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Ok, I feel like rambling a bit about my lore so bear with me for a spell.

Gladiators are fighters who are specifically hired and trained to beat the living Shade out of each other. They are usually paid and rarely are they forced into it [though there are ‘non-official’ ones, and those are… illegal]. Commonly volunteers, some apply with prior fighting experience and some go in blind. It is a full-time job for many of them.

There is stigma attached to it all, of course, but as long as you have a permit from whoever is in charge of the area you’ve set up on, and agreement from all parties, everything will go smoothly. 

Velikaya began young. Before legally becoming a gladiator, she fought in unsanctioned fights – often against animals, beasts, or other children. When her ring was busted and she was left out on the streets again, she wasted no time in making for the nearest arena and demanding to compete. Her one stipulation was that half the treasures from a won match be sent to her family. They tested her and, when she showed enormous potential for punching things until they forgot their names, began her extensive training. Eventually, she acquired quite the reputation; sponsors were climbing all over each other to get her. She left after a long and lucrative career for reasons she prefers to keep to herself.

Nemain worked as a slaver, in her case handling the gladiators for an illegal ring. Although she wasn’t too powerful physically, she possessed a commanding presence and what some would call a supernatural amount of charisma [which they might also say she lost a little, along with enough of her marbles, after making the expedition into the Scarred Wasteland]. She and her band of freed gladiator slaves-turned-mercenaries are being hunted by the ring they escaped from.

Ksenija attempted to break into the business, once, but decided that spectated fight just weren’t her thing. She didn’t much appreciate the digs at her diminutive stature and all the rules they had. [Her first and last opponent refused to fight her due to her size, daring to pick her up by her shirt to prove his point. She was a good sport and left the stage before the fight officially began, after biting a good chunk of flesh off his arm and forcing her knife into his shoulder.]


Clan Alpha of Trinitas has their own pit, though it’s not quite the same as neither the official or illegal ones out there [it’s definitely unsanctioned, at least]. Nobody is forced into it, but they don’t receive any treasure for fighting, either. Clan members compete solely for status and recreation. Status is a big deal in Alpha; losing enough of these fights spells death for your social standing. In a clan where power is measured by strength, only the most ruthless are victors.

Triglav is an often-seen face in the pits. Or used to be, before his promotion.

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"Where I excel is ridiculous, sickening, work ethic. You know, when others are sleeping. I’m working.” -Wil Smith •
It’s 5am and I’m exhausted and tired and “dragging ass” this morning, but I know if I do just a little more each day than the next guy. One more ounce of work more, those ounces add up over time. Off to go smash a 6am training session and then work on some business. 😊 •
I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Keep Hustling guys!

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Have you even read any stories from women who regret abortions? These organisations that cater to your "needs" do not care about you, they just want your money. I know a therapist who worked for 2 decades and the most difficult cases were WOMEN WHO HAVE HAD ABORTIONS. If it doesn't affect you now it WILL affect you later. You say you care so much about people's mental health, then STOP ENCOURAGING THIS. ITS NOT JUST A "MEDICAL PROCEDURE", YOU ARE DESTROYING TWO LIVES.

Oh, you can shut the fuck up. We don’t encourage others to have abortions, we support those that make the decision to have one.

We’re well aware that people regret their abortions. We have several posts on it.

And to be quite honest, I am not going to take the word of some anonymous coward that they know someone who says that abortion is naughty. Do you know how many times people have made shit up just to make it seem like they know what they’re talking about? You either give me statistics from non-biased websites or I’m calling bullshit.

Saying someone shouldn’t let others have an abortion because certain people have regretted theirs is like saying no one should drink alcohol because I know several unhappy alcoholics. Someone’s personal experience doesn’t get to dictate what others do with themselves.

I would say you tried, but you clearly didn’t.


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why do you ship elsanna


~ Juliette


((Welcome to the new Pencil Scribble blog folks.

Now I just want to say right now that this is gonna be a bit more mature than my other blogs. How mature, I’m not sure yet, but it’s definitely not gonna be as family friendly as my other stuff. This is gonna go into some more personal stuff and well as experiment with a few mature themes. If your uncomfortable by that kind of stuff now’s the time to turn away. For those of you sticking around, I hope you enjoy the future posts this blog has to offer.))

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New Instagram pic on ppq-1 tumblr. I actually think they look better, and more content, which clearly has to do with the recent high of the baby. Let's see how long they go before annoying each other again

Okay. This could totally be and the fact I get lazy sometimes, but I went to Insta and I searched the user you have me, came up with nothing. Then I searched the BC tag and the pictures I saw where ones I’ve already post, some had the lighting edited or what not. But maybe it’s one of those pictures you’re talking about? Sorry I get sooo lazy at times! I think it’s any time before 12pm that gets me like this, and funny thing is, I’m a morning person.

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Hi! You're my source for most fire emblem info so I wanted to ask, why do you think the U.S. release date is over a year and a half later than the Japanese one? I'm going off what Amazon says but that might just be a placeholder date. Is there any chance we might get to play it sooner than Dec 21 2016? Seeing all this hype makes me wish I lived in/spoke Japanese. T_T

Thanks. I’ll post this because I believe a few others also have similar questions when seeing those dates. First off, don’t believe the placeholder dates. Dec 21 just means before the end of Fall 2016. Some other sites put a Dec 31 2016 placeholder or other such dates. 

As to why I think it is taking a lot of time, it’s because of all the text they have to translate. Not only the chapter dialogue and supports, but also every other detail like menus, weapon names, chapter title screens, My Castle dialogue, etc. It’s a lot of text, plus this is now 3 versions of the game with ~22 exclusive chapters each, 7 shared chapters, ~22 paralogues and amiibo/potential DLC chapters, so that’s 3 times the text of Awakening. I don’t expect it to take until the end of 2016, it’ll likely be around the next April 20 anniversary or sooner (maybe in February like Awakening). I know it’s hard to wait with the hype, but we’ll get through it and hopefully enjoy the game within a few months.

Don’t steal this idea….just help me out and you’ll get credit when it’s time.

At some point in the coming week or two I’m going to be posting a list ranking my opinion of the top 10 (or top 13 or whatever) greatest things Taylor has ever done* ……*BUT the list will intentionally not include songs or lyrics. …..Things that show off other aspects of her creativity and ingenuity, whether a visual art choice, a bonus material or a personal activity that we’re aware of.  

Spoiler: The Blank Space Experience app will be near the top of the list because that struck me as something unprecedented.

So maybe those reading this can refresh my memory in submissions or asks, because we can go deep here.

anything you send me about this should have the keyword RANKINGS in it so that I can keep track of it. Feel free to name a few.

Three ways to reach me:



analyzingtaylor AT gmail DOT com

Good day, time for me to goto work.

Okay guys, I know I don’t post too much personal stuff, just some tidbits here and there, but I have a favor to ask. I don’t know how many of you are religious or anything but my cousin Tina (my munchkins that I posted some pics with, it’s their mom) has had her cancer come back. This is the third time for her. There is no cure. With the treatment she is getting she is likely to get 2 years, but possible for 4. In extremely, extremely rare cases some people have been able to get 6-10years. Just, if you pray to anyone, or anything, whatever keep Tina in your prayers. Those lill munchkins need their mom around. Hearing Tina tell me the other day, “This is going to kill me. I will die from this” is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to hear. So just, I would appreciate some prayers of good vibes for her. 

Much Love, 


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Your ridiculous post about same-sex marriage is the equivalent of someone donating 100 million dollars to a Breast Cancer Foundation and you respond by saying "Well there are other diseases!!! Don't just donate to breast cancer!!! Omg!!" Posts like those give me autism because you cannot let the same-sex couples celebrate for a second. Don't ruin the fun of others simply because it does not involve you. Get a real job and stop complaining about the cost of living.

time to get some reading comprehension skills, idiot, because i never tried stopping anyone from celebrating. are you so fucking stupid that you cant even acknowledge the bigger issues here in America. These fucking people honestly don’t have their priorities straight. How the hell are you going to celebrate if there isn’t a country left?? If you can’t even acknowledge the utter important issues in this country, then you are honestly just as biased. I have never heard the people who are vocal for gay marriage as vocal about other issues and problems in America. Other issues, a whole lot of you children dont even want to acknowledge on a daily basis and you just wait for the government to fix and hand you guys shit.

It seems as if everyone becomes a politician on a day like this.

>“Get a real job and stop complaining about the cost of living.”  Tell that to the thousands of college students suffering from student loans and debt as they try to maintain good grades and a minimum wage job so that they can get a degree and get a better job. Tell that to the people who are struggling with finances because they have a family to raise and take care of. Tell them to get a real job, you fucking asshole.

My being addicted to Internet-Popularity

Hello guys, first of all, i’m so sorry for being so inactive here. I have a lot going on right now. I don’t know how to go on like this. It took me some time to write this.
Tumblr used to be my all-day passion. I remember those days when this blog was quite new and messy filled with all posts I like, switching from style to style. I remember how actually cute I had been on tumblr, and so exited to meet other bloggers. I (tbh) changed my URL too often (i used to be fyeahjessica [my very first], youthofhappiness, d-r34mer).
I remember being so proud of all I’ve done for this blog.
And then, at the beginning of 2014, I switched to dark pale, the style I still have today. I even started a little career on instagram. I was intrigued in megas and shoutouts, only to be known to people.
Basically I had one goal: becoming internet-famous.
It made so much fun, getting to know knew people, “rising up” on instagram and tumblr, helping people reaching their goals and being helped with your goals yourself. I know, this sounds very ridiculous, it also is, I should’ve been thinking this was unnecessary. But I kept on doing all this; megas, shoutouts and even promos here on tumblr. Everytime I saw myself gaining followers I became satisfied, but everytime I saw my follower count (on both tumblr and instagram) going back I became kind of exhausted, dissatisfied, like when I was in kindergarten, having just lost my teddy in the mall.
But I kept going on with shoutouts and promotions, until I finally reached 6.6k on instagram and 2.8k on tumblr.
And those are quite small amounts.
I saw other people making it better than me, even those who were not as long on instagram as I had been.
I finally realized, I had become crazy, almost insane. My mother saw that something was wrong with me, I was sitting in my room almost all weekends. I screamed at my parents everytime they called me, only because I then wouldn’t be carry on with my “work” on the internet. I went to bed very late and woke up very sleepy. “You can’t carry on like this”, my mother told me; and i, however agreed and we made a compromise, that my ipod (last year I didn’t have a smartphone yet, haha) will not be used for a few weeks.
I lost followers. A lot. On both tumblr and instagram. It quite upset me. I hadn’t been on my ipod for like 5 weeks and had lost so much. I first decided to use both networks “normally” what means, I should be enjoying using them, for a few weeks it worked, but as soon I went through my old phase again: shoutouts and promos and the want of being “internet-famous”. Besides of my low amount of followers and continually losing followers when being active, I felt ridiculous. I went down to 6.1k followers on instagram.
I then, again, stopped for half a year, giving my ipod to my mom. Later, my follower count went back to 4.8k (I stalked myself via laptop, without being active). Probably the reason for this huge loss was because instagram also cleaned ghost followers from all its users, so it didn’t upset me much.
I then became a bit more active on tumblr, I got accepted into a network (see upper left corner on my blog) and blogged a lot.
About two and a half month ago I got a smartphone, the one I’m writing with right now. When I first logged into instagram again I found myself having 4.3k followers, quite a loss, I thought. And, you may guess now, I went back in giving shoutouts. Yes. Now, at the beginning of 4.5k and now reaching 2.7k here on tumblr again, seeing that old “instafriends” have made a huge career since, I don’t know what to say about it.

What is the sense actually? The sense of all this. Why are so many people working so hard on an internet-career? Why and how do people make it? Or why are some people “not able” to make it? Why do people spend their freetime on gaining followers on networks like instagram?
What will this all bring me in the future? Do I seriously think I will be getting worldfamous? With tumblr? And instagram? Those questions seem to be following me for quite a while now.
I don’t understand, how I fell into this instagram-phase again. It is now as bad as last year, but it’s pathetic. It is pathetic, but I still keep going, with a goal being out of reach and impossible to realize.
I should be enjoying being on Tumblr and Instagram. I should be thankful for what I got, I should be forgetting about what had been done. I should be just satisfied. But instead I’m using them for stressing myself out.

The only thing I can actually think about this all is: what a waste of time. I put so much into something that didn’t even worked out, something that’s nothing special today. It just makes me sad.

I had made my worth depended on numbers, on the follower count of instagram, on the number of new notifications on tumblr and even on the numbers of people and blogs I’m following.
These are numbers, just f* numbers, and they built my life.

And it makes me sad how virtual our lives had become, that means not only my own, the lives of other children and teenagers being depended on the today’s media.

I can’t go on like this, I long for a life where dependence on media doesn’t exist and only the real successes do count, but I’m captured.
I really want to free myself, I could, but something hinders me.

Your worth is depended on the content of your character and on the future you want to build, not on a number that is seen on the display, not on notifications that show up, not on a huge number of likes, not even on a huge loss of followers. Life is full of beautiful things, full of awaiting surprises and opportunities, don’t pass them for the satisfaction of an addiction, take them.

ringo23, I’m posting here publicly, although I’d rather keep this conversation public, because I’m unable to contact you directly and because you continue to keep your erroneous post about me up.  For the matter of transparency, I’m replicating below the message I’m sending to anyone who has reblogged your post without having also read my response (which is going to take me some time, BLAH):

Hi, there!  

My name is Charles.  I hope you’re well!  I’m writing you because I noticed you reblogged a post that ringo23 wrote last night inferring that I repost others’ work without their permission. ringo23’s evidence is that I do not link my specific messages to the artist and that some of these artists already have Tumblr accounts.

I explained in my response that the accusation is false. Every piece I reprint on my blog is from an artist whose permission I’ve explicitly received (you can see an entire list of those I have permission for – they are those I follow on my Pixiv account, username TWWK).  I request permission from artists whose work I enjoy. Many do not respond and others say no; I do not reprint these artists’ work, nor the work or artists whom I haven’t contacted.

ringo23’s accusations are based on observation and circumstantial evidence. S/he has not presented proof, nor am I aware if ringo23 has contacted any artists, even those on Tumblr, to see if I’ve gained their permission. In short, ringo23 has irresponsibly accused me on Tumblr because I don’t meet his/her qualifications for how art should be reposted. ringo23’s actions were reckless and rash.

I hope you’ll consider deleting the post from your Tumblr so as not to spread the defamation further. I also suggest that you perhaps look through my blog and see my character – I would never lie about posting others’ art, and I think you may be able to tell that by viewing my posts. And if you don’t remove the post, thank you for considering anyway.  

Take care,


I will say that I HAVE posted lots of art without permission in the past, but have long since “come to the light” and deleted 99% of those posts (every once and while I’ll catch one that I missed and immediately deleted it).  And I understand your zeal for Pixiv artists, but you (and many others) go about policing the wrong way, and particularly when you do so with only circumstantial evidence.  

Please consider taking down your post.  If you want, do your research first and then repost if you find that I’m not being factual, but please, only once you’ve come to me again and given me more than just a few minutes to respond this time.  Thank you in advance for reevaluating this situation (and hopefully, the way you go about accusing others in your future policing).

Tagging some the folks that I plan on messaging - I can only send 10 asks per hour, and it takes 4 messages each time to get my full message across, so hopefully this tagging will notify you even before I get to ya:

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Hey, you. Yes, you, diva. Never thought I’d see you bunch of brats again; can’t say I’m thrilled, but hey, the show must go on, right?

…good morning, esteemians!! feels good to say that again please kill me i’m so ugly. anyway, the time has come. i will be posting the accounts we have received thus far – for our new members, please make sure you follow everyone on the blogroll! 

now comes the kind of fun part – ooc/intro posts! we have a different way we’re going to be setting those up which will make it easier for y’all to plot. in your intro posts, please list out some potential plots you want for your character, divided into friends/lovers/enemies/other! try to refrain from heavy romance or endgame plots, but aside from that, go crazy! you may start posting intro posts as soon as i post the accounts we have in the inbox, and we’ll go from there. thank you guys so much for sticking with us – we’re so excited to get the ball rolling!

jessicamdawn replied to your post: I’m going to catch up on some tag ques…

What’s a reading sprint?

A reading sprint is a set amount of time where we come together as a community and read. When done you can post your progress and encourage and communicate with others that read too. It’s a great practice for lunch breaks, people with busy schedules, and those who have a hard time focusing on their reading. 

To all my friends, family, loved ones, acquaintances, etc out there that I’m connected to via social media of some sort: I know there are times when my posts/tweets/shares take on a bit of a dour tone, and yesterday was no exception.

For those of you that don’t know, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety last year. Anyone with either or both of these conditions will tell you that some days are better/worse than others. Sometimes I find a way to vent either directly or indirectly through what I share online. There are times when you can tell it’s going to be “one of those days”, and this morning I can tell something is a bit off. Honestly not 100% sure why I’m writing this since my posts are fairly erratic in general. Just wanted to share I guess.

Hope everyone has a good day :)

Rules and Notices

  1. Please don’t jump into a ship without talking to me first. I ship most things (with chemistry) but I need to know ahead of time to approve it or not.
  2. The mun is 18 and willing to do NSFW RPs, but those also require discussion first.
  3. The mun has triggers and may have to end a thread, but will always inform the other mun before doing so.
  4. The mun is open to OCs, AUs, and crossovers but may be picky with them due to past experiences.
  5. I am willing to ship with OCs but please don’t assume your OC knows my muse without talking to me first.
  6. Do. Not. Godmod.
  7. Some replies, especially those with new threads, are replied to at once but most replies go into the queue, which posts regularly multiple times a day. Rushing me won’t do you any good if your thread is in the latter catergory. I have too many muses to reply to them all as soon as possible; it’s too stressful. Feel free to ask me if I have your reply, as long as you can respect when I say it might not post for a week.
  8. I don’t always do greeters so feel free to ask for a starter if you’d like one. Most of my greeters are short so feel free to ask for a longer starter.
  9. I encourage people to send in memes if they’d like a thread; however, I reserve the right not to reply to memes that put Steve in a romantic, sexual, or vunreable situation with a character he doesn’t know.
  10. Feel free to send in a meme regardless of how long ago it was posted; just understand that if it’s not recent, I may need for you to send me the link.
  11. Feel free to tag me in random starters.
  12. I don’t follow anyone because my RP blogs are side-blogs, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to interact with you.
  13. Mun has a skype and kik for ic and ooc interactions.
  14. I’m usually on mobile so expect link posts.
  15. I have a chronic arm injury and if replies suddenly become shorter or slower, the injury is probably acting up.
  16. I am fine with having multiple threads with the same muns/muses and don’t mind meme-spam. However, please understand that I may have to drop some threads if we have multiple.
  17. I will always tell you before I drop a thread for whatever reason.
  18. Not all posts in a thread will be marked with the verse tag because I want to make it so I can find headcanons, associated posts, etc in the tag if I need to.

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how do i get more followers?

Well for starters try to remember that tumblr isn’t just about followers! Honestly though, create a blog they YOU love and makes YOU happy when you scroll through it. If I’m ever bored I’ll go through my blog and look at old posts. I honestly had around 40 followers for awhile on here (shout out to those that are still with me!) and at some point I just start getting more. It takes time and there’s no rhyme or reason to it. In short, just create a blog you love and others who love the same things will eventually follow :)

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Alright, so I saw your post or tag about how Francis was small, weak, and was said to have underdeveloped testicles, do you think that could have been because of all the incest that went on during those times with royal blood? The whole sleeping with cousins and other family members. Not that I am asking for a real sold answer but I was wondering is all. For some reason I started thinking about it and decided to ask now even though the post had been made or tagged long ago. Thanks!

//Considering the degree of consanguinity between Catherine and Henry was distant enough for them to not have needed a dispensation to marry, I’m going to go ahead and say probably not. They were very distantly related compared to, let’s say, Mary I of England and Phillip II of Spain. Or compared to 85% of all marriages within the Hapsburg family, tbh. I would wager it might have had more to do with the fact that Catherine’s father was already dying of syphilis at the time of her conception, meaning she’s likely to have passed on some tainted genes even if she herself didn’t have any major health problems. 

Update: Temporary break

Hi all (of those who actually read my blog and see my posts lol),

You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t posted a doodle in a week. I’ve been doing my best to push out a doodle a day or at least pre-load a bunch of doodles to come out each day, but things in life have been busy with work and other miscellaneous things. So I just wanted to let you know I’ll be taking a temporary leave/break from the “one doodle a day” schedule. I’m just finding that other things in life are taking up more time than they previously had and I’m not finding the same fire or passion to create the doodles that I had previously. I’m going to take some time away from this and hope to refind that spark, that fire, but if I don’t or I can’t, I want to thank all of those who’ve read my blog and have liked or reblogged posts, especially those who’ve done it from the beginning and as well as those who’ve find me at various stages.

Thank you and I hope to post content you’ll enjoy again. And if not, we’ve had a pretty good run and I’ll never forget this chapter of my life.