i was going to go to bed but then

  • me, two weeks ago, seeing hate in the ship tag: I'm a bad person and I should be ashamed, everyone rightfully hates me
  • me, now: fuck off losers

Thank you to Snapchat for making me feel like Harry Potter’s cool sister.

How to introduce your Xenoverse character; post the most awkward shots of them


that bpd feel when ur fp gets ur hopes up that u can see them today and then immediately is like “nvm i don’t wanna put the effort in even tho it would be comically easy to come see u” and u’ve already been having a shitty time and that sweet #rejection always helps with that hahahaha awesome 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

guys I love shinee so much like so so much I know after tonight I’ll love them forever and ever and I just dont think I’ll ever be able to properly put it in words but wow they’re something special

It’s been a year since I first really started talking about how racist the Star Wars fandom has been towards Finn and honestly, things haven’t changed that much.

Nonblack folks are still out here blaming everything but their internalized racism for how they treat Finn and John Boyega.

Only now, they’ve managed to frame it in a way where criticizing them for putting H#x, Kylo, and Whiteness as a whole in front of Finn isn’t just ~policing women’s sexuality/desire~…

Now it’s ableism because they’re ~triggered~ by Finn/John Boyega and you can’t question white folks who are afraid of/sent into distress by the Black hero of the movie y'all apparently haven’t watched. (That’s not gross at all huh??)

Okay, and I’m the queen of England.


And I cave...

… a little proud of how long I managed to resist, knowing it was inevitable. I managed to put it off for quite a while.

Let’s see if sleep makes any difference, or if it’ll get worse overnight.

CARCINOGEN.  hello amis, i am deathly sick and Dying™️. i’m 95% sure it was food poisoning from pasta puttanesca /weeps no more pasta puttanesca 4 parsons! i haven’t been this sick since i was twelve and ate seafood linguine in mexico ( maybe … i should not eat pasta … ever …  ). anyways, i’ll continue with the starters + drafts once i get better sdhjsk. my cat’s been trying to keep mi warm but i wanna puke every time he sits on me désolé Bl u can lay on the other half of my bed but don’t even touch me or i will Die. i hope you’re all much better than i am and don’t wake up four times in the middle of the night hunched over the toilet :’(

I was going to go to bed earlier…but then I wrote…I don’t think the fic is done yet…but it’s sooo close…*whispers* for anyone that saw meldy’s picture of Ezra in space…it’s a fic for that AU…and it’s so feelsy I love it…