i was going to do a sara and felicity one


Felicity + being completely adorable


What are you doing here, Dig?

Keeping an eye on things.

Ok. And by things, you mean my neck. The one you think Slade Wilson’s going to break in my sleep.

Yeah, something like that. Look, I have extra security details on Oliver’s mother. Roy’s keeping an eye on Thea, Sara’s staying close to Laurel.

I already feel sorry for Felicity because it’s like she doesn’t have anybody to cry for her if she dies, like she doesn’t care if she dies because is no one waiting for her.

Why I ship Olicity

Have you seen them? Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards have insane chemistry and it shows in every single scene that they share. Hell I started watching Arrow because of a youtube video featuring this couple. This only shows 16 reasons because trust me I could go on and on for days. 

Reason One: Felicity Stands her ground and Oliver likes it.

She stands her ground and he actually responds to it. I mean when we first see her she’s all bright colors and babbles but in 1x15 she points out that he could be doing a lot of good for the people in this city and frankly she thinks there’s more to him than the Hood. Also look at who he’s been involved with Laurel who’s now the Black Canary, Sara who was the Canary soon to become the White Canary, Helena really the Huntress come on. Then there’s Shado who taught him to become the archer we see today and who could forget McKenna the cop. Oliver likes strong women and Felicity might just prove to be the strongest of all.

Reason Two: Those damn looks

I would pay money to have a man look at me they way he looks at her. Now yes I know it’s all make believe but damn these two make me forget that for an hour while they grace my screens. Also we didn’t see that particular look until we got Felicity Smoak. The fact is the character is written one way but the second Stephen and Emily get the material they take it and make it ten times better. AKA the hair dye comment when he looks to see if he can tell.

Reason Three: oh the hand holding

Like Outlander these two make handholding seem like sexual foreplay. Not since Mulder and Scully on the X-Files have I ever been so happy to see a couple holding hands. But for these two it’s how they hold hands, its intimate, they almost are caressing the other with just a simple touch and oh yeah the holding on until they have to let do. Yeah that does me in every single time.

Reason Four: Touching is fundamental to all good love stories

Again this love story has been mostly a chaste one up until 3x20. All of their connection has been seen through long lingering looks and the simple gentle touches of cheeks, and arms. Every once in a while we would get a hug. But again it was up to the actors to take those beats and make them matter. It was also important to have a love interest for Oliver who was yes attracted to him but who also was his friend. They truly care about eachother and it’s more than a physical bond its the emotional bond that draws you in.

Reason Five: Hugs

Yeah alright I’ll admit it I want then to hug more in season 4. End of story case closed.

Reason Six: Felicity’s honesty

Felicity took on Moira Queen in regards to Thea’s paternity. She was willing to risk losing him because she believed he deserved the truth. She doesn’t waver in her convictions and that for me makes her one of the strongest female characters on tv.

Reason Seven: Felicity is Oliver’s girl

Even when Oliver was with another woman Felicity was already his girl.

Reason Eight: Felicity won’t ever lose Oliver or his trust.

Oliver had to trust her from  the beginning and she made that easy. She also had to trust that he really did have a good heart. This bond grew from “favors” to him trusting her to save his life. They have trust and again it’s what made this couple worth waiting for.

Reason nine: Tarzan and Jane

Really who wouldn’t want Oliver to go swinging or zipping from heights to save you. Then again he also was her own personal human shield.

Reason ten: She believes in him when he doesn’t

This woman just doesn’t lose faith. He’s been beaten, he’s defeated and there she is telling him you honor the dead by fighting and you are not done fighting. Again Felicity doesn’t need a mask to be a hero because in most cases I truly believe she’s Oliver’s.

Reason 11: He babbles with her

Asking her out should have been easy but even the very experienced Oliver Queen got nervous.

Reason 12: He smiles with her.

Really what more can be said.

Reason 13: The flirting

Reason 14: They place each other first.

He broke his vow to Tommy for her, she told Barry his secret to save him. He left the court because she was in danger, he would do anything to save her. She valued his life above all of Starling City in 3x23.

Reason 15: They’ve always been a couple

Flash episode 8 nuff said.

Reason 16: The Fallen

That episode had it all they connected in every single way.



Arrow Season 4: Our Hopes for 'Happy' Oliver, Incidental Olicity, Sara and More
The CW's Arrow regularly hit gold during its freshman and sophomore runs, but missed the mark at times its third time around. How can Season 4 restore the superhero drama's uncanny aim?
By Matt Webb Mitovich,Vlada Gelman

Agree? Disagree? I mostly agree with the list, but I wanted to address this one point because it’s in the headline – I don’t expect Olicity to be the focus of the show, nor do I want it to be, but I definitely need more than just “incidental” Olicity. The relationship is integral to the show, to the lead character’s ongoing journey and I just love Oliver and Felicity’s dynamic. Especially now that they’re going to actually be a couple. Really excited for the “team within a team” description mentioned during SDCC. Anyway, leave some love for Olicity on TV Line’s easy-to-use comments section, if you please.

fic: Let Your Heart Be Light (Olicity, Rated M) chapter 3/14

Let Your Heart Be Light (13129 words) by callistawolf
Chapters: 3/14
Fandom: Arrow (TV 2012)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak
Characters: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, Thea Queen, Roy Harper, Tommy Merlyn, Moira Queen, Walter Steele, Laurel Lance, Sara Lance, Malcolm Merlyn
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Christmas, Romance, Friends to Lovers, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Romantic Fluff, Angst and Fluff and Smut, Eventual Smut
Summary: Oliver takes Felicity shopping for a holiday wardrobe and a little more insight is shed on how they feel about one another going into the Great Christmas Ruse.
Author’s Note: Seriously, you guys, the outpouring of support for this story is amazing.  Thank you EVERYONE for your favorites, likes, kudos, comments, reviews, reblogs… I had no idea that everyone else would love a “cheesy Christmas romance AU” as much as I do.  Now we’re getting down to the meat of the story and for anyone who was worried about the previous appearance of the Lance sisters: they don’t feature very heavily in this story.  This is all about Olicity, friends! 

You can also read this chapter on Ao3 or FF

Felicity was still second-guessing her decision to go along with Oliver’s insane plan when he showed up at her town house the next afternoon.  She was pacing the floor of her living room, chewing her lower lip and running her damp palms over her jeans when there was a knock at her door.  She grabbed her phone and purse from the table next to the door and flung it open.  

Oliver stood on the step, big smile in place.  “I said thank you last night, didn’t I?  Can I say it again?”

“Just make sure I don’t regret this,” she warned him, stepping out and then turning around to lock her door.  

“It’ll be fun!  Have you ever done Christmas before?” he asked. 

“Once,” she admitted, turning back to him and gesturing for him to lead the way.  He walked down the steps and towards the shiny crossover parked at the curb.  “I went home with my roommate for the holidays my sophomore year at MIT.  It was fun, but I had to sleep on the bottom bunk of a bunkbed.  Underneath her 8 year old brother.  Not a highlight, I assure you.”

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I understand Oliver

Season 3 premiere was AMAZING!  I know, I know….completely and absolutely heartbreaking at the same time.  But we knew it was coming.  We knew the angst was happening, the writers have warned us the entire hiatus (Xanax?  Anyone?). 

I think its really easy for us to look at Oliver and the choices he made as stupid or not really thought through.  But the fact is, we don’t really know his entire story yet.  What we do know, is that Oliver has lost people.  A lot of people.  His father, Shado, Sara, Yao Fei, Slade, Moira, Tommy, Sara (again).  We don’t even know how many more people he is going to loose in the next few years of flashbacks.  

Tonight, when I saw the way he looked at Felicity…she has become his everything.  His love for her is so enormous that she can’t be one of the people he looses.  His fear is driving his actions, but his fear is so understandable.  He didn’t just loose people to freak accidents, he lost people as a result of some of his choices, his actions, or circumstances he chose to be a part of. 

I think even Diggle at the end could understand Oliver’s choices.  Because he looked at his daughter, and she became his everything.  He can’t loose his daughter based on his choices and his daughter can’t ever loose him.  

That’s what is so heartbreaking about Oliver and Felicity.  Felicity understands why he is choosing to walk away from them.  That’s why she doesn’t really question his decision.  She knew it was coming.  She just pleaded with him to let her go completely because as long as he dangles just that little bit of hope, she will never be able to walk away from him.  

Boy am I glad that Joss Whedon has trained me up for this kind of angst.  Honestly?  I kind of enjoyed the heartbreak.  Because the thing that this episode did do?  There is no longer a question as to whether they love one another.  

Olicity one-shot: what a good guy would do

Word count: 2,589
Rating: Everyone
Summary: Newsroom AU — Oliver’s scared of losing his on/off girlfriend Sara Lance to the the new hotshot senior producer, Nyssa. But when he finds out business reporter Felicity Smoak is entertaining other job offers, he finds he can’t let go of her either.

Author’s note: OK so background: a while back, @screamlikeacanary and I decided to cast “The Newsroom” with “Arrow” characters. I started rewatching “The Newsroom” for like the millionth time a few days ago and when I got to this episode, I HAD TO WRITE IT. (I’M SORRY, ANNA, I HAD TO.)

So with that, I’m dedicating it to @screamlikeacanary in the hopes that she doesn’t hate me. 

Lastly, you don’t HAVE to have seen The Newsroom to understand what’s going on in this story, but if you haven’t seen The Newsroom, then do yourselves the biggest favor and watch it immediately.

Ignoring the bright, red light that screamed ON AIR, Oliver pushed open the door and strode into the studio.

Felicity sat behind the desk, her smile almost as bright as her hair in the fluorescent lighting. Her fuschia lips wrapped around each word carefully, like she had to physically restrain herself from talking a mile a minute, as was her habit.

If she noticed him standing next to the teleprompter, glaring at her with ice cold eyes and his arms crossed firmly over his chest, she didn’t let on.

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I, for one, am sorry that Sara has sailed to whereever she was going at the end of the season finale and chances are that she will be a recurring character - just like Malcolm Merlyn this season - in season 3.

While I do admit that I will miss her and her very credible fighting skills, I will also miss her amazing boobs who should get their separate billing in the end credits for always being there and for being oh so magnificent. 

No matter how many women will take on the mantle after this, Sara will be the original canary and no one will take that away. 

My wish list for season three includes both Nyssa and Sara being back in Starling city and flirt outrageously with Felicity because that would be glorious and hilarious at the same time. 

Can I ship them all together and call it “Nyssaracity”

Pretty Young Things

Inspired by that time I horrified misscouchpotato with the idea of Thea hitting on Laurel because I’m mean like that. I mean, not judging the ship at all, but I just think Laurel would be…well, you’ll see. Rated PG-13 for some crude language, 1081 words. Thea/Laurel (one-sided), Sara & Laurel, Sara/Nyssa

When Sara comes in, shrugging out of her duster, she’s surprised to find the Foundry emptier than usual. Felicity must be in a meeting, and Oliver’s out…doing whatever Oliver does these days. Diggle’s out with her namesake—she’d heard mention of the zoo before she’d passed out next to Nyssa on the Foundry’s rotating bed—and Nyssa’s not really going to hang around if Sara’s not there, these days. It’s probably for the best. It keeps both Oliver and Nyssa alive.

So all she finds is Laurel, illegally parked in Felicity’s chair with six law books spread around her, and Thea.

On the salmon ladder, going to town.

“Control your hips more,” Sara says, dropping her duster on the back of Laurel’s chair. “They should be more in rhythm with the—yeah, that’s it.”

“Trust me.” Thea blows out a hard breath and goes up two, down one. “I know all about hips and rhythm.”

Sara laughs at the innuendo and takes a seat next to one of Laurel’s books to watch and offer tips. Nyssa calls the way the Foundry is laid out, with the salmon ladder directly in the center of everything like an open altar of worship, barbaric (but Sara still noticed that she hadn’t exactly been paying close attention to her own kata last time Sara had been working the ladder). And part of Sara agrees, but this is Felicity’s space. Oliver can claim it’s his home base all he likes, but everything is where Felicity needs it to be. Up to and including the ladder.

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anonymous asked:

hey! love your answers really!!!! i was wondering whta do you think are going to be the differences between Oliver and Felicity and Oliver with his other ex girlfirneds? i am talking mainly about Sara since she was the only one, till now, how was Oliver's girlfriend and partner in his night work

Anonymous Ask Blitzkrieg Response #41:

Hi! Interesting question.

I think that the major differences between Oliver’s relationship with Felicity and Oliver’s relationships with other ladies over the series so far will be in the foundation of the romance. For me, it comes down to three things: the slow burn, the longstanding honesty, and the lack of a preexisting physical relationship.

I’ll break it down.

The slow burn has functioned for more than bringing shippers closer and closer to the edges of their seats as the plot progressed. Thanks to three seasons of relationship evolution that has been canonically verified as groundbreaking for Oliver, we’ve seen that Oliver truly does love Felicity. He spent a whole year celibate and without so much as glancing at another woman for love of Felicity. The series didn’t just tell us that former playboy Oliver Queen was in love; the series showed us. Oliver has been faithful to Felicity for longer than any other woman…since before they were even in a relationship. Conflicts will have higher stakes and alliances will feel more deeply earned because we witnessed most of the journey.

The honesty between Oliver and Felicity has always made theirs one of the healthiest relationships - platonic or romantic – of his life. The depth of honesty that he shares with her is only rivaled among his ex-girlfriends by Sara, and so the egalitarian nature that had been one of the biggest appeals of their romance will be applicable to Olicity as well. There’s no need to be uncomfortable because Oliver is keeping a huge secret from his love interest or annoyed at how unintelligent the love interest must be to not connect the dots about him.

That love came before sex really sets Olicity apart, for me. While there’s nothing wrong with casual dating and figuring matters of the heart out as they arise, Oliver has always been negatively defined by his…well, his lack of discernment with the ladies that he’s willing to bed. I came to think of him as “Quick-Draw Queen” in the romance department, and I think that the show did the character dirty with some of his love connections. It was a miracle of acting, mood, and slow burn that the Olicity sex scene turned out so meaningfully on screen.

Of all of his women on the show, Felicity is the only one to have ticked all three of these particular boxes, and I think that will set her apart as Oliver’s girlfriend and partner in his night work.

Felicity was not a big part of the latest Arrow(chill the fuck out) and why you should be ok with Sara

Hey all.

I am very aware how intense the Olicity shippers are.

I understand why that side of the fanbase tunes into the show.

But PLEASE understand that Felicity did not have much to do in the current plot but I have a feeling they are about to make her very relevant.

“Birds of Prey” is the title of the next episode. Who of team Olicity know who they are? Because of you do you would know that Felicity is a play on the character Barbara Gordon aka Oracle aka the original Batgirl.

Sara who is Black Canary along with Huntress are also part of this team.

Also Sara is the Black Canary. Her relationship with Olivier Queen is one of the most famous in the history of comic books and its probably going to be the end game of the series.

The Likely hood that they twist it to suit the shippers is very thin. BUT do not get me wrong, the writers are aware of you and its why the tease it. It makes team Olicity tune in each week and keep the ratings up.

But the show is past the “Smallville” point and is going to embrace the comics more and more.  

Just stop hating on Sara like jealous girlfriends. Her chemistry is as good with Ollie as anybody else. 

I am just super excited to see if Felicity does become “The Oracle”. She is already portraying the character who is usually a ally of batman. With Night wing coming in soon its going to get interesting.

Just enjoy the ride and stop getting pissed off.