i was going to do the one with the friends song playing but everyone's done it so

EXO as Preschool Students

Suho: Tries to make you laugh at all costs, demands other kids to share toys with him, thinks he is actually the teacher, says “I want this” at everything he picks up, and only wants popcorn for snack. 

Jongdae: Constantly screaming, constantly. Puts paint on his face during activity time, wants to hold everyone’s hand, best friends with everyone in the classroom, but wants to be the dog when playing “house”

Chanyeol: Keep an eye on this child because he will run off if he sees any animal and will want it as his own, always loses a shoe somehow and refuses to tie them. You better have strawberries on stand by because if he doesn’t like snack he will cry.

Baekhyun: Runs like naruto, sings songs when doing activities, never brushes his hair so there is always one piece of hair sticking straight up. Wants to go outside and he wants to go right now.

Kyungsoo: Mumbles a lot, never takes his dinosaur backpack off when he enters the classroom, doesn’t raise his hand and just shouts the answer. Is just here for the books.

Jongin: Brings his action figure collection to show the other kids, doesn’t sit in his chair correctly, he always sits like a little ball, will ask you every question he can think of and won’t take “i don’t know” as an answer. Always telling stories.

Xiumin: Loves any food you put in front of him because he says it’s “made with love”. You legit bought these blueberries from the store but he thinks you harvested them from your farm or something. Can’t hold a pencil correctly and just wants to color with crayons.  Do you hear that giggling? yeah that’s him.

Yixing: Wants to touch your hair, uses his cute charms to get to be line leader, says “please” and honorifics at all times. Gives every kid in the classroom a hug when they leave and says “good morning!” when they walk in the door at the start of class.

Sehun: Acts like he hates it here but in reality he loves school, how is this kid so tall already he’s 4 years old?? loves wearing scarfs, he once showed up wearing 3 scarfs and would not take them off. Wants to help you get activities together, picks the books you will read to the class.