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Um I don't want to offend you by asking this, but do you have any recommendations for mm cc creators? I love your work, but I want a variety in my game with cas and build mode. Also, cc creators don't only use THEIR cc. I think. Thanks!

Hmm well there are A LOT of mm creators. And ur definition of mm is probably different then mine, bc some people think recolors aren’t mm enough lmao. but ‘off the top of my head(see page 10000000)’ the mm cc creators I see a lot of stuff from is:


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Novel Writer!Mark


• this is my first mark bulletpoint au, so i hope its alright!! i didn’t initially write any of the maknae line in my first series because they’re all younger than me but i tried my best with this

• i could make a million mark jokes but i’m just gonna say i’m glad that his hair is brown again. blonde was okay but like….it cannot have been good for his scalp

• let’s goooooo

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Long Distance with Jimin

And now it is time for the first member of the maknae line, half of the Busan line, the other half of Yoonmin, our angel who looked s o fucking good with the pink hair cotton candy!chim was one of my faves it was so cute while it lasted, he always looks so good tbh, Park Jimin aka chim chim

  • So this series is gonna be about a long distance relationship (ldr for short) with the boys, this post is gonna more focused on the online relationship aspect but it’ll still be ldr!!
  • This is gonna involve youtuber!Jimin (here) to sum it up, he has a channel where he uploads anything he wants, covers, dances, vlogs, tags, just anything he’s in the mood for that day
  • So the story of how you two meet is that you meet over social media (youtube) you see one of his dance videos, mention how much you loved it in one of your videos, the subscribers tell Jimin and then shit just goes from there
  • He’d already been a fan of your channel and you loved his so the two of you start talking online and he’s s o friendly and sweet and you two get to know each other really well
  • The first two months of your relationship is long distance until you two can finally meet up
  • At first everything is platonic, you’re considering doing a collab together or just meeting up but you’re both too busy to fly out at first bc college and you’d need to figure out where you’d stay if you did fly out to see him
  • Like would you stay with him??? Is that okay with him?? Or should you find a good hotel nearby? Is that something you ask him, you don’t know what approach to take to it so you save it for when it comes up
  • But then things start getting more flirty bc chim can be a lil flirt when he wants to be, he’s shy and smol and cute but he goes from shy giggles and looking away to avoid people’s gazes to ripping his shirt off
  • So at first, he’s just being friendly, asking how your day’s going, what video you’re filming/editing, what your favorite movies are bc he wants to get to know you and you do the same with him
  • And slowly but surely, more flirty lines start up like he asks about your ideal first date, what you look for in a significant other and he starts telling you about his crush and it’s pretty obvious he’s trying to hint at you being the crush
  • “Actually, my crush kinda looks like you haha how ironic right??”
  • “Oh hey my crush has that same necklace what a small world”
  • He eventually gathers up the courage to Facetime/Skype you and ask you out and he has this whole date planned out in his head, he wants to fly out to see you and have the first date in person and he wants to explore your city with you
  • You say yes when he asks and he gets s o happy, you know that smile Jimin gets where it’s all teeth and most of the time he laughs and his eyes are so bright his entire face is just lit up and it’s so precious, that’s the smile he gets
  • You two were gonna meet up either way but the date is an extreme bonus
  • He sends you clips of his journey on snapchat, packing up his bag for the week he’ll be with you, heading to the airport with kook driving him, the both of them singing in the car on the way over, Jimin in the plane bc he plans to take a nap the entire time and wants to let you know that so you don’t text him and get !!! when he doesn’t respond
  • But he was lowkey up all night editing and packing and was way too excited to go to sleep how does one sleep when such exciting things are going on
  • You pick him up at the airport bc he obviously doesn’t have a car/ride in your city yet and he also doesn’t know his way around and you’re in awe at how handsome he is in person, cameras don’t do him justice tbh
  • He gives you a hug and it definitely lasts longer than a “friend” hug but he also doesn’t wanna make you feel uncomfortable bc you two had just met so he doesn’t stay in the hug as long as he would’ve liked to
  • It feels so comfortable with him like there is that first hour where you two are figuring each other like how close you can sit near each other without the other being uncomfortable, how affectionate you can be with each other, stuff like that
  • But Jimin’s a really affectionate person so it doesn’t take too long before he’s hugging you and laying his head or chin on your shoulder or leaning on you when he laughs and the relationship feels really natural, nothing is rushed or forced, everything happens at its own pace
  • You two spend the week together and he’s so much sweeter than you could’ve ever expected and he makes you laugh a lot and he’s always so giggly and smiley which makes you giggly and smiley and you both wish he could stay longer but he’s got school to go back to
  • The goodbye hug lasts a l o t longer than the first hug did and you can see how much more comfortable you two are with each other
  • My head canon is that Jimin is a nuzzler when he hugs people like you know how some people bury their face/nose in the other person’s hair or neck or shoulder, that’s Jimin all the way
  • His hugs are really tight and warm and just overall lovely and he would make such a great cuddler don’t even get me started on this shit
  • You promise to fly over to him in a couple weeks so it’s not gonna be too long until you two can see each other again but you’re in that honeymoon stage where you wanna talk to them and see them as often as you can so going long distance after you two just started to figure each other out is ouch
  • He leaves one of his favorite rings with you so you have something of his to wear and he gets one of your necklaces so you two have lowkey couple items
  • Jimin makes sure he calls/texts you everyday and he never ever (e v e r) forgets the good morning/night texts
  • There are so many nights where you two stay up way too late texting each other and you’re both smiling at your phones and Jungkook keeps teasing Jimin about it bc that’s the job of a best friend
  • He is a king of selfies, even his “ugly” selfies are cute like how he makes the weirdest angles that should not make anyone look good actually look really nice is beyond me I don’t get it I’m fully convinced he’s a secret model
  • He sends tons of selfies bc he wants you to know he’s thinking about you and he sends lots of pictures with Jungkook’s dog bc two puppies in one shot that’s a good deal
  • He also takes lots of pictures with the rabbit Tae gets and that’s equally as cute bc he keeps calling her his niece and he sends this one clip of her hopping around and you can hear his giggle in the background
  • Skype sessions with chim though, he’s in one of his really huge hoodies and he’s got a snack bc your Skype/Facetime sessions normally last a couple hours
  • The two of you will do anything from watching the same movie at the same time so you can watch it together to just talking to listening to music together to eating meals together, it’s always really chilled out but it’s nice to be able to spend that time together
  • He gets s o excited when you tell him you’re flying over, he just about cries bc he’s so so so happy
  • He makes sure his apartment looks cute before you get there bc the last he wants is for you to walk in and see a pair of his boxers on the bed
  • He’s just really excited and kook and tae are officially in charge of teasing him about it but they’re of course excited and happy for him
  • He buys a bouquet of your favorite flowers to greet you with and some sweets and he has this whole day planned for you bc he’s so ready to show you around Busan
  • “I’m on my way to the airport, I’ll be waiting!!!! I wore the shirt from my last video, you said it was cute, don’t worry I washed it”
  • “Jimin, my plane hasn’t even taken off yet”
  • “Well tell the pilot to hurry, I gotta hold my bby asap”

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Do you know if it's an autistic thing to struggle with analysing and finding symbolism in stuff? I think I've got some sort of selective thing going on, I could go on for days about symbolism and meaning for my SpIn but when it comes to assignments or even just stuff that isn't my SpIn, it's so difficult to create the stuff in my head... Is that a thing I can fix? I just wanna stop struggling through assignments with pressure cause my teachers know I can analyse stuff but I can't analyse this...

yes ! taking things literally is definitely a thing a lot of autistics struggle with, which makes analysing texts harder. but there are things you can do to improve, i’m an english lit student and spent most of year 11 giving my friends related advice so here are the tips that helped me & them!

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Before the Sun Is in the Sky - Part 2

Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader


Summary: Breakfast. Like that’s all it is.

Warnings: I think there’s light cursing in there. Barely. Which is weird because I curse like a sailor.

Word Count: 3,206. (Yay, rambling.)

A/N: YOU GUYS ARE ALL SO FANTASTIC. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR KIND WORDS AND ALL THE LOVE. Tbh, I expected like, eight notes on the first one, but y'all exceeded my expectations. If I had the money, I would buy all of you puppies and kittens and chocolate and food and the works. Thank you so much!! I present to you an entire load of trash.

SIDE NOTE: Also again, thanks to @ourforgottenboleros for being my second pair of eyes and editing and proofreading. GO READ HER STUFF. I AM HER NUMBER ONE FAN. JOIN MY FANCLUB.

“I’m thinking bagels,” Lin suggested as you both journeyed south 165th Street. “Are you thinking bagels, Doc?”

“You read my mind,” you replied with a grin. “I’ve been dying for a bagel since yesterday morning. And please, Y/N works just fine.”

It was around 5:15 in the morning, the sun already piercing the night’s veil of darkness, cueing the pigeons to rise and harass the inhabitants of the Big Apple.

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~Sim Q&A tag~
Tagged by: @storybooksimblr Thank you!!! ♥ ♥ I really really really love doing these things! 

I tag @thefoxandhersimblr @beaella9 @cheniasims @108sims @feme-rebelle @furiouslydecaffinated @neon-llama @plasma-jane @hushthots @simsonist @cellblocksimmer

~Sim Q&A tag~
Sim’s name: Hana Grant

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I would love to hear your thoughts on the new Dan and Phil games video! As I thought it was just so funny and cute :)

& I’ll combine this with another question I received: “Omg did they come off as insanely in love and coupley to you too as well in that video or is it just me??”

To start off with….I loved the video. So many great moments.

Did I think they seemed couple-y in this video? Well, I always think that lol. But I definitely agree that they gave off that vibe even more than usual. I of course can’t know for sure if they’re a couple but I’m 100% certain that they operate as a unit. As always, everything is “we” and “our” when it comes to them. I’m not saying that is completely unheard of for two best friends but it is certainly less common. This is something I am constantly bringing up but I do find it to be extremely telling. If you watched them while removing the pretense of “we’re just friends,” it would be nearly impossible to not not make assumptions. If you back up for a moment and look at their life, everything screams “couple.” Their house is not just a house, it’s a home. A home that they have built together, all of their belongings intertwined until there’s so little distinction between “mine” and “yours.” They’re not the typical roommates with post-it notes on their milk and separate shopping lists, that’s for sure. Those boundaries don’t seem to exist for them. They live as a couple. I can’t say that they are a couple but they do live as one. Sometimes I forget what is usually deemed as “typical” for two young males rooming together and then the realization hits and it’s just so blaringly obvious how different Dan and Phil are. They are clearly not conforming to that mold. 

Nearly 4 years of living together with no sign of wanting or preparing to move on? Instead we get domestic arguments about house plants and talk of future pets, joint gifts, meals and tv shows always together, coupley vacations and plans for a koi pond/garden oasis. It’s just so….apparent to me. I’m sorry, this isn’t intended to be some sort of “phan is real” post but wow but this video just struck a chord in me. There’s just something so special and different about what they have and at the end of the day it makes no difference what label is placed on it. They’re more of a unit than most couples I know. It’s really incredible.

Notable moments in the video under the cut…

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HOW TO: make vine edits on your phone!

i’ve been learning how to make edits for vine just recently from downloading apps and through maaaaany trials & errors, so i found a way to make them that i find is comfortable for me. the apps listed are actually for the iphone, so i don’t have any knowledge on how to make edits via android devices. also, i do recommend playing around with these apps before SERIOUSLY creating a vine so you get the flow of how it works. read more below the cut and enjoy! (excuse the typos tho; i need to sleep it’s a sunday night and i have school tmr) ✨

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Gimme some kumirei(after this godawful episode) for the otp post please:))

i feel u anon…. i just RABU KYOANI : )

who’s more likely to find who wearing their clothes?: reina wearing kumiko’s clothes bc ummm shes so fluffy n tal????

who enunciates hand holding?: REINA CLINGY REINA I LIVE FOR HER

who likes having their hair washed by who?: kumiko!!!! she floof

who likes to slow dance?: boTH OF THEM but reina initiates it bc kumiko gets embarrassed easily or says she cant dance

muse that’s more likely to fall asleep with their head in the others lap?: reina… actually no BOTH

muse that does all the cuddling in a blanket fort?: BOTH

who hogs most of the covers at night?: kumiko she sleeps messily

muse who nuzzles the others shoulder to get them to give them a head rub?: reina (esp in public)

how do they share a desert? two forks or one?: just one… even in drinks they just get one straw tbh

who gets jealous more easily?: reina :~)

who gets angered more easily? uuuuuhhhhhh reina?? but not so much anger its more just.. tired i guess?

how do they go to sleep at night?: they usually do their own stuff in bed (read, on their phone, etc) or cuddle until they pass out

who gets the most shoulder rubs?: both bc when will they stop overworking

what are there arguments/fights like? how often do they fight?: i think they would rarely argue (fight even more so), they talk things out a lot so they avoid the arguments/fights

who is more likely to throw things in fights?: REINA

how do they make it up to each other/apologize after an argument? multiple i love yous, reminding each other the reason they love each other

do they have nicknames for each other?: so so many…. the usual romantic ones (baby, sweetheart) and a lot of rlly weird ones that no one gets

caring for each other while ill, how does the other muse go about it?: kumiko leaves reina alone to rest (also so she doesnt get sick too) while reina stays beside her and doesnt mind getting sick too

who’s more likely to be patching the others wound?: reina.. kumiko’s probably really clumsy and is a magnet for paper cuts

muse that says ‘i told you so’, after they come home from the beach and other muse is burnt to a crisp while whining how bad it hurts for not listening and putting on sunblock after the other muse repeatedly told them they’d get burnt?: reina says i told you so but she also has tan lines (kumiko’s are far, far worse tho)

your otp has a newborn baby, who gets up in the middle of the night when he/she cries?: both of them!!!!!

your muse’s of the otp reaction to finding the others crying about something? and how do they make them feel better?: kumiko would do her best to understand how reina feels; reina would kinda panic at first bc kumiko rarely cries but comforts her as much as she can

what would they be like as parents?: doting… would probably spoil that baby to death even if they tell themselves not to.. also the pda never stops even when they have a baby

what would they have been like as childhood sweethearts? showing each other their interests and always seen together!!!

who enunciates taking a bath together?: kumiko but more of as a joke, reina says yes tho

who likes who playing with their hair?: reina bc who doesnt wanna play w kumikos floof tbh

the place they mostly likely accidentally fall asleep together?: train rides home, on the couch watching tv, in other peoples living rooms tbh (party-wise)

fill in the blanks | fluff otp edition

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Hello, here's a strange headcanon request for the RFA squad and V... When I listen to music (mainly orchestrated) I have a habit of "conducting" with my arms along with the music. So I was thinking, MC could be a composer/conductor and when she writes or listens to music she gets really into it and starts conducting along with the music with her hands. Aka to an outsider looking in that doesn't know what any of the motions mean, she's flailing her arms around in the air lol thxs boo

raine1018 asked:

Hello! I’m just a new follower, but your HCs are SUPEEERRRR AWSSOOOMMEEE!!!!! They give me power during this week’s exams(*´ω`*) Can I have a HC request, It’ll be RFA(Include V) react to MC’s job being a professional musician? Thank you!!!

I hope you guys don’t feel offended that I attached both of your prompts together, since both of the prompts are really similar! All the best for examinations! :D It’s the last stretch now, dear students! (Unless you’re me, whose school period actually will be starting tomorrow. Oh no goodbye my holidays.)
~ Mod Ion


  • You were at one of those musicals Zen was performing and was listening to the songs he sang
  • You flinched as some of the pieces in the musical did not melodically make sense for you (Wait, did it just go decrescendo instead of going crescendo? That just killed the emotion of the song!)
  • So you decided to try recomposing the music pieces, imaging how it should be
  • The first piece you wanted to re-compose was a piano piece, where not only it was the first piece of the musical, but also possibly the worst piece in that musical because of blatantly wrong the pitch was? (It did not suit Zen at all; He was forced to sing so high for the whole piece???)
  • So you tried playing the piano in your head – Your hands were floating in the air, trying to imagine yourself playing the piano, the music playing in your mind as to how it should go
  • Zen just came back home – You did not hear him entering the living room as you were too concentrated pressing the floating keys in the air
  • For him, he thought you were being possessed, especially with your head bobbing left and right once in a while
  • “Babe, are you okay?”
  • He would shake you, causing you to snap out from your concentration
  • “Wait, those lyrics… Aren’t they the exact lyrics for the previous musical I was in?”
  • Would be so excited after you explained that you were re-composing some of the pieces since you wanted to try making them better instead
  • Would also want to sing the new pieces and agreed that the new pieces were better (and bless he would not need to strain his voice for that piano piece)
  • Best part: You were playing the piano in the musical because Zen recommended you, so you would be playing the piano for all his musicals, and he was singing for all of your pieces!


  • (I think the After Ending for Yoosung would be pretty cool with this!)
  • He was pretty frustrated with the pets going rather wild sometimes because one dog would start barking and the rest of the animals would join in creating noise and the situation would go crazy
  • You decided that you could help him out with your music talent! You have heard of music calming animals down; so why not create your own ones?
  • You pulled out your violin and started playing it
  • It was a slow tempo, which is meant to be calming and relaxing (Adagio)
  • Yoosung who was sitting around watching you play the violin (He knew about it before) immediately felt the effects and actually fell asleep while you were playing it
  • When he woke up he said it was really good!
  • Actually had recorded what you had played, gotta edit out the occasional snores from Yoosung though!
  • So when the next time you went to the hospital, you realised that Yoosung was already playing the music you made
  • For some reason, you were really enticed to play the violin again (But you did not have it with you now)
  • So instead, you closed your eyes, following the melody of the music and lifted your arms up. You imagined yourself playing the violin, pulling the strings with your bow
  • At some parts you would be dancing to the beat, moving and twirling around in joy
  • You opened your eyes when the music stopped, only to see some veterinarians in front of you with Yoosung
  • Most of them look real confused as to what you were doing
  • Yoosung, however, was clapping real hard going “THAT IS MY WIFE, THE COMPOSER OF THIS MUSIC”
  • Pretty much all of the vets being thankful for you since the situation never posed a problem ever again with your music (There would be the risk of some of them falling asleep though tbh LOL)


  • You noticed that she had been stressing out a lot, with the amount of work she had been dealing with
  • Why not use music to help her?
  • So you took time to create a music piece to make her feel less tense
  • You did not want to disturb Jaehee while she was busy, so you decided to play the grand piano in your mind
  • You were trying really hard to create a melody in your mind, but for some reason, it was just not coming through
  • So, you decided to imagine playing it, your hands on the table
  • It was an allegro, so you had a cheerful tune in your head. With that in mind, your fingers were tapping onto the table lightly with your head bobbing up and down with the beat you had
  • When she heard the rhythmic tapping in your room, she went to see what you were doing
  • You were smiling so happily as you were tapping away
  • “It’s nice to see you smiling so much.”
  • Oh. Oops, surprise was now out
  • Jaehee was already grinning at you looking less tense already
  • You still continued to create the piece while she sat close to you, both of you trying to complete both of your works
  • You managed to complete it just before Jaehee completed hers
  • Before you guys slept every night, you would play the piece just for her, so she would be able to sleep with her muscles less tensed


  • You were just really, really bored at the time
  • Why the heck not play the air guitar? (You forgot to bring your electric guitar when you moved to Jumin’s)
  • You used your phone to blast loud music, echoing inside the house
  • You were jumping up and down, grooving along with the music
  • Your hands were strumming the imaginary guitar while you were headbanging along with the music
  • B L E S S if there was heavy bass, that pretty much got your adrenaline rushing!
  • As the music was at the end, you were hopping around like nuts
  • When the music ended, you slid on the floor to the entrance, and there was a person in front of you
  • Oh shit that was Jumin how much did he see
  • Everything apparently, with the smirk on his face
  • Jumin soon learnt that you were a musician, and decided to introduce you to many famous producers with his connections
  • Pretty much had a blast (Although many times you said that you rather spent the time with him :3)


  • His birthday was coming up soon
  • You wanted a gift just for him, so you decided to use your talent as a gift for him instead
  • With your electric piano, you decided that you wanted to compose a music piece about cats
  • Except that had been done before, if you remember correctly? (More like Mod Ion wants to believe that one of PIU’s PVs is real)
  • So you wanted it to be unique from that piece, but how?
  • You decided to just play the original piece, which is a light hearted tune as you imagined kitties being bundles of joy, jumping up and down
  • Seven heard it and got really excited, thinking that you were practicing
  • “I wanna join too!”
  • It then clicked
  • A piano duet!!!
  • You decided that you would play the baseline while he would play the melody of the song
  • While you said “Next time okay?”, he pouted but agreed
  • He went away
  • You realised that he was actually going to sleep (for once???)
  • You went to the living room, using your earpiece to listen to the music piece and imagined your own one at the same time
  • How would Seven do his stuff? Probably really big and exaggerated movements, so you tried being “him” and moved along as “him”, sliding the imaginary keypads in the air and pressing them in your mind
  • Saeran got so fucking scared when he saw you when he entered the living room. He kept calling you to “snap out of it” but you were not responding, so he woke Seven up
  • “Oi is she going crazy”
  • Seven got up, became incredibly worried
  • Tripped and fell down the final flight of stairs
  • You cringed as you heard him tumbling down the stairs
  • “???”
  • Realised that you were just getting really involved with composing
  • Gdi Saeran wtf
  • Since you already completed composing the melody (you had the baseline in your mind, just not scribbled madly like the melody) you told Seven to follow him
  • You said you wanted to give him something for his birthday (no Saeyoung not that you dirty)
  • You taught Seven how to play the melody of the piano
  • You two had fun playing it (and each other. :3)


  • Okay, I don’t want to be an asshole, but uh. (//BRICKED) I’m gonna say he ain’t blind yet
  • You two were outside, just with nature, so he was just taking pictures of the scenery
  • You saw a lot of animals scurrying around so you just imagine like you were conducting for fun
  • Nature was your music, animals were your friends
  • As you close your eyes, you were so absorbed with the nature that you just naturally started to lift your arm, and conducted as if there was a band in front of you
  • The animals just stared at you for a long time, captivated with your actions
  • Wait now the animals were surrounding you
  • He took the opportunity and quickly snapped a picture of that
  • It was perfect, like one of the best shots he had taken in his life
let’s take a trip to candy land~

for murasakibaraaa, who won the 2k follower special || exactly 5k in length idk how i did that

What a typical Murasakibara thing – going to Candy Land, a place filled to the brim with anything and everything remotely related to sweets. He looked completely at ease here, especially with the free cake hat he’d been given after buying five bags of sweets.

You enjoyed the fact that there were cute rides, like teacups and the merry-go-round. They were the kind of things you could go on without feeling too sick, which was probably the point, considering you couldn’t walk for more than a couple of metres without seeing a stall selling various types of candy.

“Mura, don’t you think you’ve had enough? Your teeth’ll probably rot after this.”

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More Than Friends, Brothers [Phancest] (9/?)




Warnings: incest. semi-smut. I apologize in advance for what I did with the sex scene. 

a/n: Friendly reminder that ‘3 months before’ means '3 months before ___(something that happened).

Thanks lizzie for editing ^_^ and thanks johanna for giving your opinion, tbh i wasn’t sure of what i would do for this chapter but you helped god bless u


Oh please, say to me,
You’ll let me be your man
And please, say to me,
You’ll let me hold your hand

3 months before.

“What’s up bro?” I sat down next to Dan on his bed. We were back in the UK, and the weather was ridiculously boring after all the heat of Florida. Our parents were working again and we had our things back, but school hadn’t started yet. I was about to begin my second year of sixth form, and Dan his first year.

“New episode of Game of Thrones, wanna watch?” his laptop was on his lap.

“What kind of question is that?” I giggled moving closer to him. During the day we didn’t have to worry about anything as we were always alone in the house.

“So I guess I don’t have to ask permission to do this…?” he kissed my lips with a smirk and my hand went straight to his neck. Even if I wanted, I wouldn’t be able to answer his question because I was too busy kissing him back, and pecking his soft pink lips. He turned his face back to the computer to set the TV show and I laid my chin on his shoulder, his scent as always made the corner of my lips move to form a slight smile. I wrapped my arms around his elbow and snuggled on his side with my knees against my chest, almost curling up in a ball. He put his arm on my shoulders and kissed the side of my head as the episode started. I liked being held by Dan, he made me feel safe and warm with simple actions that he probably didn’t even know meant so much to me. As we watched the episode he caressed my arm and shoulder with his thumb, and he would randomly peck my head or run his nose in my hair whilst my hand was on his thigh and knee or holding the fabric of his t-shirt. Every now and then I would let myself sniff his neck or stroke his clavicle with my cheek and jaw. And just like that we spent the next few days, cuddling and watching films, or playing video games and listening to music. We didn’t go further than that except for masturbation or heated make out sessions, but it didn’t matter to me as long as I was with Dan. Obviously there was nothing I wanted more than to have – proper - sex with him, but just like everything else I wanted him to take the first step. I didn’t bring it up and nor did he, but he didn’t need to say anything to let me know that he was still just scared and confused about everything. The last thing I wanted was to feel like I had pushed things or even abused my brother, and after all, what we did was already enough to make me happier than I had ever been.

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anonymous asked:

toniiiii what are your top fav 3 moments from tmh tour? wwa tour? and interviews? lirry edition style ofc!

the first thing i thought when i received this message was ‘no problem’ ‘easy as pie’ ‘i got this’ but when i actually started to think i quickly realized i don’t got this because top 3 turned into top 5 which turned into top 10 then cut to me lying on the cold hard ground after going into my archives because I FORGOT. i forgot how much lirry there was last year alone but you asked for top 3 anon so here we go:

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Preference #28: Newborns (Mashton)

**I’m going back to school Wednesday, so my preferences will all be queued from them on. This was originally meant to be posted in October, but something parent-y was request so hope you guys like it! **

I am also sorry that Michael’s is like half the length of Ashton’s is wasn’t meant to be like that i just couldn’t stop writing.


It all seemed to happen so fast. One day you were telling Michael you were pregnant and it seemed like no time at all that you were fully dilated and ready to push.

“You’re doing so great baby,” Michael forced himself to tell you, kissing your forehead gently. You were honestly trying not to laugh. You were in so much pain, but Michael, well he looked like he was going to faint any minute. You silently prayed that he wouldn’t. You could barely think with all the pain, and if Michael wasn’t there you thought you would loose it.

“Nearly there,” Michael muttered, to himself rather than you. He didn’t dare look further down that your head. He knew that he would collapse. But the didn’t thank fuck. Because he heard a little wail that could only come from a newborn baby and within moments there was a tiny little boy laying on your chest and you were crying and Michael was cutting the umbilical cord still in a daze.

“We just had a baby,” he whispered when it finally hit him.

“I know,” you whispered at at little thing. He was small then you thought he would be, his eyes were clamped shut and he was still red and his hair was gooey. He smelled like lavender and soap, even though he was just born. A white towel was placed over your little one for warmth.

You and Michael just stood starting at each other, smiling with tears in your eyes, unable to say anything. It was so weird. You were parents now. You had your own precious little baby boy. He was taken off you, to be weighed and checked up so Michael came over to you and kissed you gently.

“I’m so proud of you,” Michael held you close, being very gentle that he didn’t hurt you. He stroked your hair as you waited for your tiny baby to come back.

Your baby, who you hadn’t even thought of a name for yet, was brought back to you and you were told that he weighed 5 pounds 6 ounces and was healthy. You were handed him back for more skin to skin contact and you fed him for this first time. You were so relieved that everything was okay with him, and you were so overwhelmed by how perfect he was. You never wanted to let anything hurt him. He was so tiny and fragile.

“Okay y/n. Are you feeling okay?” your midwife asked you, glancing at you with your tiny baby.

“Ok, I suppose,” you smiled. You felt like shit honestly, but you had a baby now so you really didn’t care.

“Well we’ll need to stitch you up now, how about you give the baby to Dad for a cuddle,” she told you. Michael’s eyes widened and you handed your son into his shaking arms.

“Hi baby,” he whispered to his little son, so amazed my him. “I’m Michael, your Daddy.”

“Open you’re shirt and put him on your chest. I’ll help you dress him in a minute,” a nurse smiled. Michael opened his button down flannel and placed the little one on his chest, smiling brightly to himself.

“I love you so much already. I’ll never let anything happen to you,” Michael kissed his fluffy hair, breathing in his sent. You never pegged Michael as a sentimental, sappy Dad, but there he was - crying as he held his less than an hour old son for the first time.


An hour later and your son is smelling like baby powder and is swaddled in a baby blue blanket after Michael finally managed to get his tiny little swashed up limbs into the clothing. He’s asleep but you don’t want to leave him but you really have to pee so you hand him over to Michael who happily cuddles his baby son, who doesn’t have a name yet. But right now you must worry about getting to the toilet, which seems near impossible because your sore and the epidural hasn’t 100% worn off yet.

“Don’t baby,” Michael tells you. He gives your son to a nearby nurse and ends up carrying you to the bathroom.

“I actually can’t believe I’m a dad!” Michael is literally giggling and he just wants to skip around the hospital, throwing his hands in the air and scream “I’M A DADDY!” but he doesn’t because it’s 4 am and he doesn’t want to get throw out for waking people up - he wouldn’t usually mind but he really wanted to spend time with his family.

“That’s great Micahel but I’m on the toilet right now, so it would be wonderful if you could at least turn around,” you chuckle. Michael does as you wish but continues talking.

“I just feel so proud! I know I didn’t even do much just stick my dick in you! But I dunno I just wanna play Lego with him and teach him guitar, but he’s too tiny,” Michael told you, talking excitedly like he was still a little kid himself.

“Well you can do that eventually but right now the little guy doesn’t even have a name,” you reminded him.

“I told you before y/n, I wanna name him Pizza. But if you’re really against this I like either Ryan or Alex?” Michael suggested.

“I like Alex. Alex Michael Clifford,” you repeated, smiling. You stepped off (more like slid tbh) the toilet and Michael picked you up with ease.

“I just can’t wait to tell him that you decided on his name while sitting on the toilet,” Michael said, making you laugh. “Let’s get him back now! Maybe we can convince the nurse to put his tiny footprints in that baby book my Mum got us.”


“We’re home Buddy,” Michael carefully unstrapped his sons carseat and lifted it from the car and into your house for the very first time. Looking around, you smiled. It was such a relief to have him here at last, but you didn’t know what to do.

“So what do we do now?” Michael asked up, unbuckling Alex from the seat. He kissed his soft tufts of blonde hair, smelling like baby oil. He was dressed in a cute little blue and white striped sleepsuit with a little puppy on the front, and it had a matching hat with little ears which was almost to big for his little head.

You looked at him puzzled. You were sure all you wanted to do was nap for the rest of your life not sure about him.

“Let’s show him around!” Michael smiled, holding your son close and began to introduce him to each room in the house, telling him about what would go on here. You laughed at him and announced that you were gonna take a shower. Michael smiled and made Alex wave you off with his tiny hand. Michael placed his son on the kitchen table, not really thinking much of it and ordered a pizza keeping a close eye on sleeping 3 day old baby.

They day was going fine until 12 in the morning when suddenly Alex started crying and Michael told you that he would sort him out. He rocked him a bit, that usually doing the trick but he kept crying. He changed his diaper even though it wasn’t wet but the crying didn’t cease. He screamed for you and you fed him, and he eased down for a while before going back into full force screeching everything, making Michael almost tear his baby blue hair out. You tried everything you could, you called a bunch of people and even Googled what you should do, but nothing worked. To be straight forward, Alex wouldn’t shut the fuck up and if Michael didn’t love him that much he probably would of throw him out the window right there and then.

Two hours later, Alex finally fell asleep with uncle Luke playing guitar and singing softy while Michael paced around the room rocking Alex while patting his padded little bum rhythmically. You were long passed out on the couch at this stage, with Luke’s son Drew cuddled into your side.

Michael carried you to bed, knowing you already had a headache from what was going on, while Luke cradled Alex.

“Thanks mate,” Michael slapped Luke’s shoulder and took his baby boy from him, kissed his forehead.

“S'okay. It’s only 2am,” Luke laughed.

“I’m sorry,” Michael mumbled sheepishly. Luke was the only other person in the band to know how hard but rewarding it was to have a baby.

“No seriously. Anytime. Remember all the nights on the tour bus?” Luke asked. Michael nodded, thinking of all the nights the lads, and especially him would feed/change/rock baby Andrew if Luke or his girlfriend were particularly tired.

Michael was eventually able to bring his newborn son up the stairs to bed with him and he was so, so tired. It was such a stressful night for you and him and he knew that the next few weeks and months would be terribly long. But he also knew that it would be worth it as he looked down at Alex, curled up in the fetal position on Michael’s bare chest.

“I love you so much,” he whispered, stroking his sons fluffy hair like he was a kitten. “And I can’t wait until I can die your hair, but for right now I’m so glad that your seeping.” Alex looked so like Michael did when he was a baby, except he had your lips. “I’m so lucky to have you,” he whispered, as he fell asleep. Little did he know, the next 18 years would be much more eventful then he ever imagined.



“Okay so, guys Amelia and Harry are just about to meet their baby sister for the first time,” Daddy Ashton whispered into the camera, one of the nurses checking something with the baby giving him a strange look. Ashton wanted to capture this special family moment.

“You told me you weren’t going to show the fans,” you mumbled from the hospital.

“No. I told you I wouldn’t show them the labor and delivery video. Now which would you prefer?” Ashton giggled. Ashton wasn’t really telling the truth. He recorded the delivery of little Sophie Irwin. He also made a keek of you swearing at him because he wouldn’t get you coffee (you were almost fully dilated, so he was told not too) and now over a million fans had seen it. Oops?!

“This one,” you sighed, laughing at him. He smiled but now felt guilty. Oh well.

“This is Sophie guys,” Ashton zoomed in on the little bundle of joy wrapped in a pink blanket, who was resting in your arms. “Isn’t she beautiful? She was born at 7:52 am this morning so she is only 10 hours old.”

A few minutes later your 7 year old daughter Amelia walked in, holding on to her 3 year old brother’s hand, Calum and Wife(who was babysitting) wave them off telling you that they’ll be back in a little while.

“Mummy!” Amelia ran to you, flinging her skinny little arms around your neck. Her dirty blonde hair was pulled back into a dutch braid and she smelled like the perfume Sienna Hood always wears. She took a step back looking at the baby in your arms.

“I have a sister?” The little girls face lit up with joy and her grin was almost as big as Ashton’s when he found out he was having another girl a few months ago.

“A sister?” Harry piped up. “I wanted a brother.” Harry’s lips turn into a pout. “I want a brother.”

“But it’s okay because you wanted a sister too, yeah?” Ashton interrupted.

“No,” Harry shook his head and ran to his Daddy, hugging his leg.

“S'okay bud. You’ll just have to put up with it,” Ashton put the camera down monetarily before scooping his toddler son into his arms. Ashton bit his lip to hold in a giggle and picked the camera up again. “Do wanna hold her Lia?” Ashton asked his eldest daughter.

“Can I?” her eyes lit up again. Ashton nodded.

“Sit down on the bed next to Mummy,” he told her. Amelia hoisted herself up on the hospital bed beside you and smoothed down her navy floral sundress and you put Sophie into her big sisters arms. She stared in amazement at her. She wasn’t all gooey and squashed anymore. Her hair was dark and fluff and her skin was soft. Her dark blue eyes were open and her little starfish hands were reaching out to hold onto something. She had tiny little button nose and her skin was still red like a newborns. She looked just like Lia had as a baby.

“She’s so tiny,” Amelia whispered, shocked. She new babies were really small, but wow!

“We’ll you were half as tiny, Lia,” Ashton giggled, remembering how tiny his first daughter was, weighing less than 5 pounds when she was born.

“Yeah you were my little doll Lia. Do you remember how small Haz was? He was tinier too,” You reminder her. Amelia did remember when Harry was born, but anything about Harry had slipped her mind that day. Somehow she made everything about her, even on the day her poor brother was born. Anyway, she ended up not going to live with uncle Michael and a new puppy as well as a brother. But she was 7 now, and she knew that this day was all about her little sister, who she had been so excited to meet since you told her you were pregnant. So she decided that changing the subject would be a good idea.

“What’s her name?” Amelia looked up at you.

“Sophie,” you told her. “Sophie Anne-Marie Irwin.”

Ashton, having but down the camera a little while ago, whispered to his sulking son, “Do you wanna hold her, mate. You might feel better then.” Harry didn’t say anything but he picked his son up and put him onto your lap and you wrapped your arms around him.

“I missed you Haz,” You kissed your sons head, breathing in his powdery scent. Lia had grown up so much recently, but Harry as still your baby boy.

“I miss you too Mummy,” Harry whispered, right before his little sister was placed in his arms. He started at her, taking in all of her features. He feelings about his sister were rapidly changing. She was only a baby after all. He had really wanted a brother, but a sister wasn’t that bad.

“She’s pretty,” Harry mumbled uncertainly, as Sophie reached out and took Harry’s chubby toddler finger into her hand.

“Give her a kiss,” you urged him and he bent down to place a sloppy kiss on her soft baby skin.

“I like her,” Harry smiled. You and Ashton smiled at each other. One happy family at last. Suddenly, Harry got fed up of his new sister. “Can we go swimming now Dad?”

“Good morning pretty girl!” Ashton cooed at his baby girl, lifting her from her crib. “You’re going to Europe today, Sophie. Madrid. It’s great there,” Ashton told Sophie. Sophie wasn’t even two weeks old but she was embarking on a journey around he world, a 5 Second of Summer World Tour. The boys very much enjoyed their stage lives, performing in front of screaming girls and constantly recognized and idolized but they had their families now too. They were family men, they were dads and it hurt them so much to be away from their loved ones. Sophie Irwin was a surprise and Ashton was over the moon to have another baby, but she came at a very awkward time. She was meant to arrive a month before their world tour, but she had been over two weeks late and your family had no time to settle down before they were off across the world. Leaving for tour had always been a bittersweet time for the boys, they got to travel around the world but they had to leave their families. Of course they got to visit and although they would all like too, it wasn’t possible to have everyone on tour with them at once. There was usually no more than 6 people allowed to visit, with a maximum of 8. The boys just had to put up with it. They would see their family for 2-3 weeks and then wait for a week before another boys family would fly out and so on. But one thing all the boys agreed on was that none of them would ever be able to bear leaving their wife/girlfriend at home with a newborn on their own. So they planned their lives carefully, planning babies so that they could be at least there for the first few months of their little ones lives. It didn’t always go to plan. Shit happened, unexpected tour dates popped up and there was unplanned pregnancies. So the lads made an agreement when Luke’s girlfriend fell pregnant with his first baby that if you someone had a baby/was pregnant while on tour that their whole family came on tour with until the end of it, no ifs or buts about it. Sure it was hard for the other guys, because it meant that their family couldn’t come as often and most of the time they couldn’t come together. But they knew what it was like to have a new baby and the whole lot of them were determined not to let the touring tear the families apart.

Excitement was buzzing through the house as you double checked everything, because Ashton was being a big kid and chasing Lia and Harry around the house. The 5 of you were sporting “5sos world tour 2k31” shirts with black skinny jeans (somethings never changed) even little Sophie, but with black leggings instead. It seemed like forever by the time you got to the airport, where you ended up getting mobbed.It was worse than you had ever seen it before. Every one wanted to get glimpse of newborn Sophie Irwin, only ever seeing a one video of her before, but Sophie clearly wasn’t having this as she cried into your chest as you held her as tight as possible sticking to Ashton’s side, not wanting to loose them. He had Harry (who found this really amusing and waved to fans with the hand that wasn’t on his dad’s head) perched high on his shoulders holding onto his little legs with a strong grip with one had, the other wrapped around your waist. Ashton had hired a body guard just for Amelia and other kids if they need it, just for situations like this after her getting literally swashed by fans and scared half to death back when she was barely 3. She hated the mobbing almost as much as you did.

You finally got through to where the fans didn’t have access, but for the other lads in the band, this was the hard part. They had to say goodbye. Looking around the room Ashton felt his heart stiffen, reminded of all the times he had to leave you. His three bandmates were all crying, even though they would insist they weren’t later on.

5 year old Lila Clifford was clung to Michael, her head in his neck and her eyes were so puffy and she could barely breath. He could here her crying “Please don’t go Daddy!” from the other side of the room and Ashton found himself almost crying at her broken heart. Michael himself was talking to his preteen sons who were too proud to cry but both looked heart broken. They were nodding and Ryan was pressing his hips hard together, something he did when he was fighting tears. His wife was looking dreadful, eyeliner running down her pretty face. Michael enveloped her in a giant bear hug and stayed like that for God knows how long. He knew all too well that he wouldn’t see his kids for at least another 6-8 weeks when they would fly out to London to stay with him, but he didn’t know how long it would be before he saw his wife again.

Calum was bawling his little puppy eyes out, he had his whole family in a group hug. His family were his pride and joy. Thankfully, his nine year old princess Sienna Hood was going to be coming with him for 3 weeks, but he knew how she would miss her mum. What would he do without his son? His four year old little soccer star who completes his whole world. His cheeky monkey who was too badass to have cuddles with his Daddy in public, but most nights would end up tottering into his Dad’s bed, curing up in his arms. He would miss his lil’ dude so much. And his beautiful wife. He would miss her so much like he always did. Who would make sure he fed Sienna proper food? Who would make sure that the two of them don’t stay up all night watching Disney? There would be no one there to kiss him, no one to say “I love you,” in a non daddy way. He wouldn’t have his cuddle buddy and even worse - no sex. The four of their bodies were shaking as they sobbed, clutching on to each other for dear life.

Then there was Luke. He had tears streaming down his face but he was begging his family not to cry. His wife looked like she was either going to explode or else drown in her own tears. Her eldest son (who was coming with Luke) had a hand on her shoulder. He had always been a Mummy’s boy and hated to see her cry. He was trying to stay strong but there was tears forming in his crystal blue eyes. Luke’s youngest, 7 year old Cody was hanging onto his Dad’s waist, protesting that he wasn’t ever going to let go. Aria Hemmings, who never ever cried was being kissed on the head by Luke, her body wracked with sobs the eyeliner that everyone insisted that she was young for now stained on her face. Ashton had never seen everyone so upset, and it was heartbreaking.

The final good byes were said and everyone had either left the airport in tears or boarded the private jet sent for this boys. A silence hung in the air, and it looked like poor other boys were going to burst into tears again any minute. Sophie looked terrified, Amelia was bored, Harry was restless and Ashton was wrecked, this was going to be a hell of a long 24 hour flight.

Ashton sat between you who was breastfeeding Sophie, as you had been instructed to do during take off and landing. Harry was resting on his lap, his jittery leg never stopping its movement and he was having a conversation with Calum about something neither of them cared about. Amelia and Sienna were playing with Sienna’s iPad, headphones in, laughing at something every so often. Ashton smiled fondly remembering 2 year old Lia and 4 year old Sienna clinging to their Daddy’s every time the plane took off, shutting their eyes tight to keep in tears. Now it was like being in a car to them. Drew didn’t even make an effort to be social, he threw a blanket over his head and curled up next to his dad. Michael was the worst, he threw his head in Mikey’s lap and everyone knew he was crying but no one said anything, but Luke played with his hair, he hoped his friend would fall asleep, he knew what it was like to miss his three babies so much.

Soon everyone got very bored, and you were so thankful that it was a private jet with lots of space so at least you could walk around a bit. Sienna and Lia decided to make up a dance

“Look at them dancing Sophie. You going to be able to dance like that sooner than you think.” Ashton thought it was necessary to give a running comentery to Sophie, driving everyone half mad. “Harry’s joining in now-HAZ WE DO NOT PUSH OUR SISTER AND THEN GIGGLE!” “Look at uncle Calum chasing Harry, isn’t he funny?” “That’s your cousin Andrew. He’s even more awkward then uncle Luke, say hi Soph!”

“I’m gonna take a nap,” you told him handing Sophie to him. Pulling the duvet up over your head, you tried to block out the sound of screaming children.

“Get out of the way Harry!” Lia pushed his brother over.

“Shut up!” Harry pushed her back, making her cry even though it was obvious it didn’t hurt.

“DADDY HE PUSHED ME!” Amelia yelled, loud enough to wake the dead.

“Harry say sorry,” was all that Ashton could mumble.

“Nope!” Harry giggled before running around the room like a lunatic.

“YOU’RE A MEANIE PANTS HARRY!” Amelia told her brother.

“I know parents are meant to love their children any different. But right now I’m sure I like you a lot more,” Ashton kissed Sophie’s little head, cuddling into the soft couch. He really needed to sleep, but the sound of kids, who happened to be his but he really didn’t have the energy to deal with, echoed the room. Right since the two hours the plane took off, the sound of annoying but cute little buggers didn’t bother her, and she didn’t cry much. She was such a happy baby, who only cried when she needed something. It was a great change from Harry and Lia who had kept you both up all night for no apparent reason.

“I wanna play a game!” Sienna insisted, her voice louder than the rest.

“Let’s play a game called shut the fuck up!” Michael whined from the couch on the far side of the room, making Sienna and Lia’s screams turn into giggles. Ashton didn’t even have the engery to tell Michael off for swearing in front of his kids. “Come cuddle Uncle Mikey,” he outstretched his arms and three kids came running throwing themselves onto one of their favourite uncles. Finally. Silence.


A quiet cry awoke Ashton from his peaceful slumber, Sophie throwing her arms out and a newborn cry escaping his lips. Ashton didn’t know long he had been asleep, he guessed it had been hours because even though he was still a little sleepy, he felt much better. It was dark and everyone else seemed to be snoring.

“You hungry baby?” Ashton asked rocking his little girl back and forth. He stood up taking his princess with him, taking a bottle of your pumped milk from the fridge in the other room, he warmed it up and fed his princess, she drinking it with a half and a heart, gulping it down. “Oh you were hungry,” Ashton giggled, patting Sophie on the back to maker her belch. He changed her diaper and swaddled her again. He took out his phone, thinking he was goanna take a quick photo of her, but ended up making a keek.

“Hey guys!” Ashton whispered not to wake the others. “We’re on a plane right now on the way to Madrid and look how cute Sophie is?” Ashton zoomed in on Sophie who was looking up and him, pouting her lip a little. “You’re so cute baby girl. Daddy loves you. It worries me how cute you are because some day, a guy is gonna think you’re as cute as I do and he might break your heart. I’m never gonna let any guy hurt you I promise!” Ashton promised Sophie, tears stinging her eyes. She was so perfect and Ashton wanted her to stay the little baby in his arms forever, but he knew that she would be all grown up all too soon.

“You’re such a great dad,” You sneaked your arms around Ashton’s waist and kissed his shoulder, making him jump.

“I didn’t hear you come in,” Ashton giggled, turning around to kiss you with Sophie still in your arms. You laid your head on his shoulder smiling.

“I think our little family is finally complete!” you smiled. You had thought it was complete when you gave birth to Lia, and again when you had Harry, but now you were sure you had everything you ever wanted.

“Yeah,” Ashton agreed. “She’s so perfect isn’t she. She’s such a good baby and she’s so beautiful! Look at her tiny little button nose!” Ashton giggled.

“She looks just like you,” you murmured.

“No she’s gonna be a stunner like her mum,” Ashton kissed his baby girl, and then you. Little did he know that years later he would be thinking back over this moment, saying that he was completely right.




Do you guys think I should do Cake??

cxptxmerica-deactivated20150623  asked:

Romanogers [ *wiggles eyebrows* ]

Send me a ship; Ultimate Edition
  • Who was the one to propose: Steve. Marriage isn’t something Nat’s ever been particularly concerned with.
  • Who stressed more over wedding planning: Steve, but that’s mostly because Nat is just super casual about the whole thing. Tbh, the one who probably worries more than Steve is Pepper. 
  • Who decorated the house: Tash, but she uses Steve as her personal stepping stool the whole time, so both of them, in a sense?. 
  • Who does the cooking: Steve. Natasha is p cool with just eating takeout and microwave dinners all the time.  
  • Who is more organized: Steve, and it drives him insane that Natasha’s into this thing she likes to call “organized chaos”. 
  • Who suggested kids first: Steve, but Nat had to be the one to tell him that she can’t have kids hahhaahahahha I’m cry. 
  • Who’s more dominant: In the bedroom? Natasha. It varies almost anywhere else.  
  • Who’s the cuddler: Steve, and Natasha likes to pretend she doesn’t love it.
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: Nat likes to be the little spoon because it makes her feel safe and pretty much eliminates the need for a blanket.
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Playing pranks on Bucky, Sam or Tony or Clint (sometimes all four), and watching bad movies (Nat likes to make Steve watch Rubber and Clash of the Titans)
  • Who comes home drunk at 3am: Neither. Natasha rarely drinks enough to get her drunk with her programming, and Steve can’t really get drunk. 
  • Who kills the spiders: Natasha, and it makes Steve laugh because of the irony. 
  • Who falls asleep first: Natasha, and she totally drools on Steve when she sleeps okay.
  • A head canon: Natasha literally wears almost nothing but Steve’s shirts around the house, and usually, whenever you see her wearing a t-shirt that looks like it could be too big but it’s tucked into her pants or whatever, so you can’t really tell, it’s probably one of Steve’s that she was too lazy to change out of. And poor Steve has to do laundry like all the time, because he’s always running out of clean shirts to wear.
  • Their relationship summed up in a gif: There had to be two, okay, I couldn’t get away with just one. The first one is actually Nat about Steve.

  • Do they have any “rituals”? Morning sex. It’s one of Natasha’s favorite things ever,  so it almost always happens, even if it’s just a quickie.
  • Who is louder? Nat usually likes to make sure that it’s Steve. Every once in awhile, she’s loud, but not very often.
  • Who is more experimental? I’m gonna go with Nat, because she’s determined to educate Steve in the world of ‘this is some kinky shit’.
  • Who takes more risks? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAA they both do.
  • Do they fuck or make love? Depends on the day.
  • Lights on or off? On. Nat’s got a thing about the lights, and she’s generally just more comfortable when they’re on during sexytimes.
  • Who is more likely to be caught masturbating? Steve, because Natasha tends to time it better. And then she’ll walk in on him and pretend to be upset because he got started without her.
  • Who is more likely to suggest a threesome? Nat, tbh.
  • Who comes first? IDK, I mean, I wanna be cliche and say that Steve’s a gentleman, but there are times where Natasha’s just determined to make him come first.
  • Who is better at oral and who prefers it? I’m gonna say that Nat’s better at it, just because she’s got decades of experience on Steve, but they both like it equally.
  • Who usually initiates things? Really, they could just be looking at each other one second, and then the next they’re going at it, so I’m gonna say both.
  • Who is more sensitive? Natasha, but she’s better at finding Steve’s sensitive spots than he is at finding hers.
  • Who has the most patience? Nat.
  • Which kinks do they share? I feel like cunnilingus is a big one, and I feel like they get off on speaking French to each other, and I feel like Steve really likes it when Nat speaks Russian to him, even if he doesn’t understand. Aaannd lbr, they probably end up having to buy a new headboard because one of them gets handcuffed to it on a weekly basis and it breaks a lot.