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Peter Parker X avenger!Reader

Summary: In which Peter helps you with a little studying and ends up sleeping over and spending the next day with you:)

Word Count: 1.5k

a/n: I haven’t written in a while so sorry if I’m rusty,, and i didn’t proofread sorryyyy!!


It was a Friday night, and you were studying. Like most kids at this time, you were super stressed for finals week. As you sat in the Avenger’s tower library, you wondered how you would retain so much information in such little time. As you set your head down on your books making a loud sigh, the team walked in.

“Hey, kid. Whatcha up to?”, Tony pondered as he walked around behind the table you were working at.

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Black Honey: Pt. 6 [conclusion]

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 |

Summary: Starfire and Robin are officially an item, but what does that mean when the resident empath is stuck living between their respective bedrooms? Finding a new bunk buddy in Beast Boy was certainly not her first choice, and when she engages in a strange, night time activity, how long before the changeling notices what she’s up to?

His first instinct was to stop her.

There were so many questions running through his hazy mind, it was staggering.

Nonetheless, it was pure impulse that he acted on, knowing that he had to get to her before she vanished. He needed answers, and they needed to work through this, neither of which would happen if Raven fled the scene, like he knew should would.

“Raven, wait-” His voice was choked up and distant, even as he tried to reach out to her.

The expression on her face betrayed the horror she was no doubt experiencing, the numbing fear. She’d been caught, and so had he.

Beast Boy was shaken, but no where near as jittery and paranoid as the cowering empath. The earth beneath them seemed to come to life, the objects in his room skittering across his floor. The frame of his bed moved, his oak dresser creaked against the tiles in response to an otherworldly force, his toys and figurines clattering to the floor. A few candle jars smashed to the ground in pieces, the glass shards splaying out like dangerous, glittering gems. The candle wax would no doubt stain the wooden panels.

None of it mattered.

He couldn’t bring himself to care, not when the girl responsible for so much chaos was so violently distraught. The blood seemed to have drained from Raven’s already pale face, all the while she clutched at the sides of her skull, her fingers digging into the roots of her violet hair.

Even now, he could hear the others rushing to his room, the heavy, echoing footfalls of both Cyborg and Robin as they raced down the hall.

The lights in his room flickered on and off, until she burnt them out entirely, the bulbs bursting into an ear-splitting smattering of glass.

He tried to get to her, but some invisible force was stopping him, pushing him back.

The Titans banged on his door, their voices muffled by the whirlwind of catastrophe now contained in his bedroom.

She was spinning out of control, and the more damage she did, the worse it became. Bit by bit, she was overwhelmed with a surge of emotion and, thus, her powers raged on in an endless storm of electricity and malevolence.


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inlovewithvkook  asked:

Heyy! Its summer holidays and I'm bored as fuck, so do you guys know any fics that would blow my mind? Like a long fic with an amazing well-made interesting plot? Thats not really specific im sorry, im willing to read anything as long as it has an impressive, mind blowing, not boring at all plot Thank you for this amazing blog 💖

I’ll keep this as short as I can since it’s such a broad request and I have no idea what you guys have already read lol you can also look through our above 50k tag for long fics, and if we rec’ced them we probably gave some kind of opinion on them so you’ll know what we thought of them

Only When the Sun Sets by sacramento - Jeon Jeongguk was never meant to handle so much responsibility, but when he sees a vision foretelling the King’s death, he cannot just sit back and let it happen. The ‘right’ thing to do would be to stop it, but as Jeongguk soon discovers, doing the ‘right’ thing is never so simple, or easy. Stuck in between underhanded plots for the Iron Throne, Jeongguk must figure out who he is and what he stands for. He must choose a side, and he must choose well, for in the Game of Thrones, you win… or you die. There is no middle ground.

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast by Kavbj - Taehyung has magic in his veins and Jungkook’s determined not to let it kill him. 

Lucky strike by expplipo - “You’re bad luck, I’m good luck. Two sides of a coin. Head and tails. We match.”

Terrible Things Happen (Sometimes, They Save You) by mindheist - Min Yoongi wakes up from a nightmare on a sunless afternoon to a reality more twisted than his dizziest daydreams.

refrigerator humming, chewing gum and instant karma by locks - Taehyung sets the flowers down on the dining table, plucking the card off the little holder. “Dearest Taehyung, just wanted you to know that I’m thinking about you. I hope you’re thinking about me too. Love–” he pauses and squints before cocking an eyebrow and pursing his lips. “Hyung, why is the boss of your little boy band gang professing his love for me?” Yoongi drops the noodles on the floor with a loud curse as he burns his hand. Or, Taehyung’s been trying his hardest to avoid Yoongi’s criminal life for a long ass time, but a cute kid and his infuriating father keep pulling him deeper into the mix.

trust your heart if the seas catch fire by maxx - “Sometimes I wonder whether you’d be better off without me. Whether you really need me at all.” Taehyung has always doubted his necessity to the group, as well as to Jungkook. Usually a knock on the head would suffice to bring him back to his senses. But this time, it seems someone was listening to his request. Now, everything has changed. He’s in a world where Jungkook and the rest of the group are still famous, but he isn’t.

Veni, Vidi, Amavi by yourluckytae - (I came, I saw, I loved) Ever since that day, Taehyung has been looking for something, chasing a dream he seems to be missing. Something important that makes his heart whole. It’s a creeping sense of someone he can’t quite grasp, who’s always on the tip of his tongue, nails on a chalkboard screeching loudly in his ear to remember. But every time he tries, it hurts. But he chases the dreams, the feelings, whatever it is that he’s missing because he thinks it would hurt more to never find whatever’s gone. Jeongguk stares at his palms absent-mindedly, body rocking with the movement of the train. His fingers trace over non existent words on his right palm. Something he hadn’t thought about in years. He has a feeling; something deep and nostalgic bubbling inside him tasting like chocolate muffins and caramel lattes and smelling of vanilla and strawberries. It stirs within him as his fingers trace each stroke over his palm. It stirs something melancholy, something sad. A feeling. (Kimi no Na Wa (Your Name) Au)

起死回生; To Live Again by mindheist - Fiction gives us a second chance that life denies us.

Abaddon’s Waltz by eclairdeluxe - Hell hath no fury like a lover scorned.

(thought you knew) you were in this song by expplipo - Taehyung nearly chokes, but only nearly. Instead he raises an eyebrow and puts on the most suave smile he can manage. Hopes he looks far more collected than his for-some-reason racing heartbeat would let on, more suit-and-wine than elementary-schooler-with-a-new-crush. “You like me?” Jeongguk blushes, and looks at his feet. He’s smiling. “Of course.” “Really?” Taehyung says. “Like? Or like like?” (So much for suit-and-wine.)

I’ve read all the ones I just listed and I know for sure those are good, but these next ones I haven’t read. most are on my list to read and seem pretty good from skimming the writing a bit and the plots all seem interesting, or they’re ones I know other people love, but I can’t be 100% sure since I haven’t read them

Swamp Magic by GinForInk - Two witches lure Jungkook into their cabin in the woods.

(I know admin guk read this and really loved it, and I read one other fic from this author and it was amazing)

Lupus Tales by kpopismydrug - This is one summer break that Taehyung will never forget. From dealing with a moody mare that likes to think she’s a stroppy teenager rather than a horse, to dealing with childhood memories that threaten to choke him, Taehyung will soon find out that when you take a trip down memory lane, some things are more than just memories.

(super long series that I know admin s loves)

An Interstellar Anomaly by PaprikaFetus - They are two heirs that belong to opposite sides of the universe.

Hustlers by tbz - Jungkook hadn’t meant to lose nine million. He certainly hadn’t meant to lose his kidney. And he hadn’t meant to meet Kim Taehyung.

summer; blue by Batman - More than you can manage, more than you can hide: a study in light.

Mutual Fiend by kkumkkatcher - “I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on.” An AU where Jungkook needs to kill Taehyung, but Taehyung also needs to kill Jungkook, and things get (more than) a bit complicated.

All the Years of Us by TrappingLightningBugs - From the moment a new family hobbled into town, having come a long way for sanctuary, Taehyung had eyes only for Jeon Jungkook.

Shifting On My Feet by MarionetteFtHJM - With the ever-growing crime rate in the city there’s no telling what the leading figures will do to remain leading. The safety of the people is at risk and the possible collateral damage looms over the authorities. There is only one safe option, sacrifice a few to save the lives of many. Tear them from the inside, cool the situation down- should be easy enough, right? Jeongguk was just trying to live out his days peacefully, but running from one’s past never really worked out for anybody- so why would he be an exception? He’s not. Demons tend to find who they’re looking for in the end.

Taste of Ink by sugamins - Jungkook is a drug runner for the largest gang in the whole of Busan: the Sam Yong Pa. One day he bumps into a runner for a rival gang in the next district that has trespassed into their territory: a Geum Sung Pa boy called Jimin. Jimin has a friend, a goon for the rival gang. Taehyung beats people up for a living, and boy, does he look good when he’s doing it.But their blossoming friendships reignite old gang flames and causes the most brutal gang war the country has ever seen.Dragons destroy and stars explode.

i know you wanna go to heaven (but you’re human tonight) by moonlightae - Taehyung just thought it would be a one night stand, but he gets more than he bargained for

Assassin’s Order by TaeSyubDKook - CEO Taehyung gets tangled up in some illegal business without even knowing and when Assasin Jeongguk gets assigned to extract information from him after being caught, he realizes in what mess he’s gotten himself into and agrees to cooperate with the assassins, after learning their true reasons, to bring down his uncle’s company. What Jeongguk and Taehyung didn’t expect was falling for each other in the progress.

Kiss With a Fist by byeolguk - “Need a little help, love?” Jungkook asks, teasing him. “Nah I had it all under control, sweetheart,” Taehyung answers with a smile, blood oozing from his split lip. Goddamn even smiling hurt now. Fuckity fuck fuck. Jungkook only rolls his eyes, his cocky smirk never slipping and Taehyung almost forgets how much pain he’s in. prompt-Can you please write the “ kick his ass for me” prompt with taekook!

got a question or request? check our tags page first to see if what you’re looking for is already there, or use the search bar on our blog! if you don’t have any luck with that, feel free to send us an ask when the inbox is open^^

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Drunk obi wan accidentally telling padme and anakin he knows they're married and revelling how hurt he was they didn't tell him

He had drunk way more then he really should have but Padme had the best wine on the market and not to mention brandy and Anakin kept refilling while making cow eyes at Padme when he thought Obi-Wan wasn’t watching.

Not that Padme was any better.

Well marginally better. He caught her less then he caught Anakin.

He’d blame the alcohol later for his next words. “You know if you two just want to dally of to the bedroom, I won’t stop you. Spouses deserve their time together.” He drawled before taking a large sip of the wine.

Potent stuff it was, hit his system like a hammer.

And it was almost amusing how Padme dropped her fork to the floor and Anakin choked on his own saliva as he watched them over the rim.

He lightly nibbled on a pastry as Anakin pounded himself on the chest, getting faintly worried from how red the blond was turning and obviously so was Padme by the way she got to her feet and rubbed his back. “Easy Ani, easy.” She murmured quietly, seemingly forgetting about Obi-Wan in the room.

But that wasn’t unusual, people forgot about him unless he made himself known or they needed him for something.

Taking a quick swallow of water to clear his throat and chest and rub the pained tears from his eyes, Anakin finally focused on Obi-Wan, staring at him with wide eyes. “Obi-Wan?”

“Mmmn?” The older man tilted his head at them, resting an elbow on the table and his head on his hand in a show of impropriety. “You poured me way to much alcohol Anakin.” The man sighed then seemed to muse on something. “Then again I should have filtered it out but honestly, if I had to watch you two make cow eyes at each other sober for one more minute…” He let the words trail off even as Padme whispered in horror about cow eyes.

“Cow eyes! I hav-”

“Like the biggest cow eyes I have ever seen and that includes Bant every time she gets put in front of that kelp delicacy she adores so much.” Obi-Wan grumbled a bit before sitting back and peering at them, squinting a bit.

They both looked shocked.

Anakin even looked a bit scared, like he was waiting on the other shoe to drop.

“You know, I would have liked an invite if nothing else.” Obi-Wan settled on as he squinted at them before pouting when Anakin gaped at him.

“What?” The knight wheezed.

“Obi-Wan?” Padme added, her voice soft and sounding a bit lost.

Green eyes flickered almost lazily between them. “Honestly, I get that you didn’t want to tell me but to lie to me with straight faces. I thought…” He trailed off a bit, swallowing a bit as he looked away finally. “I thought we at least had a friendship going…”

“Obi-Wan of course we do.” Padme assured quickly. “But the Jedi co-”

“Hang the code, between my padawan and the code I’ve always picked Anakin first.” He scowled a bit, wondering how drunk he was absently.

He was unusually chatty and emotional, he hadn’t been like this since Quinlan and Bant had dragged him to a bar after Qui-Gon had died and made sure he got properly drunk until he broke down crying against the Mon Calamari.

Anakin looked so lost there he sat. “Bu-”

“Hang the fucking code. I’ve always picked you. Even if you didn’t notice it.” Obi-Wan huffed then wobbled to his feet. “I’m going to bed I think. I must have drunk…damn it why did you keep refilling my damn glass Anakin…” He rubbed his face, feeling wobbly.

Hands covered his shoulders and he looked up into Anakin’s worried face as the knight tried for a soothing smile. “How about you and I stay here the night, you’re drunk and you should sleep and there are guests rooms in this apartment.” He said quickly, rubbing Obi-Wan’s shoulders lightly before pushing him towards one of the guestrooms.

Obi-Wan grumbled but let himself be manhandled, to tired and to drunk to put up a fight as he allowed Anakin to help him to his under tunics and with the boots before he was pushed into bed and covered with the blankets of the bed.


“Mmmn?” The Jedi master mumbled, nuzzling into the overly soft pillow.

“…I’m sorry for not telling you.”


Anakin watched his old master fall asleep, staring at him before turning to Padme with a lost expression on his face. “He knew.”

“He knew.” She confirmed, looking just as lost as he did.

“…What now?”

To that she had no answer.

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I know that it shouldn't bother me, but I really don't know how much time is gonna pass for me to see the girls supporting each other's side projects without thinking how things were when Camila was in the group. Is just that she got so much hate (not from the girls) for doing the same things and they didn't showed any support to her like they do to each other now. Idk, it feels kind of off to me thinking how she handle all that still in the band and everything change when she was gone 😪

Okay buckle up, this is a long one 😂  (disclaimer: all personal theory)

Everything changed because the narrative changed - this whole supporting each other and being the happiest they’ve ever been is just a way for them to save appearances, the last thing the label wants right now is for the fans to think that the girls are unhappy. Camila’s departure and the audio leaks of Lauren crying raised a lot of suspicion in the fandom during the break - plus now Camila is actually telling her story and why she needed to leave. 

See they’re making a very smart move to keep the fans talking and making people think there’s a feud. Because when 5H is pushing Ot4 and saying that they support each other through everything it makes people think that when Camila was there something was wrong, and obviously it was her fault since now that she’s gone everything’s dandy - they’re putting all of it on this communication thing, therefore also putting a little reminder of the supposed meetings Camila didn’t go to.

Then on the other side you have Camila, who’s been telling her story, explaining why she left, never directly involving the girls but clearly stating that she was unhappy. Little by little we discover that she turned down projects while being in 5H, that she wanted her exit to happen differently that it did. 

Now there’s three major ways to react to all of this as a fan (I’m sure there’s more but I’ll narrow it down to 3 general ones)

n°1 : You think Camila is lying, that she casted herself aside while being in the group, that she purposely didn’t communicate with the girls about her solo projects and that basically the girls have been mad at her for 2 years and that’s why they didn’t support her and that only now that she’s gone they can finally be all happy and sunshine while subtly shading her for leaving.

n°2 : You think LAND are lying, that Camila warned them, prepared them for her departure, had those lengthy conversations she stated they had and was basically screwed over by the statement letter for her departure. That now she’s the victim of 5H who are trying to play the nice guys that were abandon by their friend, basically making her a selfish traitor when all she really wanted was to be happy and understood.

n°3 (what I personally believe right now) : You think all of this is bullshit. That the label, who represents both artists, is putting in place a narrative to make the fandom and the medias talk and boost the sales. That neither Camila or LAND really had a choice in whether or not they wanted to play that narrative because they are both under strict contracts. That the label allowing them a little bit more of freedom in the writing of the album is a consolation price but doesn’t stop it from controlling every other little thing. You may think Camila’s whole dramatic departure was a set up, that all those letters were already written long before their release. And you also may think that now, by making the fandom basically choose a side, the label is putting in place a competition between 5H and Camila, and that nothing is better than that to boost the fans and make them want to support their favorite enough to crush the other. 

Personally, n°2 was my first reaction when Camila left - I thought she was a victim, probably because she is indeed my favorite and I couldn’t possibly believe she would do such a thing as leaving via her representatives. After she released her letter I thought, yes, that’s the truth, and then when 5H replied I was shocked and hurt for a while. But then I thought back to Mani crying at their last concert and Dinah’s ig post telling Camila she supports her no matter what, and her cheering and singing along with Camila during her Bad Things performance. A few doubts start creeping in my mind. Then the audio of Lauren crying leaked, letting us know that it wasn’t only Camila being unhappy in this group. Then after complete radio silence, finally an interview in which Camila says she isn’t talking to them at all, while at the same time official papers are found by the fans/detectives, proving that Camila wasn’t part of the 5H brand during the 7/27 tour and that her departure had indeed been known for a very long time. And I wonder, if it had been known for so long then how come her departure was such a shock that it could ruined 5 years of friendship? At that moment I knew something was wrong and that we were being played.

We didn’t get much from Camila’s first interviews but then 5H arrived with a giant OT4 stamped on their forehead and a new single that would be in the charts next to CITC. Of course that wasn’t enough so they also make Lauren and Ally release their solo projects to come in competition with Camila’s collabs.  

You see, this is all planned out and has very little to do with what the girls are actually feeling or the true nature of their relationship with each other at the moment. That’s why I believe they’re still talking to Camila and they’re all very much aware of what the other one is doing and are very supportive of each other.

I know it’s hard to keep that in mind when you watch this interviews, especially if you’re very protective of your favorite, whether it’s Camila or 5H, because the first instinct it to find someone to blame and that the label, while being in control of everything, is hiding behind the girls, who therefore become the fandom’s punching bags.

You add to that the obvious sexualization of the girls with Down and Camila’s “I want a spanish boyfriend” bullshit - you got in the label the perfect target to blame sweets - maybe that’ll bother you less 😊

Chasing Ghosts

Request: I rly love your blog a lot!! I was wondering if I could request a newtxreader song fic with the song “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap? Where the reader tries to warn Newt about Leta, but he gets mad and they have an argument? Then he loses contact with the reader for several years and tries to find her, but each time he gets close to finding her, she gets farther away? Really angsty please??? Thank you so much!!!❤️❤️❤️"

Word Count: 4,359

Pairing: Newt x Reader (Platonic)

Tag List: @dont-give-a-bother @red-roses-and-stories @caseoffics @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ly–canthrope @studyforthreehands @whatinbenaddiction @thosefantasticbeast2 @benniesgalaxy

A tinge of despair so intense it seems tangible still clouds Newt’s mind as he digs into the box of mementos, deeper and deeper until his dirt-caked nails crack against the bottom of the wooden crate. Nothing of significance. Nothing of importance. Nothing of use to him unless he wants to remember.

Cursing, he shoves himself to his feet. This room, this hall, this house is all useless junk now. He may as well burn it down; it’s not as if you’ll be returning at any point, not now that you know he’s discovered it. With a growl, he kicks the box, sends it tumbling onto its side. Its guts spill out, rolling across the ground, creating a mess that will remain until the landlord comes knocking for the next month’s rent. Already, it’s too late. You’ve vanished, and the short and chubby landlord with the beady eyes and missing smile won’t be able to track you down.

My fault, my fault, my fault.

No, finding you is Newt’s job, and he’s determined to do it.

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anonymous asked:

I just wanted to drop by and say that first of all, I love your theories and analyses. They're so good and I cry daily about them. Secondly I wanted to express my... I guess dissatisfaction with the lack of fan analyses about John and Dave's friendship, in particular from John's POV. They are basically the only proclaimed pair of best friends whose relationship didn't waver during the course of the whole comic, and I just wish people talked more about their influence on each other!

Ok so first of all I have to say that the idea that Dirk and Jake’s relationship seriously wavered on any level but the superficial “are we officially dating” one is, imo, inaccurate. The boys are in love, they love each other and are best friends and this is true across the board for the Alphas.

Thanks a lot for your message though, and I’ve been meaning to say something about John and Dave’s relationship for a while now so sure, I’ve got a bit to say for you. 

predictably as hell this got really long, so meet me under the cut.

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anonymous asked:

Hi please don't ignore me I need help this user on Google plus Ryan Pratt is stealing art like alot including loud house art and he's so horrible he legit stole box art for a doll from monster high and didn't even get the name right I can't find the real artist to help them and aware them please help me find me them and aware other loud house fans who make art I beg you its a getting ridiculous

Hi there! So I looked this guy up, and turns out he has been stealing A LOT of art, and claiming it as his. He’s also stolen pictures of girls and saying that it’s him. I took some screenshots to show you guys. (I’m going to put it under a read more though so it doesn’t get really big)

If you are an artist and you draw My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Pokemon, Monster High, The Loud House, or Teen Titans, then this guy might have reposted your art and claimed it as his. So I suggest you check out his account and report him.

Even if you’re not an artist, please go report this guy.

(This isn’t even fan art. This is the box art of a doll, and it’s not even Draculaura)

I think that’s enough. I looked through this guy’s page and he has stolen art for more fandoms as well, but the ones listed are the main ones.

Anyway please go report this guy! Art theft is never okay!!

How to happily Ask blog:

  1. Do you. Make an Ask blog about your favorite Pokemon, even if it’s an Eevee and there are already 50 Eevee blogs. Only complainers care, and they’re not worth your time anyway. Absolutely don’t let people tell you what characters and/or species should be on your blog. You may be interested in these characters if you’re lucky, but chances are, if it’s not something you want to do, it’s not going to work.
  2. Take your time. This is something I had to learn was okay for me to do. You don’t need to update every day. Or 24/7. Or every other week. You can let your blog sit for a month even. Doesn’t matter. Take your time. Ask blogs are for fun and you don’t owe anyone answers to Asks or plot updates or RP responses because you can’t snap your fingers and be done. Those things take time. People are generally patient; they will wait.
  3. Character count doesn’t matter. Have as many or as few characters as you want, because it’s your blog, you do what you want. And if you DO have a lot of characters, you can always put them on Ask rotation, that way you and your followers won’t be overwhelmed!
  4. Take a Hiatus if you need it. Your health is more important than your blog. Take care of yourself, mentally and physically. It can be as long or as short as you like. You can also be like me and be hella notorious for taking a Hiatus and IMMEDIATELY COMING OUT OF IT. Because apparently announcing that I’m going on Hiatus gives me a boost of inspiration for the blog I’m Hiatusing from. Don’t ask how that works Ihavenoflippinclue.
  5. If seeing other blogs update stresses you out, unfollow them. Please do not let yourself get stressed. There is a reason I follow a minimal amount of ask blogs. When I ran Wandering Fairy Twins I almost drove myself to the point of tears because I wasn’t updating as quickly as the other blogs. Please don’t stubbornly follow 500+ blogs. Follow your favorites. Unfollow everyone else. Seriously. You can always make a list of blogs you like and stalk them instead, like I do. Of course, if it doesn’t cause you stress, then don’t feel like you have to unfollow people either. I’m just speaking from personal experience, and I am happier following maybe 5 ask blogs and stalking everyone else. I really don’t care if they’re your BBF from 900 years ago, if seeing them update stresses you, unfollow them. Hell unfollow my blogs if they stress you out. Pls. Stalk me instead. I’d rather that you have less stress than me have 500+ followers.
  6. If you run multiple blogs, you don’t need to update them all at once. Section it out. And if you’re in the mood for doing stuff for one blog, but suddenly get a drive for another, update the one you suddenly have a drive for. And if a schedule works for you, you can do that too! You can even set aside certain days to work on specific things for specific blogs. Or work on all the references for your blogs at once. Whatever works for you.
  7. If you run multiple blogs, and it’s causing you stress, start dropping blogs. Do not make a blog for every new character you think of. Put them on a pre-existing blog. Move characters around. Merge blogs. Cut down on the amount of blogs you have. Sure, there’s no limit to how many Ask blogs you can have, but if it’s starting to be a problem, start letting go. You can always use those other characters for other things. But drop blogs. Save your info, your plots, etc, but drop some of those blogs. Doesn’t matter if it’s your most loved blog. Drop it. Say bye. It’s not worth your time if it’s causing you stress.
  8. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation. I apologize though because I’m bad at this, and so are a lot of other people. Tumblr’s messaging system makes it easier to interact with other bloggers though! Keep in mind that a lot of blogger’s can be busy, so they may not respond right away. That doesn’t mean they hate you. They might also be sleeping because Time Zone’s a bitch. But you can’t always wait for people to come to you. Just make sure you check the FAQ and Rules on each blog before you start reaching out. Some people may dislike being approached. Respect that.
  9. Having a friend circle in the community is okay. You do not need to be friends with everyone here. You don’t need to talk to everyone here, or send them asks, or start RPs, or anything else. If you find five people you click with and that’s it, then that’s it. You got those five people you click with and you are still awesome and cool and don’t let complainers being antsy about “popular” people not interacting with “unpopular” people get to you. You get your little circle and be happy with it. Or your medium circle. Or big circle, IDK man for all I know you are like super good friends with 300 people and you manage to plot with all of them and honestly YOU GO you do that. But I really can’t stress enough that you ARE NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE REQUIRED BY TUMBLR LAW to befriend / talk to / plot with / ship with / friendship with / meme with every last person in the Ask community. You are allowed to be picky. You are allowed to be picky. You are allowed to be picky. Nobody gets to be friends with you because they decided so and you’re a bitch/bastard if you aren’t friends with them. Block those people. Just no. Bye. Also don’t be that person. And if you aren’t accepted as anything more than an acquaintance move along my dude, move along. Being acquaintances is just as good as being friends. You don’t have be friends with everyone out there, having 900 friends does not mean you have shallow, meaningless friendships just like having 2 friends is not a direct reflection of your worth. Either way, you are worthy. And either way, you are amazing.
  10. Having a friend circle doesn’t mean you can’t interact with other people either. The friend circle is more in regards to who you click with, who you really like, and who you are ultimately able to plot with easily (or you do the thing where you just yell at each other in frustration because HOW DARE YOU GIVE ME FEELINGS). You can still send asks to anyone, and you can still start RPs with anyone, and you can still ask for asks from anyone (especially if they make a post that they’re sending out Asks. Get IN ON THAT).
  11. There will be people out there who dislike you. Or your art style. Or your writing style. Or your headcanons. Or your subspecies. Or your designs. Or your hyrbids. Or all of the above. Or none of the above. Or they dislike you just because they dislike you. They’ll complain about you. They’ll probably send you anon hate. Ignore them to the best of your ability - because you have more people who adore you. And if those dislikers ever send you hate, delete it. Get rid of it. Don’t post it, don’t give them that pleasure. Delete it so that they can sit and wait and agonise over the fact that their mean comments meant so little to you that you didn't even need to grace them with a response.
  12. Remember, you are cool, my dude. You are cool.

That’s everything I can think of O:

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Yeah, now I'm convinced 100% Lena is Morgana 2.0 and Rhea will be her Morgause. Only diference is that Morgana didn't have a Kara that promise to always be there and protect her and I HOPE that changes the outcome

I definitely see the road that they are trying to take with Rhea, but I am still not convinced enough to dial Lena down to Morgana 2.0. There are way more things to consider than the negative aspects that make them alike.

First, let us consider those that Morgana was against. By the time Morgause moved in on her, Morgana had already started down her dark path. She wanted Uther (a “good” character) dead. She hated a canonically good person. She had even gone as far to make an attempt on Uther’s life before changing her mind. Of course she had excellent reasons to hate him but in the battle of good vs. evil trope, she went to the wrong side. Morgause’s manipulation only continued to ease her down the path that she had already started on. Let us not forget that while Morgause did use her, Morgana went to her first. She told Morgause what she wanted and what she initially tried to do. Following Merlin’s attempt on her life, Morgause had a whole year to finish poisoning Morgana’s heart and mind against those she used to love. Morgana knew what she was, just not exactly what she was capable of.

Lena isn’t there. And I don’t think she will be. At least not anytime soon and not by Rhea’s doing. It is clear that Lena is not going to be initially aware of who Rhea is and what her intentions will be. I mean, give her some credit. I find it extremely hard to believe that Lena would be so open and welcoming to someone that approached her with an evil plan. Yes, she is vulnerable. Yes, she is going through a hard time experiencing loss. But in light of all of that, she is still quite self-aware. She knows of the dangers she faces of being just like Lex and Lillian and the fact that she not only knows that but is afraid shows that she wants to make sure it doesn’t happen. The fact that she has Kara to hold on to helps her with that. The only ones that Lena is against at the moment are her mother and Cadmus. There is not a good character that Lena is at odds with.

She is at a point in her life where she wishes to surround herself with people that can positively influence her. She doesn’t know many at the moment. So when someone approaches her under a seemingly genuine guise of friendship, reaching out when she is in need, of course she is going to be trusting. It is the perfect manipulation – taking advantage of her vulnerability and her good nature. Rhea knows how to capitalize on that. She knows what Lena is missing and can sense what she wants.

I have no doubt that Lena will have a sense of attachment. But I also have no doubt that when she learns the truth about Rhea, she will definitely feel betrayed. Because there is someone else that wanted nothing more than to use her and her resources for ills. She’s been used and hurt by a lot of people in her life so she would not be willing to help someone that did the same – especially if that person not only aims to hurt her but others as well.

We already know that Lena will be Team Supergirl and she will be working with the DEO and Lillian to take down the Daxamites so let’s guess where that will leave Mother Figure Rhea. Gone. Back on Daxam. Dead. Who knows? But her grip on Lena – also gone. It has also been stated that Kara and Lena’s friendship will continue to develop and be explored into the next season.

My final point: They have put way too much development into Lena having her lean a certain way to have her go bad at the end of the season for someone she literally just met. Lena Luthor, the woman that saved Supergirl a number of times, went out of her way to see justice done, worked late hours to help find kidnapped aliens – with a smile on her face – and single-handedly saved the aliens of National City (possibly even the world), isn’t going to turn on a dime and fight for the big bad. She just won’t. It literally goes against everything that they have put in place for her. It goes against nearly every message and moral of this season. Our girl will be just fine. Lena and Morgana are two different entities. There are negative aspects in the stories that are shared, but as Kara said:

There are too many things to consider in Lena’s favor. Kara’s influence is only one of them.

Let’s see what happens on tonight’s episode.

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Every episode of season two of Legends seems to have at least one (usually more) joke about Mick's intelligence or usefulness. This didn't happen nearly as often in season one. Each character has done it now, even the genuinely good and kind ones you wouldn't expect this from like Jax, Ray, and Nate. It's not like Mick has been incompetent. He was useful with Washington and in the last episode. Do you think this is leading up to something for when Len returns? Or is it all just comic relief?

No, season 1 was really different. Ray had issues with Mick’s morality but wasn’t so likely disparage his (anyone’s) intellect. Martin was always a dick to everyone in his own special way, but didn’t call Mick an idiot really, certainly not so often or bluntly. Sara had no issue with Mick, it seemed. Jax was always chill with him, barring the whole ‘criminal’ thing. The only one who really put him down as ‘thick’ or ‘IQ of meat’ was Rip, in S1. And even then, Rip would agree with him when he had points (like about Druce wanting to kill Rip in that forest) and defer to Mick’s better judgement without making a huge production of it.

S2, like you said, obviously different. Literally everyone has made comments, or multiple. He keeps displaying an amazing amount of competence and keeps getting shit on for it. From finding them all through history (with Nate, of course, but Mick did the piloting), to defeating a bunch of ninjas single-handedly to actually building rapport with the enemy of the week in the old west (they could have used that instead of starting a brawl omg), to saving Washington (and the United States in the process) to coming up with plans to taking charge and owning it in the Capone era to taking out an entire army in Camelot 3000 with just his mind

Mick kicks ass. 

He’s literally never been incompetent in any way, shape, or form on the team. I’ve been pointing out since season 1 that he’s probably the most skilled of them all (barring maybe Rip) in terms of what their journey demands (here’s a decent overview with in-line links to other posts all about Mick’s skill and intellect).

So… ugh. I’ve complained about it a lot, how the team seems to be incapable of recognizing and respecting that. I won’t link the posts – they’re plentiful though, in my Mick Rory tag.

But I do think you might have a point. It’s been something I’m pondering. 

At first I thought they were creating a split-team rift. I thought they were going to have Ray and Mick get close, him get close to Amaya too, but maybe feel more distant from Sara (and Rip, upon return) and maybe Martin too? So that when Len showed back up, Mick was going to have this tension between the members of the team he wanted to protect vs. those he didn’t feel so close with, so that going with Len was a real, genuine dilemma for him. So I didn’t think the comments would really take off with the whole team.

But then they did and now… well, my honest suspicion? They changed the story starting after 2x04. My best guess is that Mick won’t be around next season (Dominic Purcell is vocal on social media about disliking Vancouver and missing his family) and so they realized that the stories they were building with him couldn’t be carried forward. So they swapped major parts of those stories (closeness and budding romance with Amaya, close friendship/partnership with Ray) over to Nate instead (which I argue doesn’t work as well for character dynamics but w/e). I can’t say this is really the case, obviously, but it feels that way if you look at what they were building and then how it started to change and what abruptly got dropped or added.

As a consequence of that, they decided that Mick’s dilemma isn’t going to be so tough after all. He’s going to be crapped on by the team a lot and eventually start to show that he’s getting fed up with it, instead of taking it so much in stride (look at how he stood up to Sara’s orders in Camelot, basically ready to throw down, or how he bent Ray’s arm for poking him about crumbs, compared to how he didn’t mind Rip complaining about his stealing stuff in France in 2x01). So then the dilemma of going along with Len wouldn’t seem like such a difficult decision. He’s going to go with Len, hands down. He’s under-appreciated by the team and he’s going to peace out. 

Wishful thinking version? The team is going to realize they’ve made a grave mistake and end up in a dire situation and Mick’s going to cave enough to help save the day, and then he’s going to be done for good with the Legends and return to Central City with Len. In a perfect world, they’re then going to use some of the knowledge and skills (and allies, like Reverse Flash) they’ve gained in order to really start the Rogues. The Rogues become a major part of Flash season 4. My crops are watered and my skin is clear.

I mean, it’s a little far-fetched but that’s how I would write it, personally.

More realistically, they’re still going to show some serious dilemma for Mick and the team aren’t ever going to be properly reprimanded or remorseful over the shitty way they’ve treated Mick, and the writers are doing it at least a little for the sake of humor, because a lot of those lines have seemed like they’re trying to be comedic (unlike Rip and Mick’s blowout with the pirates), even if they fall totally flat.

But eh. At least for one moment, someone recognized his value.

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pulltheotheroneithasbellson  asked:

could you do more with ace!Keith and sheith? I'm sure you know why this is my jam. (and here we see why bells is horrible at prompts, because that's all I got my dude)

I hope you wanted this to be full of feelings because it is most certainly that

Shiro and Keith had talked about this before.

Once, at the Garrison, both of them young and shy and nervous, trying to figure out how to define this nebulous new thing that was growing between them. Neither of them knew how to talk about it, back then. Neither of them had enough practice putting lines around their feelings, or enough practice even seeing where they ended.

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Twice Reacts||Crush Confessing||

A/N:Girl x Girl! I didn't put gifs, because my computer is once again being a little bitch, and doesn't want me to add any.


Sleep overs were meant to be innocent right? Well then how come Nayeon kept pictureing her face between your thighs? Well that would be because you kept brushing your hand against hers. You kept hugging her and she was going crazy! Deciding you meant nothing of it, Nayeon did her best to ignore you. However that didnt work out when you pinned her against the wall. “Dont act like I dont see the way you look at me when you think im not paying attention,” her faced blushed at your sudden movement. You leaned in and kissed her.


You were never one to show affection. However when Jeungyeon came back, you couldn’t help but hug her. You just wanted her in your arms. She couldnt help but smile at your actions. Whenever she joked you were hitting on her, your cheeks would burn. Jeongyeon never expected you to kiss her, but her teasing just pushed you to the limits. You wrapped your arms around her neck, and pulled her into a rough and deep kiss.


After not seeing Momo for a long time, you couldn’t help but let your emotions get the best of you. It was hard not to want to touch Momo, or kiss her. This entire day you kept holding her hand, or hugging her longer than normal. Momo noticed though, and she loved it. She also wanted to touch you. As you both were play fighting, you tripped and began to fall backwards. Reaching your hand out, you grabbed the thing closest to you, Momo. You landed on the couch, Momo on top of you. You saw the way Momos eyes lingered to you lips. You closed the gap between you two, kissing her passionately.


Being the leader of Twice has its ups and downs. Its hard being and Idol, living in a society where if you’re not under 110 pounds and you’re a girl, you’re fat. If your thighs touch, ugly. Jihyo was shamed for being fat, and having a rounder face. You however, loved that about her. You loved to pinch her cheeks and play with them. You didnt think she was fat, you thought she was perfect. Thats probably the reason why she fell for you. Thats also probably why she wasnt afraid to kiss you while you were pinching her cheeks. But because of that move, a beautiful relationship formed.


You hugged Sana from behind, smiling at her giggle. You missed Sana, lately she had been so busy with work that you didnt get to see her often. You kept hugging Sana, threatening to never let her go. You guys were always this playful, it was common. You kissed her cheek before letting go. Sana cheeks burned red at the sudden contact, however she wasnt going to complain. Thats when you decided, you couldnt take it anymore. “Hey Sana” “Yeah Y/N?” “I love you, more than a friend”


Being in love with your best friend was hard enough, but when your best friend wasnt in love with you, now that was harder. Everyday Mina got to see Y/N laugh and smile, but not because of her. Mina hated it, the feeling of being forgotten. However one day as Mina sat in the practice room Y/N stopped by. With a bright smile on her face Y/N asked Mina how she was doing. Far too upset to really say much Mina just said fine. Y/N saw it though, the far away look in Mina’s eyes. Slowly Y/N moved her hand to Mina’s face, brushing her hair away. Minas cheeks began to burn, when she turned her head, her lips locked with Y/N’s. “I love you Mina” Y/N softly whispered


Dahyun and you had a playful friendship. It was normal for you two to steal pecks on the cheek, or hold hands. But you never admitted your feelings for each other. You never kissed her lips. Honestly you were tired of that.You wanted, no needed to feel her lips on yours. You were craving more! So one day as you both were swinging at a playground, you got of the swing, making Dahyun follow you. You pulled her to a slide, sitting down you stared into her eyes. Dahyun suddenly grew nervous, but she felt butterflies in her stomach.”Dahyun, I dont know if you feel the same way but..” you couldn’t finish your sentence before her lips were pressed against yours, and her hand was resting on your thigh.


Chae always dropped hints she liked girls.She made it obvious more or so. Constantly saying things about pretty girls, taking boyfriend material pictures, and even painting her nails black after she heard guys didnt like that. Even after all her hints, fans just thought she was being cute, nothing more. You though, you knew the truth. You loved Chaeyoung, but you didnt know how to admit it. One day, you kept touching her shoulder, or brushing your hand against hers to see how she would react. Every time you were satisfied with her reaction, she tried to hide her feelings, but her face said it all. Chaeyoung loved it, but thought it was all an accident and you never meant it. However as the day came to an end, and you had to head home, your bravery grew. As Chaeyoung said her goodbyes to you, you pulled her into a kiss. Chaeyoungs eyes went wide, but she kissed you back.


You and Tzuyu were models for a new clothing line. Always having to pose in weird positions together was common. However Tzuyu always felt something weird when you posed together. It was a feeling of wanting more, like a magnet was placed between you two. Well you felt it to and you didn’t know what it was. One day as the shoot was coming to an end, you pulled Tzuyu into a back room. Looking into her eyes, you quickly pulled her into a kiss. Regretting your decision, you turned away and went to walk out. However a hand stopped you. You were pulled into Tzuyu arms. “I love you Y/N, I finally realize that” she whispered.


anonymous asked:

Hello :) May I ask for your personal opinion on Brooks Brown? His book made me interested in Columbine in the first place, but his opinion on what caused the shooting seems a bit too monocausal to me if that makes sense? Like he's fixated on the idea that it was solely bullying but they didn't exactly shoot their tormentors, did they. Also he portrays Dylan as just a follower and Eric as the evil mastermind behind it all. Finally I heard about him being a child molester, so that's that I guess?

That’s probably because Brooks actually went to Columbine and knew first hand what was going on at that dysfunctional school. He witnessed the toxic culture and the rampant bullying that went on as staff and teachers looked the other way.  If anyone should be able to identify the underlying, significant, causation factor it is him rather than ‘expert’ psychologists, authors and journalists who weren’t there, and more importantly, were not friends with Dylan and Eric as Brooks in fact, was.  It isn’t so much ‘fixation’ but assuredness. It’s not a mere belief he has but a knowing from having experienced it first hand as a student there. Why bullying has been brushed under the carpet and minimized when it comes to Columbine, is quite frankly baffling (not to mention criminal), to be honest.   It is rather Dave Cullen that has fixated on his belief, his idea, that bullying was not the fundamental reason for why the two did what they did. 

The two didn’t specifically target certain individuals specifically as their tormentors because at a certain point, after enduring mistreatment to the point of sparking much rage and depression within them, they came to the conclusion that the entire school itself was their tormentor. I would highly recommend you watch this video as to exactly why the school was a target as a whole rather than individuals targeted. 

Eric and Dylan planned to bomb the cafeteria, and they hoped to take out a good chunk of the school with approximately 500 people having A lunch period. I’m sure part of the reason too is that they knew that a fair amount of the jocks would be having lunch during that time too…sitting at their usual tables..near those duffle bag incased propane bombs.  It also would’ve been rather ridiculous and time wastingly futile for them to chase around certain people in the school. I’m certain they didn’t know where every single student was to go after them and it would’ve put them at a disadvantage to separate from one another to locate targeted individuals.  It was much more effective in their mind to just blow up the school when many would be having lunch at the time. Why not take out the entire Cancer rather than go after each and every malignant cell? 

I don’t really agree that Brooks simplistically views Dylan as a follower to Eric the evil mastermind, at least, not in the one-dimensional manner that Dave Cullen subscribes too.  However, I will say that Brooks knew Dylan since they were little kids and he remained friends with Dylan throughout the years, even though they grew a part there for a while. Eric, on the other hand, burnt a fair amount of bridge with Brooks.  It’s not so hard to see why Brooks views Eric as a manipulative and conniving sonofabitch seeing as they’d just rekindled a friendship after months of a cold war (in which Eric was attacking and vandalizing his house and threatening Brooks and his family on this website) and then Eric goes and does this..along with his childhood friend. Who can blame him for having perhaps more of a bias against Eric - especially after their chilling last exchange which has bothered him to this day:  “I like you now..get out of here, go home.”  That said, make no mistake, at the end of the day, Brooks is just as angry at Dylan as he is Eric. He finds them equally responsible.

and lastly, here is where you can catch yourself up on Brooks being a creep with young girls.  I think it speaks for itself. ;)

A Shared Passion

Okay well I don’t know how it happened. I got an idea, ran with it and somehow I wrote 13 pages worth of I DON’T EVEN KNOW.

But its fine. So I hope you enjoy, I’m sorry its so long, and I’m gonna put in under a read more because its so long. Let me know how it is guys.

RIP me.

Prompto x Reader (Gender Mutual)


Word Count: 3,888

    To everyone who knows Prompto Argentum, they know he’s a photo fanatic. The boy loves photography and isn’t afraid to show it when pulling out his camera to get the best shots; although, sometimes not during the most convenient or safe moments.
     But that doesn’t stop him.
     It was this particular time that the boys were coming back from a particular fight, that had almost went south. If not for Ignis’s quick thinking, one of them could have gotten hurt. Which put most of them in a somber mood. But not Prompto. He was just happy to be alive and that his friends were okay.
    Driving along in the car to a certain rest stop near by, because none of the Chocobros really had the energy to camp and were close enough to one, Prompto called them to a stop because they were about to pass by a certain landmark that the photographer of the group just had to get a shot of. Ignis pulled over on the side of the rode to stop, and told him to hurry, while the others waited in the car. So he grabbed his camera and off he went to said landmark.
    Although he didn’t expect to run into you.

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Hey, your blog showed up in my RikoMoriyama recs. Would you be willing to be willing to answer a few questions and do you know anyone else on tumblr who would have an interesting opinion on that character (maybe someone we haven't heard of/from yet?) there are only a few blogger who talk about him. Thx! xoxo

Hi <3 I’m really glad to see this message because I could talk for hours about Riko (and every character in this damn book tbh)(but we are here for Riko).

We’ll start with the recs. I think you can ask @kitshunette as she draws Riko a lot. Probably @still-waiting-for-godot too. Maybe @queen-of-perplexity ? Not sure at all.  @shihoran already talked about him for what I know, but I don’t know if they received this survey. (Edit) And just as asked, @coldsaturn and @ booksareourlove too. Annnnd I’m sorry I think I have no more names, and they’re not really people nobody heard about before. But if someone read this message and wants to talk about Riko/answer those questions too and all, don’t hesitate to show up <3
(long post so everything’s under the cut)

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anonymous asked:

It is canon that Gellert and Albus never mentioned their friendship to anyone else during their time apart. I can understand why Albus never did, but what about Gellert? If Albus really didn't mean anything to Gellert aside from a valuable asset (as JKR had claimed) I don't see why he wouldn't use this to his advantage or at least mention how he almost successfully exploited someone as powerful as Albus to his followers. What do you think of this?

So I’ll start off by saying that JKR can say that Gellert only viewed Albus as an asset all she wants, but it doesn’t give the character the justice he deserves. Jo might as well be under the same delusion that Gellert put himself under. It seems to me that he cared deeply for Albus, at least by the end of his life. Jo even hints at it herself.

‘“Grindelwald tried to stop Voldemort going after the wand. He lied, you know, pretended he had never had it.”

Dumbledore nodded, looking down at his lap, tears still glittering on the crooked nose.

“They say he showed remorse in later years, alone in his cell at Nurmengard. I hope that it is true. I would like to think he did feel the horror and shame of what he had done. Perhaps that lie to Voldemort was his attempt to make amends… to prevent Voldemort from taking the Hallow…”

“… or maybe from breaking into your tomb?” suggested Harry, and Dumbledore dabbed at his eyes.’  (Deathly Hallows)

So, as you see, it is not cut and dry that Gellert held no feelings for Albus and it is not even confirmed canon that he wasn’t in love with Albus. 

All we know from canon is that Gellert showed some semblance for affection for Albus in his youth in attempt to use him as an asset and that he did not truly feel at that time. He manipulated Albus for his ideas and intellectual worth. Not only does that leave a lot of room for interpretation about Gellert’s remorse arc but also I still hold on to the idea that Gellert lied to himself and JKR bought into the lie (I know I am getting a little petty here, but I think it’s fair to say that I have given these characters enough to time to get righteous.)

The point that I wont really dwell on, as it is irrelevant to the question is that feelings change. Even if Gellert used Albus as an asset and truly had no feelings for him at the time, he could still see his worth as a companion, an equal, a friend and/or a lover by the end of his life. 

Secondly, Gellert didn’t tell anyone about Albus because he would have to admit that he had failed in that conquest and face the shame of Ariana’s death. In an earlier ask, I went into how both Gellert and Albus are wonderful at deceiving themselves. As it so happens, both men are also fantastic at deceiving those around them. Politically, mentioning his relationship with Albus would be a bad move in gaining followers. Emotionally, it would mean slowing the entire train of an empire in the making to a halt and having to face shame, pain, guilt, love and myriad of other emotions that Gellert had buried in order to drive his position forward.

Prince!Seungcheol Part 1

- literally if it wasn’t for the fact that his face was known as the princes, no one would know that this kid was royalty

- such a people’s man, he literally is like always doing something outside the castle

- whether it’s charity work or some sort of meeting with small business owners or just wandering around because he’s bored

- he’s made countless friends in all of the stores and restaurants that he frequents and he remembers all of their stories too

- like the type of prince to go up to people and be like “So how was your daughter’s first day of school?” or “Is your wife’s knee feeling any better, how was the surgery?”

- like he’s probably everyones best friend and gets all riled up when people call him the highness and stuff like “no i am just Seungcheol no highness crap”

- and his advisor Jeonghan is probably exhausted like 600% of the time just running after the prince like

- “Seungcheol that’s a really expensive suit please don’t get into a food fight with the children”

- “Seuncheol you have a schedule we need to follow, you can’t gossip with the old women all day”

- Like poor Jeonghans life can be summarized into


- Seungcheol: SEUNGCHEOL YES

- You probably transferred into the palace on like an internship or something

- you were interested in politics and really wanted to get involved

- but your family probably didn’t the money or power to really get you into these opportunities like most of the other interns so you weren’t very hopeful when you applied.

- So when you actually got it, you were absolutely ecstatic

- nothing you did was actually like huge because well you were still an intern but you worked directly with the charity director, Joshua, and so you saw the prince often.

- It kind of freaked you out that all these men were all so close to you in age yet they were all so established already.

- but yes anyway, the prince would probably see you as you were all getting ready to go to a local shelter and help out and would be like “who’s the cute girl?”

- and of course Jeonghan would panic at these words and drag him away bc he does not have time to deal with flirty Seungcheol right now

- And Seungcheol would probably be all pouty the whole carride because he wanted to ride with the pretty girl

- like he would probably have a system where he rides with Joshua who would fill him in but because Jeonghan pulled him away at the last minute to a different car, Josh would be confused and have to tell him through a phone call

- but it would be such a chaotic phone call like Joshua would be trying to tell him about the shelter while Seungcheol would be trying to ask questions about you

- like at one point Jeonghan confiscated the phone from the prince and wrote down the details himself so he could just tell him later

- and Seungcheol would go back to sulk mode

- Like the second they got there, he would look for you and of course you wouldn’t be there because you would be doing more behind the scenes work and stuff

- and the second they finished and were coming back, he would be looking for you again but of course you would’ve left early with the other interns.

- and you would be completely oblivious to this whole exchange that had gone down

- one day he would probably be asked to greet all the interns because he finally had some time off and so he would probably meet with like the three of you that had gotten it in his office

- and he would just be minding his own business when you walked in with two other boys and he’d just be starstruck for a second because oh my god it was you

- i mean knowing this kid he would pull it together very quickly but he was kind of just looking at you like a love sick school boy for a minute

- and he would just flirt like theres no tomorrow throughout that meeting, like the other two interns would be a little put off at first until he gave them some attention to

- but he was only polite to the other two, he was full on flirting with you

- you would be very blushy and awkward because coups was coming on way too strong for you to really function but he was just so excited to see you again

- like as soon as you got out, the other intern Chan would just be super huffy about how the prince was giving you all his attention and you would laugh shyly as he grumbled about how it was cuz you were a girl

- Your friendship with the prince only grew after that

- it was nice when you just happened to run into him in the garden

- or the kitchen

- or the grand balcony 

- yeah Joshua was 100% feeding him information, jisoo is a plotter, don’t you deny it, he loves these matchmaking schemes

- and you were both honestly starting to fall for each other with how much time you spent together, like it started off awkward but you very quickly became best friends and somehow got dragged into all of Seungcheol’s schemes

- it helped that Jeonghan was fond of you because you would often pull Cheol back when he got a little too carried away 

- you had honestly thought that the prince was so mature all your life, like he projected such a put together and almost fatherly image but in reality he was so goofy

- he was pretty fatherly though, you more than once caught him fussing over Jeonghan

- like once he would literally pull his friends hair back as he was eating so it wouldn’t get in the food, and you would literally think it was adorable that they were comfortable with each other to be able to do that

- but then two seconds later the prince would do it to you and you’d be a blushing mess because when did you become comfortable enough with the prince for this 

- on a similar note, you guys would often have lunch together

- It would be Chan, Joshua, Jeonghan, Cheol, one of Cheol’s other female advisors (because all of your friends cannot be boys it’s just not realistic) and you

- like it would not feel like J2 and Cheol were nobility at all like all of you guys would joke around like school friends or something 

- But Jeonghan would notice how you and the prince would be looking at the other with heart eyes sometimes when you thought no one was watching and it worried him

- Not because he didn’t think you were a good match for Cheol but because his friend was a prince and he didn’t want to see the two of you get hurt over this 

- so he would sit Seungcheol down and talk to him about you 

- and at first coups would just be so happy because wait you liked him too? 

- but then Han would continue and tell him how anything he started with you would only be temporary 

- And this would make the prince freeze because goddammit his friend was right. it was nice spending this time with you but of course you guys couldn’t always be like this, one day you’d have to stop this innocent flirtation

- That night Seungcheol barely slept, thinking long and hard about what to do

- Because the more he thought about it, the more a life without you sounded like the worse decision

- By morning, he was feeling properly ill and was just so frustrated

- He was giving half-assed responses to everyone, just mad 

- but then at lunch time he saw you and suddenly he made up his mind. 

- you hadn’t said anything, you were just laughing at something that Joshua had said and he knew he wanted to hear that laugh for as long as he possibly could. 

- he would just smile and walk over, holding your hand with no explanation and just tug you to your feet 

- “Can we talk?” would be all he says before he drags you off, not even waiting for a response because under that cool composed face was a proper mental breakdown happening and he didn’t want to stop long enough for it to consume him 

- you were really confused as to what was happening but very blushy due to the fact that he had basically laced your fingers together as he was holding your hand 

- he really needed to know you were there and he needed the comfort that that form of hand holding gave

- meanwhile, Jeonghan would be sighing softly, a soft smile on his lips as he joined the others in the dining area and watched you two disappear around the corner.

- He knew Prince Seungcheol had made his decision

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Hi sorry it is me again! I remember you once made a post with shingeki fanfictions references. Can you make one for Haikyu too? Any pairing is fine thank you!

Hahaha no problem. These are the ones I liked. If anyone have any recs for me plz let me know


Sunshine Park Academy by OikurooMiyuki: The stories of the members of this adorable elementary school, their demons, hardships and love life. Each focus on one pairing but all of them are connected. All full of angst, fluff, friendship and family. All have greaaaaaaat smuts too omg.The main 3 are:

  • The Odd Mix (Iwaoi): Iwaizumi is the kindergarten teacher at SPA and he meets rising actor Oikawa. Don’t be fooled. It looks like it’s gonna be cute until you remember this is Iwaoi so the angst hits you full force. But it’s worth it and theres a lot of fluff too.

  • Glassed View (Daisuga): Daichi and Suga are both elementary teachers at SPA. Daichi is stuck in a dying relationship but doesn’t have the guts to end it. This one start right off explicit and honestly you will want to punch Daichi 90% of the time. It gets better tho.

  • Types of Ink (Bokuaka): Bokuto is the pre-school teacher in the SPA. he falls hard in love at first sight with this mysterious barista and enters a world of tattoos and yakuzas. This one is the most different out of the 3 fics. While in the first we get to see Iwa and Daichi fighting their own demons, in Types of Ink we see Bokuto fighting Akaashi’s demons in order to make him happy. Bokuto is the most pure character ever you don’t understand!! I dare you to read this and not fall in love with him. I DARE YOU!!!

A Split-Second of Violence by Laura of Maychoria: Beautiful story, extremely well written. No pairings, the story is about how someone hurts Hinata (giving him a concussion) and how everyone (specially Kageyama) deals with it. The focus it’s on the friendship between the characters and how they support eachother both physically and emotionally. The tears are all worth so be sure to try this one.

it’s tradition. by hicsvntdracones: one of the funniest one-shots in the Haikyuu!! fandom. The Seijoh team plays Truth or Dare. That’s it. Cliche af and yet absolutely hilarious.

In Good Faith We Swap Our Aces by WInger: The teams swap their aces for a week. Hilarity ensues. Really fun to read.

national hot dad alliance is now calling… by dicaeopolis, OwlinAMinor: the captains make a group chat. Do I need to say more?

This gonna get long af so more under the cut

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I don't know if you've gone in depth about this before, so I apologize for asking about this if you have... I just love your analysis posts about seventeen, and I was wondering what you thought about jihoon's relationships (like his dynamics) with all of the other members. Thank you :)

It’s no problem! Thank you for the kind words!

First of all, I’d like to say that over the last couple of months it’s been really great to see not only Woozi but all of the boys start to grow a lot in their friendships with each other, and becoming more comfortable with their new positions as idols and not just trainees. They’re growing, which is crazy exciting to see. But especially with Woozi, since he seemed to have it a little hard at first. Over the last few months, we’ve gotten to see him become a lot more comfortable with the fans and his members, and he even did a subunit and collab and I’m really proud of him. Looking back at Seventeen Project and seeing the growth always makes me cry.

But anyway, onto the question. I don’t want to start with Seungcheol, because I might never finish, so I’ll skip right ahead. For now. That means Jicheol trash, you’re either gonna have to read it or scroll aaaaaaaall the way down.

Woozi+Jeonghan - Since Woozi and Jeonghan are in the same unit and Woozi is his “boss” of sorts, it can be awkward, I think. Especially since Woozi has to be in charge of someone older than him. But the two seem to get along well. (See “Jihoonie never upset me~”). If anything, their relationship seems one between two people who aren’t especially overly close, but certainly don’t have anything against each other. The only reason they would find to argue is Woozi might occasionally find Jeonghan’s greasy sappy style or his cutesy clingyness annoying sometimes. I’ll bet Jeonghan once tried to claim Woozi as his tiny fairy. It was probably met with a swift kick to the knee.

Woozi+Joshua - This one might not seem like there’s much there, but I’m just going to straight out admit that this is one of my weaknesses. Joshua isn’t one to hold age over Woozi, so he would naturally try harder to get close to Woozi at first than Woozi would, and I think Woozi would appreciate that. They share a lot in common, for instance during Seventeen TV days there’s a few videos of them singing English songs together (and I’m just going to hit on how sweet Joshua is here by never correcting him or making him stop asdfghjkl bless anyway) and they both play musical instruments. Plus, I’d like to think Joshua looks up (down? … That wasn’t a short joke…) to Woozi because Joshua has talked about wanting to be better at rearranging and creating music as well. Which is adorable. Arguments aren’t likely to start between the two of them, even if Joshua’s not doing too well singing and Woozi gets impatient, since Joshua is a very easy going personality.

Woozi+Jun - I’ve… Never thought about this… Is this a thing? (A short trip to research fanfiction confirms that 2 entire people in this fandom think it’s a thing). I think Jun and Woozi probably don’t have a lot of reason to interact so it’s hard to see interactions between them… For instance, it would be rare to have them line next to each other (their heights… kinda… heh), and they’re not in the same unit, so all of what I’d say would have to be entirely speculation. Woozi’s not the type to go too far out of his way to talk to people, being a bit blunt as he is, and I don’t think they’d necessarily be argumentative, except for the same reasons as Jeonghan, with his slightly hyper, clingy personality that might annoy Woozi.

Woozi+Hoshi - Awww yeah slip into the SoonHoon life. Hoshi and Woozi are the same age, which is an important part of being close in Korea, but also they seem to get along well. Especially predebut, there are a lot of SoonHoon moments, but if you have a keen eye, you can still catch it. People might assume Hoshi is “too loud” for Woozi, but it’s just like Hoshi to go out of his way to befriend the members who seem to be left out or misunderstood a lot, and Woozi seems genuinely comfortable with him, even hugging him with a smile and playing with him when Hoshi wants to tease the members. Unlike with the other members being met with grimace or eyerolling, Woozi will laugh at Hoshi’s antics and play along. It’s adorable, and it’s really great to see that Hoshi can put Woozi at enough ease to open up and have fun and be himself. Hoshi likes to take care of people (see Dino), but Woozi doesn’t like to be babied. Hoshi’s very subtle in taking care of Woozi, but it definitely happens, and it shows in how much Woozi cares for Hoshi too. Also, I’m really glad they were friends before the group was formed because Hoshi might end up being Woozi’s rival. S. Coups is the leader of Seventeen, and there’s no chance Woozi could compete with that. But when there’s another kid of similar age that holds the same rank as him, it’s very easy for someone like Woozi to start comparing himself to Hoshi, to how the fans and how Coups and the members see Hoshi, which is more of an outgoing friendly personality. It could seed a lot of bad feelings, but because they’re friends, there’s no comparing and no competition between the two. SoonHoon is really cute, and I’ve probably talked about it too much. But it’s really sweet, okay?

Woozi+Wonwoo - This is another one I don’t know much about… Again, probably because Wonwoo and Woozi aren’t really initiators. Hoshi, Coups, Mingyu, pretty much anyone Woozi is really evidently friends with are more likely to initiate the conversation. You can see the same trend in Wonwoo’s friend circle. He’s not an initiator either. But it’s unlikely that they argue much. If they do, it’s because Wonwoo’s shopping for lamps instead of writing lyrics again.

Woozi+DK - This deserves a ship name. I think out of everyone, DK is one of the more likely ones for Woozi to argue with, because both of them have a slightly awkward charm and DK might bring it overboard a bit… And he talks a lot. Because he’s in the same unit as DK, and DK is a main vocalist, it’s likely that Woozi can be a little hard on DK at times. Plus, Woozi can definitely hold a grudge (see the Sukira incident where Woozi ended up calling DK “Dokyeom-ssi for like a week) and so communication might get rocky. But at the end of the day, I think they can get along too.

Woozi+Mingyu - Or, Jigyu, I believe. Ahhh, bless this dynamic. Somewhere there’s a post explaining “Foetps”, two people who are so perfectly made to be enemies but friends to each other that it has to be destiny. I think Boonon and Jigyu are the perfect representations of this. Mingyu is almost directly under Woozi in age order, so he’s the first chance Woozi gets to really pick on his dongsaengs with, and Mingyu is such an easy target. It’s like watching a fearsome kitten overpower a scared, easily frightened doberman who doesn’t know his own strength. Bonus points for Mingyu letting him climb up on his back at any time and place. Jigyu is adorable and perfectly contrary.

Woozi+The8 - Another pairing I don’t see as overly close but still adorable. If I had to guess how this relationship works, Woozi probably sees The8 as his cute dongsaeng and helps him occasionally with his Korean, and is very patient with him recording his lines and during practices, and The8 is probably starstruck by how cool his hyung is and how hard he works and is very respectful. After all, Woozi is a real live songwriter, and I think The8 would be in awe.

Woozi+Seungkwan - Another pairing who are adorably at odds with each other. As the vocal team maknae, Seungkwan probably has to deal with a lot of scolding from Woozi, but I think the two are secretly close. Plus, he probably deserves the amount of scolding he gets, since Seungkwan keeps waking Woozi up by singing loudly and obnoxiously. It’s paid back by Woozi laughing at Seunkwan whenever he fails miserably at something, like trying to read English. It’s unlikely Woozi would ever outright try to take Seungkwan, but that doesn’t mean he won’t laugh his head off when he gets it from someone else. And at the end of the day, I believe Woozi has a really soft spot for Seungkwan, especially when he’s having a hard time missing his mom or having a hard time emotionally. I… kind of spazzed about it here, which I don’t think many people ended up seeing (thank goodness because I went a bit super fangirl…)

Woozi+Vernon - For the most part, I think this friendship is built on mutual respect. Even though they aren’t constantly talking together, I think Woozi has a lot of respect and admiration for Vernon’s talent and Vernon has the same for Woozi’s skills and ability. Woozi doesn’t go out of his way to be a good hyung to him and take care of him, but Vernon pays close attention to him when he gives instructions anyway. I think they both take each other as artists and take each other very seriously, and there probably aren’t many misunderstandings between them.

Woozi+Dino - As a maknae, Dino’s personality is very special and adorable because he absolutely adores his group and his hyungs. He never complains about being put on maknae duties, and he’s always quick to try and clear up misunderstandings when he thinks he might come off as too intense or upset at his hyungs. That said, he’s still very much a maknae on top, and I think he shocks Woozi so often with not being afraid to say his opinion loudly and clearly. Dino clearly values Woozi’s opinion, but he’s not afraid to go against it if he doesn’t find it fair or reasonable, which is something a lot of the other members don’t do. In short, I think Dino surprises Woozi, but it’s still a really healthy relationship because Dino still really values Woozi and all the work he does.

Woozi+S. Coups - Bless you Jicheol trash if this is all you came here for, for either reading all of that or having to scroll through it all on your dash. We are now free to discuss why Jicheol is The Ship Dynamic We Need and in general just life. But first whenever I have to talk about Jicheol I have to start off by linking to this post which was kind of my original jicheol analysis and explains a bit about their dynamic as well. Moving on now. Since debut, Jicheol has actually grown a lot from the point in where that last link was made. Before debut, they were close and friends, and then debut happened and it was just… Awkward between them for a little while because of the reasons in the link (tl;dr new responsibilities to adjust to) and it kind of stayed that way into Mansae era. But I think now, after Mansae era, after the Q&A subunit, you can really see that Jicheol is starting to get comfortable and close again, and that’s really good. Jicheol’s dynamic is one that could’ve been broken by the bit of awkwardness, because S. Coups can find it very hard to emotionally connect and relate to his members and Woozi isn’t an initiator, and won’t go into a relationship unless he’s pulled in for the most part. If both of them hadn’t worked equally hard to keep going in their friendship during the awkwardness, if S. Coups hadn’t talked to Woozi about it or if Woozi just stopped talking to Coups because he didn’t seem to make as much of an effort, their friendship might’ve been broken entirely. But now that they seem past that, and growing again as friends, it benefits them both and it’s a relief to see. Woozi needs S. Coups, both to give him advice and direction as a leader but also as a friend who can understand and be there when he needs someone, someone to take care of him and to laugh with him and to just understand. Woozi doesn’t let many people take care of him, but I think that’s what makes Woozi and S. Coups special is that Coups finds a lot of ways to help him without hurting his pride, coming alongside him as a friend when he needs one most.