i was going to reblog but decided it was maybe too mean


favorite dair scene 4x17 - “Apparently great minds think alike”

Excuse me, why aren’t you at MoMA meeting me? 

I decided to grab lunch with my dad instead. Why aren’t you at MoMA meeting me? 

I’m standing you up.

Ah, well… Apparently great minds think alike.

I’ve always said this is my favorite dair scene. There are a lot of great dair scenes (all of them basically) but scenes like this one are the ones in where i realize “fuck i really ship these two”. Don’t give me anything too romantic (at first) just give me adorable faces and bickering and I’m sold. And this was the moment they both started to think about the other as maybe something more than a friend. It is really important in their relationship. The fact that they both were scared about it because it would really mean something and they both reacted the same way says a lot. And we get to see how these two could spend their time together. Going to museums, talking and arguing about their interests. And that line. “Apparently great minds think alike”. Dan is putting them both at the same level. He’s also so amused that she decided to stand him up just like he was doing to her. THEIR FACES IN THIS SCENE. And besides, this led to their first kiss. What’s more to ask?