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Work // Raven Reyes

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Request: So I found this blog recently, and since your begging for request, I’m going to get out from the shadows and request something XD. How about being a mechanic like raven and helping her fix the ship, R have been taking Raven’s work without her noticing it so She could rest, but raven found out eventually when she finds reader sleeping in a pile of thing that she should have fixed. Raven need more love and help, I just want to help her lol. Love your blog hun xoxo :D

Warnings: None

A/N: Well I saw you liked a lot of my posts on my phone so you weren’t in the the shadows actually lol and yea I’m begging for request because I love to write a lot but I don’t have a lot of requests sadly || Thank you very much for liking my blog, it means a lot to me ! ♥

You and your girlfriend were both mechanics and usually you both were working together, and at the moment, you two were trying to fix the ship as much as you could but you knew how much Raven was working on the ship and wasn’t taking a lot of rest these past few weeks. So you wanted to help her more so she would finally get all the rest she deserves.

You were working on a few pieces of the ship for hours now, Raven should have been the one to do it but without telling her, you took her work once again, you were exhausted but you knew it was the good thing to do. 

But you were so tired, you have been working on this for two days straight without having the time to sleep and now you couldn’t do it anymore, your body as well as your mind needed to sleep. You put the pieces away and crossed your arm on the desk, laying your head on them, you were going to rest for only a few minutes, nothing more. But what should have been only a few minutes turned to be hours.

Raven who had woke up a few minutes ago, she was wondering where you were since you weren’t sleeping next to her. She put on her clothes and tried to find you. In the end, she finally found you in the workroom, you were peacefully sleeping on the things she should have fixed herself. She directly understood that you took care of these for her, she smiled a little bit, she was so lucky to have you. Your girlfriend slowly woke you up by kissing you on the cheek and stroking your hair.

“ Wake up babe “ you heard Raven say while you were waking up

“ Raven? “

“ Yes, you shouldn’t have took my work babe, you’re so tired now because of me “

“ It’s okay, I wanted to help you “ you replied half smiling

“ Thank you so much, now go to the bed, you need to sleep “ said Raven softly

You finally gave in and went to the bed accompagnied by your girlfriend who gently kissed you before you fell asleep again but this time on the bed