i was going to go to bed but then this

Here's why I think the video of Max with Purab's finacée and little girl is super sweet

First Max opens the car door for Lucy.

Then he waits patiently until she gets out.

Waits for her to fetch her things and carries her bag for her.

He leads the way to the hotel entrance, but waits to make sure she’s following before going inside.

I’ll just sit here and think about how heart-warming it is that the cast and their families are this close and spend time together, then cry as I imagine how adorable Max probably is with his daughter.

friendly reminder that, in the books, when Jeor Mormont gifts Jon with
Longclaw, he literally suggests for him to wear it strapped to his back and not by
the hip — because it would be literally too long a sword for him to do that.

from which we know that Jon Snow not being vertically favored
isn’t just because Kit himself is a smol. it is canon.

// I hate this feeling of… wasting days. Wasting my life. I hate that society has tricked me into wholeheartedly believing that if I am not productive, I am worthless. I can’t ever relax, because if I dare to take some time out for myself, I’m just constantly tense that minutes are ticking away from me, minutes that I could be using to achieve something. I need to be constantly doing something to be able to feel like I have the right to breathe.


Kavi’s maybe crying a little bit out of the eye still made of actual flesh, but dammit if they’re going to give up on a staring contest they’ll never win.  SQUINTS. STARES HARDER.

The birth and death of entire civilizations and an intimate understanding of a never-ending cycle, tragic and beautiful, at times represented by a serpent swallowing its own tail, play out before them. Ouroboros. Ragnarok. Alchemy. Gnosticism. Nihilism. Pain. Pleasure. The insignificant divide between all of these subjects. Bill appears to be communicating in a language never known to man or meant for man’s senses.

He doesn’t need to blink. This is intimate, horrifying and ridiculous all at once.

Oh god. Space and time are infinite, cold and unfeeling. You’re so tiny. It’s all so pointless.