i was going to make smth about the community service pic anyway

otayuri college au

ok so listen

the dorms in this hypothetical scenario r shared by 2 ppl n r like. rly smol n rly fuckin standard, 2 communal showers to a lvl bring ur own fan kind of thing. 2 beds 2 closets 2 desks 1 mosquito net pinned up over the windows that overlook either the campus or the rest of the dorms depending on how lucky u get w the rooms

so when yura n otabek move in, they have to drag their suitcases all the way up to the top floor of their block. alone bc unlike some of the other ppl whose parents came to help put sheets on their mattress or smth like that, otabek and yura are both international students n their family is hundreds of miles away (tho they dont think abt that a lot bc it’s kind of sad)

anyway; they find out they’re roommates at the last moment, bc otabek’s transfer clears late and yura’s original one-person-rooming-in-room arrangement changes a day before to two-people-rooming-in-room. basically, he gets an email, wonders if the future roommate is hot, sits on his suitcase to try and squish all of his 20 hoodies in besides his tiger plush

otabek on the other hand was alr packed n has virtually no time to Unpack after his flight so he’s sleepy n jetlagged and tired bc he only arrives at like midnight and he has to go check in at 11am at a campus 1hr away from his hotel and when (finally finally) he gets the email regarding his living arrangements he doesnt rly have the Time to think much about his future roommate

(and oh boy otabek dont even worry u will be doing a lot of thinking abt him in compensation)

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