i was going to reblog but decided it was maybe too mean


As many of you have probably seen, my ic posts have been rather scarce these past few weeks. School has been taking up a large portion of my time, and left me with very little energy to summon up my muse for replies. With a midterm and various project due dates coming up, I have little hope that the trend will change. So, I’ve made a decision:
I know, hiatuses are never fun, and I really hate having to do this — but I think it’s for the best. Keeping you all hanging has really been stressing me out, and some time without that worry should calm my nerves and jumpstart my muse once again. He’s felt too distant lately, and I want to be sure that the content I post with his voice is my best.
Note that this doesn’t mean I won’t be here. I’ll still reblog and post things. Nothing will be dropped (unless I notify you privately). I am still up for answering character-related questions. Feel free to hmu for plotting! & I plan to write a meta in the coming few days. It just means that I won’t be posting any ic replies

Thank you all for your patience💕