i was going to fix them

the thing that pains me the most is the fact that he’s still suffering 11 years after the accident… i bet it’s because he didn’t get good enough treatment at the time, and he forced himself to keep pushing and promoting and dancing because he was still a rookie at the time, and he had to… and now he’s still suffering.

i don’t know enough about his injury or any treatments but i really hope it will get better soon. i hope there’s a way to fix his leg so he could live a pain-free life. i don’t even care that much about promotions (i mean, of course i do, but i care more about his health), i just want him not to suffer ;;

to be honest, it does make me really sad, but knowing heechul, he would still be around. hopefully that only means he won’t dance with the rest of the members, but will still go on variety shows with them or even do the “sit-on-a-chair-while-the-others-are-dancing” kind of thing so he would still be with them but not put any pressure on his leg or himself in general.

but even if he won’t promote at all, if it will help him heal finally, if it means he won’t suffer anymore, then it’s okay. i just want him to be happy and healthy and i don’t want him to ruin his leg even more by forcing himself to dance.

just… be healthy okay? ;;

(and please don’t reblog this with hate or anger or disappointment, don’t comment things like “i don’t want to support suju anymore” because that’s the entire opposite of how i feel. suju needs us now more than ever. don’t leave them.)

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Do you have any male or female tumblr crushes?

I do!! Let me tell you, there are some pretty amazing Tumblrs out there! Whether or not these people know I’m even around, they still have some great content! Go check them out!!

The boys: @dontgetwisewithme @bad-shibari @thebullyandthebrat @thomassawyerismyname @theruleset @onedom

The girls: @lipstickstainedcigarettes @bigcl0uds @icequeenxx @chubbybabypeach @masobabyy @daintypuff @squishy-little-hatefuck @disgustinglittlegrl @another-nail-in-my-coffin

That’s all I can think of right now! I really hope y’all don’t mind me tagging you…if any of you don’t want to be tagged, message me and I’ll fix it! 


Egotober Day 16-Rot and Ruin

Robbie didn’t even know he could cry. But now he couldn’t stop. 

“Robbie, please, please don’t cry.” Marvin nervously stood in front of him, gently placing his hands on Robbie’s shoulders, “I don’t know what to do. Help me.”

“Robbie, what’s wrong?” Jackie asked.

Robbie only responded by grabbing Marvin’s jacket and sobbing even harder.

“Help Jackie.”

“I’m doing the best I can Marvin, it’s an unusual situation.” Jackie tried pulling Robbie’s hands away from Marvin again, “Come on Robbie, we can fix this. No reason to be sad.”

Robbie’s grip on Marvin’s coat was like a vice.

“Why don’t you let go of Marvin just for a second?” Jackie said in a soft voice.

“NO!” Robbie shouted and pushed Jackie back, both of them quite startled. “Stay…stay here…”

“Yes, yes of course I’ll stay. Don’t worry. Everyone will stay….I promise.” Marvn returned Robbie’s hug, though still uncertain as to what had caused this reaction, while Jackie looked on sympathetically.

Albert will not die in Victoria’s Christmas special

I’m not bothering to put any sort of spoiler warning on this because when you deal with a series based on established historic characters, there are some fixed points in time that are known and there’s no spoiler in discussing them ahead of time.

Series 2 ended on Sunday in the UK, with the final episode incorporating a trailer for the first Victoria Christmas Special. Due to a quick shot of Victoria comforting Albert, some people are worried, if not convinced, that Albert is going to die in the special. Seriously - I just saw an article by Hello Magazine on the special speculating that it might happen.

I’m not blowing any spoilers here by saying outright, without having seen any more than that trailer, that Prince Albert will not die in the special. Some fans have been very vocal this season at some of the liberties the show has taken with the timeline of events and other issues. I’ll leave that debate for another venue, but the fact is Albert died in 1861 after several years of fading health. Series 2 ends sometime in the mid-1840s with an event that historically took place in 1846 (I won’t spoil it for those who have yet to watch the show). While it’s possible, if not probable, that the special might take place a few years after the S2 finale, it’s not going to jump all the way ahead to 1861. Not with TV-friendly events like the Great Exhibition of 1851 still to be chronicled.

So to the folks out there worried by the media gossip that they’re going to kill off Albert - don’t panic. Won’t happen. That’s not to say a Christmas special can’t have a character death. Lord Melbourne died in late November 1848…

It always amuses me that Sisko doesn’t seem to know what the hell to do with Weyoun. Sisko tries to read everyone. It’s part of his physical presence, always trying to find the high ground, trying to find the best angle. He’s a master hunter. Dukat has a very bold, very clearly defined sense of self– his wants, his actions, his plans can all be figured out once you work out that the man is entirely consumed by his ego and his pride.

With Weyoun, I get the sense that he can’t get that fix. If there’s anyone else in the room, he will always swerve around Weyoun and go to them instead. He’s not an action guy, he’s a desk jockey (Sisko relates more to front-line types of people because he’s very much a front-line person himself). He’s irritatingly pleasant. The politics (and the war) isn’t personal. He’s not out for material gains or glory. He’s a zealous servant doing his job, and despite being 100% committed to that he seems to like everyone on a personal level. What do you do with that? How do you get in there and manipulate that? It is possible, but Sisko’s not particularly politically inclined so he won’t even try.

More than that, it’s difficult to find the seam at first– how much power does Weyoun have? What is the power balance between Weyoun and Dukat? Weyoun for all intents and purposes comes off as a lightweight, but he definitely isn’t–he’s the handler and he is very good at what he does. However much he wields the reins behind the scenes, he doesn’t talk about it. Since Sisko can’t figure out what makes him tick, he simply tries to intimidate him instead…but it’s not terribly effective.

Sisko categorically assumes that he’s lying about everything, to be on the safe side. To be fair, this is a good call because Weyoun lies a lot. I just find myself annoyed whenever Sisko brushes him off like a fly any time they meet. It just feels like a constant missed opportunity every time I see it.

I am so done with this. *throws the pastel monster down*

WKM - What happened?

I’m going to cover all of this mess in this post. It’s just what I think could be the truly amazing story behind this amazing video series. 

There are LOTS of questions in my own head and I’m gonna try answering (hopefully) most of them! Here we go!


The biggest question raised is, obviously, who killed Markiplier? From what we could gather throughout the series, demons are likely to exist in this scenario.

Even the newspaper gives a hint that the mayor might have been a “demon in disguise”. So there are spiritual, supernatural things happening here. I, for one, can not answer the biggest question out of all, how he died and who he was killed by. I can only make one assumption; here’s my theory.

We know that Mark’s body went missing at some point. Where exactly is never shown or hinted at, but I have a likely theory that Mark himself was the one to hide his own body in form of his spirit. Or just, behind all that was happening in general. However, what we do know is that Mark, I quote (Damien): “(He) trapped us here in this broken shell and we had no way out.” 

It seems established that, during the time we were outside to talk to the gardener, Damien and Celine tried to reach out to Mark(’s ghost), hence she wanted to “talk to the dead”. During that time, Mark took the chance to inhabit Damien’s body and trap him inside his own, dead shell that could not be used anymore. Whilst doing so he either accidentally killed Celine by possessing her first, her not being able to hold the soul inside her body, OR Celine did not die and let Damien inside her body to save him from being thrown into the corpse, which would explain why she was red and blue in the end sequence of Chapter 3. She also appears to be having two pairs of eyes above her head at one point. Possibly a hint that she’s two in one at that point?

Either way, we know that Damien represents BLUE and Celine represents RED thanks to the ending of Chapter 4:

Which is why it could very well be that She kept Damien’s soul inside her body for a short while to save his life. And of course Damien was PISSED after that, betrayed by whom he cared for, who he fought Will for and whom he thought was a good, a childhood friend he could trust. That’s for the angry step towards us, the angry stare. He looks at us, knowingly. He chooses his victim that very moment.

We are told to run. The door closes and Celine does not come out. Her shell possibly broke and both souls were set free without a shell, or she kept it up and waited for the right moment to talk to us. 

The right moment being the time Will shot us.

And here is the thing; We did NOT die. If you listen closely, you can hear a faint heartbeat in the background during this very scene. They both tell you to believe them, tell you stories to make you feel sorry for them. Which, of course, you do. Damien seems pissed and loses his temper once more, like he did with the Colonel before, and shouts angrily that Mark walks around in his body. Which is why I think that part is true. He couldn’t take his anger in. He can’t, he has a low temper, that’s just it.

But Celine reminds him that he “can’t do this right now”. Reminds us to believe them. What you’re told is that Mark trapped both of them inside his old, dead body and that they brought you there so you have a chance to survive. Damien tells you that you can’t survive on your own and Celine says she can bring you back the same way she brought you there. But what Damien says afterwards is the most important clue.

He says: “But you can’t survive on your own. You’re .. dead, after all. (…) I know this all sounds crazy. Honestly, I don’t know what the fuck is going on. But I know that I trust Celine. And if you trust us … let me in. We can fix this.”

Gathered: Damien lies to you after all this time of actually being genuine. He was betrayed by Mark, knows that you trust him, wants revenge and is angry. He lures you into a false sense of security, tells you you can fix this together. He makes you feel like a friend by telling you that he feels the same way about all of this. And then, he mentions that oh so beloved trust of his. That one thing he completely lost thanks to Mark. 

Also important to note; It is ONLY DAMIEN that inhabits your body after all of this. Why is that?
Celine states that she can send “you” back, not “us”. She says “you” have a choice. And Damien ends his sentence with “let me in.” Not let us in.

You trust Damien and he tells you that it will work, he promises.

And it does work! You wake up in your own body, get up, meet the Colonel who is completely out of it by now.

He does not recognize us as a “Dark” or “Damien” because we don’t look like Damien yet and Dark doesn’t exist yet either. Damien, at this point, is inside our body and trying to take over. 

We listen to what Will says and see him, in desperation and utter confusion, try to find his dear friends he lost.

Once he’s away, only THEN do we walk over to the mirror. And here is where it gets interesting.

We take Damien’s cane: Take a look at the hands.

A thin, female and young looking hand (possibly Amy wee i love her), but then something happens.

The hand changes, transforms into a different one. Into a hand similar to Damien’s. Because Damien is inhabiting your body by himself. Celine is likely still in Mark’s body or, as I mentioned earlier, never died to begin with. It’s Damien who was so fed up, he had to use you to get what he wants. And he gets it alright:

A body. A shell to use as a puppet. He transformed your body into a copy of his own. Mark likely still uses actual Damien’s body, but Damien had to make you look like him to finish this with you. 

Then this happens.

And sad music plays in the background all throughout this scene and it broke my heart - but why did it break my heart? Because that right there is a representation of broken trust, my friends. Damien threw us out of the body he stole from us and trapped us either behind our screens or in that mirror (hence the weird noise light inside the crack). He used us. He manipulated us. We were his first victim.

And he feels bad about it at first. Note how Dark’s look changes after he throws us out? Because now we can see what he truly is; a broken man. He had so much trust in Mark, in us. He was a genuine, good and kind hearted man. He neglected his other friends for Mark only to then find himself betrayed by Mark or whatever he had unleashed that day. He is troubled, his emotions are a whirlwind and all the while he has to keep his anger inside. After all, Damien has a short and low temper. Guilty about what happened, he looks up at you.

Reminds himself that he has a goal now; take revenge. Looks at you now with almost disgust to make you feel even worse. This is a reflection of his own emotions that very moment. We are supposed to feel exactly what Damien felt. Betrayal, fear, loneliness. An end. The mirror itself is a genius metaphor for this.

He then leaves us. Clearly guided by rage and hatred and you can FEEL that, I get goosebumps just thinking about this. (@markiplier frickin amazing acting, dude!) Anyway, here he makes up his mind to take back control over what is rightfully his. Mark; his own body.

We are then left in darkness, questioning and clueless, sad and quite literally broken. 

Dark’s origin, ladies and gentlemen.

(just my take on this. It’s probably, like, super wrong lmao also sorry for the long post ilyall)


I haven’t got to draw them for like 84 years…