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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Doctor!Reader

Warning: Swearing, Death, Heart Break, Angst, Fluff, violence and hostages//Take Over.

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Rule One of being a doctor, don’t get over attached to your patients.

Well that rules been broken.

Rule Two of being a doctor, don’t date your patients.

But what if he has blue eyes and a killer smile that make your insides throw a dance party when he’s near you??
Rule Three of being a doctor, don’t ever loose focus on doing your job, nothing comes between you and your career.

See comment above… was the smile mentioned? Or that he’s Captain America?

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Starset : Vessels (2017)  Sentence Starters


  • If you lead, I will follow
  • I will be your Apollo
  • I’ll feel your gravity
  • I’ll stay and never leave
  • I’m here tonight
  • Shine your light and set me free
  • Take the darkness out of me
  • Shine on me
  • You are my fate
  • Give me warning
  • I seek the stars above the world to be the guide
  • They are pale against the light in your eyes
  • Send your signal out and bring me back to you


  • Something blocking your reception 
  • It’s distorting our connection
  • Now the silence screams that you are gone
  • You’ve tuned me out
  • There’s something here that’s broken
  • There’s something here with no end
  • Cause I can feel your soul fade
  • I can feel your heart change
  • I bared my soul for you
  • My heart was bulletproof till you took off the jacket
  • I was doing this all for you
  • I tried to save you now I’m swallowed
  • You wanted war

Die For You

  • I will run alone tonight 
  • I know your eyes
  • I saw the truth inside the real you
  • I know you’re lost when you run away
  • When are you coming home?
  • There’s no pain that I won’t go through even if I have to die for you
  • The only hell I know is without you
  • Until I bring you home
  • I’ll bring you home


  • We should have been afraid of heights
  • I was trying just to get you
  • I’m dying to forget you  
  • I fell behind
  • We were one in the same
  • You left me with a bittersweet taste
  • I’ve been dying just to see your face
  • All I wanted was to say “goodbye”
  • They don’t know my heart


  • The void is calling 
  • Don’t fear
  • It’s ok I promise
  • I don’t know what to say
  • I’m going to want you till the stars evaporate
  • A thousand armies won’t stop me
  • Just tell me to stay
  • Your beauty conquers the darkness
  • I’ll fall in love with you again
  • Don’t leave me lost here forever
  • Bring me back to you

Into The Unknown

  • It’s calling me 
  • Are you out there waiting?
  • It takes more than eyes to see
  • Take the path less traveled
  • Is this real or in my mind?

Gravity of You

  • I feel it pulling me 
  • I feel the past that’s died there
  • I feel you pull me through 
  • It’s boring holes in me
  • I feel you here with me
  • I will risk it all to own it

Back To Earth

  • Set me free 
  • I succumb to the weight of the world
  • I fall from the sky

Last To Fall

  • The world is cold but it’s beautiful 
  • I wish you were here now
  • I miss your soul
  • You lost your light When the darkness called
  • My soul is burning
  • I’m still the same
  • And will you be bold
  • Will you lose control?
  • I could never let go

Bringing It Down

  • I saw the creature deep inside 
  • I’m falling apart
  • There’s something inside you that isn’t right
  • There’s something that haunts your dreams at night
  • You’re bringing it down
  • Silly me
  • I came so close this time
  • I still thought I could make it mine


  • I lost myself into the night 
  • I clipped my wings and fell from flight
  • There’s no dreams in the lakes only monsters
  • And the monsters are my only friends
  • You always knew me
  • There’s no angel in you in the end
  • All that is left is the change
  • I think you made me this


  • You filled me up with hate 
  • You thought I’d forget
  • You’re the war that I wage
  • Can you change me?
  • This is the world you’ve created
  • Seems the monster always wins
  • Who knew the emptiness could be so cold?
  • I am the darkness
  • I’m a monster


  • If I had my way I would run to the rescue
  • It never works that way
  • But I’m not giving up
  • I don’t wanna let you go but I can’t stand to watch this
  • You had me under spell right from the start
  • You’d know what I want before I tell you
  • You are the sun, I am the full moon
  • I can be what you want
  • I will wait in the dark for you
  • I’m in the dark ‘till you light the way


  • You come in waves 
  • Then you fade away into nothing
  • You leave me froze in time
  • You’ll never know the beauty I see when you open your shadows
  • They’ll never know the worlds that I see in the darkness you don’t show 
Rise Against- Lyric Inspired Writing Prompts for H/C, Angst and Hope/Survival

I’ve been super into Rise Against recently, and their lyrics have some damn good writing prompt-y lines to them. Enjoy!


  • “Passed out in the gutter, woke up in your arms”
  • “Warm yourself by the fire, son, the morning will come soon”
  • “Bled through the bandages again”
  • “There was no antidote”
  • “I don’t think I can fight this anymore”
  • “Come in out of the cold”
  • “Disease tore us apart”
  • “Her screams pierced the dark night”
  • “For you there’s still a chance”
  • “I followed you out in the storm”
  • “Don’t fall, I see lights in the distance, they’re not far away”
  • “We’re broken but still breathing, we are wounded but we are healing”
  • “Do you cry my name in the dark, as I do yours?”
  • “While the world sleeps we are awake”
  • “I won’t be left here”
  • “Don’t fall asleep, they’ll find us here”
  • “’Till we don’t have the strength to go on”


  •  “Tonight I watched your fires burn out”
  • “We left bodies in the fields”
  • “Hell is not where we’re going, hell’s where we’ve been”
  • “How many others have stood where you stand today?”
  • “The air that we breathe becomes air that we choke”
  • “A puddle of the bravest tears”
  • “Do you think its safe to breathe?”
  • “I just want to save you while there’s still something left to save”
  • “We should have burned it to the ground”
  • “We hide from the mirrors- they might show our scars”
  • “I walk on wounds that seldom prove to slow me down”
  • “Reflections of an unfamiliar face”
  • “May you be in Heaven before the Devil knows you’re dead”
  • “Your paradise is something I’ve endured”
  • “When laws fail the people, they turn to the flame”
  • “I found love, I found life, as a thorn stuck in your side”
  • “When home becomes a strange place”
  • “Somewhere between happy and a total f*cking wreak”
  • “This is a war that was lost the day it began”
  • “Son, have you seen the world?”


  • “And on that day they’ll tell you, that life hummed on with no clue”
  • “Help is on the way”
  • “You don’t have to do this, and I forgive you if you don’t”
  • “This isn’t giving up, this is letting go”
  • “There has always been room by the fire for you”
  • “The city lines are down, the kerosene’s run out”
  • “When faced with tragedy we come alive or come undone”
  • “When it all comes down, will you say you did everything you could?”
  • “I know where I’m going, we can make it”
  • “What I could not do I faked”
  • “This life chose me, I’m not lost in sin”
  • “Proud I stand, of who I am”
  • “To them these streets belong”
  • “You won’t know your worth, now, son, until you take a hit”
  • “But we stand here all together”
  • “When the roads disappeared, I followed the rivers”
  • “The path I carve from here on out will be my own”
  • “All that matters is the time we had”
  • “There’s laughter and oh, there is love, just past the edge of your fears”
  • “We pass the torch again, and hope that it stays lit”
  • “White needles buried in the red”
  • “I’ll tell you stories of a better time, in a place that we once knew”
  • “Standing no chance to win but, we’re not running”
  • “How we survive is what makes us who we are”
  • “This happens almost never, but it happened once to me”
  • “Covered tracks and days spent on the run”

littlemimosa  asked:

Thank you for the college advice!!' I love you soooo much 😊 but also... I'm sleeping over jinyoung's house tonight since jaebum kicked all our hoe asses out. Even my man Markese didn't wanna be my captain save a hoe for tonight and told me to go on somewhere. You're more than welcome to stay at jinyoung's boo💁🏽



anonymous asked:

Can I request an imagine what the GOM would do if their S.O would send dirty pictures for them during class or practice? Forgive me if there are any mistakes since english is not my first language >< Lots of love from Edinburg though!! Xxxx

There are no mistakes by the way. As you wish…- Admin Asami

Kise: Even though he enjoyed the literature class, today was rather dull compared to most days. He was having fun on snap chat when he received a series of texts from you containing an erotic set of pictures. He blushed madly as he opened them, constantly checking to see if anyone was looking over. After he saw each one he saved them and oh so casually put it back in his pocket. He planned at looking at them later. 

Akashi: They were taking a break during practice, He took a sip of water and checked his phone for any messages. When he saw that you’d sent some pictures, he left the bench, saying he was going to the bathroom. When he was away from everyone he opened them and smirked. ‘Just wait till I see you, your tempting me so much. Tonight is going to be great’ he texted back and went back to practice. 

Aomine: Since he tended to never actually attend classes, he was laying down on the roof, staring up at the clouds. Just when he closed his eyes his phone beeped, ‘Text from ___’ He opened the text and was very pleased to find pictures of your nude body. Instantly he pressed the save button and looked around before sliding his phone in his underwear. ‘You got me wanting to have some pretty hard sex’ he texted. 

Midorima: Since was quite committed to his practice, the texts he received from you tempted him for a couple of hours. Once they finished practice, he opened the texts and cupped his hand over his mouth. He looked around and immediately closed them till he would be alone. 

Murasakibara: He ditched, again. While he was out buying more snacks, he checked his phone and saw that you had sent him some pictures. “Ne?” He took a good look at the dirty pictures, licking his lips. Today he definitely was planning on sex. 

Kuroko: Nobody ever seemed to notice if he wasn’t paying attention in class. He took out his phone to look up when their next game was, but he got distracted by the texts you sent him. When he saw the pictures of your glorious smooth body, he blushed and simply stared at them till the bell rang.

An ENTP playlist? Maybe. I think. I hope.

I had a request for an ENTP playlist… the only problem: I don’t understand ENTP types. I really tried, but they seem so contrary at times. And all the music I could find was just weird and stuff. #INFPstruggles

listen on 8tracks (x)

\entp: curiosity has it’s own reason for existing.

Everybody Loves Me; OneRepublic - Oh my!/Feels just like I don’t try/Looks so good I might die/All I know is everybody loves me/Head down/Swaying to my own sound/Flashes in my face now/All I know is everybody loves me/Everybody loves me. || Warriors; Imagine Dragons - In youth you’d lay/Awake at night and scheme/Of all the things that you would change/But it was just a dream. || Conquest of Spaces; Woodkid - Beyond the laws of density/Towers of glass and steel/Temples and fragments of memories/Drifting away from me/I’m ready to start the conquest of spaces/Expanding between you and me/Come with the night the science of fighting/The forces of gravity. || All Star; Smash Mouth -The ice we skate is getting pretty thin/The waters getting warm, so you might as well swim/My world’s on fire how about yours/That’s the way I like it and I never get bored. || Designer Skyline; Owl City - Collections of books and documents/Arise and parade around my cluttered desk/Reworking the math and measurements/Until I’m convinced these plans are picturesque. ||  On Top Of The World; Imagine Dragons - I’ve tried to cut these corners/Try to take the easy way out/I kept on falling short of something/I coulda gave up then but/Then again I couldn’t have ’cause/I’ve traveled all this way for something. || Upside Down; Jack Johnson - Who’s to say/What’s impossible/Well they forgot/This world keeps spinning/And with each new day/I can feel a change in everything/And as the surface breaks reflections fade/But in some ways they remain the same/And as my mind begins to spread its wings/There’s no stopping curiosity. || Living In the Moment; Jason Mraz - I can’t walk through life facing backwards/I have tried/I tried more than once to just make sure/And I was denied the future I’d been searching for/But I spun around and hurt no more/By living in the moment. || Accidental Light; Sleeping At Last - Time’s running out/It’s always running out on me/And every road I’ve discovered disappears under my feet/Some call it reckless/I call it breathing. || Rubik’s Cube; Athlete - Oh I’m like a kid who just won’t let it go/Twisting and turning the colours in rows/I’m so intent to find out what it is/This is my Rubik’s cube/I know I will figure it out. || Secrets; OneRepublic - My life gets kinda boring/Need something that I can confess/‘Til all my sleeves are stained red/From all the truth that I’ve said/Come by it honestly I swear/Thought you saw me wink, no/I’ve been on the brink, so/Tell me what you want to hear/Something that will light those ears/Sick of all the insincere/So I’m gonna give all my secrets away. || The Silence; Bastille - It is not enough to be dumbstruck/(Can you fill the silence?)/you must have the words in that head of yours/And oh, oh, can you feel the silence?/I can’t take it anymore/'cause it is not enough to be dumbstruck/(Can you fill the silence?) ||Math & Science; Bess Rogers - I hear the pulsing in my brain telling me to love/I feel my DNA push and shove/I feel the chemical reactions building up/I see the master plan in action, fooling us/But no matter what the reason/I can’t help but like the feeling/If it’s all just math and science/I will offer my compliance. || Geronimo; Sheppard - Well we rushed it/Moving away to fast/That we crushed it/But it’s in the past/We can make this leap/Through the curtains of the waterfall. || Animal; Neon Trees - Here we are again/I feel the chemicals kickin’ in/It’s getting heavy/And I wanna run and hide/I wanna run and hide. || Accidentally In Love; Counting CrowsWhat’s the problem I don’t know/Well maybe I’m in love/Think about it every time/I think about it/Can’t stop thinking 'bout it/How much longer will it take to cure this/Just to cure it cause I can’t ignore it if it’s love/Makes me wanna turn around and face me but I don’t know nothing 'bout love. || Hot ‘N Cold; Katy Perry - And you over think/Always speak/Critically/I should know/That you’re no good for me. || Slow Me Down; Emmy Rossum - The noise of the world is getting me caught up/Chasing the clock and i wish i could stop it/Just need to breathe/Somebody, please/Slow me down. || Lego House; Ed Sheeran - I’m out of touch, I’m out of love/I’ll pick you up when you’re getting down/And out of all these things I’ve done I think I love you better now/I’m out of sight, I’m out of mind/I’ll do it all for you in time/And out of all these things I’ve done I think I love you better now, now. || Science and Faith; The Script - Tried to break love to a science/In an act of pure defiance/I broke her heart/As I pulled apart her theories/As I watched her growing weary/I pulled her apart. || The Calculation; Regina Spektor - So we made our own computer/Out of macaroni pieces/And it did our thinking/While we lived our lives/It counted up our feelings/And divided them up even/And it called our calculation/Perfect love. || Stay; SafetySuit - Something must have made you say that, what did I do to make you say that to me/Something must have made you so mad, what can I do to make you say come back to me. || Over My Head; The FrayLet’s rearrange/I wish you were a stranger I could disengage/Just say that we agree and then never change/Soften a bit until we all just get along/But that’s disregard/Find another friend and you discard/As you lose the argument in a cable car/Hanging above as the canyon comes between. || Smarter; Eisley - If I sound angry, I’m sorry/This body can only cry for so long/And if you want to blame me, then go on/I’m smiling now 'cause I’m smarter than you think.  Can’t Stop; Keane - I noticed tonight that the world has been turning/While I’ve been stuck here dithering around/Though I know I said I’d wait around till you need me/But I have to go, I hate to let you down. || South; Sleeping At Last - Some truths, over time, can learn to play nice/Some truths are sharper than knives/Some truths we only see in the corners of our eyes/Some truths we wish we could hide/Some truths can save us/Some take our lives/Some truths are fire/And some truths are ice. || Gold; Owl City - Shout out to the dreams you’ll chase/Shout out to the hearts you’ll break/Nothing’s gonna stop you now/I guess you better be going. || Hall Of Fame; The Script ft. will.i.am - Be students/Be teachers/Be politicians/Be preachers/Be believers/Be leaders/Be astronauts/Be champions/Standing in the hall of fame/And the world’s gonna know your name/'Cause you burn with the brightest flame.

Unfufilled Ships

A/N: Hey guys, so this one’s a bit personal. Believe it or not, it’s actually a situation that I’m in and it’s a really weird situation to be in. I hope you guys like this one, also, thank you so much for 236 followers

Prompt: You and Dan used to be in a ship together, and you found yourself falling for Dan. But then people started to ship him with one of your best friends.

Genre: kinda sad i think

Word Count: 1424 words

Your P.O.V

A few weeks ago, my friends were basically shouting in my ear to ask Dan out. You know, Dan? Dan Howell? Danisnotonfire. YouTube sensation, has about 5 million subscribers, known for being awkward. Yeah him. Anyways, Dan and I go way back, not actually, we met at the beginning of this year and my friends automatically shipped us together. Cool right? No. Not for me. As time went on the ship became weaker. And as the ship became weaker, I started to develop feelings for him. And these feelings just became stronger and stronger. I think i started to realize these feelings when the ship became weaker because of the fact that nobody was shoving the thought of us being together down my throat.

And now….. he’s shipped with someone else. And that someone else is actually one of my best friend’s, Olive. I mean, I shouldn’t have a problem with it right? It’s just a stupid little ship right? Wrong. Absolutely wrong. The fans are in on #Dalive. But that doesn’t give me the right to be jealous. What does give me the right to be jealous is when everybody talks about how cute they would be together and how they have to do everything together and how one of them has to grow some balls and muster up the courage to ask the other one out. And it seems that, that’s all they talk about, and its all they talk about around me.

And now, it feels like Olive might actually have a shot with Dan. Don’t get me wrong, i’d be happy for her if she did, but at the same time i’d feel so broken. When #Dalive became a thing, i always said to myself that if Olive had feelings for him, then i would back off, and now that i think about it, it doesn’t seem fair on me.

As i lay in bed, wallowing in my self pity, i hear my phone blasting ‘Girls’ by The 1975, notifying me of an incoming phone call. I look at the caller I.D to see that it’s one of my good friends, Jess.

“Hey Jess!” I say with fake enthusiasm

“Hey (y/n)! So, Olive and I were wondering if you wanted to come and watch a movie tonight? We really want you to come!” I contemplate it for a few seconds, and just as I was about to say yes, Jess quickly adds to her sentence. “Dan’s gonna be there…” and like that my mind had been changed. I’d rather save myself the embarrassment and heartbreak thank you very much.

“I uh, I can’t. I have no money till Tuesday.” I lied. I really didn’t want be there. How are they even getting Dan to go and hang out with them anyways? He hardly ever says yes when I ask him if he wants to come over and do something, he always says something along the lines of ‘but then I’d have to leave the house and I’m not prepared for that, but we can watch movies here if you like?’ I always end up saying no anyways and just sit there and do nothing.

“Are you sure? I can pay for you, you always buy me stuff. Please? I really don’t want to be a third wheel around them.” Jess sounded so desperate i almost said yes. But i didn’t

“Sorry Jess, but I can’t let you do that. I’ll see you sometime soon.”

“That’s okay, I’ll see if Ronnie can come. See ya (y/n)!” Jess says and then hangs up.

I decide to scroll through tumblr for a little bit when my phone chimes, indicating that I have a text message, from Dan? My heart beats a little bit faster seeing his name on my screen.

From: Dan
To: (y/n)
Hey (y/n), Are you coming to watch a movie at the cinema tonight?

I was about to change my mind once again and say yes, because by the looks of that text, he might’ve wanted me to be there, but then I remembered, he’s my friend and probably just wants to know if I’m gonna be there or not

From: (Y/n)
To: Dan
Hey Dan, no I’m not. I have no money until Tuesday. Jess offered to pay, but nah, I can’t.

From: Dan
To: (Y/n)
Damn, I guess I’ll see you sometime soon then.

I lay in bed contemplating whether or not to show up, but then, If i went, it would seem and feel like everyone was dangling Dan in front of me, and there would be nothing i could do about it.

A few days later, I get a mysterious knock on my door. I groan and walk down stairs to the front door, to see Dan standing there, looking nervous

“Hey Dan, you okay?” I ask, concerned. He just looks around his surroundings and basically pushes himself into the apartment.

“I have to tell you something” He blurts out, saying his words faster than he usually would. I give him a look that basically says ‘come on then, tell me!’ He looks down at the ground nervously. My hearts beating faster with every second that’s passing. “Oh god, this is so hard for me to say.”

“Dan! Just say it already!” I yell, growing impatient and curious

“Okay! Okay, I like Olive, a lot. I like her more than a friend, and I don’t know what I should do. I haven’t felt this way about anyone in while, and its driving me crazy.” And like that, it felt like the world stopped and my heart shattered like glass. I feel like an idiot for ever thinking that I would ever have a shot with him.

“You like Olive? I KNEW IT!” I try and play it off like a friend that’s actually really happy for him. And I am, I am happy for him, I just, I’m heartbroken at the same time.

“Has it been that obvious?” He questions. No, it actually hasn’t. “Can you like, give me some advice or something? I don’t know what to do.”

“Here is what you do, Daniel. You tell her. Chances are she likes you back. And if she doesn’t, i have tubs of ice cream and a stack of DVD’s to help.” The ice cream and DVD’s are my personal pick-me-up food. It hasn’t helped, but it is a good excuse to eat a lot of ice cream and watch a lot of DVDs

“You’re right. I’ll give her a call right now.”

“Don’t call her! You have to tell her to her face! DO YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT GIRLS?!”

“No, that’s why i came to you. You’re one of my best friends and i know you wouldn’t have acted weird when I told you I like Olive.” And now I know what kind of friend I am to him. I’m that friend that he will come to looking for advice, when he’s having trouble with girls. And when a girl breaks up with him, he’s gonna cry on my shoulder. I’m simply just his best friend, and that’s all I’ll ever be.

“Go over to her flat and tell her. If you don’t then I will. And i don’t think she’d be happy about that.” I smirk at Dan. He smiles and nods his head, bringing me into a huge intoxicating hug, whispering ‘thank-you’ over again in my ear.

And when he leaves, I sit down on the floor and think. I can’t cry, all I can do is think about how happy he looked when I said Olive will most probably like him back, which I know she does. I think about how happy they’re gonna be together.

If I really like him, or even love him, I want him to be happy right? Even if it’s not with me…. And i don’t know if I will ever be okay with it, but right now, I can at least accept it.

hopelesslyinloveornot  asked:

Where Harry and I meet at a club/party and we go back to his hotel and things get steamy and i don't talk to him for a while after the one night stand and then go to a one direction concert with my best friend and he spots me in the concert and he makes sure he speaks to me after and we end up dating:)

I am so sorry this has taken me forever to write, love. But thank you for being so patient with me. I hope you like it! I wrote this watching the NBC One Direction special, and I got carried away with the length, so… I hope it’s okay! xxx

He’d been staring at you for most of the night. His forest green eyes focused upon you and only you, like you were the only girl inside that club that night. Harry was never one to go out, get drunk and have a one night stand, hooking up with the first girl who said ‘take me home’. He respected girls and figured that they weren’t toys to be used sexual, nor played around like dolls. However, that one night when you stepped into the flashing and crowded club, he knew those morals were going to be thrown out the window, and forgotten about just for that night.

Ed was sat beside him at the bar, looking between your dancing figure and Harry’s hunched figure on the bar stool. A bottle of Budweiser beer settled on the counter top to the side of him, his large palm curled around the neck as his finger trace the round rim of the bottle. He knew. Ed had a hunch that he had taken a liking to you, yet he wanted Harry to figure out to get you back home with him. Ed was his wing-man. Much like Harry was Ed’s. But this was the moment where Ed wanted Harry to emerge from his shied shell and ask a girl himself.

“Mate, you’re going to regret not asking her.”

“I can’t just ask her, Ed. That’s so not good. I’ve got to get talking with her. Get to know her before anything happens,” Harry reasoned, confused when Ed started shaking his head. “I don’t understand why you’re confused. You know damn well that I’m not the type to jump into bed with a random stranger.”

Ed laughed softly, looking over his shoulder as you pushed your way through the crowd huddling together at the edge of the dance floor.Your mouth agape as laughs emitted around the already loud room. He couldn’t deny that you were pretty, because damn, he felt a fuzz go around his belly. But, Harry had already laid eyes on you, and he’d be a crap best friend if he went after the girl he wanted.

“Can I have a vodka and orange juice and a gin and tonic, please?” Harry heard you order, the bartender staring fondly at your chest area. A pang of jealousy ran through his veins as he stood up, partly on his own accord and partly because he’d succumbed one to many Budweisers, and stood behind you. 

“Add on another Bud, please, mate,” Harry called over the music, watching as your body turned round and your head tilted up to look at him. His towering figure standing above you. As soon as the bartender placed the three drinks on the counter, Harry had already pulled out a £20 note from his wallet and passed it over. “Keep the change.”

You stood in awe of him. Of course you knew who he was. You just never believed that the Harry Styles would be buying you drinks in a rundown and old club. You mouth kept opening, before you chickened out and said nothing, mentally cursing when he began to walk back to where Ed was sitting. Yet, before he properly turned, your hand reached out and wrapped around his wrist, sparks fluttering around not only Harry’s body, but now yours.

“Thank you, Harry.”

“You’re welcome. It was my pleasure,” Harry smiled, taking a step towards you. “Where’s your friend?”

“She’s probably snogging some guy in the corner somewhere. I was going to go and give her her drink, then have a dance myself. Uhm, would you like to join me?” You asked nervously, dropping your hand from his wrist and bringing it up to pick up the two drinks that sat on the bar. “I’m (Y/N), by the way. It’s great to meet you.”

(Y/N). It sounded beautiful. And it fit your face perfectly, in his opinion. 

“Uhm, I don’t dance. But you can come and sit with me at the bar, and we can chill. Maybe, if I get a few more beers in me, I’ll be up and dancing on the tables for you,” he chuckled, grabbing the neck of the bottle and bringing it to his lips. You stood and watched as his Adams apple bobbed when he took a gulp of the liquid inside the brown bottle, dribbles dribbling down his chin from the corner of his lips. “I’d love for you to come and sit with me, but don’t feel obliged.”

Deep in his mind, he desperately wanted you to join him. Ed was already off as soon as Harry took off to you, and he was lost amidst the crowded dance floor. He’d only be seen as a loner if he had no one to sit with him, and he knew that if your friend was off snogging someone, you wouldn’t want to be alone either.

“I’d love to join you, Harry. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

And with that, he watched you disappear into the crowd, with a drink in your hand for your friend.

* *

4 more beers and 4 more vodka and orange juices later, you were both bladdered. Slurring, dancing, and tumbling occurred as you made your way out of the stuffy  and there was no lying that Harry was getting a little too handsy. His voice had become much deeper, and his breath smelt strongly of the beer he’d been drinking that night. 

“I have a taxi waiting in the chalet,” he slurred. his arm thrown across your shoulders as he pulled you into his side. He may have been drunk, but he wasn’t drunk enough to forget he had to be a gentleman to the lady he was to be spending the night with. “If I uhm, I’ll call and get someone to, like, bring it here. Or, a taxi. No, yeah. let’s get a taxi,” he mumbled, his speech becoming slower than usual.

As he spoke on the phone, you couldn’t help but watch his lips. His wonderful, pink, fleshy lips that were wind and teeth bitten and with your drunken mind, you couldn’t help but think of the how he could make you feel just by kissing you on the sensitive areas of your body.

“Taxi’s comin’. We just need t’ wait now,” he mumbled, throwing his arm back across your shoulders and pulling you into his side. He smelt like his Tom Ford cologne and alcohol, with a little hint of smoke, and the mixture smelt good on him. “Are you warm enuff? Do you wan’ my jacket?”

You shook your head, nuzzling yourself deeper under his arm, watching as car droves past the club. Just being nuzzled under his arm was enough warmth for you.

* *

The drive to his hotel was quick. You figured such a rundown club would be kept as far from the luxurious hotel he was staying in for the specific leg of the tour. His hand was tightly gripping your own as he pulled you through the paparazzi, grumbling under his breath when they kept snapping photos and asking to see your face. Obeying Harry’s orders when he told you to keep your head down and to keep a hold on him the whole time, you didn’t lift your head once and you swore you left nail marks in his arms from holding him too tightly. 

As soon as you stepped into the lift, his lips were instantly on yours. Plump, red and still teeth bitten from where he’d bitten his bottom lip trying to contain himself in the taxi ride back to the hotel. One of his hands cupped the back of your head as the other snaked around your waist, pulling you closer to his chest and backing you into the wall of the lift. As he proceeded to move his hand lower, you brought it back up to your lower back and pulled from his lips. His green eyes staring down at you.

“How about we save the groping an the sexual activity till we get to the room, yeah?” You whispered, gulping nervously as his nodded softly and took a step back and looked down at his brown Chelsea boots. You didn’t know where tonight was going. Was this going to be a potential hook-up? You didn’t know. Where was this going to take the two of you? You weren’t sure. Was he even going to remember anything? You somewhat hoped so.

“You’re really beautiful. And that bar guy was staring at your boobs, and I felt I should step in, because he looked sleazy,” Harry muttered, a flush colour covering his cheeks. “This is going to make me sound sleazy as well, but I really want to like, fuck you,” he slurred, looking up with his signature smirk on his face, the curvature of his cheeks much more prominent and his dimples popping more boldly.

“I’d want nothing more than for that to happen, Harry,” you smirked, biting your lip as the lift door dinged open, and his hand tugged you from inside the brightly lit lift to the dimly lit corridor of his hotel room floor.

Once behind the white door, with the number 146 engraved black in the gold metal, the night was filled with sweat, moans and pleasurable moments that the two of you may or may not remember in the following hours.

* *

“Where the hell did you end up last night? I searched the whole club for you,” your friend sighed, running her hand through her pillow-messed hair. You lived together, in a flat in the centre of the city, so getting places and coming home was always easy for you. And you were just happy that the walk from Harry’s hotel to your flat was short. “I’m being seri- Are those hickeys? You had a one-night stand?” 

And with that, you were pushed onto the sofa and demanded to tell everything. From the moment you met him to the moment you left that morning. As soon as you awoke, you were sliding from beneath his arm in a slow and steady manner in hopes you didn’t wake the peacefully sleeping Harry who was nestled beneath the covers. You gathered your clothes, sliding them back on before you made your way to the door of the hotel room, your head turning to look back at him; one of his feet was hanging over the end of the bed, his arm folded behind his head as his other laid across the free space where your body laid just moments ago, and his snores were soft around the quiet room.

“You left him, just like that? (Y/N)! Oh my god!” Your friend exclaimed, covering her mouth with her hands. You cringed in your seat as she continued to blast at you for your actions, making your head pound even more than it was, due to your sickly hangover. “I can’t believe you. You slept with Harry Styles, and left him the morning after! You’re unbelievable,” she laughed, kicking your leg softly.

“I didn’t know what to do. He’s a high profile celebrity. I wasn’t going to stick around,” you reasoned,” and, besides, he was pissed out of his mind last night, so I highly doubt he’d remember.”

“He’s Harry Styles. Of course he’d remember you. I can’t believe this… You need to take a banner tonight. ‘I slept with you last night, Harry. Do you remember me?’” Your friend smirked, watching as your eyes widened. “You forgot we were seeing them at their show tonight? You’ve been so excited for weeks, and you forgot?” She laughed.

“You try having a clear mind when Harry Styles is sitting with you,” you groaned.

* *

“We’ve been One Direction. Thank you so much for coming tonight. We love you. Have a safe journey home,” Harry’s voice carried out around the stadium you were stood in, beside the catwalk as you watched him walk past you. His eyes looking out around the people around you, and waving every so often at those who waved at him. “This is Best Song Ever!”

The chords to Best Song Ever started around the stadium, and you could feel your friend going crazy. Everyone was yelling and screaming as Louis sprayed Liam with water from the water gun in his hand, a laugh leaving your lips as the four of them stood by your section and sang. As you got lost with the music, you felt a nudge to your ribs and opened one eye to look at your friend.

“He’s looking!”

And with that, you looked up and saw Harry looking at you with a confused look on his face. You were there. Watching him perform. He didn’t know what to feel. Angry? You did leave him that morning after a filled night of pleasure. Happy? He did want to see you again. Ecstatic? You’d been on his mind ever since he woke up. He was mixed up. He sent a soft smile your way, and crouched down to Preston who was stood mere metres away from you.

“Oh my gosh! Preston’s coming here. He said something about you!”

And she was right. Preston stood in front of you, a smile on his lips as he helped you and your friend over the barrier, claiming that Harry wanted to see you backstage as soon as the show was over. Fans were squealing, some were crying, some were even looking at you with disgust. But the best ones were the ones who looked confused. Why were you going backstage? Was there a reason? 

By the time you got backstage, the band had come off and the boys were just coming down from their high. Adrenaline filling the whole atmosphere backstage, behind the wings of the stage.. As you looked around, Louis was spread out on the sofa, as Lottie was stood beside him. Liam and Sophia were sitting in the corner, chatting and keeping the PDA on the down-low. Niall was placing his guitar in the case, and Harry was looking at you. A soft smile on his lips as he made his way over to you and your friend.


“Hey, Harry. Good show. It was amazing. As per usual,” you smiled.

He nodded swiftly, taking your hand in his as he took you from the dressing room to the corridor just outside the doors. It was cooler than inside the room, and you felt a chill on your arms as he took you further down, away from everyone.

“Why did you leave this morning? I was going to take you for breakfast, and get to know you more. You were pretty fun last night, and I wanted to get to know you without the drunk aspect to it,” he mumbled. “ But, when I woke up, you’d gone. No note. No anything. Nothing. I felt used and hurt,” he whispered, and looked to the floor. 

“Harry… I thought what we had last night was a one night stand. I didn’t think you wanted more,” you reasoned. His face broke you, and you regretted the actions you’d done that morning. Maybe you should have stayed. “I am so sorry, Harry. I really am.”

“I’m not the type of guy to sleep around and then leave a girl. If i sleep with you, you’re something special. Just because I was drunk, it doesn’t mean that gets thrown out the window. I felt a connection with you. I feel like, I didn’t just have sex with you last night. I felt like, we were making love on some level,” he blushed, and looked at you for the first time since the conversation began. You knew he felt embarrassed, and upset, and that was the last thing you wanted.

“Harry, I am so sorry. I really am. I.. I need to make it up to you. How about breakfast tomorrow morning? I’ll come to your hotel, and we can go then?”

“Or we could just get a late dinner now?” He suggested, taking your hand. “I know this pretty good pizza restaurant that stays open pretty late. It’s by the hotel,” he smiled, as you nodded.

“That sounds pretty good, Harry.”

Butterflies in my stomach just thinking about Ballie

Oh lord, wow somehow the whole week went by so fast but I was quiet comfortable staying forever in the last 5 minutes of 04x10.

Nothing seems to matter for the duration of Wednesday till tonight (Monday) because:

1. Bea came to the realisation that Allie saved her

2. Allie is being looked after by Bea and

3. tomorrow is our teal Tuesday which means Wentworth is going to pop up contagiously like measles on our dash!

Again I am quiet joyful and cheerful with the ending of last episode which I’m pretty sure for most of you the feeling is mutual.

Although I am a little bit on edge with what Kaz and Joan have up their sleeves for Bea and Allie.

Also upon further inspection I would hope that nothing bad will ever happen to :

1. Our paralegal babe Franky since she is treading on dangerous
ground once Joan finds out that she is the “paralegal chick” 
that Shayne had been having meetings with. This is also due to
the fact that in the old prisoner show Franky was killed off.

2. Our mother “Lizard” Liz…. We all know that Sonia is catching on
pretty quick with Liz’s stories and getting extremely suspicious with Liz so let’s hope Liz is safe!

Moreover, I know Wentworth has been taking us into a massive swirl of hurricane but at least one thing I know for certain is that every time we get knocked off by a giant tsunami of surprises and gut wrenching moments somehow there is always one small, tiny moment that will give us a diving tank and suit just enough to last us through the impact of such an excessive crash by the ocean itself.

Well stay patient folks because when it comes, it will come so fast that you wont even know what to expect.


Placing a smile at the perfect event 

Gracing your skin with the side of my hand 

External image

If I ever leave, I could learn to miss you 
But sentimental boy is my nom de plume 

Let me save you, hold this rope

I may never sleep tonight

(Never sleep tonight)

As long as you’re still burning bright

If I could trade mistakes for sheep
Count me away before you sleep

I’ll stay awake ‘til I trade my mistakes
So they fade away

I feel marooned in this body
Deserted, my organs can go on without me.
You can’t fly these wings.
You can’t sleep in this box with me.

Let me save you, hold this rope

I may never sleep tonight,

External image

As long as you’re still burning bright.
If I could trade mistakes for sheep,
Count me away before you sleep.
I’ll stay awake till I trade my mistakes
Or they fade away

So, let me save you

hold this rope and ill pull you in
Cause I am an anchor

save her or Feel it sinking in

Let me save you, hold this rope
I am an anchor, sinking her

I may never sleep tonight,
As long as you’re still burning bright.
If I could trade mistakes for sheep,
Count me away before you sleep.

External image

I’ll stay awake till I trade my mistakes
Or they fade away
External image