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Well I was going to run a give away anyway, but let’s make it for reaching 5k!

Important Note - a few more bits and pieces will be added! There is only one prize in this give away, no runner up prizes unless I manage to pull something together!

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I have a strong partiality to HQ boys in Hogwarts

The Last Naruto the movie - Things BOTH NaruSaku and NaruHina fans should know!!

I picked up the last movie promotional leaflet yesterday and have gathered some info from there and want to share my take on this. I am only going to refer to certain parts of the leaflet not because I’m masking information but because the other stuff most people already know such as the villain is related to Kaguya etc.

If you wanna see the full scans of the promotional leaflet they are uploaded in my post here (I like to keep opinion things and info separate) ⇒ JUMP to scans

Ok here goes.

  1. Hinata’s feelings are STILL unrequited 2 years after the 4th Ninja War.
  2. The movie marketers are making full use of Mizuki Nana’s popularity.

1. Hinata’s feelings are STILL unrequited 2 years after the 4th Ninja War.

Those that are dreaming that Hinata is pregnant or that they are already going out and you’ll get to see NaruHina’s lovey dovey date scenes are going to be sorely disappointed. At the very most we’ll get a REASON for how in the world Naruto went from not really noticing Hinata and not addressing her feelings for him at all to falling in love with her. Because honestly I’m waiting for that explanation as well.

The info stated in the leaflet are


The feelings which have still not reached him. What will happen to this love?


The winter festival is approaching Konoha. Naruto is having fun with his friends at the Ramen place Ichiraku. Amongst them the feelings Hinata has hidden inside the scarf she knitted have not reached him even now.


Hinata hates herself for only ever able to do little more than just watch over Naruto.

And then it goes on to say the villain comes and attacks her suddenly. Naruto was able to save her in time but then the man disappears and says he will be back to get Hinata eventually.

2.The movie marketers are making full use of Mizuki Nana’s popularity.

Hinata gets a insert character song for the movie

From here on out things get opinionated so those uncomfortable with that can just take the 2 pieces of info I presented above and take your leave.

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Naruto The Last Spoiler FAQ

Well, having gone off the leaked footage of the Last: Naruto The Movie, I wasn’t quite so sure how to describe it, so taking inspiration from Rob Bricken of Topless Robot and now io9 fame, I decided to make an FAQ.. now before anyone calls me a “salty” NaruSaku shipper. Don’t. I am a fan of Naruto first and foremost, I wanted what was best for the story of the series. Was this it? ..well.. let’s go into that. Spoilers after the jump and please bare in mind. I’m only speaking for myself and  myself only and based on information I have gathered.

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Why Hinata's love for Naruto isn't an unhealthy obsession

First of all, anyone that knows me knows that I’m an old, retired pro-NaruHina/SasuSaku debater.  I don’t usually make posts like these anymore, because I prefer the manga to speak for itself at this point.  Of course, NaruHina is the pairing that has gotten the most scenes within the last 2 years.  Despite not being as active, I will always go above and beyond to defend this pairing to death.   Therefore, I want to tackle a claim and render it void.

It’s amazing how arguments against NaruHina change throughout the years.  Back when I wrote the NaruHina manifesto, the main arguments were “this pairing has no development” and “Hinata only admires Naruto” (excuse me but… lol).  As outlined in my manifesto (despite it being from 2006), NaruHina indeed has its own development and continues to receive it.  Just because it doesn’t have as much “screen time” doesn’t mean the pairing does not have development and progression.  In fact, “screen time” doesn’t make a difference if it doesn’t advance the couple forward.  Naruto and Hinata may not have all the panel time in the world (although they certainly have a lot in this current arc), but the moments and interactions they do share are positive and keeps it going.  But moving onto the other argument that was used: “Hinata only admires Naruto”.  Ah yes, back in the day this was an actual claim by anti-NaruHina fans.  Once again, I stated in my manifesto that Hinata’s confession was foreshadowed for the longest time.  Honestly, anyone with half a brain knew Hinata had romantic feelings for Naruto even before the confession.  Why? Because it was obvious.  Those people were proven correct.  Yes, Naruto is Hinata’s idol.  Guess what?  The love of your life can be your idol.

Rarely do I see anyone using these two arguments against us anymore.  They have been countered with the manga; NaruHina continuing to receive development and Hinata’s confession.  Moreover, a claim that people try to downplay NaruHina with now is how “Hinata’s love for Naruto is unhealthy” or is “too obsessed so it’s unhealthy”.   The main counter to this is, if Hinata’s love for Naruto is so bad, so unhealthy… It would not have made her into a better person.  It wouldn’t have given off such a positive vibe.

It’s not just an obsession.  It has an actual purpose with no negativity at all.  Thinking about the person you love; wanting to be by their side forever is normal.  There is nothing wrong with that.  And considering all Naruto has done for Hinata, of course she wants to help him and be there for him as much as possible.

“I have always watched you. Watched you for all these years! Why is that…? I don’t know why, but…When I look at Naruto-kun…I feel courage. I feel that if I try my best, even I can do it. That I am worth something. That’s how I begin to feel.”

When we first see Hinata in part one, she is this shy girl avoiding Naruto’s gaze.  She lacks confidence in herself, and we learn that part of her she wants to change.  Watching Naruto inspired her changed.  It’s because of Naruto she is who she is today.  Her love and admiration for him is what gives her the drive to do her best in everything.  It allows her to slowly break out of that shell throughout the course of the story, starting from the beginning.   

Hinata has really good intentions.  When she offers her answers to Naruto in chapter 41, she is doing it to protect his dream.  “I don’t want you to disappear here”.  She wanted to help him.  The same can be said when she offered him the medical cream after his fight with Kiba.  And we see all throughout Hinata’s fight with Neji how Naruto inspired herHer mindset is, “in front of the person I admire, I can’t look this bad”.  Perhaps she did admire him, but admiration can turn into love and that’s exactly what happened.  You can admire and love someone at the same time.   Again, this isn’t her being obsessed.  It’s simply positive to her development.  In the end, she asks Naruto in her mind if she was able to change just a little.

Just to touch base on Hinata’s confession, although I don’t think this needs to be addressed much because it speaks for itself.  Hinata literally tells Naruto all he has done for her.

“I’m here because I want to be here. I used to always cry and give up… I made many wrong turns… But you… You helped me find the right path… I always chased after you… I wanted to catch up to you… I wanted to walk beside you all the time… I just wanted to be with you… You changed me! Your smile is what saved me! That is why I am not afraid to die protecting you! Because… I love you… Naruto-kun.”

Throughout her confession, Hinata explains everything as quoted above.  She is not afraid to die for Naruto, and that’s how strong her love for him is.  Neji also tells Naruto that Hinata is willing to die for him in chapter 614, and then Naruto recollects that in chapter 615 right before taking her hand.  That’s love.  When you’re willing to die/sacrifice your own life for the sake of someone else, that’s true love.  Quoting Pein, “love breeds sacrifice”.  It’s not right to twist this scene into something negative because it was not meant to be that way. 

“Did you understand the meaning of what Neji-niisan said earlier? That your life is not only one… Naruto-kun. Your words, and beliefs that you won’t let your friends die… They’re not a lie! It’s because of those words that he was able to come this far… It’s not only you… everyone kept those words and feelings in their hearts, and that’s how everybody’s lives are connected together. That’s why they are comrades. If everyone gave up on those words and thoughts.. Then what Neji-niisan did would be pointless too… That would be the real way to kill your friends! They wouldn’t be comrades anymore. That’s what I think. So.. let’s stand up together Naruto-kun. Always going ahead and not going back on one’s words. That’s my ninja way too.”

“Hinata, thank you! My life is not only one…! It’s thanks to you that stayed by my side!”

Chapter 615 is the chapter we see it all.  I’ll be honest; I never thought I would ever see Hinata slapping Naruto.  Even as a NaruHina fan, if you told me that Hinata would end up slapping Naruto in the face at some point I would have said “yeah right”.  But it happened.  The slap, her confidence; Hinata’s entire speech was a result of Naruto’s inspiration.  She ends her speech with reciting their nindou, making it clear that he is one who gave her the motivation to do such things. 


“In my eyes, you’re a proud failure! When I look at you… I get an intense feeling in my heart… Because you’re not perfect… Because you fail, you have the strength to get back up… Because I believe that’s what true strength is… I think you are an incredibly strong person, Naruto-kun…”

Hinata gave Naruto a speech back in chapter 98.  Before Naruto fought Neji, he meets Hinata at the training grounds where he lets down his happy façade for the first time.  Hinata instantly bolsters Naruto’s spirit and brings him back from his depression.  If you compare Hinata’s speech in chapter 98 to chapter 615, by contrast the proud failure speech was done mostly behind a pole.  It was a step in the right direction, but Hinata had not fully faced Naruto yet.  Of course, she is no longer hiding behind a pole during her confession in chapter 437, but she is fully out there in chapter 615.  Just these chapters show case the major progression in Hinata, and what her love for Naruto has done for both her, and him.  And remember, once Naruto defeats Neji, he’s in a victory pose looking up at the crowd saying “Where is Hinata? Is she watching?”  She is not forgotten in the least.

Hinata’s confidence and aid in chapter 615 leads to Naruto holding Hinata’s hand (even squeezing it, smiling as we see the flashback in chapter 633), and thanking her because he realizes that his life is not only one.  Naruto confirms straight from his mouth that Hinata has been by his side this whole time.   So every time someone tries to say Hinata was never there for Naruto, just tell them that Naruto disagrees.    The hand holding scene between Naruto and Hinata is emphasized so much that one cannot pass it off as chakra transfer.  The context (romantic) is completely clear.  It’s all over chapter 615, received a flashback in chapter 633, and on the cover of volume 64, front center, in color.

 Chapter 633 is another great example, as Hinata remembers holding hands with Naruto, as well as her cousin’s words.  Following that, she says in her mind “Naruto-kun’s done his best to improve himself… I also… want to stay beside Naruto-kun forever!” with a determined look using the 64 palms.   Continuing her thought, she states “so even if it’s one step, I’ll move forward”.  Why people believe this scene is her being obsessive is beyond me.  It’s Kishimoto reminding us of Hinata’s feelings, and how she is not going away.  This is a girl who is determined to be with Naruto; be by his side forever.  It’s also clear she wants him in a romantic way because of one, confirmed romantic feelings, and two, her vow in chapter 573.  Someone who has romantic feelings for you doesn’t want to “hold your hand” and “walk with you” as a friend.   Hinata is not obsessed.  She is confident.   Her statement of moving forward is not limited to her being with Naruto either.  She’s going to move forward in everything, including her power. 

Another reason why it looks as though Hinata’s character is all about Naruto is because Kishimoto really hasn’t spent time focusing on the Hyuuga clan.  She does have a back story, unfortunately the author has not addressed it in a really long time.  Instead, he is building up Hinata’s relationship with Naruto because it is not yet complete.  She now has a goal to be with him, and that goal has not been met yet.  Therefore, until it’s met (meaning until NaruHina becomes canon, pretty much), we will continue to see Hinata’s character centering around Naruto unless Kishimoto throws some Hyuuga stuff in there.

Kishimoto is constantly reminding us of Hinata’s feelings too, and how Naruto changed her into a better person.  He did so again in chapter 649 when Naruto’s future was being discussed.   We see Hinata thinking of how she wants to stay at Naruto’s side, saying she has to do her best.  Again, Naruto is motivating her.  It’s not that it’s an “unhealthy obsession” but rather the author stressing that NaruHina is most likely the end game pairing if there are any official pairings at all.   And again, that’s why we’re not seeing much development for Hinata outside of Naruto, which makes it look like Hinata is “obsessed” in some people’s eyes.    Because Naruto is the main character of the manga, we won’t see as much of the side characters development.   It makes sense that readers mainly see her bond with the main character.  We only see small interactions between Hinata and her team mates. 

Her love for him has benefited both characters.  Naruto has saved Hinata and Hinata has saved Naruto.  Notice how these things also happen right before major events in the manga (Naruto v. Neji, Naruto v. Pein, Obito/Naruto confrontation heating up).

Another scene that credits Naruto inspiring Hinata is in chapter 238 where we see Naruto leave the village to train with Jiraiya.  Hinata is the last person to see Naruto off, despite being behind a pole.  Again, she makes a vow to do her best too.

When you look back at all these moments, you can see they all share something in common which is they are all positive.   It’s also quality over quantity, which is why so many people ship NaruHina because it’s such an optimistic pairing.  NaruHina is not a pairing with a bump in the road where they went forward but then went two steps back and stayed that way with no succession afterwards.  At the end of day, Hinata’s love for Naruto isn’t an unhealthy obsession because if it was then there would be no actual mutual moments between them.   Like I said, Kishimoto hasn’t focused much on Hinata’s aspects outside of Naruto.  One thing is for sure, at the moment, he has not set up this girl to fail.  This is not a set up for rejection.  Hinata’s feelings for Naruto would have been dropped long ago or not emphasized at all anymore (like Lee’s for Sakura, and Ino’s for Sasuke) if she was just going to be rejected in the end.  Kishimoto wouldn’t waste time with all of this.   The chemistry is there, and now it’s a matter of seeing more Naruto -> Hinata.  Hopefully we will after the war, since only part of Hinata’s vow in chapter 573 has occurred.  That was a foreshadow, and just like Hinata’s confession was foreshadowed, her being by his side forever is as well.

PS – This is tagged as “Hyuuga Hinata” because it’s about her character.  That’s the way it is.


Pairing: NaruHina

And one more tonight for sakaeguchiyuuto! Morrow wanted a fluffy NaruHina fic. I hope I fulfilled that! It was a good reason for me to go finish this one; it’s been in the works for a while.

Summary: Just because we can’t be kids again doesn’t mean we can’t act like it.

He had proclaimed it out of the blue at 10:47 at night, in the middle of the movie they were only sort of watching amidst their pile of blankets on the floor.

“Let’s have a sleepover!”

Hinata gave Naruto a strange look. “Wasn’t I going to be staying the night already? It is late…”

“Nah, nah, Hina-chan!” Oh, dear. Naruto usually only pulled out “Hina-chan” when he had something up his sleeve and would not take no for an answer. “I know you were, but I mean, let’s make it fun?”

“Isn’t it usually fun when I stay?” she teased, then laughed at the red that suddenly speckled his face.

“Well, yeah, I mean, but– Just trust me! Let’s do stupid kid stuff. Eat junk food, color, whatever. We’ve already got half of a blanket fort. Anyway, I’m pretty sure that both of us missed out on a lot of fun sleepovers in our childhood.”

She couldn’t really argue with that. Much of her life had been consumed by training and the strict Hyuuga lifestyle, and his life had never even thought to offer the opportunity. She nodded.

“Only if I get to sleep in one of your shirts.”

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okay but what about karasuno going camping together??

- Suga running around making sure everyone has packed everything and is wearing sun cream

- Nishinoya and Tanaka constantly running into the woods trying to find wild animals

- Ennoshita dragging them out again

- Yachi panicking that every stick is a snake

- Yamaguchi hearing Yachi and freaking out himself

- Tsukki sitting in his tent while listening to music and watching the madness

- Daichi trying to make a fire with just sticks for hours, only to give up and use a lighter instead

- Hinata trying to put up a tent only to be criticised the whole time by Kageyama (who ends up trying to do it himself and making an even bigger mess, Ennoshita is the one to put it up in the end)


- Asahi standing in the middle of the chaos trying to keep everyone together

- Suga constantly checking that everyone is drinking enough water

- Kageyama getting sunburnt and Hinata always poking it

- Asahi panicking that they haven’t packed enough food and are going to starve (even though they’re only a 5 minute drive from the next town)

- Nishinoya getting cold at night and wearing one of Asahi’s jumpers to stay warm

- Yamaguchi taking loads of photos of the wildlife (while sneaking a few of Tsukki when he’s not looking)


  • The Real 3000 Follower Special

I hope you guys enjoy this. You have definitely earned it. 


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Title: Antidote
Pairings: mainly NaruHina; slight SasuSaku
Summary: A knot formed in her throat as she became fully aware of what was happening: she was making love with the boy she’d adored her entire life.
Rated: M 
Warning(s): SMUT ( ͡° ᴥ ͡°)
A/N: yay, it’s finally complete! this is part 3 and the last one. part 1 is here and part 2 is here. thanks for reading! ♥ 

“Naruto, get out of the room.”

“Huh? Why?”

“We’re not doing this in the same room, you idiot. You and Hinata go to the other room. Sakura and I stay here.”

Hinata brought her cold hands to her cheeks, hoping to dim down her furious blush. She really wished Sasuke weren’t as blunt as he was. He was only making it much worse for her.

“Fine,” Naruto sighed, standing up. Then, he walked over to her and uttered, “Ummm. Shall… we?”

Hinata’s heart skipped a few beats. Unable to look him in the eye, she wordlessly hurried out of the room as soon as the door opened.

She loved Naruto with all her heart; there was no one else she’d want to have her first time with. So no, she definitely didn’t complain about doing it with him, and she was very grateful it didn’t have to be with a random stranger. Still… why did it have to happen like this? Why couldn’t it have been a normal experience, after several dates and a couple of steamy make-out sessions? Why did it have to be just because a stupid poisonous spider?

She couldn’t believe what was happening. This was so terrible, she would be traumatized for life.

Quickly, she walked down the hall, towards her room’s door. When she reached it, she glanced behind her and noticed Naruto was just closing the other room’s door behind him. He felt her gaze upon him and looked up to meet it, which almost made her squeal with surprise. Hands shaking, she pushed the door open and stormed into her room.

As she caught sight of the closest bed, her own, she began to hyperventilate. That was where it would happen… in only a few minutes… with none other than Naruto Uzumaki… but not for the right reason.

She wondered if he even liked her back. She wondered if perhaps this was a huge sacrifice to him. She wondered if he was doing it just because it was his duty as her teammate for this mission. She wondered if he would ever do this under normal circumstances.

Stop thinking about such things. Stop torturing yourself!


Jumping, she spun around and faced Naruto. He was standing right in front of her; when had he gotten there? She didn’t even heard him walk in.

His beautiful cerulean eyes filled with worry as he observed her flushed face. “Why… why are you crying?”

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More Naruto The Last movie spoilers - 2

So I’ve just seen the movie a second time and want to add more things to my movie summary thread (which, if you haven’t read yet, find it on my blog - this post won’t make sense if you don’t read that first)

Ok, here we go…

- wrapping up loose ends on NaruSaku

In the scene where Naruto and Sakura have a heart to heart (after Naruto confessed to Hinata, but she left him for Toneri), Naruto is sulking about getting rejected.Here’s how the conversation goes…

Sakura: ‘Oh right, you used to say that you liked me before didn’t you. But that was really only because I liked Sasuke and you didn’t want to lose to him, huh… This time [with Hinata] it’s the real thing though, isn’t it. Hinata’s a really good girl, you know. Maybe too good.’

Naruto: ‘Yeah, but… she rejected me and went with Toneri’

Sakura: ‘You really are dense, aren’t you. She obviously just has something she needs to do but can’t tell you! I know… [cuts to Sasuke on screen]… when a girl is really in love, she can’t just let that go, no matter what. That’s why, I understand her.’

…So basically, Naruto didn’t deny that his feelings for Sakura were always shallow, and that Hinata is his first meaningful love. Sakura is being so super supportive for the both of them, and it seems she wants them to be together because she sympathizes with Hinata’s feelings. In this scene, Naruto and Sakura are talking about this all so frankly, and Sakura is the only one he opened up to when he told her he confessed and got rejected. You can tell, they are in a comfortable place with each other now. They seem to have a close and open friendship, and accept who likes who. I much prefer seeing them like this to be honest. It was a much more meaningful conversation than one’s they’ve had in the series.

-Toneri/ Hinata

So, I feel sorry for Toneri. He comments that his Dad dies when he was young, leaving him as the last of his clan and the last remaining person on the moon, only being surrounded by nothing but puppets. It’s evident that he’s not all there because of his isolation and obviously doesn’t know how to deal with people.

Toneri pursues Hinata for her Byakugan at the beginning of the film, but after he brings her back to the moon with him, he comments that she’s beautiful (which is shallow, but to him I think it’s a big compliment). He then says he wants to get to know her, and uses his powers to look into her mind/heart, only to find Naruto there. He questions why he shows up and seems annoyed by this. He later shows Hinata around the castle and tells her some things about it and about his background, but later he starts to get suspicious of her intentions and refuses to tell her any more, while seeming quite hurt. He asks her to knit him a scarf like the one she did for Naruto, and seems jealous that shes hesitant to do it at first. But after she agrees he seems content. We see him a few times thereafter just sitting in the living room and watching Hinata knit his scarf.

However, after Hinata breaks into the sacred shrine to destroy the weapon, Toneri stops her and she tries to explain that he’s mistaken about Hamura’s wish to destroy the world, he snaps and says she’s betrayed him. He storms back to the castle with her behind him and burns up the scarf she’s knitted for him, saying he’s betrayed her and the scarf was really for Naruto.

…I think Toneri really does ‘like’ Hinata, but his version of like is warped. I think he wants someone to be with and he wants her to be by his side. However, his love is very shallow and superficial, due to his isolation.We know that Hinata obviously doesn’t have any feelings for him and she only went with him to save the world and her sister, but I think he seriously thinks she wants to be with him at first. He can’t understand why she betrays him, so he turns her into a puppet every time she defies him. He has only ever been surrounded by puppets that he control however he pleases, so he’s not used to someone who has free will. This is why he’s so hurt, and jealous of Naruto. I kind of think of him as the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. He’s trapped in his castle, and the only way he can keep Hinata there is by trapping her with him, other wise she’ll leave him as soon as she can.

At the end of the movie, he refuses Naruto and Hinata’s offer to go back to earth with them, saying he’ll stay on the moon, and that it’ll never come close enough to earth again for him to join them. He’s the last person on the moon, and no one will be able to come to the moon again… By taking this action, he is ensuring that when he dies, he will die alone. ;_;

- The structure of the ‘Moon’

So we know that the moon was created by Hagoromo and Hamura to entrap the Gedo and Juubi. However, it isn’t simply a case of ‘its the moon and thats that’. The structure seen in this movie is actually complex. I want to try to paint you a better picture, so you can follow my Movie Summary better…

First of all, Toneri is using the power of his weapon to bring the moon closer to the earth. It is only because of this close proximity he could send his puppets to earth, and Naruto’s group could get to the moon. They got to the moon going through a mysterious cave with several springs.They had to dive through 3 springs which contained genjutsu. After they surfaced from the 3rd spring, they came to the exit of the cave the other end, which was a cliff over looking the ocean. Although this looked like earth, it was actually the inside of the moon. More on that later…

So basically the outside surface of the moon as seen from the Ninja Earth looks the same as our real moon, except it seems to have a barrier around it which contains an atmosphere since Naruto and Toneri fight here at the end of the movie and can breath perfectly well. It also seems to have gravitational pull, since they are standing on it normally too, unless they are weaving chakra, but it doesn’t look that way…

The moon is actually hollow. On the inside/reverse surface of the moon’s surface, it looks much like earth. There is land and ocean. This is where the abandoned shinobi villages are that Naruto and the group search though. So basically the moon people lived here, on the insidesurface of the moon. We see Toneri and Hinata eating meat, vegetables and fruits at mealtimes, so this surface must have arable land and animals. Which I’m assuming the Otsutsuki clan must have brought with them when they constructed the moon. Because this is the inside of the moon, the curve is obviously the opposite to the earth’s curve or the outside surface of the moon’s curve. This is why when Shikamaru’s group come out of the cave they can see a floating island above them.

They can also see the sun, and Shikamaru comments it’s fake, which is correct. Being inside the moon they couldn’t possibly see the real sun. This fake sun is actually the barrier surrounding Toneri’s castle, which is floating in the sky. The barrier emits light like a real sun, and is the same colour too.

The part of the moon that Toneri is breaking up into meteors and flinging towards Earth is the shell/ surface of the moon. So this basically means that the sun barrier around his castle must also have its own atmosphere, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to live with the shell and its atmosphere gone. He also tells Hinata at one point ‘not to worry about this, because the castle is surrounded by very strong chakra’.

So inside this sun barrier is Toneri’s castle and grounds, which are actually slit up into a multitude of floating islands (Think of the floating islands from legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword orbiting a crescent moon). At the centre of the ‘sun’ is land shaped like his family crest. This is a crescent moon with a sphere in the middle. The sphere is where the family shrine is, inside of which is the secret weapon. All the other parts of land just float on their own orbit around the crescent moon area. One island obviously holds Toneri’s castle. Another piece of land holds Hamura’s mausoleum, which passes by Toneri’s castle once a year. It’s unknown what the other floating islands contain.

So basically in summary of the Moon’s structure, going outside-in:

Moon barrier (contains atmosphere) -> Outside surface (looks like a normal moon from Earth) -> Inside surface (habitable land like earth, but curves inwards) -> Man-made ‘Sun’ (barrier emitting heat/light and containing atmosphere) -> Floating islands orbiting crescent moon (one of which holds Toneri’s castle)


Other things:

- Toneri’s eyes and the Byakugan

Until the scene in the cave where puppet-Toneri confronts Hinata, Toneri always has his eyes closed. At one point when he does open them we see he has no eyes (his sockets are empty and black). Puppet-Toneri is the first time we see him with eyeballs, because by this point he has transplanted Hanabi’s eyes. After Hinata takes Hanabi’s eyes back at the end of the movie, obviously he’s back to his black, empty sockets.

The other moon people are also shown to have no eyes, probably because they donated them to the chakra weapon, which takes it’s power from their combined Byakugan. The weapon later disperses into a multitude of Byakugan after Hinata and Naruto destroy it. Toneri also mentions that it contains his anscestors’ Byakugan.

-Except for the one rasengan shown in the trailer, all of Naruto’s other rasengan’s/ Rasenshuriken’s are orange

-You know that cartoon version of a Christmas Carol where the ghost of Christmas past is a glowing green blob of light? Yeah, that’s pretty much what Toneri’s Rikudo form looks like…

-I said before that Tenten is not in the whole movie until the credits, but I noticed this time she is standing behind Kakashi when they are defending Konoha from meteors, along with Lee and Gai. She is just background character with no lines though.

-Sai and Ino are holding hands in the end credits and NaruHina’s wedding. Also Shikamaru and Temari are standing with the bodies leaning towards each other.

-Contrary to rumours from before the movies’ release, we do not see Kakashi without his mask.

-After the hour Raikage agreed to wait before firing the canon is up, he orders Bee to shoot and destroy the moon, but Bee cancels the fire, saying he refuses to shoot at Naruto.

-The last words of the movie before the credits roll are Naruto saying ‘Hinata, thank you’. This is immediately after they kiss in front of the moon


Day 14: Nii-san Tribute 

Ever since they moved in together Hinata and Sasuke suspected that their small apartment was being haunted. Their photos were slashed, mirrors broken and strange bottles of conditioner kept popping up on Sasuke’s dresser. It all became clear when Hinata eventually convinced Sasuke into trying an ouija board. There was only one person who called Hinata “Hinata-sama”, was ridiculously protective of his cousin and was notoriously concerned about well kept hair. 

Day 18: RTN AU

Hinata knew she wasn’t the nicest person. She cut Neji’s hair while he slept and enjoyed making Hanabi cry. Still… she didn’t know what she had done to deserve this

I was testing out the brushes in MyPaint and originally wasn’t going to upload these (I personally don’t like how they came out) but then I realized… THIS IS A DOODLE BLOG NOT A PORTFOLIO BLEAUGHHHHHH LSADFJLDSJ 

Title: Painted Words
Author: iwillstillopenthewindow
Pairing: Kageyama Tobio & Hinata Shouyou
Only a couple of minutes have passed since Kageyama’s entered his dorm, but a mop of messy hair is already taking shape on his canvas. Kageyama reasons with himself that he’s doing this as a sign of gratitude, as ‘a thank you for barging into my life’ kind of thing.

Note: Please read “Painting with Words” first before this one. Also, there’s going to be a part two!

Dedicated to: skymagnet (;w;) Thank you very much for all the support, Fish! This fanfic would’ve ended up in my recycle bin if not for your and the other’s support!

 If you are on mobile, please read on [ArchiveOfOurOwn]

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I was going to let it be but seeing all of this “Anti-Sakura” and “Anti-Hinata” hate that has been going around the past few hours has made me really dislike part of the Naruto fandom. I’m sorry but does the title of “Elite” only go towards one female from the Naruto Universe?? Is it only possible for One Woman in the Naruto-verse to have this “honorable name” attached to her? Because those of you hating on one girl versus the other make it seem that way. 

Although I don’t think Sakura was born with the title Elite, she has most definitely EARNED the title. She took her insecurities of being weak, useless, not noticed, being in the shadows of her teammates, and turned it into Strength, Power, Pride,  and Usefulness. Even the man who now loves her went from seeing her as weak and annoying to strong and capable of holding her own! Tsunade and Sakura are the only 2 medical ninjas that are able to use the “Ninja Art Creation Rebirth - Strength of a Hundred Technique”…and that’s not worthy of an Elite title? She deserves her spot on Team Seven as the main heroine of the story. But that in no way belittles Hinata..

Hinata was born with the title “Heiress to the Hyuga clan”. Her gentle and shy nature was seen as a flaw by her clan, and ultimately she lost the Heiress title. With the help of inspiration from Naruto’s strength and courage to never give up, she pushed herself to keep trying, to show just how strong and courageous she can be. She one day not only had the power to protect and fight for Naruto’s life but also had the courage to confess her love for him. If that’s not character development than I don’t know what is. 

BOTH woman are strong, BOTH woman are courageous, BOTH woman deserve the title. They both created this new generation that we as a fandom get the privilege to see grow. Kishimoto finds VALUE in both of them for different reasons. 

Even if you really don’t like a certain character, that’s fine! But RESPECT other people who like them. Disliking a character still does not give you the right to belittle them (especially when it in turn belittles Kishimoto). Respect others characters and work, and respect each other. 

What is going to make me laugh forever about Naruto’s ending is that… nobody will ever understand Naruto or Sasuke except the other. And they will always be alone except when they’re together.

And that is canon.

My one and only friend.”

“A jutsu that shows exactly how lonely you are !” (even so he was already “accepted” by all the inhabitants of Konoha, even so Hinata already confessed to him)

“Even if I think well of you, I wouldn’t be able to accept anyone else.”

“I thought I was alone, but there was Naruto…”

“You really plan on staying in that hell of loneliness for the whole of eternity ?”

On Little Giant and how Kagehina’s Love Child idea isn’t exactly wrong???

I think it’s kind of telling and also a bit ironic that people in the haikyuu! fandom say that the Little Giant is Kagehina’s lovechild… And I think that’s sort of true? I mean obviously they aren’t going to have a lovechild and he’s going to travel back to the past to only be super determined about volleyball if only to make sure that his parents keep meeting and falling in love in each timeline…. (saves that idea for a rainy day)

But! Fandom has picked up on how the Little Giant resembles both Kageyama and Hinata. Hinata for obvious reasons: his height, his wild hair style, his determination despite his height to be the ace of a then acclaimed high school volleyball team. Kageyama in his scary looks, also his determination, his almost single-mindedness when it comes to winning.

I think that Furudate not only knows this but that it was intentional. We almost never actually see the Little Giant’s actual face and those types of characters sort of signify to me that they aren’t an actual character but more that they represent an idea!

In this case I would argue that the Little Giant is meant to be some sort of amalgamation of Kageyama and Hinata. He represents the goal that these two strive for each and every time they step on the court. Not only success but the idea that the two of them are so insync that they are basically functioning as one person.

The Little Giant literally represents what Kageyama and Hinata can achieve together.

AU where hinata dogsits for neighbors and all the dogs love him and one day kageyama comes over and the dogs are all curious and it takes a while for them to warm up to him (esp since kags is so awkward jeez) but there’s this one little puppy that’s super soft and it really likes him and kageyama ends up spending so much time just watching this puppy climb all over him and lick him and love him and his eyes are all lit up with happiness and hinata’s watching and he just has this “fuck i’m gay” moment but then the other dogs get jealous and start hounding kageyama for love too and he just gets swamped by all these fluff balls and hinata’s laughing his ass off

Yayy!! I just called my group of otaku friends and noticed it was my only narutard-friend’s birthday, so I immediately begun working on these, as he’s always asking me to make onigiris. There you go, man!

It’s been kinda difficult since i didn’t have the proper ingredients at the moment but oh well, i think i managed somehow xD