i was going to do serious fan art


The one silver medal that means more to Viktor than any of his own gold medals.

I have a few prompts sitting in my inbox but I couldn’t let go of this one! It turned a bit more serious as I was doing it, but. It was a great prompt @bauliya thank you for the prompt! <3

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Is your former teacher aware that you live off of art now?

nope! not sure she would care, either. BUT i did get a kind of petty sort of “IN YOUR FACE” moment my senior year @ this teacher, though

she actually retired when i was entering my senior year, and she was replaced with a teacher that was coming in from another school. this teacher was really nervous, and couldn’t quite find a footing. she was afraid she would make the art department look bad

i was one of, i think, 3 advanced art students??? and she told us “do whatever you want, pick a subject from this, interpret it, it’s fine” because she was just stressed with the workload

at the end of that year, our school was placed into something called the “art conference show” which showcased and rewarded students in the visual arts from 8 different schools. in that show i won best in painting, students’ choice, and best of show. i had to get interviewed. it was absolutely terrifying

but the new teacher was so relieved, she thanked me. and that teacher that told me i had absolutely no future in this field stayed in town so i know her hearing about it wasn’t something she could avoid


if you have an art teacher that’s supportive right up until you mention you’re serious, take no shit. go behind this teacher’s back, and work. and work and work. there comes a point where you can learn faster than what’s being taught. do the assignments, get work done, and then advance yourself. if you’re in high school, you don’t have to rely on their blessing to advance.

sorry this is so late!! @atomicmangos

okay so after narrowing it down to a few pieces of yours, i ran into this one and had a serious flashback moment. ive never really stuck with a fandom before and after finding out about this show, star vs the forces of evil, i found this incredible community on tumblr!! the artwork the fics, everything was so beautiful! i ran into your account and was immediatley starstruck ( ;0 ), i spent that entire afternoon rummaging through your posts and looking at them over and over again and i started to fall in love with the show and your art style, and began to give it a go at svtfoe fan art.

i saw you were doing a livestream and i was PUMPED, i made an account in the blink of an eye, sat down, and i was just in a trance watching the magic behind your drawings. it was this exact drawing that you were streaming, and i remember how careful you were with the colors and how tedious it looked, yet how graceful you made the entire process. you interacted with everyone and made the stream an enjoyable experience. everything about this drawing is perfect and absolutely stunning, it catches my eye everytime and i remember what an incredible amount of work you put into this.

thats where i made the account i have today, and i made my first reblog, i went to more and more of your streams, more and more people came, and soon enough you were our mango mom. i met my most treasured friends because of those streams and i dont know what the heck id be doing if i didnt run into your art! i probably wouldn’t be on tumblr, i wouldn’t have grown as an artist, and i would’ve never developed my own personal style. but i did and im so so happy with how things turned out and seeing you grow and make even more impossibly perfect artwork makes me tear up a little :’)

so i trace it all back to this drawing and to this day, one of my favorite things to do is go to your streams and have an awesome time, just like the first day.

congrats on 10k mom, i love you so so so much and i adore you in every sense! thank you for introducing me to the world of art on tumblr and to such an incredible show that has helped me grow as an artist, i cant thank you enough for all of the inspiration you have brought to this community!

ill be here for the next 10k, and furthermore <3

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First I know your using statcounter thanks to ghostery and I have a block in so you can't see where I am. Second how do you and your swen club live yourselves. You all are a bunch of hateful little whiny brats who spend there days harassing fans, the writers of the show and Colin and the rest of the cast cause just because you can't have your little ship on the show. Grow up and stop being so hatful.

There is some serious performance art going on in this ask.


‘Tears which were stinging her eyes before were now swelling and clouding her vision.  Her fingers became coated with frost again and her hands felt cold, like the ice she weaved so easily, and she clenched them tight.

“No, I’m dangerous. I’m no good. I’m a freak, a murderer, a monster…” she whimpered, feeling tired and defeated.  Closing her eyes, she felt a tear sliding down her cheek and she shivered.  “So please… just leave me alone, before you get hurt… please…”

She stood there trembling in agonizing silence, letting herself fall apart again, except this time she felt a sudden warmth clutch around her fists gently loosening them and fingers intertwining.  

Startled, she snapped her eyes open and saw that her frost coated fingers were now intertwined with Hiccup’s own.  They were rough and scarred, but warm and strong—she found a sudden adoration for them, as peculiar as it may have sounded.  Then again, she was a pretty peculiar person. 

“I’m not Anna,” Hiccup said softly and she felt a stab of guilt and shame. “And you’re not a monster.”



So yeah, this scene is one of my favorites (kinda have to read it in context, otherwise it won’t make sense but hopefully you guys still get the gist of what’s going on, because it was just so beautiful I had to draw it o3o)  That story is so heartbreakingly amazing, you guys just have to read.  Go.  Read.  Now.  I’m serious.  

(On a side note, I don’t think I’ve ever spent this much time actually making a comic strip this detailed, I usually make them more sketchy but for once in my life I actually wanted to make this pretty and detailed—the whole thing—so yeah.  Wow.  What do you guys think, did I do good?)

Internet Famous FMA AU cont.

Ling: runs a food blog, a political blog, AND a fencing blog. his food blog is so good it’s considered dangerous when you’re hungry. his political blog is very well organized and serious. he only recently moved to into town so you can see backpacking snapchats of his travels and one iconic vine of him whispering ‘this is how you get away with anything in a foreign country’ *raises voice* ‘Sorry I no really understand this country language! Okay, bye bye now!’ 
Lan Fan: I really want her and Fuu to run a gym/martial arts place and be like personal trainers/professional martial arts demonstrators. So say Ling’s new to the city and finds a gym/dojo or whatever run by this old man and his supER HOT GRANDDAUGHTER?? the moment ling sees her he’s like well. shit. i guess i’m signing up for this gym give me that membership i’m coming here everyday
It’s mostly Lan Fan who runs the blog for obvious reasons and she does loads of demonstration videos or how to vids of training regimes and techniques and exercises in which she explains the pros and cons and what muscles they improve or build. She promotes the classes they hold at the gym and then for fun she does requests for martial arts forms - say, tai chi routines, or choreographed karate sequences/forms. someone asks if she can do gymnastics or things like that and she pulls out a set of uneven bars and a balance beam. ‘i bet you can’t do a standing backflip’ says a douchebag self-proclaimed ‘athlete’. Lan Fan’s next post is her doing like 10 backflips in a row

when Ling finally convinces Lan Fan to go out with him he takes like a million selfies of them and cajoles her into showing up on his fencing blog as his sparring partner and is like ‘looooooookkkkkk guys shes so cuteeeeeeeee AND she can incapacitate a guy in five seconds’ 
random Lan Fan’s hot bod appreciation posts crop up every so often on Ling’s blogs…he makes gifs of lan fan’s very serious demonstrations of proper martial arts forms and cuts to the really ‘sexy’ parts and puts subtitles like ‘too sexy for my shirt’ ‘50 shades of kick my ass’ (because sometimes Lan Fan makes videos in just her sports bra and yoga pants on she’s not always so revealing but it’s really warm in the gym and she wants to make sure people can see the proper form and how to perform certain moves clearly) 
there’s also a very famous vine of him trying to go for a run with Lan Fan like ‘come on babe let’s go for a run- wait what *panting* babe wait up babe slow down’ as she just fucking passes him and disappears into the distance (it’s titled 'when you try to show off in front of the bae’)
Lan Fan’s blog starts getting requests like 'can we see ling on one of your videos???? PLEASEEEEEEEEE’ Ling’s like 'awesome do a self-defence video!!’ and it’s just a good 20 mins of Lan Fan beating Ling up and showing people how exactly to kick a dude in the crotch
she finally shows ling her guilty pleasure food blog and that’s where all the 'look at ling he’s passed out on the floor from hunger’ videos and 'look at this food bill ohmygod’ videos go
also some more ling videos on the exercise blog are just him being like 'so do i just-’ and he tries to do a backflip and he lands on his ass

Doodle: Oh dear, Another Dogged Contender

He’s going to be my new favorite character to draw isn’t he? Aw geez, I still feel AWFUL for thinking he’s a spoiled little prick (wearing the same itchy rags =/=pampered). His dialogue’s pretty polite all the way, even though his brother mopped the floor with my FACE. What’s worse is there’s a possibility that letting the flames go out is the right thing, and that’s what he’s been doing. Trying to relight the flame makes but holes out of a lot of important people. Hey, that’s just my idiotic speculation from the items descriptions I’ve read so far. Why does he have popcorn? Nothing special, I thought it would be funny if I paint something all serious and have some nonsense hanging about.

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Tori, can you imagine? Ghost Hunters AU where Keith studies energy fields, fairy roads and has an EMF reader then he joins up with Voltron Ghost Hunter Crew ( or, more professionally, The Voltron Study of the Paranormal at Altea University, but no one calls them that ) and Voltron is an ancient legend rumoured to be buried somewhere around where they live, someone who saved the universe, and has been an obsession of theirs ( and Keith's ) for a while.

Cass, I AM ALL ON BOARD FOR THIS LIKE? THIS IS SO MY EXPERTISE. So therefore, I want to propose the Ghost Hunting Crew:

-Pidge is the official researcher for the team that digs into the background of their cases. Pidge lives off coffee, because their constantly trying to stay awake when at the library after long nights of investigation. Pidge also joins in on investigations, switching between helping Hunk with the tech equipment (they fill in for Hunk when he’s not available) or actually going out an investigating.

-Hunk is the Equipment Manager. He’s the king of this. He knows the best equipment to record various different situations, Thermal camera, EVP, EMF, Magnetic field Measurer,  ect. He can have an investigation set up and ready to go in less than 2 hours. There is never technical difficulties when he’s around. 

-Shiro is the Case Manager. He does initial research, qualifies ghost hunting leads and coordinates the investigation. Aside from Keith, he’s been around the longest due to past experiences that thrust him into the field only a year prior to him joining the team his Freshman Year. 

-Lance is an Investigator and Occultist Specialist. He’s the expert on he weird cases, because he believes a little more strongly than the others in the odder parts in the paranormal world. (Duh, he thought the Castle of Lions was 100% haunted). Out of everyone else on the team, Lance is the one to automatically jump to paranormal solutions, causing some trouble for him in the past, so the others are working on getting him to think it through before he jumps conclusions. 

-Keith is the Lead Investigtor. This role is reserved for the most experienced of the group. Keith is the final decider on all investigation plans and approves the roll call for members on each investigation. Keith is pretty solid on all his decisions, knowing exactly what talent he wants on each mission and who he wants to pair together for the nights. However, when the actual investigation begins, Keith sometimes makes real rash decisions, chasing after really dangerous situations and putting himself in threatening positions to get good evidence. 

-Allura and Coran are investigators but they’re also Evidence Analysts. They have better attention spans and eyes than most humans, so they normally tag team and wait up hours going over all the footage and audio for potential paranormal activity. Sometimes Pidge, Hunk and Keith will come and join to help out, but Lance avoids this job like the plague

-Although their main focus is on the legends of Voltron, the often accept calls for help from families and businesses suffering from paranormal activity in their buildings. They’re main goal is to disprove first,  and to keep their clients needs above all else. Thy’re popularity is steadily growing because of this, (and it is most definitely not because they are the hottest paranormal investigators ever)

-Bonus: Lance is the screecher. When something moves on the camera or he hears something you can be pretty sure Lance is opening his mouth and jumping thirty feet in the air. He doesn’t run, since he could loose his spot on the team for such a move, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get startled easily and swear like a sailor. 

-They all have matching black jackets with their names on the back and their Paranormal Investigators logo on the front (which is a lion and V.S.P.A.U, as Lance pronounces it Ves-Pow!)

-They have large black vans to move their equipment in with V.S.P.A.U written on the side. But despite their obvious trying at getting people to refer to their official name, everyone just calls them the Voltron Ghost Hunting Crew. 

-It’s been established that Keith and Shiro deal with clients one on one because the last time they had someone else do it (Lance and Pidge) someone couldn’t stop using memes when explaining the investigation and the other couldn’t stop making terrible ghost puns. (I will not tell you who’s who)

-Every year, they have a ‘end of the season’ investigation where they go back to the popular Voltron locations once a year and do a full investigation. Every year is slightly different, but Keith and the other’s will not quit.

-They take their job real seriously, so they don’t allow cameras or more crew than absolute necessary with them on investigations. They want to avoid as much interference as possible. 

(I like legit want fan art of the Voltron crew standing in front of their paranormal van in matching jackets with their logos looking like they’re all real serious when we know their not)


Request from @deaflock .
I wanted to use this post to say that I love you all so much. I’m serious. Your support means a lot to me, it means that someone really likes what I do and this is so amazing.
Have a nice day

( Also, if you want to erase all this text part in the reblogs, go for it, no problem ^^)

So, sadly (or not) Scrooge and I are both alike and I don’t have that xmas spirit, but I wanted to give a special gift for you during these days: sharing some of my treasured pearls! It was hard to pick just 11; there are lots of talented artists over here! Most are my mutuals and I had the chance to speak with them, and I can assure you they’re not only amazing artists but also pure sweethearts. Humble people who deserve more love. That’s why I’m doing this. Let’s begin.

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Heard about PJO ship weeks from a friend and did a thing that is slightly less messy than my other drawings for this week’s ship! Sally Jackson x Poseidon

Not sure if I’ll be able to do all of the weeks but Imma try ψ(`∇´)ψ I was trying to go for a less serious mood


This Week in #hiphopart … Rappers in 8-bit

To see more rappers in 8-bit, check out @8bithiphop on Instagram. For more music stories, head to @music.

Today in #hiphopart … rappers meet old-school video games. The work of @8bithiphop comes to us from Chris Hurrt, a 23-year-old artist living in San Francisco. Chris came up with the idea during a college assignment on infographics. While others chose more serious topics like war, he went with the many moods of Kanye West, designing each of his outfits in 8-bit style. Pleased with the results, Chris figured he’d make it a long-term project. “I decided, you know what?” he says, “I’m going to take this full force and I’m going to do one every day.”

––Instagram @music

Kay Faraday from Ace Attorney: Mile Edgeworth Investigations

I realize I should be working on other things like studying for two up-coming EOCs, but I was browsing through pictures of Kay and I noticed that none of them seemed “serious” (as in, Kay her self was serious, not that the picture was professionally done) and so I wanted to do a serious picture. I also wanted to test out a new painting method and I think I like it. I’m going to attempt to paint the Kaishin/Kaicon picture I drew before similarly :D