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GoT!AU: Pregnancy, for the most part, is kind to Sidney. One of his favorite changes, his eyelashes change from ridiculous to deadly. Geno is WEAK in the face of this change.

Sidney gets prettier somehow and smells so good.  Sidney (giggling all the while) has to kick his husband out of bed in the mornings because Geno keeps saying, “Mmm, maybe I’m go to meeting later,” as he buries his face in Sidney’s neck. 

Cue Geno, post-kicked off bed, lying on the carpeted ground next to the bed and holding on to Sidney’s ankle, pretending that he’s drowning as he moans, “My beautiful spouse loves me no longer–I’m the most unfortunate man in this kingdom–I can feel myself dying from a…broken heart…never to see my child into this world…Sidney, my love, please arrange for my funeral…tell them to play my favorite song accompanied by those traveling, fire-breathing acrobats–”

“Stop,” Sidney laughs, shaking free and then peering over the edge of the bed so he can kiss his husband. “The child and I will be here when you return from your meeting.”

i’m a little slow on tumblr at the moment! there’s just so much going on this summer, biggest thing of all; i’m moving to my very first apartment! i’m so nervous but honestly i couldn’t be happier about it. i’ve waited so long to be able to move out on my own and now it’s finally happening! with that said, i’ve paused my patreon until later this summer/autumn, and the most work i will do until then will be finishing off my comission list.
but, if you’re still interested in what i’m up to you can follow both of my instagrams; @harteus where i post a little bit more in terms of sketches and stuff, and @feliciawahlstroem where i put my personal stuff! i write in swedish sometimes though!

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Hello Stepan.  :D

Yeah he’ll probably bang your mom sometime tomorrow (sim time).  It’s fine.  It’s science.  I HAVE, at least once if not twice, thrust you directly into the arms of your girlfriend for pseudo-science and (ignoring the crash I had that gave you blue balls) I think you were just content to play in and around her fucking pool.

… no that’s not a euphemism, dumbass.  :|

… bull-riding is a dangerous sport.

And still, some object or other is going to get broken in half later.

TalesFromRetail: I thought he was joking

I’ve posted a couple of stories from my grocery store days, but here’s one from my later retail days of hell.

I was on one of the bigger checkout lanes, and we were short baggers that day. So, me and another cashier were helping each other bag between our own customers. I’m helping her bag a certain order when I get a customer. She was almost done ringing up items anyway, so I went back to my lane.

Me and the guy had been joking around the entire time, until I moved to go back to my lane.

Guy: “Where do you think you’re going? You’re not done bagging my groceries.”

I laughed along, thinking he was joking. Until I saw the deadpanned expression on his face and that one vein in his forehead starting to bulge.

Me: “Well, sir, seeing as how we’re shorthanded I was helping you and the cashier out. I have another customer waiting for me, so have a good day.”

Guy: “Excuse me? You started bagging these groceries and I expect you to finish them.”

It was one of those moments I debated on how badly I actually needed this job, and decided to go for it.

Me: “I’m sorry you feel that way, but if you need to have your groceries bagged right now, you have two functional arms and are more than capable of finishing the job. Again, have a good day.”

He sputtered and did end up finishing bag his own groceries, and left rather quickly. I have another story that is much more satisfying than this that I will post sometime soon.

By: Bluebunny16

Prompt List ~ Requests Open

RULES: Send me an OTP or OT3 in the 13rw fandom and the prompts you’d like me to include. Please send the number and sentence for each prompt, in case I come back and add to this list. Drabble’s will be a few paragraphs long. Please be patient as these may take a long time to complete due to headcanon requests in the queue.

I have made this list myself, it’s been a work in progress for years. I’ll try and re-find the posts which inspired it and tag them later :)



1. “What if I kissed you right now?”

2. “I’m going to kiss you now.”

3. “Did you just kiss me?!”

4. “Is it bad I really want to kiss you right now?”

5. “This is where we kiss, right?”

6. “So are we going to kiss or not?”

7. “Don’t talk just kiss me.”

8. “You owe me a kiss.”

9. “I’ll go home, but it’s not home unless you’re there…”

10. “Stay with me.”

11. “Stay the night. Please.”

12. “Please don’t go.”

13. “I just need you here with me right now.”

14. “Just hold me.”

15. “Scoot over a little bit, please.”

16. “It’s lonely without you in the bed.”

17. “I miss sleeping with you.”

18. “I love cuddling with you first thing in the morning.”

19. “Please come back to bed.”

20. “You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this.”

21. “You’re so cute when you’re tired, you know.”

22. “It’s too cold! Come back!”

23. “Mmm… you’re warm.”

24. “Here, take my hand.”

25. “You’re so clingy, I love it.”

26. “We’ll get through this, I promise.”

27. “I can’t stand the thought of losing you.”

28. “It’s okay I’m here for you.”

29. “Just sit down and let me take care of you.”

30. “I need you.”

31. “I can’t do this without you.”

32. “If you walk away everything will fall apart.”

33. “There’s no one I’d rather have with me than you.”

34. “I’ve made so many mistakes… but you’re not one of them.”

35. “Promise me you’ll come back… I need you to promise me.”

36. “Promise me you’ll stay.

37. “When I look at you, I see my whole world, and that scares the shit out of me.”

38. “It’s always been you. You and only you.”

39. “I’m yours, in every way possible.”

40. “I love you and I am terrified.”

41. “Please… I love you.”

42. “I think I might be falling in love with you.”

43. “I’m so in love with you.”

44. “This is why I fell in love with you.”

45. “I never believed in love till I met you.”

46. “You’re all I ever wanted.”

47. “For some reason I’m attracted to you.”

48. “When you smile I fall apart.”

49. “I don’t know what I did to deserve you.”

50. “You were the greatest thing that ever happened to me.”

51. “I like the way I feel when he looks at me. Like I wanna believe in myself.”

52. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you don’t think I can see you.”

53. “I just really miss talking with you.”

54. “Actually… I just miss you.”

55. “I don’t know who I am without you.”

56. “We’re not just friends, and you know it.”

57. “But do you love me the same way I love you?”

58. “Those things you said yesterday… did you really mean them?”

59. “Just say it is okay. I just need to hear you say that.”

60. “Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you.”

61. “I know you told me to stop thinking about you, but I can’t get you out of my mind.”

62. “None of that matters anymore.”

63. “I’ll make it right for you.”

64. “I had a nightmare about you, and I wanted to make sure you were alright.”

65. “Is that my shirt?”

66. “You know, it’s okay to cry.”

67. “You’re cute when you’re all worried.”

68. “Despite what you think, I am completely capable of taking care of myself.”

69. “Promise me you’ll take better care of yourself.”

70. “Please don’t give up on me.”

71. “Please listen to me.”

72. “Please don’t go.”

73. “Please don’t leave me.”

74. “You’re worth any fight.”

75. “I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.”

76. “You look like you could use a massage.”

77. “He/She’s pampering me, let him/her be.”

78. “You’re beautiful, you know that?”

79. “You’re way too pretty to be out here by yourself.”

80. “We’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about.”



81. “Wait a second… are you jealous?”

82. “Stop being so jealous will you?”

83. “You deserve better than them.”

84. “They’re not right for you, you know.”

85. “It’s not fair that they get to be around you all day and I don’t.”

86. “I noticed them checking you out.”

87. “They were hitting on you.”

88. “Were you checking them out?”

89. “I’m not gonna stop leaving marks ‘till I’m sure everyone will know you’re mine.”

90. “This is mine. Are we clear?”

91. “You are mine, you will always be mine.”

92. “You belong to me.”

93. “I want you all to myself.”

94. “If I ever see you anywhere near her/him, you’ll have to deal with me!”

95. “I’ll kill the bitch.”

96. “No one will ever love you like I do.”

97. “Say you love me, and only me.”

98. “Say that I’m yours.”

99. “Mine.”

100. “I didn’t realize I needed your permission.”

101. “I don’t love them. I love you.”

102. “You don’t own me.”

103. “You’re too damn overprotective!”

104. “I can’t do this anymore.”

105. “Where do you think you’re going?”

106. “I just want to be alone right now.”

107. “And where do I go?”

108. “What are you doing in here, it’s 3 in the morning. Get out!”

109. “I will not hesitate to murder you.”

110. “You don’t need to protect me.”

111. “Stop looking at me like that!”

112. “You don’t scare me.”

113. “Would you just hold still?”

114. “Don’t you dare walk away from me!”

115. “I’m not the one that’s always leaving.”

116. “Give me a chance.”

117. “You see, unlike some other people, I don’t sleep with everyone I make eye contact with.”

118. “Please don’t argue with me.”

119. “Please shut up. Just shut up.”

120. “Oh my god, I don’t care!”

121. “What the hell is your problem?!”

122. “What more do you want?!”

123. “I knew you were trouble when you walked in.”

124. “I’m sorry I made you into who you are today.”

125. “We could’ve had it all.”

126. “I almost forgot you only come around when you need me.”

127. “A date? An actual date? To an actual place?”

128. “I’m tired of being your secret.”

129. “It’s hard to believe you actually care about me when you’re so hell-bent on keeping this from all your friends.”

130. “It just feels really shitty, to be the secret boyfriend/girlfriend.”

131. “Are you ashamed of me?”

132. “They didn’t just find out. They already knew!”

133. “Do you regret getting involved with me?”

134. “I’m only dating [name] as a cover. You’re still my baby.”

135. “I’m not ready for them to find out about us!”

136. “I don’t want to be just friends with benefits anymore.”

137. “I told you not to fall in love with me.”

138. “Go on, tell me. Tell me you don’t love me.”

139. “You’re not her.”

140. “I tried to move on, but nobody is you.”

141. “Jealousy isn’t cute on you.”

142. “You’re wrong and I’ll prove it.”

143. “Don’t even think about it.”

144. “Well. Yell, scream, say something, anything.”

145. “Just talk to me.”

146. “Oh, so you do speak?”

147. “Do you think at all before you speak?”

148. “Are you high or just stupid?”

149. “You’re so fucked, you know that?”

150. “We’re not going to be like them.”

151. “Do it, I dare you.”



152. “Are- are you flirting with me?”

153. “Stop sending me weird pictures.”

154. “Is there something you want to tell me?”

155. “Quit moving, I’m trying to sleep. Wait… are you… what?!”

156. “You’re in trouble now.”

157. “And how are you going to make it up to me?”

158. “Come here.”

159. “You have no idea what you do to me.”

160. “Just marry me already.”

161. “Do you trust me?”

162. “Are you going to let me go now?”

163. “Don’t bite that fucking lip.”

164. “Bite me.”

165. “Kiss me.”

166. “If you’re going to keep running your mouth like that, i can think of a few ways to make you shut up.”

167. “I’m pretty good at providing distractions.”

168. “I just want to help you relax.”

169. “You know you want it, sweetheart.”

170. “Lay back.”

171. “Does that line ever work?”

172. “Am I supposed to be impressed?”

173. “Oh don’t mind me. Just enjoying the view.”

174. “Damn that’s hot.”

175. “I think you’ll be happy to know that I’m not wearing any underwear.”

176. “Take off your clothes.”

177. “Take. It. Off.”

178. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

179. “Well if you’re up for the challenge.”

180. “Is that a challenge?”

181. “Well… don’t keep me waiting.”

182. “I’ve wanted this for so long.”

183. “I’ve been thinking about you all night.”

184. “We haven’t had sex in like a month, you’re just going to tease me like that?”

185. “I need you so bad.”

186. “Get over here.”

187. “Quiet, they can hear us.”

188. “Beg for it.”

189. “Did I stutter?”

190. “Say that again.”

191. “Say my name.”

192. “Tell me what you want.”

193. “I want you. Right here. Right now.”

194. “I want you to fuck me.”

195. “Take your clothes off.”

196. “Stop undressing me with your eyes and start using your teeth.”

197. “You can stay but your clothes must go.”

198. “Is there a reason you’re half naked in my bed?”

199. “Put your hands somewhere useful.”

200. “That’s distracting.”

201. “Don’t tempt me.”

202. “Stop teasing me so much.”

203. "Behave.”

204. “Already? Do I really have that much of an effect on you?”

205. “How bad do you want me?”

206. “Do you know how bad I want you?”

207. “It’s like you want to ruin men/women for me.”

208. “Make me.”

209. “How about you make me?”

210. “Well if you insist.”

211. “What, does that feel good?”

212. “Do you like it when I touch you like that?”

213. “Is that your hand on my ass?”

214. “Ha! I found a weak spot on you, didn’t I?”

215. “I want to take a shower so you should probably join me. It’ll save water.”

216. “Friends don’t get each other off.”

217. “Can you do that again?”

218. “Good girl.”

219. “Good boy.”




220. “Why are we at a strip club?”

221. "Save the last dance for me.”

222. “Woah, I never knew you had a tattoo!”

223. “What even happened last night?”

224. “Do you think if we met differently, we’d be friends?”

225. “I just wanted to fit in, I don’t know.”

226. “I can’t do this without you.”

227. “You owe me.”

228. “Have you lost your damn mind?”

229. “Everyone knows my job here is to look hot.”

230. “I can’t believe you didn’t think to ask me first.”

231. “Put me down!”

232. “Would you quit moving around?”

233. “Quit hogging the blanket.”

234. “Are you throwing rocks at my window?”

235. “I’ll go if you go.”

236. “You called for backup?”

237. “Give me back my phone!”

238. “Hey have you seen my- Oh.”

239. “Look at me.”

240. “Why are you always so cold?”

241. “You make me nervous and happy and horny all at the same time and it’s confusing as fuck sometimes.”

242. “I didn’t know you could do that.”

243. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”

244. “Everything is fine.”

245. “The boys and I will handle it.”

246. “I’ll take care of it.”

247. “I think you’re just afraid to be happy.”

248. “If my parents knew what I was doing they’d kill me.”

249. “Share your jacket, I forgot mine.”

250. “Hold my hand, we have to make this look convincing!”

251. “Please pretend to be my girlfriend/boyfriend.”

252. “We’d make such a cute couple.”

253. “Are you sure you two aren’t married?”

254. “Why can’t they see they’re meant for each another?”

255. “Somebody’s in love!”

256. “Do you remember when you use to think you were straight?”

257. “Oh, HELL no! Not in MY bed!”


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I’m Sorry

Ayyy, finally being able to post again feels great! But i’m going to sleep now so I’ll post the rest of the drafted up requests when I wake up in a few hours or so, I’m sorry Older Brother Namjoon… was so short, but I did stay up until 5 to get at least something up for you guys so I didn’t leave you guys hanging, and I apologise again for not posting anything for From Enemies to Friends… If i did it would have been even shorter, so I’ve decided to post later.

Again, I’m sorry and requests are closed for now but as usual you can send them in, it’ll just take longer for me to get it you ~


I’m going down to my grandparents house tomorrow morning, and I’ll be gone for a week. My queue will be running, and I will have my phone and my sister’s computer to go on, so I won’t really be missing from tumblr.

 I won’t have any new edits, but if I do post something it will be an edit I’ve drafted for later. I know I’m not on that much lately anyway, but I just wanted to let everyone know what’s going on, even if nothing will really be that different=)


went on a run and stopped to smell the (grass)

katie and i ran around 2.5 later in the day and it was literally so magical. i love running - it’s been nice to keep the GPS off and just do what feels good and what’s fun! we are going to attempt to solidify some good habits this week that i’m home and maybe train for a half together but apart (with gail!) during the school year!!

@meganegz said:

I do love that they decided to take this side character/occasional villain and make more out of her later on- and she had the real potential to become a great ally to their cause, even if she didn’t become actively involved with Team Phantom most of the time (ruling princess; naturally she has her own things going on that are equally or more important); she could offer knowledge on a great variety of things, I think, and offer asylum in the ghost zone if necessary.

I love Dora, and as far as I’m concerned, she’s an ally of the team post-Beauty Marked. There’s a lot she could offer, and she’s actually a very powerful ghost despite being kept under Aragon’s thumb for so long. I like to think that she and Sam remain friends, because even if Sam frustrated her at first, she was also the one who helped her to stand up to her brother.

My witch!Sam chats with her occasionally using her Ouija board.

Staff’s not great at communication, so I’m not surprised so many people don’t know what’s going on, but @everyone going “Weh I thought X wasn’t going to come back!! What about my investments??” or “Why isn’t Y coming back?? I want year one recolors!” and also “This is so unfair how dare they!!!”:

The Nymphs are a pleasant surprise, but it had been announced way back when what was and wasn’t getting re-released, and what was getting recolors. Not that staff can’t add more recolors later (as it is a helpful compromise between new and old players) but what we are getting (sans Nymphs) is what we were promised.

Yes your Fire Goblin is never going to be worth as much as a Fire Sprite. Those cloaks you grinded in the Coli to get are not a stable nest egg. But they were never going to be.

(Not -liking- the recolors, or not -liking- the fact some things are now cycled, that’s fine. I’m taking about everyone who’s acting like the staff pulled a fast one and “betrayed” them by… doing what they said they were going to do?)


Okay guys, I’m sorry I had to post this but i need to ask for your opinion bc i will go to a classmate’s 18th birthday later and mom bought me this dress and i was so surprised bc it’s my first time wearing this kind of dress and idk if it suits me bc of my chub and idk if it just goes

slytherin-trash-bag  asked:

Hello! I've been following your S/G FFXV Promptio story and was wondering if we'd get anymore soon or is it one of those things that just happens when the moment strikes? I love how you characterize the bros and describe their world. It's terrifying and you don't shirk on that. Anyway thank you so much for sharing your stories with us! Hope to see more soon!

Yikes!  I sort of write as it hits.  I do have a google doc which I use as my basis for things that get posted later.  I haven’t had time to write much (new job!), but I’ve got some ideas….Ideas like the pack realizing just what it means to have had a member forcibly bonded against their will and to another pack member.  It’s going to get sad before it gets better.  Prompto’s been hiding for very good reason and pretty much had it in his mind that he was going to disappear out of everyone’s lives once Noct’s treaty was done.  Which no one else knew about it.  Which they’re going to have to deal.  And then we’re going to get somewhere in there, what happens when bonds don’t just break, but shatter and tear (Nyx/Regis/Clarus).  Which that’s mostly going to end in sad Doctor In Rain for everyone involved.  Plus I’ve got a small idea for Cor (Haha poor Cor, he has no idea what it’s in store, the poor bastard.)

But yea.  You should see some more from me coming up.  It’s just going to take a bit! :)

So I’m getting closer to and beginning planning for something exciting that I’m hoping will be the set up for a lot of progress for me, and in turn be a help to other (struggling) writers

My hope is to get it underway later this summer or early in the fall but this is just to let you know that it’s coming and spread a little awareness about these plans. And I hope to talk about them bit by bit as I progress towards starting this adventure.

My big news is that I’m planning on starting a non-tumblr writing advice blog and using patreon to help support it and myself (and hopefully eventually be able to support other writers and artists with their work and commission guest posts)
I’m going to try to keep you all in the loop about it as I get closer to bringing it into reality and I hope that you’ll be interested


Hey friends, mutuals, followers: Starting tomorrow (it’s nearly 8 pm on the 24th here right now) I’m going on hiatus for about 3 weeks. I’ll be back as soon as I can, but we’re doing a big extended-family gathering thing, and there will be no wifi. That’s right, for 3 weeks. Pray for me 🙃. Anyway, I have a queue set up, but it’s only going to last about 3 days, so tonight is the last you’ll see of me for a while.

I’ve been working on the first chapter for a Steve Harrington x Jonathan Byers cinderella au that I told @dadharbour I would do ages ago and haven’t yet finished it, even like a month later, because I am actually the worst. Hopefully I will have that chapter finished by tonight and in the queue to be posted sometime in the next few days. If not, it’ll be done at some point within the first week of my hiatus, and I will try to get to wifi to post it.

See you guys in three weeks!

-Fox 💙💜❤️

so,  i’m pretty behind on starters right now, and i think it’s best for me if i drop all my old starter calls && get something i can keep up with. This is a new STARTER CALL post, which will be capped at 10 for now. I’ve got two other blogs i’ve got to go get some stuff started up on, so these starters will probably be queued up later tonight! it’ll be mix of verses, but i do want to explore a lot of my tlou2 verse if anyone’s down! 

Very informal here, I’ll delete this later… but out of curiosity how many people would be interested in 3D commissions most likely of characters? From me that is. Heads, busts, full body, possibly game ready etc.

Nothing formal right now, I’ve been doing some already while not really advertising it and I’m thinking of expanding it out further. 

I might follow up with some more formal information and pricing If I decide to go into that more.  If I do go with it, I’ll probably set up a pricing and examples and post those at some point.