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“you stare at him, and he just stares right back. and that’s when the attack comes.”


100 days of snowing: day 1


“Are we still on for dinner?” Alex asked as he dropped you off at the office. “Yeah, hopefully the challenge is quick and easy, but you still haven’t told me where we’re going.” You said you heard a groan from the couch behind you but didn’t bother turning to the source of the noise. “Just dress nicely and I’ll surprise you.” He said, he placed a kiss on your lips before running off. 

“You know some of us are here for a competition and not just to flirt with preexisting employees.” Stuart said as you threw yourself on the couch. “Oh calm down Stuart.” Neha said defending you. 

“What? I’m just saying if she’s not gonna be serious and slow us down because she’s out there with her boyfriend she might as well just quit now.” He said angrily. 

“Oh grow up, I can multitask, okay? I know how to balance my relationship with my work, so just chill the fuck out and mind your own damn business Stewie.” You said aggressively. 

“So I take it things are going good with Alex?” Neha asked breaking you away from your glaring contest with Stuart. “Yeah, he’s great, he-”

“So our newest challenge is create an app.” Lyle said walking into the room, a few seconds later Nick and Billy followed. 

“Alright so what if..” Billy continued his ranting on an app that was basically Instagram, you and Stuart corrected him several times saying that Instagram was already a thing and how we couldn’t recreate their app, to no avail.

After several hours you guys ended up in the city at some mandarin restaurant. You stepped out for a few minutes. “Hey Alex.” You said when he finally answered the phone. “This app is taking longer than we expected, we’ll have to reschedule.” You said “Really? I made reservations Chez TJ.” He said irritated. “I’m sorry, okay things came up with us and the app, we came into the city to get inspired.” You said 

inspired?Really? Do you know how long it takes, no do you know how expensive that restaurant is? And you blow me off because you guys need to be inspired?” He asked. 

“What’s your problem? I’m here for the competition? Not to be your girlfriend. My focus is winning this thing, you were an added bonus okay? Quit being such an ass.” 

“Quit being a bitch.” He shot back. “You know what? Take your reservation and shove it up your ass okay? I’m done with you.” You said hanging  up the phone. 

You turned to go back inside and saw Nick instead. “You okay?” He asked. “Yeah, I’m fine, why wouldn’t I be?” You asked trying to step around him. He sidestepped you. 

“There’s better people than him, you shouldn’t feel guilty for going after what you want.” Nick told you placing a hand on your shoulder gently. “I know, it’s just I really thought he was a good guy, I guess I just don’t attract good guys.” You said 

“Oh I don’t know about that, I know a real good guys who’s very interested in you.” He said you pulled away. “Nick, that’s real sweet, but you’re too old.” 

“Not me, never mind, he’ll tell you when he wants to, but trust me, you’ll like him.” He said leading you back inside. 


It was really late or early depending on how you looked at it but all of you were just about done. You’d hit up the strip club where you got drunk, and you were still waiting for the effects of alcohol to wear off. 

You were looking out at the water when Stuart came to sit next to you. “It’s nice.” He said simply. “Yeah,” you looked at him sideways, “Where’s your phone, I haven’t seen you with it all night, I’m shocked.” You said teasingly. 

“Well I realized that sometimes you need to enjoy the real world.” He said looking at you. “What’s been up with you lately?” You asked looking at him.

“Nothing, what do you mean?” He asked sounding somewhat nervous. “I mean lately you’ve been a dick, more than you usually are.” You said you noticed him reaching for his phone and held his hand to stop him. 

“You go for your phone when you’re nervous.” You said. “Spill.” 

“It’s nothing I just, God I hate your boyfriend!” He shouted all of a sudden you were taken aback. “Why?” You asked. “I know he’s an ass and all but why would you hate him?” You asked confused. 

“Because he has you. You’re awesome and amazing and, and you’re perfect and he should get to have you because he’s such an asshole! You deserve better you deserve more than him. You need someone who’s gonna treat you right and hold you abo-” Your lips crashed on to his, his arms wrapped his arms around your waist and your hands went to his hair. 

“What was that?” He asked breathlessly. “A kiss.” you said in a ‘duh’ manner. “No, what about your boyfriend?” He asked. 

“We broke up sometime after dinner yesterday, and I’ve never been happier.” You said. “Finally.” He said you smiled at his reaction and kissed him again.

Requested by Anon

Wonwoo power
  • *Puts food in the stove*
  • *Scroll past tumblr*
  • *Sees a picture of Wonwoo*
  • *Sees another one*
  • *Another pic of Wonwoo*
  • Me: Wow. Suddenly here is getting hot, but still cutie tho.
  • *Wonwoo pic*
  • Me: And it's only getting hotter here.
  • *That Wonwoo pic that actually makes you want die because THAT'S SO MUCH*
  • Me: Oh... Ok. Wonwoo still hot tho, and cutie.
  • Brain: I'm so done with you right now.

Well then! The coloring took me all night and half of my morning, but it was worth it ^^ Thank you to everyone who supported me and helped me gain the will to finish this! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!

Have a nice day! ^^