i was going to effort but then d3

Everyone likes to pot Steve the front lines of the BLM movement and though there’s no doubt he supports it because if Sam and Nick I think he’d be more of a figurehead for the Vietnam war vets or the poverty draft (the poverty to military pipeline for poor youth) because those are things he’d know more closely. He was there for shield falling so he’d know about hating the war the soldier. And he would probably hate how the gi bill is used as bait for young men from similar circumstances who probably don’t romanticize the war effort like he did.

I dislike how people want to conveniently use Steve as a top activist in movements he isn’t qualified to hold the microphone for. There’s more issues than what’s on tv and if you want social justice Steve there’s plenty of opportunity.

Think of how Chris nodded quietly when Mackie spoke about Steve and falcon at the d3 summit (insert gif here). The idea that Steve would go snatching megaphones to screech about what he doesn’t truly understand is really wildly out of character after all he’s been through since the defrosting.