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So thinking about all that we’ve been told about sleeping habits… I couldn’t stop my brain from going down this road. 

Jimin talked about how Jungkook stays up all night working on covers and such, during the Muster. And when he finally sleeps, he sleeps forever.

What if Jungkook has insomnia, some nights worse than others. He told Jimin after the thousandth time Jimin told him he needs to sleep more. So Jimin started staying up with him, keeping him company during those lonely nights. Instead of working on covers though, he wanted Jungkook to relax and not stress out, which would only keep him awake longer. They play games, eat snacks, listen to music, talk, or just sit quietly side by side on their phones until Jungkook is ready to sleep. And then Jimin cuddles him to soothe him to sleep, Jungkook finally able to fall to sleep with his Jiminie there. His night time friend…

…….. I’m a mess rn tbh….. Jikook does this to me every damn time…


I was going to wait to make another masterpost, but it’s getting around that time so I thought I’d share this now. There’s probably some other posts like this, but just in case because those app fees will kill you before the tuition has a chance.


This lists the best colleges with no application fee and gives you some details on the college so you get everything in one place. You can also filter by individual state if there is a certain location you prefer.


This list is organized by state so you can skip to your preferred location. It also indicates whether or not there is a fee for the paper application (all of the colleges listed have free online applications however).


If you used an SAT fee waiver you are automatically eligible for four college app fee waivers from the College Board. It is also possible to obtain fee waivers if you did not take the SAT as well as obtain more than four given by College Board (please read the second article linked “READ”).

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I’ve started playing yesterday and I am somewhat confused. Your advice is super useful, so thank you!

Glad to be of service! ^ ^ There’s not much info given so we’re all figuring this out together. Lemme know if you’re confused about anything else and I’ll do my best to help <3

Spent like a good part of the day yesterday making all of these! Wanted to make myself a pin to wear for Team Mystic as well as pins for Pathfinders and Prospectors which I had an awful time trying to make the right colors, so I made some pins for all 3 of the Pokemon Go teams, and will make more pins for all the other BLADE factions sometime as well. Going to work on some Vocaloid ones later too, but those take much longer. 

Each one is different, as I was playing around with colors and whatnot. Also had some metallic pens I’ve really been wanting to use, so figured this was a good chance. They were great for Mystic and Instinct, but Valor’s looks more purple/pink than any kind of red, unfortunately.

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The post you did about bellarke fandom is disgusting. You have your opinions fine but please keep it out of the 'bellarke' tag and 'bellarke shit' tag. Those words with that phrasing is triggering to some people. if you have any decency you need to delete that post or at least untag my fandom out of it

“Those words are triggering to some people.” Oh sweet jesus how many times have Clexa fans said ^those exact words to a blarke only to be laughed at, berated, ridiculed, etc. Nope, sorry not sorry, I have reached my limit with the bellarke fandom. I let the attacks against Alycia, Lexa, Clarke, and Clexa slide, but I’ll be damned if I let the attacks on Eliza slide too smh Yall used your “get outta jail free” card with me already, not again lol Like I told the other one, I’m going EASY on yall with that post, it’s not even close to the level of “triggering” words I’ve seen bellarkers send to Clexas, Alycia, and Eliza. This is what happens when I see your fandom continue to shit on every single part of my fandom from the characters to the actresses to us personally. So if YOU had any decency, you’d be outraged with YOUR fandom. Police your fandom and I wouldn’t have to make posts like that. Yall are always welcome to block me. My blog, my posts, my opinions, I don’t speak for anyone else in the Clexa fandom, these are just my personal feelings.

Hello lovelies!

It’s been a minute since I’ve had to make an admin post but I figured I’d clue you guys in as far as some small changes go. For those of you who have been here know that the other girls who helped run COC, Alia and Dani, have been a bit MIA as far as admining goes so for a long period of time it’s just been me running things. The other two ladies have other things going on in their lives however are still part of our group so no worries! So I guess after our last discussion Admin A & D have stepped down from that position although if ever needed of course they will be around if they can, that I have faith in. All three of us have worked together as admins for a handful of years now so if ever a time I can’t be here I know they’d try to be. 

However after speaking with them and someone else I’ve decided to have someone join in admining with me who’s on a completely different time zone as well so if ever a miracle of me getting a normal sleeping schedule there would be someone who can always be about for you guys hopefully! So I’d like to just publicly welcome Vanessa / Vee to the admin team and hope you guys welcome her as well! She’s still new to the whole admin thing, still learning the ropes so bare with her and be easy. You guys are and have always been very chill so I have faith you guys will. Just keep in mind every major choice made will from now on be handled by the two of us and if you need anything please still go through the main to get it, don’t hound her through her chars IMs or skype etc if you have it. You guys know you can get at me anytime that way if need be but she’s still getting the hang of things. And you guys know the drill if you send something to the main you can post something on dash saying you have so one of us are aware it’s there if we’re around!

Also going to give lots of credit to Nic who designs our main and pages for us but is also the sweetest of beans who will make sure the roster is up to date, accepts apps/switches etc if he’s on the main at the time with updates. Without him I’d be lost!

And thank YOU GUYS for being SO amazing whether old or new here, for just taking part of our RPG and making it the wonderful place it is. Over two years and still going strong, that’s amazing! YOU guys are amazing! And we hope to provide you guys with many more days, weeks, months, and years to come.

Remember we’re here for you guys! If you ever need ANYTHING or have suggestions, the inbox and IMs are always open! 

Love you guys,
Admin K

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answers to ICoS ask (1/?)


Ok I’m going to be answering some of the questions from this post from @callhimarcher but I’m going to split it into multiple posts because MY GOD can you even imagine my talkative ass trying to answer all those great and complicated questions in one post? LOL It’d be like 20,000 pages long.


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Studyblr stuff!

Hey you guys!
I’ve had a super rough time trying to get motivation to do school work or be proactive in general. I’m going to try to be more active on this blog and post more original content, maybe do a 100 days of productivity? If you’re a studyblr, or have those inspo blogs please like and reblog this so i can follow you! This is my side blog so if you could follow my main blog or my other social media accounts that’d be amazing! I am at “shcwdcc” on everything!
Tagging some studyblrs i love to help get me more active!
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Right so I’m going to finally post those two Punisher write-ups on my other blog. Which means that it will likely pop up on your dashboard again, this time via a link but still.

I could cause it not to do that, but 

A.) I’m lazy.

B.) That was some damn good writing that I’m proud of.

C.) Some of y’all suckas didn’t read the first time anyways, so rejoice, third chance is coming up.

Also, Part 3 Of Punisher’s Magical Team-Ups featuring Wolverine, coming in the next couple of weeks. So be on the look out.

This is one of these things I don’t want to stress every time one of us logs into the main, I’m not singling out any individual when we make this post, but it’s tiring really. It’s hard to go into the starter tag and see some starters with say 0-3 notes, and others with 5. Yes, I understand that new blogs don’t post in tags right away, but please, please try and look out for starters on new blogs, especially those belonging to new members and check the tag each time you get on. It’s so, so important.

I also suggest that before posting a starter of your own, especially if you’re already a member that you go throw and reply to at least 3 starters, if not more. Please don’t only reply to starters because you may have plots, those are of course encouraged too but this is a roleplay group, if you want to roleplay with individuals I’d recommend switching to an INDIE.  We’re also going to be adding in a rule in terms of how many starters a single mun can post a day. If you have multiple characters, that’s fabulous, but we ask that you only post 2  open starters a day, this way you’re more encouraged to reply to others.

And please, please, please take into consideration what kind of starters you’re posting. It’s so, so important to post starters that are easy to reply to.

This has gotten lengthy, and I apologize but it’s important because I really want this place to not become somewhere that one would label as cliquey.

impt update on stars and stripes

if you guys aren’t interested in this fic, i apologize bc i feel guilty about it all the time and am also just generally thinking about it all the time

(also a warning: this is going to be a REALLY LONG POST but for those of you who have been thirsty for an update, i think it may be worth it cuz i’ve got some shit to share)

so, even though i’ve been working on other projects, i’ve been researching for the second chapter for the past three months. i readily admit that i haven’t devoted every bit of spare time to this research, but i have spent a good amount of time trying to educate myself.

i found these really great sources a few days ago that seemed to be absolutely perfect for what i needed to write in accurately depicting the life of a wwii american soldier. but as you go, you realize you don’t know as much as you think you know. and it turns out that i don’t know A LOT.

before i started researching for chapter two, i thought the information i’d need to gather would be considerable but also manageable in keeping a relatively consistent updating schedule for the fic. but i vastly overestimated myself, as you can see by the greater-than-three-months break between these two chapters.

so, i know a lot about the holocaust. i do not know a lot about wwii military. the amount of time i’d need to dedicate to learning about the military would be massive. really, i’d love to take that time and just research until i feel competent enough to write this chapter, but i don’t think that would be fair to you guys as readers. plus, the amount of free time i have is going to PLUMMET DRAMATICALLY in less than two weeks, so i know the research would take forever-and-ever-and-ever.

in my original plan, i was gonna write stars and stripes as two parallel stories that intersect and then overlap with alternating steve/bucky pov. however, i think i’m going to have to accept my limits here and change that plan to have this story only include bucky’s pov.

i’m not just copping out of writing steve’s pov because of the research. it’s also sorta a self preservation thing. bucky’s pov, as it is, is incredibly dark and heavy and just really fucking angsty. to add another fully-fleshed narrative about the disillusionment of being a soldier would only make the story darker. it’s a story i’d love to read, but writing it is something else entirely. to write something dark, you need to connect yourself to the darkness that the character is feeling, and i just don’t think i can handle healthily juggling the povs of a holocaust victim and a disillusioned soldier, both struggling with ptsd and other shit.

HOWEVER, steve’s shit is still going to be explored–i think i’m just gonna do it through bucky’s pov instead.

so, this is the second time i’m completely scrapping my plan for chapter two. i’m going to try to work on writing the new plan, which should unfold much more quickly because i feel much more qualified to speak about the holocaust than i do feel speaking about being a soldier. also the guilt that sorta constantly eats me about not updating this fic should make me write faster.

even though i’m going to try my best to write this chapter quickly, you guys have waited over three months for something, so below the cut i’m going to include what i had for steve’s pov in chapter two. consider it an outtake. it doesn’t really include any of his time in the military, but it includes steve’s backstory. and idk i worked hard on trying to introduce steve’s character, and it seems like it’d be a waste to just delete it all. as of the new plan, this outtake will not contain spoilers for the new chapter two. bucky will probably learn about all this shit eventually, but it’s not integral to the new plot.

(what i had written isn’t too long–it’s like 2k. which, looking at it, makes me cringe bc it’s literally three months of work, and that wordcount is something i can write in one sitting. whatevs though this is me working on accepting my limits)

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this is a… super weird time to post this but i think im just going to start Suddenly Mentioning This At Random Intervals because its always important: activism should come from a place of genuine love and respect for other people and the desire to help the suffering and those in need, not just wanting to be better that others

[inb4 some fuckwad is like ‘YES thank you for CALLING OUT THE EVIL SJWS WHO THINK THEY’RE BETTER THAN ME BECAUSE I AM A CISHET WHITE ABLE MAN’: i’m better than you because you’re a cishet white able man And Thats The Shit U Blog About bye]

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i saw some posts about hansol not liking it when he gets shipped with b-joo and i feel guilty because i really like hanjoo. i think they'd b cute and i wasn't here for a long time so i don't know if it's okay to ship them or anyone!

of course it’s fine to ship hanjoo! there’s many people who do, and while i personally don’t i hold nothing against those who feel otherwise. what isn’t fine is going on the members’ SNS accounts and commenting about their sexuality, partners, your ships, other members, etc. this is the reason why hansol spoke out, and this is the reason why we should realize that our ships shouldn’t be allowed to get out of hand.

the members addressed ships in an interview and they don’t mind it. while this isn’t a sign to take your ships and run with them, i hope this reassures you that having a ship isn’t bad unless you make it bad.

Wordcount Wednesday

Ok, I really need to double my wordcount if I want to finish in time. 

My output is fine for a “normal” posting schedule, but with losing 3 months of writing (thanks to changing my entire story), I’m way behind.

Other than that, I am really happy with how this is going. The story is flowing really well, and I haven’t had a lot of “self doubt” moments to deal with (we’ll save those for editing)

Weekly wordcount- 4,819
Total count- 11,866
Chapter total- 3/8 (I realized I messed up some numbering in my outline, so one chapter less total than I thought)

I know some of my personal posts have been me venting my frustrations on this trip. While that is a very real part of the trip, it has also been amazing and memorable and I’m so thankful I’ve had the opportunity to go on it. It’s weird how you can have two contradictory feelings at once and that they coincide together. There have been some moments on this trip that have been so incredibly frustrating, beyond anything that I anticipated having to deal with. But more than those I’ve met some incredible people, reconnected with others I haven’t seen I years, and am currently on my way to meet one of my best friends I haven’t seen in over 2 years. So despite the last few posts, I just want to reassure that I am still having the time of my life. And this is all a growing experience and just gives me so much enthusiasm and confidence for living a life in Spain for a year.

New blog

Well I am going to make a fnaf blog of gore and some sexual but its not going to be uncensored it will be forever censored, it’s also going to be a private blog because what I usually do is repost any certain image I post on other blogs, but this time I am not,i do miss those gore days.TuT But anyways i am going to make the newest gore blog later, But I am keeping it private which means I will link  the blog to ones I trust most or want so I am not telling anyone. But they might be in my future animations.:3

once in a while I want to post a comment on re-d-t

I have one account I mostly use on the feminist sub I started out on

and then one with a less obviously feminine sounding username I created bc I wanted to comment in some default sub where there was a bigger risk of trolls and I didn’t want to deal with them going through my comment history

and with time I’ve come to use the “female” account for everything related to gender politics and other “typically feminine” things

trying to keep those comments away from my more “gender-neutral” account

and I realize I’m doing it so as not to “lose credibility”

and I realize that in the back of my head I have some kind of vague idea of how long I need to participate in “non-feminist” threads in a sub before I’ve gained enough “credibility” that I can safely let on that I’m a woman and maybe still be taken seriously

and I also worry that by keeping all my angry feministing (and nothing else) under one username, that username will look like someone with a fairly one-track mind, like a caricature of The Angry Feminist™, and at some point someone will look at that comment history and feel like all their preconceived notions about angry feminsts have been confirmed

so yeah