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I have a strong partiality to HQ boys in Hogwarts

  • N/S shippers: Naruto is such a scumbag for moving on from Sakura! He's just the worst now and so ooc and I hate the series now because it's ruined!
  • N/S shippers: *makes fanart/fanfic of Naruto cheating on Hinata* *makes posts about how he doesn't even like her, doesn't love her* *says he's only dating her out of pity and messing with her feelings*
  • N/S shippers: That's so much better! He's definitely ic now and still madly in love with Sakura :):) <3
  • Me: ... go away
On Little Giant and how Kagehina’s Love Child idea isn’t exactly wrong???

I think it’s kind of telling and also a bit ironic that people in the haikyuu! fandom say that the Little Giant is Kagehina’s lovechild… And I think that’s sort of true? I mean obviously they aren’t going to have a lovechild and he’s going to travel back to the past to only be super determined about volleyball if only to make sure that his parents keep meeting and falling in love in each timeline…. (saves that idea for a rainy day)

But! Fandom has picked up on how the Little Giant resembles both Kageyama and Hinata. Hinata for obvious reasons: his height, his wild hair style, his determination despite his height to be the ace of a then acclaimed high school volleyball team. Kageyama in his scary looks, also his determination, his almost single-mindedness when it comes to winning.

I think that Furudate not only knows this but that it was intentional. We almost never actually see the Little Giant’s actual face and those types of characters sort of signify to me that they aren’t an actual character but more that they represent an idea!

In this case I would argue that the Little Giant is meant to be some sort of amalgamation of Kageyama and Hinata. He represents the goal that these two strive for each and every time they step on the court. Not only success but the idea that the two of them are so insync that they are basically functioning as one person.

The Little Giant literally represents what Kageyama and Hinata can achieve together.

The Real 3000 Follower Special

I hope you guys enjoy this. You have definitely earned it. 


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okay but what about karasuno going camping together??

- Suga running around making sure everyone has packed everything and is wearing sun cream

- Nishinoya and Tanaka constantly running into the woods trying to find wild animals

- Ennoshita dragging them out again

- Yachi panicking that every stick is a snake

- Yamaguchi hearing Yachi and freaking out himself

- Tsukki sitting in his tent while listening to music and watching the madness

- Daichi trying to make a fire with just sticks for hours, only to give up and use a lighter instead

- Hinata trying to put up a tent only to be criticised the whole time by Kageyama (who ends up trying to do it himself and making an even bigger mess, Ennoshita is the one to put it up in the end)


- Asahi standing in the middle of the chaos trying to keep everyone together

- Suga constantly checking that everyone is drinking enough water

- Kageyama getting sunburnt and Hinata always poking it

- Asahi panicking that they haven’t packed enough food and are going to starve (even though they’re only a 5 minute drive from the next town)

- Nishinoya getting cold at night and wearing one of Asahi’s jumpers to stay warm

- Yamaguchi taking loads of photos of the wildlife (while sneaking a few of Tsukki when he’s not looking)


Naruto's ending

Anyone else here is crying? Bc i fucking iam, for gods sake i can’t stop crying!!!! Naruto was my fav anime since i was little. I learned so much with Naruto through the years, im a fucking 17 yo teenager who grow up watching a boy go through so much, to make his dream reality. I always tried so hard to be like him and i just wanna say that he might be only a character but he helped so much, bc of him i learned about never giving up!!! Naruto is one of the few role models, i have in my life. TODAY MARKS THE DAY NARUTOS HISTORY COMES TO AN END and i can’t believe, i mean in my head i never thought there would be an ending, i thought there would always be a new Naruto episode waiting for me to see it.
I JUST WANNA THANK YOU SO MUCH to Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi and each and every one of these amazing characters for making me so happy all these years!!!
Sorry for any grammar mistake, English isn’t my native language. I just wanted to express my love towards Naruto on this very important day.

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5000 Follower Give Away!

Well I was going to run a give away anyway, but let’s make it for reaching 5k!

Important Note - a few more bits and pieces will be added! There is only one prize in this give away, no runner up prizes unless I manage to pull something together!

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  • Smaller Nishinoya figure
  • Kenma, Oikawa and Nishinoya keychains
  • Sugawara/Sawamura and Yamaguchi posters
  • I don’t even know what the triangle things are but one set is Tsukiyama/Yamaguchi and the other is Kuroo/Kai/Fukunaga
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AU where hinata dogsits for neighbors and all the dogs love him and one day kageyama comes over and the dogs are all curious and it takes a while for them to warm up to him (esp since kags is so awkward jeez) but there’s this one little puppy that’s super soft and it really likes him and kageyama ends up spending so much time just watching this puppy climb all over him and lick him and love him and his eyes are all lit up with happiness and hinata’s watching and he just has this “fuck i’m gay” moment but then the other dogs get jealous and start hounding kageyama for love too and he just gets swamped by all these fluff balls and hinata’s laughing his ass off

What is going to make me laugh forever about Naruto’s ending is that… nobody will ever understand Naruto or Sasuke except the other. And they will always be alone except when they’re together.

And that is canon.

My one and only friend.”

“A jutsu that shows exactly how lonely you are !” (even so he was already “accepted” by all the inhabitants of Konoha, even so Hinata already confessed to him)

“Even if I think well of you, I wouldn’t be able to accept anyone else.”

“I thought I was alone, but there was Naruto…”

“You really plan on staying in that hell of loneliness for the whole of eternity ?”


I’ll probably regret posting this in the morning, but I feel bad since I wanted this done last night

Request from anon; KageHina with the prompt CANDY

which i was going to do nsfw first, but then i was like wait i want dumb domestic college living together kagehina, who are probably buying candy to have a dumb movie night that will only end up with them arguing or making out

Title: Six New Messages from Bokuto Koutarou
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairings: BokuHina
Characters: Hinata Shouyou, Bokuto Koutarou
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None
Summary/Prompt: Rarepair Week Day 2: Distance - Hinata tries to do homework and Bokuto’s texts distract him.
Notes: None~!

Hinata sighed heavily as he exited Karasuno’s clubroom, shutting the door quietly behind him and making his way towards the stairs. He was not looking forward to going home. The only thing that awaited him at home was an oversized pile of homework that he needed to have finished by next Monday. Math, Japanese, English, and Japanese History each had its own separate pile sitting on the middle blocker’s desk in his room.

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I was reviewing Hanabi’s profile when I came across this.

Hinata is definitely weak. She obviously has no guts to be a true ninja. I mean really, knowing that your whole clan will look down on you, knowing that you’ll bring dishonor upon yourself, knowing that your own father will consider you a worthless failure if you hesitate to defeat your own sister who you genuinely love and care for; that is indubitably, certainly, absolutely weak. Hinata just disgusts me. How dare she make time for her sister despite the brutal training she goes through? How dare she choose to lose self-respect over striking down her sister? How dare she choose to be kind and loving over being praised? Please, this is definitely not strength. This is utter weakness. If you ask me, she’s taking the easy way out. I mean, going through a childhood with your family considering you as a weakling and constantly working hard to prove yourself, only to end up failing every time, is a much easier path. Strength should always come from how strong you can punch somebody or how clever your use of justsus are; not from sacrificing something very important to you just to make way for the people you genuinely care for. 

Sarcasm aside,Hinata, by strict definition, isn’t a “true” ninja since the code tells them to “kill their emotions”. But even Minato himself said that the rules aren’t exactly absolute. Yes, those who don’t value honor and strength above all, those who succumb to emotions, and those who don’t follow the rules are trash. But I’ll guess I’ll go with Obito when he says that 

OF COURSE, THIS IS JUST MY OWN OPINION. I AM NOT INFALLIBLE. But sometimes it’s just quite saddening to hear people say that Hinata is a worthless character who doesn’t know any other words besides “Naruto-kun” (though that’s also an entirely different rant for me which I would rather not start on since I may never finish). 

*edited, ‘cause I suck at proofreading things I type at 2 am in the morning*


Sakura was sitting at the sweet shop with Setsuna and Hana chatting since tomorrow it’s going to be Corrin’s birthday. Sakura knows her older siblings and his husband had gotten him gifts but the only one who hasn’t yet is Sakura.

“What can I give big brother he done so much for everyone not even his little sister can think of anything to give him on his birthday.” she felt a bit depressed while eating while Hana suggested why don’t you make him a doll which Sakura doubts that since it’s going to take a few weeks to make a doll. Setsuna had some interesting ideas but chances are Corrin may not like it. 

While discussing Sakura had seen Junpei, Laslow and Hinata chatting just being boys. 

NaruHina headcanon 94 -drinking-
  • Hinata: *hic*
  • Naruto: Babe?
  • Hinata: Naruto-kuuuuuuuun.....
  • Naruto: Oh no. Sakura, what did you make her drink?
  • Sakura: Make her? Well...we all had sake bombs, a couple kamikazes, I made some mixers...
  • Ino: Ooooooohhh~go hubbie Naruto-kun!
  • Hinata: You're my Nardo-kuuuuuun...hic....it only took you 15 years to realize I loved you....baka Nardo-kuuuuuuuun....
  • Naruto: I know Hina-baby. That's why I'm going to spend the rest of my life being your ultimate Naruto-kun that'll make sure you're always happy. Can you walk?
  • Hinata: No. Carry me.
  • Sakura and Ino: OOOOOOOOOOOOOH GET 'EM!
  • Naruto: Oh you two hush.
  • ~later at the Hyuga compound~
  • Hiashi: Naruto, thanks for bringing her home. You sure you don't want to stay over?
  • Hinata: I'm gonna fight you, dad. *hic*
  • Hiashi: No really, please, I insist.
  • Naruto: ...oh dear.

okay but consider a haikyuu broadway au alright–

  • Hinata wants to make it big
  • How unfortunate it is that Kageyama wants to do the same and he almost always beats out Hinata for the lead roles
  • Hinata as either an understudy or a side character but he always tries to shine his brightest during every role that determined ray of light
  • Hinata and Kageyama ending up in the two lead roles only to figure out oh shit there’s a kiss scene
  • Oikawa always trying to outshine Kags
  • Iwaizumi is his manager and boy does that work out just dandy
  • Stage directors Suga and Daichi tho

feel free to add on I could go all day–


Why the hell does Boruto have the chidori if he doesn’t have the sharingan?I know he probably has lightning nature because of his parents but that doesn’t make any sense. So he can’t do anything Naruto does + has only 2 Kurama whiskers??? Is this kid going to grow up with a fucked up mentality like Sasuke? I still don’t get why the hell he hates his father, Himawari doesn’t even exist and who the hell is hinata?
Sasuke and Sakura calling each other husband and wife is weird and like unnecessary? None of the married couple I know call each other that; they call each other their names so it’s like Kishimoney is trying to shove it down our throats to believe his shitty part 3. And Naruto hasn’t even mentioned his wife or daughter? He has barely even mentioned Boruto. So is Sarada really not Sakura’s? Cause Naruto isn’t denying it so.

i’m finally sitting down to write this. are u guys ready.

here is the story of how nearly everyone in the karasuno vball team started playing neko atsume and how everything goes wrong but then okay

(note: i kinda forgot to mention ennoshita, kinoshita, and narita so please know that they are there i just Suck™) also i know some of them have flip phones but to make this easier let’s just say they all have smartphones 👍

another note: the only ship that is explicitly stated here is tsukkiyama lmao (it’s not rly a big part of the story but i had to do it srry). u can see other ships mb if ya squint

this ended up being way longer than i thought so i’m putting most of it under the cut ok cool here we go

  • it starts with kenma. he gets the app first bc it looks cute n he likes cats so why not
  • anyways a few days later he decides to show it to hinata bc he likes it enough to recommend it and hinata is…… hooked. like he is all abt this game, he is ready
  • hinata shares the app with everyone in the club room, going on super excitedly about it like……. you know those anime sparkles?? that’s what’s happening rn to him. he is so excited abt these cats
  • so after showing it and explaining it, the team decides to download the app (some much more reluctant than others) (i’m looking @ tsukki and kags rn) (humor the small orange pls)
  • they all really don’t see the appeal but they keep it for hinata’s sake
  • hinata also tells yachi abt the game rly fast during practice before running off to go spike kageyama’s face or smth
  • and yachi downloads it too bc she is a sucker for cute things and cute cats
  • kiyoko walks over to her and asks what hinata was asking just to make sure there isn’t any problems or w/e and yachi (who is really a blushing mess when it comes to kiyoko) (me too yachi) tells her abt the game and she downloads it as well !!
  • so yea all the karasuno Kiddos now have the game and maybe you’re thinking rn, that’s it ??? that’s everything???
  • here’s the part where everything goes to hell

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I was going to let it be but seeing all of this “Anti-Sakura” and “Anti-Hinata” hate that has been going around the past few hours has made me really dislike part of the Naruto fandom. I’m sorry but does the title of “Elite” only go towards one female from the Naruto Universe?? Is it only possible for One Woman in the Naruto-verse to have this “honorable name” attached to her? Because those of you hating on one girl versus the other make it seem that way. 

Although I don’t think Sakura was born with the title Elite, she has most definitely EARNED the title. She took her insecurities of being weak, useless, not noticed, being in the shadows of her teammates, and turned it into Strength, Power, Pride,  and Usefulness. Even the man who now loves her went from seeing her as weak and annoying to strong and capable of holding her own! Tsunade and Sakura are the only 2 medical ninjas that are able to use the “Ninja Art Creation Rebirth - Strength of a Hundred Technique”…and that’s not worthy of an Elite title? She deserves her spot on Team Seven as the main heroine of the story. But that in no way belittles Hinata..

Hinata was born with the title “Heiress to the Hyuga clan”. Her gentle and shy nature was seen as a flaw by her clan, and ultimately she lost the Heiress title. With the help of inspiration from Naruto’s strength and courage to never give up, she pushed herself to keep trying, to show just how strong and courageous she can be. She one day not only had the power to protect and fight for Naruto’s life but also had the courage to confess her love for him. If that’s not character development than I don’t know what is. 

BOTH woman are strong, BOTH woman are courageous, BOTH woman deserve the title. They both created this new generation that we as a fandom get the privilege to see grow. Kishimoto finds VALUE in both of them for different reasons. 

Even if you really don’t like a certain character, that’s fine! But RESPECT other people who like them. Disliking a character still does not give you the right to belittle them (especially when it in turn belittles Kishimoto). Respect others characters and work, and respect each other.