i was going to include peter but you don't seem to like him much so

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Hi. Quick question for you: Do you know if it was ever canonically stated that Laura could do the full shift? I know Stiles speculated she could in S1, but I don't remember it actually being confirmed at any point. I mean, alright, the burried half of her body was in the shape of a wolf, but I thought that was due to the wolfsbane spiral. Though I guess the spiral was for the revenge thing, right? So the wolfsbane must've been the important ingredient there, maybe? And what would that mean

considering Derek being covered in wolfsbane at the beginning of S4 in Mexico? Is that the reason he was younger again/changed shape? Uh, sorry, this kind of turned more into a load of questions instead of a quick one :)

Hey there,

I don’t think it was ever outright stated by someone who would be in the know (just Derek or Peter, really) that Laura could full shift. But I never really felt like it needed to be said since, like you pointed out, we were shown Laura’s corpse in wolf form. The wolfsbane spiral was heavily implied to be what triggered the shift, since she changed back to human form once Stiles removed it, but I always felt like this was something that would only happen to someone who could shift when they were alive. The full shift was such a significant achievement, and I can’t imagine that if, say, Derek died during season two and was buried this way, that he’d shift as well.

…As I say this now, though, I’m realizing that this is pretty much all just wild speculation on my part. Maybe Derek would shift in that case. I don’t particularly think so, it doesn’t feel right to me personally, but I also don’t particularly get why a spiral of wolfsbane would force anyone to shift, whether they could before or not. The full shift was always tied to the ideas of strength and control, while wolfsbane obviously had the opposite effect –– weakening, wounding, and making them unstable. So what would be the connection there?

(Honestly, I feel like this is just an early case of Jeff not having a total handle on his own mythology –– doing things because they were visually interesting or for shock value, instead of because they make sense. This was harder to see early on, when there was less contradictory information out there, but it’s always been a trend in this show.)

Ignoring the parenthesized bit for the sake of meta, though, Derek being buried with wolfsbane by Kate is an interesting parallel. I don’t think it was in any way Kate’s intention to trigger Derek’s evolution, and I think it makes sense that wolfsbane would be used as part of a ritual to de-age him –– making him physically and metaphorically weaker, younger and more susceptible to Kate. But either way, we now have two cases of werewolves being exposed to wolfsbane and being triggered to full shift either immediately or shortly after. And considering we have no in canon explanation for either shift (Derek’s “evolution” is honestly just… they didn’t even attempt to explain it) that connection feels even more significant.

It’s also really interesting to remember that while the full shift is tied to strength and control (remember Talia was highly respected by other Alphas partly because of her ability to full shift) the beta shift is often connected to the opposite. New weres are in constant danger of wolfing out when they’re upset/angry/scared/aroused/injured… in any heightened emotional state there’s a threat of flashing eyes, claws creeping out, or even a complete beta shift. So what does this mean? Why does losing control shift you halfway, while achieving some higher zen state is necessary to full shift?

…And for the sake of thoroughness (and because I’m sure someone will point it out) I feel like I have to mention the other character shown to full shift. Though I’m hesitant to because her backstory seems to contradict what else we’ve been shown. We have Talia, who was one of the most highly regarded Alphas, period, because she’d mastered the hugely difficult full shift; we have Derek, who needed to go through some complex and ill-defined “evolution” which included weeks of losing touch with his wolf and literally dying to achieve the full shift; and we have Peter’s daughter who, in a state of panic and emotional turmoil, achieved the full shift at nine years old.

So then, if we decide not to ignore that as a general plotting glitch, we have an example of someone being so emotionally weakened that they slipped right past the beta shift into a full shift, which suggests that the full shift isn’t achieved by exceptional control after all. And if the full shift isn’t triggered by control, and can be triggered by extreme lack of control, then that could explain why wolfsbane would be used to trigger the full shift –– at least initially (in Derek’s case) or when the person couldn’t trigger it by emotion/intent anymore (Laura’s corpse reacting to the weakening effects of wolfsbane).

Ok, stay with me guys. i know this is shaky as hell but we’re kind of in the home stretch here. Because then the reason Talia would have been celebrated wouldn’t be because she could shift into a wolf, but because she could shift back. Because she was able to embrace the wildness and the lack of control that came with being fully wolf and then take that control back again. Most weres are probably terrified of even attempting the full shift, struggle and cling to some bit of humanity as self-preservation even in their most desperate moments or most earnest attempts, making the full shift impossible. And there have probably been horror-story examples of weres who found their way into wolf form but then never managed to change back. (Such as Peter’s daughter.) But Talia was either connected enough to her wolf or just trusted in herself enough to be able to let go entirely, and that was what made her be able to slip between wolf and human forms like so few others could.

And Derek, dying in the sand outside that church, his healing and strength gone –– Derek who spent all of seasons one and two in a desperate and self-preserving bid for control, who has always needed to stand on the front lines, to be involved, to offer himself up to protect others and do what needs to be done –– finally realized that he’d done all he could do and handed the mission, handed his control, away to Stiles willingly when he told him to go. He accepted that he had no options left and that whatever was going to happen would happen, and that was what allowed him to finally full shift.

And then he was able to pull himself back.

*Deep breaths*

Ok, that was a roller-coaster of meta right there. I honestly wasn’t sure where I was going with that most of the time, but that’s a really interesting theory and I’d love to know what you all think about it.

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Hi! I saw that you were one of the few that weren't hating on TW, but likes Sterek. I'm kinda new to the fandom, only been here a year or so, and I'm a bit confused. I know a lot of the people from the Sterek fandom don't like Jeff, but could you please tell me what exactly did he do, except not make Sterek canon? As far as I saw, Posey was the one to make the douchy comments, was Jeff actually an asshole or is just that his view of (his) show didn't match the one of the fandom? Thanks!

Nonny, I’m not gonna lie - this has been a pretty challenging ask to answer. I’ve reorganized and rewritten this a few times as it involves summing up a lot of interwoven things that have happened since the Teen Wolf fandom exploded in size between season 2 and season 3A. Because of that, I may be off on some of the details and definitely haven’t managed to include everything, but this should be the important bits, more or less.

Jeff has said plenty of kind things about Sterek and Sterek fans as well as encouraging shipping and other fannish activities but there is no denying that the man is a troll. He twists the truth and misleads people like Peter Hale in order to avoid giving away real spoilers. People do get a bit pissed about that but it isn’t the main reason why people hate on him so much.

First and foremost is fan expectations of what the show should be vs. what it actually is. These expectations came both from the PR for Teen Wolf and from fandom (fanfic, headcanons, gifsets and image sets in isolation, etc) and portrayed Teen Wolf to be a lighter, simpler show instead of accurately showing it to be horror with some pretty complex stuff going on under the surface for anyone willing to investigate. This covers complaints about things like favorite characters being tortured, not being happy, seeming out of character, plot holes, and things not making sense. Athena recently covered this in more detail in this post.

The PR for Teen Wolf deserves the lion’s share of the blame. It is a completely separate entity from the show and has nothing to do with what the show is actually about. However, the vast majority of the fandom treat them as one and the same with Jeff being ultimately responsible even though he has nothing to do with their fuck ups. As covered in Athena’s post above, they sold the show as something that it wasn’t (Buffy vs cosmic horror) but it went further than that.

Ships are popular and create a lot of fan excitement so the PR team has been baiting all sorts of different ships over the years to get more people to watch the show. There were Sterek related PR promotions leading up to and during season 3 that promised the show would give them more Sterek and might make the relationship canon if they won this poll or contest or raised their voices to spread Teen Wolf. It was a shitty move that had nothing to do with what the show was about or willing to do.

The Sterek Campaign was created pretty early on by some fans as a positive thing to support Teen Wolf and show that a LOT of fans would love it if Sterek were to happen. They sent in cookies for the cast, raised money for charities, encouraging people to create fanworks and promoting them, etc but didn’t cross the line of demanding the show change for them - although other Sterek fans who weren’t officially part of the Sterek Campaign certainly did (as often happens in any fandom).

With the Sterek phenomena becoming too big for them to handle, fewer Sterek moments due to plot reasons, and the show including other relationships for Derek and Stiles (see my meta on TW and the temporary nature of relationships), the PR team started to go silent on Sterek and tried to get more viewers by promoting the other ships instead. Obviously none of that went over very well with fans. Keep in mind this went on for a few years with multiple incidents, the worst probably being Posey’s weird and twisted comment.

Unrelated to any of that, conventions started banning fans from asking actors about slash ships or getting slash fanart signed by them because of an incident in the Supernatural fandom. The vast majority of Sterek fans were blindsided and thought MTV’s or Teen Wolf’s people had banned Sterek specifically as none of the officials were willing to admit to the reasons behind the ban or who had put the ban in place. It did eventually lift but the damage was already done.

As far as the meta was concerned, romantic Sterek still looked completely solid. Although it has become more and more subtle as time went on, which could either be what Jeff wanted or it could be corporate meddling. Eaddy Mays hinted that Jeff’s corporate bosses might have told him he wasn’t allowed to do romantic Sterek, possibly in reaction to all the drama above. It’s also possible that corporate talent representation for Dylan or Hoechlin put the brakes on it, but we don’t know for sure. It is still possible we might get a hint of romantic Sterek towards the end of the last episode, but Hoechlin’s and Dylan’s availability for this season certainly will have complicated getting there. But I’m straying into a tangent.

In summation, it’s been a cluster fuck of stuff that has festered over the years. Most of the problems happened around the show instead of on the show but people didn’t see a need to make that distinction as it all affected their perception and experience of the show as fans. With Jeff being the creator, he’s the figurehead and scapegoat for that negative experience.

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Hello! I was hoping maybe you know the answer to my queston (or theory). it's not anything big, but I was curous about why Derek's eyes were so firmily on Stiles, while there were literal wonder happening. Like shouldn't he look at Brett guy instead? You can see it here quite clearly here hoechlder(.)tumblr(.)com/post/93207798472. Even light, I think, is meant to empathise something. But I don't really understand what's so important here. And light is important, Jeff once said, right?

Firstly here’s a link to the gifset

I think the answer might tie into the conversation and other things going on in that scene. Let’s ask ourselves the always important question of WHY WAS THIS SCENE INCLUDED?

Stiles: What the hell is happening to this kid? 
Deaton: He’s been poisoned by a rare wolfsbane. I need to make an incision and you need to hold him as still as possible. 
Stiles: Hey, Derek, how about a little werewolf strength? 
Derek: Yeah, I’m not the only one here with werewolf strength. 
Deaton: If you can’t hold him still, the incision might kill him. 
Stiles: Derek, he’s slipping. I don’t think I can hold him. Ah! 
Peter: I guess I still have a little werewolf strength myself. 
Derek: Yeah, maybe more than a little. 
Stiles: Hey, Doc, I don’t think he’s breathing. Is he okay? 
Deaton: I think he’ll be fine, but probably out for a while. 
Stiles: Guys, can you hear that? I think he’s saying something. 
Brett: The sun… The moon… The truth… The sun… The moon… The truth… 
Deaton: Three things cannot long be hidden. The sun, the moon, and the truth. It’s Buddhist. 
Peter: Satomi.

This scene gives us both overt and subvert information 

  • How to get the rare wolsbane poison out of a body
  • Peter is strong again. He’s been saying that he’s physically weak since he came back from the dead, in fact he’s taken great care to repeat it several times. This raises the question of HOW he got his strength back and so suddenly.
  • The Satomi buddist mantra is repeated, this will become important later in the season, so great reminder.
  • Derek is losing his strength. His cuts heal more slowly. Stiles clearly notices
  • Derek’s cryptic “I’m not the only one here with werewolf strength” that I believe is at least partly in reference to Stiles, who is managing to hold Brett down rather well considering he’s a werewolf with panic and spasms and Derek is losing his powers. 

I think Derek is perhaps one of the few who has actually noticed that Stiles is stronger than you would expect from a human. They have not spent all that much time together lately (that we know of) and in this scene Stiles comments and notices Derek’s diminishing strength and for the first time Derek actually somewhat cryptically addresses Stiles’ increasing strength. Stiles reaction when he says that is very telling. 

The wonderfully clever, and yet sometimes also frustrating thing about TW is that the dialogue is so layered. We can watch a scene and think we understand what just happened and then you sit down and watch it again and really pay attention to what is said, and it can turn out that it’s worded in such a way that you might not have understood it the right way after all. Or maybe there isn’t a right way - perhaps both ways are true. 

So stiles is slightly baffled that Derek is struggling to hold Brett down. In fact they’re showing about equal strength in this scene. And Derek isn’t fully human yet, he’s just a bit drained at this stage. So this serves to make Stiles aware that all is not well with Derek.

That is the first layer of this scene.

The second alludes to Stiles, but it’s shown indirectly with Derek’s choice of words and hidden behind the easy assumption that he’s referring to Brett. Which of course he also is…. Confused yet? :)  When Stiles requests werewolf strength Derek’s reply is “I’m not the only one here with werewolf strength” which leaves it ambiguous to whom he’s referring.

The obvious interpretation is Brett. But if so why no just say that - “He’s got werewolf strength too”  making it 100 % clear that he’s referring to Brett and not Stiles. But by choosing “I’m not the only one” that leaves three other people in the room to choose from. And he could also mean more than one, as in both Brett and Stiles. We just don’t know. We can’t really be sure. But there’re also the looks exchanged that speak volumes…

And the way Derek barks out “werewolf strength” you can almost hear the sarcastic quote marks.

Remember Derek has been present for a few of Stiles’ show of strength before, and he seems to be the only one (aside from Peter) who keeps an eye on Stiles when shit is going down. 

I seriously googled how to make your bat splinter into a million pieces by hitting something hard, and it’s next to impossible… 

I also googled how long can you thread water while wearing clothes, shoes and holding someone up who’s unable to help in any way. The answer is a depressingly short time. 

In this scene Derek wants Stiles to come and hold down a werewolf who’s about to experience the worst pain he’s ever felt.

It takes two werewolves to hold down the top of Isaac but Stiles is perfectly capable to hold down his feet while Deaton watches the proceedings all zen-like. 

I think the end of the scene where Derek just stares at Stiles mostly in wonder is just that. To Derek the most fascinating thing in that room is Stiles - the person who’s his anchor, and trumps both suspicious uncle and close-to-death teenager.

The lightning is also important in TW. I can’t remember if Jeff or someone else has said this outright, but we’ve tracked the various kids of lightning used in different scenes throughout the series and there is a pattern. Scenes are usually white, gold, blue or turquoise in color, and each convey certain emotions. I won’t get into that in this meta, but I know others have written about it before, but unfortunately I can’t see to find it. 

In this scene what we do notice is the light behind Derek that shines very deliberately onto Stiles. The light beams go out in many directions, but they never reach Deaton, but it’s a direct line between Derek and Stiles. 

In the first one here Derek looks at his arm where the wound heals, albeit slower than usual. His focus is then on Stiles for the rest of the scene. It’s like he’s really seeing him here - like all doubt has been erased. 

I might be reading to much into things as usual. 

Or maybe not

The two gifs above belongs to hoechlder 

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hi there, i hope im not bothering you. i watched bbc's sherlock and am right now catching up witch doctor who (fifth season right now) and i see many people complaining about moffat? i don't understand that 100% and i thought you might explain? sorry for interrupting!

You’re not bothering me dear, don’t worry. I’m going to preface this by saying this is my opinion and whether you (you being anyone who is reading this, not just you personally Nonnie) agree with it or not does not change the fact that I am entitled to my opinion (because I’ve been having some issues lately with people saying my opinion of Moffat is wrong, and there’s no such thing as “wrong” opinion — it’s a personal thing).

That said, there are quite a few reason people don’t like Moffat’s Who. I’m going to split this into four categories — storylines, treatment of women in Moffat’s Who, the Doctor in Moffat’s Who, and Moffat the person.

Buckle up, because these tend to get a bit long. Since you said you just started series five, I should warn you that this is not going to spoiler-free, as my opinion on Moffat comes from watching the show, and referencing examples is a key part of understanding why I don’t like him. I’d also like to say that you shouldn’t let my (or anyone else’s opinion) keep you from continuing the show. Everyone should form their own opinion.

So. Let’s start.

Storylines: Moffat’s storylines tend to be convoluted and full of “timey wimey” non-explanations to justify everything. There are plot holes in the show so big you could drive a truck through them. He creates all these grand elaborate storylines, and it’s clear he has no idea how he’s going to follow through. Matt Smith’s entire tenure as the Doctor is proof of this. Moffat got to Matt’s last episode and realized “Shit, Matt is leaving and I have all these open storylines, what am I gonna do with them?” And what did he do indeed? Created a smorgasbord of an episode in which nothing happened — commonly referred to as “Day of the Doctor.” Moffat’s storylines look good on the surface, but the deeper you look, the more you realize, “Wow, he has no idea what he’s doing, he just likes using flashy effects and making things explode.”

Treatment of Women: Moffat has no respect for women. I’ll get more into that later, but I mention it now because it definitely colors the way he treats women in the show. What do Amy, Clara, and River all have in common? They were all “special” in someway, and their lives all revolved completely and entirely around the Doctor.

Amy: The girl who waited. The girl who spent her entire life waiting for the Doctor to come back, because apparently that’s what people do. Sure she made a show of “moving on” — getting a job, going out with Rory, etc. But she was still willing to give all that up just to run off with the Doctor the second he gave her a minute of attention again. That’s not a life.
The woman who killed the Doctor —OR— the Doctor’s wife. Either way, she had sense of self. Her entire identity revolved around the Doctor — she was raised to kill him and as a result became obsessed with him, and later transferred that obsession into “loving” him when her mission to kill him failed.
Clara: The impossible girl. Her entire first season on the show revolved around being a mystery that the Doctor had to solve. We knew next to nothing about her other than that some clones or something had once appeared in other parts of the Doctor’s life (yes it’s later explained that she jumped through his timeline, but that’s all we knew about her for the longest time).

Remember Rose, Martha, and Donna? They weren’t special in any way. They were normal people living normal lives until they met the Doctor. They had back stories and families who cared about them and jobs and responsibilities. They didn’t have to be “special” for the Doctor to care about them.

Getting off the special train here. His general writing of women just isn’t enjoyable. He uselessly oversexualized River, and the “love triangle” between Rory, Amy, and the Doctor was just unnecessary. It would’ve been a much better story if Amy had struggled between living her dream of seeing the stars and living a life with the man she loves (Rory). But no, Moffat had to introduce the “well maybe Amy actually loves the Doctor” storyline.

And River as the Doctor’s life just makes me angry. Like I said before, I don’t believe she actually loved him — she was just obsessed. It was a dangerously unhealthy relationship, with River giving everything to the Doctor and getting nothing back in return. Which is demonstrated clearly by her line in Angels Take Manhattan — “Don’t let [the Doctor] see your damage.” No, River. That is not how a relationship works. If you’re hurting, you should let your husband see it, because your husband should want to take care of you. It’s clearly a dysfunctional relationship. There’s nothing “romantic” about it.

As I said before, I disliked Clara’s entire storyline, and I really dislike the way the Doctor treats her in this current season. But I’ll get into that next.

Moffat’s Doctor: Since he’s now written two Doctors, I’ll split this up into two categories.

Eleven: Eleven was, essentially, a cosmic, bratty child. The whole with fezzes and bowties being “cool” was fun at first, but then it just got ridiculous. He also used humans, which disgusts me to no end (like using them to destroy the Silence). Remember River’s line from TATM about not letting the Doctor see your damage? That gives you a pretty good idea of who he is — he’s incapable of handling the consequences of his actions, and therefore needs to be “protected” from all the bad things he does. That doesn’t just apply to River, but to anyone he’s ever hurt (which as we know the Doctor thinks he hurts everyone he comes into contact with).

Not being able to handle consequences actually leads me to another point — Moffat’s handling of the Time War. Rather than deal with the consequences of the Doctor having to destroy his entire planet (which I would have found to be a much more interesting storyline), he simply rewrote it so the Doctor could have a happy ending and essentially erased seven seasons of character development. Moffat sees the Doctor has a god, and “consequences” are below him.

Twelve: Twelve absolutely disgusts me. I knew the moment it was announced that Twelve was going to be a “dark” Doctor, it was going to be awful, because Moffat can’t write emotional upheaval or consequences (I’ll get into that in a minute), and those are two big parts of being dark. Moffat doesn’t get that though. He seems to think that “dark” = “asshole” which is exactly what he’s turned Twelve into. Which brings me to what I was saying before about his current treatment of Clara — he’s horribly sexist toward her, insulting her appearance every chance he gets. That’s not okay. There are children watching this show, including little girls, who are now looking at themselves and wondering if the Doctor thinks they’re fat too. And before you say I’m overreacting, I’ve seen actual proof of that from other posts (unfortunately I can’t find them right now, but if I do I’ll gladly show you). And it makes me sad, because I really did want to like Twelve — Peter Capaldi is awesome. But Twelve is awful.

Moffat The Person: Moffat is a sexist, homophobic asshole. Don’t believe me? Have some quotes:

About women: “There’s this issue you’re not allowed to discuss: that women are needy. Men can go for longer, more happily, without women. That’s the truth. We don’t, as little boys, play at being married - we try to avoid it for as long as possible. Meanwhile women are out there hunting for husbands.”

About bisexuals: I can’t find the exact quote for this one, unfortunately (not one from a reliable source), but here’s a summary: Moffat is happy that bisexuals “probably don’t even watch” his shows because they’re off “having far too much fun” getting laid. If they were watching, he’d have to make them characters or something, which would be weird, because his gay characters are “going through a phase” anyway, like Irene Adler was before she met the man who could turn her straight. (from here).

Yeah. These are actual quotes from this actual human being. This human being who is in charge of writing one of the longest-running and most popular shows in television history. He’s also horribly degrading to DW fans, saying things like how we don’t need explanations for things that happen on the show (hence his timey-wimey non-explanations), and he acts like we’re all morons.

And before someone says “Oh but he was bullied as a child, don’t be too hard on him!” Yeah, no. I was bullied as a child too, and you know what? I didn’t turn into an asshole. I put all my energy into trying to make people feel better about themselves, rather than saying they’re needy or don’t need representation because they’re too busy having sex anyways.

So here you have it. For the tl;dr version (this is over 1500 words, if you read all of this then god bless you): Moffat’s treatment of women is despicable, his writing of the Doctor and the show in general is awful, and he’s a horrible human being.

Thank you and again, if you stuck with me for this long, god bless. Please remember that this is all my opinion, and if you don’t like it, that’s fine, but don’t tell me I’m wrong. I’m just as entitled to my opinion as everyone else is.


So the Disney XD animated series ultimate Spider-Man is currently in its fourth season Ultimate Spider-Man vs the sinister six and we could kinda use some help. The show is by in large geared towards a younger audience and as such snippy nerds are trying to get it canceled because it’s “juvenile” and not spectacular Spider-Man. So I’m going to list some of the positives of the series in the hopes of enticing you to watch with us and help scoot the ratings off the edge.

•diverse cast of non white characters including Ava Ayala, Sam Alexander, Luke cage, Tyrone Johnson, miles morales and Amadeus Cho all of whom play big vital roles throughout most of the story

•aunt may is the best she has ever been written and nobody can argue that. She’s an active character that’s not letting Bens death destroy her. She’s out taking on hobbies, being active and having fun. Even DATING one Phil coulson for a short while. And small spoiler for season 4, is completely aware of who peter is and supports him and what he does so long as he stays safe.

•These creators have a love for the spiderman universe that runs deep. I’ll be the first to say season three was a complete mess with too many ideas all together at once but it’s a fun and entertaining mess that takes every chance it can get to show love to spiderman and the various words he’s existed in, created and the iconic moments of his life. Yes they recreate the costume in the trash can.

•it’s a spiderman media that’s FUN remember that word? The series does have its darker episodes and still carries on the tradition of “how much can life shit on peter parker” but it still has fun, and cracks jokes and cares about the heart of peter parker being a goofy nerd having fun while saving the world. It doesn’t bang on about uncle Bens death as cheap manipulation, instead his death and his words hang warmly over peter to remind him why he does this in the first place.

•That isn’t to say that the show is without depth. The origin episode for ava is still in my mind genuinely horrifying when you read between the lines of kid friendly dialogue, and peter carries a surprising ammount a self hatred and anxiety which are portrayed in interesting and vaguely comedic ways. Peter regularly has bouts of anxiety, and self deprication that the show never paints as shameful and has him re affirm to himself he is good. Very important thing for the young intended audience to learn.

•The action scenes are genuinely really stunning at times, and one little silly animation thing I noticed was the Web based heros (venom, peter, miles etc) all have moments where they effortlessly stick to various surfaces casually like one would lean against a wall. It’s very natural so it’s easy to miss but it’s there and I like it.

•The first few episodes, like with any show are a little weak and peter may seem like an asshole as he vehemently refuses to join the team. Until it’s later developed that peter is scared of loosing his team mates. He’s scared of screwing up and loosing them. Shit dude.

•as of right now it’s 98% likely the writers are about to dip into the clone saga so hella !!

•look up ultimate deadpool. That episode speaks for itself honestly. And Ron stoppable voices wade like come on.

There’s more to the show but this is getting long, if you have any questions hit me up I will happily answer any. Even if this doesn’t interest you a boost would be appreciated as we are teetering on the possibility of being canceled and there are still a lot more stories to be told. @waltdisneyconfessionsrage @effyeahultimatespiderman @fandomsandfeminism @black-n-animated @nerdsagainstfandomracism

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“I’m going to need you to put on some underwear before you say anything else.“ With our lovely favourite Peter Parker if you don't mind, please :) I hope you had a wonderful New Years!

I hope you have a great New Years too!

“Honey, I’m hoooome”

Peter’s voice is almost grating this late at night, and to make matters worse, you’re not entirely sure which one of you he’s referring to as honey.

Ned Leeds, his long-time best friend and current pursuer of a very impressive (and very taxing) Chemistry degree, pokes his head from his room down the hall. With narrowed eyes, he looks as though he’s trying to melt Peter with a single glare, but unfortunately his bed head and droopy lids do not add to the overall menacing effect.

“Peter, it’s early in the goddamn morning, and I have a test tomorrow, so could you just, stop?” he didn’t wait for Peter to reply, slamming the door in emphasis of his grouchiness. The two of you locked eyes before you went back to work on your tragically underwhelming statistics homework.

“Don’t look at me. I’m the only non-genius here. I couldn’t sympathize even if I wanted to,” you muttered, tapping your toes anxiously on the carpet. While Ned and Peter both worked hard towards science degrees, you had a small workload in the land of Psychology majors. And by small, you meant unimpressive by your roommate’s standards.

“You’re smart enough,” Peter sighed, crashing onto the couch with his mask halfway off his face. “Besides, you don’t need to be a genius in your field.”

“Gee, thanks so much! Your opinion means a lot,” you plastered an overly bright smile on your face, using your middle finger to adjust your slipping glasses. Peter ignored you, turning on the T.V and grabbing at his back to reach for the zipper at his Spider-suit.

You heaved a heavy breath, going back to the equations at hand. Glancing at the time on your phone, you tip your head side to side, weighing your options. At this point, you could either skip sleep now to wake up on time, or you could skip your Sociology class in order to get all your homework done. One included doing work later which was not, and could not be in your plans. You chanced a look over at Peter, who was peeling off the skin-tight spandex from his body very recklessly.

Slumping back in your seat, you rubbed circles into your temples. The ‘arrangement’ Tony Stark had made for you and Peter Parker was not the most ideal of circumstances, but it was all you had. The Billionaire had given both you and Peter so much in the past year and a half that it seemed ungrateful to complain. But the fact of the matter was, seeking a degree whilst doing hero work wasn’t easy, especially when you weren’t smart enough to miss classes or skip studying to crime fight, and especially when it involved sharing a flat Peter Parker. Your palms heated up at the thought of him, and you looked over the top of your glasses to see just what he was doing.

He seemed to be asleep, lying shirtless on the couch with his knees tucked into his stomach. His hair was a mess and old bruises sat on his pale skin like memorabilia. Curled up like that he looked fragile, different from the persona her used as Spider-Man, and quite different from the persona he used while addressing you. But you and Ned occasionally see this dainty version on nights like these; strained and tested from long battles and even longer tests.

You sighed, itching at your scalp before crumpling onto your desk with abandon, not at all concerned for the pages you bent and tore. It was only when someone tapped on the back of your head did you look up, seeing Peter Parker standing above you with knitted brows.

“Are you okay?” he asked, worry evident in his voice. His brown eyes were a shade of softness often uncommon when he looked at you, and it sent a jolt down your spine. “This is a serious question, and if you don’t answer I’ll be forced to pick you up and throw you in bed.”

You actually laughed at that, unaware that Peter’s concern for you was so strong. Admiring the sentiment, you opened you mouth to answer, before you gasped.

PETER” you screamed in disgust, noting his complete and utter lack of clothing. The suit lay discarded on the coffee table, which was much grosser now that you realized he didn’t wear underwear in the suit.

“What? It’s not like you wear anything under your suit,” he pointed out with shrugged shoulders. “And it’s not like you care anyways, considering your lack of feelings for me, or in general,”

I’m going to need you to put on some underwear before you say anything else,” you yelled, putting up your hands and closing your eyes to try and rid your thoughts of a naked Peter Parker.

“I’m literally going to sleep on this couch right now I’m not changing.” He told you, and you hissed.

“I have to SIT on that!” you shrieked, noting that all sentiment was obliterated from your heart. Peter’s annoying side slammed into with full force, and it took a lot of will power to keep from frying him with your powers.

“Don’t have a cow or you’ll set the fire alarms off. Again.” He teased, much to your object.

“That was your fault! You used me to light a sparkler!”

“BOTH OF YOU SHUT THE HELL UP!” Ned’s voice was loud, even behind the door and the walls that separated you. You balked while Peter laughed from his place on the couch. Fuming (and smoking) you marched over to him and pressed your thumb heated thumb onto his bare ass.

“Holy-!” he screamed, an octave higher than his usual pitch. You gathered your things and left as he hauled himself to the bathroom. You laughed in his wake, chancing being reprimanded again.

“Maybe that’ll teach you put on some clothes!”

Y/N what did I say?!”

Blades on Gentle Skin

Words: 761 (Kinda short sorry)
Pairing: Reader x Stiles
Warning: MAJOR TRIGGER WARNING! This imagine includes cutting and depression! Please do not read if you cannot handle it! 
Summary/Request: Stiles finds out you self harm

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the shock of what happened or the ache for what never will III

part 1

part 2

part 4

“Fine. I’ll go with you to Neverland.” As soon as those words left your mouth, a bad feeling washed over you.

Did you really want to leave? You weren’t even lost. You were very loved by your parents, your kingdom, your friends. Why would Peter Pan ask you to come back with him when you had no reason to escape reality, when in fact reality was good to you?

Peter’s face lit up with a happy grin, he almost couldn’t believe your words either. He leaned in once again and kissed you. You could feel his smile through the kiss which made you feel even worse, because you weren’t even sure you wanted to go with him.

There was no doubt Peter was a handsome boy. You knew he thought so too, his arrogance making itself clear with the first words he ever spoke to you. Any other girl would feel lucky to have Peter Pan pulling at her hands to come home with him, but for some reason, you didn’t feel lucky. Abandon your entire kingdom for a boy who will most likely find another Lost Girl in a couple of years anyways? You couldn’t stop the pessimistic thoughts running through your head.

“Peter,” you mumbled pulling yourself away from him again. “Why do you want to take me back to Neverland? I’m not lost. ”

He shakes his head, “It doesn’t matter if you’re lost, love. What does matter though is that we will both be happy together. We won’t have to grow up, and my Lost Boys will love having you with us! Aren’t you excited?”

You try to smile and nod halfheartedly. You looked away from him, his body heat overwhelming you with the combination of the open sun. You move pieces of half dry hair out of your face and now look down at your tail. What was to become of your tail if you moved onto this island with Peter? I do not want to spend the rest of my eternal life with legs.

“We leave at sundown. I will meet you here on this exact spot, (Y/N), okay? Hey, are you listening?” He grabbed your hands in his and squeezed.

“I’ll meet you here. I just need some time to collect some things before we leave though.” He smiled.

“That’s why we’re leave later, I’m allowing you time to get your things.”

Oh how nice of him to allow me some time. He has all the time in the world. He can wait, you think bitterly.

You nodded anyways, despite his distasteful words. He places a quick kiss on your cheek and stands to his full height. With a jump into the air, he soars off. You rub your face in tiredness. You were going to regret this, you could feel it already. You slip back into the water, goosebumps erupting everywhere from the temperature change of the hot sun to the cool sea. 

Back at Neverland, Peter was readying the camp for your arrival. He ordered Lost Boys around everywhere, wanting the whole place to your approval. His shouts filled the air. Peter wouldn’t be satisfied with how everything looked until you were there standing right next to him, telling him how wonderful it looked.

Peter was busy keeping an eye out on some trouble making Lost Boys, when one of the younger boys came up to him and pulled on his shirt for his attention. Peter’s head snapped down to the boy, who’s name was Sam.

“Aye lad, aren’t you supposed to be helping the other boys?”

“Well… yeah. But I was wondering who exactly we’re doing this for? You don’t make us… clean for new arrivals.”

“You see here,” Peter leaned in closer to the boy. “This arrival, she’s special.”

She? Why is she special?” Sam said.

“Aye, she. She’s special because I like her. She’ll be the first Lost Girl here on Neverland.”

“Where did you meet her?”

“…Here on Neverland.” Peter said, starting to feel irritated at the boy’s nosy questions. “Now get back to cleaning up. She’ll be here soon and we don’t want to disappoint her.”

Sam nodded and ran off. Peter looks over his boys with one final sweep, and turns back around to his own cabin.

When you swam up to the rock, Peter was already there. His back was turned towards you, looking at the setting sun in the pink sky. At the sound of splashing of water, Peter turned around and smiles at your appearance. He stands up and holds his hand out to you as the bracelet on your wrist glowed and transformed your lower body into two legs.

With a slight wobble, you grasped onto his hand to avoid falling and he wraps his other arm around your waist to keep you balanced. With a slight blush in your cheeks you stand up straight. Peter’s hands gripped yours tighter and before you know it, you two are gliding through the air side by side.

The wind whips your hair behind you, and your dress flutters out behind you. You laugh as you see the sea underneath you stretch for countless miles. You fly through clouds and they make goosebumps raise on your body from the cool temperatures.

Peter grinned from next to you, your joy and laughter bringing out a happiness of his own. He was excited to be bringing you to Neverland, even if it meant breaking his own rules.

It’s been a few years since you’ve left Atlantica. For every night you’ve spent on Neverland, a year in the real world passes by. You’ve kept count.

Days seem dull. Autumn brings the rain and the whole of Neverland is turning orange, yellow and gold from the trees. Peter still treasures you as his only Lost Girl but you feel as though he’s noticed your homesickness lately. He’s banned you from leaving Neverland or letting your family and friends in, which you find extremely unfair. Sometimes though, Peter brings you out to the lagoon every so often so you can swim around and take a break from having legs.

One of the many things Peter was right about was the Lost Boys did love your company. The younger boys loved to play around with you and the older ones always included you in the games of hunting and soccer they played.

One thing Peter was wrong about though, was he told you that him and the Lost Boys were now your family, and it will start feeling that way soon too. But it didn’t. You missed your parents who were no doubt looking for you. Your friends in Storybrooke were probably searching too. But here in Neverland you stayed, feeling similar to the dying leaves falling off of the trees.

On one rainy afternoon, you walked into Peter’s cabin to find him laying on his bed, carving into a small chunk of wood. By the low whistling he’s doing, you suspect he’s bored. Neverland doesn’t have much of it’s charm in the fall as it does in the summer.

“Hi Peter,” you greeted, bored as well. Just like the rest of the Lost Boys, you try to find activities to do indoors; yours being having the discussion you’ve been planning in your head with Peter.

He sat up and smiled in your direction, patting the bed beside him as invitation to sit by him. You accept his offer and sit next to him. Simple conversation such as a what are you making? break out and eventually he slings an arm around your shoulders. Working up the courage, you finally voice your thoughts aloud.

“Peter, I want to discuss something with you.”

“Go on.” He encouraged, looking at his piece of wood.

“I wanted to ask about… going back home. To my family.”

“…You want to leave?”

“I … yes. I want to go back to Atlantica.”

“You’re not,” he said simply. “I’ve forbid you to leave. Neverland is your home.”

Your eyebrows furrowed. “Neverland is not my home. It’s yours. I miss my family and my friends. Also, I hate having human legs!” You throw in the last remark for good measure.

He stands up, his broad shoulders visibly tensing at your words. “Why do you want to leave? Is it me?” His tone is accusing.

You sighed, annoyed. “No Peter, it’s not you. If I ripped you away from Neverland for years wouldn’t you miss it? This is your kingdom. You took me from mine.”

“You wanted to come with me, don’t lie. Why these thoughts all of a sudden, love? Is this what you think up off when you’re bored, pestering me with ideas of leaving when I’ve told you otherwise?”

“It’s not been sudden!” You argued back. “I have sat here miserable for months. It’s not my fault you can’t tell!”

His jaw twitches in aggravation. Truth be told, he could tell. He just didn’t want to believe this honeymoon phase he’s imagined in his head was starting to crumble over.

“(Y/N), you will not leave Neverland. And I will not tolerate you whining about your old life when your new one is ten times better. End of discussion.”

“No, not end of discussion! How would you feel if I took you from your kingdom that you loved,” you try to reason with him again. “You would be crushed. You would constantly think about your Lost Boys and how they were doing without you. These boys, who hold you on a damn pedestal would be nothing without their leader. How do you think my people feel knowing their next queen has vanished?”

Peter finally turns around to face you. His green eyes are filled with an emotion you haven’t seen before. Fear? Fear of what though? He gently takes your hand in his and places a kiss on the top of it. In a low voice, he whispered “You are not to leave Neverland. That is final.”

Dropping your hand, he turns around and walks out the door, leaving you alone in his bedroom. You stand up and growl in frustration, tears forming in your eyes and sliding down your cheeks. You know Peter was a stubborn boy, who gets what he wants with the snap of his fingers. So you can’t really be surprised with how this turned out. In one quick decision, you decided you are indeed leaving Neverland. Tonight.

The rain hadn’t slowed. Thunder booms over Neverland, shaking the trees and rattling the ocean. It was almost dangerous to consider swimming in the water but you had to leave.

Peter was sound asleep in the cabin next to yours, making it easier to slip into the night and never be seen again. You cleaned up your cabin as much as you could, leaving the small gifts Peter would bring you from the Mainland whenever he went. There wasn’t ever much in your room anyways, a bed, a bookshelf and a wardrobe. Besides, if there was anything you wanted to take it wouldn’t survive being underwater.

You look around your room for one last time. With a sigh you tip toe out the front door, trying your hardest to avoid creaking the door.

Rain immediately starts hitting against you, the camp clearing was blacker than the sky itself. You ran across into the thicket of trees. The tall pines partially shield you from the rain drops, and the forest night life talks all around you. Lightning flashes above you as you slow down, breathing heavily. You get to the beach you’ve been to so many times. Memories of you and Peter walking the sand and playing in the water fill your head and you turn around to look at the towering trees you just came out of. You backed away, the cold water biting at your ankles.

“(Y/N)!” A voice yells. Your eyes land on Peter, who through the black, is running towards you. He is beyond furious, so angry that you dare challenge his words and leave the island. With a shriek, you turn around and run into the waves. They knock you down as struggle to go deeper, further out in the restless water.

Peter halted at the border of land and sea. He watched you swim away with his fists clenched. In his head, you’ve turned this into a game of cat and mouse, and he always wins games like these. He smirked wickedly, this isn’t the last time you two will see each other. Oh no, Peter thinks. This is just the beginning.

anonymous asked:

Ok I totally get that Peter is kind of a manipulative, creepy bastard who's willing to do anything to accomplish his goals...but it's like impossible to find a nice, long, fluffy Steter fic with genuine affection, and respect on both sides. Can you recommend anything? :) ps. I don't even watch teen wolf and I'm still shipping steter so hard right now. I blame you :P

I can’t really say these are all fluffy Steter per se but they all have happy endings (except one) and the Peter/Stiles dynamic is… slightly to moderately mellower?  I don’t know if that makes sense but there’s at least mutual affection and/or respect in them, so yeah, hope you enjoy.

Surprisingly Compatible – Goldenpetal13

AU – Asexual Stiles/Peter. Set just after 3A with various changes.)

Forfeit – Goldenpetal13

Set after Season 2, Peter’s joined Derek’s pack and Stiles just wants some peace and quiet to enjoy his life and not keep getting nearly killed. It doesn’t go to plan and Peter cashes in on it, but is it a game or something more permanent?

To Save Them All – Goldenpetal13

AU, FutureFic/Re do of Season 1, Something happens, something bad, and Stiles finds a way to go back in time to change the past and save them all, to give them a future. He finds the way back and then swaps places with Scott and he gets bitten by Peter instead. Now he has to change the events that where set in motion after that event and maybe, just maybe they’ll all get to live.

Reluctant Allies With Benefits – veterization

Peter suggests he and Stiles starts having no strings attached sex. It’s that simple. No, really, it totally is. Stiles will make sure of it.

Successfully Cheating Death (Twice) – veterization

Turns out, Peter’s resurrection wasn’t as permanent as expected. Unfortunately for Stiles, he wants to see Peter live.

building from dust – nezstorm

There’s a void inside him. A vast expanse of space that he has no use for anymore, there is no one left to use it. But it’s there and it haunts him. Makes him feel empty and too full. It’s a reminder of things he won’t ever be able to forget. A place to fill with guilt and blood and his own hands twisting the blade, pushing it deeper, up to the hilt and the agony on Scott’s face is too much. Too much.

Domestic Bliss and Other Nonsense – moonstalker24

“So, I think we should get married.”

Peter chokes, fumbles for a second, then manages to set his mug of tea down on the coffee table. He turns to look at Stiles, who is sprawled over the end of the couch, flipping through an old book.

“What?” Peter asks.

Stiles turns bright amber eyes on the stunned werewolf. “We should get married.”


“So all the books can be in one place.”

Stiles Stilinski’s Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Werewolf – moonstalker24

(As Observed By Scott McCall, Best Friend Extraordinaire)

Scott doesn’t like the werewolf that followed Stiles home from a folklore seminar. Neither does anybody else. Somehow, it’s Scott’s job to tell Stiles that.

Carry It With No Regrets – SatanInACroptop

Stiles is having trouble reconciling with the aftermath of the nogitsune. Namely the notion that if Allison were here, Stiles might well not be. Namely the heart stopping fear of what could happen to those still breathing if the next time he wakes up, someone else is opening his eyes for him.
Fortunately, there is at least one soul in Beacon Hills with whom he can relate to.
Sometimes a little bit of help can be found in the most unlikely of places, including the domicile of Peter Hale, and sometimes, a little bit of sanctuary is all it takes.

Pages Upon Pages – predictaslash

“Everyone knows Peter Hale is the weird guy who works at the public library and talks to himself and is generally to be avoided.”

A series of short chapters in the same universe where Peter Hale is a human librarian and Stiles needs lots of help. Lots and lots of help.

I’ll Meet You Here – predictaslash

But Stiles can’t really savor it as much as he would like mostly because his heart feels like it might start hurting soon. “Oh. OH. You were joking. Me, too, heh. What a jokester I am.”

AKA, An Entirely Too Decent Proposal

All That You Have Home – predictaslash

Peter has sat across from Unpronounceable First Name “Stiles” Stilinski for two years.

you’ll never know, dear (how much i love you) – CaptainHarleyQuinn

“You are my sunshine,” Stiles laughs, half-heated and broken as red blood spills across his blue lips. It’s their song.

“You make-make me happy, when skie-skies are g-grey,” Peters crying.

He’s crying.

Every Note (Was Just a Proper One) – belial

It started out innocuously – being paired up with Peter because they’re both talented researchers – but it grew to sharing meals and movies and in-jokes. He didn’t realize he was in love until the night they found the piano.

The Terrible Things We Do (For Love) – Rrrowr

Being a demon, he’s seen some of the pretty nasty things that humans are willing to do for love. Things that, were he still alive (and human), would make him hesitate to be in a relationship with anyone lest his partner start getting some funny ideas. That said—

“This seems a little desperate for a kid your age,” he says to Stiles.

Name – Corpium

When Stiles goes back in time to save Paige and stop Gerard, he doesn’t expect Peter Hale.

Stiles Stilinski: Wolf Whisperer (and Provider of Pop-Tarts) – ChuckleVoodoos

Stiles realizes that Peter might, in fact, be in need of a friend. And what better candidate than Stiles himself (accompanied, of course, by delicious pastry treats)?

Conflict Resolution – Green

Stiles must rely on Peter Hale to stay alive, but what if being alive means being soulbonded to the creepy murdering werewolf himself?

Near Death – ToAStranger

Stiles is struggling with the aftermath of the Nogitsune.

Wake Me Up – ToAStranger

Stiles has been in a coma for six years. Now he’s awake.

Our Imperfect World – taylorpotato

Not long after his eighteenth birthday, Peter wakes up with a small, white scar on his finger. Most people are born with scars that match their soulmate’s, or get one in their early childhood. Peter thought he just wasn’t meant to have anybody. The sudden arrival of his soulmate (in Beacon Hills, no less) is just the beginning of his life’s complications. After the fire at the Hale House, Peter’s subsequent coma, and death, he comes back to life to find that his mate has developed a crippling case of agoraphobia. Will he learn to be the sort of person a scared young man could love, or will he remain a monster?

All’s Fair in Love and Videogames – taylorpotato

Neither of them is aware of it, but Peter and Stiles play the same MMORPG. After Stiles moves away from Beacon Hills and goes to college, he and Peter start raiding together by accident.

The Gentleman Beast and His Mage – Sang_argente

Stiles is so fucking sick of werewolves and kanimas and hunters. He’s just sick of everything. He wants to just leave all the supernatural bullshit behind, but there’s a recently resurrected psycho that wants him to stay. Why is it so important that he does?

Everything’s Not Lost – jumpinmattflash

Peter tries to rebuild his life to what it was before the fire. A life that includes his nephew, a pack and one, Stiles Stilinski.

anonymous asked:

I like your meta about the possibility of stiles being a clone, but there is an.. inconsistency? Idk, just want to poin out that all the business with Paige happened in 2003/2004 and this is nearly the year of Claudia's death, and that means that our (first) stiles should already be existing. He couldn't be Paige and Stiles at the same time.. Maybe I don't understand something though.

Ahh, now you’re touching upon stuff where information is scarce and the stuff we have is mostly inconsistent for whatever reason. Time doesn’t seem to move normally in Beacon Hills :) 

My previous post assumed that the story we heard Peter tell in Visionary was in fact the story of Derek and Paige. If so it was a story that took place before the Hale fire (early 2005), so probably early 2004 or before. 

BUT - there are visual clues that suggest the story we saw unfold in 3x08 wasn’t the whole truth. Peter is an unreliable narrator (an important theme of that season and Stiles even makes a point of it). Take a look at Paige and her clothes. At the risk of exposing my own age, I can personally attest to this being high fashion early 90s at the latest. 

Which means it’s more likely Peter’s story being told. So Peter is the one who fell for Paige (which slightly squicks me since I’m not a Steter fan, but anyway. It could explain Peter’s creepy fascination with him and the smooth pickup lines “You must be Stiles”, cue the smolder), and who killed her on the nemeton out of mercy and sacrifices the virgin blood to it. 

I think the young!Peter we see with young!Derek as he tells the story is simply a manifestation of Peter’s inner thought process leading up to asking Ennis to bite her. Make note that we see that Peter is the one who suggests the bite, but Peter tells Stiles and Cora it was Derek’s idea. The way Peter tells the story, the raw emotions on his face, gives the interpretation of him telling his backstory, credence.

The flashback is way too detailed and describes intimate scenes between Derek and Paige, and also the end scene with Talia and Derek. Peter wasn’t there, so how would he know what went down? He explains his knowledge away on being a close confidant to Derek, but we’ve seen no proof of that in the series and the age difference also doesn’t support this (despite how werewolves might age). 

This will get long, so I’m including a read more :)

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Telling and showing in the aftermath

I’ve talked before about how I find LLL’s use of negative space to be so interesting. In NMTD there was a lot of stuff that wasn’t purely shown, but though the show went a lot further in the realm of realism than most of its vlog-style predecessors, it still found a way to include virtually all of its plot onscreen in some form.

LLL is just… not that. The arguments that the show is too slow or plot-less are not entirely without basis (I personally don’t agree with that line of criticism, but that’s the joy of art - people are entitled to different interpretations!), largely because the show is so character based. It’s looser in its storytelling, looser in what’s shown and what isn’t, looser in its editing, at times even looser in its realism (at least as far as the premise of the flat rules and Ben’s behavior in PUNISHMENT, both of which broke a bit with the style introduced in NMTD), and these ultimately make for an oddly tight portrait of the core characters.

Ben edits his videos. In NMTD, Benedick’s filming style was simplistic almost to a fault. He hardly edited his content, he hardly framed it and ultimately he spent almost all of his episodes speaking directly to the camera (or inviting his friends to join him in speaking directly to the camera). In LLL, Ben is constantly filming. He’s constantly moving the camera around. He adopts an alternate ego in order to expand the scope of his vlogging. He’s trying to craft a narrative in the most directed way possible. Everything he shows us is thus by choice. Even the “Balth in a Bath” series emphasizes this. Ben reveals portions in small pieces months after the fact. He talks about his uploading practices in the description box.

But LLL also manages to do a lot less telling than NMTD ever did. Much of Ben’s newfound vlogging style relies on subtext (as perhaps befits a student of the classics…?). Look at AFTERMATH. First Ben explains (ish) why the video is so late. Then he starts by showing Freddie at her personal limit with regards to the rules. He shows Balthazar coming back in time for the curfew. And then we get to watch as Ben and John explain what happened after Balth left. From there, the focus of the video is, almost painfully, Peter. Balthazar - who we know from previous episodes sees himself as Peter’s hangovers-caretaker - immediately goes to “help” (and we can have a separate discussion as to whether this is the right thing to do or whether this approach may be somewhat misguided). It’s all about Peter, and Peter is the only flatmate not in the video. When he easily could have been, since the episode ends with John leaving to the airport, presumably being driven by Peter. (And it’s fair to assume Ben started filming before the car pulled out of the driveway…)

So I went back and rewatched BALTHDAY. Specifically the end, where Rosa and Ben have their odd shared moment. And it suddenly makes sense. Rosa has just finished caring for a sick Peter (and it seems like Ben was involved at the beginning in helping her), and wants to make sure that John stays out of the room so that Peter can properly rest (and not because he’s hooked up with someone, as was previously theorized).

When Ben edited BALTHDAY, he showed us snippets. He didn’t show us any portion with Balth leaving the part. He didn’t show us Peter getting sick (though there are an awful lot of shots of Peter drinking). He showed us a fun party and an odd conversation with a previous adversary-turned-ally. The context of which only becomes clear once he shares AFTERMATH, which doesn’t really do anything to explain… anything. Telling, but not showing. Showing, but not telling.