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Top 5 kageyama tobio moments? :0

 Hi there, anon! Thank you for asking for the top 5 moments of one of my favorite characters on Haikyuu!!

I sense this turning into another top 10 because I have absolutely no self-control.

Anyway, here we go (in no particular order):

1. “You don’t win alone. That’s just how it is.”: This moment was really important to me. For Kags to come to this acceptance and even admit this must have been painful, but a true growing moment. That wistful look in his eyes, even in the anime, makes me tear up more than any conspicuously sad moment in the show.

2. This really cute dance (look at our baby so awk so adorbs): When they find out about the barbecue OMG.

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3. When he tries so goddamn hard: With the best intentions, but not always the desired results.

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4. Every jump serve like, hot damn: Like, I feel like half the show’s budget goes in making Kageyama Tobio look absolutely flawless in everything he does.

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gotta include another gif because seriously, hot damn.

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5. “As long as I’m here, you’re invincible.”: There’s always this talk about how Hinata is 100% trusting of Kags, but no one ever talks about how Kags puts so much trust in Hinata’s abilities (like, we were at “I’ll only toss to those valuable to the team” and now we’re at this moment). He definitely had to take a leap of faith to get here.

Yep, this is going to become a top 10 moments post OMFG

6. Every moment in which Hinata successfully riles him up: But this one is one of my faves because Hinata is actually imitating him here. Their push-and-pull dynamic always makes me laugh.

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7. This obvious lie: OMFG Kags, you gotta work on your fibbing skills first.

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8. LMAO that time he absolutely botched his line: They’ve gone from this moment to that moment in Season 3 when Tsukki verbally compliments Kags with “Really, great job, King.” My babies have come so far *wipes eyes*.

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9. Tobio in the car.

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10. Intense™ Kags: The ferocity with which he presses the vending machine button always makes me snort.

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+Bonus. His complete lack of self-awareness

Hope you like my top 5 10 moments! Have a good day/night! ^_^

Haikyuu!! Characters As Things My Boyfriend Has Done : Part One
  • Daichi: Made pizza at 10:30pm bc he was hungry
  • Sugawara: Done the Hanzo voice before proceeding to die due to a coughing fit
  • Ennoshita: Talked casually about naming one of his kids Mistake in a different language
  • Asahi: Said he looked like a twenty-five year old man and then mentioned that I looked twelve despite the fact of him being nine months older than me — we were holding hands; people stared
  • Nishinoya: Stood over the seat of a seesaw, forgot that I was short and needed to pull the seat down to sit on it and proceeded to get hit in the balls
  • Tanaka: Offered to beat up anyone who ever insulted this blog and call them out
  • Kinoshita: Yelled that he wasn't going to take Hanzo's dragon and proceeded to die
  • Narita: The high pitched noises he makes whenever he dies or is panicked in video games
  • Kageyama: Him saying, "When I was coming out, you were being made." When I said we were only a pregnancy apart age wise
  • Hinata: Laughing at the look on my face when I realised I'd never be over 5-foot
  • Tsukishima: Said he'd like to see me in his blazer and then proceed to make a short joke
  • Yamaguchi: Saying that he liked the smell of Fanta upon me saying my face wash and moisturiser smells like Fanta
  • Kiyoko: Made a 19 step plan for our relationship and then forgot most of it
  • Yachi: Threatening to drive me to the doctors despite not being able to drive

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How about top 5 cutest characters you want to hug so tightly

Ah, if only I could, I would hug the hell out of ALL of them!!! BUT if I was only blessed with 5 hugs, I would choose:

1. Bokuto. Of course. I would squish his cute owl face and hug him so tight and never let him go. I bet he gives the best, longest and warmest hugs. That kind of hug that makes you feel so safe, like nothing in the wold could ever harm you till you’re there.

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2. Nishinoya. HE’S SO TINYYYYYYY and fierce and so affectionate we would probably end up jumping around and screaming in each other’s ears but still  

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3. Hinata. My sunshine son, if I was to hug him, chances are that I would instantly bust into tears because I’m so so so proud of him. Literally, no one makes my heart explode with pride and happiness like Hinata does. Plus I bet he’s such a soft, cuddly little baby. But since I know Kags would give me the death stare, I’ll let him go as fast as I could

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(actual picture of what would happen)

4. Tendou. This boy…went through…so much…and still…look at him…hiding his scars behind that cheerful smile…my tender son…my most precious swan…I would probably cry even more with him, because his pain spoke to me on a soul level and but when I try to console someone I always end up sobbing way more than them but still I want to protect him from the whole fucking world but he’s just that kind of person who will end up protecting me instead (ಥ﹏ಥ) 

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 5. Sugawara. Because sometimes you just need to go back into your mother’s arms even if he would probably hit me in the ribs telling me it’s time to log off tumblr 

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- bonus: every time I see Yaku I have this urge to hug him but I bet he would probably fight me to death if I dared to touch him so there’s that

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- p.s. I know, I know. There are two people who are always in my top 5s but they’re missing on here. When it comes to Oikawa, I have a strong feeling of reverence towards him. He’s a great person to just like sit and kind of like just admire what he’s like…he has this royal aura that makes him untouchable to me. On the other hand, when it comes to Kuroo I just want to stay as far as I can from him, literally, is for the best. Don’t even get him on my eyesight, I’ll probably never recover from that. 

Thank you for your messages!

Ask me my top 5 things!

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Sakura is irrelevant now while Hinata gave birth to the MAIN protagonist of the new series and has a stable non one-sided marriage,Hnata will get screentime while Shitkura stays in the background doing nothing, keep fuming hoe. No wonder Sarada dresses like that, her family is fucked up. XOX.

I’ve noticed how you wankers repetitiously use that to defend Hinata as being the most relevant female: “bla bla she gave birth to the protagonist” even previously all you could ever use was “bla bla bla she married the protagonist”. And that is only when she got the score of a D. Don’t forget how Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke were also a big deal on kishi not deciding for ns. “i felt bad for her” are literally his words on Hinatas feelings not being returned. While ss here been planned since “the beginning” not an “early stage”. Cause thats all you ever got from kishi “and early stage” and a “always meant to be” quote that you all cling to as if your life depended on it & was literally only said after him admitting in previous interviews how he did slightly consider ns and only dismissed it because it wouldn’t fit Sakura’s character to be inlove with naruto…because it would make her ooc since, really, she’s only been about Sasuke romantically. But lets not talk about that. Let’s talk about your backfiring reaching to take away Sakura’s title like you always try to do. Cause frankly, i find that quite sad. Sad how you reduce Hinata to be relevant only depending on who she fucks and who she pushes out of her vjj. Sad how it’s all only depending of the part where the sun don’t shine to you. Cause honey, i know she important; but she never was /is or ever going to be the main heroine. Get over yourself. None of your petty useless arguments are going to change that. Sakura was the series heroine. She’s the one that was relevant to the story having the “i know team 7 can smile together again” theme. She’s the one that fought beside them. Without her, many characters, including Naruto would have died. Hinata was reduced to become a simple love interest that saved only him once in a while and it was not even no more than three times, actually.  And you wanna know who is the new series heroine? Sakura’s daughter. Not Hinata’s. And you wanna now who has the previous protagonist dream? Sakura’s daughter. And you want to know who is the the daughter of the antagonist of the previous story? Sakura’s daughter. You know who is the only character from boruto that got a full gaiden volume dedicated only to them written by the original author? Sakura’s daughter. So say what you want about that uncanon outfit that has nothing to do with Sakura’s parenting skills; but with the perverseness of the new mangaka, your’re not going to be able to change how amazing of a mother Sakura is. Oh and btw, at least Sakura has a job and doesn’t stay at home to bake cookies because she has to since she is married to the protagonist and gave birth to the protagonist :(. Enjoy all your hinamaid screen time honey it aint like kishi wrote it anyway lmao. XOXO

Miya twins vs. The Freak duo

It makes sense why the Miya twins were able to pull off the oddball combo. I don’t think this attack takes just skill alone but complete trust and connection with their partner.

I remember this comment from when Ukai first saw Kageyama and Hinata playing together. (HQ ch. 24)

Ukai thinks it’s odd that they only just met. But what we’ve seen and keep seeing for the past 253 chapters, Kageyama and Hinata (even though they bicker a lot) are usually on the same page. I can go into greater depth about their relationship but…that’ll be like a 25-page essay. ANYWAYS, the point is that Kageyama and Hinata work really well together in volleyball despite not having played together that long. Kageyama knows exactly what to say to Hinata and vice versa.


Going back to what Ukai said, Atsumu and Osamu are twins. They’ve been together since birth. They’ve been playing together for a long time and have complete trust in each other. Heck, they can probably read each other’s mind. (probably not). I know from personal experience that a sibling bond can be strong. Therefore, the Miya twins can also pull off such an attack.

Atsumu and Osamu’s bond rivals Kageyama and Hinata’s bond.

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i'm not good at asking about ships but why komaeda has an crush on hinata is it because of hinata trying understanding him even though nanami in the end understanded him too or because how hinata treats komaeda I think hinata wasn't really nice to him in SDR2 hinata was cold with him somehow, i didn't understand the cause tbh


Anyway, you are basically asking me how someone starts to have feelings for someone else and that’s really complicated even with average people in real life, so with someone like Komaeda, it’s even more ‘?’.

Until chapter 4, Komaeda allows his feelings to develop for Hinata under the assumption he is an Ultimate. And not even a ‘normal’ Ultimate, someone even more interesting because he doesn’t know about his talent ( and Komaeda claims that it’s probably something amazing, better than anyone else, which also makes him so excited when he gets the files in chapter 4 ), but also because he is the one who manages to create Hope during the trials. It’s pretty obvious by trial 3 that he really tries to work in priority with Hinata, because he understands that he is the one who is going to stand up against the killer - against despair.

I’m not saying these are the only things that factor. Maybe Komaeda likes some traits of Hinata’s personnalities ( he does ), maybe he likes how he looks ( never confirmed as far as I know ), it’s just that these consideration fly over his head for the longest fucking time because it has nothing to do with Hinata being an Ultimate.

The thing is that… it’s not a crush ? Not a conscious one, anyway, because Komaeda loves Ultimates, and he likes Hinata a little more, but it’s never really about Hinata as a person. Even at the end of his FTE, he starts to be confused about his own feelings but is like ‘oh, no, I actually like your HOPE’. Because that’s the only thing that matter, isn’t it ?

Which also why Hinata treating him coldly doesn’t really matter, because if he is an Ultimate, then it makes sense that he thinks he is better than Komaeda. I would say it’s actually a lot easier to deal with for him than if he was overly-friendly and nice. Hinata trying to understand Komaeda is more about Hinata’s side of the relationship than Komaeda’s ( I’m also very confused by the idea that Nanami understands Komaeda at some point ? When does she do that ? )

So it’s only when Hinata is revealed to not be an Ultimate, and that Komaeda realizes that he still has feelings for him, that his ‘crush’ appears. I mean I say crush but that sounds so nice and harmless when it’s also at the same moment that he decides to kill himself and everyone else including Hinata so, yeaaaah.

Haikyuu!! Chapter 252: Support

Honestly, the star of this chapter is Saeko-nee. She’s awesome.

Naturally, her appearance leads to interesting reactions.

They are pretty much me. Count me in for dying due to Saeko’s coolness (damn, Daichi that’s one hella sass, I can see the family resemblance in Ennoshita)

Finally, Karasuno gets the cheering squad they deserve.

I’m rather surprised that using Taiko is actually planned by all the Karasuno adults. Boy I am glad that they all think of it, right when they sorely need it.

Of course, Hinata’s stealing back the spotlight. By showing how well he read the situation (or understand Tsukishima’s movements) as he positions himself well to receive the spike. Unfortunately though…

The spike goes through between his arms, successfully making me laugh out so loudly that my father thinks something happened to me (or I went crazy). 

Hinata’s embarrassment is hilarious, thankfully Noya’s quick to praise Hinata, restoring his honor (hahaha, Hinata, you’ve done so many ridiculous things and this the one thing you’re particularly embarrassed about?). Daishou makes the best commentaries, btw. Are we keeping him throughout Karasuno matches? He nails Hinata’s feeling right then and there.


Interestingly, Hinata’s reaction for being used as a decoy is not the usual ‘What! I am the decoy?!!’ but instead his reaction is ‘I called it back minus in my head’, which only means one thing:

He’s seen Kageyama using him as a decoy.

Just like he’s seen Tsukishima’s choking off the cross.

It’s not only his jump, Hinata’s situational awareness and reading are getting better.

Just like his jump, his mind already makes the right image, but his body has yet to catch up. It’s… such a realistic growth for Hinata. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of making the main character OP, and yet Furudate-sensei neatly sidesteps it. It looks like that this match is going to be used as an opportunity for Hinata to get his mind and body in sync.

Hinata does better under pressure. It becomes obvious how he’s the only one completely unaffected by the pressure from Inarizaki and their cheering squad. It’s too bad that he hasn’t worked more on his serves.

(Daichi’s triumphant expression is precious, give him more tosses Kageyama!)

The best reaction in this chapter: Inarizaki’s synchronized WTF.

(click to enlarge(please do it, it looks a lot better))

I have a strong partiality to HQ boys in Hogwarts

Hoshido Confession Quotes
  • Ryouma: "Our past may be broken, but our future is stronger than iron. Take my hand..."
  • Hinoka: "You've never left my mind since the day you've been gone. Never leave me again."
  • Takumi: "If you were aiming for my heart, you've struck true. This was meant to be..."
  • Sakura: "I've never felt this way before. My heart is beating so fast! I'm yours forever."
  • Saizo: "I guess I can't be shy around you anymore, huh. I promise to tell you everything..."
  • Kagero: "To tell you the truth... I love you too... I'll never be a traditional wife... but I'll keep you safe for the rest of our lives."
  • Azama: "I am so happy to have found you on this plane of existence! Nirvana awaits..."
  • Setsuna: "We will always be happy, so long as we're together... How should I report this to Lady Hinoka?"
  • Hinata: "Please don't ever go away! I really love you, you know? I will make sure to keep you safe! My one and only princess!"
  • Oboro: "I hope someday I can love the world as much as you do. Please stay with me 'til then."
  • Hana: "I'm so glad you told me so, I love you too! We'll be the best couple in the world!"
  • Subaki: "Darling, you're the very picture of perfection. And we're so perfect together..."
  • Hayato: "Let's write the next chapter of our lives together. I love you..."
  • Kaden: "My love is as pretty as a diamond and twice as eternal. Even if you get sick of me, I'll always love you. I mean it... always and forever."
  • Orochi: "I knew we'd wind up together. Even before I met you. I read it in the cards... and the cards are never wrong."
  • Rinkah: "... I love you. The flame in my heart will never die. Thanks to you... I now know what true love is..."
  • Reina: "It's wonderful to know that you love me, too. It feels like a dream... We must go tell everyone at once."
  • Scarlet: "I love you and I'll spend the rest of my life with you... even if your proposal was pretty weak."
  • Yukimura: "We will make new memories together every day, my love."
Perfect [KageHina]

A/N: Collab with @ticklygiggles ! For our 1-year friendship anniversary we also decided to write a fic together again, our third one ! Hope you guys like iiit!*w*

Summary: One day at practice Kageyama finds his boyfriend Hinata in a bad mood, unfocused and unlike himself. When things escalate and they end up fighting and quarreling, Daichi has had enough of it and locks them up in the gym to get their shit together. (some angst + tickly fluff incoming~) 

Word Count: 2923

 “Kageyama!” Kageyama concentrated on the ball Nishinoya sent to him. The ball was coming down, a perfect angle and position for a super quick. Three- two- one… Bam. No one said something as the sound of the bouncing ball echoed through the gym, and Kageyama blinked his eyes and looked up.

“Hinata, why’d you miss that?” he asked Hinata who was still in his previous middle blocker position, and Hinata shrugged. Strange. Hinata would never miss a super quick opportunity like that.

“It’s alright Kageyama, Hinata is only human. Let’s continue practicing,” Daichi told him from the other side of the net, but the simple shrug of Hinata’s shoulders and the fact that he just missed. that. damn. quick. resulted in a pretty worried Kageyama. Oh well, he’d try a next time then.

“Again?” Tsukishima asked when Hinata missed Kageyama’s next super quick hint, and Kageyama clenched his fist and walked over to him.

“Is something wrong today?” he asked directly while the others changed positions. Another shrug of the shoulders, and Kageyama sighed.

“Not as your teammate but as your boyfriend, I’m asking you again: is something wrong today?”, Hinata’s cheeks took a light hint of pink that Kageyama didn’t fail to noticed, he found it endearing, but that was not important right now.

With a roll of the eyes and an exasperated sigh, Hinata looked straight into Kageyama’s eyes. 

“It’s nothing, Kageyama! I just missed it! Just try it again, dammit!”, Kageyama was speechless, just for a few seconds.

“Try it again? What do you think I am? I’m not going to keep throwing perfect passes at you if you’ll mess them up like the last two!”

“Then just don’t pass me anything!”

“You little-”

“Hinata, Kageyama!”, Daichi’s angry tone made them both jump. 

“Let me remind you that we’re in the middle of a practice game, so can you both stop fighting over this and come back to play?!”

“Yes, Daichi-San”, they both answered, and when Kageyama turned to say just one more thing to Hinata, he clearly saw the clouded expression on his lover’s face.

Hinata’s eyes weren’t sparkling as always and was totally out of him to miss two tosses in a row. Kageyama tried to put in peace the awkward sensation making his heart ache and he sighed, sensing this was going to be the longest practice they’d ever have.

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Takumi dialogue analysis (From Japanese to English)

So I got asked by @fireemblemhax to talk about the differences between Takumi’s Japanese dialogue and his English dialogue. Let me just say first, that they actually did a great job on translating his lines. (which is why I was so baffled at his chapter’s title) I feel that the differences aren’t really all that big and they still mostly bring across the original intention. Let me illustrate it on some examples: (note. some of these lines were transcribed by ear, and I think I got the meaning down, but there might be one or two things I misheard)

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(part 1) you know, it's been almost 40 chapters since the shiratorizawa training camp arc and i am STILL salty that hinata was never invited in the first place (tho i know why it was important to his character development that he was never invited, but still). and i still HATE the way the shiratorizawa coach treated hinata. like, i can get why he wasn't allowed to participate, and sleep there, and i can kinda understand why they didn't give him anything to eat. but like,

(part 2) the shiratorizawa coach kept calling him out, isolating him from the others, and humiliating him. i know it was hinata’s own choice to stay there but i don’t think him even going their uninvited, AND still not participating (w/o argument i might add) warranted such treatment. that shiratorizawa coach is an asshole, i hate him so much. ALSO the fact that he continues to pick only the strongest/tallest players after shiratorizawa’s defeat and refuses to see hinata’s huge potential

(part 3) that’s been recognised by university coaches, might i add, makes me so goddamn mad. okay, i think that’s the end of my rant hahah, i’m sorry if i rambled a bit, i just needed to get this off my chest since this is one of my favourite hinata character development arcs and that coach just pisses me off so much (also, i kno this might be an odd addition but i love your blog B! you’re one of my faves!!! <333)

OH MY MY. I’m with you on this, the Shiratorizawa training camp is probably one of the most painful arcs ever, but yet I loved it because there’s TONS of character development in here. 

I hate the Shiratorizawa coach with burning passion. He’s the only character I truly despise. Ukai saw things coming from the start and he knew that Hinata was going to suffer, that he’ll make him go through literal hell. 

Those guys said it. It was all a plan to have some sort of revenge on him, on the little shrimp that took the victory away from his perfect team, that shrimp that is anything but the player he likes. He abused him verbally (”you’re nothing without Kageyama”), he refused to acknowledge his skills, to let him play no matter what. He wanted to punish him, even torture him in a very sadistic way. 

Too bad that Hinata, the sunshine boy that he is, took everything in regardless and this camp was one of the things that helped him the most, both with going forward as a player and with being distracted from the thought of Kageyama “going ahead” to the national training camp and leaving him there. 

Another thing I loved, was the reaction of the boys. All of them wanted him to play, they were burning with the desire to go against him again. 

The cherry on top were, of course, the Shiratorizawa boys. Tendou was ready to fight him right away (nice Pokemon reference, Tendou), the thought of Hinata not being invited to the camp never crossed his mind. 

Their faces when Hinata told him he was the ballboy are priceless. Not to mention how sweet Tendou was here. Ok, Hinata didn’t have the right to have food and shelter, but they were ready to have him anyway. 

So yes, this arc is heartbreaking, the coach is THE SHIT, but gladly Hinta and all the boys were way better than that <3 

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tsukihina - “What if I say no?”, for the sentence prompt

Thanks for the prompt! I hope you like it.

1 - “What if I say no?”

Tsukishima watches as Hinata flits from Yamaguchi to Yachi, eyes wide and pleading as he grabs her shoulders and spews out a question that he can’t hear from across the gym. Yachi gives him a sympathetic look and bows as she declines, Hinata’s hands drop to his sides and she makes such a sad face as she pats him on the back that Tsukishima is nearly convinced that she’s just as distressed as Hinata is.

“What’s with him?” he asks Yamaguchi as he tosses a ball back in the bin.

“He needs a date for his cousin’s wedding,” Yamaguchi says, looking pleased when Tsukishima pauses for a fraction of a second when he leans down to put another ball away.

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Fic Prompt/Request: The Other Other Talk

Anonymous said: 

Heii, your stories are amazing and you are such an inspiring writer! Since you are taking fanfic requests for Friday, can I ask a drabble or a short part.2 of “the other talk”? Sakura and Sasuke inviting Boruto (perhaps hinata and naruto along with him) for dinner or sarada and boruto deciding to formalize their relationship or anything you are inspired to write on the matter! thanks you :)

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Hyakuzawa Yuudai, Hinata Shouyou + Chapter 217

yo okay, i’m feeling pretty emotional about hyakuzawa (and his interactions with hinata) right now so i couldn’t not say anything.

okay, any character who feels so obviously insecure like that, to the point of sitting alone on the ground looking sad, is going to have a hold on my heart. hyakuzawa is the most inexperienced player at the camp, and i’d bet he’s aware that some of the other boys there don’t really want to play with him. on top of this, he must be painfully aware that there are a lot of players at this camp who not only attend powerhouse schools, but are regulars - in short, he knows that he is surrounded by extreme talent, and it serves to make his insecurities about his playing even stronger, as he has some of the best players in his year to compare them to. the 2-on-2 matches have become a source of misery for him, he dreads them and wants them to end as quickly as possible, because these in particular really drive home how far behind he is in comparison to the others. 

now of course, this isn’t really his fault, he’s only just started playing and his teammates likely relied purely on his height, if their match with karasuno is anything to go by. it’s completely understandable that he isn’t on the same level as the others, but it’s also understandable (and heartbreaking) that he is so upset by this. no one wants to spend a week in intense training with people when you know your skills are far behind everyone else’s. 

so then what happens?

well, in comes hinata.

holy shit, i love hinata shouyou.

not only does he immediately validate hyakuzawa by making it clear that he thinks hyakuzawa belongs at the camp, he then proceeds to be the most vocal and enthusiastic supporter anyone could ask for. of course, this is hinata’s nature! he’s a lovely ray of sunshine who lights up everyone’s lives, but it’s important to remember that hyakuzawa doesn’t know this, so it probably makes hinata’s words even more important and special to him. hinata’s vocabulary choices aside, it’s clear how surprised and relatively moved hyakuzawa is by hinata’s praises. they aren’t overly complicated, hinata tells it like it is, but these earnest compliments reach hyakuzawa. i’d put money on it being the first time anyone has ever complimented him like that, especially considering he’s still at a low skill level.

so, imagine being at a training camp full of elite first-years, feeling like you’re still in middle school in comparison, and then having a virtual stranger go wild praising your abilities and potential, completely validating your presence when you felt like you didn’t deserve to be there? hinata did something truly fantastic this chapter and i love him for it. because he’s right! it’s not hyakuzawa’s fault he started volleyball so late, and his potential is phenomenal! with his height, and the right training, hyakuzawa could be an utterly formidable opponent, and he deserved to know that he belonged just as much as everyone else did. major shoutout to hinata for being so utterly sweet and telling hyakuzawa, else he could easily have wallowed in his insecurities for the rest of the camp.

and on the topic of hinata: i am so insanely proud of him. he has grown so much at this camp, even without playing all that much! he’s learning so many things from looking at the games and training from off the court, and it’s blatantly obvious in this chapter that it’s paying off. he’s thinking of game strategies and watching the other players closer than ever - things he didn’t really do all that much before. when hyakuzawa rembered hinata’s in depth explanation about a possible play and how it could affect the rhythm of a game, i could have cried. hinata has come so far, you guys. he’s improving so much and i just know he’ll be fantastic at nationals, even better than he already was. he took a situation that wasn’t really in his favour and made it work out insanely well for him. hinata is an inspiration, honestly, he makes friends so easily and helps others (just to simply “beat them at their best”?? such a simple, endearing motive. also he’s way too attractive in that panel), and he’s never once been bitter even when he had every right to be. like hyakuzawa said, no one knows better than hinata that he deserved to be at that camp. but he’s never been cold towards any of the other boys there. hinata is just such a wonderful, warm person, and i’m so proud of how far he’s come.


Summary: Sasuke looks as if he has been turned to stone, his hands clenching around the kit in his hands. If she didn’t think he could turn any redder, she was mistaken. For several seconds his eyes zero in on everything below her neck. Sakura feels the warmth in her cheeks travel downward at this, and trying for confidence, she purrs, “Like what you see?” [SasuSaku Festival 2017 – Day 12 – Prompt: “The Virgin Sees”]

Disclaimer: This story utilizes characters, situations and premises that are copyright Masashi Kishimoto, Shueisha, Shonen Jump and Viz Media. No infringement on their respective copyrights pertaining to episodes, novelizations, comics or short stories is intended by the author in any way, shape or form. This fan oriented story is written solely for the author’s own amusement and the entertainment of the readers. It is not for profit. Any resemblance to real organizations, institutions, products or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All fiction, plot and Original Characters with the exception of those introduced in the books, manga, video games, novelizations and anime, are the sole creation of KuriQuinn and using them without permission is considered rude, in bad-taste and will reflect seriously on your credibility as a writer. You will be torn apart by mercenary ninja with bad fashion sense should you be found plagiarising.

Warning: Maybe slight OOC, but only because they are from a different universe. Sasuke never left Konoha.

Canon-Compliance: Takes place during Part II. Alternate Universe.

Fanon Compliance: Could conceivably take place in my Walk A Mile timeline

AN: This is unedited. Sorry, there was family stuff that got in the way of updates. Also, CEO & Assistant prompt is still being worked on. I’ll try for tomorrow.


It starts out as a run-of-the-mill information retrieval mission.

Simple, straightforward – they don’t even need the whole team. It’s just as well, Kakashi has been helping Naruto improve his change of nature techniques, and Sakura’s been hoping for some quality alone-time with Sasuke.

Between everyone’s training regimen, it’s hard to find the time to just be two fifteen-year-olds in not-quite-love-but-slowly-getting-past-like.

So when Lady Tsunade proposes the mission – retrieve some stolen documents from a group of mercenary ninja and deliver it to the intended recipients – Sakura jumps on it. It’s easy, requiring stealth and intelligence, which both she and Sasuke excel at.

Everything goes perfectly, until it turns out one of the enemy is a sensor type.

Sakura and Sasuke’s carefully planned infiltration and extraction gets turned into an all-out brawl. They get the documents, but they’ve been made, and are now being hunted through the forests.

And on top of that, a shuriken has just become deeply embedded in the fleshy part beneath Sakura’s left shoulder blade. Sasuke hangs back, ready to grab her, but she steadies herself mid-stumble.

“I’m fine,” she insists, despite the cold pain and the feel of blood soaking through her shirt.

Sasuke considers her, and she knows from the expression he is weighing their options. If the wound is deep, blood-loss will make a long-range spring impossible, but in their current situation they’re at the disadvantage.

“We need a distraction,” he says. “You or me?”

The fact that he isn’t even acknowledging her wound shows how far they’ve come over the years. He knows she can take care of herself.

She smirks. “Well, you’re pretty, but I don’t think you’re their type.”

The corner of his mouth tugs upward at this, and he nods, turning to leave.

“Five minutes,” he tells her. “Three if you don’t have a choice.”

And then he is gone. Seconds later, the enemy catches up and she is surrounded on all sides by half-a-dozen missing-nin dressed in black.

“Seriously?” she asks as the closest ones lunge at her. “Why do people like you always dress in black?” She bends into her taijutsu forms, dodging blows and more volleys of shuriken. “Wouldn’t it be smarter for mercenaries to dress in camouflage?”

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Hinata attempts to find a way to woo her potential Uchiha Sweetheart. Sasuke is oblivious.

Hinata’s first course of action was a subtle one; simply not tell him. Keep it to herself, hope maybe she’d become such a great and incredible woman that he would be forced to notice her.

Hinata quickly squashed that idea. That was how her first love had come to an end.

The next was, apparently, simple, and advised to her by her much more knowledgeable mentors in love; “Just get to know the damn guy,” Kiba said gruffly, and indicated to Shino. “Knew this guy for years before we hooked up, ay?”

Shino waved.

“Kiba’s right,” Kurenai sighed, bouncing Mirai on her knee. “It really is the only way. Do you think you can do it?”

Mirai screamed happily and reached for her, and Kurenai passed her along to Hinata’s waiting arms. “I- yes! Of course!” She had Kiba, Shino and Kurenai’s backing, didn’t she?

Hinata was going to get to know Uchiha Sasuke.

And then he was going to fall in love with her.

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