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Hello! Sorry to bother you but do you have any tipps for making manips? Yours look so beautiful but I always struggle to cut out the characters neatly - thank you for your time!

Thank you! I started learning to Manip after joining the fandom and is still pretty new at this. But the pursuit of Hugh/Mads perfection and a lot of free time really motivated me to get better. Ok so here is the process of getting a good cut out (warning: long technical post ahead)

Firstly i’m going to assume you use Photoshop and is proficient with the basics. If you are just starting out i would recommend this youtube channel Phlearn that is great for learning how to use layers/masks and such. 

1) Choosing your source material

Getting a good high resolution picture to cut out goes a long way towards how your picture will turn out in the end. Get the highest resolution or size you can. Usually promotional photoshoots are great because the background is usually clean and the subject is in focus. If you found the picture on google, reverse search the image to get a higher resolution one. Hugh-Dancy.Net and Madsmikkelsen.net are usually pretty good sources. 

If your source is a screenshot (which often is) then you might have a bit more of work to do. Especially season 2, where the lighting comes from Bryan’s I-phone and a couple of fireflies. Get a good screenshot from a HD copy of the movie/episode if you can and then hit that Shadows and Highlights button! (Image>Adjustments>Shadows and Highlights). 

Don’t worry if your the image look bad at this point. You just want to see the edges clearer to extract. You can go back in with curves later and adjust it

If the background is too similar in color to your subject e.g Hugh’s dark curls on a black background, use Levels to increase the contrast. You can turn it off later.

Sometimes the source material is just not good so no matter what you do it is not going to be perfect. Just gotta accept it and use lots of filters to cover up the flaws

2) Select and Mask

Ok, so you got your source image. There are many ways to select your subject but i use Select and Mask ( Select> Select and Mask). if you use a Magic wand or a Quick Selection tool, your selection might be acceptable if the background is clean but the selection will never be perfect. If you do, try not to use the cut tool, use a layer mask so at least you can go in with smoothing and feathering later. 

So using the Select and mask

- Once in the program, use the quick selection brush to pick out a quick selection of your subject

- use the brush tool to clean up the edges. Take your time

- Now you are thinking ok, i have done that but whats the difference with just using this without going into Select and Mask. The difference is when you are dealing with Hair. Specifically the floofy, glorious out of control mess that is Hugh Dancy’s curls. Cutting out Mads’ crisco sleek head is usually pretty straight forward, even the silver wind tossed locks of Michael Kolhaas. But our murder puppy needs a bit more TLC.

Take this picture for example

Take a moment to appreciate the beauty that is Hugh Dancy. No seriously, take your time. We’ll wait. Yell at him, throw some things, bang your fist who gave you the right, sir! Get it out of your system. Ok now to continue. 

The relatively white background makes it easier to cut but using a magic wand means all his pretty fly away curls gets cut off. 

Go in with your select tool and get all his curls selected

Now to cut out all the white bits behind his hair, use the Refine Edge Tool and run it over the Curls. Don’t use too big a brush. Take your time. After you are done, hit that decontaminate button and load unto a new layer mask. Put a solid color layer behind your work to check the details

Ok, this looks pretty ok, we got all the curls. But usually it will look good on colors that are similar to the initial background. A dark color background will show up a multitude of flaws

In this case you gotta go in with a small brush and clean it up on your layer mask. use a small soft black brush and wipe all the white bits peeking through. If the background you will be using wont show up the flaws, then don’t bother. 

3) Check it on the background of your choice. The final bits are just blending and adjusting saturation and color.

Here’s a good youtube tutorial on using the Select and Mask

tl;dr: Get a good source image, use your refine edge tool, lots of time and patience!

Hope that helps! 

now would be the time to send me requests if you have them

I’m on vacation, yay!

For the next three weeks I’m completely off from work, and perhaps more importantly, I’m not going anywhere this year (except for three days this weekend), which means I will have lots of time for Rebelcaptain and Rogue One edits!

I was considering doing a giveaway, but I decided instead to just encourage you all to send me your requests, so I’ll hopefully have a lot of good suggestions to get to work on over summer :)

Have you thought of an AU? Is there a certain scenario or scene from another movie you’d like to see a rebelcaptain manip of? Gif-sets? You can see all my previous work here, and read a few notes on requesting here.

So send me an ask or reblog this post with your request.

Happy rebelcaptain summer, everybody!

If you don’t think Stiles is going to text Derek,

“Guess who’s putting the BI in FBI?!”

Then I don’t know you.

important announcement

from now on, every wednesday, at 9 est, i shall release a fuckton of clexa content. i shall continue to do so for as long as the godawful season is airing, and i shall continue to do so well beyond that. my blog is a safe, clexa-filled space for everyone who was affected by 307, for everyone whose stomach coils when they see those sponsored trends, for everyone who feels like they are falling back into despair that hasn’t quite let me go, still. 

i remember how much i dreaded thursdays last year. i remember how awful it felt to have my safe space - tumblr - ripped away from me because of all the negativity. i remember beating my panic attack record last march, and april, and may, and june, and - you get the idea. i don’t want that to happen again, not to me and not to you. 

on my blog, there will be no mentions of s4. no opinions, no speculations, nothing. on my blog, the show was cancelled in s3. i’m not gona condemn you if you still watch the show - that’s entirely up to you. this is not the “don’t come to my blog if you still watch it” message. i am simply attempting to provide safe space to those who need it.

if you don’t have any means to block content related to the loo, if you are afraid that despite blocks some pieces of info will still make it on your dash, if you’re afraid of checking out today’s trends because seeing the loo up there might send you into a panic attack - for the time being, my blog can become your dash. i can only hope that it will somehow lessen this newly resufraced pain. 

to all fandom creators, be it writers, artists, gif/manip/clipmakers - by reblogging this, you can indicate to your followers that you’re going to do the same and that your blog is a safe space, too. 

Silent Treatment (OS)

After your heated argument earlier on this morning, you were sure that a little time away and a cuddle tonight would make everything better. No. You’d made Harry some extra nice dinner that you knew he’d love. You brought it up to his studio where you knocked on the door and had no answer. You called his name and you were ignored. You opened the door to find him watching TV. “Didn’t fancy watching TV downstairs?” You asked. Ignored. “H, I brought you up some dinner. Spaghetti and meatballs, your favorite.” You smiled placing a kiss on his head. Ignored and shrugged away with the kiss you so generously gave. “H, are you still mad? I said I’m sorry.” You spoke. He simply lifted the Sky button and flicked through the channels. You put the plate on the coffee table and sat next to Harry. You wrapped your arms around Harry and tried to pull him close, he shrugged you off. “Harry! Please!” You pleaded. You were still ignored. “Silent treatment? Really? Harry really your being that silly about it?” You groaned. His eyes glued to the TV. “I can’t believe you H” You sighed.

Feeling a little shitty about yourself you got yourself a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs and went and ran yourself a bath. Bubbles filled to the top and a few candles loitering and your favorite jazz playlist going, you felt a little more happier. But you craved a word from your boyfriend. It was a silly argument, the lack of you being together and his stress caused it. You prayed that he’d come talk to you before you went to bed, but you had a hard time believing that it would actually happen. You and Harry were normally so happy but the stress of the album was beginning to take a toll on his health. Bringing this up wasn’t a happy topic for your both. You ate another meatball the door opened to the bathroom. There stood your boyfriend. A bowl of what you presumed was the one you gave to him earlier. He gave you a soft smile as he cheeks reddened. He sat down on the floor head against the tub. “I’m a dickhead.” He muttered. You sighed and a small smile graced your lips. “Sometimes.” You replied. You placed your bowl on the side and ruffled your hand through Harry’s hair. “I love you pet” Harry said. “I’m sorry” you smiled. “It’s okay, I’m just worried about you sweets. If this album is taking a toll on your mental health then you need to calm it. You’ll drive yourself insane. You can’t be doing that.” You said. “Can I get in?” He asked. You nodded. He stripped himself of his grey joggers, sports top and boxers. “Squidge” He muttered. You moved forward in the tub and he stepped in and you leant against him. “Love you petal, I really do” He smiled pressing a kiss to your neck. “H, I seriously think you need a break.” You said. “I think I need to get away from London and L.A.” He spoke. “Like a holiday?” You asked. “Like a holiday.” he stated. “Maybe like just chilling and writing in a different environment.” He said. “For a week?” You asked. “No, maybe just until I’m ready to come home, won’t be for too long though.” You frowned. “H, I don’t think I can go that long without seeing you, I need you here with me, I know that selfish but, we are barely talking much now, let alone what will happen if your not even in the country!” You exclaimed. “No, pet, I’d want you to come with me petal, we can chill for the days by the pool, have some good old food and a good tan to us.” He smiled. “So somewhere hot?” You asked. “Jamaica maybe?” He asked. “I’d love that!!” You smiled.



kc + getting their hands dirty

So ok, here’s a couple of things you should know about me.

  1. I am a v emotional human. If you’ve ever read my fic or seen my liveblogs or even talked to me lol, you probably know this already.
  2. Me and my anxiety react very very poorly to change. Like I’ll eventually figure it out because yes I am a grown up but it takes a minute for me to sort of rework my initial reaction of omg everything is changing, nothing in the world will ever be good again.

So keeping that in mind, this is gonna get a little sappy but whatever.

I had a very strong, very visceral reaction to this JMo news and I’ve really been crying on and off about it for the last few hours and it might seem like an over reaction or a little silly but it’s just how I feel and I think that’s okay. That was the first thing I had to do today, letting myself feel okay about crying and feeling sad and emotional.

Because yes, I knew that the show was very probably gonna end this season but faced with the reality of that, out of the blue kind of threw me. 

OUAT has been in my life for a better part of 6 years now and that’s a damn long time lol and it’s changed my life for the better in a million different ways but most importantly I feel like it’s helped me find friends. 

Real and good and three dimensional human friends who live in my pocket, who I am sometimes lucky enough to meet, who talk me through my anxieties and send me hugs when I’m sad, who listen to me complain about work and encourage me to create and write and make art.

And the first thing that I was afraid was gonna happen was that I was gonna lose my friends and I was gonna lose my ability to create and write stories when the show ended and it was a fear that was so very overwhelming that I had to step away and let myself think it through and talk it through with people before I could calm down.

And now I have. Mostly. A little bit. I’m still pretty fragile lol so the random crying is happening 

So what I wanna say is this basically, that if you’re having the same fear? Of losing people or losing the community, I just wanna say that relationships like that don’t vanish overnight and that our shared love for CS will not go away when the show ends and that I will totally write about these dorks in a million AUs before I get tired and that I will still totally make multiple honeymoon manips because of courseee

And that we’ll be here as long as we still want to write fic or make art and we will always kind of be around for our friends and do AU weeks and Big Bangs and all the appreciation weeks known to mankind :D

And also, if you’re feeling this way too? If you’re feeling emotional and overwhelmed and anxious, it’s okay and *hugs* and allow yourself to feel how you feel and allow yourself to deal with things at your own pace because even though it’s just a tv show, it’s important to you and it’s made a difference and like your feelings are valid and I love you loads <3 

Problematic reactions to words that actually came out of Harry Styles’ face

So last night I made a post called ‘THINGS THAT HARRY STYLES HAS ACTUALLY SAID’…which got a lot of positive reactions and notes, along with some pretty aggressive reactions which I feel need addressing. There was a sudden onslaught of messages, so at first I was like 

So I started with a very brash anon who decided to tell me all the things that ‘HARRY HAS DONE’ and at first I was like ‘cool, another fan of all caps,’ then I read it and went through some more messages and was like 

The comments that other people were publishing were a bit baffling, and some were downright worrisome. Here’s a random sample:  

Hello there, @narrymusings, and thank you for starting this litany of comments I’m about to address.

Ah yes, that interview. It was indeed upsetting.

But mostly because after the only time Harry has ever addressed the Larry rumours he was crying afterwards

I agree, I do not dictate how anyone deals with rumours, but given that this denial ended in tears I’m going to go ahead and comment that it appears to have been handled pretty badly. 

Well spotted, @sobadbutshedoesitsowell

They were probably still stuck on their recent media training as to how to answer any and all questions

So anyone who looks at Louis must be in love with him? Sounds about right. I’m being totally serious. Look at him. Who wouldn’t stare at Louis? Oh and I used that gif because I really wanted to. 

@scorpyon51 First of all, people with Haylor manips as their profile picture shouldn’t throw stones in glass houses.

Definitely someone deeply contemplating how to make a joke out of this and not at all whether or not to answer honestly.

Nice one. You know who probably found that ‘joke’ HIL-ARIOUS?

Nouis. Because Nouis is real now. 

They also probably find this hilarious:

So funny he forgot to laugh…

But yeah, you’re right. People shouldn’t assume anything. I’m sure Harry’s just being Harry, keepin us all on our toes. He shouldn’t have to identify as anything. I’m just merely pointing out that he has actually verbally himself indicated through words coming out of his face that he is neither bisexual nor bothered about the gender of a partner. 

@caysbrizzle I completely agree with you and thank you for reminding everyone to be respectful. But…

Awkward because I can’t tell which side of the argument you’re angling. This is exactly what I’m saying but in different words. People take Harry seriously when it’s convenient and dismiss what he’s saying when it doesn’t fit their fixed ideas of who Harry Styles is. Like I said, you’re right - we should be respectful that none of us fucking know him or what his actual story is. I’m merely pointing out that he hasn’t used gendered pronouns when it comes to his answers to questions about what he looks for in a girl or in his own songs in quite awhile, and when he did use female pronouns he went out of his way to make sure everyone knows that it wasn’t about a girl

Got it, thanks H.

Okay, not about you. Nice of you to clarify.


‘So, Harry…Is “Perfect” about Taylor? And who is Olivia?’ -(insert your interviewer of choice)

I’M SO GLAD YOU BROUGHT UP TATTOOS @goldustlovely ! It’s actually one of my favourite topics. I mean, I literally cannot believe that the fans were so insistent that a rose tattoo fits into a nautical theme with a dagger and then Louis effing Tomlinson went and got a GD dagger on his arm in the exact same spot as Harry’s rose. 

“I did it because it’s literally ironic, OKAY?!”

And all the awkward staring at each other? I mean, I know right?

God forbid they gaze at each other too long. Wouldn’t want this to happen again…

And lest you mistake this for me having a sense of humour…don’t.

Next time they have to endure ‘Never Have I Ever’ maybe someone should ask Harry if he’s ever said something repeatedly with no sense of irony and had people claim that he’s just joking (talk about assumptions…)

Oh, and to the anons sending messages too rude, ignorant and non-sensical to even bother replying to…firstly


And finally

Anyway byyyyye, I really want to incorporate this next gif. May have actually built this entire post around it

Oh and in case you wanted some more not-so ambiguous quotes from Louis and Harry here you go: 10 Times Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson Said Things That Almost No One Took Literally

Welcome to the second Artist Highlight!  Every once in a while I’ll be presenting you with underated Larry artists that you should absolutely check out!  This is a space where I talk about the artists that I love and show you my top five fan arts/edits/manips from them. 

Today’s highlight features Silvia @melmanpur a fabulous person and a very talented artist who kills me more often than not with her manips from hell. She’s very detail oriented and puts a lot of effort into her work. Thank you Silvia for being an inspiration to me every day.

Without further ado, here’s my top 5 from her. Under every manip, there’s the direct link to the original, please give it some notes if you like them!

5. #followmeto

Direct link to the manip here

I looove that I can really picture them doing that one day. I think since they’ve been prevented to touch in public for so long that as soon as they’re free, they’re going to hold hands as much as possible. And this manip just feeds my headcanon.

4. Lover

Direct link to the manip here

I love how soft and casual they look here and HOW CUTE THEY LOOK TOGETHER. *BANGS FIST ON THE TABLE* If this isn’t the type of thing you think they’ll then I don’t know what to tell you. they’ll caption that “my first fan” this is how sappy they are.

3. Not Heartbroken

Direct link to the manip here

I AM NOT CRYING YOU RE FUCKING CRYING.  Do I really need to explain? this shirt was worn by Louis at the beginning of babygate. Imagine if Harry wore this shirt. No seriously. Close your eyes and imagine. Silva could’ve easily put the shirt on Louis, she didn’t, because she’s evil and she knows exactly what she’s doing.

2. The ghost touch

Direct link to the manip here

I’ll admit I’m super biased on this one because it was made with Where Your Heart Is in mind. I always loved that one because in the story they can’t touch and it’s a direct echo to their real life situation - they can’t touch in public- and this is why I have always been obsessed with Their hands. this manip captures the longing and the despair that I’ve tried to put into words. She put a visual on that. <3<3

1. Pinkies

Direct link to the manip here

This is my favorite one and coincidentally it’s the first manip of Silvia’s I have ever saw. I love how intimate it is without being inappropriate at all. This is them. Tied up like two ships, tattoos aligning, them against the world. They only need that tiny connection– their pinky fingers to touch. I just love it.

To see all of Silvia’s manips click here. Please, go and tell her how amazing she is.

If you want to know more underated fic writers/fics, please check my little larries unite project. Don’t hesitate to link me underrated artists/fic writers!

Edit by my dearest @nottooldforthisship, she makes everything more beautiful.


spit fire epilogue.  

well this has got to be the longest crush ever 

“This is ridiculous, babe.” Noa runs her hands along the pleats of her blue skirt, more nervous than she can ever recall being in the entire two years of her captainship. “Why do I feel like this?”

manips by @booksncoffee and @stylesmyth / @stylesmanips 

read below - story page

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@tvshows-addict tagged me to do the Fic authors/Fan artist self rec! The rule is to post your 5 favorite works that you’ve created, then pass this on to at least five other writers and/or artists.  

So….this really isn’t easy for me to do because an artist it’s often hard for me to look back at my old work and love it as much as I did when I first created it! However, here’s what I came up with. Thank you, Addy for tagging me!

Rockstar Harry from the fic Walk On The Ocean. I collaborate with @a-writerwrites a lot and it’s always such fun. This fic gave me a great chance to draw stage hoe Harry, which I hadn’t done before. And I couldn’t resist the idea of trying to capture him in purple and gold glitter platform boots and leather pants! Frankly, I think the other two drawings I did for that fic are among the best drawings I’ve done. 

Valentine’s Day Kiss  - This was one of the first drawings I tried using Copic markers and a photo background. There was a big learning curve for me as far as blending and placement, so it was a bit scary to post it, but I was happy with how it turned out. Apparently I really like Harry in sparkly shoes (thank god I did these with pen and left the actual glitter in the box this time)!

Touch Me - This was one of a bunch of drawings I did for the wonderful fic Where Your Heart Is. I was really thrilled to work with @anhcor and @tvshows-addict on this project. This drawing was the first time I felt really good about my pen and ink rendering and crosshatch shading. Plus I just liked the perspective on the hand gripping the sheet and how much the whole things turned out looking kind of like a drawing in a graphic novel. 

Meow I drew this after Harry’s SOTT promo interview with Nick Grimshaw. Nick was teasing Harry and said that if Harry was a superhero he’d be Catwoman. I seriously need a Catwoman!Harry fic in my life. Someone? Anyone? I was happy with how the facial expressions and the light on Harry’s costume and Louis’ hair came out. Plus I got hilarious reaction comments from @larryhuanaig and @prettytruthsandlies when I posted this that truly made my day. 💗

Rainbow In My Pants - This drawing just makes me laugh. For me it’s sums up cheeky Harry so well: penis jokes and rainbows. Bonus points for the tiny yellow shorts. It was also the first drawing I attempted with a photo background (thank go for Silvia @melmanpur who helped me with that)! 

Trying to choose 5 was harder than I expected. But thank you for the challenge, Addy! I think I may do a second version of my 5 favorite NSFW drawings as well. 😈

As for tagging…I’d like to tag a couple of artists: @prettytruthsandlies (because you always inspire me) and @nasalouis (because your drawings are brilliant). A manip maker: @melmanpur (because your manips give me life on a daily basis). And two authors who hopefully haven’t been tagged yet: @xabjectlessonsx (because literally everything you write is genius) and @alienproof (because you’ve written some of my favorite fics ever). No pressure on any of you to do it though!

Definitely, Maybe | A Clexa AU

“Fine, I’ll tell you the story. But I’m not telling you who Mommy is — you’re going to have to figure it out for yourself.”


“And I’m changing all of the names… and some of the facts. We’ll see how smart you are.”

 “I like it, it’s like a love story mystery.”