i was going to make jokes but i got way too emotional

i like the idea of pearl and garnet being super awkward and both thinking the other is too cool for them at the beginning of the war

and at some point garnet was just like ok this is ridiculous being rose’s favorite and having technique like woah doesn’t make her too cool for me? i am cool too? look at me i’m the coolest i need to just talk to her so she like
came up and clapped her hand on pearl’s shoulder like WAY TOO HARD, like practically knocked the wind out of her, and was like “uh. hey. *clears throat.* you fight good.” and pearl of course got all blushy and emotional and was like do you? really think that??? you’re not joking are you????? and garnet’s like oh…wow…you…oh my god are you crying this isn’t how i figured this would go