have the mental capacity to deal with making sure the post is a) accurate b) informative and c) offers valid resources.

The amount of stuff I get tagged in on a daily basis to signal boost? I spend time researching them before boosting them, and about a third of them turn out to be misinformed or just downright fake. Now I could just blindly reblog them and hope for the best, but honestly, that’s just one way to further stoke the fear, panic and feeling of being overwhelmed that so many people are feeling right now. So I take my time and try to vet things. Some days I don’t have the energy for that, and those are the days when you’ll see no signal boosting from me, but several fandom ramblings in quick succession. Because I am taking that day to self care and ensure that when the time comes, I’m not completely worn out and worthless for the big fights.

You need to do what you can do. Sometimes you will do more than you thought you ever could and you will be part of what saves the world. 

Sometimes you’re gonna watch that same cat gif on a loop for five hours. The two things are not mutually exclusive.

Pace yourself and accept your limitations do not make you a bad person, they merely mean you are involved in other ways that enable you to take part.

|| you belong with me ||

[[request prompt: so, i thought maybe the reader is friends with peter, ned, and michelle, but is also the daughter of tony stark. she is jealous of peter’s feelings for liz because she is in love with him. homecoming arrives and peter goes with liz, and the reader is invited by flash. during the dance, the reader tries to have fun with flash and michelle, her best friend, but can’t when she sees peter dancing with liz. she leaves in the middle of the dance to get some fresh air, but she gets kidnapped when the vulture suddenly appears.

in the end, spider-man saves her and the reader accidentally confesses her feelings for him. if possible, can you finish it with kisses? Please, I know my request is a little long]]

a kind reader sent in this request during drabbleday week, but it was too long to condense it to a mere 500 words drabble. instead, i chose to make a full one shot out of this so lol drabbleday will continue tomorrow. for today, this story will be the only one that’s posted.

also, in order to include more diverse fem!readers, i’m going to make the reader character Tony’s ADOPTED daughter.

tags [permanent + peter parker]: @ghostedwolf , @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53 , @wannabe-weasley , @mcusebstan , @tmrhollandkay , @pepcvina , @nekonerdxox , @lokigirl18 , @fangeekkk , @kylielo22 , @wavy-ley , @lghockey , @buckysendoftheline , @1022bridgetp , @potterjamesharry

warnings: none

**please don’t repost/plagiarize this story. reblogs are fine**


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Warm Lights

Finally Tumblr let’s me upload this! 

Sorry I haven’t post much CS/OUAT fanart of late, but to be perfectly honest I had no inspiration. Let’s consider this a warm up, it’s not perfect but it helped me to get in the right mindset for future fanarts.

I might go on uploading the simpler sketches from now on, unless we get some scene that demands to be drawn, when I feel the need to step away from my sewing machine.

I’ll graduate on April 3rd, and I still have a lot of work to do… So, I’ll save the more complicated fanarts for really important scenes, maybe I’ll mak esomething new for tomorrow since it’s my birthday, but we’ll see.


- Connecting It All -

Okay so I’ve realized that the videos can actually connect to some parts of a theory I wrote when BS&T jpn version came out (pictured below)

  Jin jumps timelines trying to “go back to that time” like his posters say because he wants to save the others. He’s like their guardian angel in that way. But something always happens. Either he dies in the timeline (INU jpn vers) to save the others or the others die (jk car accident/tae suicide/hobi overdose). Either way nothing can go back to normal. 

Jin is meant to fix everything. So when he fails, the timeline collapses and he has to start over again. Him changing shirts shows the different times/ways he’s tried to save them. The one time he made a selfish act and decided to see the girl w the notebook instead of work on finding the boys not only does he see her get hit but it reminds him of Jungkook’s accident which he at one point in the timeline feels he has caused, so he is brutally reminded of his role and starts the timeline over again. It also happens in the very beginning of the story rather than the end. 

 The train crossing represents the passage between the realm of the living(earth/reality) and the spirit realm (like from Demian).

 The girl serves as a reminder for Jin. The notebook was his. She was already dead from the car crash in the beginning, heading toward purgatory. Dropping Jin’s notebook was meant to make Jin realize he can’t run away from the past and leave things broken. Everything will just start over again. 

Jungkook has amnesia and in the Begin short film we can see the inside of his mind. As it wears off he starts drawing both in the timeline (2nd teaser) and in his mind (painting and drawing). He’s remembering someone (Yoongi). 

Grabbing that girls hand shows him grasping his memories. The girl, his memories, trigger his flashbacks with Yoongi by making him pay attention to the song Yoongi’s girl was playing. When he finally has those flashbacks the girl is no longer needed to remind him of his memories. He recovers mentally and physically. Like the child of Omelas, his surroundings are bright and peaceful but he himself is left in the dark, his mind like the basement the child was trapped in. 

While Jungkook tries to hold onto his memories Yoongi tries to get away. He’s always rejecting help (RUN mv & teaser 3) but even after Jungkook gets hurt and he blames himself, he’s still trying to shake off the memories like he does as he’s walking around the streets drunk (he has turned to self destructive tendencies) trying to get the girl, his memories and reminder of Jungkook, to go away. He prefers not knowing, (ignorance is bliss) thinking it’s easier than getting involved or attached which is why we see him covering Jimin’s eyes (he originally was suppose to cover Jin’s in BS&T too) because things are better left alone than pondered on. Because of his actions, Jungkook was hurt so now he hopes his inaction protects himself and the others. He feels as tho he is the white lighter in their live and he brings misfortune as he is seen with a white lighter in INU and the teaser videos (the myth of the white lighter is that it brings death and misfortune to artists). “Don’t come near me, you’ll only be hurt" 

The issue with Jimin is that Jimin is thinking ‘i want to BE her’ rather than ‘i want to be WITH her’ (there’s been a lot of misunderstandings here) the camera recording is important, think back to Lie short film. He makes the girl as his best possible self, the one who can help Hobi, so he tries to be like her by ‘watching’ her closely/recording her as she’s with Hobi, he’s actually studying the things that make him happy. However what he misses is that she remains close to hobi and by his side while Jimin stays distant cause he still thinks he’ll hurt Hobi somehow “I lied because there is no reason to love someone like me” he’s creating a persona of this girl who can be Hobi’s missing mother/sister figure because he doesn’t believe the person who he is now is capable of loving/being loved, taking care of hoseok, etc basically- his camera in the highlight reel is him taking snapshots of what he should be like, while the one in lie is capturing what he’s actually like- just sitting there fighting w himself. 

When they collapse it’s because Jimin’s mentality and self confidence is breaking down. They’re two sides of the same person. When he scrubs the blood off of him he his trying the remove the remains of his facade. Hoseok tries to save Jimin. He’s carrying the girl because this persona of him is who he knows. The stripped down figure of Jimin is him watching as he dies. Perhaps Jimin is always wet because it’s how he tried to kill himself and cause he was soaked while Hobi tried to carry him to save him. 

Hoseok truly embodies the angel thing. Even his quote is selfless “as long as you shine, I’m okay”. In the MAMA short film we see that he has Munchausen Syndrome, caused by emotional childhood trauma. This disorder has no physical affect but the patient will feign symptoms in order to receive sympathy and attention. They are treated with a placebo, but rather than a sugar pill, Jimin was his placebo. Jimin’s nurturing persona acted as the placebo he needed to fill the void his mother left in his life. Without Jimin, he turns to other placebos like a sugar pill (pure white/INU) or even actual drugs (MAMA/BS&T jpn).

Namjoon is just watching. His failure to save Tae in the past leads to him being too hesitant to take any action. It’s possible that the girl is Tae’s sister from stigma/inu. He can’t be there for Tae in other ways but watching out for the girl. He sees her as what he should be but since he can’t take that action he’ll watch over the one who does. He even leaves the girl a hair tie when he sees she used a rubber band. The girl is someone he admires, she’s an activist, just as he once was admired by Tae. He can become someone better, but he can’t act right now because “it’s not the right time”. She is a reflection (wink wink) of who he wants to be.

Tae on the other hand was the follower then, but now has a follower of his own. The girl serves as a reminder of him and namjoon. He takes action by protecting the girl and stepping out in front of the police. In a way, he’s repenting for his past by not letting her fall onto his path. He finally takes responsibility. Rather than following after Namjoon or being protected he starts fending for himself. “Won’t Trust Can’t Trust Don’t Trust”.

 After feeling betrayed by Namjoon and the phone call that was never answered he cuts everyone off (chucking his phone) and he goes by “won’t trust can’t trust” and for a while he lets the girl follow him, or more so drags her with him, as if she is a reminder of what he’s done and what’s he believed in. But then he finally lets go and faces reality and consequence.


  • The time traveling would explain the double Jungkook’s in Spring Day and Jimin’s in BS&T jpn videos. The timelines could have morphed. Based on “Through the Looking Glass” everything follows the butterfly effect and the slightest change could disrupt everything 
  • Jin catching the flowers before they fell could be an action that, following the Butterfly Effect, could have changed everything. 
  • A freight train refers to hauling around burdens and problems; each of the boys had a different situation that weighed on their minds.  
  • The girls all put weight on their consciences. Notice how Hoseok is the only one who can’t let go. Tae takes responsibility for his actions, Namjoon learns to better himself, Jimin stops his facade, Jin accepts his role, Jungkook finally remembers his past, an Yoongi drowns his sorrows and memories in alternative methods. Hoseok however cannot bring himself to let go of whatever filled that void in his life.  

At the end of everything Jin catches the flowers, showing that no matter how many times he has to go through with this he’ll try every time. There are times when he wanted to give up, like when he set the flower petals on the floor in INU after he failed the timeline, but he can’t give up on his friends. He’s their guardian and he will save them. 

The story of Love Yourself is one of forgiveness, acceptance, and change. Forgiving others, and forgiving ourselves. Acceptance, and divergence. Changing ourselves for the better, and for a brighter tomorrow. It is a long passage, burdened with those reminders and memories on your conscience but you can set off the little things that will make a big difference.

From Amy, With Love (pt. 7)

(So… I didn’t intend to post anything else tonight, but I just wrote this and… I have to. I literally do not have enough self control to wait and post it tomorrow morning, so HERE WE GO)

“They brought Wilford back.” Host gnaws on his bottom lip and leans his forehead against the cell door.

Dark takes a deep breath and sighs. “And you returned Mark’s memories, saving the day. Come now, Host. You should feel good about yourself. After all, you did the right thing.”

Host tastes blood and keeps biting harder until, “I didn’t do it.”

“Come again?” Dark leans forward, relishing this moment.

“I didn’t give his memories back!” The Host turns away from Dark and feels his shoulders hunch forward in shame. He can’t believe what he’s done. He lied to Amy, right to her face. He made her cry. She was heartbroken.

It’s like he wasn’t even controlling what he was saying…

Dark leans back again, puffing out his chest and smiling. “Oh, Host, Host, Host. What have you done?”

The Host flinches. Those were the same words Dark had begun with when he’d tortured him for information about Amy, for going against Dark’s explicit orders not to befriend her. The Host had disobeyed Dark, and he’d known it. Amy made him feel special and loved, and it had blinded him.

“I don’t know what to do, Dark,” Host whimpers, clutching the cell’s bars like he’s holding onto a lifeline.

The other Ego’s gray aura reaches out for Host. “You know what you have to do. You just need to let me in…”

“No!” Host shakes off the aura and sneers. “I can go back. I can tell Amy I was wrong, that I can switch the memories back!”

Dark chuckles. “And then she’ll know you lied to her. You’ll break her trust, Host, and then she’ll leave you just the same.” Dark clicks his tongue a few times. “You’re going to need a better plan than that.”

Host feels himself begin to panic. He can’t keep his thoughts straight anymore. He shouldn’t be here, shouldn’t be listening to Dark and his pretty words. They’re messing with his mind. “I-I could make you do it.”

Dark nods like he’s listening to the foolish plans of a child, “You could, but then you’d lose everything. You’d lose Amy and your newfound control over the others…”

“I-I don’t control them,” Host argues weakly.

“Who convinced them to work together to bring Wilford back? Who gained their trust and their loyalty with one glittering speech about sticking together and the power of friendship,” Dark teases. “That was you, Host. They’re willing to follow your ever word now. How does that feel? How does it feel to have that power again? It’s been quite a long time…” Dark tries once more, reaching out with his aura for the Host’s trembling frame.

“H-how do you know about that?” Host wracks his mind. Dark couldn’t have known about the meeting, but who would’ve told him?

“Just let me in again, Host. Let me help you, and I can give you everything you want,” Dark practically sings to him.

Host’s breath catches in his throat. “N-no,” but his confidence is wavering.

“You can’t do it alone,” Dark croons. “You need me.” The gray aura wraps around Host like a boa constrictor encircling its prey.


The Host gasps, turning around to find Bim Trimmer standing just outside the elevator. He hadn’t heard him come in. The Host straightens his trench coat self-consciously and smiles. “What is it, Bim?”

Bim takes a nervous step forward. “I-um… What are you doing down here?”

Host folds his hands together behind his back carefully. “That’s not important. What are you doing down here, Bim?”

Bim seems to suddenly remember his purpose, and he rushes forward. “Host, I’ve been practicing my mind-bending abilities lately, really working hard at it, and I think that maybe I could try to give Mark his memories back!” He looks so excited, so eager. This could be the answer, Host thinks.

No, the voice isn’t real. It’s in Host’s head, echoing and ringing and laughing all at once. No, Host. Tell him he can’t. He isn’t powerful enough yet.

“No,” Host hears himself saying, “you aren’t powerful enough yet, Bim.” Tell him that he just has to trust you. That you know what’s best. Tell him… cooperation is key.

I recieved another creepy/stalker anon saying where i live

Tomorrow i’m going to start saving my Finding Marley screenshots and documenting any other posts I think are important and shouldn’t be lost, eg. my masterposts and guides. I’m not making any rash decisions right now but honestly, I’ve just had enough of this night

OMG - I just saw that we’re going to get even more coverage on The Last Jedi from Vanity Fair tomorrow. We are super blessed. I take back my every usage of the #vanityunfair tag. Vanity Fair is here to save us from the painful spoiler drought:

Quick programming note from VF: We’ll begin posting web extras tomorrow at 6 AM EST, and continue pretty much on the hour for a good number of hours. Enjoy!


Lent 2017

Today is the first day of Lent and I’ve been racking my brain as to what to commit to. In the past I’ve given up pop, cheese,  the scale, and decluttered like a ninja (woot!) to name a few, and have always enjoyed the tradition of this time of year. 

But for the past few days I’ve been thinking a lot about what to give up, or what habit to change, and I really can’t think of anything.  So much so, I almost feel like this is a sign I’m very content in life… maybe?  

I am fully onboard (perhaps even driving) the calorie counting bus; tomorrow marks one month of doing it practically perfectly (we’re talking measuring everything and writing everything down; even the oil spray on my roasted veggies!  And with this new initiative of mine, I’ve also cut out all pop/juice and just drink water… and coffee, because I’m not that nutty. 

I’ve been going to CrossFit consistently at least four times a week, and pushing myself like whoa.  (I haven’t lost any weight from my calorie-counting-crossfit commitment, which is awfully frustrating, but I’ll save that for another post). 

I’ve also been: getting at least eight hours of sleep a night, reading a ton, not shopping too much (I added “too much” because I am shopping a bit, but I’m saving so much money being in Detroit, and have my finances in control that I don’t feel like it’s a bad thing).  

I don’t go on social media that much anymore (last week I went at least three days completely forgetting about Facebook!) and hardly even watch TV in the evenings (although I did have one Saturday where I watched 3,002 Say Yes to the Dress Episodes).  I’ve been trying new recipes. And, as I noted in a post earlier this year, my apartment/life is so decluttered that I couldn’t do the decluttering trend right now, as I’ve already done it. 

I’m definitely not saying life is all sunshine and sparkles, but I do feel like this year I have my sh*t together, and there’s no gaping area or annoying habit that I’m dwelling on.  Even my obsession / fascination / infatuation with cheese has been subdued… I KNOW. Whoa.  


as I type this post I know there’s one area I could change. I don’t even want to admit it, but I’d be lying if I didn’t; dating. I am such a bad online dater. I am terrible and lazy and awful at responding to messages, and I never ever ever ever put myself out there, because LOL, rejection sucks. 

I wrote earlier this year that a goal of mine was to either fall in love or get heart broken in 2017, and I have taken approximately no steps towards this goal, which means perhaps I should focus on that for Lent? Maybe? Yes? Is that a weird one?  

I would not say I’m lonely, but I am alone a lot, and although I am living in a different country from my home, so I have no idea what my actual game plan would be if I did start dating a lot, it would still be nice to have company.  And, it is something I think about a lot (like how last Saturday I went to a birthday and was the 7th wheel. Cool. Cool.)   It would also be nice to explore Detroit with someone, and have someone to watch Netflix with / do nothing with. Someone to share my wins with (as I had a win today at work, and realized there’s nobody to tell it to… ). 

Hmmm, but I don’t know. I don’t know because as I type this I know I’d choose a night alone on my couch 302 times over  an awkward first date. BUT. But I am getting older and I don’t think love will hit me on my couch reading a book, which means I must actually force myself to get out there, and, well, at least try putting myself out there.

And thus with the conclusion of this post which started out to declare I had nothing to do for Lent, here I am telling you that I will commit to messaging at least one person a day. If he doesn’t write back, so be it, but I at least must try. So 40 days of putting myself out there, hmmm, let’s see how this goes. 

And just like that, 2017′s Lent is established. Thanks for listening! 

More bits from Halfchangeling Jim AU

- after the initial drama of discovering that her son is half troll, Barbara remarks that “this certainly explains some of the things you got a hold of when you were teething.” this leads to her explaining what teething is to the trolls. Blinky is facinated and asks questions, and Barbara breaks out the baby photos. Jim lays face down on the floor and tries to die from embarassment, while, Blinky holds a photo up for comparison and exclaims about how much humans change as they grow.
(possible sensitive point of James Lake Sr being in some of the photos with baby Jim)

- changelings need a human familiar to mimic. Being half changeling and half human, Jim is his own familiar. (somehow)

- Jim’s trollforms eyes are like cats eyes rather than the normal changelings eyes (in the show, changeling pupils seem to be permantly narrowed slits, though this may just be stylistic) it really gives away when something has his attention, or when he’s angry about something. They also glow sometimes, due to specific emotions.

- between his antlers and his different leg shape, Jim is forced to duck through every doorway in his and Toby’s houses while in troll form. He frequently forgets this, and when he does everyone in the house is alerted to his presence by the loud *WHACK* of antlers striking the door frame, followed by Jim’s startled swearing.

- Jim finds running in troll form is so much fun. He’s much faster than he was in human form, and when in troll form, he runs everywhere. He loves jumping too.

- seeing Jim in troll form really drives it home how YOUNG he is to the other trolls. Sometimes, when watching him run around and act like a playful youngster with Toby and Claire, they feel a bit sad that he was more or less dragged into their mess when he’s little more than a kid. They can’t do much about that, the Amulet has already chosen, so they just vow to train him as best they can.

- Between his troll form and the armor, Jim develops an instinctive habit of stepping forward to stand between his friends and any perceived threat to them. He’s also started baring his teeth and growling when he gets mad, even in human form.

- I started typing a bit to describe what went down when Barbara finds out about Jim’s changeling heritage, but it turned into a full blown outline, so I’ve saved it somewhere else and I’m going to elaborate and edit it tomorrow or Monday. I don’t know when I’ll post it, but hopefully it’ll be soon.

summon-daze  asked:

I love Zakk Tommorrow and I'm convinced that one day your're going to post one of 'ParadoxRose69's fics you saved from way back when and the fandom will riot.

Zakk Tomorrow™ is gr8 but tbh ParadoxRose69′s fanfics like, sure they were iconic or whatever and brought material to the ZT fandom, but like they were like suuuuuper overrated and PR69 herself was just kinda a huge nerd and those fics were all just angst imo 

meanwhile I, PhantomRose96–


Pre-CYL Gauntlet Thoughts

The resident gauntlet nut is back and this time I’m gonna go talk about the CYL Gauntlet! I was thinking of posting this tomorrow but then I saw the match-ups and just felt compelled to go ahead and write about it now. Yup, I’m still aboard the CYL hype train. Anyways, let’s go!

It will be divided between Males (Ike, Roy, Hector, Chrom) vs. Females (Lyn, Lucina, Tharja, Camilla). Save for Chrom, this is the first gauntlet for the male contenders. Chrom is also the only 3DS character in the men’s side. Save for Lyn, this is the second time for the female contenders. Lyn is also the only non-3DS character in the women’s side.

Yeah, it’s weird.

Position refers to the character’s placement on the Choose Your Legends Poll (note: this refers to the results for everyone combined. Thus, even though Ike is number 1 for males, he is not listed as number 1 because that goes to Lyn). Prediction is how I think the character will do in the gauntlet. Personal is purely my opinions. 

Note: You should have been doing this anyways, but take my predictions with a grain of salt. Multiplier magic is going to strike hard here because of how popular all these units are (naturally, given that this is literally a gauntlet of the most popular male and female characters at the time of the CYL poll). As I mentioned in my Gauntlet Talk posts, multipliers only really make a difference in armies of relatively close sizes, and given how popular these units are, all the armies aren’t going to be particularly small. Expect a saltmine of blood.


  • Ike
    • Position: 3 (Path of Radiance); 10 (Radiant Dawn)
    • Prediction: DO NOT BE FOOLED BY HIS POSITION NUMBER. That’s kind of weird given how highly ranked he is, but please remember that the CYL poll featured two different versions of Ike: his Path of Radiance self and his Radiant Dawn self. If you combine his votes, he actually outscores Lyn, the number one unit. There’s a reason why people saved orbs specifically for when Ike would be released into the game. Not only was Ike in Smash, Ike is probably the most liked FE protagonist overall. Not to mention, Ike is a top tier unit as is and his CYL version is anti-meta af, so to put it lightly, Ike is popular both as a character and as a unit. It would be crazy to think he wouldn’t make it to the finals.
    • Personal: People have every reason to think Ike is the best chance of being the first male gauntlet winner. People have been waiting for Ike to be in a gauntlet for a long time now to be just that, me included. Is it probably a bad decision feather-wise to join Ike from the get-go? Yes, but I certainly am considering it. 
  • Roy
    • Position: 5
    • Prediction: Roy is our boy, but he’s up against Ike the first round. It’s more or less going to be a slaughter. Roy’s not unpopular, it’s just Ike is that popular. Roy is also not really considered a top-tier character, only really being used for Triangle Adept, but there are people who adore and use him despite that (such as that one YouTuber who does Roy “soloes”).  He’s also popular enough to warrant a CYL version so he’s definitely popular, but…
    • Personal: Honestly, anyone who was going to go up against Ike in the first round is doomed from the get-go. It just happened to be our boy Roy. Honestly, Roy has a soft spot in my heart given that he’s my first 5 star and he’s cosplaying his dad for his CYL version, but Ike though… I’m still considering joining him out of loyalty and affection
  • Hector
    • Position: 6
    • Prediction: Oh man, Hector’s in the gauntlet for the first time ever. Hector is a powerhouse and is one of the best, if not the best, axe unit in the game. He didn’t even lose his position as a top-tier unit after SI! You’d be crazy not to know of Hector if you’ve even touched Heroes (unless you’re new to the game, but trust me, run Arena enough times and you’ll see him quite a few times). Hector is probably going to win his first match, but then he’d most likely have to face Ike next. There’s also the fact that his fans will most likely be divided between him and Lyn, with more going to Lyn.
    • Personal: Hector is definitely one of my top picks for a gauntlet team. He’s just so cool you know? Although to be fair, I don’t know who I’d even vote for, only that I’m going to stick to the male’s side for the entire ride. Hopefully Hector goes up against Ike though, that battle sounds lit af.
  • Chrom
    • Position: 8
    • Prediction: The only returnee on this side of the gauntlet! Chrom is certainly very popular, but if the Princes vs. Princesses Gauntlet is any indication, his fans tend to be split between him and Lucina, with more going to Lucina’s side. Additionally, Chrom isn’t a top-tier unit compared to Hector, although that’s more of swords being such a congested class compared to axes. I don’t think Chrom can go past the first round, especially since he’ll be going up against Hector. After all, 3DS fans (which most of Chrom’s fans tend to be) are most likely going to be in the women’s side, so I don’t think Chrom’s army can overtake Hector’s, who enjoy many veterans’ adoration. 
    • Personal: I feel compelled to join Team Chrom out of pure respect for him from Ephraim vs. Chrom. Ephraim would back his bro, right? But Ike has Ephraim’s VA… Man, for once I have no idea who I want to support.


  • Lyn
    • Position: 1
    • Prediction: Despite Lyn being the only non-3DS character on this side of the gauntlet, do not think for a second that she’s going to be a pushover. Sure her regular counterpart isn’t considered top-tier, her CYL counterpart is already a game breaker on virtue of being a cavalry archer. That, and her status as a lower tier compared to the other swords never really deterred people from wanting her anyways. There’s a reason she got put into a wedding outfit, and there’s a reason why people willingly brave colorless hell for her. She’s up against Lucina for the first match though, so while I don’t quite know who’d win between them (my bet’s on Lyn actually), I think that whoever does win would beat their next opponent.
    • Personal: Lyn vs. Lucina is going to be a bloodbath. Screw every other “Lucina vs. Sharena” type match-up every gauntlet, this battle is going to draw blood and salt. 
  • Lucina
    • Position: 2
    • Prediction: The winner of the first gauntlet makes a comeback! With the CYL versions coming up, Lucina Emblem is a possibility, and it just goes to show how popular Luci is from that alone. All versions of Lucina are rather high tier units, and Luci is lowkey a FE mascot at this point. She got in Smash over her father after all. However, Lucina will certainly not have such an easy time this time around though. She’s up against Lyn first after all.
    • Personal: If you thought the women’s side was a bloodbath during the last few gauntlets, prepare to be utterly wowed for this match. There’s a chance I’m just hyping this up and the match itself won’t be specta- aw, who am I kidding? Whoever loses between these two… man, that’s not going to be a pretty sight at all.
  • Camilla
    • Position: 7
    • Prediction: Camilla may have won the second gauntlet, but she won’t have such an easy time around. For one thing, Camilla isn’t considered a top-tier unit, although Bunny!Camilla is on virtue of being a mage flyer, of which we only have two. For another thing, she got a lot of salt after the second gauntlet (so did Lucina but Lucina’s popularity isn’t going to take a hit anytime soon and I feel like the Lucina salt wasn’t nearly as much as the Camilla salt). She may have a design that appeals to a lot of people, although given that “the FE waifu” is participating in this gauntlet… Yeah, I don’t expect Camilla to go far regardless if she wins her first match against Tharja, if only because her opponent is literally going to be either the most popular FE female or the second most popular FE female.
    • Personal: Camilla might possibly have the smallest army in the women’s side… Not that that’s saying much given that the women’s side is going to be absolutely massive in terms of army sizes this time around. 
  • Tharja
    • Position: 4
    • Prediction: It’s weird how there are so many gauntlet winners on this side of the gauntlet yet the one non-gauntlet winner poses so much of a threat. Tharja’s up against Camilla and she has more popularity than her (she did have a preincarnation or whatever Rhajat is). Tharja is also pretty much the best red tome user. That being said, Tharja also got a lot of salt after winning the Mage Gauntlet, quite a lot of salt really, so she’s not going to be a particularly popular pick this time. However, as I’ve stated multiple times before, this match is essentially a temporary victory before a slaughter as whoever wins between her and Camilla will have to face either Lyn or Lucina.
    • Personal: Oh man, this gauntlet is going to be saltier than the ocean… I’ve already seen posts expressing their distaste should Tharja or Camilla win.


Congratulations, we have what is pretty much the most balanced gauntlet as well as the deadliest. While I can’t predict how multipliers will affect the match-ups, what I do know is that there’s gonna be a lot of salt. The women’s side alone is going to be a terror to behold (although that’s always the case with the women’s side of the gauntlet, but Lyn vs. Lucina straight out of the bat?). It wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume Ike vs. Lyn in the finals though, given that they’re the most popular units on their respective sides of the brackets.

Anyways, thanks for reading this far and I’d love to hear you guys’ thoughts!

A Fish Fic for (not) Friday

It wasn’t until I went to write that title that I realized I should’ve saved this fic back till tomorrow, but it’s already posted and I am not a patient woman anyway. Oh well! Here is a short West Wing standalone fic about my favorite mystery: what benign force is in charge of Gail’s fishbowl? Personally I still believe it’s magic, but this is a somewhat more mundane explanation. Hope you enjoy! 

“So what’s going on in here?”

Carol jumped at the sudden voice from behind her, water slopping over her fingers as she tightened her grip on the glass bowl. She turned to glare at the interloper, now leaning in the doorway as though he had not a care in the world. “You’re not supposed to be back here, Danny,” she accused. “Margaret’s going to eat you for breakfast.”

“Hey, ease back there, Galatea,” Danny implored, raising his empty hands. “I’ve got a note from the boss, I swear. We’re meeting for lunch.”

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I had this whole idea of drawing a whole bunch of haikyuu people in the rain and stuff as part of Ennoshita and Yachi’s design project or something, but then I got lazy and so this is it lol ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Might as well post them since I’m not gonna touch them again~  (~ ̄▽ ̄)~


This took forever to save the photos as a draft, so here’s the short version of yesterday’s birthday hike.

After years of following one another, I finally met up with @katehikerun and it made me so happy! My roommate joined along as well, but it was just the three of us since nobody else could come. We only hiked a 5k at North Table Mountain, but seriously it was such a great day. This was only about 30 minutes from my apartment, so I will definitely be going back. It is also super close to a great brewery (with food trucks) and downtown Golden! 

Tomorrow I will post the other photos from after hiking. Sorry I stink at posting in a timely fashion lately. 

(I was thinking I’d be late posting something for Kiyotaka’s brithday when this idea popped into my head, so have 1500 words of hastily written Ishimondo post-DR:IF fluff with terrible spacing and no italics because I’m on mobile)

Motherfucker! There was no way Mondo was even going to make it through all the security checks to get in the damn building, let alone all the way to the office before the clock ticked over to…
12:00am, Tuesday, 1st September, 2015.
…The day after Taka’s birthday…
God-fucking-damnit! How the hell had Mondo let this happen!? He’d listened to his parents having screaming matches after his old man had rolled in drunk after midnight on his mother’s birthday, he’d seen those idiotic men in TV sitcoms who showed up on Christmas morning with nothing but some random shit they’d picked up at the gas store at 11pm the night before, and he’d sworn to himself that he wouldn’t be that sort of shitty partner when he’d grow up! After all, how hard was it to remember the most important person in your life’s birthday!?
And yet, here he was, with nothing to give his finace but a gas store rose and the cheaply-made school diary that had made him remember the day in the first place. And, sure, his excuses were a lot better than the one’s his old man or those dunderheads on TV had been able to give. The end of the fucking world had happened, for a start. He’d had his memory erased and been told to murder 14 of his surviving classmates, Kiyotaka included, and probably only survived that because one person had luckily got their memory back and told them what was up. Then they’d all joined up with Future Foundation and Kiyotaka had stayed at their headquarters working his ass off for Division 1 while Mondo had been sent out to build up recently reclaimed areas for Division 12, so they’d been apart for a couple of months. And this diary in his hand was the first thing he’d seen that mentioned the date for weeks.
But… still. Even with all those excuses, he was still gonna be that guy. That guy who turned up too late with too little to impress his partner. And his partner could be hard enough to impress as it was…

…But what was done was done. Mondo had fucked up. The least he could do was go and apologise, shitty gift looted from an old gas store that he’d found on his mad dash across the country in hand, and beg Kiyotaka to give him a chance to make up for it.
He got plenty of odd looks as he passed through security. A downside of being a Hope’s Peak student, he supposed. Everyone knowing who you were meant they could also instantly tell when you’d fucked up and forgotten your boyfriend’s birthday. But a period of time that was both too soon and not soon enough later, Mondo was stood in front of Kiyotaka’s office/apartment door, looking at the whiteboard that listed all the appointments he’d had that day and hoping that at least one of those people had done something nice for him, because Gods knew he fucking deserved it with all the different, boring weekly meetings and cross-division organisational shit he’d somehow ended up involved in.
Well, only one way to find out… And that was knocking on Taka’s door.
There was barely a fraction of time that passed before the door slowly started to swing open and Mondo could see his finace wearing his usual white…
Pajamas… because Mondo had just called on him and probably woken him up after midnight!
“…I’m sorry, but is there any chance this could wai…MONDO!?” Taka’s expression went from begrudging and tired to alert shock the second he realised it was him at the door.
“Hey… I’m sorry…”
“What are you DOING here!? Aren’t you supposed to be near the front lines… OH GODS! Are we doing THAT badly!? The front line is HERE!?”
The hell…? Why was Taka so shocked to see him? It was his birthday… or had been! Shouldn’t he have been pissed off that Mondo was so late? After all he’d have had to have spent all the day wondering why his own boyfriend hadn’t even called to wish him a happy birthday… at least he would have spent his time off doing that… if he’d had any time off yesterday… which on second thoughts, the schedule posted on his door hadn’t mentioned…
“…You don’t know what day it is, do you?”
“Of course I know what day it is!” Taka snapped indignantly, “It’s Mon… well, it was Monday, technically it’s Tuesday now, but as I’ve not been to sleep yet…”
“But… you don’t know the date, do you?”
“Ah… I’ll admit I can’t remember it off the top of my head, but I can check in my diary!” He disappeared for a moment and came back brandishing a small black book with ‘2015’ on the cover. “Let’s see… today, or yesterday if you insist, was Monday, August Thirty-Fiiirrr…”
“…Hope ya had a Happy Birthday.” Mondo sighed, holding out the rose.
“…I completely forgot.” Kiyotaka gently took the rose off of him, smiling at it with tears beginning to form in his eyes as if it was some priceless jewel and not a piece of crap Mondo had panic-stolen. “I thought you were in Osaka…Did you really come all the way here just for my birthday?”
“’Course I did! It was bad enough I forgot about it until the new schools diaries came out!” Mondo pointed out, “I wasn’t gonna just call you after that!”
“You have a school diary? So it starts in September and ends in August?” Kiyotaka looked ecstatically hopeful.
“Yeah…?” Mondo shrugged, getting it out of his pocket, “…You want it?”
“Yes! Please!” Kiyotaka pretty much snatched it out of his hand and looked through it excitedly, “I know I’m not n school anymore, but I’m finding it odd that all the months are in the wrong place in my current diary! That’s probably why I forgot my birthday was coming up…”
…Because his birthday was usually when his old diary ended? But his other one wouldn’t end for another four months…

“…This is wonderful! I really appreciate you making the effort to come and see me…” Kiyotaka sniffed happily and wiped the tears from his eyes.
Heh… maybe Mondo hadn’t fucked up as much as he thought he had…
“However, you did so without proper authorisation, and therefore have wasted precious Future Foundation resources! As such, I am afraid that I will have to report this to Division Three who will look into this further and may, depending on exactly how much fuel you used getting here, deduct the cost from your salary or proceed to further disciplinary procedures…”
Motherfucker! Was he really gonna report Mondo for a fucking romantic gesture!? “Hang on one fucking minute! I ain’t even used Future Foundation’s fuel!”
“Then… how did you get here? Don’t tell me you walked all the way…?”
“No, I found an abandoned gas station and filled up there.” Which had been pretty lucky really, because he’d rushed out on his bike without planning the route, so if that hadn’t been there he would have ended up walking! “I’ll just fill my tank back up on the way back and I’ll have the same amount of fuel as I left with!”
“…You found a working gas station!?” Taka stared at him in awe.
“Well, I had to go and turn on the backup power generator while I was using it, but otherwise it worked fine…” Mondo shrugged, although Taka still didn’t raise his lower jaw back up. “Is that important?”
“Is that important…!?” Taka repeated his question sarcastically, “I’ve just had a four hour cross-division meeting about finding a sensible location for us to try and build a new gas station on the way to your assigned location! If you can just show me an intact one that’s already there then that’ll save us no end of trouble and we can consider building one up towards the north side instead!”
“…So you’ll have less meetings to go to?” Was all Mondo got from that.
“Hmm… no, we’ll probably end up having a bunch of meetings about the northern gas station, so probably not…” Kiyotaka sighed. “But it does mean I can forgive you going AWOL from your post…! So long as you agree to stay here overnight, have a shower and then drive me out to this gas station tomorrow morning… or this morning, technically…” Kiyotaka gestured for him to get inside the apartment, pausing to put the diary and crappy rose down next to the pile with his keys and wallet before heading further into the place, “…Sorting this out probably takes precedence over my other plans for tomor… today.”
So in other words, he wanted Mondo to stay the night and take him out for a picnic to celebrate his birthday tomorrow. Well, this evening had gone from disaster to dating… and Mondo couldn’t help but push his luck…
“…And maybe as we’re together for the first time in months, we can have a little fun in the morning, eyyy…?”
Kiyotaka paused, then half-turned to face him, one overly-large eyebrow quirked up flirtatiously at him… “Technically, it already is morning…”