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How Much Fun Can We Have With This?

Summary: When Alya, Nino, Adrien and Marinette all move in together, it doesn’t take Alya and Nino long to figure out what’s up with their significant others. But instead of coming clean, they decide to see how much fun they can have first.


“I’m going to kill that girl,” Alya said.

“Babe,” Nino said calmly, taking her hand, “please, as a favor to me, do not kill our girlfriend, okay?”

“And him, too, I’m gonna kill him.”

“Okay, Alya, if you kill both of them then it’ll just be the two of us in a completely conventional two-person relationship. And then the huge fight I got into with my parents right before moving into this den of sin will have been a complete waste. Is that what you want?”

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HP Draco - The Minister’s Desk

This was requested, here is the exact request “i love your writing :D can you do a harry potter imagine where you and draco are waiting for his dad to get out of a meeting but you both get bored so draco drags you into an empty office for a hot makeout session…rita skeeter walks in on you while snooping for stories. the next day, you and draco are frontpage news of the daily prophet. turns out you were making out in the minister of magic’s office…on his desk. haha sorry if this is awkward”
Thanks for your request and it makes me so happy that you like my imagines!  I hope you like this one!
Word Count: 908 words
Requests are open, all requests are appreciated!  I am in multiple fandoms.

You are standing in the hallway, leaning back against the wall with Draco’s hand entwined in yours. “How long is your Dad going to be?” You whine as you slide your back down the wall until you are sitting on the cold, stone floor. Draco sighs as he sinks down onto the floor beside you. “I really have no idea, he didn’t say.”  You humph, drilling your nails against the stone as you let your mind wander.  Sadly it doesn’t wander very far and you are left with your thoughts going round in circles, mainly centering around the ‘I’m bored’ thought that seems to be dominating over everything else running through your mind.  

You tip your head back, bored out of your mind but actually end up thumping it against the wall. “Ow!” You rub at the back of your head before Draco gently turns you to see it for himself. “It looks fine.” He informs you before pecking it lightly. The two of you sit for another moment in silence before Draco interrupts it. “I’m bored.” You nod your head, agreeing with him before Draco turns to you. “So what do you want to do?” You furrow your eyebrows. There doesn’t seem to be much you can do.  “I don’t know.”  You loose a sigh as you twiddle your thumbs, just to occupy them.  “There isn’t really much here to do, except talk.  We seem to have run that option pretty dry though.  I can’t think of anything else to talk about.  Except how bored I am, how I wish your Dad would hurry up and how this horrible floor is hurting my but.”  Draco’s mouth quirks up in a half smile.  “Do you have everything you need for Hogwarts?”
”We’ve had this conversation six times already Draco.  Yes.  Now, let’s think for a minute.  Surely we must be able to think of something else to do rather than sit here and complain about our boredum.”  You turn your head to face his and  Draco meets your gaze, frown lines creasing his forehead as he thinks before his eyes light up. “How about this.” He leans forward and touches his lips to yours. It takes you a few moments to pull away regretfully. “We can’t do this here Draco.” He smirks and pulls you to your feet, opening the door to the nearest office which is thankfully empty and drags you inside.

“Draco, what if they come back?” Draco simply smirks again as he shrugs and attacks your lips again. One of your hands reaches up to his neck, twining in his golden locks while the other rests on his shoulder. His hands are wandering everywhere, exploring every inch. He pushes you backwards so you stumble and your back hits the desk. He lifts you up and you perch on the desk, shuffling papers backwards and one pile collapses onto the floor. He brings your legs up to wrap around his waist as he kisses you fervently. One of his hands tangles in your hair while the other continues roaming. He bites your bottom lip, gently tugging and enticing a low moan from you which almost out the clicking of a camera. The two of you spring apart and spin to find Reeta Skeeter standing gleefully snapping photos and narrating the story to her magical pen. “Reeta.” Draco’s voice is warning and Reeta grind. “Yes?” “Don’t you dare publish this.” She laughs, her cackle grating on your ears. “I don’t think so Draco. I happen to think he pair of you ‘making out’ on the ministers of magics desk deserves the front page. “I’ll pay you.” Reeta shakes her head, sneering. “I don’t care about your money. I’ve got a front page story.” She turns on her heel an marches from the room leaving you and Draco to wait anxiously for tomorrow’s paper.


“The paper will have arrived by now. If it hasn’t, he will know about it.” You nod your head. Draco doesn’t seem nearly as bothered about it as you, or as bothered about it as he should be. “I suppose it’s better sooner rather than later.” Draco nods, grasping your hand as you enter the hallway, descend the stairs and brace yourselves for the explosion. “What is this?!” Lucius Malfoy seethes as he clutches the paper in a pale fist. Draco casually walks past him to butter a piece of toast before shrugging and explaining through a mouthful. “It’s us.” He gestures to you and while you blush beetroot he simply grins at you. “On the front page! And on the Minister’s desk!” Draco laughs aloud as he take the paper from his father and reads the first few lines. “Rebellious teenagers decide to get back at Minister of Magic for the laws against magic for underage wizards and witches by enjoying a passionate make out session on his desk. It seems this would indeed have continue and gone on further had Reeta Skeeter not interrupted.” Draco quotes from the paper, laughing as he does so. Unfortunately his Father doesn’t find it quite so amusing. “This is not how it happened. We were bored, we didn’t even know it was his office. But hey, it could have been worse, we could have ‘gone further’ and Reeta could have walked in on us then. Although,” Draco pauses. “I’m sure the world would thank Reeta for a naked picture of me. I certainly would.”

Ashton Smut...

I walked into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee.I didn’t get much sleep the night before. I was looking through my manuscript that was about to get sent out to be published. My life was oh so very stressful. I constantly was traveling to New York to meet with my publisher and editor. Meanwhile,Ashton was constantly traveling since he and the boys were working on their debut album.

Even though we were constantly separated, we always kept in touch. Yet, I can feel it ripping our relationship apart…As I pour my vanilla creamer in my coffee,Ashton comes out of our overly furnished room.“Good morning babe” he says to me. I don’t think I can ever actually get tired of his accent.  "Good morning sunshine". I go over to the pantry to get some sugar,and with that comes Ashton’s long lean arms around my waist. “ I’ve really missed you love. You know that right?” he whispers in my ear,leaving me longing for his breath on me.

“Mhmm”,is all I have time to say. His hand pushes my hair to one side. He starts nibbling at my neck. I feel his fingers tremble as they go to my wrist, trying to bring my touch to him. I suddenly remember that I have to leave and meet with my sister. “Ashton,darling I have to go. My sister is waiting for me.Sorry pumpkin.” I rid him of my body;running across the room to get ready. He doesn’t come and look for me. I get dressed in so many layers I lose track of how many.

Without saying ‘Have a good day’. I just leave, I get to the parking lot and see my sister waiting for me.“Hey girl hey!”,my sister and her annoying ways respond to me getting in the car. We drive for a few minutes before we finally decide on La Madeline’s. 

We go in to the restaurant,get our sandwich’s and drinks and find a little table for two by the fire place. My sister being the little nosy twat asks" So? How are you and Ashton?“ "We’re fine really”. I say. “Are you sure of that? I can’t imagine being gone for so long and still not being able to get laid by your girlfriend.” She starts to fucking cackle. Fucking cackle. “Look it’s not like that. We are just people who actually have things to do. Unlike others”. “Hahaha, alright either way I think you might want to reevaluate yalls relationship”. “Okay,just fucking drop it. Thank you” She nods. and we start going on about the family and UCLA along with many other topics. With time, we leave La Madeline’s and my sister goes and drops me back off at Ashton’s and mines apartment.

“Have a good day love”. She says to me. “Yeah, be safe getting back to California sweet potato”. She nods and smiles. I turn my heels away from her and her little car and start to make the journey to our apartment.

As soon as I walk in through the door. I notice the apartment seems lonely too lonely. I walk over to our bedroom and decide to start taking off the 20 layers of clothing on I have. I turn on my ihome and start to sing along to Madonna. Letting go of any fear or worry I had before. I start to get lost in the words, feeling my chest fill with ectasty.

“ Hey”. I see Ashton walk in.  "Hello how was your day?“ I wait for him to respond an he just look at me. I see him start to contemplate what he is going to do next. He starts to speak, "How was my day? It was quite awful actually. I come home and just want to spend time with you and you push me away. When I try to make love to you, you take me and just throw me in the dirt. You know I want you and I love you but honestly I can only hold up so long before I go insane, without you. I don’t think you understand I crave and need every single inch of you. I need to hear your moans in my ear and feel you shake underneath me.”

With those words it’s literally impossible to fight the urge. I step forward, push him against the wall. I press my breasts and body against him,“You know what? I miss you too and I need you more than you will ever now.” he stops my words pushing his pink lips against mine.I feel his tongue push through the entrance of my mouth. His hands drift to my leggings, he pushes my leggings and panties down with one swift movement. His lips never leave mine always wanting and longing for. His hands are completely needy. He rips my top;exposing my bra. Thankfully for him he my bra unlatched in the front. He unlatches it and for the first time his mouth leaves mine. As he presses his firm but soft lips against my nipples. He takes one at time,engulfing each one. He looks at me and I know what’s next he pushes me to the floor. My back hitting the carpeted floor a little harder than I would have liked, While that pain starts to drift away, he takes his shaft in his hand. I look at him in pure lust.“ I need you now love please.” I whisper to him. He aligns himself at my entrance an with a blink of an eye; I feel every inch of him take me. I automatically feel my walls starting to tighten around him. I know i wont last long it’s been too long and I haven’t even taken care of myself. He pushes himself in deeper, always knowing what angle to hit just get my g-spot. His breathing starts to pick up. “I missed this so much.” he tells me. I start to moan heavily,my senses staring to be more aware, His fingers glide over my skin,touching every inch of me. I feel my walls gripping for dear life.“ I don’t know how much longer I can go.” I say to him. “Cum for me baby,cum for me please”. My body becomes one with him in that moment everything I doubted any fear was lost. I became his and he was mine.The ectasty in my body became nothing, when I felt him lose him self in me burying his face in to my neck. His lips sucking at my pulse. He fell in to me, as I waited for him to come back to reality. I couldn’t help but smile knowing that I made him feel this way.

He finally rolled over on to his back. We laid on the carpet,completely nude. Just trying to hold on to the moment. He finally looked back at me and said “I love you”. That was all I could ever need or want.