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I’ll Be There for You

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam, Cas

Prompt: “Okay, it was my idea. But I don’t feel good about it.”

Warnings: A bit of angst, Dean being a jerk (yes, it needs a warning), Cas being innocent (again, needs a warning), some fluff

Word Count: 1,451 (sorry; this story got away from me)

A/N: This was written for @impalaimagining and her F.R.I.E.N.D.S Quote Challenge. The prompt used in the story is bolded. I also added a bonus of some of the theme song in the story that is also bolded. This is my first time writing Dean, so I hope that it works out. Please give me feedback so that I can continue to provide you guys with more writings!!

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6 Practical Tips to Deal with Nazis

It’s a scary world out there these days. A lot of people are nervous, and it can be even more nerve wracking when you feel powerless. The world seems to be going down the drain, but what can we do to stop it? Can we do anything to stop it? God alone knows. But even so there are things we can do, even if they are small. So here is an interesting article I read that gives some more information on the alt-right movement, as well as some practical tips on how to deal with them.


Some quotes I found particularly enlightening:

“Does this mean we shouldn’t punch Nazis? I mean, if you can find a way to do it that won’t ultimately serve their self-indulgent victim narrative, I certainly won’t lose any sleep over the ethics of it, [wink wink]. But if your goal is to make Nazis uncomfortable, one thing I’ve found that does that very well is asking them to explain their views to you. Literally all of the Alt-Righters I spoke to walked away from me when my questions started getting too intense, because their understanding of the world is simplistic and meme-based, and above all, they are huge cowards. Hit them where their minds are. It’s a lot easier to take a punch to the face than a well-calculated bruise to the ego. “

I think that’s really important! If someone disagrees with you, it’s probably easier to move a mountain than to convince them they’re wrong through logic. It just ain’t happening. But once you try and get them to explain their beliefs… Now THEY are on the defensive and have to prove themselves to you. And once delve deep enough you’ll see (and hopefully they’ll start to realize as welll) what a shaky foundation they are truly on.

And one more, very pertinent quote:

“ Am I suggesting we treat Alt-Righters like naughty children? Well, yeah. Basically.“

I am sick and tired of media and stupid journalist attacking the girls for everything. There is a difference between being a “diva"and having a backbone and not giving into discussing private matters . A celebrity has every right to deny answering or discussing certain topics. Lauren had every right to deny talking about her sexuality, her policial views, Ty, and the other girl. Especially when she knows this man is only going to use these topics to cause drama. And Lauren is smart about choosing what to talk about during interviews, why? Because any time she so much as breathes you have people attacking her. And it saddens me that this isn’t the first time a piece of trash journalist has called a female celeb a Diva when they didn’t want to talk about certain topics. Remember when Ariana Grande really blew up and everyone started calling her a diva when there was literally no proof or evidence to back up their claims. She was a kind hearted girl who spoke her mind and put interviewers and people in their place. What makes this so sad is that people believe these interviewers and just jump on this bandwagon of hate. So many people have said that fifth harmony are one of the NICEST people in the industry. Stop trying to start drama between women and grow up.


supernatural out of context

1. Don’t date a boy who cancels plans last minute. Especially if he’s canceling for someone else. You are not a second choice. You are not a third choice. You are a first choice or you are nothing to him.
Do you understand me, baby? You are worth so much more than that, don’t let him push you around.

2. If he’s rude to you, drop him. I don’t care how many times he says “just kidding” or “baby, I didn’t mean it” you keep your head up, your shoulders straight, your chin high and you demand to be treated as the goddess you are.

3. If he doesn’t hold your hand in front of his friends or wrap his arms around you when you’re with his family then he isn’t worth it. Date someone who can’t keep their hands off of you. Date someone who aches with the need to feel your skin on theirs.

4. Make sure he has goals, aspirations, dreams. Make sure he has a plan of some sort. If he doesn’t have any of those what are you guys supposed to talk about? What are your 2 AM conversations going to look like?

5. Find out his hobbies and interests and make sure they’re similar to yours. If you want to travel, date someone who will drop what they’re doing just to take you on a random adventure. You don’t want to be stuck with someone who’s idea of a good night is sitting on his futon with cheesy Dorito fingers while you watch him play video games.

6. If your brother doesn’t like him or if he rubs your sister the wrong way, trust their instinct. There’s probably a reason. I can guarantee you, darling, if you bring him home and we can see in his eyes that you light up his entire world than we will love him just as much as you do. 

7. Baby, if he ever lays a finger on you, you fucking leave him. Don’t think twice, don’t look back and don’t you dare accept his apology two days later. 

8. If you can’t trust him you shouldn’t be dating him. If you have to go through his phone to sleep better at night he’s not the one for you.

9. You’re going to fight, you’re going to argue, that is all part of a relationship. But baby, if he is contradicting everything you say solely for the sake of an argument, just walk away.

10. I’ve seen anger and rage in your grandfather’s eyes. I saw it everyday for 17 years, baby. If losing a football game makes him so mad as to not want to speak to you, than you are giving yourself to the wrong boy. He’s going to grow, and he’s going to get meaner, and he’s going to hurt you. Leave now.  

11. If his laugh doesn’t claw it’s way into your memory and his smile doesn’t make you feel like the entire universe is right in front of you than you are wasting your time.

—  11 Dating Tips I Wish My Mother Would Have Told Me 

Give yourself more credit on all that you do, even the little and seemingly insignificant accomplishments in life. You are doing such a good job of being you :))


Things get broken, and sometimes they get repaired, and in most cases, you realize that no matter what gets damaged, life rearranges itself to compensate for your loss, sometimes wonderfully.

A Little Life, Hanya Yanagihara.  

“Why do you still care about her after what she did to you?”

“Because it doesn’t work like that. Giving a shit about someone that you give a shit about, doesn’t just evaporate the second that they fuck up.”

—  the magicians
When you start doubting yourself, remember everything that you’ve faced, all of the battles that you’ve won, and all of the fears you’ve overcome.
If you’re strong enough to let yourself fall in love and give everything you have, you will be strong enough to let it all go. Strong enough to pick up all your pieces and start over. It’s hard, I know, but sooner or later you will get through this.
—  lydiaasl