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Haikyuu!! wedding proposals
Haikyuu!! wedding proposals

Kageyama: Hinata will you m-ma, Marie, Mary?
Hinata: Use your words Kageyama
Kageyama: Ma-, mass- ma…
Hinata: Massage me? I mean, if you want
Kageyama: Murrder me
Hinata: Murder you? I’d prefer if I didn’t
Kageyama: No! Damnit
Hinata: Nah I’m done fucking with you I know what a guy on his knee with a ring means sure I’ll marry you
Kageyama: nuff.. knif… nice.

Tsukishima: Tadashi you make my heart go faster than a meteor striking the earth and wiping out the entire dinosaur population in one fell swoop. Will you marry me.
Yamaguchi: Well, Tsukki, only if you promise to never try to romance me while talking about mass extinction ever again
Tsukishima: Deal

Daichi: *gets on to knee* Sugawara, I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and I’ve finally accepted that you’re the love of my life and I want to spend the rest of my li-
Sugawara: Daichi will you marry me
Daichi: Hey don’t steal my thunder
Sugawara: Is that a yes, or…?
Daichi: Yes ok. Sure. I spent hours writing that proposal. Hours…

Akaashi: Koutarou will you marry me
Bokuto: Oh my god yes, yes, yes, I do! I’ll marry you Akaashi!
Akaashi: *to himself* Nice I got my proposal in before he could propose to me with another shitty owl pun

Kuroo: Hey Kenma will you be my Player 2 for the rest of our lives
Kenma: Dude what the fuck? No. Player 1 always gets a bigger screen and better perks in co-op mode. I try to make it easier for you to win but I’m not doing that no way
Kuroo: No I mean marry me
Kenma: Yes but also what the fuck Kuroo

Iwaizumi: Tooru, would you make me he happiest man in the whole universe? Will you marry me?
Oikawa: The whole universe? Like, all those aliens out there, you’re gonna be happier than every single one of them? At the same time? With an infinite amount of space and potentially millions of aliens who could be getting married right at this moment? Happier than all of them?
Iwaizumi: I take back back my proposal. Go marry an alien if you love them so much
Oikawa: You look ugly enough to be one Hajime, so sure, I’ll marry you
Iwaizumi: This did not go at all how I was expecting it to.

Ennoshita: Ryuu, will you marry me?
Tanaka: I’d be honoured to marry you.
Ennoshita: How does it feel being married before you ever saw a single pair of tiddies Tanaka
Tanaka: Way to ruin the moment

Yaku: Lev I’ve been waiting years to finally have the courage to say this, will you marry me?
Lev: Yes! Yes I will! Wait, are you tall enough to put a ring on my finger?
Yaku: Great now I have to make wedding plans and funeral plans.

Noya: Asahi, I have a question, is it legal to marry somebody as old as you?
Asahi: I’m literally only 18 months older than you! Wait, holy shit
Noya: Gotchya. Will you marry me
Asahi: *internal screaming*

Makki: Sup fuck. You should marry me
Mattsun: Same
Makki: Same
Mattsun: Ok, nice, when do we make plans
Makki: Send Oikawa’s invitation a week later just to fuck with him
Mattsun: Nice

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Top 5 kageyama tobio moments? :0

 Hi there, anon! Thank you for asking for the top 5 moments of one of my favorite characters on Haikyuu!!

I sense this turning into another top 10 because I have absolutely no self-control.

Anyway, here we go (in no particular order):

1. “You don’t win alone. That’s just how it is.”: This moment was really important to me. For Kags to come to this acceptance and even admit this must have been painful, but a true growing moment. That wistful look in his eyes, even in the anime, makes me tear up more than any conspicuously sad moment in the show.

2. This really cute dance (look at our baby so awk so adorbs): When they find out about the barbecue OMG.

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3. When he tries so goddamn hard: With the best intentions, but not always the desired results.

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4. Every jump serve like, hot damn: Like, I feel like half the show’s budget goes in making Kageyama Tobio look absolutely flawless in everything he does.

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gotta include another gif because seriously, hot damn.

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5. “As long as I’m here, you’re invincible.”: There’s always this talk about how Hinata is 100% trusting of Kags, but no one ever talks about how Kags puts so much trust in Hinata’s abilities (like, we were at “I’ll only toss to those valuable to the team” and now we’re at this moment). He definitely had to take a leap of faith to get here.

Yep, this is going to become a top 10 moments post OMFG

6. Every moment in which Hinata successfully riles him up: But this one is one of my faves because Hinata is actually imitating him here. Their push-and-pull dynamic always makes me laugh.

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7. This obvious lie: OMFG Kags, you gotta work on your fibbing skills first.

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8. LMAO that time he absolutely botched his line: They’ve gone from this moment to that moment in Season 3 when Tsukki verbally compliments Kags with “Really, great job, King.” My babies have come so far *wipes eyes*.

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9. Tobio in the car.

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10. Intense™ Kags: The ferocity with which he presses the vending machine button always makes me snort.

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+Bonus. His complete lack of self-awareness

Hope you like my top 5 10 moments! Have a good day/night! ^_^


Kageyama: when Hinata said I was stupid for asking did he loves me or not

Sugawara: when Daichi said we should stop adopting children bcoz all HQ chara are already their childrens

Oikawa: when Iwa-chan said that alien is abducting genius ppl but not the noisy one

Yahaba: when Kyoutani said he didn’t want to fight me bcoz we need a healthy relationship

Akaashi: when Bokuto-san said he make me his bf bcoz I’m the only who can handle his emo mode

Kenma: when Kuro said I need to stop playing games bcoz he get no attention from me

Shirabu: when Ushijima-san said he will go on date with me but I need to cut my bangs

Semi: when Tendou-san said he will kill more people who judging me but still makes a joke about my hair

Kinktober #30: Costume (this is SFW!)

Whoops, I backtracked! I’m climbing aboard the goth Kageyama train! I’m also mooching off Ally’s cheerleader Hinata idea, so this is a goth/cheerleader AU~ 

“This party is so wild!”

There is a vampire talking to Kageyama. Shouting, actually. The volume level is sort of necessary, because the environment around them is currently the definition of a rager—lights strobing and whirling, music thumping and loud, bodies pressing in on all sides.

But they are standing right next to each other, and Kageyama very much does not want to be talked to, and so he finds the level of shoutiness uncalled for at best and exhausting at worst.

“What are you supposed to be?” Dracula asks him. “Some kind of, like, emo kid?”

Kageyama stares at him. “What?”

Kageyama is not an “emo kid”. He doesn’t buy anime t-shirts and cheap makeup from Hot Topic. His eyes are lined dark and precise, and his lips are full matte black, without a hint of smearing or feathering. It makes the silver hoop ring in his lower lip stand out even more. It takes work to get his look this clean, but he has a lot of practice, because—

“I’m not a—”


Someone calls his name, distracting him from what would have likely been a well deserved dressing down of Edward Cullen. He turns towards the source of the voice, and almost spills his drink.

“Oh, hey, Hinata—” the vampire starts to say, but he’s instantly brushed aside as Hinata Shouyou shoves past him to stand directly in front of Kageyama, staring down at him where he’s sitting.

“You—you decided to show up, huh?!” Hinata asks. He sounds like he’s trying to cover his shock with some kind of accusation, which is stupid, because it’s Hinata’s party and he’s the one who invited Kageyama.

“I had nothing better to do,” Kageyama says, in what he hopes is a very bored and unconcerned tone of voice. He’s not sure he succeeds, because Hinata is wearing… quite the costume.

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November is here! Do you remember November 6th? Three years ago? 

NaruHina was canon!

To celebrate it, I’m going to make a digital calendar for next year. We need, at least, 6 fanarts. If we get more, it’s going to be great! ♥

The rules:

- NaruHina, of course. You can add other characters if you wish, still, it needs to be NaruHina centered;
– Only Boruto AND Himawari (just the two of them TOGETHER, without Naruto/Hinata and without other characters) is also ok. Precious babies are precious;
- Theme: Day-to-day/Holidays;
- Fanarts R18 aren’t allowed;
- Height:1000 pixels/length: 700 pixels (A4 proportions);
- The fanart can be digital or traditional;
- Anyone can participate, being a beginner or a pro. NaruHina is love and love need to be shared! ♥

You can submit your fanart until November 20th, sending it to psyduck.aiaiai@gmail.com with the title “NaruHina Calendar 2018: [your username]”

- If you wish, you can send me you birthday date, after all, it is a calendar! :D

- I’ll post the complete calendar(s) until November 26th;
- It isn’t a contest, there is no prize;
- If you have doubts, send me an e-mail or a private message.

Previous post: http://majin-lu.tumblr.com/post/166887610115/naruhina-canon-anniversary

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How about top 5 cutest characters you want to hug so tightly

Ah, if only I could, I would hug the hell out of ALL of them!!! BUT if I was only blessed with 5 hugs, I would choose:

1. Bokuto. Of course. I would squish his cute owl face and hug him so tight and never let him go. I bet he gives the best, longest and warmest hugs. That kind of hug that makes you feel so safe, like nothing in the wold could ever harm you till you’re there.

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2. Nishinoya. HE’S SO TINYYYYYYY and fierce and so affectionate we would probably end up jumping around and screaming in each other’s ears but still  

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3. Hinata. My sunshine son, if I was to hug him, chances are that I would instantly bust into tears because I’m so so so proud of him. Literally, no one makes my heart explode with pride and happiness like Hinata does. Plus I bet he’s such a soft, cuddly little baby. But since I know Kags would give me the death stare, I’ll let him go as fast as I could

Originally posted by kuronekof1000

(actual picture of what would happen)

4. Tendou. This boy…went through…so much…and still…look at him…hiding his scars behind that cheerful smile…my tender son…my most precious swan…I would probably cry even more with him, because his pain spoke to me on a soul level and but when I try to console someone I always end up sobbing way more than them but still I want to protect him from the whole fucking world but he’s just that kind of person who will end up protecting me instead (ಥ﹏ಥ) 

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 5. Sugawara. Because sometimes you just need to go back into your mother’s arms even if he would probably hit me in the ribs telling me it’s time to log off tumblr 

Originally posted by s-indria

- bonus: every time I see Yaku I have this urge to hug him but I bet he would probably fight me to death if I dared to touch him so there’s that

Originally posted by passionario

- p.s. I know, I know. There are two people who are always in my top 5s but they’re missing on here. When it comes to Oikawa, I have a strong feeling of reverence towards him. He’s a great person to just like sit and kind of like just admire what he’s like…he has this royal aura that makes him untouchable to me. On the other hand, when it comes to Kuroo I just want to stay as far as I can from him, literally, is for the best. Don’t even get him on my eyesight, I’ll probably never recover from that. 

Thank you for your messages!

Ask me my top 5 things!

voice over: "and here's what you missed on glee"
  • voice over: sectionals are coming up and things are getting a bit tense as the fight for solos rages on
  • [cut to the inside of the auditorium]
  • kakashi: alright sasuke i need you to take the lead on this one
  • sai: why does sasuke get the solo its not like he earned it
  • sasuke: i'm sorry should we just have you croak whisper grimes into a mic and call it a day?
  • ino: it's probably better than whatever "soul crushing" lana del ray song you're going to screech out [hi fives sai]
  • kakashi: stop it. sasuke's our best singer and our best shot at sectionals. you'll get your turn eventually.
  • voice over: but solos aren't the only thing students are getting heated about. love is in the air
  • hinata and naruto: [walking down the hallway holding hands]
  • hinata: i love you
  • naruto: i love you too
  • voice over: no not them
  • naruto and sasuke: [making out passionately inside a school closet]
  • naruto: maybe we should stop
  • sasuke: [sucking on his neck] because you have a girlfriend?
  • naruto: i mean so do you
  • sasuke: see the cheating cancels out
  • voice over: uh oh. but maybe they have a point. or at least temari thinks so
  • temari: [walking down the hall in a cheerios uniform and popping gum while on her phone] it's a simple plan, kankuro and no i'm not crazy. i'm just going to join the glee club through my impeccable talents and win over her heart by eating my way there straight through her pussy.
  • kankuro: [also on his phone walking right next to her] and hinata dating the quarterback means nothing to you?
  • temari: well you see that's where *he* comes in
  • [cut to glee club]
  • gaara: hello i'm auditioning to join the glee club
  • voice over: but it's not only teenagers drunk in love
  • gai: [singing into a wrestling trophy and gyrating his hips] daddy i want you na na
  • kakashi: [eye wide open]
  • gai: drunk in love i want you
  • voice over: but some things just don't get easier with age
  • obito: [slamming the door open to kakashi's office right as coach gai leans in to give kakashi a kiss]
  • obito: hello. i'm back.
  • voice over: and that's what you missed on glee.
Hyakuzawa Yuudai, Hinata Shouyou + Chapter 217

yo okay, i’m feeling pretty emotional about hyakuzawa (and his interactions with hinata) right now so i couldn’t not say anything.

okay, any character who feels so obviously insecure like that, to the point of sitting alone on the ground looking sad, is going to have a hold on my heart. hyakuzawa is the most inexperienced player at the camp, and i’d bet he’s aware that some of the other boys there don’t really want to play with him. on top of this, he must be painfully aware that there are a lot of players at this camp who not only attend powerhouse schools, but are regulars - in short, he knows that he is surrounded by extreme talent, and it serves to make his insecurities about his playing even stronger, as he has some of the best players in his year to compare them to. the 2-on-2 matches have become a source of misery for him, he dreads them and wants them to end as quickly as possible, because these in particular really drive home how far behind he is in comparison to the others. 

now of course, this isn’t really his fault, he’s only just started playing and his teammates likely relied purely on his height, if their match with karasuno is anything to go by. it’s completely understandable that he isn’t on the same level as the others, but it’s also understandable (and heartbreaking) that he is so upset by this. no one wants to spend a week in intense training with people when you know your skills are far behind everyone else’s. 

so then what happens?

well, in comes hinata.

holy shit, i love hinata shouyou.

not only does he immediately validate hyakuzawa by making it clear that he thinks hyakuzawa belongs at the camp, he then proceeds to be the most vocal and enthusiastic supporter anyone could ask for. of course, this is hinata’s nature! he’s a lovely ray of sunshine who lights up everyone’s lives, but it’s important to remember that hyakuzawa doesn’t know this, so it probably makes hinata’s words even more important and special to him. hinata’s vocabulary choices aside, it’s clear how surprised and relatively moved hyakuzawa is by hinata’s praises. they aren’t overly complicated, hinata tells it like it is, but these earnest compliments reach hyakuzawa. i’d put money on it being the first time anyone has ever complimented him like that, especially considering he’s still at a low skill level.

so, imagine being at a training camp full of elite first-years, feeling like you’re still in middle school in comparison, and then having a virtual stranger go wild praising your abilities and potential, completely validating your presence when you felt like you didn’t deserve to be there? hinata did something truly fantastic this chapter and i love him for it. because he’s right! it’s not hyakuzawa’s fault he started volleyball so late, and his potential is phenomenal! with his height, and the right training, hyakuzawa could be an utterly formidable opponent, and he deserved to know that he belonged just as much as everyone else did. major shoutout to hinata for being so utterly sweet and telling hyakuzawa, else he could easily have wallowed in his insecurities for the rest of the camp.

and on the topic of hinata: i am so insanely proud of him. he has grown so much at this camp, even without playing all that much! he’s learning so many things from looking at the games and training from off the court, and it’s blatantly obvious in this chapter that it’s paying off. he’s thinking of game strategies and watching the other players closer than ever - things he didn’t really do all that much before. when hyakuzawa rembered hinata’s in depth explanation about a possible play and how it could affect the rhythm of a game, i could have cried. hinata has come so far, you guys. he’s improving so much and i just know he’ll be fantastic at nationals, even better than he already was. he took a situation that wasn’t really in his favour and made it work out insanely well for him. hinata is an inspiration, honestly, he makes friends so easily and helps others (just to simply “beat them at their best”?? such a simple, endearing motive. also he’s way too attractive in that panel), and he’s never once been bitter even when he had every right to be. like hyakuzawa said, no one knows better than hinata that he deserved to be at that camp. but he’s never been cold towards any of the other boys there. hinata is just such a wonderful, warm person, and i’m so proud of how far he’s come.

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That Hokage Obito anon got me thinking: What if no one else is LEFT? Sure you've got plenty if dedicated, even decently skilled shinobi filling the ranks, but no one else who has the strategic mind and raw POWER to be a leader is left, ay least not in any condition to do so. That leaves Obito, who doesnt WANT it anymore, but it does put him in a position to research the hell out of how to fix everything. Like, say, going back in time to kick Zetsu in the teeth....


“No,” Obito says, flat and cold.

It’s testament to how much she’s hardened over the last year that Hinata doesn’t even blink. She certainly doesn’t waver, feet planted firmly on the other side of the bed and eyes fixed on him.

“Do you really think I would come to you if there was any other option?” she asks quietly.

“Do you really think I care?” Obito retorts, and he doesn’t look away from Sakura’s gaunt, wasted face, pale against the hospital sheets.

There’s a long pause, and then a soft pad of steps interrupted by the click of a crutch. Hinata limps forward until she’s hovering over the bed as well, looking down at her friend, and her mouth pulls into an unhappy slant, her pale eyes full of grief.

“The Clan Heads agreed,” she tells him. “Unanimously. I don’t think that’s ever happened before.”

Obito snorts before he can help it, both at the flicker of tired humor and the thought of calling the ragged assortment of shinobi Clan Heads. They’re children, or just barely beyond it. The children he fought in the last war, dragged into seats of power they’re not ready for, and Obito isn’t going to be among them.

“Give it to Gai,” he says instead, because Gai probably would have been Kakashi’s choice, if he’d survived to take the hat back.

“I admire Gai greatly,” Hinata says quietly, “but he’s not Hokage material. There are some decisions he won’t be able to make, and they’re the ones we need right now.”

It’s true, though Obito doesn’t want it to be. Gai is strategic, but only when immediately involved in things, and he doesn’t have that streak of darkness in him that most shinobi do. It’s admirable, but it means that he makes decisions based on the right thing to do and sentiment and good choices. That will kill them all more quickly than the enemy could, right now.

A breath, and Hinata leans forward, bracing a hand on the railing of the bed to meet Obito’s eyes. She holds them steadily, sharp and intent, and there’s exhaustion in the lines of her face but also a determination that echoes with painful familiarity.

“Naruto would have wanted it,” she says, a killing blow.

Obito takes a breath, closing his eyes. Naruto, who they found on the battlefield far too late to save. Naruto, who Hinata screamed and wept over, even as Ino tried to drag her back. Naruto, whose death drove Sasuke to recklessness that killed him within a week, and left the burden of the Hokage’s position on Sakura, where it might as well have killed her.

“Please,” Hinata whispers, loud in the silence of the room. She’s not crying, but Obito would feel better if she were—the grief in her should be too much for any one body to contain. “You’re a strategist, and you’re stronger than anyone left. You’re smart, calculating, ruthless—you’re everything we need in a Hokage right now. I wouldn’t ask, I wouldn’t want this, but Obito—you’re our only choice.”

The ache is overwhelming. Obito lets himself fold forward, pressing his hands over his face. He doesn’t want this, either. It was a dream, once, but.


Obito is three decades and a thousand worlds away from the little boy who wanted acknowledgement, who would have done anything to be Hokage and be seen. Like this, with enemies at the gate and poison in the water, with all of the Hidden Villages beset and their numbers dwindling, with no way to win and the only goal being to hold out as long as possible until someone can figure out who and what these creatures are—

This isn’t what Obito meant, when he once said he wanted to be Hokage.

A sharp, shuddering breath, and Obito scrubs his hands over his face. Damn Kakashi to hell and back, leaving him alone like this. Damn him for dying at the start of all this, damn Naruto for getting himself killed saving their forces, damn Sasuke for following him, and damn Sakura for sacrificing herself to put up a barrier around Konoha. There are only a handful of Konoha’s best remaining, and all of them are scarred and tired and worn down. They’re dying, as a village.

But Obito—well. If there’s one thing he’s good at, it’s surviving against all odds.

“Unanimously?” he asks, because he’s spent the last five years a near-prisoner, and understandably so. Too valuable to kill, repentant as he was, but too dangerous to let go free, with too many sins on his head regardless. Kakashi had overseen his confinement, right up until the battles started getting fiercer. Right up until Konoha started losing, which isn’t a thing that has ever happened before. Konoha is the strongest of the villages, by far, and the attacks on them are proportionately merciless.

“Unanimously,” Hinata confirms, and Obito looks up at her. She isn’t wearing her hitai-ate, and the faded mark of the Caged Bird Seal stands out against her skin, the short bob of her dark hair. Hanabi had gotten Sakura to alter the seals, tie them to the Clan Head so that her death would remove the seal entirely, and Obito wonders if Hinata has forgiven her sister for that yet. For making plans for her death, rather than just fighting to survive.

Hinata, he thinks sometimes, has become a little too much like Naruto, after all these years. All his best parts, and all his worst. It’s…comforting, even when it shouldn’t be.

It’s the reason he recognizes the light in her eyes right now, the relief and buried joy. Hinata might present the perfect appearance of a Hyuuga Clan Head to those around her, but they both loved Naruto with the same ferocity, the same blind devotion. It leaves them open to each other, and Obito should probably hate it, but he can’t bring himself to.

They’re both of them broken and dimmed and fading, but Naruto was their sun even if his eyes were focused elsewhere. Maybe it’s not a comfortable connection, but it’s what they have.

“What did you find?” he asks, and knows it’s something. Something that’s given Hinata hope.

She takes a breath, doesn’t look away from Obito’s mismatched eyes, Rinnegan and Sharingan both. “Sasuke had a theory,” she says, and her mouth curls with faint pain at the name. “I found his notes. He thought—the shadows. They could be remnants of Kaguya, working on instinct.”

It makes a horrific kind of sense, and Obito swallows, feeling his stomach turn. Kaguya and her influence, targeting chakra, devouring life. It fits, even though he doesn’t want it to. “And?”

Hinata smiles, bare and tired, and shifts her crutch out of the way as she carefully settles into the chair across from him, with Sakura’s painful, rasping breaths between them. “I was looking through the library,” she confesses, looking down at her folded hands, and in the middle of a war as fierce as this one, it is a confession. They’re supposed to be sleeping, or training, or fighting, with no time left for other things. “There were…references. To kinjutsus. Kinjutsus that only the Hokage can access.”

Obito contemplates her for a moment, considering. Konoha’s forbidden jutsus are by and large Tobirama’s creations, requiring massive amounts of chakra but also pinpoint control, and of the shinobi left in the village, Obito is probably the only one who can manage both. “Specific kinjutsus, I assume,” he prompts.

Hinata’s smile gains an edge, and she’s beautiful, worn but still fighting, grieving from the loss of so very many people but still forging ahead. Obito’s seen her with Karin, wrapped together with all the desperation of love in wartime, and he hopes it’s made her happy even as he knows it will never be enough for anyone.

“Did you know another Uchiha had Kamui?” she asks.

Obito blinks, taken aback. He hadn’t, but then, Zetsu and Madara hadn’t been inclined to tell him much of anything, and he hadn’t spent time in the Uchiha records whenever he managed to sneak into Konoha. He eyes Hinata, raising a brow, and she actually laughs.

“The Nidaime recorded his encounters with an Uchiha kunoichi who he thought could bend time when she teleported,” she says. “And then he tried to recreate the ability. The Flying Thunder God was the result, when he realized she was bending space, but before that…”

Before that the Nidaime had been experimenting with altering time, and if anyone could manage it, it would be a mad genius like Tobirama.

Obito breathes in, shaky and uncertain, and shakes himself. He thinks of it, of the applications and logistics, of when and how and where they could step in to create the greatest number of ripples, and then thinks about kicking Zetsu in the teeth.

“I’m in,” he says, and the smile that twists his face is all teeth. “As long as you’re coming with me.”

“And Karin,” Hinata says, determined, and when Obito casts her a glance—because Hinata is a viciously selfish creature, and it’s one of the things he likes best about her, but he’d like an explanation for this particular idea—she tips her chin up and says, “She’s an Uzumaki.”

And really, that’s all the justification anyone could need, Obito thinks, wry. With those chakra levels and that brain, not to mention that will—

“She knows?” he asks.

Hinata smiles, just a little. “It was her idea in the first place,” she says.

Yeah, looking for a time-travel jutsu sounds like an Uzumaki solution, without a doubt. But Obito just snorts, shaking his head, and pushes to his feet. One last glance at Sakura, a friend and an ally and someone he’d never thought to like, but who had managed to earn his admiration anyway, and then he steps around the bed and offers Hinata his hand. She takes it, delicate pale fingers sliding into his scarred ones, and he pulls her to her feet.

“I’ll take the hat,” he tells her. “But only long enough to raid the vaults. And next time? Lead with that.”

Hinata laughs, short but warm with pure relief, and grips his hand tightly. “Where?” she asks. “Or—when?”

Obito considers it. Three options, depending on whether he and Karin together can gather enough chakra, but the best… “Back to the beginning,” he says. “The Warring Clans era. We find Zetsu and destroy him, and then Kaguya isn’t a problem anymore.”

She smiles, full of sharp edges and blades in the dark, fractured pieces she’s only barely holding together. It’s beautiful, like a red sun over a killing field. Obito thinks of stepping onto the battlefield of the Warring Clans time with her, and grins right back, all vicious humor and the promise of blood.

Maybe they can’t save their world, not the way they want to, but this is might be the next best thing.

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I stumble upon a video in YT about who would win if Sakura and Hinata fight. Everyone was so hyped up about their own opinion that Sakura cannot land a fist to Hinata because of her byakugan and Hinata cannot seals Sakura's chakra point because she has the byakugo. Majority claimed that Hinata would win even the commentator of that video said that but I'd love to hear your own views about it. Ps. Notice me Senpai. I really am curious. 😂😂😂😂

Well I don’t like trying to predict concrete outcomes of fights because there’s just no telling how they would go, you can’t predict it. The only solid piece of information is that Sakura is the superior combatant on paper, the statistics and credentials don’t lie.

Based on the stats and credentials alone, Sakura would be the favourite to come put on top, which makes sense because not only is she very adept at reading and evading enemy attacks, but the Byakugou Seal is almost a perfect counter to the Gentle Fist, and I go into more detail for both points in this post.

Furthermore, the Gentle Fist is obviously a very close range technique, but Sakura doesn’t even need to engage in close combat at all, because not only does she have Katsuyu to keep opponents at bay, but her air punches are powerful enough to shatter tonnes of debris at once:

It’d therefore be very easy for Sakura to keep her distance while still remaining on the offensive, thus completely nullifying the Gentle Fist.

Yet, depending on how the fight may go, Hinata could very well find a way around the details which swing the fight in Sakura’s favour. Shikamaru is probably the biggest example in the series demonstrating that having better credentials doesn’t always guarantee your victory.

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Heya, I've been wondering, the whole time i saw the scene where Kageyama asks Hinata if he is going to beat him even if it takes 20 years (volume 5, 37chapter), as a question if Hinata will only continue playing volleyball in the future, but now I am wondering if Kageyama asked him if he will play alongside him??? What do you think it meant?

Here Hinata clearly means that, in the future, they will play on opposite teams and Hinata’s team will defeat Kageyama’s, finally getting his revenge over that infamous junior high match. 

Kageyama, however, is making sure that Hinata won’t ever give up, no matter how far in his volleyball career Kageyama would get (this is so heartbreakingly prophetic), that no matter if Kageyama goes ahead without him, Hinata will always follow him, that Hinata would be the on the same court as him. Whether on his same side of the net or on the opposite, Kageyama wants to make sure he will be there. Always.

After all, as long as he’s there, he’s invincible ;) 

Stop Comparing Sakura and Hinata


Why do people have to compare these two precious mothers???

Rather it’s strength, family, marriage or children, these two are always getting compared. If you see a comment on YouTube talking about Hinata Hyuga and it has over hundreds of people replying it’s most likely at least a few comments talking about how either more amazing or horrible of a character Sakura is in comparison. 

I find comparing their strengths and powers more reasonable than anything, because Naruto and Boruto are action/adventure series’ revolved around fighting. So this tends to make a lot of sense. However, a lot of people tend to be biased because they hate the characters.

Hands down, Sakura is stronger than Hinata and the strongest female in Konoha. According to the databooks, Hianta carries strength of 21.5 and Sakura carries strength of 26. Sakura hasn’t surpassed Tsunade either, although it was foreshadowed and she might have by now, as far as we know Tsunade’s is approximately 35 while Sakura’s is 26, not counting their poisons, 100 seals, etc. and yes, with Hinata, this does include the Byakugan since the Hyuga clan is almost completely dependent on it. Sakura’s amount of strength is the same as Naruto’s, according to databooks (not counting his special abilities. It has been said, but I haven’t seen any proof.

But this doesn’t make Hinata any less of an awesome character, even though she’s not or was never as strong as Sakura (surprisingly), she has most definitely worked and trained herself up into being an utter badass. 

But Hinata is happy and content with her life. She got her happily ever after, and that was becoming the wife of Naruto and taking care of her children. Not to mention, she’s definitely gotten less shyer. People keep forgetting that Naruto and Boruto aren’t just completely based around fighting. But it’s also based around love, friendship, dreams and family. Stop judging Hinata for becoming a housewife. She’s allowed to do whatever she wants.

Being a mother has taught her not to be such a pushover, too:

She’s my favorite Naruto character, but we can’t keep saying that she’s something she’s not, or get mad at her for not continuing to be a fighter, Temari is a housewife and I see no fans judging her:

But then again, Temari is also a fairly avid fighter:

Admittedly, I do find it kind of sad that we haven’t gotten any fighting scenes involving Hinata, but I’m prettyha happy about the message that those hypocritical femnists are getting, it’s not about doing what society thinks that you shouldn’t do, it’s about doing what you want, and that’s okay. So let Hinata do what she wants.

And as for Sakura, people are angry because she loves Sasuke, honestly I could get into this, but I already wrote a blog about that and I don’t feel like explaining this to shallow fans again. 

I also find it surprising that people are trying to pull the useless card: 

Even Kishimoto admits that he wishes he would’ve given her more development, he also regrets this about Hinata and frankly all of the females in the Naruto series. But personally, I find Sakura to be a complete badass.

She’s a single mother (up until Gaiden):

Head of the medical ninja force:

And she’s still an active fighter (the most active adult female fighter in Boruto may I add):

Not to mention, she’s often compared to Tsunade and she’s completely human, she doesn’t have a the power of the nine-tails, nor does she come from a legendary clan with special or powerful abilities. Sakura is completely and utterly human.

People say that her only flaw are her feelings for Sasuke:

I would get into that, but I’d be wasting your time since I’ve already talked about it on my last blog.

Back to the subject, if anything is a flaw, it’s her temper, and she’s working on it. I like Sakura, initially I didn’t, I still don’t like majority Part I Sakura’s character. But now she’s a badass who is happy with her choices. Stop bashing Sakura and Hinata. God, please, bash Sumire or ChoCho but theirs no need to keep the fandom in the past. 

I wasn’t even going to make another one of these until the Gaiden Arc ended, but this is getting really ridiculous and annoying to people who just want to enjoy the current series.

At the end of the day, both are awesome characters with awesome families:

(If you disagree, please come respectively, otherwise your comment or reblog or whatever will definitely be deleted no matter how long it is)

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Headcanons for Kakashi and Neji dealing with a s/o on her period ? I'm literally dying and I need some support from my babies 😂💕

I gotchu fam. Hope these are okay and I hope you feel better!

Kakashi and Neji Helping Their Fem!S/o While She’s on Her Period:


Originally posted by hatakenin

  • He is better than Neji, that is for sure. He is going to comfort his girl like there is no tomorrow. Also I feel like Kakashi has more experience in these situations just due to his age and the women he has been around through his life.
  • Is his love having crippling cramps? Kakashi has got her covered. He will bust out the heating pad, get her Konoha’s finest over the counter pain killers, buy her favorite drink and hang out with his little lady until she feels better. He’ll let her curl up into him if that is what you want to do. And he will love taking hot baths with her. 
    • He lowkey likes it when his girlfriend is on their period because it gives him an excuse to be lazy and likes how needy they become. 
  • If his girlfriend needs chocolate or any other fatty-food, he has got them covered. He’ll have a secret stash just in case her period decides to make a surprise a visit. 
  • Also has her favorite movies and books on hand in the event she needs something to do. Also has tissues just in case something she usually laughs at makes her cry.
  • Would definitely join in on wearing sweatpants. 
  • Kakashi has NO SHAME about walking into a pharmacy and buying pads/tampons. You can try and make him uncomfortable, but it’s literally impossible. He’ll even make eye contact with the cashier through the entire transaction. 
  • If she’s feeling bloated, he will shower her with compliments and tell her, “He wouldn’t have her any other way.”
  • If she bleeds through her pants in public he will walk behind her or pick her up and take her home. (If he wore a jacket with sleeves he would gladly give it to her so she could tie it around her waste).


Originally posted by chunli

  • He is not as experienced as Kakashi. Tenten doesn’t really show any difference on her period. She may be a little more mood, but he’s smart enough not to say something. And Hinata doesn’t exactly interact with the world while she’s on her period. So therefore, the genius of the Hyuga clan is at a loss. 
  • Oh but he’s super concerned for his girlfriend. If she tells him, “It feels like someone is stabbing me in the gut and twisting the knife.” He is going to freak out. Like, that sounds so bad and he doesn’t want his s/o to be in that kind of pain. He did a read an article or two on the matter, so he’s going to force feed them pain meds and make them drink lots of water. However, if his gf asks nicely he will cuddle with them and rub circles either on their back or on their midsection. And he’ll grab the biggest blanket to ensure that she’s warm.
  • He’s not going to approach them with a lot of comfort, he’s going to go with the medical approach. He’s going to make sure they drink a lot of water and some herbal tea. He’s not going to give them chocolate unless she threaten to rip out his eyes and make her eat healthy foods. He’s going to make her go for walks, because exercise helps with the cramps. Once all of that is done to his standards, he’s going to default into lazy mode and just sleep with her. 
  • I feel like he’s not the type to be able to buy her tampons/pads. Only because he’s going to get into feminine hygiene aisle and see all the different types and not know what to do. He’ll either ask Hinata to shop with him or ask to borrow whatever she uses. 
  • He will walk behind her in the event that she bleeds through and if anyone points it out, he will insult them. 

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Sakura is irrelevant now while Hinata gave birth to the MAIN protagonist of the new series and has a stable non one-sided marriage,Hnata will get screentime while Shitkura stays in the background doing nothing, keep fuming hoe. No wonder Sarada dresses like that, her family is fucked up. XOX.

I’ve noticed how you wankers repetitiously use that to defend Hinata as being the most relevant female: “bla bla she gave birth to the protagonist” even previously all you could ever use was “bla bla bla she married the protagonist”. And that is only when she got the score of a D. Don’t forget how Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke were also a big deal on kishi not deciding for ns. “i felt bad for her” are literally his words on Hinatas feelings not being returned. While ss here been planned since “the beginning” not an “early stage”. Cause thats all you ever got from kishi “and early stage” and a “always meant to be” quote that you all cling to as if your life depended on it & was literally only said after him admitting in previous interviews how he did slightly consider ns and only dismissed it because it wouldn’t fit Sakura’s character to be inlove with naruto…because it would make her ooc since, really, she’s only been about Sasuke romantically. But lets not talk about that. Let’s talk about your backfiring reaching to take away Sakura’s title like you always try to do. Cause frankly, i find that quite sad. Sad how you reduce Hinata to be relevant only depending on who she fucks and who she pushes out of her vjj. Sad how it’s all only depending of the part where the sun don’t shine to you. Cause honey, i know she important; but she never was /is or ever going to be the main heroine. Get over yourself. None of your petty useless arguments are going to change that. Sakura was the series heroine. She’s the one that was relevant to the story having the “i know team 7 can smile together again” theme. She’s the one that fought beside them. Without her, many characters, including Naruto would have died. Hinata was reduced to become a simple love interest that saved only him once in a while and it was not even no more than three times, actually.  And you wanna know who is the new series heroine? Sakura’s daughter. Not Hinata’s. And you wanna now who has the previous protagonist dream? Sakura’s daughter. And you want to know who is the the daughter of the antagonist of the previous story? Sakura’s daughter. You know who is the only character from boruto that got a full gaiden volume dedicated only to them written by the original author? Sakura’s daughter. So say what you want about that uncanon outfit that has nothing to do with Sakura’s parenting skills; but with the perverseness of the new mangaka, your’re not going to be able to change how amazing of a mother Sakura is. Oh and btw, at least Sakura has a job and doesn’t stay at home to bake cookies because she has to since she is married to the protagonist and gave birth to the protagonist :(. Enjoy all your hinamaid screen time honey it aint like kishi wrote it anyway lmao. XOXO

Sakura vs hinata

I’ve seen and read a lot of these arguements from both sides and (from hinata fans) have seen the most used argument (the only argument) on why hinata would win was because of the byakugan. So i decided to make one of my own arguments

First the facts. We’ll go over each of the characters abilities

-twin lion fist
-air palm
-64 palm

Ninjutsu: 3
Taijutsu: 3.5
Strength: 1.5
Speed: 2.5
Stamina: 2
Handsigns: 3

Stat total: 21.5

-monstrous strength
-medical ninjutsu
-knowledge of poisons and antidotes
-great evasive ability
-can easily see through genjutsu and is unaffected by it
-yin seal
-jonin (though is sannin level)

Intelligence: 4

Stat total: 26

Now before we move on let me clear up a few misconceptions about the byakugan and gentle fist that i’ve seen.

1) the byakugan does not see in slow motion
2) the gentle fist style does not drain stamina or chakra. It just closes the chakra points.
3) having the byakugan does not automatically make you some powerful ninja

Now let’s go over these two throughout the series

We’ll start with hinata. Hinata as a genin was meek, quiet, and shy. She was considered a failure by her father and lost to her 4-5 year old sister. She was no very proficient at the byakugan and was passed over as the heiress to the hyuuga clan due to her weakness. During the chunin exams she did show a bit of fighting spirit in her fight with neji and despite her loss it seemed to affect her somewhat. In part two Hinata had a promotion to chunin and had improved slightly with her byakugan. Though she still could not perform the 64 palm until near the end of the war and still cannot perform the rotation she did learn two main branch moves. The twin lion fist and air palm. In part 3 she is no longer a ninja and works simply as a house wife.

On to sakura. As a genin sakura was smart, vain, barely trained, and at times could be very mean (especially towards naruto). Though she was shown to be a kind character from giving candy to a starving young girl and, despite how much he annoyed her, giving naruto tips on tree climbing to defending lee when naruto was being rude and even wanting to jump in when lee was fighting gaara. Sakura also shows bravery more than once throughout part 1 from jumping in front of tazuna, protecting naruto and sasuke in the forest of death, and saving sasuke from gaara’s attack. In part two sakura has changed drastically. She discarded her vanity and took her training much more seriously. She is now capable of break solid earth with one punch and even a rock much MUCH larger then her. She is also a highly skilled medic nin with knowledge of poison and antidotes, being able to creat an antidote to a poison that no one else could. The creator, sasori, even says that he believed it to be impossible without his formula. Sakura also has great evasive ability as shown in her fight with sasori. She is also highly intelligent having been able to predict sasori’s attack pattern by watching his fingers. During the war sakura awakened the yin seal. By releasing the yin seal she is given both a strength boost and an amazing regenerative ability. Finding out about the yin seal also shows that sakura had not been fighting at her full capacity as to achieve the yin seal it requires that the user store up to 75% of their chakra in the seal. Upon awakening the yin seal sakura took out dozens of juubi clones with one punch and during the sealing of kaguya her punch held enough strength to break off one of her horns. After the war sakura is given a promotion to jonin. In part 3 sakura is still an active jonin and medic nin and has opend a successful child mental health clinic along side ino. Sakura also managed to sneak up on shin, a character that neither naruto nor sasuke could touch despite being at their strongest, and took him down with one hit. He was so badly damaged that he needed surgery to stay alive.

Now on to the analysis. Now the most popular thing that i’ve seen thrown around is that hinata would win because she has the byakugan and can close all of sakura’s chakra points. However, as i said before having the byakugan doesn’t automatically make hinata a powerful ninja. Also we know from tsunade that medical ninjutsu can fix a closed chakra point and given that sakura’s speed stat is higher then that of hinata’s plus sakura’s great evasive ability it will be EXTREMELY difficult for hinata to close sakura’s chakra points. In the fight with sasori sakura was capable of dodging thousands of needles in an enclosed space and then dodged one hundred puppets attacking at once.

Hinata does get a range advantage due to the air palm plus it is very difficult for sakura to sneak up on or get behind hinata due to the almost 360° sight of the byakugan. However seeing as sakura was able to predict sasori’s attacks by watching his hands it’s entirely possible that she can do the same with hinata’s air palm especially considering that the air palm travels in a straight line as opposed to sasori’s puppets attacking from all directions. Sakura doesn’t really need to get behind hinata as she can merely destroy the ground and mess up hinata’s movements. One should also take into consideration sakura’s summon, katsuya. Even summoning a moderately sized one gives her a ranged attack in the form of spitting acid. In a real fight hinata is simply outstripped by sakura. Sakura evasion skill, medical ninjutsu, strength, and intelligence give her the advantage.

Honestly so many hinata fans will almost always use the fact that hinata has the byakugan to prove that she would win while completely disregarding not only the fact that having the byakugan does not make hinata some amazing fighter but also everything sakura can do to neutralize it. Sakura is a sanin level jonin while hinata was a chunin for years until she quit after getting married.

If people think that hinata would win JUST because of the byakugan they need to think again. Sakura worked too damn hard to lose to their biased backwards logic.


Inspired by and based on @shsl-shipper-gamer-fangirl​‘s Dangan Thieves AU with Nanami and Hinata, I made my own contribution with everyone’s favourite (or at least the majority of people’s favourite) ultimate lucky student! I tried to make the confidant screen similar to the way the AU creator made their one with Nanami and Hinata but mine looks so much messier because I’ve never done stuff like that,,,and of course the second picture is a rough sketch of a phantom thief Komaeda fghjkl and the third is my attempt at a sprite edit

I made a few details on how I think it would go in this AU…I think Komaeda would play a role perhaps similar to Futaba, but only in the sense I think that he’d probably have a palace of his own which you would have to go through to get him on your team actually…!! but I haven’t decided on all the details for the palace so I decided not to include it (yet)

but again the AU credit goes to @shsl-shipper-gamer-fangirl entirely, even this post is structured in a similar way!! all I did was make the details for Ko and edited/drew the pictures above

honestly this is just…hellishly self indulgent.

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I have a strong partiality to HQ boys in Hogwarts

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ano.. can i ask once more again? lol.. i'm so happy read your review!! (>_<) and the question are, in your opinions what's the funniest and sad thing during the show? i'm sorry to bother you. have a nice day~❣

Full reply under the Read More!

This reply does talk about the Kagehina fight (because SADDEST scene), for those who are interested in that scene, this post is for you.

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Hoshido Confession Quotes
  • Ryouma: "Our past may be broken, but our future is stronger than iron. Take my hand..."
  • Hinoka: "You've never left my mind since the day you've been gone. Never leave me again."
  • Takumi: "If you were aiming for my heart, you've struck true. This was meant to be..."
  • Sakura: "I've never felt this way before. My heart is beating so fast! I'm yours forever."
  • Saizo: "I guess I can't be shy around you anymore, huh. I promise to tell you everything..."
  • Kagero: "To tell you the truth... I love you too... I'll never be a traditional wife... but I'll keep you safe for the rest of our lives."
  • Azama: "I am so happy to have found you on this plane of existence! Nirvana awaits..."
  • Setsuna: "We will always be happy, so long as we're together... How should I report this to Lady Hinoka?"
  • Hinata: "Please don't ever go away! I really love you, you know? I will make sure to keep you safe! My one and only princess!"
  • Oboro: "I hope someday I can love the world as much as you do. Please stay with me 'til then."
  • Hana: "I'm so glad you told me so, I love you too! We'll be the best couple in the world!"
  • Subaki: "Darling, you're the very picture of perfection. And we're so perfect together..."
  • Hayato: "Let's write the next chapter of our lives together. I love you..."
  • Kaden: "My love is as pretty as a diamond and twice as eternal. Even if you get sick of me, I'll always love you. I mean it... always and forever."
  • Orochi: "I knew we'd wind up together. Even before I met you. I read it in the cards... and the cards are never wrong."
  • Rinkah: "... I love you. The flame in my heart will never die. Thanks to you... I now know what true love is..."
  • Reina: "It's wonderful to know that you love me, too. It feels like a dream... We must go tell everyone at once."
  • Scarlet: "I love you and I'll spend the rest of my life with you... even if your proposal was pretty weak."
  • Yukimura: "We will make new memories together every day, my love."