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Sorry if I'm bothering you but can you share why you think avatar is bad?

hoo boy man ur asking for a lot bc that show is a complete and utter M E S S. first, heres the main phrase my tibetan ass wants u to think about: its a show using asian/indigenous ppl and their devastating histories made by ignorant weeaboo white men. I want to write about it in detail bc i’ve always wanted to say something about this but never rly got around to doing it. maybe ill send this in letter format to the writers lol. anyways im going to split this up into parts. I’ll put a readmore bc its kinda long

@bryankonietzko take a nice long look if u still use tumblr lmao

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Monsta X Imagine | As Neighbors

| If it isn’t too much work (I totally understand if it is!) you should do that cute Neighbors AU thing with the members of Monsta X! I feel like they would be 2cute4thisworld as neighbors. BUT only do it if you feel like it isn’t too much to ask for.  | my friend i am so excited for thissss ~Admin H

Shownu: honestly in this AU he’s still a super buff darling dancer that u hear thumping around at 3 am dancing to Big Bang but he’s got a super soft side 2 him and he isn’t afraid of showing it he’s got lovely curtains and he’s v proud of his little herb garden on his balcony and he’s got an apron that says Kiss the Cook on it that Minhyuk got him as a joke but he ended dup loving it a lot and u always see him tending and talking to his plants bc ur balcony is next to his and you think its really sweet until one day the neighbor’s mean old cat climbs into his balcony and starts eating his plants and ur reading ur book on urs and you freak out at it bc no!!! those are his lil friends!!! but he’s not home so you climb over into his balcony and try to shoo the cat off but then shown comes home to u battling a cat away from his plants and its a v strange sight but u guys bc low-key friends until he realizes….wowow ur like…really cute…

Wonho: he’s your low key annoying neighbor that at first you’re like oh god….he’s one of those Party Douchebags that’s constantly bringing girls over and having loud parties but then u find out the only reason he brings girls home is bc he’s making sure that they have a safe place to sleep off the alcohol in their system or get an uber ride home, and he plays loud music bc he’s practicing dancing for a charity show, and the random thumping on walls is when he’s talking to his mom on the phone while doing chores and he walked into a wall and after u help him save a kitten off the streets u guys really bond n now u guys r pretty much inseparable and maybe he starts 2 have feelings for you…. 

Minhyuk: he’s that really loud neighbor but you really dont mind that he’s loud bc he’s so cute and so happy and kind and he’s that neighbor that always orders food at weird times of the day so sometimes you’ll get a knock on the door at like…12 at night and he’s holding a box of pizza and he’s got half a slice in his mouth like…hey i’ve ordered too many boxes do u want to come over w my friends and i and eat some and at first ur like um what time is it but then um free food hell yes and that’s how u become best friends w minhyuk 

Kihyun: he’s the mom neighbor that you can always go to if you need sugar, a bit of flour for something, or if u need advice!! He’s always there for you and he the type of neighbor to bring you cookies if he even gets a hint that you’re feeling down, and he’s the first person you go to if you need someone to watch your apartment/animals when you have to go away for a while, and he’s pretty much one of your best friends in a mothering neighbor form.(he also makes sure that you get home safely if you have a night of drinking, bringing you advil and water in the morning after purposefully talking loudly)

Hyungwon: his apartment is just,,,,instagram goals like seriously,,,,its just so neat and aesthetically pleasing and he loves to find cool little things he can bring back to his apartment to take pictures of and his walls have this huge collection of polaroid pictures and he’s the one you go to when you need advice about interior decorating and when you’ve had a bad day and he’s the king of 6$ wine that tastes like $3,000 and you guys watch dramas or reality shows and talk trash and are salt buddies and you guys have neighbor dates where is just you guys bitching to each other about life over wine and junk food and it’s wonderful and eventually he’s like,,,,instead of being salty over other people how about we like,,,,,,be salty about people together

Jooheon: Joohoney is sort of scary to some of the elderly neighbors like they think he’s up 2 no good bc he always wears dark colors and piercings and in this AU he’s got a tongue piercing bc i can and he just spells bad news and u believe it until one day the power goes out and you just hear this screech and u dont know who it is until theres a knocking on ur door and its Jooheon in a fluffy pink bathrobe w kittens on it and he’s got tears in his eyes and ur like,,,who is this boy and turns out he was in the shower when the power went out and he’s actually….super cute and nice his apartment is filled w cute pictures of animals and really pretty plates and lots of plants that all have names and u guys end up talking for forever until the lights come back on and ur like oh shit,,,,he cute 

Changkyun: he’s just?? he seems like the most normal person in ur building until u hear his screeching along gin the shower to AOA and he has like 15 different packages outside his door like does he have an online shopping problem?(the answer is yes) but it turns out he’s buying amiibos and you once saw him literally wait at the door for a package and he’s got the nintendo switch in his hands and ur like,,,fuck. holy shit. hOOOLY SHIT and you race over there and practically break down his door like heY YOU DONT KNOW ME BUT LIKE THAT’S THE SWITCH ISNT IT and at first he’s like um my door but then hELL YEAH ITS THE SWITCH WANNA PLAY SNIPPERCLIPS TOGETHER and that’s how u guys bond and eventually he’s like…wow this person is not only cute but like,,,,,a huge nerd,,perfect

sneak peak of i’m not ashamed

SCENE ONE: long haired Rachel holds an fruit longingly while Token Goth Girl in a Christian Movie twaddles her fingers. They all have apples and nothing else. Just apples at this table. And everyone looks miserable.

OwO what’s this? She looks to the side and sees Rat Boy, Dildo Ebola, eating an orange. That’s the orange table, Rachel. We’re the apple table. We don’t associate with them. Why are they eating so much fruit? Why is he looking at her like that? Why is he looking at her at all? Why does he care?


fLUSTERED dylan suddenly turns to his orange

Yes… orange, very peely and orange. he is looking for anything to distract him from his boring red-shirted friend, who is staring lustfully at an apple, a probable symbolism of the girls at the Apple Table . 

“get rid of all the fat ugly retarted gross stupid weird nerd star wars fans old people nickelback fans bronies twihards people that arent i eric har” wAIT, this red shirted, hairy-armed chap must be Eric Hairless! Wonderful. He has a glass of apple juice, and an apple. What a rebellious choice from someone outside the Apple Table. Must symbolize what will happen to the people at the Apple Table. Eric you cruel monster….. you devil…. I cant even look at him and his ham sandwich. 

Dildo and random guy who i’m assuming is some sort of Brooks Brown character look at ranting child Eric with distaste. Is he done? Will he ever be done? Seems, upon closer inspection, Dylan is the only one eating an orange. Is every table the Apple Table? Does this symbolize how Dildo Memaw had no sense of belonging in the world? What the everloving fuck is Brooks Brown Guy wearing? 1950′s Grandpa pajamas? That’s not grunge at all. We have our first glance at the pristine white hats in the background. Our eric finishes his rant and looks at Dildo for validation. W-Was it cool, Dylan-senpai? OwO?

“y-yeah.” He stutters. Oh god. I can just smell Dave Cullen. What the fuck is he wearing??? Is that some kind of bondage harness? Or it could be just a keycard or something but to what? Weird design to it also.

Eric, finding validation in the y-yeah, continues on with his rant, looking up from his beloved apple to his gay lover. “Nobody is deserving of this planet,” he says “just me and who i chose.” FUNNY because I think i remember the quote being “Give the world back to the animals, they deserve it more than we do,” but of course they had to satan it up so people hated him more.

“send them all up to space”

“dude we can’t send them to space”

TWO trenchcoated figures appear in the background! We weren’t looking at Dylan and Eric the entire time! These inaccuracies weren’t actually inaccuracies. Thank you Dave. But they are. 

“look at these F AR T K N O CK ERS!!!”

alright, i’ll admit i lost my s h i t when he said that. Whhhhat? is that a slang for gay… because like, anal? Probably not. Probably a Christian censored version of ‘fag’ or something. So… it could be? I don’t know. It’s easier not to think about it….. they never said it…………………………………… they never said it….

“what’s up? F O U R E YE S” he pushes the trenchcoated chap into a table. 

He kinda just nudges him into the table, but he flies across the table, knocking everything over, breaking his spine and rendering him immobile for the rest of his life. Not really. But i’m sure Dave asked. By the way, yes, I’m sure Dave Cullen is involved with this movie. He can call me a dirtbag, but I know.

he gets up?

and falls to the ground, his trenchcoat goth friends dragging him away as Jock Stud over there kicks him. He has been rendered immobile for some reason. Everyone watches, amused. This always happens at 12:00. Same time every morning. It’s a spectacle.

come on bro, we gotta be gay somewhere else…. these heterosexuals don’t accept us.”


thanks, jock? is that even an insult? thanks for the motivation,

The jocks laugh in triumph, they have belittled another Goth. They’re so fucking cool, and they know it. There are many ways to wear a white hat, but they’re all wearing it at a 90 degree angle, pristine white like they soak them in bleach before they go to school, and backwards. 

they have this really long pan on this black kid. Eric’s face is wrinkled in distaste. I think this is the moment trying to signify that Eric is racist because he’s looking at the black bully distastefully. Alright, Christian Movie. Thanks for that.

Rachel giving the Lanza Stare™ to the Jocks. 

Who is this and why are him and Rachel making intimate eye contact? He looks like Dennis the Menace. Like who the fuck is this supposed to be. Also what shampoo does that other jock guy use? Damn


What I’m assuming is he’s one of Rachel’s friends that is trying to relapse and recover from his Jock Asshole ways but he can’t seem to quit. Rachel reminds him and he feels shame.

Back to the Sin Table, Dylan looks expectantly at Eric as he continues peeling his fucking orange. He expects him to be like I DONT CARE WHAT YOU SAY IF YOU EVER TOUCH HIM AGAIN ILL FRICKIN KILL YOU ILL PULL OUT A GODDAMN SHOTGUN AND BLOW YOUR DAMN HEAD OFF DO YOU UNDERSTAND YOU LITTLE WORTHLESS PIECE OF CRAAAAHP but no, sadly, because that is not Eric’s true colors. That is his mobster alter-ego, Reb.

He looks like a thirty year old christian youth leader that’s newly married with a baby on the way. But he looks angry also… i guess?? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

he violently bangs his apple on the table. Damn, does he want to bang someone from the Apple Table on the table?/?/????? Where does his violence end

ooh dam, it got a broose. Also he’s fucking shredded. Why.

-the scene fades to black-

it was just a matter of time- riarkle headcanon

-Riley and farkle move away for college because they got into colleges hella close to eachother (because of course they did)

 -Maya and lucas move in together too cuz lucas is going to vet school 30 min away from where maya goes to art school

-So they rent an apartment

-So what do you do when you buy an apartment together? you furnish an apartment together

-Farkles parents basically ruffle his hair and toss a credit card at him when he tells them so riley decides that just this once she can take advantage of the situation

-Riley is very into interior design

-Farkle is very into riley

-So he just kinda agrees with her on everything and she designs a BANGING apartment

-At one point she goes into a pottery barn and goes “ill take that” to the salesclerk

-“What, the chair?”

-“No. the room.”

-It ends up looking fantastic because of course it does

-So college starts, riley is an overachiever of course and takes way too many classes and is constantly sleep deprived

-Which means Riley falls asleep on Farkle a lot and one time when she falls asleep on the couch surrounded by textbooks Farkle picks her up and puts her in bed

-She calls him superman for a week after she realizes what he did

-Farkle and riley facetime Lucaya at one point and lucaya’s like “lol they’re so in love”

-Oh! yeah

- so farkle is always getting into situations that require riley to save him

-“Riley please help I lied to the cool frat guys and told them i was dating someone will you pretend to be my girlfriend for a night thank you I love you”

-He gets into these situations on purpose tho obviously

-One time Riley breaks her left arm slipping on ice and Farkle takes care of her a lot (smoothies and carrying stuff for her because she is a c r y b a b y )

-And another time Farkle has an emotional breakdown over not being the best and Riley comforts him and they fall asleep in each-others arms

-Fast forward a few months and Ok Lucas and Maya  are getting MARRIED What the FUCK theyre so young??? Whatever lets support it wait it’s a destination wedding what the FUCK just be my date (There’s one bed in the hotel room motherfuckers you know what that means…. Hardcore cuddles get ur mind out of the gutter smh) (They slow dance at the reception and then they’re super buzzed and KISS and stare at each other for a long time and then the song ends and they never talk about the kiss)

-Oh and one time Riley gets stalked by this really creepy guy and Farkle to the rescue (he puts on like 6 jackets and follows the guy down the street at night and pushes him up against a wall and says in a really deep voice ‘stay away from riley.” and the guy goes running and never bothers riley again)

-So after freshman year Cory asks if they’re going to be living together forever and Riley just shrugs and says “i don’t see why not”

-Fast forward and they go to a halloween party sophomore year and Theres an apple bobbing station and Farkles like “remember when I saved your life twice” And riley kisses his cheek and goes ‘my hero’ and their friends see this

-and said friends make them make out in truth or dare

-Riley wants to talk about it the next day but farkle just says ‘just forget it Riley, Its nothing” because he thinks that Riley was gonna reject him and rileys like ‘oh wow ok’ and the next few weeks are super awkward.

-But riley wasnt gonna reject him

-She was gonna ask him to go out with her


-So like shes sulking around the house all the time feeling all dejected

-And so is farkle

-But riley is PISSED at farkle

-But also highkey pining for him

-And farkle is highkey pining for her

-So much angst jfc

-Then he’s gonna leave for a month over thanksgiving break to visit his family and Riley is just standing in the doorway and he sees her looking just so empty and he just says ‘fuck it” and kisses her

-Shes all happy for like 8 seconds and then she just. Punches him. In the face.

-And hes like “RILEY WHAT THE HELL”





-The general consensus is “??????????????????????????????????”

-And so farkle calls his dad and just says “SOMETHING CAME UP”, walks to the kitchen clutching his nose to get an ice pack and just turns around and yells “ARE YOU COMING OR NOT”

-She follows him because she is Very Confused™ and feels bad about punching him

-So hes just sitting at the table with a pack of frozen peas pressed to his face and if riley werent so upset shed laugh becuase he looks like a mop of hair and two eyes on top of a bag of frozen vegetables

-“Well? Are you going to sit down?”

-She does

-There is 2 minutes and 17 seconds of silence

-They both counted

-She breaks it with “sorry for punching you”

-He just puts down the peas and goes “please explain”

-She probably owes him that she decides

-“Well you see i guess i’d had these subconscious feelings for you and then we made out and suddenly they were very conscious and i wanted to talk to you about it and maybe see if it was going to go somewhere but then you rejected me”

-It is at this point that farkle slams his head into the table



-If farkle wasnt already bleeding from his nose he wouldve punched himself






-“YOU DO?”


-It is at this point that farkle vaults over the table, LIFTS riley out of her chair, and kisses her like there’s no tommorrow

-They stand there kissing for a solid 7 minutes (in heaven lmao puns)

-But then riley realizes that farkle is still very much injured

-“Um babe maybe we should get you to a hospital”

-“Yes i am decently sure my nose is broken you throw a great right hook”

-It is not, in fact, broken, just badly bruised

-The doctor asks “what happened?” and they both say “bar fight” at the same time

-So they send farkle home with some tape and an icepack and he recovers quickly

-Which is great because riley feels SO BAD

-Apologizing 24/7

-she makes him soup and brings him ice cream and makes him a goddamn “sorry i punched you babe i love you” poster

-And she really wants to make out with him

-Stupid miscommunicating nerds

-Love them

-Riarkle for life

-Thank u

-The end

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Yaay a new MM imagine blog! >u< Good luck about your blog (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و RFA+V+Saeran how would react MC is one who very talented in the kitchen? *u* Imagine, she is very professional and fast in the kitchen, always cook too delicious and healthy foods for them. Very loves when they fondly eat their meals prepared by her. Thank you! ^^ (And sorry about my poor English, hope you can understand me 😅)

You listen here, you adorable little shit, n e v e r (never ever) apologize for your English. I understand perfectly what you are saying, and I’m really glad that you were the first to request! English is my native, but I can speak several others, and English compared to those is so hard to understand. You’re doing amazing with it, and I’m happy to clarify anything that’s confusing! Much love!


  • Okay, you’re gonna let him feel like he’s able to cook
  • I mean, it tastes pretty okay but his presentATION
  • help this poor kiddo
  • Anyways, you went back to his dorm after you both had went out for the evening
  • You just wanted to cook but you look in the drawers and cupboards and he’s got like three plates and a pan
  • Ending up getting him to go back to where you stay, you had him sit at the counter while you made dinner
  • It wasn’t anything much but hE SURE THOUGHT IT WAS
  • Yoosung was just sitting there wide-eyed while you were trying to have a conversation while flipping things in the air over a flame
  • He couldn’t get that it was just over a f l a m e
  • When you finished cooking everything, he was so damn excited and had to remind himself to not eat too quickly
  • You were just watching him amusedly
  • And he was thinking “There’s vegetables? And its not out of a freezer bag? And it’s properly seasoned?”
  • Every time you two had gotten back from anything and it was around a meal time, it was always to your home if you two weren’t already living together
  • He just wanted to watch you cook and maybe eat a l l of it
  • You were blessed by this boy
  • Even though he never realized you had lived on his campus for culinary arts


  • woah woah woah woah woah, what did you say?
  • You noticed that the food on set wasn’t all that healthy even though he protested
  • “C’mon, Zen, you cant just eat samgyupsal at work then down bottles of beer once you get home” “Watch me, MC” “Fine, but I’m cooking tonight”
  • Zen had cooked maybe, maybe once a week and everything else was restaurants or take-out or the fuckign goldfish bread (Hey, if you were lazy, you just had to walk outside)
  • But the fact that you could and just never did amazed him for some reason
  • Once you had both gotten home, he was nearly bouncing he was so excited
  • Even though he thought it’d just be some sweet potato stir fry or something, he just wanted to taste what you made
  • Oh damn
  • What is that? (It was a stand mixer)
  • He kept trying to “distract” you by hugs but the food was too important
  • Zen was still bouncing off the walls when you had both sat down to eat
  • Then this mother f u c k e r
  • This m o t h e r f u c k e r
  • He took a bite, a single bite, and then fuckign moaned because “It was so good, MC!”
  • You were done with his ass but all of his compliments were so sWEET
  • Zen probably had you cook any time you were able too and you couldn’t not cook for him when he was so cUTE ABOUT IT daMMIT, ZEN


  • You told her when Jaehee asked about if you should make the pastries yourselves or buy them from somewhere else
  • You practically shouted in happiness when she mentioned baking
  • How had this never come up? Oh shit, now I have to bake cookies for my girlfriend. They’re gonna be the b e s t
  • Jaehee was taken aback slightly when you nodded wildly and grabbed her hand to take her into the kitchen
  • You were practically running around to get every ingredient and device required to make exactly what you wanted to impress her with
  • She was watching you were decorating the hwagwaja to look like flowers
  • Jaehee’s Cute Thought About MC started because yoU LOOKED SO CONCENTRATED AND YOUR TONGUE WAS STICKING OUT A LITTLE ANd ugh she just really loved you
  • Putting them all on a plate to present them, you used some of the chocolate you had for a drizzle and made a lil heart with it
  • Error: Jaehee Deaded
  • She was so happy! You got to do something you got excited about! Plus she got to watch you be cute!


  • He noticed your name was mentioned in a lot of food magazines and winners of competitions when he background checked you the first time around
  • Seven randomly brought it up once you two were living together
  • “Hey, MC, can you make ssol ro ppung?” “You’re just gonna dip them in soda and I don’t wanna watch that” “C’mooooon, it’ll be fun!”
  • He then proceeded to drag you to the barely used kitchen
  • You were at least 80% sure he was more excited than you
  • Wait
  • He’s begging?
  • Oh hell yes
  • This only happened so often so it was on
  • It was honestly probably the quickest you had made something with such high quality
  • Plus there was a really adorable Seven sitting on the counter swinging his legs 
  • You made him promise not to dunk them in soda and he looked so happy at the small snack
  • Wait no
  • “Saeyoung, no” “Saeyoung, yes
  • he was mixing them into his bag of honey buddha chips dAMMIT, SAEYOUNG
  • He promised the next time he wouldn’t “taint the precious meal” but you knew his bitch ass was lying


  • Why did you know his personal chef? MC, what’s going on?
  • Turns out his chef was a former collegue of yours and Juumin was feeling really ???
  • On one hand, you shouldn’t have to cook for yourself
  • On the other, do whatever you enjoy? If you worked with his personnel, you were surely well-educated in the matter
  • If anything, he was glad that you wouldn’t skip meals if you exceeded in the culinary arts and could easily make something healthy
  • So then the next week he asked if you could make you both lunch for the day you were coming to the office
  • And he was most definitely not disappointed
  • Lowkey wanted to lay off his chef because hEC K
  • Everything was so neatly made? And as cute as you?
  • Well, now, its as hot as you, too
  • Jumin was softly smiling throughout lunch so then you just had to cook more often


  • He really wanted to just lay in bed all day, but you gOTTA BE PRODUCTIVE, JIHYUN
  • First step: Make breakfast
  • wait no
  • Where’s MC?
  • And now there’s sounds of oil sizzling downstairs
  • He made his way to the kitchen and could hear you flipping over pastries on the stovetop
  • kinda mad he couldn’t see you but hearing you hum a bit was really pleasant
  • You looked up to see him smiling a bit in the doorway
  • V ended up helping you mix cream even though you had already made some
  • shhh, you just wanted to eat it later
  • He was really happy when you pulled out his chair at the table and sat across from him once everything was done
  • Definitely thanked you multiple be times
  • you just gOTTA BE CUTE, JIHYUN


  • Let’s be honest, living with Seven didn’t provide the healthiest food options so you took matters into your own hands
  • You got up a bit early to start a slow cooker for dinner and began to make breakfast
  • Seven had just fallen asleep, so you only cooked for two
  • You had set some music to play quietly wile you were turning things over and getting out dishes
  • Then a groggy, bed-headed Saeran was leaning against the counter to watch you bop around the kitchen
  • If you got him to not be grumpy, you were already blessed
  • But that little smile? AMAZING maybe you’d have to figure out how to hack into the cameras to replay it
  • Sure, he smiled around you after he got comfortable
  • but this eARLY? b l e s s e d
  • You set some ingredients by the slow cooker when you wanted to make the rest of the day’s meals then fixed a plate for yourself
  • Saeran looked kind of confused when you held the other, empty plate out to him
  • “Me? You want me to eat with you?” “Yeah, of course” “Well, alright”
  • He filled his plate then ate quietly while sitting next to you
  • “Thank you? “Hmm?” “Uh, I said fuck you” “Mhmm” “…asshole”
  • He still came as soon as possible when you say it was time for lunch and dinner

I’ so sorry that this took so long! I just wanted to make sure I got it done well. If you’d like me to change anything, just let me know! I’ll gladly redo any characters if they weren’t good, especially the last few, because I was running out of some ides. Please also let me know if there’s any grammatical errors or anything that’s just too out of character. Hope you enjoyed, nerds!

Also! I tried my best to research foods that weren’t generically United States’ foods. If there’s any problem with the cultural aspect, also please let me know, so that I can fix it as soon as possible!

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I hope Matt (stays) is still like a super huge dork, even tho that single screenshot we've seen, he's all badass and ready to fight and looks like he's learned to fight and defend himself. I hope we get him back, keep him, and he's a complete nerd loser.

hell yeah my dude its canon that he loves space and i mean he went to a Space School and hes related to pidge so hes GOTTA be a huge nerd

I kind of went into a huge messy headcanon post by accident when answering this because i got excited so…….if u want….here r my matt/shatt hcs:

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wanna chat? pt. 17

on ao3
| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17

i said a bunch of things in the note on ao3 but its like. sooo long so yeah just check that out please and thanks ilysm 

(son of a gunn = adrien, the worst = alya, lol death = nino, its red = mari)

what is happening in this anymore


son of a gunn: NASA!!! PLANETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!!!!

son of a gun has changed their name to trappist


the worst: as adorable as it is to see u nerd out like the loser u are
sleep boi

trappist: WHO CAN SLEEP AT A TIME LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol death: hello my dudes why are we yelling

trappist: NASA!!!!!!!!!

lol death: nice
the one good thing the americans gave us

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Of Sleeves And Obsessions - snowbaz

heck wow im uploading? again?? jess r u ok??? yes i am thanks for the check up. it’s currently 12:04am here in nz and i am so tired but here!! it is!!!!! for @lifegoeson-wecarryon who wanted some simonxforearms action ;) ;) ;)

Genre: all fluff

No warnings.

Simon experiences some difficulty in carrying on when confronted by Baz in plaid.

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Modern!X-Kids Headcanons

i have way too much inspiration for these so im not even gonna apologize for how long this is…. i hope you enjoy!

  • Literally squad goals and they all have squad ROLES too.
    • The Mom Friend- Jean Grey. Always has anything everybody needs and is constantly reminding everyone to bring a coat (because later on when they complain they’re cold, she can say “I told you so!”)
    • The Joker- Peter Maximoff. He constantly cracks jokes and somehow manages to have a witty comeback to anything you say to him. He also finds a way to make anything a sexual innuendo.
    • The Gossip- Jubilation Lee. She knows anything and everything happening in the mansion. She never spreads rumors, she only tells the truth. Whenever someone in the squad needs to know something, Jubilee is the one you go to.
    • The Queen- Ororo Munroe. Hella respected by the rest of the squad. One of the few people that Peter does not joke about. She is loved by everyone and really close with all her friends. Always the first one to suggest a place for them to go.
    • The Heartthrob™- Scott Summers. All the girls at Xavier’s have the biggest crush on Scott, and everyone is super jealous of Jean. The truth is, Scott is a nerd and constantly gets roasted by the rest of the squad.
    • The Cute One- Kurt Wagner. Everyone adores him. If anyone says anything mean about him, the squad will be ready to fight™. Super innocent and nice to everyone in the squad. Always suggests the best movies (other than Jubilee).
    • The Rebel- Warren Worthington III. Super intimidating to literally everyone except the squad. They all know he’s not as tough as he looks. Gets roasted 24/7.
  • They’re all pretty much obsessed with social media.
    • Jean runs a Pinterest. It’s super organized and has tons of followers. She mostly pins clothing, organization tips, and DIYs.
    • Peter loves tumblr. He tries to come off as a super “deep” person on tumblr. He mainly reblogs aesthetic stuff and music (when he can get the damn audio posts to work).
    • Jubilee aka Queen™ of Twitter. Has at least 5k. She tweets the stupidest shit, but people love her type of humor.
    • Ororo has an awesome snapchat. She updates it a lot, mostly with videos of her and the squad lip-syncing to a song.
    • Scott runs a Youtube channel. He plays shooting games like COD and GTA. It’s not popular at all, but he just does it as a side hobby.
    • Kurt is technologically challenged to say the least. He sticks to Facebook because it’s easy. It doesn’t matter how many times the squad tells him Facebook is lame, he just loves it.
    • Warren uses Instagram and takes hella artsy pictures. His aesthetic is grunge and black and white. Peter and Warren bond over this and share photos with each other.
  • All the girls are hard-core feminists.
    • Ororo is very invested in the BLM movement. She goes to protests on the matter and helps raise awareness around the school.
    • Jean sometimes writes short articles for an online blog about feminism. She’s a strong believer that feminism is necessary and that people deserve to be educated about it.
    • Jubilee helps the guys out with learning about feminism. She isn’t afraid to call people out when they say something sexist, homophobic or racist. She also is a huge fan of breaking gender barriers. At one point, she convinced all the guys to let them paint their nails and do their makeup.
  • Music!!!
    • Jean and Ororo are more into alternative music. They’re both huge Halsey, Panic! At The Disco, Melanie Martinez, and Bastille fans. They’ll sometimes study together and just blast the music in the background.
    • Warren is into old rock music. He constantly rants that music is “all the same” and the music he listens to is “infinitely better” than pop music.
    • Peter and Kurt are into alternative music too, but older alternative music. Peter introduced Kurt to Rush and Pink Floyd, so the two boys love to listen to that music.
    • Scott has an okay taste in music. He likes a bit of everything. The one thing that drives everyone crazy is that Scott will find a song he likes and listen to is 10 million times before he finally gets sick of it.
    • Jubilee is obsessed with pop music. Especially ‘80s, ‘90s, and early ‘00s pop music. She will go from Fergalicious to Single Ladies to Toxic all in a short amount of time.
  • They all watch a ton of TV shows together.
    • Keeping Up With The Kardashians is a show Jubilee loves. Kurt won’t let her tell anyone, but he enjoys watching it with her.
    • Jean binges Orange Is The New Black on Netflix. She forced Scott to watch it so she had someone she could talk about it with.
    • Ororo and Warren watch Supernatural together. Warren loves that they have angels on the show and Ororo just loves the characters. (Warren totally went as Castiel for Halloween one year).
    • Peter is actually really into watching the Food Network and HGTV. The squad never understands it, but he can sit and watch those channels for hours on end.
    • Scott totally doesn’t watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise (he totally does).
    • Kurt is actually really into sports!! He doesn’t understand American football at all, but he watches hockey and baseball.
  • Memes. Oh my god, memes.
    • Jubilee constantly says ‘dicks out for harambe.’ No one knows why, she just does. She even bought a shirt with the gorilla on it that said “Do it for him.”
    • Scott dabs all the damn time. He is the whitest™ boy in the squad. He will dab to any song that has a beat. Ororo slaps him for it (which she should).
    • Peter constantly says ‘bust a nut.’ Jean can’t stand it for some reason, so it makes Peter want to say it even more.
    • Kurt, my sweet baby, doesn’t really understand memes. He really only likes Pepe and refers to him as ‘the meme frog.’
    • Warren hates memes. Or at least he says he does. But on more than one occasion, Jubilee caught him humming “why the fuck you lyin’.”
  • G R O U P   C H A T
    • Jean probably started it because she is the true mom friend.
    • It started off with just Jean, Scott, Kurt, and Jubilee. Then Ororo was added, then Peter, then Warren.
    • Warren and Ororo barely ever text in it. They’re the people who read and leave.
    • Jubilee will double, triple, even quadruple text. She doesn’t care what she has to do, she will get someone to pay attention.
    • Kurt will send pictures of memes and ask them to explain it to him. They all find it adorable.
  • Since the squad loves video games…
    • Scott, as I said before, plays shooting games like COD and GTA.
    • Peter often plays those with him, but Peter is a dork and plays minecraft. He somehow convinces Kurt to play with him and Kurt loves it because it’s a simple game.
    • Jubilee, Ororo and Warren all play Overwatch. Jubilee’s favorite characters are D.Va and Tracer, Ororo loves Widowmaker and Pharah, and Warren loves Reaper and Bastion.
  • What are their phones like??
    • Jean always has the newest iPhone. Her lockscreen and homescreen are the same; a picture of her and Scott. Her apps are all organized into folders and she knows exactly where to find everything.
    • Peter has an iPhone 6+ because he likes the bigger phones. His lockscreen and homescreen are bands he likes. His apps are all over the place; he has about five pages worth of apps.
    • Jubilee has an iPhone 5S because she likes smaller phones (they’re easier to fit in her hands). Her phone is rose gold and she uses a pink stylus. She always has the cutest phone cases. She doesn’t have a ton of apps and only had a few pages.
    • Ororo has an iPhone 6S in black. No one ever sees her on it; she just doesn’t use it a lot. Not many apps because she’s barely on her phone. She refuses to get a case for her phone, but she does have a screen protector.
    • Scott has a black iPhone 6 with a bright red phone case. He’s on it playing games like Clash of Clans a lot. Most of the apps on his phone are games.
    • Kurt has an iPhone 6+ in white. He has a lifeproof case because he’s a bit clumsy. Most of the apps are games and a few social media apps (Facebook and Snapchat).
    • Warren only has photography and social media apps on his phone. He constantly stops and takes pictures, so he always has the newest version of the iPhone so he can get nice pictures.
  • The squad still spends a ton of time at the mall.
    • Kurt loves Hot Topic because he can get clothes to match his emo™ hair.
    • Jubilee could spend hours in Claire’s and Delia’s.
    • Ororo is a fan of Wet Seal because of their metallic styles.
    • Warren also loves Hot Topic, but he likes Abercrombie even more. (RIPPED JEANS)
    • Peter mostly shops at Old Navy and Hot Topic.
    • Scott just goes for the basics, Old Navy and Macy’s.
    • Jean prefers places like Banana Republic and H&M.

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anonymous asked:

Hi!!!! Can you give us some Winston hc's?? He don't get enough love anywhere </3 Thank you!!!!?!?!?!?!??!



- winston w/o glasses, either breaking or forgetting them, squinting So Much amd havin such a hard time navigating everywhere + recognizing ppl but Insisting he’ll be OK for the day, but It Really Isn’t Ok Goodness Gracious Please Help This Man

- winston actually bein a very good listener + is often approached as a 3rd party for others to vent to or just talk + he’s 100% ok w/ tht

he doesnt really know what to say in terms of specific advice but he’s always there to listen + give general support

- he’s Always surprised when he’s invited to things, even by like his Best Friends (ESP TRACER) + like. easily forgets there Are ppl who care ab him as much as he cares ab them

- has a h u g e love/hate relationship w/ puns, like he absolutely l oa th es them but at th same time literally cant help but find them literally th Funniest thing

- everyone thinks he’d be that super nerd that isnt that good at video games but in fact he’s Super Skilled, able to use two controllers at once (one w/ hands, one w/ feetsies) and can even play against himself very competently using said method (dva is f l o o r e d)

- going off of th last point, him easily bonding w/ dva + genji + spending many late nights w/ them playin games + havin a Blast™

i’ll very likely add onto ths later but thts what i have Immediately

anonymous asked:

Hello! I see that you're a new blog and I want to wish you luck with it! I would like to see an RFA reaction to MC on some sort of talent competition (and she's rly good at whatever she's doing - up to you what her talent is!). Thank you!!

Sorry this took so long!!! D: -green


- Talent: Cooking


- he has been there helping you practice for the competition for weeks

- taste tested all your food and helped judge

- he doesn’t really help because he’s hella in love with you and won’t say anything that actually helps

- the day of the competition he is full of tension

- he is so nervous and is at the very front of the crowd small person perks

- he expects you to be really nervous like he is?? sweating a little?? maybe just A LITTLE RUSHED??

- but you are just in your element. he’s never seen you so focused and calm in his life

- honestly he is blushing wow you look cute

- w o  w

- he makes sure his cheers are 1000x higher than everyone else’s and it’s not that hard because he has such a squeaky voice ANYWAYs,,

- expect a thousand kisses afterward, he is so proud of his s/o


- Talent: Acrobatics

- he will not stop being a nerd

- your entire talent show he is either crying or saying “LOOK THAT’S MY S/O AREN’T THEY AMAZING LOOK AT THEM WHY ARE YOU NOT LOOKING

- “I sleep with them lol”

- you might just throw him out because of his comments because they are so distracting WO W

- you love him though and decide it’s fine. he wouldn’t have left ANYWAYs?

- if someone gets a higher score than you, you have to literally hold him back from trying to hack in the scores and make you win


- once the results are in, he doesn’t even care



- he is just so proud and in love please let him just cuddle you in front of thousands of people


- Talent: Fashion

- b o y

- he is always there to help you out and be your model, and loves it when you put together an outfit for him

- it’s honestly unfair to everyone in the competitions you go to though.

- you have all the best silks and materials, and you’re home alone a lot so ,, your victory is on lock??

- you kind of hate it but love it too.

- but mostly hate it THIS ISN’T FAIR???

- after your first competition it really wasn’t that fun having such an advantage

- so he tones it down a bit

- he just wants to SUpPORT YOU THE ONLY WaY HE KNOWS HOW


- Talent: Singing

- oh g o sh

- she loves supporting you as much as she can, and loves loves loves hearing you sing in the shower or just randomly throughout the day as practice

- sadly, because of work she can’t make it to every show

- i think she’s going to kill Jumin just because of this

- it makes her really upset to miss out on your shows, and when she comes home to you she’ll feel so bad and ask you all about the night

- you’ll sing her the songs you sang on stage and show her videos

- she still feels bad, but she’s trying her best to support you!!

- loves your voice more than anything, she’ll listen to your videos to help her relax at work


- Talent: Singing+Acting

- you purposefully don’t tell him you can sing or act

- one night you ask him ‘i want to take you on a date, you wanna go?’

- this boy is clueless and totally goes

- once he’s in the auditorium he’s chill. you brought him to a play?? aww babe

- you tell him your going to the bathroom and to wait where he was

- while he’s gone he observes the place and thinks what nice seats you got!

- he’ll definitely have to repay you!!

- but then when you’re gone for .. quite a long time?? he starts to worry

- the lights go off and he’s kind of … s t r e s s i n g.

- did you seriously just date ditch him in a theatre oh my god what what

- he’s about to leave but then sees you go on stage and he’s just like. ???????????????

- ??????????????????????????

- you start singing and dancing, acting. he realizes he is in a musical. he realizes YOU ARE IN A MUSICAL

- ???????!!!!!!!!!!


- he literally SCREAMS out in JOY and jumps from his seat

- he actually starts crying because he’s so shocked and overjoyed

- he roots for you and tries his best to sing along during the whole musical

- he’s the only one on the upper level so he can see everyone in the aisles below him

- he sees a fucker with his phone out and throws his shoe at him

- f u cker

- he doesn’t even care he’s shoeless at the end of the musical

- expect A LOT OF KISSES and singing when you two get home

- and woop surprise it turns into sex

marauders things part 2 ayy 🌚

literally I spent 40 minutes writing some but then tumblr decided to delete them so imma cri so here are some more shitty headcannons that probs don’t make sense but nvm I love doing this lmao 🍍

like so many people asked for a part 2 so here you go, if you haven’t read part one yet it’s somewhere further down my blog (I’m not good at this tumblr thing ok so I don’t know how to link the previous one don’t laugh at me ok) but yano

basically I got the idea for a marauders book shop themed au so I wrote a couples of lines of random drabble and literally could not stop like you cannot expect me not to world build ok so here you go 💩

•when harry makes the quidditch team sirius and James send him a howler which is literally 15 minutes of them both getting really excited like MY SON IS THE YOUNGEST EVER QUIDDITCH PLAYER IN HOGWARTS I AM SO FREAKING PROUD I CANNOT EVEN SAY HI TO PROFFESOR MOONY FOR ME

•sirius, james and peter go to every quidditch match each week without fail and always embarrass the hell out harry every week like OHH HARRY ISNT THAT THAT GINNY GIRL YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON but he is secretly super happy to have such fabulous nerds for his family the tears are real

•jily decide to have another kid but they can’t find the right time to tell Harry so he comes home for the Christmas holidays like wtf mum why r u so huge is that where all my chocolate frogs went

•the baby is born two days before Christmas and it’s a baby girl who they decide to call Florence and the twins are like wtf what is that but everyone else is crying bc she’s so damn cute

•peter is the godfather (remus is the twins’ godfather don’t worry) and Marlene is the godmother and he’s like ayy are we god-married then and she’s just like come over here and kiss me you goofball

•they all have Christmas dinner in the back of the shop and the weasleys and hermoine’s family and the longbottoms come over and Harry is just so damn happy to be with his amazing family and friends that he nearly cries on multiple occasions WHAT IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN LIKE AMIRITE

•he and ginny go into the back room to help wash up and they get stuck under the mistletoe and they kiss at the exact moment that lily and Sirius walk in the door and Sirius is like KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS HARRY and it’s really awkward but hilarious lmaooo

•they all go caroling around all the nearby houses and it’s just so perfect bc it starts snowing and everyone is so warm and fuzzy inside and love each other so much ummmm brb gonna go cry

•the children go out and have snowball fights around the back of the shop and the adults (not including Sirius and James bc they’re as big a children as any of them and I’ll be damned if they didn’t go out to join in that snowball fight to kick their asses) stay inside drinking cocoa and cooing over Florence bc she’s so cute 💘

idek why this was so Christmas themed when it’s september but yano I’m not complaining 🍍
tell me if you guys want part three ok 👍

renle!hogwarts au

coughs wink harry potter + renle is honestly my favourite thing in the world bye





-he highkey acts like a hufflepuff most of the time tho lmao

-he’s one of those kids that you dont expect to be INSANELY smart

-everybody loves him, he tutors people whenever they ask him to

-he’s such a sweetheart too, he doesnt belittle you if you get an answer wrong or something

-renjun’s a slytherin (slytherin repRESENT WOOP WOOP)

-y’all know how slytherins have a bad rep for some reason smh 

-even tho it’s not as bad as before, the other houses dont interact with slytherin as much

-chenle never gets to interact with ren even tho theyre in a lot of the same classes

-his friends always drag him away, claiming that ‘he’s too sweet for huang renjun’

-”smh thEY JUST DONT UNDERSTAND YOU BBY DONT LISTEN TO THEM MY CHILD” -donghyuck, fellow slytherin roommate ♡

-chen and ren both knew about each other before they became friends

-mark and hyuck were friends (mark’s a gryffindor)

-they were friends before they went to hogwarts so it wasnt a surprise they stayed friends even after they were put in houses that were ‘enemies’ of each other

-sosO mark and hyuck hang out a lottttt

-theyre always together

-and slowly, the dream team all came together and one day, jeno (RAVENCLAW!!) introduced chenle to the boys and hyuck introduced ren to the boys

-and they became friends ever since

-ren and chen grew really close 

-ren would ALWAYS ALWAYS look out for chen when someone messed with him

-”nobody messes with mY BEST FRIEND FIGHT ME!!!!!!!!!!” -literally ren as chen has to hold him back

-on the hogsmeade weekend trips, the two of them stuck together and would go into all the stores, even if they didnt buy anything lmfao

-ren probably buys everything for chen even if chen’s like “no it’s ok!! i dont want anything haha!!!!!!”

-ren has the BIGGEST crush on chen

-it’s so obvious


-how could he not??

-he just thinks chen is the most perfect person in the world and just wants to love him ;-;

-he didnt have a crush on chen at first

-but then he slowly fell in love oh my gosh

-they sit together in charms and the first time ren started feeling feelings for chen was when their hands accidentally brushed together

-chen was like “oh sorry” and moved on without a second thought


-ever since then, he snuck looks at chen every so often and when the dream team hung out, chen seemed to be the only one he could look at ;-;

-whenever chen smiles really hard, ren literally stops breathing and turns really red

-hyuck noticed one time and called him out right before they went to sleep


-he was like “lol so when’re you gonna ask chen out yo”

-and renjun went really pale and his eyes widened like ‘holy shit wtf how does he know omg wtf’

-and hyuck just laughed in his face and was like “chen likes you too lmfao chill man”

-ofc ren doesnt believe him so they spend aNOTHER YEAR OF BEING JUST FRIENDS

-the dream team got SICK OF IT

-they were all trying to get one of them to ask the other out but NEITHER OF THEM WOULD BUDGE

-they were gonna give up but hyuck WASNT GOING TO HAVE IT

-so late at night, before dinner, hyuck dragged ren to their room


-”listen ren, if you dont ask chen out now, youll regret it

-what if someone asks him out before you? youll lose your chance and then youll be sad and your heart’ll feel icky and you wont ever feel the same way about anything ever again”

-ren doesnt say anything bc “fuck yo ive never seen hyuck talk like this” so hyuck fills the silence

-”just ask him out before you cant”

-and then hyuck leAVES



-so at dinner he’s about to stoRM TO THE RAVENCLAW TABLE

-but he walks 3 steps and sees everybody there and is like “oh shit bye lmfao no”

-hyuck facepalms and cringes but like w/e dude let the lil guy take his time

-even tho it’s been like, 2 years

-hyuck probably whispers “u lil fuckin shit ask him out after dinner isTG”

-after dinner, ren drags chen to the room of requirement (the dream team stumbled across it a year back)

-ren has no fucking issue opening that damn room his mind is racing with thoughts about what the hell he needs lmao

-and chen’s like “.-. what do ya need buddio”


-chenle stands there for a second and boLTS OUT OF THE ROOM

-when he gets back to the ravenclaw house, his face is so red and his eyes are so wide and like, EVERYBODY can hear his heart pounding

-so jeno was like “lmfao did ren ask you out or something”


-”u just did lmfaO NERD”






-he wobbled back to the slytherin dorm rooms with tears in his eyes and his legs like jelly

-and hyuck’s waiting for him in the common room 

-”ayyyy didja ask him oUT OMG REN ARE YOU OKAY”

-”i dont think chen likes me back hyuck” ren’s like trying his best not to cry oh my gosh ;-;


-”he ran out of the room as soon as i asked him out”


-jeno opens it and is like “oh hey, did you hear-”

-hyuck doesnt let him finish lmfao “ZHONG CHENLE IM HURTING YOU”


-thankfully, jeno holds him back



-but like, hyuck eventually calms down and chen explains that he was just nervous and didnt know what to say so he did what he does best


-hyuck’s still pissed lmao

-he tells chen that ren thinks he hates him and chen gets reALLY SAD


-the next entire week, they dont talk and classes together were really weird

-chen kept trying to talk to ren and tell him that he didnt hate him but ren kept brushing it off and trying to avoid him

-chen got so tired of it so he called for a dream team meeting in the room of requirement

-like, everybody got there and ren was the last to show up

-and chen just pushed everybody out of the room so it was just him and ren

-and grabbed ren’s shoulders so he could scream “I FUCKING LOVE YOU STOP IGNORING ME” in his face

-”… why’d you run away from me then?”

-”i dont know… i really liked you too and didnt wanna say anything dumb so i ran away…”

-”… for a ravenclaw u arent very smart”

-”i will punch you right here rn”

-i feel like chen hates riding on brooms

-he’s a muggleborn and riding on brooms make him feel dumb lmfao

-the only way he’ll ride on a broom is if ren’s driving it and chen gets to sit in the back 

-chen just really likes how warm ren is but shhhhhHHHH DONT TELL HIM

-they sneak out at night every once in a while

-chen likes how the night feels so cold but ren feels so warm and he falls in love with ren so much more every time they sneak out

-i feel like chen is really huggable and tiny

-like, theyre both the same height (or about) but ren hugs chen like he’s the tiniest lil kid in the world

-ren LIVES for chen’s laughs

-ren’s a pure blood so he has ZERO idea on how the muggle world works

-chen thinks it’s adorable

-one time ren scraped his knee and chen pulled out a bandaid from his pocket (he keeps one in case he ever needs one what a cuTIE)

-he was about to put it on when ren scREECHED

-”wHaT IS ThAT ThInG OmG BaBE ARe yoU TRYinG tO KiLL ME”

-”omg wtf u nerd no it’s a bandaid smh…”

-ren rarely calls chen babe or w/e lmfao

-it’s chennie or nothing (or chen bUT)

-ren met chen’s parents during christmas break

-he was SWEATING

-chen took the train back home right

-and ren was so fidgety on the train and all he could think about was how he was gonna die bc mUGGLES ARE KINDA BAD AT BUILDING THINGS

-”why u gotta be so mugglecist ren” -chenle, probably lmfao


-”… a van….?”


-”what is this food chen… it’s… magical… more magical than anything harry potter has done………”

-”…. ramen ren, ramen.”

-”i have a new religion”

-tl;dr, honestly this couple is the weirdest pair youll ever meet but like, it works for them and they make it look adorable sO 

aree we gonna have a prob lem??? u got a bone to pick???? youve come so far, why now are u puallin on my DICK? I’D normally slap your face offf and every one HERE could wwwatch but i;;m feelin nice here;;;s some advice lissten up bbiatch (i like) lookin;;; HOT, buyin;; stuff they cannot (i likei) drinkin;; hard,, maxin;;; d ad;s creadit cards (i like) skippin gym, scarin her,,, screwin;;; him (i liakeo) killer clothes,,, kickin;; nerds in the nos e if u la ck the balls u c an g o play doells let your mommy FIX u ao sss nack (woah-oh) or u coau ld come smoke,,,, pouind some rum and cokke in my porsche with thei quarter back (woah-oh woah-oh woah-oh) honey what u waitin for??? welcome to my candy store time FOR u tto prove you;;rrre not a loser anymore and step into my candy store guys fall at YOUR feet, pay the check,,, help u cheat all u h ave to do,, say goodbye to shaomu that freaks not your friend, i can tell inn the end if she had you r shot,,,, s he would leave u to rot course if u dont care,,, fine,, go braiad her hair maybe sesamee street iis ON (woah-oh) or forget tthat creeep and g et in my jeep let;;;s go tear up someeone;s lawn (woah-oh woah-oh woah-oh) honey what u waittin for??? wwwelcome to MY candddy store yo u;;;ve just gout to prove you;re nout a pussy anymoure and step into my candy storre u can join the teammm,,,, or u can bitch and moan u can live the dream,,,, or u can die al one u can fly with eagles or if u ppprefer keep oin testin mmme,, and end uap liike her (veronica look,, r am invited me TO his homecomin party.. this PROVES he;s been thinkin aboaut me…. collor me stoked im so happy) (ooh woah) hoeney wwhat u waiutin foer (ssshut up heeather!!!!) step into my candy store tim e for u to prove yoaure not a LAME-ASS any more and step into my ccandy store it;s my candy store,, IT’S my candy it;;;s my caendy store,,,, its my cand y it;s my candy store,, it;s my candy store

nearlydodie  asked:

Fave Dan and/or Phil video and why?

shit okay yall time to bust out these phanalysis glasses here we go gather round children

dan solo videos
cringe attacks:
relatable af
lighting is shit but content is good
honestly i too slap myself “idiot”
dans hair is straight but he’s not

dan takes quizzes about himself:
mature philly
that stance
“a certain rat called phil”
“fuck off” “excuse you”
“they’re watching me through the webcam”
“llama drama!”
“hey babe ;)”
“still listening you bitch”
“i’m not gonna make it through this video”
the fuckin cURLS

dan collabs (non-philly)
never have i ever with tyler oakley:
“back in your bed!”
spilled red bull on your carpet
“phil- handy guy”
dan had a smosh shrine when he was 15
cheeky squeeze john green ;)
“your hand is ginormous”
“get outta here”
tyler carries around redbull and a medical taser in his backpack
dans scream oh my god

watching strange porn with tyler oakley:
the origin of dan’s whiskphobia (woop)

embarrising moments with louise:
louise makes him so happy and it’s great
they’re so similar holy fuck
“a sexually ambiguous nerd” damn straight
or should i say damn gay
finn harries a goddamn angel

dan and phil collabs (non-dnpg)
monster pops:
that s w e a t e r
“nice hard balls”
good job you covered the fridge in spider webs
“stick the stick in the monsters,,, uncooked,, raw,, muscles,,”
“ooh now im hornyyyyyyyyyyy,,, back it up”
“beep bEEP”
ofc you had to make a shrek didnt you
stranger things ref whaddup

pastel edits:
the p i n k j u m p e r
xxL dungarees who are you philip
that teal button down oHHO boy
phil keep your ass off camera please (although it’s not like dan minds eh)
“girthy flowers”
this is so gay omfg
flower neck tattoos hell yeah
aw this was so nice until fuck here come the wigs

all of the pinofs & bloopers:
why the hell wouldnt they be one of your favourites

phil solo videos
the gym incident (i forget the actual title):
the o u t f i t s
philly is exercising what??
the man is sick give him a break
ffs leon listen to him
dan: bursts through wall
he can be more translucent than he already is?? what??

shit there’s another one but i forgot
f o r g i v e m e

phil collabs (non-danny)
interview with caspar lee:
“you do look like a pineapple”
“phil you look like a pear”
they just sat there eating cereal and talking about phils grandmum
breakfast in bed
phil honey,, you’re not that good at imitating voices
“i like to sit under phil’s bed you know that”

tipsy talk with hazel hayes:
“i wanna open my own bar”
“but it would just be filled with underage girls”
hazeltini phil you gay icon
“my crotch is covered in white powder”
“hazel already got me sprung with all this candy”
“are you irish irish or just fake irish”

sometimes phil calls dil “our child” and it’s great
the fuckin owl slide
dans dying seal laugh omfg
they nearly killed dil twice
“popped the pillows”
they fuckin have a child called dab
#devan for life
it’s just so domestic

three legged ddr challenge:
all of the times they fuckin tried to grab each other’s hand
“we got the d”

mark of oxin:
a glimpse at 14 year old phil
*generic american protagonist voice*
fuckin pLOT TWIST
daniel james howell; the proudest boyfriend
“you know tumblr needs that gay shit”
you know us so well danny
you had a fuckin threesome with an angel

enjoy lovelies !

Alphabet Questions

I was tagged by @myriadmeans :3

Answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to know better!!

a - age: about to turn 16
b - birthplace: Columbus
c - current time: 3:46 PM and I just got out of class a bit ago
d - drink you last had: water, from the water bottle I always carry at school xD
e - easiest person to talk to: ah I have a couple people, but mainly it’s this one friend who just really understands me and views a lot of things similarly to me
f - favourite song: uhhhhhh I’m just gonna say You’re welcome off the Moana soundtrack because it’s so catchy :3 (especially the one sung by Lin Manuel Miranda!!)
g - grossest memory: This is hard, I don’t really go through gross things xD but this one time when I was 5, I was holding the Yorkie we just adopted and he peed all on me
h - horror yes or horror no: depends on what type of horror, I’m terrified of jump scares
i - in love?: maybe, I don’t really know
j - jealous of people?: Not usually
k - killed someone?: nope :3
l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: nice pickup line xD but as a serious question I don’t fall in love easily, I can develop crushes based on looks, but that’s not love
m - middle name: I’ve actually got two of them, but one is Gabriella
n - number of siblings: One sister and half-brother, and then six stepsisters (on separate sides of the family)
o - one wish: i just wanna be like.. I dunno.. somewhere I’m truly happy and stuff
p - person you called last: A close friend :)
q - question you’re always asked: “can you draw me?“
r - reason to smile: certain friends, my dog, art, going down to the river and walking in the water, being with some family every once in a while
s - song you sang last: "When the Day Met the Night” by Panic! At the Disco
u - underwear color: wouldn’t you like to know
v - vacation: I wanna go up north and actually see snow for once (I’ve only seen slush and that was like 5 or more years ago)
w - worst habit: hmmm procrastinating
x - x-rays: ones at the dentist and orthodontist
y - your favourite food: mmm this one hibachi restaurant in town, it’s soooooo good
z - zodiac sign: Gemini

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Seventeen As Your Boyfriend

in case you couldn’t tell by the blog name, this one’s for my more masculine/gender neutral peeps! Fighting~

Coups:  Aesthetic couple, but unintentionally.  Neon lights playing on your ripped jeans while the sun goes down behind the bus stop.  You bought him mascara and he sometimes wears it without telling you but YOU CAN ALWAYS TELL.  Stealing each other’s clothes.

Vernon: rap battles, oh my god terrible rap battles.  And u know u did badly but he never makes fun of you and he kisses you after. Not huge on skinship, but the touches you do share are very meaningful.  “Hyung, take a picture of this banana with sequins glued to it” “HYUNG DO IT FOR THE ~A E S T H E T I C~”

Wonwoo: A very tall bean that always teases you for being shorter than him.  He’ll randomly start leaning on you and it’s like “ah, hyung stop I’m gonna fa- Wonwoo Stop im fallingJEO NWONWOO”

Mingyu: Less of a boyfriend and more of a meme friend but with dates.  Going to see bad movies together.  Casual ass grabbing, like boi get ur hands off me we’re in p u b l i c.  Cooking for each other.

Hoshi: he’d be like “no homo” and then do something really freaking gay.  He’d have really silly moments and you two can sort of just be weird together and it’s endearing.  Dancing with all the lights off. “HOSHI FIGHTING!!!”

Jun: Everyone’s like “Jun is so greasy lol” and like, that is true.  He’s like

╰( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )つ──☆*:・゚ 

all the time.  But you’d also be on the same page a lot, enough to finish each other’s sentences. Also, CALLING HIM JERRY.

The8: The Literal Cuddle Monster. Can’t do anything unless he’s got at least a hand on you.  Shy at first but after a while giving hugs and kisses would be almost routine. Occasionally says something suggestive and your head just whips around and he just :)?

Dino: Your best friend, now with 100% more romance! Going on fun dates, hanging out with friends and doing stuff like that.  Hand holding champion!  Texting each other pictures of random shit and saying “that’s you” or “that’s us”

Woozi: that little nose bump kiss thing would be like, your thing.  A little more reticent with his feelings, but you understand what he’s trying to say.  Having in depth discussions about things youre both interested in, or teaching each other stuff.

DK: Really cute, traditional type dates; getting ice cream, going to a museum, stuff like that.  Getting matching pairs of glasses. Daring each other to do dumb things for the vine.  You guys have a secret bird call to signal to each other.

Seungkwan: Bantersaurus rex. Would always do rude things jokingly (ie, pretending to hold the door open for you and then closing it right before you enter) but at the end of the day he’s a dumb gay nerd and he loves you.  Being extra af together, but sometimes he’ll just sit back and look at you with literal heart eyes.  And then he’ll get embarrassed and say something like “Youre so lucky to have me”

Joshua: Not as touchy as you might think, but he says some sappy ass shit to your face.  Buys you gifts a lot like “Hey you mentioned you needed a new notebook, so I got u one” and ur like r u my sugar daddy and he just shrugs. WEEB OUT WEEB NIGHTS watching all of fullmetal alchemist in one sitting together

Jeonghan: ironically-unironically calling jh noona bc let’s face it, yjh is noona material.  Going shopping together on the weekends and taking couple selfies.  Makeup is gender neutral and by god his contour is so good you let him do your makeup for you.  

My Seventeen Hi-Touch Experience

YE BOI so ya girl attended the Seventeen Shining Diamonds Tour in Auckland on the 30th of August (so roughly 3 days ago??) and basically I’m still so starstruck by the whole event and felt the need to share my .. interesting (actually more embarrassing) hi-touch experience with you all. (not in exact order but its how I remember it)

okay buckle up folks B)

Hoshi: (My precious lil jellybean AW) He was first in line !! If I had to put into words how I reacted, I would say bOI I WAS DAMN SHOOK BECAUSE BEFORE I KNEW IT I WAS ON THE FLOOR BECAUSE I TRIPPED THE H*CK UP 

okay but nah, I’m usually pretty calm and well coordinated in social situations but the minute I looked at him I was working up a sweat,, it was too much for me, I’m talking about that Seventeen Aju Nice™ type of shook rip me. Poor fella who’d just came to have a good time looked a little confused though and was quick to ask if I was okay (AHHHHHHHHHHHHH) so I pulled my shit together and finally gave my greetings and my thanks probably looking like a chubby little tomato lmao great start Turama #winning Oh, and for those of you who’re wondering yes his hamster cheeks are the best thing ever go meet him please

Joshua: All I can say is that he is about 1739058271 times more beautiful in real life but it doesn’t stop there he is so sweet and polite and warm and welcoming like tbh u Jisoo stans are real troopers man I felt like this boy was a siren luring me to my death (he was my original bias along with naega hosh tehe) but otherwise my interaction with him was almost surreal. He has one of those really comforting voices, like even when he was MC'ing I was just so at peace and smiling the whole time really I lov u MC Hong

Woozi: MY LIL WOOJI EEEEEEEE he looked rather exhausted in my opinion (so did Vernon aw) and probably just wanted to go and get some rest by the time I’d reached him (I was at the very back of the Hi-touch queue) but despite all that he was polite and smiled at me and I thanked him and bowed what even was I doing someone hit me (edit: bowing is not a common gesture in New Zealand so I felt a little awkward and you could probably see that in my sorry attempt to be respectful lmfao)

Mingyu: This gigantic nerd was still laughing at my trip to Hoshi’s feet and if it wasn’t for my love for him I might’ve squared up w/dis betch (just kidding I’m 5'4/5" lmfao) but he is honestly just!! a!! big!! huge!! puppy!! he was v bubbly and v happy however I almost broke my damn neck having to look up at him rip. Different story watching him on stage though >_> got me feeling things I aint’ felt before you’re a real switcher upper Kim Mingyu watch urself

Wonwoo: Oh my goodness for some reason I was really nervous meeting him !! He is actually so handsome, like r e a l l y handsome, had to stop and have a break, take five, sip on some water,, like damn boi you are a masterpiece. He was very sweet and quiet, he nodded in response to my thanks and I just smiled so big. So happy to have met him, he really is one of a kind.

Seungkwan: MAN HE JUST STRAIGHT ROASTED ME kind of I GOT UP TO HIM, REACHED OUT TO GRAB HIS HAND AND SAY THANK YOU AND HE KINDA JUST “….your voice ?!” with this sort of “girl wtf were u doing out there” face and I had no idea how to reply and all that came out was “it’s gone” and he just laughed. Honestly Boo, your charisma always has me swooning- even if it’s you laughing at me because I used the last of my voice screaming for you and the boys and greeted you sounding like a 50 yr old chain smoker, I would gladly subject myself to that kind of humiliation for u (just kidding, you’ll catch me at the next fanmeet with classic carat style clapback boi, I’m the sass monster you’d rival in another life)

Vernon: If Vernon was an emoji he’d be a 😎. Literally, the most chill guy I’ve ever met. No nerves, no stuttering, no falling over, just good vibes. He emits the most relaxed and cool-me-down type energy !! (anD HE HAS THE MOST SOFTEST HANDS OH MY GOODNESS) Despite him looking quite exhausted and spacy he was just chill af. Very sweet and really nice, till next time memesol 😎 shaka brahhhhh

Dino: OH MY GOSH MY BEAUTIFUL LITTLE SUNFLOWER CHILD he was so so sweet and just made me fangirl so hard !! He’s the high school prince of my life like damn he is just too cute for words. He was very bright and energetic and greeting and thanking him added 10 years to my life span no lies had to suck it up and try not to cry goodness me y'all need to quit sleeping on this boy, he’s gonna make it big in this day&age with the rate his visuals and talent is growing at. Got ur back Chan~

Dokyeom: I was centring myself trying to get a grip of reality when I’m suddenly greeted with the most godly smile and a big loud “HELLOOOOOOO!!!!!” ahahahahahaaha awwwww I die every time just thinking about how adorable he was. DK honestly made my life so much more brighter, the atmosphere was just alive with happiness upon meeting him I would seriously cross oceans to be in the presence of that kind of energy again. 10/10 would hold hands with this boy 👌 good shit

S.coups: BOIIIIIIIIII I. AM. STILL. IN. SHOCK. You know the feeling when you’ve had a really rough day and someone wraps their arms around you and it’s just warm and safe and you feel so vulnerable and small pressed up against them ?????????????????????????????? Seungcheol managed to embody that entire feeling in the matter of seconds, I got the full package, the firm but gentle hand holding, the heart-melting smile, the dimples, the giggle because I reached out with both hands to try and support my body before I caved in, he was so so sweet and thanked me and just HOH 😍 he is my bias wrecker FOR. SURE.


Jeonghan: Okay Okay Right, So I’m still recovering from falling head over heals for S.coups so I’ve busted a lip, I’m a little beaten up, a bit shook, ready to cry, then I remember that I’ve still got one more member to greet before it’s over and I look up and he’s already looking at me. The man of my dreams, the light of my life, my moon and my stars, my ultimate bias. I kinda stopped in my tracks and just felt myself welling up because really, I’m a sensitive lil crybaby who gets chest pains just by listening to his voice. It took me right up until he reached out and said hello to even internalise and follow up on the situation. I grabbed his hand and immediately the tears were coming out in steady streams happiness and disbelief. It wasn’t too embarrassing meeting him, he’s everything I’ve ever loved about him. From the shit-eating grin and deep eyes right down to his double jointed fingers and long legs, I quickly interlocked my hand with his because why not and thanked him before looking up again and smiling. Ran out and wept like a child for a good ten minutes afterwards lmfao

Unfortunately, Jun and The8 weren’t there so I was really super sad that we couldn’t see them and say hi. I imagine they’re in good spirits though having participated in such a life changing tour for us international fans, so that’s about it for my Hi-touch experience !! I know, it was a long read, but I thought I’d chuck my two cents in for those who might not have met them or plan to meet them in the near future.

Stay groovy fellow carats~

reasons why season 3 episode 5 “good form” is iconic and unforgettable:

- the mcfreaking ponytail that changed my life

- david saying “you’d have liked my brother” as his version of a Sick Burn & killian saying “you’d have liked my brother” bc his brother was his hero & idol Jokes On You, David Nolan,

- that one bit where david literally swoons into killians arms

- “you couldnt handle it” “maybe YOU couldn’t handle it” SmoothTM and SuaveTM CombacksTM property of captain killian jones

- davids happy golden retriever face when the poison drains out of his system

- “im not complaining” “ok, im complaining”

- when ur stuck in the amazonian rainforest saving ur abducted kid so instead of a Romantique First KissTM u just gotta go for some hardcore making out in the middle of the jungle instead

- & then leave the not-quite-bae staring into space for like 10 minutes afterwards like a lovestruck Fool while u go get stuff done

- u kno waht? rudolph the red eared pirate tbh

- also t b h smol leftenant jones??? biggest nerd in his majesty’s service??? bless his awkward heart

- when david thinks hes Gonna Die & hugs emma real tight n emmas like ????????????????? dad ur bein Extra & weird & davids just like ‘haha no this is my Normal Dad Reflex what r u talkin abt”

- snow: david r u sure everythings ok 

- david, close 2 Tears but laughing nervously: yah im fine i just LOVE U GUYS SO MUCH!!! not dying at all!!!!! cool!!!! let me hug u one last time. i mean one MORE time, hha, haha,,,

- The Princess Bride ReferenceTM

- davids Dad Smile when hes like “hook saved my life” & everyones like REALLY???? FORREAL??? that part was pure   

- anyways this was a good ep i should watch it again