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I am loving all of your fix-it fics you are amazing!!! Could you do one where Alex runs after Maggie when she tries to leave after talking about how her parents found out she was gay and then brings her back in the apartment and comforts her on the couch? I totally get if you are too busy you do so many amazing and supportive things for this fandom

Her voice cracks and Alex knows why she’s running.

“I gotta go, just…” she interrupts herself, and she leaves, and Alex knows why.

Because she’s about to cry. Because she’s about to cry, and she can’t cry, because if she cries now, she’ll never stop. If she cries now, it won’t be whatever. It’ll be something that can still shred her to the core.

But she doesn’t close the door behind her. She lets it linger open, and that’s how Alex knows something else: that Maggie needs to run, because Maggie is about to cry.

But Maggie left the door open, and Maggie is nothing if not deliberate: Maggie left the door open for Alex.

And so she goes, she goes, silk robe and slip be damned, she goes because Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, she was fourteen and she wanted better for Alex and she was fourteen and she deserved a full, happy life and she was fourteen and Alex would be damned if she didn’t give it to her.

“Maggie, stop,” she calls, padding out into the hall in her bare feet, but Maggie isn’t waiting by the elevator. The door to the stairwell is still heaving closed, but  the elevator button is lit up: Maggie must have pressed it, pressed it, determined it wasn’t coming fast enough, that her own feet were better, more reliable.

Perhaps the only reliable thing.

But Alex needs to prove that’s not true.

And sure enough, Alex finds her on the stairwell, finds her wracking with silent sobs as she practically flies down the stairs, and Alex tries again.

“Maggie, please.”

Maggie stops immediately, but she doesn’t turn around. Alex gulps, and she’s surprised; surprised it was that easy to get her to stop.

“You’re barefoot, Danvers, you shouldn’t be on the staircase. It’s cold and anyway, you could get hurt.”

Alex walks down to her anyway.

“I don’t care about… Maggie, I… I’m sorry.”

Maggie turns suddenly, and her face is streaked with tears and mascara and old scars.

“I don’t need your pity, Danvers.”

Alex blinks and stiffens and Maggie immediately retracts. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap at you, I – “

“No. No, you’re right. You don’t need pity. You need something better. You need to be heard. And I want to hear you, Maggie, I want… I want to… I’m not going to abandon you like that, Maggie, I’m not going to betray you like that. I… I do like you, too.”

Maggie smiles softly and wipes at her eyes at Alex’s self-deprecation, and Alex tentatively reaches up to wipe her tears instead.

Maggie stiffens for a tense moment, but she forces herself to look up into Alex’s eyes and relents. Alex wipes her tears attentively, carefully, diligently. Lovingly.

“I know I can’t make it better, Maggie, but I want to… I want to be able to be here for you. And I am so, so sorry that I didn’t listen better, I… I’m gonna get better at that, I promise.”

Maggie nods slowly, and she takes a deep, deep, long sigh.

“You’re gonna catch a cold, Danvers,” she rasps after a long moment, and Alex shrugs.

“You’re worth it. Hell, Maggie, you’re worth the Bravakian flu.”

A small smile tugs at Maggie’s lips, now. “Or the black lung?” she asks, and Alex returns it.

“You are worth everything, Maggie. Everything. Come back inside? If you want?”

“Alex, I – “

But her phone chirps, and they both grimace, because they know that sound.

Alex helps Maggie finish wiping her tears, finish composing her face so it doesn’t look like she’s been crying.

“Duty calls,” Maggie says bravely, and Alex nods.

“I’ll see you later?” Alex asks in a small voice, and Maggie nods.

Alex kisses her hand and turns sadly to head back upstairs.


She spins back so eagerly she almost overbalances, and Maggie reaches up with steady hands to catch her.

“You look beautiful.”

Alex flushes and sighs silently. “So do you, Maggie. So do you.”

  • Eileen: She robbed him, killed him and legged it.
  • Faith: Oh, yeah. Be afraid, everyone. Homicidal great grandma on the loose.
  • Aaron: Can you lot go and do this somewhere else?
  • Cain: Right, come on. Let's go.
  • Faith: You will not! You're a fantasist, Eileen!
  • Eileen: You are, thinking you wouldn't get caught.
  • Chas: Who is this woman?
  • Faith: Daughter-in-law. Not the full picnic.
  • Robert: We're trying to get married here.
  • Chas: Faith. Will you go and talk to these nice coppers, please, cos otherwise I might be up for murder.
  • Faith: I didn't murder anyone!
  • Aaron: Mum...
  • Chas: What? He invited her.
  • Eileen: Do I have to arrest her myself or something?
  • Police: We'll kick off with a few questions first. Let's get this over with.
  • Faith: No! (jumps up and runs out)
  • Chas: (slow claping) Our mother... everybody. Yeah...

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Now that I know that Elounor will happen for at least a year I think it's time for me to just leave the fandom. I can't do this again. I wish Louis all the love in the world but it's time for me to find something else. I can't bear another year (at least) like this.

okay but we don’t know that. we know that blind gossip is trying to push that idea and it’s likely because they want to drive us out by making us fear another year of hell and stunting.

if you need to leave for your own emotional wellbeing then that’s absolutely something you should do because that matters more than this fandom ever will.

that being said, i don’t think that blind is a good indication of what’s actually going to happen i think it’s an indication of what they want us to think is going to happen.

they’ve wanted to get rid of us for years and now they’re upping their game. 

i refuse to bite.


Don’t watch it.
For the love of all that is good in the world, if you hate what is happening on a show so much, stop watching.
Don’t ruin it with all your negativity and outrage.
I totally understand not enjoying something that is happening in a shows cannon.
I totally understand and respect your right to voice your opinion.
What I don’t understand is why there needs to be so much negativity.
Don’t accuse a ship of being something they are not or there is no true, concrete evidence of… abusive, toxic, whatever else you believe it is because you do not like it.
Have your head cannons, share them, believe them.
Do not continuously insist though that your head cannon is the truth.
I understand disliking a character, go ahead and express your dislike.
Do not harass other fans for loving that character.
Love a character, express that love.
Do not harass other fans for disliking that character.
I understand not liking the writing of a show.
I don’t understand hating the writers, who have put so much hard work into a script because you don’t like said script.

They put their ENTIRE BEINGS into their work so you can have a show to HATE.

So in conclusion, if you are no longer enjoying it.

Please do the show, the creators, the writers, the actors, and the crew who spend hundreds of hours on the show, the other fans and yourself a favor and stop watching the show.

That, or stop being such fucking assholes.

Thank you!♥️💖😘

Okay so I had an idea for a Mystery Skulls Animated fic. It has been on my mind for some time and I wanted to share it with you all. But when I went to write it… It wasn’t a pretty sight. It wasn’t BAD, but it wasn’t all that great either as I’m severely out of practice.

Plus my motivation for it died faster than the hype for No Man’s Sky.

So I’m just going to post a detailed summary of what the story was going to be like and let someone else try their hand at it. I’m also going to tag my favorite writers/drabblers/idea farmers/AU crafters from this fandom so they see this in case they want to adopt it. Let me do that now.

@phantoms-lair @ectoimp @providentially-demonic @squigglydigglydoo

I’ll leave it under the cut so people can be spoiler free in case someone does come along to write this out. Feel free to ask questions if something doesn’t make sense! Here we go, a detailed, yet slightly silly, summary of my almost fic: ‘Under Your Skin’.

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Look At The Stars

A/N: so, fun fact I got a tattoo today, and so I kinda got inspiration from getting my tattoo, to write about my interpretation of it (also this is gonna be v short js)

Genre: sad lol

Word Count: 449 words

Your P.O.V

I walk down the footpath, my heart feeling as heavy as ever, and I don’t know whether it’s from the anxiety, or if something else, or even someone else is still on my mind. I stop in front of the shop, clutch tightly on to my art book in my hands, take a deep breath, and walk through the door, up the two flights of stairs.

I’m greeted with very professional drawings and the sound of a tattoo gun going off, which instantly makes me nervous, and my heart starts to pound, and it feels like it’s going to jump out of my throat, but I should probably do this now, before I chicken out, and never do it.

“Hey there, what can I do for you today?” A lady at the front desk greets me, with a warm smile.

“Hi, so I was wondering if I could possibly get this tattooed on me, today?” I ask opening up my art book and showing her what I wanted to get done, just a simple quote with stars around it.

“Oh yeah definitely, I think we should have some space for you to do it today, so let’s just look at the design, and see what we can do.” She says smiling warmly at my nervous stature.

I wonder off into the waiting room to sign a consent form, so that we can begin. We fitted the stencil on my back, and she began her magic.

Getting this tattoo, made me feel a lot better about everything that has been going on in my personal life, with a lot of tragedies and everything, this tattoo is just kinda a reminder that everything is gonna be okay.

“So what does this tattoo mean to you?” The tattooist asks over the seemingly quiet buzzing sound coming from the tattoo gun.

“Well, recently, my boyfriend, Dan passed away unexpectedly, so this tattoo is just a reminder that, if I look up to the sky at night, and look at the stars, he’s shining and watching over me.” I say starting to tear up slightly.

A couple of hours later and the tattoo is finished, with the words “look at the stars, look how they shine for you” going across my back, with stars all around it.

Now I’ll always have a reminder that, no matter what happens in my life without Dan, he’s always looking down, shining for me.

What Are You Hiding

Request: Could I request a Reader x Scott, but the reader has magic/is a witch and doesn’t know how to tell Scott so she talks to Deaton and Scott is upset because he can feel something is wrong/she doesn’t talk to him as much?                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Warning: None!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Note:I hope that you’re going to like it so if you do let me know..:)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       “Come on Y/N focus.’ Apparently I was trying to practice my magic with my mom..’I’m focused.’  I was trying to create a damn energy ball the whole morning..’No you’re not,stop thinking on something else and concentrate on this.’ *BUSTEEED*  She was right I wasn’t completely thinking on this.Actually I was thinking how I’m going to tell Scott and just then my phone started ringing,seeing it was Scott..’Hey baby!.’                                                                ‘Hey Y/N what are you doing now?’                                                                   ‘Umm nothing much,I mean it’s saturday.’Yeah I was always bad at lying..’Why do you ask?’                                                                                                         “I was thinking if you want to come over at my place and watch a movie?’         ‘Well I umm,sure at what time exactly?’                                                               ‘In one hour?!” I started playing with a hem on my shirt   ‘Sounds great,I just need to take care of something then I’m all yours.’                                               ‘Y/n is everything okay?’                                                                                      ‘Umm yeah,why?’                                                                                                ‘You don’t sound good.’                                                                                        ‘It’s because the stress and school but I’m fine really..So don’t worry i’ll see you in a hour.’ And with that I hung up ‘Honey why don’t you take a break we’ll continue tomorrow.’I nodded and she kissed me on my head before walking away.                                                                                                                     I was outside the Animal clinic even if didn’t work today,I somehow had a feeling that Deaton would be here it’s basicaly his second home.So I walked in and then I saw Deaton doing something..’Hello Y/N what brings you here?’       ‘I need an advice.’ He stopped what he was doing and his full attention was on me now..’What for?’ I used my hand to lift his pencil from the desk and he looked confused ‘You’re a-’                                                                                 ‘A witch?Yeah.’I put a pencil back down.’But that’s impossible,it should at least once in 100 years.’ I looked at him..It can be surprising sometimes for a man who’s a vet to know this much about the supernatural..’Yeah I know,my mom told me everything.’ He looked at me confused and smiling at the same time..’So for what the you need my advice?’ I looked around the room..’I don’t know how to tell Scott’                                                                                         ‘Easy,he won’t be mad..Believe me.’ I just nodded my head ‘Thank you Deaton.’ He nodded back ‘Anytime!’                                                                                                                                                                                                  I was outside Scotts front door getting courage to finally knock,but then the door opened ‘Hey baby!’ I put a fake smile on my face ‘Heeey!’  He hugged me and felt every nerve in my body tense..’I need to talk to you.’ He looked at me confused ‘Are you okay?’ I nodded ‘Yeah it’s just I need to tell you something but I don’t know how so I’m just going to show you.’ He still was looking..so I started making that energy ball from this morning and Actually it worked..’How did you do that?’                                                                                                 ‘I’m a witch.’ He looked at me with his mouth  almost opened..’You’re what?”     ‘Believe me I had the same reaction as you right now and I get if you think that I’m some freak.’ I looked down but then I felt his hand on my chin..’You’re not a freak I just got surpriesed..I think that’s pretty awsome..’ I smiled ‘You do?’And the he smiled too ‘Yeah and now I have a badass witch in my pack.’ I couldn’t help but smile louder and the he kissed me.The feeling was great. 

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Is it weird to do a podcast by yourself? I don't know anyone else as interested in games as much as I am and I don't want to make my fiancé do it.

You should probably try to find a structure that helps keep you on track and gives you a place to move on to so you aren’t just rambling like a lunatic. I could see a daily/weekly news report thing make sense as a solo joint? I don’t know, it’d be hard to keep something like that going, I think.

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I hate tomtord with a passion but your art is fantastic 👌👌👌 your style is cute.

Wow, I’m actually quite surprised. Thank you! I could assure you that anybody else in the ew fandom who despises TomTord would’ve started something with me in a heartbeat. And I know that is going to happen but do I really care? No. Even if they are exposing me for the ‘terrible person’ that I am, its a huge waste of time for me and a waste of time for them. They’re a bunch of strangers who’s opinion doesn’t matter to me. I’m glad you are not one of those people, love!

okay, so i hit 200 followers the other day ( and i will probably do something else as well ), but i think because i’ve hit that milestone i’m going to do a permeant starter call. so here’s the deal, if you like this you give me permission to do the below and vice versa:

  • tag you in random starters
  • send you memes at god knows what hour
  • generally just talk to you because i want some friends
  • plot with you guys because sometimes everyone needs to plot
  • plan AUs etc.
  • scream at general about characters from tv shows
  • just generally being friends and plotting and stuff ( yes i’m repeating all the above ) but you know. 

so yes, if you like this you will automatically become a friend of lee. also, if you like this this means you have the permission to message me whenever, plot, send memes etc. thanks for sticking with me.

   lee xx

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so, hi! do you think Harry could perform with Ed Sheeran tomorrow? Mtv said Ed is going to debut a new a song with somebody else and Ed said that its a big secret and people will go nuts.

ohhh a surprise duet?? that is interesting but ed has collaborated with tons of musicians in the past and present so it could be anyone at this point

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Wait, what new fic? (I dont read taz fan fiction im just nosy and it seems like theres drama?) if a kid wrote something dumb i hope ppl go easy on them... kids are stupid like, a LOT of the time yknow?

nah nothing’s happened that i know of, i was just hoping i could get some cautioning in before anything else… some 15yo wrote taako/a female OC, which isn’t right bc taako is a gay man

when i looked, the three comments weren’t too mean, just saying “hey taako’s gay and this isn’t a great thing you’re doing!” im just gonna stay out of it bc she doesn’t need any more telling beyond that

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I was watching "Hound" the other day, laughing as Mycroft rolled his eyes at Sherlock's latest antic when something popped into my head. We're told Sherlock likes to steal Mycroft's ID. And at the end of "Problem", Sherlock is shown running an ID badge to go to see Eurus. So, did big brother give him a badge of his own, or is he still stealing Mycroft's? -Michele

Hello! I do love both Sherlock’s thieving of Mycroft’s ID and Baskerville’s presumably face-blind security personnel who think Benedict could pass for Mark. But yeah, I don’t think he’s nicking IDs to get back to Sherrinford at the end of TFP - that seems to be something officially sanctioned happening on a regular basis, with requisitioned helicopters and all sorts. If nothing else then we see Mycroft and their parents going along for at least once trip - so he knows about it. And that must have been a really fun family day out.

What does it feel like to be an angel?

It’s so many things for me. Let’s begin.

Sometimes it’s hubris over humans. Sometimes I feel like I’m better because I’m different. I feel above because I’m not a part of them. But I always fall. What goes up, must come down.

So then it feels like rock bottom. It feels like questions and sorrow. Why did I choose to be here? Who put me here? I don’t understand. I can’t remember.

Which is when it starts to feel like the itch deep inside my mind that there’s something I’m forgetting. “There’s more,” it whispers, “there’s something else you do not know.” And it’s an itch I cannot scratch so I go searching. For others? For feelings? Who knows.

And that’s how it becomes a fickle mania. I dream of everything I’m missing. Music sounds euphoric and everyone has some hidden potential I’m suddenly eager to find. It’s when I want to change myself the most. It’s when I want to evolve into the thing I used to be. But the fear leaves me listless.

Finally, I rest in sturdy doubt. Surely, I couldn’t be the myth I draw into all of my sketch books. I am just a common human with uncommon dreams.

But I will always rise again. Ascension is my middle name.

That’s what it’s like to be an angel. It’s not all fun and games.

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Feel free not to answer this or link me to the answer if you get this question a lot but I've been trying to go vegan for-ev-er. My problem is I grew up eating meat, and nothing else makes me feel full or satisfied, not even the veggie burgers or tofu meals I've tried. I tried hummus and avacado and sweet potatoes, but I'm still craving something quote on quote fufilling. What filling foods do you like?

If I were you I’d try things like chickpeas, lentils, beans, tofu, quinoa, seitan, rice, pastas, seed breads, nuts and nut butters. They’re all very filling and nutritious, but honestly this might be psychological, as potatoes should be doing the trick, as should avocados. There is a chance that you’re just in the mindset that a meal isn’t “finished” until you’ve had a meat portion, so you could try increasing portions or substitute with some of the faux meat products to try and offset that in the short term. Here is a list of high calorie vegan foods, and here is a good list of vegan fats. You may also find my collection of vegan recipes helpful.

friendly reminder:  don’t underestimate the impact of you commenting or kudo’ing someone’s AO3 work (fic or podfic)

it may make the difference between someone wanting to continue to create new content or stopping

I periodically see people say that they feel bad that they don’t take the time to go back and click on something that they liked.  I think this is especially true with podfic, since typically one downloads it and listens away from the computer, whereas with fic you’re commonly right there when you finish reading, it’s easy to click on a kudo or leave a comment.  With podfic, there’s an extra step to go back and remember to give feedback.

I realize that I repeat this message periodically, but I think people need to be reminded of their power.  It literally makes the difference between someone working on something or putting it aside and doing something else.

If you like it, if the fic/podfic improved your day at all, let the creator know.  You may get more.

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That was beautiful, your gifs are beautiful, everything is beautiful! And do you know what I think DS picked the perfect day to close the forums, cause all the bitter moaning antis were probly going out of their minds as they had nowhere to spit their dummies out and that to me is beautiful too!!!! 😊😊😭😭😂😂😂😂

Ahh thank you ✌ it was gorgeous. All of it was gorgeous.

Those losers will have to find something else to do with their sad lonely lives.

So about PRIDE

I’m putting it on hold at the moment, as I actually translated all the raws I have. Some of you may know the chapters are no longer free to view on foxtoon, and I was originally going to translate the chapters as they unlocked, but there’s not much point doing that anymore, as apparently the chapters I translated became paid chapters now, lol. 

So, I’m just in the process of seeing about acquiring more raws, but I’ll have to see.  I’m just saying it’s on hold as I don’t exactly know when the next update will be. (I might just start translating something else in the meantime *wink*)

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How do i know if i want to date someone, just become better friends with them, want a partner like them but NOT them, or if it's none of those things but something else? And if i do want to date them, how do i know I'm ready for another responsibility like dating?

Hi friend,

Here is a similar ask on this topic I answered the other day. 

Along with this, though, a lot of the time you honestly just have to go for it and find what feels right. So long as you’re honest about your feelings with the person (not only beforehand, but throughout the relationship as well), there is nothing wrong with going on a date (or two or three) and then realizing that this is not the person for you. 

As for how you know if you’re ready for dating, this is very much between you and God. Talk to Him about this. Tell Him everything you’re thinking and feeling, and ask Him to help you to know if you’re ready or not. 

Generally, I think it’s best that you be solid in both your relationship with Christ and your relationship with yourself before beginning a third relationship with someone else; however, I realize that everyone is different and everyone’s journey is different. It’s just something to think about. Relationships require sacrifice and selflessness, so if you’re not ready for either of those things, you may not be ready for a relationship. 

All my love,