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SWCV Dallas

This is just going to be a quick recap of my swcv dallas experience. 

The concert started with hitchhiking, but I wasn’t expecting Jongkey because in Seoul they transitioned into the next song, but the second I realized what was going on, I flipped out my phone (my hands were shaking) and I recorded that interaction, I’ll upload snippets later today when I edit. 

Minho was such a fuzzball, honestly, he would always wave to the fans up on the balcony, Taemin did so too and Minho hyped the crowd up so much during Ready or Not, it’s like he never loses energy. 

When Taemin performed Goodbye, I had to stop recording just so i could watch him…I mean, he was beautiful, stunning. Taemin when he performs, despite being tired, he gave us his all last night. 

KIBUMS BURNED GUCCI. Iconic. he was so done and the others seemed so amused by him telling his story. (i’m sure you guys have heard about it by now, so I’ll spare you the details).

The return of Jonghyun’s fanboy AND JONGHYUN IS SO SOFT, GENTLE AND SWEET. I love listening to him speak ;;;

MY HUSBAND GUYS MY HUSBAND. Jinki tried telling a joke, but we were all confused, even Jonghyun was like “what do you mean?” in english and that made us laugh. 

Taemin trying to explain how he felt in english was so endearing and genuine. He was struggling, but he managed to say what he felt. 

Onew spoke a little english and apologized in korean for his pronunciation. His “alright, so the next song is…” was sooo adorable, I wanted to squish him. 

I just….they’re amazing, I can’t even describe to you guys properly the aura they emit when they perform. AND THEY DID ODD EYE. I TELL YOU I WAS NOT READY. Those slow hip rolls are no joke haha, the passion in the theater became thirst in a matter of seconds. 

I’m probably forgetting somethings, but I love them so much and I met sooo many of you yesterday!!! <3 <3 thanks for saying hi and I hope you enjoy your little bags ^^

going away for a week!!

aaaaaaaa im currently on vacation in hawaii, and i havent brought my computer(typing this with my phone ;;w;;;;;),so i wont be able to post/rb anything until next week! ill start posting as soon as i come back to korea♡♡♡!!

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OK so i finished all the base editing (i guess) EXCEPT for those 2 big scenes with my Patreon cameos. Im still currently waiting for their references so i can draw them for the video, but i think im just gonna start editing those scenes and add them in later bc all i need to do after this is the post-production editing soooo…. ya. hopefully i get them soon bc im in the home-stretch phase ;0c

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Hey, could you possibly post a tutorial later on how to draw thicc legs? I wanna draw Melissa with thicc legs, but it's pretty hard.

i am the worst person to go to for refs/tutorials 

but @azure-sketch can teach you better than I can 

literally all I do is 


draw it

Still on my posting hiatus, but!!! I’ve been working on a thing for a while now, and I think it’s finally ready to be public. And before anyone says anything - yeah I know it has been made before, by several people, but I wanted one of my one I could update and conform to *my* game, ya know?

So anyway, here it is: my pose database.

I struggle A LOT with keeping up with pose codes and such, and specially, finding them, so I’m taking full advantage of the tagging system here so I can make my life easier.

This was going to be a private blog, but I don’t see why I can’t share. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(I just want to give a heads up and apologize for my lack of posting. Unfortunately, I had to drop some threads, as well as the event thread (except for the two I did at the last minute I would feel even worse) But I just wanted to let you guys know. If we have a thread going on and you want to start something new I’m A-OK with that.

But yes. Just wanted you all to know. <3

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Story time: Gianna goes out with Brandi to walk around

So as you all might know, @seriously–uninjured and I are irl friends. We live very close. So we got together with our fuckboy friends Nathan and TJ.
So we’re walking down the street, it’s 10:00pm and very dark, when I say “You guys dare me to scream Alexander Hamilton?”
TJ goes “sure, but this house will probably pull a pistol on you.”
I go ‘pfft, yeah right.’
After we past the house, I just scream “ALEXANDER HAMILTON” at the top of my lungs, and a few seconds later the house’s lights go on and wE RAN.
I have the video, if y'all want me to post it.

i had to pull out the mic and recording booth box because my raw recording of one chapter of 2001 was missing exactly 3 and ½ words from the middle of the recording. It just clipped from one word to three later. In the middle of a sentence.

Where did they go. Who took them.

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SO I'm going to do this 'tell my why you love chen' thing and uhm better prepare urself cause this is going to be ass long and you probably have to put my mess of asks together later on, so sry in advance 😪 WHERE DO I EVEN START OMafgdgs so...I rlly love my angel. I just love everything about him. But let's start with the thing that made me fall for him. His voice...

when he sings basically everything inside of me melts. Ofc his technique is on top but ppl tend to forget that apart of that his tone and the color of his voice itself is just so sweet and beautiful like?? He rlly is one of the vocals that touches my whole entire heart and soul when he sings and he can sing basically everything and every style and make it sound amazing and perfect. This is talent and dedication in its purest form.

Also his personality is just…he’s just so relatable? So funny and whiny and l o u d like pls, when he gets all excited and smiley like a little kid and I feel like I’m going to BURST because he’s just the cutest little bean 🤧 you can have so much fun with him, but you could probably also have rlly meaningful, deep and serious past midnight talks about life, the universe, the moon and the stars with him, just to crack a bad joke and die of laughter afterwards 😪

He’s also so generous and considerate, you can see this in the way he treats his members and how he’s just such a sweet and loving hyung, but also the older members can rely on him a lot. Suho basically lives for making jongdae laugh, and the way he teases him about it is just the cutest thing, cause we all know he would fight EVERYONE who would say sth about suho or the members in general :(  You just can imagine what an amazing person he has to be cause they love and care for him so much.            

he rlly gives out so much love and affection and validation but he wouldn’t accept it if you would give him even the tiniest bit of this love, he would want you to give it to the members or any other person he deeply cares about, cause thats the kind of person he is. That’s how humble and down to earth he is . He gives his most for others but doesn’t see himself as a person that would deserve that kind of treatment and it makes me love him (and sometimes want to punch him) even more. When a fan at a fan sign told him he’s the no 1 vocal? And he pointed at baek saying he’s the no 1? That is SUCH a jongdae thing to do, he rlly loves his brothers so much it makes me >.<      

He rlly just concentrates on making music and he’s always working to improve as an artist, even tho he’s already one of the top vocals! He’s never resting up on all the praise he gets, if he even accepts it. I mean, his goal is to be the best vocalist, probably since he was a lil kid, if this isn’t the sweetest  

His dedication is just something i aspire so much and we all should take an example of him!! He could drop a solo at ANY time but it is important for him to find his own style, to be true to himself and give us the best he can, cause this is how much he cares about us and his music. He takes his music and his goals as an vocalist so serious and i just love him for it :’((      

Also, he worked so hard on his dancing too even tho he’s not a dancer but you can clearly see his improvement since debut and it’s just so heart warming to see that he gives his best in everything he does and always tries to pull out all he has. He rlly gives his most for exo!! He’s so incredibly hard working!! You can absolutely see that, nobody could tell me sth else!!        

Also…I. Love. His. Laugh. And. His. Cute. Pure. Little. Kitty. Smile. It’s really like the sun is shining when he smiles and I get all this feelings of warmth and happiness and peace and just like…I’m so full of love when I see him being happy and i instantly get happy too, no matter how down and sad I am, when I hear his loud screaming in the background or his even louder whining I’m just thinking…ah well no matter how bad life is, there is still sth to be happy and thankful for like he’s rlly my whole entire world :’( he makes my life so much better just with being his wonderful  angelic self and I’m forever thankful that he shares all this P O S I T I V I T Y and T A L E N T and D E D I C A T I O N with the world and us all cause there would be sth missing in my life without him…just words can’t describe how unbelievably happy he makes me, with the smallest things he does.    

I just want him to live the life he wants, to do everything he dreams of, to live just for himself and nobody else and just being happy and healthy all the time. He’s my precious little bean, the one who matters, the most adorable, handsome, beautiful, ethereal person in the whole wide world and for me nobody can compare, and I just love him with all my heart 💖(x100000)  

There are THOUSAND of things missing here rip but it would take days to write them all down…I’m such a loser for this man (I mean I am anyways) and this is probably the cheesiest thing ahgjfd bare with me pls :((    

why do you love jongdae?

Why Arc v will always have a Special place in my Heart

Way back in 2014, I saw a post from a yugioh page about the announcement of arc v. It was an image of yuya with stargazer and timegazer with the caption about pendulum summon and all that whatnot. I remember my reaction back then, I was angry and disappointed (bcus I thought yuya was going to be the first female protag lol) and thought of yuya as a lousy protagonist due to his ridiculous design.(I used to be one those assholes who despise and didn’t give the other spinoffs a chance and glorify DM and GX)

After that, I lose my interest on yugioh.

One year later in June or July of 2015, (I can’t remember which month it is but know it is somewhere between the two), my obsession for yugioh resurfaces thanks to the abridged series. One thing lead to another and I decide to get a peak at the new yugioh series.

I still have the first episode bookmarked for the love ra. So there I was, watching the first ep of arc v. I was repulsed because this was not the yugioh I remembered and loved. But then we saw how yuya struggled when he was a child when yusho “mysteriously disappeared”, how he hid his pain through his smile and making other people happy and I thought “well he’s not that bad as people say he was. yes he rode his hippo looking like an idiot but over all he’s not that bad”. So then, I continued watching it.

And I didn’t regret my decision on giving this series a chance. Not one bit. The characters, the duels, and the plot, truly had a huge impact on me. The yuuboys and the bracelet girls mean so much to me and it scares me how attach I am to them. The lancers and many more characters of this gosh darn series have grown on me for the past two years.(yes even tho those characters had their potential wasted and didn’t have a chance at character development, I will still forever cherish them)

Sure the show had gone downhill in the middle of the synchro arc and the main plot wasn’t executed perfectly, the bracelet girls were pushed aside and didn’t got a chance to shine (looking at you Rin and Ruri *sobs*) and many more fucked up things the writers did to arc v that I will not mention. (bcus if I did I will be really salty about it)

But in the end of the day, I am just grateful that we still have this series with a protagonist that will do everything in his power to make everyone happy, who had crossed dimensions to save his best girl friend, who always seem to see the good in everyone and ended the drift between the tops and the commons and also changed so many hearts during the dimensional war. A story that features female characters that are important to the plot, duels that leaves you giddy with excitement or leaves you with a heart-wrenching feeling. I just have a lot of emotions right now…no words can’t describe how much I love this series despite its many flaws.

Arc v taught me to face hardships in life with a smile and whenever you feel like your giving up, just swing like a pendulum and fight back with all you got. Thanks to arc v I gave Zexal and 5ds a chance.

And that is why, Ladies and Gentlemen, the reason that arc v will always be in a special place in my heart. Thank you for all the meme memories and I’m hoping the finale will be satisfactory. Farewell Arc v, you’ll be dearly missed by all. 

(p.s At least we still have the manga)

(p.s.s I was listening to Yuya’s theme while I wrote this and i was fucking bawling)


Sebastian Stan and the Tshirt™ for the Beauty Book (2011) (x)

Imagine your OTP
  • Person A : *is playing pokemon GO*
  • Person A : Oh! There's a rare pokemon! DON'T MOVE!!
  • Person B : W-what?
  • Person A : Just...don't move. I'm gonna catch it
  • *person A is sneaking towards person B*
  • Person A : *hugging Person B tightly*
  • Person B : What are you doing?!?!