i was going to do more but i have lots of stuff i need to be working on

An Open Letter the the Xkit Guy

You are a wonderful and fantastic human being. The fact that you’re in college and doing this is so mindblowingly awesome I hope you get all the job offers one day.

Very few people on this website appreciate your work. I’m going to bet a lot of them don’t understand how much coding you’re actually doing. My dash seems to be freaking out cause apparently you’ve disappeared. For some reason people just expect you to spend all your time fixing tumblr for free.

That being said, finals are coming up and I can only assume you have a bunch of papers and projects and stuff you need to do. Please don’t worry about us. We can handle being inconvenienced. Please get lots of sleep and eat a real meal. Make sure you’re healthy and good. Focus on college. Your personal life is more important than one click posting and undoing tumblr fuck ups.

You do a lot for us. It’s time to do stuff for you. Thank you for everything.

you know what…. there’s a lot of stuff i have to work on in myself but like.. i’m trying to work on it! and you know i’ve come a long way from where i was. i’m more self aware of my shortcomings and i’ve made progress in those areas. a bad day isn’t going to destroy that progress. making mistakes is normal and human and i shouldn’t fault myself for the ones i make. as long as i make an effort  to grow then i should realize i’m trying my best and give myself the respect and understanding i offer other people. i’m doing good and life is good and i am good and i need to remember that.

Boyfriend Minhyuk
  • watching him dance in the studio then pulling you to the middle of the floor and making you dance with him
  • him grumbling but secretly liking it when you interrupt him dancing
  • “oo y/n, what are you doing here?”
  • “i missed you”
  • *pretends to be all huffy and puffy but smiles when his back is turned to you*
  • sleeping at the studio with him
  • ^ including cuddling for warmth
  • just smiling and observing him dance
  • carries things for you into the apartment like groceries and bags and stuff bc he doesn’t want you to get hurt
  • gets butterflies when he sees you walk into the room
  • “how are you?”
  • “g-good..!”
  • dongmin ends up doing it for him
  • “hey.. minhyuk wants to know if you want to go out with him”
  • “wha-”
  • his natural hands are  either always placed around your shoulder or your waist, there is no other place
  • when he warms up to you, he’ll start to randomly visit you and randomly surprise you with coffee and wRAP HIS ARMS AROUND YOUR TORSO AND CLASP HIS HANDS TOGETHER AND KISS YOUR NECK WHILE TELLING HIM HOW MUCH HE LOVES YOU
  • standing over your shoulder and watching your nimble fingers text him while he’s standing right there without your knowledge
  • likes to kiss your hand then your jawline
  • cleaning WITHOUT you having to ask
  • coming home to food already on the table
  • “you cooked?!”
  • “mmm” just as he slides out your chair for you
  • chivalry is absolutely not dead while dating minhyuk if you haven’t noticed
  • minhyuk always trying to pay for food when you two dine out
  • buying you balloons, stuffed animals, and toys when you two are at a carnival
  • “y/n, here!”
  • “hm?”
  • *he kisses you on the cheek*
  • he’ll always keep an eye on you even when you’re not together like texting your parents and your friends just to make sure you’re safe
  • him watching you sleep and thinking about how much he loves you
  • never taking it to the next step without your full understanding and permission
  • him messing with your hair like dragging it across your face randomly and playing with it
  • helping him style his own hair
  • minhyuk flipping through channels on the tv as you fall asleep laying on his chest
  • him then carrying you to bed and laying you down as softly as he can so he makes sure to not wake you up
  • waking up to him dancing in the living room
  • “good morning y/n!”
  • you just leaning against the doorframe of your bedroom in his oversized clothes and just smiling at how lucky you are to be with someone that cares as much as he does about you

hey, guys. im really ashamed to be at this point again, but i dont know what else i can do.

i managed to hold a shitty mcdonalds job for a few months, and i really loved being self sufficient. it felt a lot better to have my own money and not rely on others for support, but i couldnt keep going because my depression was (and is) giving me hell. i dont have enough motivation to work right now.

soon, i might be escaping my emotionally abusive parents and living in supported accommodation. thats the goal right now. if i do get there, ill only be given enough money to pay for food, travel and my telephone bill, pretty much. so i guess what im asking for is any money you can spare. my binder is nearly broken, travel to gender clinic in london wont be covered. stuff like that.

thats if i DO get supported accommodation. if theres no space, ill need a hell of a lot more money to try and get a cheap hotel somewhere or some shit, because its unsafe for me to stay in this house.

i appreciate that people cant spare money, even if theyd like to. if thats the case, even reblogging this post would help a lot.

if you can help, though, my paypal is soso98662@gmail.com.

id be happy to give evidence about the supported accommodation if anybody is sceptical.

thank you for reading.

A special thanks to all my Followers! Free-Stuff!

AstronomicalWonders hit 10k followers a few days ago! When I first made this blog I never thought it would be this popular and now it’s only a few hundred away from 11k.  Ever sense I hit 10k I’ve been thinking of things I could do to thank you all because I’ve had a great time maintaining this blog.

I have decided that I’m going to give away a free telescope to a lucky follower:

It’s pretty basic (made with beginners in mind) and comes with all the stuff you need. I have one just like it and it works really well. You can see the rings of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter with it. You can also view everything in Messier’s Catalog. This includes objects such as the Andromeda galaxy (M31), the Orion Nebula (M42), the Crab Nebula (M1) and a lot more!

Here are the rules of the telescope raffle:

  • you have to be following AstronomicalWonders
  • the winner will be randomly chosen from those who reblog this post (to ensure that a “dead” blog doesn’t win)
  • The raffle will go on for at least a week. I will announce if I decide to make it longer.
  • you have to tell me how you like it when you win!

Here’s some info about the telescope:

  • 76mm aperture reflector optical tube
  • Moveable tube for ease of navigation for viewing
  • Lightweight, portable
  • Two eyepieces included

I would just like to say thank you again and, to those of you who have been following me sense the early days, I would like to tell you I am especially grateful!

(thanks for giving me an excuse to use more Carl Sagan gifs)

Got tagged by @k-o-a

A little self positivity and promo fun. List your 5 favorite fics and/or art pieces that you’ve done so far(and say why if you want) and then tag some friends!

1. This is one of my favourites done recently. I really like the details, and the shift of the style that happened. Also I generally like such flower ornaments, and such pseudo-artsy compositions and elements. I really want to play more with this style, but I guess it doesn’t fit OPM at all orz. There are still mistakes, I need to find out what kind of line thickness I should use. For example here, hair might have been done using too thin lines, and as such gets really pixaleted and unreadable after scaling down the picture.

2. Still best coloring I’ve done recently. Oh sure she’s still kind of 2D I could work more on better shadows and contrast.. but I kinda like the low contrast, not overly shiny version. I’d fix her hair and stuff, but I kinda want to paint something so soft and pretty again. I need to start drawing other stuff than OPM I know. But I love the fandom so much, can’t quit it.

3. In a sense this was my first Genos. He doesn’t even yet look much like Genos, it was before I got more practice drawing him haha. But I really like it as a painting.  The colors, the shading. Also his eyes were a lot of fun. Could use work on hair.

4. Another case of I WANT TO DRAW SOMETHING LIKE THIS AGAIN. No seriously I was on such a roll initially and drew like 4 pairing pictures. in week or two. Then I lost it, and I no longer can do that sensualy pairingy things. OTL. I guess I started making them more like the dorks they are but…. COME BACK TO MEEEEEE

5. Speaking of dorks, yeah this is how I more started to portray them later hahaha. I really like the soft and simple coloring here. I want to experiment with this too, because I miss color works, but at the same don’t have much time for fully rendered pieces like no 2.

I don’t know how to people. I’m afraid of tagging people s-s-so if you want to take it, and do the meme please do!

Over the last six years the NZ goverment has cut more than 1.7 billion from the health care budget. I want to tell the stories of the people this has affected, and hopefully make some money for charity.

Please share this around if you have a lot of followers in NZ, or you know some people who might be interested. I’ve included the submission guidelines after the break. 

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Production designer Colin Gibson describes more of the theory behind the Buzzard tribe. “The Buzzards are basically vultures. They’re a pack of hyenas. If you build a world full of carrion, the hyena and the vulture will circle. And the difference with them is, they have much baser needs, because they were after just material, the crude mechanics, the very stuff of things. They didn’t see a Cadillac, [the Buzzards] saw metal; not man, but meat. George had the theory that they were Russian and I think maybe they were White Russian and way too white – their bodies were ravaged by impetigo and infection. They were suppurating flesh and peeling skin, held in place with Saran Wrap and bandage. It was just a little too moist in this dry and dirty place, so they hid inside the spiky vehicles. They were spiky as much to keep people away from them as for attack. The anthropomorphic treatment worked both on the front and the back, there was a sense of trying to find vehicles that had eyes, that we could add a grinning grille of mouth to, that the radiator could look like braces on an inbred mouth.


Gibson relates, "If the Buzzards are the hunters of carrion, then the Rock Riders are the hunters just pre-mortem. They have a path through which you must go, which brings you in single file, basically turns you into easy pickings. Their system of attack is obviously, if I live high, then I need to be able to move up and down. So we decided they were two-wheeled parkour artists. Certain motorbikes are built for this.

—  The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road

I’m still really bad at posting stuff.
I’ve got so much to do all the time so I don’t really have the time for just sitting by the computer…
I work a lot, much more then before. So I’m often really tired!
I’ve also started school again, but I’m only studding maths.
Wish sucks, cuz I fucking hate maths!
But I really need this course so that I can get in to the education that I want to go. So until that I’ll be working my as off and go t school until i make it.

I aslo do a few photo shoots while I have time. i did one yesterday actually :)
A winter-princess-thingy! Maybe I should post a sneaky?

I hope you all have a wonderful day :) Thank you for still following me even though I’m not very active.


Hello everyone!! I’m currently opening up emergency commissions to help my pal and boyfriend Tom (@thetomface) get some dental work done! He’s in pain because he currently has a tooth that’s falling out, and I really don’t want the problem to get worse and spread, so all proceeds will go towards the cost of whatever procedures need doing. (If you would like more examples of my art, please visit my blog and click the ‘art’ tab on the left).

The exact total of money needed is unknown at this time, but it should be at LEAST a couple hundred dollars, which is hard for him to accumulate when he’s spending all his paychecks on bare minimum stuff like food and rent, without anything left over to make his mouth not hurt like a bitch. (Classic capitalism).

It would mean a lot to me if I could help in any way, so please, if you have the extra funds necessary to commission me so that he could go to the dentist and fix whatever’s causing him pain, I would be really really grateful. (And I’m sure Tom would be too!)

To commission me, I will be taking payment (USD) through paypal. Please either message me on tumblr or email me to work out the details of your purchases. My email (both for messaging and for paypal) is gnathix@gmail.com.

Please circulate this if you can. All help is appreciated!!

Workout tips n stuff

I get asked about my workouts and eating habits a lot, so I decided to make a post about it that I can save. I workout at least once a day because I use it as a stress reliever and sometimes as a sleep aid. I also do a lot of pole dancing which is a lot of work.

Something simple you can start off with to tone up 

Before a big meal, do

  • 50 crunches
  • 50 leg lifts (laying down)
  • 50 squats (legs open and closed)
  • 15 push ups
  • 50 jumping jacks.

This is just something simple to get you use to doing it everyday. You do not have to go to a gym to do this. (I hate going to gyms). 

The reason I say do this before eating, is that I find it helps with overeating which was a big problem with me. I also find that working out before eating makes me crave the vitamins I need and helps me eat better. 

After a week of doing this, you can feel yourself getting use to this plan and add more numbers on to your comfort. You can also add another set of this again before another meal. After about three or four weeks of doing these, you start to feel what it works on and you understand more of what you want to work on. With this information you can look up new workouts that target what you want and add a set of that on. Different people want to tone different things. I like doing this because its not so time consuming and its so simple. 

Food tips

  • No diets.   Dieting is like a big surprise to your body and because of this, it doesn’t last very long. Simple changes to your food can help a lot and when you start feeling the change of eating a little better, you want to do it more.
  • Drink a glass of water before a meal.   (helps you not over eat)
  • Take the soda out.    Water helps everything. Soda makes me eat so much more than I should and dehydrates me a lot. When I do have a little soda, I have it when I’m busy at work or driving so I don’t have the opportunity to eat a bunch, but I still get my little soda fix.
  • Dressings.   I fucking love dressing. I love it on almost all of my meals. However changing them just a little bit to less fatty dressings, has helped a lot. 
  • Baked over fried.   Simple, baked is a bit better for you
  • Home cooked meals over fast food.   This is a big help. When you start cooking your own food you learn whats in it. It is a lot healthier and adding a veggie that you actually like with it makes it better.
  • Portion control.   The whole “reward yourself at the end of the week!” thing does not work with me. I don’t want to reward myself, I will eat this sweet thing right now as long as the portion is a good size.
  • Eat slower.   Lets the food digest and you can tell easier when you’re full
  • Learn about foods that are healthier but that you also like.   Don’t force yourself to eat something that you think tastes like sawdust because its healthy. 
  • Love your body. Feeling better about the wonderful body you do have and being healthy. I struggled with an eating disorder, and it was the dieting and working out I did, because I didn’t love and accept myself. So being able too, is huge when doing this.  

These are just little basic tips I tell people when they ask, I hope they help if you decide to try them out! 


Yo check out that sweet Etsy shop.

Why do you need help?
I was supposed to be home Saturday afternoon. Four cancelled flights and an airline switch later, I’m not getting back until Tuesday afternoon…hopefully.

So what’s the big deal?
Well, besides losing four days of my life to this, I have also lost a lot of money. Between a hotel, food, booking a new, more expensive flight, and most importantly, losing work time, I am out a lot more than a few hours of pacing in an airport terminal.

Okay, so, how can I help?
My Etsy shop is the number one way to help curb these expenses. I am not asking for donations, etc. That’s not what I’m about and there are far more worthy causes for charity. Every single order helps, and hey, you get something in return (other than my extreme gratitude)!

Here’s one more link for the road. If you can’t afford to get stuff, hey, that’s cool, and I understand. Can you do me a favor and pass this on, especially if you have friends prone to liking these characters? Thank you!

The Sparse Pencilcase: The only things you’ll ever actually need

I feel like a lot of study advice I’ve come across tells you to have 50 different colored pens, 80 packets of post it notes and 5 billion flashcards to get the job done, and while that might be great and helpful for certain people, it can easily overwhelm and distract many others. As a stationary nerd, I love having all that stuff with me, but I know that I don’t really need it to do work. So here’s a list of stationary that I use that is more than enough to for all my school work needs. 

1. 2x Mechanical Pencils– You can go with normal pencils if you want, but I just prefer mechanical ones because they’re always sharp and you can’t sharpen them away into dust. I carry around two, which is a pretty decent amount and a box of lead for if I ever need it. 

3x Blue/Black Pens– I keep 3 pens with me because I use pens more than pencils and only use pencils for math. 

1x Red Pen– This is purely for if I’m correcting something or we’re going over some homework in class and I want to add in something the teacher said. I rarely ever use it and one, assuming I don’t loose it, can actually last me through the year. 

1x Eraser– Pretty straightforward, this is just to rub out any mistakes. I advise against getting those “cutesy” rubbers unless you know they’re going to rub out properly, because I’ve noticed that some leave ugly grey marks on the page and don’t really rub out really well. 

1x 15 cm Ruler– Normally, you wouldn’t even need this, but because I use my ruler to rule a margin down my page for math, I keep that in there. 

2x Highlighters– I wouldn’t really have more than two, unless you’re doing a subject that requires lots of analysis, like literature, where you use different colours for different things (e.g., pink is character development, blue is evidence of symbolism, etc)

That’s literally all you need! If you put more in your pencil case, there’s nothing wrong with that, but this post was for those that don’t exactly know what helps them learn best and think spending money on a billion school supplies will somehow make them study better. Hope I helped

just kill me i need to get the feels out so i can work

Just dating Nero things:

Originally posted by andyacklesspn

  • This lovable loser picks fights with every-fucking-thing, okay? If you’re the kind of person to do the same thing then go and have fun fighting things together because what is life if you can’t fight stuff? If you’re more patient then you’re lucky Nero loves you so much because you’re literally the only person who can talk him down from fighting the things. Like legit, the look Dante gives you when you’re like “Please don’t fight right now” and Nero just sneers at him before doing as he’s asked is like pure awe. Wow.
  • Speaking of Dante, be ready for him to bug you a lot. He does it because it pisses Nero off. Like, for sure you and Nero are a thing, but Dante flirts with you in a way that constantly pushes Nero’s buttons. If you’re really frustrated by it, Dante will get the gist and not bug you anymore, but if it looks like you’re just tolerating him then he’ll keep going until Nero punches him in the face and they have a fist fight or something, I don’t know.
  • Nero can get really defensive about somethings. He’s kind of self conscious about his right arm when it comes to you. He’s scared you’ll turn around and say the demonic side of him terrifies or you or that you lied and it bothers you after all. Some days he’ll seem jumpy or distant and its just him struggling to come to terms with that fact that you do not mind being with him. Just leave him alone for a bit. If you push him to talk or interact he’ll most likely get aggressive before feeling more guilty and running off to disappear for a bit.
  • This dumb dork really sucks at flirting. He’s not a natural like Dante and coupled with the fact that he genuinely likes you, Nero is just a really cute mess when he tries to impress you. He can’t even give you a gift properly. Instead he just leaves it in places where he knows you’ll find it and when you see him to thank him he just plays it off like it’s no big deal or he just saw it randomly and got it for you. It doesn’t matter how obscure the thing is, when you grill him about where he got it from, he’s just like “I just got lucky and found it, okay? Drop it.”
  • Bad at flirting doesn’t mean he’s awful at being affectionate though. You just gotta recognise what affection looks like when it comes from him. It’s things like how sometimes you catch him looking at you and then turning away and pretending he wasn’t. Or how he quietly eats whatever food you cook for him, no matter how good or bad it actually is. Or like how whenever you go out and you get scared from a noise or something he’ll grab your hand right away. Sometimes he’ll just grab your hand for no reason to be honest and pretend he’s not doing it. He pretends he doesn’t do a lot of things, he’s an idiot.
  • But lets be real, his hugs are the best. Hug your boyfriend as much as you can. Nero will sometimes complain and whinge about how ‘clingy’ you are, but note that he never refuses to hold you if you ask or hug him first. It’s always warm, welcoming and secure and if you fall asleep in his arms, you’ll magically wake up all tucked into bed safe and sound.
  • No, but seriously you’ll be watching Nero and Dante fight a lot. They might even ask you to keep score, so enjoy that.
skins+makeup info post

Because I had a bitch of a time trying to figure out how skins and overlays work and I wanted this resource for myself so I can refer back to it. I’ll be editing it as I learn more.

This explains stuff about default skins, clarifies the nondefault skin tutorial, and goes over what I found out about skin details (which everyone probably knows but whatever). There are also some miscellaneous things I discovered about makeup.

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Anna and Elsa in chemise de la reine as suggested by karis-the-fangirl.
Here is the whole thing as it is now. This got a little (a LOT) more involved than I originally planned. It’s watercolor and gouache on fabriano paper (you can kind of see the watermark to the left). When I read Karis’ suggestion I immediately picture the two sitting in a field or someplace green. Anna’s flower crown is supposed to be made of ice and snow (I don’t know that I fully made that come across) and Elsa is getting some little pink flower accents woven in to her hair.

I like how their faces came out and the technique I used seemed to work alright.

Okay, for now I am going to move on to posting other things. I do want to work a bit more on this, but it will mostly be background stuff that I need to fix so it doesn’t bother me as much. There are still a few more days of AU week left and I have a few more suggestions to get through!

But before that! I have heard there is interest for some prints of this. I have two that have asked so far, but just want to check if there are any more? I don’t know how much I will have to charge for them since it depends how and where I print them. The original is 11 x 14 inches, if you want it the same size of the original (or bigger) that will be the key factor in deciding the price of the prints. If you are interested please message me or comment on here.

Thank you and enjoy!

So, I thought this would be a good thing to address. The next FQC update is gonna answer a ton of questions, but I thought going over one of them in greater detail before I got to working on it would be a good idea.

The most asked question, besides where Chrysalis’ mom is and how their relationship works, can be broken down into “Where are all the men?”
A lot of people assumed that Tarrlok was the only female exception in terms of the captains, and/or that the Changelings are mixed everywhere. This is totally wrong.

As seen in the picture above, a female worker has a horn and wings. They need these things to do all the jobs that they’re assigned, whether it be to infiltrate pony villages, take care of eggs, or just general stuff in the Hive. They come from fertilized Changeling eggs.

A male drone doesn’t have any of these things, and, to further distinguish them, they are have different eyes. Drones are pretty much just walking baby-makers. They have no free thought whatsoever, and their entire existence revolves around the Queen and her needs, whether it be keeping her company, fetching her things, or doing the baby thing.
When the Queen isn’t in the Hive, they go into an idle state, and don’t do much of anything except wait for her to come back. The Hive can usually tell when the Queen will return based on how active the drones become since they’ll usually inexplicably perk up and start wandering around looking for her. They are completely loyal and hardly ever leave her side.

A drone generally comes from an unfertilized Changeling egg, but there’s another way a drone is created.
To keep the Hive genetically diverse, the Queen will go out and look for a healthy male pony, does the usual Changeling song and dance, and then completely drains him of all emotion except for the love for her, essentially brain-washing him. After this, she takes him back to the Hive, and, eventually, the pony winds up looking like all the rest of the drones. Ponies aren’t exactly meant to survive with just one single emotion left in them. This happens every couple hundred years or so.

You Had Me At Hello.....

A Shannon Leto Short Story - Part One

It had been a long day at work and I had one more errand to run before I could head home. If I could have put this off, I would have but since I needed it eat, I needed to stop.

As I pulled into the Whole Foods parking lot, I cursed myself for not doing this yesterday when I wasn’t so exhausted and the store was probably a lot less crowded. Based on the parking lot, it was jammed which meant everything was going to take longer than I had anticipated. That was going to suck. Trying to look on the bright side, this extra stress will make me feel better about buying two bottles of wine instead of just one!

Grabbing a small cart, I slowly made my way up and down the aisles. I didn’t need all that much, really just the necessities. Pulling out my list, I checked off the items as I tossed the stuff into the cart. Stepping away from my cart to grab coffee, I noticed a man toss filters into my cart. Grabbing it out of my cart, I walked over to give to who they belonged to.

“Excuse me, I think you put this in my cart instead of yours.” I said smiling as I handed him a big box of coffee filters.

He was, wow….extremely attractive, hmmm…..

“Are you sure you aren’t the one mixing up carts?” He asked sounding all cocky and full of himself. Instant turn off, yuck.

“I’m sure..” I said rolling my eyes.

I held my tongue but wanted so badly to put him in his place. I wanted to say ‘Sorry buddy, I wasn’t tryin’ to get your attention’ but, I didn’t. He was just a typical LA guy. Completely full of himself and thinking everyone wants him.

He gave me a cocky smile as he took the box from me and I rolled my eyes as I turned to walk away. Next time I’m just going to put the damn filters back on the shelf instead of being nice. Grabbing my list from my purse, I was scratching off what I already had when I felt him next to me.

“I was only kidding. I’m sorry.” He said in a very ‘come on take a joke’ manner’.

I wasn’t buying it. I grew up in LA. I’m far to familiar with the men out here.

“I get it…” I said with a tight smile, nodding in his direction then continuing down the isle.

Not to be dismissed easily, I felt his presence behind me as he followed me down the aisle. When I stopped to look at pasta sauces, he stopped too. This was just not my night.

“My name is Shannon.” He said as he held out his hand for me to shake.

I was so not on the mood for this. Obviously he was not only cocky but isn’t very perceptive either since I’m pretty sure I wasn’t giving of the vibe that I was the least bit interested. Looking down at his extended hand then rolling my eyes back to his, I replied as short as I possibly could.

“Hi Shannon.” I said, ignoring his hand then turning my attention back to the sauces.

“What sauce is your favorite?” He asked.

“Excuse me?” I asked.

What is it with this guy?

“I’m just curious, ummm. Ahhhh, I’m sorry, what’s your name again?” He said as if he was trying to remember it and couldn’t.

This was almost becoming humorous. I mean, he was straight up trying to pick me up. Now that cocky didn’t work he was going for goofy. And he was trying HARD! Watching him stand there, I had to laugh.

“Cora.” I giggled, might as well play along.

“Ahh, Cora….. So, Cora, what’s your favorite sauce?” He continued, pinching his chin with this thumb and index finger, trying his best to look all serious.

Rolling my eyes at his goofiness, knowing damn well he didn’t care about sauce, I picked up one and handed it to him, playing along. He took the jar from my hand and acted like he was studying the label.

“I think I’m going with this one.” I said.

“This one, huh? Doesn’t look like it’ll make very much…” He said.

“Nope. It’s the perfect size for one.” I said as I grabbed the same jar, placed it in my cart and continued down the aisle, “Nice to meet you, Shannon. Enjoy your pasta!”

He didn’t follow me down the rest of the aisle or the next aisle either. I have to say, I was a little surprised. Maybe he wasn’t really interested and I was totally misreading the situation. Or he really is a cocky ass and I hurt his feelings by walking away.

Oh well….

Turning the corner to walk down the last aisle, there he was with two different loaves of bread, one in each hand. It was almost as if he was waiting for me to come around the corner.

“So, Cora. Which bread do you think would be good with my pasta for one?” He asked with a smile.

Nope, I was right. And he was wearing me down. Clearly he doesn’t give up easily.

“Hmm,” I said as I looked at the bread in his hands, “I think I’d go with this one.”

“Good choice!” Shannon said, “That’s what I would have chosen too.”

Dropping the loaf in his cart, he walked next to me chatting for the last few aisles. Far from the cocky guy I first met, I kinda like him now. I finished my list and was ready to check out.

“Well, Shannon, it was nice to meet you. Thank you for keeping me company and making me laugh…it’s been awhile.” I said as I got into the check out line.

“It was nice to meet you too, Cora. Thanks for your help.” He said getting in line behind me.

“No problem.” I laughed as he shot me a big smile.

Shifting my attention from him, I began placing my items on the belt. When I was done, he tapped me on the shoulder.

“Know what I think?” He asked quietly.

“No, what do you think?” I asked equally as quiet.

“I think you should let me make you dinner. I mean, you grabbed a jar for one but I got the big jar. More than enough for two.” He joked.

It was suddenly my turn and the lady behind the counter greeted me as she began scanning my groceries. Shannon seemed nice but I wasn’t sure I was interested. Just as I was about to answer, telling him thanks but no thanks, I realized I had forgotten the spinach.


“I’m sorry, I forgot spinach, can I run back for it?” I asked the clerk hoping she’d let me get it while she continued to scan the other items.

“Sure, no problem.” She said as she continued on and I thanked her.

“I’m sorry.” I said to him as I bolted to the produce section.

Shannon only had a few things and I felt bad making him wait but didn’t want to have to check out then run back in after I checked out for the spinach. He probably didn’t mind anyway…at least if his smirk was anything to go by.

As soon as I returned all of my items were bagged and in my cart, just down from the check out. Shannon was standing with it, waiting, looking all happy with himself. One of his bear paw like hands were on my cart and the other held his bags. I looked back at the clerk questioningly who just smiled at me and continued checking out the next person in line.

What the hell?

“Come on..” Shannon said as he put his bag in my cart, grabbed the handle and started pushing it towards the door.

“What are you doing?” I asked, completely confused as I followed him outside.

“I bought your groceries for you.” He said, so proud of himself.

“Why did you do that?!” I asked dumbfounded.

“I was going to ask for your number but I didn’t think you were going to give it to me so I bought your groceries.” He said in a very matter of fact way. “Maybe you’d reconsider then.”

“That makes absolutely no sense.” I said shaking my head. I had no idea what was happening.

“Well, I just wanted to do something nice to show you I wasn’t a creep.” He said with a laugh, “How’s that then?”

“You could be a creep and just have money, ya know.” I said with a smirk, folding my arms across my chest.

Stepping toe to toe with me and folding his arms across his chest, he mimicked my body language perfectly.

“This is true. But I’m not. I’d like to make dinner for you with the pasta sauce and bread you helped me pick out. If your interested, call me.” He said, pointing to the phone number he wrote on one of the grocery bags.

“See ya soon, Cora.” He said with a wink as he grabbed his own bags and walked casually to his car without another glance back.


I know I keep posting work-in-progress pictures of this same sweater, but I can’t stop fiddling with it. >.< @tumblinrob suggested a tighter band at the waist, which I thought was a great idea. And it actually turned out fairly well I think, but of course there are problems. :P Because I shrunk down and reshaped the bottom, it clips a lot more now. Debating whether or not to keep it or revert to the looser hem version. (Would love your thoughts, Rob!) I’m still planning on making it for elders too, @goatkibble, but I want to be 100% happy with the mesh and textures first. I don’t like age converting (just cause I’m lazy and easily bored, lol), and I would rather not do it twice. But it’s going to happen, I promise! :D Avi the elder will need nice clothes! <3

I also still need to release my retexture and fix of that hair he’s wearing in the first three screenshots. I keep forgetting about it, but I’ll see if I can do that today or tomorrow. No promises though. I hate taking preview pictures. :P

ETA: It’s easier to see the difference if you click the pictures. Especially the hem ones. :)