i was going to color this properly but aint no one got time for that

Daycare helper!Seungcheol

y’all im deceased :’))) he aint even my bias but a man with kids is tRULY A REAL!! MAN!!! hope you enjoy my first published headcanon!!

  • ok so let’s get this show on the road
  • seungcheol with kids is a cONCEPT DONT FIGHT ME ON THIS
  • he is the cutest little bean with mini little beans clinging on his legs
  • a kid with smaller kids my heART
  • he only has this as a part-time job so he’s still fairly young but boy does he treat it as his primary
  • he absolutely adores children and has been wanting to raise one for the longest time ever
  • taking care of kids as their parents are temporarily away isn’t something he sees as just babysitting; he’s proud he’s deemed trustworthy enough to have someone put their kid in his care
  • and he does a damn well job at it too
  • he’s a second dad to all of them
  • sasha cut her knee? he’s rushing with a first aid kid
  • nick and carol are fighting over a crayon? they’re suddenly best friends in one minute stat

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