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bts reaction to them being the "other man"?

I’m going to assume this is a third wheel situation, and I kinda incorporated that the reader was in an open relationship which would cause this.
If you wanted something different, let me know. This got real angsty real fast.


When you had told him about you other lover, he would feel distraught. He’d devoted so much of his time to you, and to know you weren’t doing the same with him? It would make him feel… Worthless. The fact that he was just another man on the side and you would even flake on him for the man you’d been with when you’d started seeing Seokjin, it tore him up.

He would try to tell you in the nicest way, “Y/n, unless you’re serious about me, I don’t know if we’ll work out.”


He would be upset. He would try to not let his anger show, but it was inevitable. Whether it was the other members finding out how you’d made him feel, or him verbally getting frustrated, he’d have some sort of rage building up.

He, like Seokjin, couldn’t stand that you weren’t his and his alone. He would sigh, look you straight in the eyes and say, “I can’t believe you’ve been using me on the side like this.”


He would laugh at first, in disbelief at what you had just told him. When you said you were being serious, his face would drop. His smile was gone, he fell quiet and his stare grew cold.

He would grab your shoulders and snap, “Are you kidding me? You’ve been playing me this entire time? I thought you were mine…


He would take a deep inhale and sigh. He should’ve known it was too good to be true, that you would probably have someone else you put over him, however he didn’t want to believe it.

He’d take your hand into his own, look you in the eyes and have this look of sadness behind them.

“All I want to know, is why you would hide this from me.”


Jimin would be in shock. His hands would clench into fists and it would take everything in him not to flip out.

“Yah… Why did you hide something like this from me? And why wait after so long? Do you even know how I feel about you, huh? Do you know how it hurts me to hear this? I love you so much, and you just– you won’t even let me fully have you…”


Taehyung would be in shock, too. He would maybe laugh it off nervously like, “What do you mean? That can’t be right,” until you confirmed it was, and he let out a heavy sigh.

His lips would twist into a frown, crossing his arms and acting in that childish manner you had seen so many times before until he spoke up.

“Y/n, I don’t even know what to say. I’m… Disappointed.”


His mouth would drop and your hand would fall out of his grasp. He would look at you in bewilderment, searching your expression for any hint of “I’m just teasing you,” but he couldn’t find it anywhere.

His lips would form into a tight line, eyes closing and taking a moment to process this information. Moments later, he looked back up at you and said, “I’m not even sure how to respond… How could you not tell me and let me grow feelings like this if you won’t reciprocate them the same? I– Y/n…”

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So what does Mace Windu do with himself in the Happy AU? After all, he went from being the man who couldn’t bring himself to kill Dooku on Geonosis to being prepared to execute Palpatine after their duel. Does he try to get back to the Jedi he used to be? Take on a new Padawan and go wherever the Force blows him? Maybe try and convince a young bounty hunter making a name for himself that there are different paths he can take?

Well, Mace Windu is first and foremost a Jedi. And after the war Ends, the Jedi aren’t exactly in the best position. They’ve lost a lot of good men and women, public opinion of them is very mixed, they’ve had to change up their attachment policies and a few others, and they deal with a senate that is not ready to let them continue live in this sort of "above the law place" they’ve grown used to.

So, Mace’s first objective is rebuilding. Figuring out how to be Jedi in peace again, figure out how many are left, what to do with padawans who lost their masters, finding people to teach the Youglings, deal with the senate somehow. Mace throws himself into this work.. It’s not stuff that’s fun, it doesn’t make him happy to see how many good people died in that senseless war, but it’s something he can do. As long as he works, he doesn’t have to acknowledge how he himself has changed. As long as he complains about the attachment policy being changed he doesn’t have to wonder if they maybe were wrong all along.

He can’t escape this musings forever, of course. Mace Windu is not a stupid man, on the contrary, he’s actually really intelligent. He has to eventually deal with the fact that the Jedi as a group failed, that the Council as a group failed. I wouldn’t say everyone failed individually, because on their own, all of them did what they could, but as a group, they failed, and Mace (and everyone else) has to deal with that.

About the changes in his way of dealing with hostiles… I think the crux of the matter here is that Mace became a sodier. He wasn’t originally, and he never meant to be one, but in three years of brutal war, Mace became a soldier instead of a peace keeper. And that is one of the issues he has to deal with now. The Jedi were always meant to be peace keepers, but they’re all soldiers now, whether they like it or not.

Mace has to deal with this, both on a personal level (figure out what it means for himself) and on a profesional level (how to deal with an order of soldiers). And that takes a while, it takes a long, long time. Eventually, he does end up taking a new padawan, but that’s years down the line (it’s one of Obi-Wan and Satines kids).

Not before he has things figured out for himself, though. He wants to teach the kid, not drag it down with him.