i was going to make it my sidebar

I’ve wanted to draw this for quite some time and it finally got done. Mainly just a cute EOS with both of her forms: camera and mobile platform as well. It came out pretty well, if you ask me! X3


would you like to save your game? ♡


“I’m definitely going to tear that ace number right off your back!”

Sawamura Eijun wallpapers requested by @eijuhn ✩

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Did you make a YouTube account for the speed Demons playlist? The songs are just in a playlist by themselves without going to a channel how'd you do that?

Yes! I do have a youtube account/channel for my soundtracks, its Esselle Fics. I think you’ve got to have a gmail in order to make an account, then I just made my playlists on there. You’ve got to go to Library in the sidebar:

and then you should see a “create playlist” option on that page! You can add your own uploaded videos; or you can add other people’s by searching YouTube or copying links to each video directly (note: you must be in the “Add Videos” window for them to be added to the playlist). 

So, with playlists on your own channel, it’s still playing from different sources BUT it doesn’t go to different web pages, it just all plays off your playlist on your channel. Hope that explanation makes sense!

So if you check out my blog now, you’oll see two gifs on the sidebar that show up randomly when browsing my blog. One is of Shiro and the other is of Keith when Voltron goes down in the last episode and you can see each other’s lions in the background.

They’ve been there since S2 aired and I wanna change that for a new gif, though I’m not sure which gif I should make for my sidebar next. Any idea?


                                                                            o r g a n i z e r  and  d e s t r o y e r

anywho since i realized my sidebar doesn’t do it quite justice, im going to post it for your viewing pleasure!!

i commissioned @mekacrap for this and,,,,, im in tears they’re so gay and in love and silly and happy its my sons and they are HAPPY

like legit just thinking about it makes me tear up 

i cried for 10 minutes when i first saw it

i commissioned this so DO NOT use it unless u ask, thank and have day


Maybe life should be about more than just surviving.

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Hey umh, your cover.. did you make it yourself? If so, can you reblog iy? I like it a lot! :0

my…cover? do you mean my blogs hover image thing? all the art i show on my blog (icon sidebar etc) is something i drew, so id be glad to reblog it for you. ill go ahead and reblog what i think you mean, and if i get it wrong, just shoot me another ask and ill reblog the right one for you! ouo

I’m going to kiss you okay?

Aleks x Reader / Reader + Stefani friendship / 1,990 words / SFW

Y/N – Your name Y/GT – Your Gamer Tag or Online name 

You’re a new creature with a crush on Aleks but you don’t even think he likes you, at all. Your best friend Stef tries to help you get things going. 

This is the first thing I’ve ever put out there. It’s been over a year since i last wrote anything and would love feedback. If anyone can bring forth any mistakes i have made or give me any advice i would love to hear it. 

Also: If you make edits that i can use for my sidebar, icon, or banner, please send an ask linking me to your work. Credit can be given in my about page that should be up soon. Thank you!

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I’ve been frequenting /r/mylittlepony for some years now and it sounds like they’re going to be getting a sidebar ad for all of reddit soon. The mods said they wanted something with Karma (the center pony) at the very least, and they also said something self aware would be a good call. So here’s my take on that I suppose haha

Fun fact, they were originally the CMC, I thought it’d be funny to have a bunch of little girls interrogating you for watching a show for little girls, it’s unfortunate that the reddit OC’s make more sense as an ad huh

Special thanks to @xhazxmatx for offering to color fill the thing, it would have been more work than I was willing to do otherwise. After all, Sweetie Belles come first around here.