i was going to do more but i have lots of stuff i need to be working on

So I’ve been seeing a lot of complaining about the finale but I’m still excited about the upcoming season, and I want to find other people who are too! So if you want some more positivity on your dash and are looking forward to s11, this is the network for you :) [Gif credit]


  • Follow the dancing queen
  • Reblog this post and in the tags, write the thing(s) you are most excited about for next season
  • No survey cause that’s a lot of work and I have stuff to be doing
  • I want to admit as many people as possible, so I’ll try to add a few more people every week or so until the season starts!
  • Must reach at least 50 notes or Jensen will stop dancing
  • Once you’re admitted, I’ll send you a message with the things I need from you, and make sure you start tracking #spns11positivitynet! :)

And that’s it! Go forth and smile, my children

riothiei asked:

Okay Bro I wanna try that Intermittent Fasting thing you always talk about for fat loss since a lot of people are doing it, and you and the Hodgetwins have going on about it since 2012. How do I start and what do I do?

So you finally want to try Intermittent Fasting after ALL This time

I knew you’d come around. So lets get to it  and help you start 

Intermittent Fasting. and how I personally use it

So for 16-18 hours of the day I am not eating anything, just water or stuff with zero calories.

Then I get all the calories I need in an 6-8 hour feeding window. Before there was that Goddamn Bro Science that you need to Eat 6 small meals a day. And for some people it works but for me I hate it, Im just nibbling on meals and Im still hungry afterwards so when TMW got me into this I said sure why the hell not.

The way this works is it gives your body a break from eating so it can spend more time digesting and when you are in a fasted state you burn more fat.

So I typically eat my meals between the times below. and that can be as many as 4 meals, 5 meals, 8 haha but typically I eat four times a day.

10:00am - 6:00pm
12:00pm - 8:00pm
1:00pm - 9:00pm

As long as my meal consumption are in those time slots and Im still in a deficit then I’m gold. Though sometimes if i want to speed up my fat loss I’ll shorten the feeding window to like a 4 hour one like

1:00pm - 5:00pm
12:00pm - 4:00pm

Personally I notice when you don’t eat 4 hours before bed you wake up looking a lot more cut so thats why I typically stay with a 10am-6pm on a regular basis. You can do this while bulking aswell. It just keeps off unnecessary chub.

Now I will say you have to go through an Adaptation period where your body becomes accustomed to not eating when you just want to chew on somethin, you’re not hungry you’re bored. But then it becomes SO easy after 3 days, though results may vary. What helps though is drinking plenty of water when you are in your fasted state

You need to DRINK Water in your fasted state, DONT Fast on water thats just Stupid.

Also I’ve found Intermittent Fasting gives me a lot more Spare energy and it helps me sleep better at night and ya know my schedule is very busy cause

I got College 

I got Work

I got Clients to Train

I gotta make YouTube Videos

I gotta Workout 

etc etc.

So pick a time frame I know you can do and then tell me how your results are 


I’m trying to do adloquium‘s daily drawing thing now that I’m out of school because hot damn they improved fast and I think drawing every day will help me get motivated to draw a lot more and work on productive stuff like commissions actually this was going to be a speed drawing because I worked on commissions until like an hour before bed but then took an entire hour longer than it should have because photoshop kept crashing and I stayed up because I wanted to finish it >A>

My personal witchy challenge -

You see, I see so many posts about how to go about witchcraft and its very bewildering for a newb: do energy work, do shadow work, do spirit work, become a devotee, stay godless, have a daily practise, but don’t let it consume you, read ALL THESE LINKS, read all these ancient ass grimoires, read everything about this dude ever, cleanse, banish, make your own sigils, don’t forget the astral, do this, do that, do the other etc…

I kinda wanted to write a really down to the bare bones witchy challenge. Its about personal learning, its very abstract and relies a lot on taking some time out of your day to do witchy stuff, learn about it. I focused on the things I felt I needed to learn more myself, instead of pursuing lots of far off and complex practises, its just about observing and being aware. Its about just taking a break from studying in the conventional way and learning to reflect and breathe in your practise. Its about applying your path to the everyday.

 When you reflect on the experience, try to do so both mundanely and magically, perhaps a paragraph on the physical experience and a paragraph on how you could apply this magically.

So this is mainly for me, but I’d thought I’d share it with others…

Go out in rain - write about it, do this ten times.

Go out on a warm day - write about it, do this ten times.

Go sit under a big ol’ tree, the same tree - write about it, do this ten times.

Go to the sea - write about it and bring something back.

Go to a city - write about it and bring something back.

Go to a park or field - write about it and bring something back.

Go to a graveyard - write about it and bring something back (be respectful… nothing from the headstones…)

Write about ten local plants and trees.

Write about ten local landmarks.

Sit in your house in silence for an hour - write about it.

Stare into a mirror for an hour - write about it.

Take a long bath - write about it.

Lie down and close your eyes for an hour (in silence if you can) - write about it, do this ten times. 

Visualise a protective shielding of energy around you - write about it, do this ten times.

Visualise a ball of energy between your palms - write about it, do this ten times.

Write a standard cleansing spell, make it minimal.

Write a standard banishing spell, make it minimal.

Write a standard way of charging items, make it minimal.

Write a standard protection spell, make it minimal.

What does it mean to be a witch? Write about this.

What does it mean to do magic? Write about this.

What is magic? Write about this.

use the tag #dogrose witchcraft challenge if you post about this.


Hey everyone! I need money for important things like going to school, and buying groceries, and paying rent, and overall just kinda living life without stress-crying at night over withering funds.

I’ve always loved doing art, but never done commissions (or posted very much of it online here) because I’ve always drawn with charcoal or other traditional mediums, and no one really commissions big traditional stuff. But thanks to one of my best friends, twistybrastrap​, I now have a tablet of my very own and am pumped to open commissions for anyone who wants them! 

I’m keeping them pretty cheap! Not a lot of people know me but hopefully someone will be interested in my art! I’m only accepting Paypal, since I’m not sure how to work any other money site things. ;_; 

Even if you’re not interested, reblogging/signal boosting would mean a lot! <33 Rates & rules are below the cut :3

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Lord god

I saw Old Bae today and I was dranking and looking at those arms boy. Let me tell you, I was drinking him in so slowly. He still looks good. And I looked good. And we had a little conversation, in our code as we do. He told me things are still the same with him, he’s working hard. He wanted to hear some good news, I told him I’d picked up fitness and I was lifting weights and all, he was happy for me. He was really excited when I told him I was going back to school. He told me there was a lot he wanted to talk about but not at the cookout. Not with eyes everywhere. Probably more “I really want to be with you” stuff. And he said it was hard without me. I miss him too, truth be told. But I maintained what I have since we broke up. He knows what I need for him and I to be together. He understands. But I miss waking up to those big brown eyes in the morning. So deep. So endless. So caring.

I wish we could have loved each other.

I just kinda needed to get this out there, just in case confessions go silent for a while.

As some of you may know, I had a brain hemorrhage last July. I have been doing really well with my recovery and what not until about February. I had an incident at work where I passed out. It was really scary. They told me to take it easy and just be careful. Fast forward to this week and I have been having a lot of dizzy spells and stuff. It eventually led to Thursday where I fainted again. I went to the doctor yesterday and they did some tests on my heart and they scheduled a CT scan (a scan of your brain) for next week and they told me no work until Thursday and I am really scared that they found something.

I just need to get this out there because I will probably be taking a hiatus if my CT scan doesn’t come back clean. If they find something, I will more than likely be admitted to the hospital again, so I will obviously not be able to make confessions. Hideaki said he will try to pick up where I leave off, including the stuff today. Today is the final day of Positive Week as well and confessions will be closed tonight as well. It’s been a lot to take in because no 23 year old should have to be dealing with this stuff. In case confessions go silent for a while, I want you to fill the box until it’s about to explode, ok? :3

I just needed to vent and get all of that out.

Be good to Hideaki too guys, ok? :3

baenher asked:

What language apps/ websites (other than Duolingo) do you use? What pros and cons do they have?

My language practice so far, honestly, has been (a) Duolingo and (b) reading the original French version of LM as I go through the Brick. ( I  really need to get a paper copy. Anyone know a good edition?), and occasionally trying to force my way through other French articles, mostly wikis and stuff, with my current knowledge and a dictionary >_> . I’ve just joined up with FrenchPod101, which has lots of downloadable material and has DIALOGUES I can listen along with, to get a feel for how the language works in practice. 

All of this is free, assuming you have a computer and an internet connection! 

Pros/Cons (I’m combining them because I think a pro for one person can be a con for another!):

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I’m not really sure what to do. I just feel kinda sad and unmotivated lately. I’m fine about the health stuff, like being on top of it and doing stretches, meds, going to docs. But I kinda feel like that’s all my life is now. I’m just some stupid cripple and fun / work / normal everyday stuff isn’t worth it any more since I can’t put 100% into it. I’m having a lot of trouble with that…

I’ve been feeling better, good enough to draw lately. But I get….nervous? anxious? I’m not sure. I don’t want to sit up and try to draw only to feel my arms weaken, to feel them shake or wobble. I’m sick of them only working at 20% of what I’m use too. I’m sick of being sick.

I know I need to just… get over it. I need to just force myself to draw, to work, to have fun. But it’s so hard lately. First time in a while I actually feel crippled and a little hopeless.

Everything hurts and I’m just so tired all the time… I wish I didn’t have to give up soda to lose weight to get random spurts of energy now haha…

Just feeling sad. Whining about it cause I don’t have it in me right now to push myself back up.

Last weekend I wrote about all the semester resolutions I did (and didn’t) accomplish this semester. I managed to pay all my bills and get pretty decent grades, but I really needed to take a look at my work-life balance. I was pulling really long days that were pretty draining and didn’t make a lot of time for self-care.

Going back to school while working 60+ hours a week has given me a new appreciation for the free time I had when I just had one 40-hour a week job. And even though I’m too old for summer break craziness, I am definitely feeling the need to relax and have a little more fun now that classes are over.

I do want to spend a lot more time on the blog and work on becoming 100% self-employed, but I need a break from working and schooling all the time.

I’m making the theme of my 2015 summer bucket list the summer of self-care.

When you spend 2/3 of your days in class and at work, you fall behind on a lot of things–TV shows, new books, taking naps, working on your five-year plan… But now that my finals meltdowns are out of the way, I can finally catch up on all the things I wanted to do and take some time for the stuff that makes existential crises a little more manageable.

See what’s on my Summer Bucket List at the Orphan Survival Guide!

Patiently waiting for the fandom to chill so i can scroll the swan queen tag for actual swan queen stuff. At this point im gonna make my only post bout this(and the only one tagged in the cap swan tag ever, i promise): Didnt see swens go crazy, but if a few did, well there are a few cray in every fandom out there, no need for blame to go around. Not really for tagging the actresses cuz they usually dont have full control over that stuff(and really they dont control PR and stuff). Dunno about jen doing or not the photo with colin, but people CHILL she would not change a pre made agreement(thats already selling i think?) cuz of fandom. Lets all breath and wait for the actual thing to happen and create more fics and fanarts(in our own respective tags) It sucks right now for everyone, to some more than the others, but for all of us. (And im probably ignorant about a lot of stuff happening cuz I work saturdays too) Peace out babies!

  • I have to do uncomfortable things today but I need to do them so that I don’t mess things up even more for families / the school
  • I cannot be visibly angry when I feel like there is little to no communication at work
  • I said I would stay, but I will start shopping around for other jobs today. If I find stuff I like within a week, I will maybe let my boss know??
  • I cannot sleep and I woke up so hungry, so I cannot yell at myself for eating a lot for breakfast
  • I have 2 days of work before I go to Philadelphia and no lie I’m kiiinda nervous about doing a weekend away with the boy (what if we hate each other’s guts??? What if we’re different vacation people??) but for the most part I’m excited?? Idk who I am.
  • Something needs to change

So, what do I do on Tumblr? Do I treat it like my Twitter? Or do I post meaningful things? Hnnng.

Well, we started making Specimen 12 last week, have all the animations done. Working on the actual level now, it’s looking pretty nice so far. I’m pretty proud of it.

I’m starting to stream a lot more, following an actual schedule and all that. It’s a weird feeling to me, since, I’m not used to having daily schedules. My days usually consist of me doing what I need to take care of at random times, day or night. Anyways, yeah, schedules, it’s weird.

Flying out to LA on Thursday of this week for Scare to Care and filming an episode of Hot Pepper Gaming a few days after Scare to Care. Lot of cool stuff going on. I’m excited to see where life is going. Thanks everyone for the Spooky’s support but also the support you guys give me as a person.

Tell me what you wanna see out of my Tumblr, Spooky stuff, me stuff, random stuff not related to anything. I wanna hear from you guys. K, bye <3

Hi everyone!

I’d like to publicly say hello to all my followers. All 2 of them. Ahah, I’m kidding, we’re a bit more than that already =P 

It’s always a pleasure to see every new follower that comes along. It means a lot, it really does!

Thanks for being there and looking at my work. And thanks for the likes and reblogs, they make me happy ^^

Any kind of feedback is also appreciated, and the asks are open to anyone. 

I’ll be posting new stuff soon. 

Also, I’d like to let you know, I’m going to start reblogging things I find interesting (art related, mostly), cause I think it makes sense to do so - and also to keep my blog active, cause I don’t always have new things to post everyday!

I need to work a bit on my layout here, include the links to each tag and an info page or something. I haven’t been feeling very focused on that, and I haven’t had much time to just sit here and concentrate… *sigh* it’s frustrating, but I’m sure I’ll find the right time and focus soon enough, so hang in there! ;D

Woke up early and had a 20 minute brisk walk on the treadmill today. It was horrible. But I feel great and I’m super proud of myself.

I really need to start exercising so I’m gonna try to do that two more times this week. Then I’m gonna try to do it 4 times next week, then 5 the week after that. After I get used to doing it every day I’m gonna try to go for a longer time. I’m also going to try really hard to eat healthier. I’m just going to try to cut out a lot of the really shitty junk and add some small stuff like fruits or something. I’ll probably have to start bringing lunch to work though ‘cause there is nothing healthy about Tim Hortons and I always over eat at work.