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Lying Is The Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off (Sebastian Stan x Reader) Pt. 6

A/N: yaaay! chap 6 is finally here and the big moment finally happens you guys! *throws table* i always felt like seb would do some spontaneous stuff like this in this situation! I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! - Delilah

Warnings: None. 

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Sebastian: What are you wearing? ;)

You snickered at your phone as you walked through the large building. Since the grand discovery a couple weeks ago, you both have been completely honest with each other. No lies, no secrets, just the absolute truth.

You learned quite a bit about Sebastian; you both were similar in so many ways. You both were devoted pizza lovers. This conversation ended with Sebastian sending you a pizza all the way from Melbourne (where he was filming at the time) and made sure you got you and his’ favorite topping: pineapple and pepperoni. He made sure to tell the pizzeria to place the toppings in a heart shape, which you found absolutely adorable.

 Sebastian was also highly obsessed with Sharon Stone, which led to you sending him a body pillow with her body printed on it. He practically imploded when he un-boxed it the day he got it. You made sure he sent you pictures of it for your lock screen.

 Also, you found that Sebastian and you loved Star Wars with a burning passion. This led to a giant craze where you both sent each other merchandise of your favorite characters. Your favorite character was Leia Organa -she took absolutely no shit from anyone and was the most important female protagonist in a film full of males. Sebastian loved Finn -he was an unlikely man who was able to save lives despite his harsh upbringing. He also had a huge man crush on him. You both may or may not have spent your free time reading the scripts together for fun. 

You were currently leaving your latest internship job. You were tired, but still grateful for the opportunities you were given. You knew to never give up, no matter what life threw at you. You texted Sebastian back a snarky little reply. 

Me:  khakis and crocs. :)

Sebastian: ugh, i love it. are you wearing a fanny pack, too? that’s such a turn on. 

You giggled as you typed out your reply. He was such a little dork and you loved it. 

Me: oh yeah. my hair’s in those little leia buns as well. i’m a hot mess. 

Sebastian: i think you look lovely. that jacket brings your eye color. :)

You froze.


You furrowed your eyebrows, your eyes narrowing in suspicion as you peered around the crowd of people around you. There was no way he could see you from your phone, so what was he on about? 

Me: how did you know i was wearing a jacket? are you having someone follow me around?  >:|

He didn’t reply right away, in fact, your phone stayed silent. You knew Sebastian wouldn’t have someone spy on you, that was a ridiculous thought and all, but you couldn’t help the nagging feeling in your tummy that someone’s eyes were on you. 

You picked up your pace, eyeing every single person that walked by you with suspicion. You were almost to the entrance when your phone buzzed again, the notification chime blared loudly from the speakers. 

Sebastian: and that skirt! man, your legs are amazing!

Now you were getting a bit annoyed. How on earth did he know you were wearing a skirt? That was impossible, as he’s on the other side of the earth at the moment. 

Me: haha. very funny, seb. tell your buddy to stop following me or i’ll use my pepper spray. 

You were instantly reminded of your car, which was waiting for you in front of the building. You had put enough money in the meter for an hour and you really needed to get going. 

You power walked outside of the building, hugging your purse to your body. Your eyes were on everyone and everything that was in your sight. You were highly paranoid person all together and Sebastian being a little shit wasn’t helping at all. 

You’d get him back for this! 

You spotted your car, just a few steps away. You let out a sigh of relief as you got closer and closer to your vehicle. You’d give him a call shortly after you got settled in and demand answers. How did he figure out your outfit? Maybe he was just a lucky guesser?

As soon as you made it within a foot of your car, you immediately stopped in your tracks. Your purse you had clutched in your arms, slid from your shoulder fell to the ground with a thud. 

“Hey, kiddo,” The man spoke with a sheepish smile. One you had only seen from a computer or phone, never in person until now. He held up a bouquet of roses, along with a pizza box in his other hand. 

You covered your mouth with your hand as you stared at a very lively Sebastian, leaning against the side of your car. 

“I guess I’ve got some explaining to do, huh?” 


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Me Reatching ML: Guitar Villain

Ooooh, I like that they have the detail that Jagged’s necklace is bouncing on him as he headbangs. I don’t think a lot of cartoons would put that detail in. 

I love that this egotistical dork is still wearing Marinette’s glasses. He adores them so much. 

JS doesn’t stress about not being No. 1 all the time, he knows he has skills. 

Jagged has deep trust in Penny’s judgement. 

He’s so dramatic and expressive I love it. 

I feel Penny deals with fights between JS and Bob a lot, and often has to find ways to make both sides happy. 

Bless Jag, he knows potential when he sees it. 

Marinette taps her cheek when she’s in disbelief. 

Bob you sneaky snake. Actually no, that’s an insults to snakes. How about sneaky mosquito? No one likes mosquitoes. 

Marinette definitely knows Jagged’s style. It’s also here that she declares he’s her favorite singer, despite Pixelator being his first official intro and she didn’t seem that excited about him being there. I’m guessing it’s the events of Pixelator that lead to it, mostly like him helping her with Pixelator, being the only official civilian to step up to help thus far, and the factor that he did a song for Ladybug. If she just liked his music before, those are solid reasons to really admire him and boost him up on her favorite list. 

Tom and Sabine are so awed and proud. Also, where did Marinette get her blue eyes? Because Tom has green eyes, kinda greyish; and Sabine as light grey eyes. And I know her great uncle has black eyes. Though Marinette does for sure have a grandmother, maybe that’s where she got her eye color from? Or maybe someone on Tom’s side of the family has blue eyes? It’s a small detail but so curious? 

…Kinda contradicting lessons here Tikki. Pixelator you push for Marinette to follow what she was asked to do, but here, you’re suggesting Marinette not do what she asked and to wing it, do what she wants, with you not knowing for sure if this is what Jagged wants or not. Tikki got lucky in her assumption that Jagged wanted Marinette’s style, but there’s no way to know for sure. Only large difference I can think of is how much effort Marinette is up to put in these project, with shades she was lazy about it at first, but here she’s into it but unsure of what she was asked. 

And you know, I would not mind an episode where Tikki is in the wrong for once. Ultimately she is always right in her advice and views, and being over 5,000 years old, yeah, she would be right about a lot. But despite this kwamis are still flawed, and they themselves don’t know everything. And Tikki does have flaws, but they’re not too obvious outside her bad habit of popping into view (hers I would say are putting a lot of pressure and expectations on Marinette, also being a bit biased towards LB duties, thinks Marinette should care about them more than her civilian life). So seeing Tikki in the wrong in her direction I think would be interesting. 

I really do love and appreciate that JS is really supportive and pushes for Marinette to dive into her style, to grow into it. He does have flaws with his ego and arrogance, but he has strengths too. It really makes him a solid background character. 

Damn he is strong when mad. Also, is it ok for Fang to eat that? I’m not too sure if that’s ok for a crocodile to eat. 

I am curious and concerned about what would’ve happened if Fang had eaten the akuma. Would he become the akuma? Can akumas die? Well, yeah I suppose. Plagg technically died in Timebreaker. I bet there’s some sort of magic on them that allows a butterfly to travel unbothered by predators or they’re just able to escape them. 

Fang makes wtf face. 

Marinette will hold her chin when she’s pensive. 

Adrien eagerly greets her. Then goes oh god as Chloe hugs him XD 

Adrien knows that Jagged is here at the hotel, he was there when Jagged arrived, yet Chloe acts like this is a surprise. 

Tikki is annoyed with those who talk in 3rd person. Who talked in 3rd person that annoyed you Tikki? Was it Plagg? Did Trixx do that to annoy you? Was it some villain you faced in the past?

Gorilla hums at Marinette. He reached out to her. This is the first time I’ve seen him make a sound at anyone. And he just hangs around outside the car when clearly Adrien’s going to be a while. I wonder if he’s curious about Marinette, possibly due to Adrien talking about her? Probably just overthinking stuff though XD 


Lmao, I remember the first time my sister and I watched this, when we saw all the headbanging we just broke into a giggly fit. 

HM YOU MISSED A GREAT CHANCE TO PUN. Instead of “face their doom” you could’ve said that “they’ll face the music!” or “their world will be rocked!”

…How does Fang fit through the door? 

I love that even the cars will headbang. And pigeons. Bless this. 

20, Tikki floated into the open again hanging by Marinette’s head. 

THEO. Can upcoming seasons keep the Where’s Theo game? 

XY is such a douche. I want to see Marinette go all savage on him. 

And I wonder how old XY is. I want to say 16-18. 

Yaaaaaaas, dragon riding. 


Oooooch he’s got to have a sore bottom at least to break the guitar. 

“THIS GUYS IS CRAZY!” “Thank you.” lmao

I need more Jagged and Marinette interactions. They give me such life. I want Jagged to be her crazy mentor, not just one ep alone. 

Getting an autograph from rockstar Jagged Stone, lol nothing. Getting an autograph from your classmate Marinette, oh boy that’s nerve wracking. 

im so sorry I have to keep uploading these as screenshots- I answered it but! this app hates me <\3 i’m not very used to this fanfiction type format, but I hope I did well~ I got lazy and did only 3 characters though, lolol ^^



it was the first day of October, and the true beginning to autumn: cold weather, big sweaters, Halloween, pumpkin spice everything, color-changing leaves… everything about the season made you feel cozy.

as a little gift to yourself, you thought it would be appropriate to go to your favorite little café and get a pumpkin-spiced latte. it was basic, sure, but you really wanted to get into the autumn spirit. plus, you had nothing better to do.

you ordered the drink and set your eyes on the small table in the back. before you could reach it, though, you felt another person bump straight into you. your drink fell to the floor.

“oh my gosh,” was the first thing to come out of both of your mouths, and hurried apologies in nearly perfect sync followed. you cut yourself off and looked at him. bright, blonde hair and rosy cheeks. you were almost caught off guard by how attractive he was, and lost your train of thought.

he rushed to grab a handful of napkins and began cleaning the mess up. “i’m so sorry, haha, you just… you’re really…” he trails off, blushing.

you pick up your now empty cup and throw it away, trying to help. “oh, it’s fine! it was my fault,” you smile at him. the boy stares at you for a few seconds, his cheeks still red, then stutters out a response. “here, let me buy you another one.”

he doesn’t let you protest, and orders it quickly. he turns back to you and hands you your new drink.

it’s warm in your hands and in your cheeks, and there’s a quick and nervous feeling that’s floating around in your chest, as well- you wonder what it could be.

his smile is like a field of pretty flowers, and you can’t help but smile with him.

“so.. I think we got off to a messy start. what’s your name?”



“rain, rain, go away, don’t come back another day~”

the silver-haired man’s smile grows wide as you sing the short rhyme, and you have no idea why he looks so happy. his eyes seem to sparkle, and wow, you realize, you could really get used to this kind of attention.

you two had met on a social media site- it started with compliments and escalated to in-depth conversations, until soon, you felt like you were going to die if you never got to meet this person. he was talented, charming, sweet, funny… and a HUGE dork. he was your type to a T, and you hoped he felt the same.

you two were seated underneath his umbrella on a park bench. neither of you had planned to be caught in the rain- but neither of you minded as long as you were together.

“mc,” he sighed and smiled at you, making your heart race. “yes?”

it was very sudden, and you realize that this man can sweep a girl off of her feet easily. one minute you two were singing childhood songs, and the next…

zen leaned in close to you- you could feel his breath on your skin, and he made a questioning humming noise, as if to ask permission to kiss you. hesitantly, you nodded.

your lips touched and he could feel fireworks all throughout his body, and finally understood what people mean when they say they feel “sparks flying” in a kiss.

it was longer than youd expected, and when you made a small effort to pull away, he only held you closer; not wanting to let go, ever. wanting to always keep you in perfect moments like these.

when you two finally pulled away, you were blushing, and you noticed that a soft pink color was dusted on his cheeks, as well.

he cleared his threat and then looked at you, then hugged you tightly. “you’re so cute, mc. i just want you all to myself~”

a rainbow had spread itself across the grey sky. an arrangement of every color was blended together artistically and shining down on newly-found lovers and first kisses.

the rain stopped.



“a pleasure to meet you, miss,”

you two had spoken before on the phone. it started as a new friendship online, but slowly blossomed into something much more- the line between ‘best friend’ and ‘lover’ was blurred, but neither of you cared much for labels, anyways.

“you too,” your reply was a little awkward and a lot less formal, but you tried your best. “should we start now?” you nodded at his question, and laced your fingers in between his.

you two had decided to go on a “date”- something jumin had done before, but only with boring women for business reasons. for some reason, this felt a lot different… maybe it was the feeling of your soft, cold hands, or the cherry red color that dusted your cheeks when you grinned at him. whatever it was, it was nice.

his idea of a “date” was taking a woman out to a fancy dinner, paying her in cheap compliments and an expensive meal. while it sounded… nice… it wasn’t really your cup of tea. oh, that reminded you!

it was a really cute sight- you with an excited face, holding the tall man’s hand and leading him around. “what is this place?” he murmured to you, a small bell chiming as you opened the door. you didn’t answer.

“can I get two small cups of green tea, please?”

jumin felt a little out of place- the ceilings were a bit too low for his liking, and he wasn’t very used to such a traditional setting. but… seeing your bright smile was worth it.

he listened to you while you chatted him up about the shop, little facts about your favorite kinds of drinks, and the conversation went from tea to life and pretty soon you two were talking about everything you could think of.

“when did it get so dark out?” you blinked, glancing out the window. it was already 10 PM- you two were talking for four hours. jumin was aware of the time that passed, but he was enjoying every second that went by. he really could listen to that voice for hours..

“i should take you home now, I suppose,” he says gently, with a small smile on his lips. you nodded with a yawn.

now you were at the front door of your house, you nervously shifting your weight and him taking in your beauty, your delicate features almost glowing underneath the porch light.

“i guess this is goodnight,”

he took you by surprise- or, more accurately, your waist- and his lips met your own. he was all wandering hands and secretive smiles, his strong arms holding you in place as if he was afraid you might just disappear.

letting yourself melt for just a moment, you took a step back from him.

'a bit too forward, there, mr. han,’ your bought to yourself jokingly.

“i’ll call you,” a giggle was hidden behind your glittering eyes, and you turned away from him gracefully.

the door shut, and his heart was wide open- for green tea, for little shops downtown, for holding hands, for awkward conversations, for quiet smiles…

for you; and only you.

Kiss me

A/N: Kinda based on the song Kiss me by Sixpence! Just some cute stuff kinda 

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1096

Warnings: none I dont think

Dean knew that whenever it was warm and sunny, the only place he’d find you was on the hood of Baby with a bottle of Jack, a blissful smile and nothing but a red bikini set that made his stomach churn with pleasure. It was a sight he never got tired of, and Dean constantly looked forward to summer because every day he’d be greeted with such an image. Such a picturesque moment. But today was different. He heard your voice before he even saw you. The melody entranced him, yet he tried to recall where he had heard such a tune.

Kiss me out of the bearded barley

Nightly, beside the green, green grass

Swing, swing, swing the spinning step

You wear those shoes and I’ll wear that dress

He could hear the smile in your voice as you sang, making him wonder why you would sing such a song. The selfish part of him, wanted to know if it was for him. Dean wasn’t stupid. He knew of the … connection, the two of you had. You had known each other for years, being Ellen’s niece and all. You didn’t join the Winchester’s until after Bobby’s death; and ever since then, Dean Winchester had slithered his way into your heart.

Dean was aware of the lingering touches, the wishful gazes. He himself wasn’t fully innocent either, especially since he wasn’t immune to your spirit, to everything that was you and it made him weak. Because he loved making you laugh, calling him a dork at whatever ridiculous thing he did. He loved being so attuned to your body during hunts, knowing your next move, knowing that you had his back always.

Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight

Lead me out on the moonlit floor

Lift your hand up

Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance

Silver moon’s sparkling

So kiss me

You weren’t aware of the bow-legged hunter as he watched, the sun putting you in a lovely haze as you sang. It was such a simple song that complimented your voice nicely. A song that you wanted to sing to Dean but knew you would never have the guts to. So for now, the sun, the dried tall grass from the surrounding farms, and the endless blue sky were your only audience. You could picture his perfect green eyes, the way they crinkled whenever he smiled at you. You were becoming restless, not telling Dean about this stupid crush. But you couldn’t tell him, not when there was so much to lose if he didn’t feel the same way. Baby had become your confident since the car was such an important part of the eldest Winchester. You spent a lot of time with it, with her.

“I didn’t know you could sing like that, sweetheart. If I did, I would have made you sing me to sleep,”

A slight shriek left your lips as you quickly sat up, the rough voice making you blush immediately – rivaling the color of your bikini top. With trembling fingers you smoothed your hair and tucked it behind your ears as you watched Dean make his way towards you with a lazy smile. Despite the heat, he sported a black t-shirt and a tan button up. His green eyes seemed to be brighter than ever underneath the summer sun.

“I um, I didn’t know you were listening. I d-don’t really sing in front of people,” You stuttered, making you flush even more from embarrassment. Really? Of all times to lose your cool, it had to be now? Dean’s gaze seemed too intense, making you nervous as you looked at anything but his eyes.

“Well that’s a shame because I’d listen to you all day. You’ve been out here for hours, Y/N.”

“You know I love the sun and summer,” You chuckled, shoving him slightly at such a ridiculous statement. He shook his head in amusement. A moment of silenced passed between the two of you as you relished in the heat, in the stillness of it all. It was so rare for there to be a day off, with no worries about saving either Winchester brother, or even Castiel. For once it was quiet.

“Why’d you sing that song?” His bluntness caught you off guard, but Dean was nervous yet eager to know your answer, licking his lips as he watched you collect your thoughts.

“The truth? Or some bullshit answer?” You grinned teasingly, hoping that this conversation was going where you think it was. He didn’t respond. “There is a certain someone that I want to sing that to, but never had the guts.”

“Lucky bastard, must be a real dick if you can’t tell him how you feel,” You didn’t miss the hopeful glance he sent your way before playing with the ring on his finger, his father’s ring. .You were surprised at his nervousness, Dean was the epitome of sex and confidence.

“Yeah, he can be a real dick. But he’s one of the best men I have ever known. Does everything in his power to protect the ones he loves,” By now it was a dead giveaway, you watched as he smiled briefly, turning to you. You leaned in slightly, your arm leaning against his.

“Oh yeah? How long have you liked this dick?”

“A couple years, but I knew he needed time. So I’ve waited, I’ll always wait,”

His hands slid up your sun kissed legs slightly, before resting on your hips. He stood before you, over 6 feet of pure gold and love that you so wanted to have but it was all up to him now. He took his right hand and trailed it down your arm before intertwining it with yours, pulling it towards his plump lips and placed soft kisses on your palm.

“You should have told me earlier,” he murmured against your skin, the coconut scent from your sunscreen intoxicated his senses. He had never loved a scent so much.

“So what are you gonna do about it now, Winchester?” You teased, gripping his shirt tightly and pulling him closer to you, his legs resting against the grill of Baby, your own wrapped around his hips lazily.

That wicked smirk that broke women’s hearts around the country, appeared on his face. Resting his head on the crook of your neck, his breath hit your bare skin, making you shudder slightly.

“I don’t know, sweetheart. What do you want me to do?” You never backed down from a challenged, especially not from Dean Winchester.

“Kiss me.”

Another A/N.: Being a total dork I forgot to put a title. The Title now is.. Chris Evans x Daughter! Reader / First Day

A/N 2 : It changes POV like half way. I was noted of this but was too fucking lazy to change it so please bear with me..

*Yes there will be a second part but shorter (Probably)

warnings: none

Genre: Fluff

Gender: Female

Words: 1.7k

Prompt: Today is Chris’s daughter’s first day of kindergarten, But he wasn’t ready to give up his little princess that easy.

Chris was sleeping peacefully in his bed when his door slammed open. He heard little patters and the bed creaking when someone jumped on it.

“Daddy! Daddy! Wake up!”

His daughter (Name) Was jumping on the bed, Happy and energetic at 7 in the morning. He knew why. It was her first of kindergarten, And he wasn’t happy. Well, He was, but not about leaving his little princess. He loved her too much to let her go!

“I’m up I’m up!” He chuckles, Grabbing her legs and making her fall on the bed.

She explodes in giggles, Pulling down her Disney nightie. He pulled his daughter closer to himself, Kissing her forehead. He was blessed to have such a beautiful daughter.

“Daddy! Come on! Get dressed!” She pulled his arm, And he went limp. “Daddy!”

She starts to pull, Grunting and making small noises. He chuckles, And slowly gets up.

“I told you I was strong daddy!” She smiles and giggles, Getting off the bed to probably fix her clothes for today.

He brushed his teeth and took a shower, But when he got out of the shower he was met with a crying (Name). His dad senses immediately turned on, Walking toward her and hugging her.

“What’s wrong princess?” He stroked her back, Her cries turning into little hiccups.

“I can’t find my favourite dress” She mumbles, Pouting.

“I put it in the wash remember?” She immediately perks up and struggles to get out of her father’s hold. He puts her down, And she runs toward the laundry room.

He puts on his clothes, And walks toward the kitchen to start breakfast. In the middle of making the scrambled eggs, He hears the doorbell, And he turns off the stove and goes toward the front door.

He hears the little patters of (Name’s) feet as she opens the front door and he runs toward the door.

“Hey squirt”

“Hey seabass!”

“Hey Sebastian” Chris shakes Sebastian’s available hand that is not carrying his daughter. Chris then looks at his daughter sternly, For opening the door without Chris being there.

“Hey Chris.” Sebastian notices Chris stare, And looks down at (Name). “You shouldn’t open the door like that (Name). You don’t know who could have been outside.”

(Name) Nods and pouts.

“Now, I see it is your first day of kindergarten. Are you excited?”

“Yes!! I’m going to make so many friends!!” She yells, Flailing her arms around. Like father like daughter.

“You’re not changed yet! You’re going to be late!” Sebastian puts her down and smiles as Chris. “Go change her I’ll make her breakfast”

Chris nods and takes off his “#1 Dad” Apron and hands it to a chuckling Sebastian.

Chris jogs to your room and sees you struggling with the dress you picked out. It was a white dress with different pink flowers. Your shoes were already on and you had brushed your teeth.

Chris smiled and tears started to sting his eyes. You were growing up so fast. He breaths in, and walks inside your room.

“Need help?” He chuckles, Taking off the dress and making you raise your hands.

“No! I’m a big girl! I can do it by myself!” You tried to get the dress from his hands, But he chuckles.

“You were trying to put your head in the arm hole. Here.”

He raised your hands and slid the dress easily through your head. Pouting, He sits you on the bed and puts on your small earrings, And gets the brush for your hair. He starts to brush it gently, And then (Favorite Hairstyle). He puts on the white headband with a single flower and smiles.

“There. All done. Now let’s go get breakfast.”

He puts you on the ground, And you hurry toward the kitchen. Sebastian had prepared your breakfast and lunch; Your avengers lunch box placed on the table next to your breakfast. It was 8, So you needed to hurry up and eat before you were late on your first day.

You ate your breakfast, Moving your tiny legs and offering some to Sebastian and Chris.

Finishing your breakfast and getting your lunch box and everything together, You check your backpack one last time. Coloring book? Check. Crayons? Check. Notebook? Check. Pencils? Check. Pens? Check. White paper? Check. Colored pencils? Check. Markers? Check. Steve and Bucky stuffed toys? CHECK.  

You run toward your dad, Who is waiting patiently for you at the front door. Sebastian is already in car and waiting for you two. You walk out with your dad, Holding his hand. He locks the door and walks toward the car. He opens the door and places you in the car seat, Buckling you in.

You all drive about 20 minutes, Until the car stops and you look outside and see the small building with an awful color and a bunch of weird paintings on the outside. Children are going inside and you see a small playground to the left and a grassy area on the right. A woman is standing outside the front door greeting the parents and children.

“Daddy, Is this it?” You are suddenly scared. What if they don’t like you? What if you embarrass yourself?

“Yup.” He parks and turns off the car, Getting out and opening the door for you. He gets you out and you look at the building.

“I don’t want to..” You mumble, Tugging on his jeans. “I’m scared daddy..” Tears are threatening to escape your eyes, But Chris hugs you before they do.

“You don’t need to be scared. You’ll make lots of friend who will be glad to have you. You’ll have a nice teacher.”

Sebastian ruffles your hair, Smiling softly.

“Your dad’s right. You’ll make plenty of friends and have lots of fun!” He picks you up and hugs you tightly, Not wanting to let you go.

Chris hugs you next, Looking at the building in front of him.

“You know what? Let’s come next year. She isn’t ready-”

“Daddy.. I want to go now..” You wave to another girl, Who just smiles and waves back.

“(Name)..” Chris starts to cry, But he wipes his tears away. He puts you down, And smiles.

“Don’t let any boys bother you. And if they do punch them” Sebastian adds, Smiling.

“Don’t punch them!” Chris quickly says, Making sure you don’t punch anyone.

“Alright.” You take out your stuffed Bucky and Steve, Hugging them tightly.

“I’ll pick you up in a few hours.” He hugs you for the umpteenth time, Sebastian winking at you.

“Alright daddy.. I’ll miss you.” You kiss his cheek, Seb kneeling down also to get a kiss.

You start to walk away, And almost make it to the door before you run back and bear hug your dad and Sebastian.

“Be good until I get back! Goodbye daddy! Goodbye Uncle Sebby!” You yell, Running into the building as the woman smiles and waves at the two hot men standing in front if the building.

You were currently playing legos with Lina, A girl you just met. She was nice but really crazy. Mrs. Clarke, Your teacher tapped you on the shoulder.

“Your father is here to pick you up (Name)”

She smiles sweetly, And you quickly get up, Hugging goodbye to Lina and fixing all your stuff. You took your plushies and walked out hand in hand with Mrs. Clarke. You walk toward the front door and see your father standing there, Sighning someone’s shield and speaking with the staff.

“DADDY!!!” You yell, Running toward your father as fast as your little legs can take you.

His head immediately turns toward you, Smiling widely. He kneels down just in time for you to slam into his chest, panting.

“Daddy! You’re back!!” He picks you up, Kissing your cheek and laughing softly.

“Hey baby.” He puts you down, And you quickly rummage through your backpack, Pulling a sheet of paper and handing it to him.

“I made you a drawing! It’s you with a shield! And that’s me right there going into kindergarten!”

He grabs your hand, Looking at the drawing and smiling. You both walk out the door, And he opens the car door for you to get in.

“It’s beautiful. I don’t know why you’re not an artist yet” He buckles you in, And you start to play with your stuffed Buckh.

“How was your day squirt?” You look at the seat next to daddy and see Uncle Sebby.

“Sebby!!” You make grabby hands, And he leans toward you to give you a chaste kiss of the forehead.

“It was so fun! I made a bunch of new friends!! And we went outside to play! I fell and got a booboo but the teacher was there to help me!! I made daddy a drawing and I made so much friends! We ate snacks and watched a movie!”

Chris chuckles, And hands Sebastian the drawing.

“Woah! This was not you! This was drawn by an artist!”

“That was me uncle Sebby! You can ask daddy!”

“You did a great job. Where’s my painting?”

“I’ll make you one at home!”  

“Great” He chuckles, Looking down at his phone.

When you all get home, You immediately went to your room to start colouring Sebastian’s drawing.

“Hey Chris.. We have a premiere in a few weeks. What are we gonna do?”

They were currently watching TV, Drinking a few beers.

“I don’t know. I’ll think about it. I could leave (Name) with Carly, But then she’ll make a tantrum and give Carly another headache.”

Sebastian chuckles, Taking another swing of his beer.

“Why not just take her with you? I mean, Carly already has her kids to take care of, Why not take (Name) with you? She’s been asking for god knows how long now”

Sebastian gets up, Throwing out his empty can of beer and putting on his shoes.

“I’ll see you tomorrow man. We have shooting on a few days again. Something about an “Extra scene” they wanted to add in.”

Chris hugs Sebastian and Sebastian gets his car keys.

“Say goodbye to (Name) for me. Tell her I’ll be waiting for that drawing.”

Chris chuckles, Waving goodbye to his best friend. Chris closes the door and walks up to your room. It’s too quiet and he thinks you’ve fallen asleep. He smiles when he sees you sprawled out on the floor holding a gray crayon. He picks you up and places you on your bed, Wrapping you up like a burrito; Making sure you’re nice and cozy.

“Goodnight princess. Sweet dreams” he kisses your forehead, Cleaning your mess and walking away; Quietly closing the door behind him.

Phanweek Day 1: Wait for Us

Title~ Wait for Us

Summary~ After five whole years of waiting Zachary Howell-Lester is ready to go to Playlist Live. Unfortunately airports are trickier than they seem. Zach may be ready but Dan and Phil maybe not so much.

Words~ 4.3K

Genre~ Fluff

Rating~ G

Beta’s Note~ Hey @phanweek a bit of a late entry for Day 1 SFW. I’m actually the beta posting for Jay (the author) who’s not close to a computer right now and we kind of forgot day 1 was right now, oops!

Author’s Note~ Hi everyone! Big thank you to @natskindacrisis for posting this for me! I’m a dork who forgets deadlines @_@


“Dad! Dad, wake up!!”

Phil groaned with exaggerated annoyance and cracked an eye open to mock glare at the boy bouncing on his hips. “Hasn’t anyone told you not to wake up a sleeping lion?” he growled playfully.

“But Daaaaaad, we’re going to America! You promised I could go this year,” Zach whined. “Besides, Daddy said I could.”

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Every Rose Has its Thorn - Chapter 12

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Every Rose Has its Thorn

Thank you:

“So you want me to throw this into the fire?” Jiyong looked at the t-shirt that Victoria was trying to hand to him. It was her old university shirt that had her school colors and logo. He couldn’t help but chuckle a little at the idea then look around at everyone else was throwing old mementos into the growing bonfire. “The fire is so big already.”  

“The bigger the better!” Victoria laughed like a little dork which he loved. She always laughed like that when she was drunk. “Tonight is about letting go of something that contains old memories. Throw it into the fire and move on from them! It’s like starting completely new!”

Victoria tossed her university shirt into the bonfire, others throwing in their own mementos. He thought for a moment and new what he wanted to burn. He and Victoria had to change into dry clothes after being in the pool earlier when they got tossed in. His shirt was an expensive designer brand that was flashy and glittery. He immediately pulled it over his head leaving him shirtless and Victoria’s eyes grew wide when he went to go throw that expensive piece of clothing into the fire.

“What are you doing?” She found herself asking in surprise.

“Letting go.” He smiled sweetly in such a charming way that it made her want to swoon, but his eyes were so sincere. “Look at it this way. I’ve always thought the flashier the better. My image is all that matters and what makes me important. But it’s not, there’s so much more than just some image that always causes me stress, isn’t there?”

“Well in that case, toss away!” Victoria grabbed a portion of the expensive designer shirt and assisted him in throwing it into the fire. The flames suddenly grew bigger making them jump in surprise then hysterically laugh since they were both pretty drunk now. She wrapped her arms around his now bare shoulders and he spun her around a little before stopping to cutely rub his nose against hers.

Isaac was on the other side of the fire but he could see everything clearly. It wasn’t fair. He had let her go so she could go pursue her dreams and this is what he gets for being the good guy? He thought over and over again for a while about following her to Korea so they could be together and so he could be there for her. Instead he stupidly said he’ll be here waiting in case something were to not work out and she would have to come back home. He also stupidly slept with Natalie that one time a month or so after she was gone just because. He still couldn’t figure out the real reason for that.

“Oh get over it.” He suddenly heard Natalie next to him. She saw the depressed and jealous look on his face as he stared in deep thought at Victoria and Jiyong together. “Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”

“Shut up.” He rolled his eyes, breaking his stare casually so he could act like he wasn’t looking at them at all.

“What? It’s not like I’m wrong.” Natalie pouted her lip. “You can either stand here feeling jealous and sorry for yourself, or you can build a pretty little bridge and get over it.”

“It’s not that. Look at her. Look how happy she is.”

“I’m looking.” Natalie crossed her arms over her chest, continuing to pout as she too looked at Victoria an Jiyong. “And this is significant because?”

“Because I can see what she can’t.” Isaac explained to her. “She’s happy in some fantasy land with him right now, but it won’t stay that way.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“They’re not really dating, Nat.” Isaac turned to her for a moment before continuing. “But she has feelings for him. I know. I know because when we were together, she would smile at me like that.”

“Wow you’re pathetic.” Natalie held in a laugh.

“This is gonna blow up in her face. He’s gonna get bored with her and do the same thing with some other girl, and she is gonna be heartbroken. A relationship like theirs always end in nothing but disaster.”

“I love how you can see that she is really into him and all because what girl wouldn’t be, right?” Natalie grinned slightly. “Your lingering feelings for her only make you stupid though.”


“Because you can’t see that he likes her too.” Natalie patted his shoulder before walking off to leave him with that thought.

Victoria and Jiyong ended up chasing each other around the huge yard. He was so drunk that when she playfully pushed him he tripped over his own feet and fell onto the ground.

“Are you okay?” Victoria laughed at his sudden clumsiness.

“Yeah, just being lazy!” He joked, his beautiful white teeth making his smile sparkle. “Come lay on top of me.”


He shrugged, “Sounds like it could be a fun time.”

“Sorry, I can’t understand Korean when I’m super drunk!” Victoria swayed a little. Music was still playing so she sloppily danced to it which was mostly her just jumping and spinning around in circles which made him laugh at her dorky cuteness.

“Come here damn you.” Jiyong held his hand out to her in an overly dramatic way as if he were desperate. “Stop embarrassing yourself.”

“I’m not embarrassing myself! You’re the embarrassing one, mister shirtless man!” She pointed down at him, pretending to be angry. Her words began to slur, “You think you’re not embarrassing with your sexy shirtless body in front of my parents? And my friends? And whoever the hell else is here? Who is here anyway?”

“I don’t think they mind.” He winked. He pushed himself up off the ground. “Hey. All that chlorine messed up my hair. Care to join me in cleaning it up?”

“Oh you naughty, naughty dragon you.” Victoria smirked, putting the tip of her finger on the tip of his nose. “You’re a big boy, do it yourself.”

“You’re no fun.” He scrunched his face cutely before giving her a quick kiss on her lips. He trotted off to the house to go shower in her bathroom. It was already super late, he couldn’t believe how quickly the time passed by. It was difficult for him to find his way again through the house. His drunkenness made his memories of the recent house tour a blur and Victoria was just starting to catch up to him so she wasn’t any help. By the time he found the right way to the stairs, Victoria finally made it to the slide door and stumbled in to follow him. No one else was inside, everyone was enjoying the bonfire outside. Jiyong didn’t even have a chance to check the time until he found his phone in Victoria’s room. It took opening at least five wrong doors until he found the right one, giving Victoria enough time to point out the right door.

“Don’t use all my hot water.” She slurred as she followed him into the room.

“Are you sure you don’t wanna join me?” He smirked. All the lights were off but the moonlight shining through the window made his playful face visible enough.

“Now what would my parents think?” By the way she said it, it almost sounded like she were actually thinking about like she didn’t already know the answer. She even scratched her head in confused thought. “Whatever, just don’t drown.”

“I’ll try my best, okay?” He laughed before entering the bathroom, not locking the door just in case she were to change her mind. To his disappointment she didn’t, leaving him to shower alone at what he now knew was about one in the morning. He knew his now clean hair was going to pay for when he wakes up. It was also supposed to be very hot (like always here) for the rest of his time here, a complete heat wave. He knew his hair was going to pay for that too, what luck.

He turned the shower off and stepped out, squeezing out the water in his hair and shaking it a little. He wrapped a towel around his hips and stepped out of the bathroom to see Victoria gone. His eyes wandered to her desk, seeing her old diary placed in the same spot as where he originally found it. He felt like he could use another good laugh and see if there was anything else he could use to tease her with, and her not being in the room made now the perfect opportunity. He shook his hair again as he approached the desk. He touched the diary carefully, humorously looking around as if Victoria were going to magically sense him touching it somehow and freak out. He chuckled to himself and reread the entries he saw earlier that day, her cute words making him smile.

He meant it when he told her he liked what she said. It was cute and sweet, and it really did mean a lot to him. It also made him wonder if she still thought of him this way. Was he still some perfect human being that was rich, talented, a gorgeous angel, and good at everything? Or did she realize none of that was real? He saw some more entries as he scanned through, ones that he had not yet read. He read her words of her wanting to become a big designer and styling for celebrities. Her dream was already half completed. She had some pictures she drew on some pages that were pretty good. The styles that she made he found were quite similar to his, she even mentioned on another page that he was her fashion idol. That made his heart flutter in the strangest way. One particular entry caught his eye as he flipped through. He read,

“G Dragon has been sad lately, I can tell. With some of the recent scandals I can hardly blame him. The fact that he’s able to pull through and continue working so hard makes me feel happy for him. It must be hard being put on such a high pedestal like he has. The slightest mistake and he is shamed for it, like he is supposed to be perfect or something. I know I have written in here a bunch of times about how perfect he is and all that, mostly just to give myself a laugh since I’m his fan and all, but I know he’s not perfect. A lot of the time I just want to scream at people saying he’s only human because it seems like everyone always forgets that he is. I got the job at YG which I’m super excited for, maybe, well more like hopefully, I’ll get to meet the famous G Dragon. If I do get that chance of a lifetime, I think I would want to tell him thank you for helping realize what I am meant to do with my boring ass life. Who knows, maybe I’ll make his day. I hope I do. Guess I’ll have to wait until I get there to find out. Until then!”

Jiyong saw a drop of water drip onto the paper. He realized it wasn’t from his hair, but from his eyes that were now wet. He then noticed his lip slightly trembling. He wanted to tell himself that the alcohol was making him overly emotional but he knew that wasn’t true. What had he been doing all this time? Was he really that much of an idiot? This entire time they had been just using each other for no reason other than to suppress their actual feelings. He felt like the biggest idiot in the world. She deserved so much more than this, more than what he had been giving her. If he had realized before how much she actually cared about him, he would never have given her such a sleazy offer. Why hadn’t he offered his whole heart in the first place? He wasn’t now only just realizing his deeper feelings for her, he was now finally realizing what he’s had all along. He had someone amazing and was treating her wrong. He was finally going to start treating her right, it was what someone as perfect as her deserved.

“Oh Jiyong! I decided I also need a shower to, so I took one in my parents room. My mom’s shampoo smells so nice. So nice!” Victoria stumbled back into the room and slammed the door shut, her red hair now a red velvety color from the water and a towel wrapped around her slender body. She hiccupped, “Sorry to be such a buzz kill!” She then noticed him placing the diary back on her desk. “Were you seriously reading that again? If you use any of that against me I will, I will haunt your nightmares!”

Jiyong didn’t reply as he stood from sitting on her bed. He was happy she didn’t notice he was crying a little since his hair was still dripping a little onto his face. Her laughing mood faded when he approached her, his face unreadable. He looked so serious but she couldn’t understand why. She kept as silent as him since she couldn’t seem to find the words to ask him if there was something wrong with him.

He got as close as he could to her and softly put his hands on either side of her face, making her look up at him. He felt his heart pounding as he leaned in and pressed his lips to hers. She didn’t know what motivated him to kiss her so tenderly but it didn’t stop her own heart from wanting to burst out of her chest from the electric sparks that made the butterflies grow in her stomach. His hands moved down to caress her bare shoulders as he deepened the kiss. He’s kissed her many times before of course, but this one was different. As her hands touched his chest, she felt his heart racing just as fast as hers. He was nervous too? His nonbreaking kiss wasn’t filled with senseless passion or lust. She could’ve sworn she felt the intimate feelings she had for him that she didn’t think he felt in return for her. She had been wrong this whole time and she knew that now. His feelings reciprocated hers.

She felt his hands undo the towel around her body, letting it drop to the floor. She wrapped her arms around his neck, feeling his fingertips brush her curves. He snaked his arms around her waist and carefully hoisted her up, her legs tying themselves around him. He only broke their kiss for a moment so he could put his forehead against hers and catch his breath, his eyes not opening. He felt his heart flutter again. He had butterflies in his own gut but the feeling made him happy. He felt so happy right now and it made him happier that he was finally sharing his heart with her. It made him nervous but not one inch of fear could bury the joy he felt right now in this moment. She didn’t have to thank him for anything. He felt like he was the one who should be thanking her.

He kissed her again, this one more passionate than the last. He carried her to her bed and rested her down with him barely hovering over her. At this point he felt as if the raging butterflies were going to make his stomach burst. As he lifted a hand to brush her wet hair out of her face he could’ve sworn he felt himself trembling. Why was he like this right now? What was there to be nervous about? It wasn’t like they’ve never done this before. But this time felt so different. He was nervous, more nervous than he has ever been for anything, and he could feel her heart beating just as fast when his hand traveled down her body to touch her in her most vulnerable place. Her legs tensed around him and he pulled his lips away from hers to let her pant softly moan in his ear.

His lips touched the soft-sensitive skin of her neck, his hot breath sending chills down the core of her spine. He kissed her here and there, down to the place where her neck met her shoulder, gently taking the skin between his teeth. Victoria gasped, making his own arousal increase. His lips traveled back to her neck. He kissed the place where he felt her racing pulse once then twice before finding her lips again in the moonlit darkness. He gulped as he pulled his working hand away so he could finally pull his own towel away and flick it to the floor.

Jiyong kissed down her chest to her stomach, his cold and wet hair lightly brushing her skin as he continued to trail down. She gasped once she felt his lips kissing her burning core, gasping again when he opened his mouth a began swirling his tongue. He’s never done it so softly and gently before, and he wasn’t doing anything to himself as he pleasured her this time either. It was because he just wanted it to be about her right now. For the first time he could care less about himself getting taken care of. He just wanted it to be about her.

He continued, letting her angelic sounds become less spaced. She bit her lip as she felt her toes curling on either side of him. He usually stopped around this point but he wasn’t this time. He kept going, letting her know that it was okay and that it was what he wanted. The room flashed with colored lights for a few moments and she released a single cry, her high coming and leaving all too quickly. He began kissing up her body again and she felt his pulsing and aching erection brush against her. It had to be torturing him by now but he wasn’t showing it. It was almost if he hardly cared at the moment. She momentarily pushed up her hips to grind against him, making him uncontrollably moan above her. He couldn’t take it any longer. He wanted to be as close to her as humanly possible. He wanted to make love to her for the first time, like he should’ve done a long time ago. That thought made him fully realize that he didn’t only care about her or like her. He was in love with her.

Jiyong licked his lips nervously, his throat feeling suddenly dry from nerves. He wondered if she felt the same. He slowly put his lips to her ear and heard himself whisper to her, “I love you.” He then pushed himself inside her, the heat and tightness making him shudder and moan into her ear. Victoria put her legs around his waist once again, helping him go deeper. His pelvis now touching hers, he pulled out then back in again. He did it again, increasing his pace as he continued, thrusting himself harder so she could press her nails into his back.

All the others times felt like nothing compared to now. All those other times were so meaningless and were easily forgotten in this moment. If he could stay in this moment forever he would. It was as if all the pleasure and love he has ever felt was multiplied by a million, making this the most intense but most beautiful and treasured moment of his life. He felt his eyes squeezed shut as his moans grew louder, his thrusts becoming faster as if on their own, like his body knew exactly what it wanted. Her nails weren’t in his back anymore, her arms were now actually embracing him to hold him close. He could feel her heart beating against his own chest, her feeling the same from his own against her.

Everything else had melted away. All he cared about right now was completing this moment with her, but at the same time he wished it could last forever. Victoria buried her face in his neck, feeling herself tighten around him, making him gasp. Her loudest cry vibrated against his skin, which was enough to make him reach his own high with her. Once it was over, he was happy she didn’t let go of him. He kissed her tenderly before pulling himself out and shifting over to the other side of her bed. She adjusted her arms so he could now embrace her as well while he caught his breath.

“You didn’t give me a chance to say it back.” Victoria grinned as she snuggled against him, her head resting on his chest.

“Then say it.” His lips formed a small smile as he stared up at the ceiling, his mind repeating all the recent events and feelings over and over again.

“I love you.” Her almost whisper made it sound like she were beginning to drift off to sleep. It was still enough to make his smile grow bigger.

The sound of Jiyong’s phone ringing next to them made Victoria’s eyes open. He reached his arm out to shut it off but when he saw that it was Taeyang, he felt like he should just answer it to remind him of the time difference and to go away since it was ruining his current moment.

“What’s up?” He put the phone to his eyes, letting his eyes close in relaxation. “Is there something important?” There better be something important if he was calling right now.

“I thought you were sleeping, I was gonna leave you a voicemail.” Taeyang chuckled.

“No, I’m wide awake right now.” He knew Taeyang could hear the sincere joy in his voice. “I’m having the best time here, I wish you could’ve came too. I’m happy I decided to do this, I needed it. So what’s up?”

“I just wanted to let you know that Missy accidentally told someone about you and Victoria. One of YG’s song writers. It’s very complicated but she told him and he just told the CEO. They’re worried about this getting revealed to the public.”

“It’s simple, just release a statement denying it.” He only meant the casual relationship story. That wasn’t true anymore was it? Of course not, things were much different as of late.

“That’s what Yang Hyun-Suk is considering but if that doesn’t work, he’s also thinking of the idea of saying that you and Victoria are actually dating and not just, really really good friends if you know what I mean.”

“Well, maybe hat’s not a bad thing.” Jiyong found himself saying. It wouldn’t be a lie now, and maybe keeping it a complete secret was wrong. “I mean, it’s not guaranteed that anyone else will know. It’s still very under the radar right now which is good I suppose. But if it were to get out somehow, and we were to have no other choice but to say it’s a serious thing, I wouldn’t mind it. I mean, it’s for the best right?”

“Kwon Jiyong do you have a crush on her?” He could tell Taeyang was smiling as he said that in the most teasing way possible. It wasn’t a crush, not anymore. It was something much more now. “What’s been going on over there with you two?”

“Nothing.” Jiyong chuckled, suddenly feeling shy. Was that a blush he felt his cheeks? “I’ll talk you later. I’m heading to bed.”

“All right. Goodnight and don’t forget to call me and let me know what you want to do okay?”

“Okay, bye.” Jiyong hung up his phone and put it back next to he bed. He chuckled, “Missy’s a bitch you know that?”

Victoria laughed into his chest and nodded. What kind of phone call was he just having? “Yeah, I know.”

“I bet she has even worse words for me.”

“For my sake can you guys at least try to hate each other a little less?”

Jiyong looked down at her and shook his head while cutely pouting his lip. “Nope.”

“You’re too much for me sometimes.”

“I could say the same about you.” His curved smile half sincere and half teasing smirk. “I meant it, I hope you know that.”

“Meant what?”

“When I said I love you.” He looked up at the ceiling again. “I think I have for a long time.”

“Are you sure it’s not the alcohol talking?” He heard a slight joking tone in her voice.

He smiled again. “I’m sure. I forgot to tell you something else. Something important.”

“What is it?”

He put his hand on her cheek, making her lift herself up so her face was level with his. His thumb stroked her soft cheek as he looked seriously into her eyes. Before leaning in to kiss her, he was sure to tell her what it was he wanted to say.

“Thank you.”

Just Friends Part 1

Can u do an imagine where ur friends with andy and austin, but you want more and so do they but you don’t know which one u wanna be with. Uve been sleeping with both of them but they don’t know. Add smut and fluff please. Also you can add whatever

This omfg I LOVE IT so very much. Probably gonna be in parts c: I may use this for a full fanfic one day :o


“Just come over! It’ll be fun,” Austin’s voice said over the phone. 

“Austiiiiiiiiiiin,” I replied, being whiny. “I’m so lazy. And its getting late.”

“I know, so come here and be lazy with me for the rest of the night.”

“Ugh, fine,” I sighed, getting up and slipping on my shoes. “You’re lucky that I like you.”

“You love me and you know it!” he shot back happily. I could practically hear the smile in his voice, which made my flutter a little bit.

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll be there in ten.” With that, I hung up the phone and got in my car, driving over to Austin’s place. It made things really convenient that I lived so close to him seeing as how we spent so much time together. Between him and my other best friend I was practically never at my own place. Which I was fine with because hey, less cleaning.

“Finally!” Austin shouted as I walked in his front door. “It took you forever to get here.”

“Dude, it literally took me like seven minutes. You’re a dork,” I told him. He gave me that gorgeous smile and I plopped down next to him. Austin slung his arm around my shoulders. 

“Whatcha wanna do?” he asked, smiling down at me. I shrugged.

“We could watch Disney movies,” I suggested. Austin got excited immediately and jumped up to put in Aladdin. We sang along to all the songs and even recited the lines to some of our favorite parts. During the movie, I ended up curling into Austin’s side, his arms wrapping around me. When the movie was over, I checked the time to find it was well after midnight.

“Do you just want to stay here tonight? I don’t like you being out by yourself at this time of night,” Austin offered. 

“Sure. Thanks,” I told him. I stayed at Austin’s frequently so it wasn’t a weird set up for us. Part of the reason why? We had started occasionally hooking up every now and then. It didn’t start out that way. I actually had stayed here a lot before we first slept together. It just kinda happened, but we decided not to make it weird because we valued our friendship too much. So it just turned into a kind of…thing. And it wasn’t like I didn’t care about him as more than just a friend. But that whole area was extremely complicated.

“Do you wanna head to bed?” Austin asked. I nodded and we sat up, Austin behind me, stretching out. I felt his hands trail down my sides and I smirked, leaning back into him. His lips found my neck soon enough and I started massaging his thigh. Both of his long arms snaked around my waist and we stood up, walking back to his room like that as he whispered sweet nothings in my ear. 

“Is this why you wanted me to come over tonight?” I asked playfully as I fell back on his bed. Austin crawled over me and immediately started on my neck again. I threw his shirt onto the floor and ran my hands up his colorful chest.

“Not the only reason, but I will say that it was a large contributing factor,” he replied. I laughed loudly. Austin removed my shirt and bra and made his way down to my chest, massaging and biting and licking. I let out a moan and tangled my fingers in his hair, relishing in the feeling of his tongue on my skin. 

“Hurry up already,” I mumbled, wanting him badly. Austin chuckled low in his throat and came back up to my lips. He got his pants and boxer briefs off, my underwear and pants following. 

“I see we aren’t one for foreplay tonight,” Austin observed in a playful way. I bit my lip and shook my head, ready for more. He lined himself up and slowly entered, my nails digging into his back as he did so. I have to admit, Austin was an amazing lover, knowing exactly where to touch and when to do it and what I liked and what I didn’t. When we had both hit our highs, he laid next to me in bed and kissed my temple. “You’re amazing…” he whispered. I turned over to face him, studying his face. I placed my hand on his cheek, seeing the love in his eyes. It absolutely tore me apart. 

Austin’s eyes eventually closed and I continued to lightly stroke his cheek until his breathing evened out and I could tell he had finally fallen asleep. With a sigh, I turned over and laid there, unable to sleep. I stared at the ceiling, drowning in my thoughts. My phone began to vibrate on the side table and I quickly snatched it up, not wanting it to wake Austin.

“Hello?” I whispered, sitting up in bed. I threw Austin’s shirt on to have some clothes.

“Y/N! What are you doing?” Andy’s voice came over. Austin knew that I was rather close with Andy, and vice versa. But Andy had no idea about me staying at Austin’s, let alone sleeping with him.

“I’m in bed, Andy. It’s like 3 in the morning. What’s up?” I asked, exasperated. I got up and crept into the hall so Austin didn’t wake up. There was loud music and what not in the background of the call.

“I want to see you,” he said.

“I can’t tonight, Andy.”

“Okay,” he sighed. “I knew I should have called earlier. Hey, Ash is having a party day after tomorrow. Be my date?” I couldn’t help but smile.

“Sounds great,” I whispered. “I’ll talk to you soon, okay?”

“Sweet dreams, beautiful.” I hung up and snuck back into the bedroom. As I was crawling back into bed, Austin began to stir. He sat up and looked at me groggily.

“What are you doing up?” he asked sleepily, rubbing his eyes.

“I just needed some water. Go back to sleep,” I assured him, runnin gmy fingers through his hair. He laid back down with a small smile and a sleepy sigh.

“I love you,” I heard him whisper. Those words made my heart crack. 

“I know,” I whispered back once Austin was back to sleep. “I know.”

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Heyho you Sweet Buns x3! Can I request a scenario with some jealous Bokuto and short, little chubby fem!s/o? Where she mistakes flirting from strangers with simple kindness and flirts back but didn't really notice that because (1/2)

(2/2) she thought it’s obvious that her attention and heart only belongs to the owl boy and Bokuto get’s all flustered and happy when she’s telling him that after he act weird because of his jealousy?  You are awesome writers btwand so cute and kind!

I think I’ve actually requested something like this on another blog, but it had to do with Tsukkii getting jealous…. And it involved Tendou lmao Always fun! Anyway!! DID YOU GUYS SEE THE RECENT CHAPTER??? BOKUTO IS BACK, BABY!!!! *cries some more* Anyway, I hope you like what I’d come up for you, also I couldn’t think of how to incorporate the fluffy attribute of the s/o, so I kind of left it up for your imagination :D! Thanks for requesting! -Admin Satori <3

Bokuto Koutarou:

Nationals. Every victor team of every prefecture was present in the large auditorium.

And you would have been lost among the crowd if it weren’t for your hand being enveloped by your boyfriend’s large hand. He walked ahead of you, your intertwined hands in between the both of you, as he made the way through the crowed over to where Kuroo had texted him he’d be. You’d been bumped into anyway though, Bokuto’s broad chest could only make way for a few seconds before the people on either side would step back where they had been before he’d walked through. You didn’t get upset though, since you understood that you were far smaller than their line of sight.

You couldn’t help but laugh softly when Bokuto let go of your hand to run at Kuroo, practically breaking his friend’s back as he jumped in his arms. You walked over to them, but didn’t invade their bubble.

“And who are you? Cute little girl walking around here unattended?” A deep voice asked from behind you, a second voice seconding their interest. You turned around, but had to crane your neck to be able to see their faces, “Ohhh… She’s even cuter when she’s facing us.” One of them commented, leaning down so he was face to face with you.

“What’s your name, cutie?” The other guy asked, standing just to the left of the one leaning down to your level.

Maybe they’d seen you hanging around the Fukurodani team, and they wanted to get the inside scoop of the team. Maybe the just wanted to know why a nonplayer was in the middle of all these teams. You smiled up at them, thinking their intentions were nothing but friendly, “Oh, good morning!” You greeted, giving them both a small bow, “My name is _____ ______. 3rd year at Fukurodani Academy.” You introduced.

The one who’d leaned down to your level gave you a small smirk, “Miya Atsumu. 2nd year Itachiyama Academy.” He grunted as his friend pushed him aside to get a better look at you.

“Hoshiumi Kourai. I’m a second year, also!” He smiled widely down at you, even though he wasn’t all that much taller than you.

You smiled up at the both of them, “Nice to meet the two of you. Are you excited for the matches?” You asked generally, not really knowing much about their school or who they were as players. You were sure you’d heard their school name thrown around the Fukurodani team, even the Nekoma team, but you hadn’t paid too much attention since you were sure that Bokuto could easily beat them.

Miya rolled his eyes, but didn’t lose his lazy smirk, “Oh, no. Not at all. It’s going to be too easy to rise to the top. So many pathetic players hyping themselves up for no reason.” He shrugged easily, his tone ranging between sarcasm and genuinely showing no concern.

Frowning, you shook your head, “That’s not very nice, Miya-san. Everyone here has worked very hard to get here-“

“Yeah! Like me! I’ve been practicing and training nonstop!” Hoshiumi interrupted, bouncing on his feet excitedly, “______-san, I want you to cheer for me, okay? I want to be able to hear you above everyone else’s yelling.” He stated seriously, his wide eyes showing how focused he was on getting you to agree to him.

You furrowed your eyebrows, not understanding why he was so adamant about it since you’d just met him, but smiled politely nonetheless, “Of course, Hoshiumi-san. I’ll be cheering-“

“For me, right, _____?” A familiar deep voice sounded from behind you, making you turn quickly in response and smile up at your boyfriend. Bokuto had approached once Kuroo had pointed out that you were being hit on, and had just gotten to the three of you as you were agreeing to this short stranger. Bokuto had thought it was Hinata at first, but realized that the colors were all wrong for his disciple. This was an unknown, unwelcomed stranger to him.

“Kou!” You giggled, wrapping your arms around his middle and staring up at him, “Did you have a nice conversation with Kuroo-san?” You asked curiously, not noticing how he was glaring at the two boys you’d been conversing with before. When he didn’t answer, you frowned and tugged on his jersey a bit, “Kou, did you hear me?” Bokuto didn’t answer, instead reaching around his back and grabbing your hand before pulling you along behind him to a quieter place. His pace was quick, and you had a hard time keeping up with him. You didn’t even get the chance to excuse yourself from the two you’d been talking to, which was the most upsetting part of being dragged away. When you felt that you’d been dragged long enough, you pulled your wrist out of Bokuto’s large hand, “Koutarou! Don’t ignore me.”

Bokuto stopped once you’d pulled free, and he turned on you with an unreadable expression, “Have I done something wrong, ____?” He asked quietly, wringing his hands in front of him as he turned his eyes to look down at his feet, “Please tell me what I did wrong…. I don’t want to lose you.” He muttered, his shoulders slacking as he remembered how happy you looked talking to two strangers. He was fooling himself into thinking that maybe you weren’t happy with him. Maybe you wanted more than he could provide, he thought.

Shaking your head quickly, you reached out and took his large hands in yours, bringing them up to your lips and pressing a kiss to his knuckles, “No, Koutarou…. You haven’t done anything wrong!” You exclaimed, tugging him closer to you by his hands, “You’re not going to lose me, silly… I’m here. Right here in front of you.” You gave him a gentle smile when he glanced up at you from the floor, “Why would you think that you’re losing me?” You asked, reaching up and cupping his cheek, stroking his cheekbone as he pressed into your touch.

“Mghsmfpe” He muttered against your skin, making you giggle at the ticklish feeling. A smile lighting up his face just a little at the sound of your giggles, his eyes focused on your expression before he sighed and pulled his lips away from your soft skin, “You…. Looked… happy. Talking to them.” He muttered, averting his eyes when he saw from your pursed lips that he was completely wrong to think that.

After a few seconds of silence, you couldn’t help but laugh softly, making him snap his gaze back to your face with confusion. “You’re such a dork, Kou.” You giggled, cupping his face in both of your hands now, “I was just talking to them. A friendly conversation.” You explained, “Nothing to get jealous about, silly.” You giggled before leaning up and pressing a kiss to his nose, “Why would I ever want to look away from you?” You asked rhetorically. “You’re the only one I have eyes for, Kou. You’re the only one I love.” You assured, reaching up again and pressing your lips against his in a quick, but meaningful, kiss.

His face flushed from your words, and he couldn’t stop the wide smile spreading across his face, nearly blinding you in its brilliance. He also couldn’t help but lean down and press his lips against yours for another kiss, his arms pulling you closer to him, holding you against his broad chest. “Thank you…” He whispered as he pulled his lips away from yours, resting them against your forehead instead, “Please don’t stop cheering for me.” He murmured against your skin, his lips quirking in a smile when you trailed your hands from his cheeks into his hair.

You smiled to yourself, “I’m your number 1 fan, Kou.” You made a reminder to reassure him once more before his actual match started and even after. You didn’t mind one bit. You loved him with all your heart, and you’d reassure him of your love for him every second of the day if you needed to. Just so long as you got to see that beautiful smile of his, the light that shone in his eyes every time, and the strengthening of your relationship with him.

Sooooo I was honestly so excited to get to this ask, but I just… *deep sigh* I couldn’t think of what to write! Sorry :/ I hope you liked it nonetheless! (And I have no idea if Miya, Hoshiumi, Sakusa, and Komori are on the same team… lol whoops!)


Description: Flip, my personal murder Chara, spends some special time with his lover, Frisk. Not his timeline’s Frisk, but another one. One that could actually get through to him.

Credit: This version of Frisk belongs to @itsnojida. This Chara belongs to me. Undertale belongs to Toby Fox.

Ship(s): Charisk

Words: 1669 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The night air was warm and moist. It was a vibrant, bright summer. Flowers have long since bloomed, and their blossoms were all sorts of glorious shades of the spectrum. They were often colors that captivated Chara—colors that he could never seem to appreciate enough. But tonight, they could not seem to hold even a single glance of his.

For tonight, all he could see was Frisk.

The way the candlelight illuminated their face. The way their eyes gleamed, the melody of life and happiness in their voice, even the imperfect crinkles in their eyes and their goofy little snorts. They were a dork, and by no means a perfect being, but to him, they were a goddess.

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Human Things

deancasheadcanons So I have had some writer’s block too lately, but reading the prompt you wrote for me helped a lot. So, I thought I would write one for you (even though you didn’t ask for it) because it might help you get over your block. Here ya go!

Even though he knows he was deprived of a lot as a child, Dean never realized how many awesome, little things he did get to experience—not until he found that Cas had never been able to experience a single one. After he fell, when he became fully human and vulnerable, the one-time angel got pretty depressed. It broke Dean’s heart to say the least. He hated seeing the guy look so down, like he’s nothing without wings and glowing, blue eyes. So, Dean thought he would try to help—he decided he would show the former angel anything and everything that was good about being human.

It started with ice cream—not just ice cream, but chasing down that white, annoying truck, looking at all the faded pictures and digging in your pockets for lint-covered quarters-kind of ice cream. Dean probably got more enjoyment out of the whole experience than Cas did, but the guy smiled a little crooked smile between licks of his plain, vanilla cone. Dean just laughed and stuck out his multi-colored tongue, saying how there are so many more flavors, and next time, he’d make sure his angel tried them all.

Then they went to the zoo. It seemed like something Cas would like a bit more than ice cream and running down the side of the road. Even though Dean wasn’t too fond of being surrounded by animals, he muscled through it for Cas. Besides, they had funnel cake at the zoo. So he trailed behind the over-coated dork as he ran from cage to cage, sometimes chattering about the origin of a certain kind of sloth, saying how he remembers it coming to be, or just saying how intriguing evolution was and it’s a wonder that certain species actually survived. Other times, he would stand in front of the glass for a long while—looking sad, saying how he could sense the animal’s unhappiness. Dean frowned, wondering if he was failing at showing the guy anything positive about being human; but then again, he knew it would take more than just one zoo trip to make this all okay. Then Castiel came across the elephants, tromping around their big pin and letting out long, low lazy bellows that echoed throughout the zoo. Dean sauntered up to the man’s side and rested his hands on the edge of the gate, joining those blue eyes in observation of the great beasts. 

“They are very happy in there” Cas finally said after watching a larger elephant pull down a branch for a smaller one to reach. “They know of the dangers in the world, and they know that they are safer here.” 

Dean almost asked how the guy knew—but he stayed quiet because there’s no point in questioning the knowledge of a former angel. Dean’s just a dumb, pathetic human—he could never really understand what it’s like to know the world from the moment it burst into existence; but he can enjoy the wonder of listening to his friend speak. It’s another “human” thing that he’s taken for granted.

When they got back to the bunker, Dean thought he might teach his buddy how to cook. It’s something that brings him endless joy, after all. It’s about the only time he can make something that doesn’t have the purpose of “killing”. Quite the opposite—it allows Dean to create something that will do good, that will strengthen and nourish and protect a person’s body, not destroy it. Maybe … maybe Cas would like to do the same. So he brought the guy into the kitchen and asked him what he would like to make. The old angel’s blue eyes shook in fear, and Dean realized that he might not even have a clue as to what foods actually exist in the world. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, popcorn and coffee are just about the extent of his food knowledge. 

“Okay” Dean said with a reassuring smile. “How about we go with pasta—it’s pretty easy and we can make a ton of it and chow down for days.”

Castiel smiled and nodded, apparently liking that idea—it was practical and not too daunting. So Dean started gathering up all the supplies: noodles, cans of tomato sauce, various spices and a big pot filled with water, and a colander. He felt his friend’s eyes on him as he moved, wondering why it was giving him excited chills to be watched so intensely. Once everything was set up, he turned to Cas and called him over. The former angel scooted towards him hesitantly, as if he could break something just by standing too close.

“Come on, man, the stove won’t bite” Dean huffed with a laugh. He reached out and pulled the guy in so their elbows brushed as he pointed out what to do next. “Alright, so grab the pasta and put it in the pot.”

Castiel nodded, eyes still busted wide with worry. He picked up the box of pasta and slid out the long noodles into his hand. He jumped back with a start as soon as the noodles touched his skin. “They’re hard!” he cried, glancing over at Dean “Pasta is supposed to be soft! How did I ruin this already?”

Dean wanted to hold in his laughter, but he couldn’t—he arched back and hooted, so loud the entire bunker echoed with it. 

“Dean! It’s not funny! I ruined dinner!”

After another few moments, Dean settled, clasping his hand on his friend’s shoulder and squeezing it softly. “Buddy, you didn’t ruin it. Pasta is hard until it boils. That’s why we got the water in the pot—now just put the noodles in there and you’ll see … they’ll start getting all bendy and clear. That’s when you’ll know they’re ready to drain.”

His friend relaxed beneath his touch and turned back to do as he was told. Once the noodles were in, Dean tried to get the man to come and sit down while they waited for the pasta to soften, but Cas refused—he wanted to stay and keep watch. “Something could go wrong if I walk away, Dean.”
So Dean sat and flipped through a book while his friend stood in front of the stove, staring hard at the pot, waiting for the noodles to appear done. After another ten minutes, the man turned in a panic, eyeing Dean as if he were the only voice of reason in this big, scary world. 

What?” Dean chuckled as he finally noticed he was being stared at. “Are they ready?”

“I believe so—I … I don’t know.” The guy sounded scared and Dean sighed as he pulled himself up from his seat. 

“Relax, Cas. This is literally a meal you can’t screw up—especially with me in the kitchen.” Dean walked over and Castiel moved aside, letting his instructor take in the situation. “Yep, they look pretty much done to me.” 

“How can you be certain?” his friend asked with a shake in his voice.

Dean smiled wickedly and thought for a moment. “Well, there Is one way I’ve always wanted to try but I never had the chance.”

The man beside him shifted uneasily in his over coat, cocking his head to the side, making his hair tousle slightly. 

Dean walked over to the drawer and pulled out a fork before returning to the boiling pot. He stuck it in and twirled a few noodles onto the prongs; pulling it back out, looking closely at the steaming, yellow strings wrapped around his utensil. 

“Are you going to taste them?” Cas asked curiously.

Dean only grinned wider before turning around to face the wall next to the doorway to the kitchen. With one, big heave, he lurched back his arm and then flung it forward, sending the pasta flying from the end of the fork, planting it firmly on the side of the wall. He watched as only one noodle peeled off the plaster and fell to the floor, the rest stuck in place, a tangled web of edible art.

“What … why?” Castiel asked, sounding more panicked than he did when the noodles were hard.

Dean laughed, looking at him with a sparkle in his eye. “Apparently it’s something they do in Italy—at least that’s what I heard. The pasta is done if it sticks to the wall. “

Castiel turned back to look at the noodles, now drying to the paint. His brow furrowed with even more confusion. “That does not seem very sanitary, or practical—plus, we might need a larger wall if we are going to get all this pasta to stick.”

A puzzled look worked across Dean’s face before finally understanding. His hilarity soon bounced off every surface of the bunker, traveling back to them and making the angel smile, seemingly just at the fact that his friend was happy.
“No, man! We don’t throw it all at the wall! We just test a few noodles!” Dean finally sputtered between some more snorts. “Oh boy—this is more fun than I thought it would be!”

Eventually, the pasta does get drained and the sauce does get prepared—and Castiel eased a little more with every accomplished task. As they sat around the table, slurping up noodles and chatting about their busy day—the former angel seemed genuinely happy for the first time since Dean started this venture. Sam complimented him on the food after a few, swift kicks from his older brother. Cas blushed and nodded, thanking the younger Winchester and saying he was glad the meal was satisfactory. Sam grinned at Dean and then proceeded to go over the top, saying it was the best pasta he’d ever eaten and he could die in a vat of it and be glad—that earned him another kick from underneath the table.

Once the kitchen was cleaned and Sam had gone back to whatever it was he’d been doing all day, Dean suggested that Cas wash up and turn in for the night. “We’ve done a lot, and a good, long night’s sleep is something that all humans enjoy.”

His friend nodded and thanked him for the pleasant day before turning to walk down the hall towards the bathroom—only to freeze just a few steps shy of the door. “Dean?”

Dean turned back after nearly walking into his room to get ready for bed himself. “Yeah, buddy?”

“I have heard that humans enjoy bubble baths—it relaxes them. I think … I think I would like to try one.”

The freckled man raises his eyebrows as he looks his friend up and down, wondering if anyone has ever said the words “bubble bath” with such a serious tone before. “Uh—sure, man. Do … do you know how to make one?”

Castiel looked to his feet and blushed while shaking his head.

It’s all Dean could do not giggle at how sweet it all was—the guy was practically an infant. “It’s alright, man—here, I’ll set it up. Okay?”

The former angel peered slightly from beneath his brow, still blushing but with a soft smile playing on his cheeks. “Thank you, Dean.”

Dean walked past him, patting him on the shoulder as he went. He continued down the hall towards the far bathroom that actually had a tub in it. It was more of a big, tin basin than anything—much like you’d see in a football player’s locker room; but it’d do and Dean can’t say he hasn’t been tempted a time or two to sink down into a hot bath himself. He knew, however, Sam would probably tease him mercilessly if he ever found out, so he avoided it. The guy won’t tease Cas, though—his brother is actually pretty happy that Dean has decided to take this on. “It’s good you want to help him get used to human-things. I think it’ll help you too.” Dean wasn’t too sure what Sam meant by that, but he certainly wasn’t going to ask and listen to his bro go on some long lecture about self-healing or whatever.

He reached out and turned on the water, wincing as the sound of it beating against the metal surface stabbed his ears. It tempered as the tub filled, but it was still loud enough that he didn’t hear Cas walk in behind him, only noticing once he turned around.

“Woah! Jeez, man! Don’t do that!”

Castiel frowned and stepped back into the doorway. “My apologies, Dean. I just wanted to see how this is done so I don’t have to bother you with it again.”

The taller man laughed and waved it off “Don’t worry about it. You just startled me is all.” He turns back to the tub and pointed at the faucet. “So, you just start the water and make sure it’s the temperature you want it before you plug it up. Once that’s all good, you put that plug into the drain to keep the water from going down.” He continued pointing and looked back to see Cas, still in the doorway, craning his neck to see. “Oh my go—, come here, dude!” Dean reached back and yanked the man inside. Castiel stumbled in next to his friend, pressing his lips into a thin line looking a little embarrassed by this whole situation. Dean smiled and rested his hand between the guy’s shoulder blades. He didn’t want him to feel bad about this— after all, everyone loves a bath. “So, that round thing—that’s the plug, and you put it into the drain.”

Castiel nodded and then frowned after a longer inspection of the tub. “There are no bubbles forming.”

Dean smiled, still with his hand on his friends back—finally moving it in small circles to reassure him for the thousand time – not all was ruined. “Yeah, we have to put some soap or something in there … hold on.”

Dean ran back down the hall into the other bathroom and grabbed his shampoo, quickly returning to his friend’s side and leaning over to dump a good amount into the filling tub. He looked back as he heard Castiel gasp, eventually bending down with him to watch the bubbles sprout and build atop the water. 

“They are beautiful” he whispered, reaching out to touch the suds. One of the bubbles popped and Cas quickly retracted his hand.

“It’s alright, man. They pop, then the come back—that’s the good thing about bubbles, I guess.”

Castiel looked over as if he wanted to say something, but he only pressed his lips tighter together.

The two men straightened out after another moment and stood there a while longer, watching the tub fill until Dean felt the level was right. He reached over and turned off the knobs, letting the room quiet to an impossible stillness. 

A few more seconds passed and Dean finally cleared his throat, patting his friend on the back for a third time. “Alright, well—this is all you.” He turned to leave the bathroom, only to have his wrist collected in his angel’s hold before he could gain any ground. Dean froze, looking back as Castiel still kept his eyes on the water.

“If it wouldn’t be too awkward, Dean—could you stay and talk with me? It’s … it is so quiet.” 

Dean swallowed hard, unsure of how he could let the guy down easy. He knows that his friend doesn’t think of these things as weird, but chatting while your buddy is naked in the tub is pretty weird.

“Cas, man … I—”

“It’s just … ever since I fell, I don’t hear them anymore. I don’t hear the angels. I don’t hear heaven … even the sounds of the world are starting to fade. It’s just so quiet. It’s too quiet … and hearing you speak, it—it makes it better.”

Dean sighed, knowing that he couldn’t really say no after a speech like that. He groaned and turned a little, rubbing his hand over his face before finally relenting. “Fine, man … just uh, just tell me when you’re like—completely submerged and I will … uh, I’ll come back in with like a blindfold on or something.”

Castiel smiled as Dean walked out of the bathroom. He shut the door behind him and stood at the edge of the hall to wait for the signal. Sam poked his head out of his room, wearing a grin that said he had heard everything that had just transpired a moment ago.

“If you don’t stick your damn head back in that room, I swear, it’s going to have a couple, new, shiny of black eyes!” Dean spat, glaring at his younger brother with all the intensity of hell.

Sam smirked and pulled back inside, shutting his door behind him but Dean could still hear his hearty chuckles loud and clear.

“Asshole” he muttered to himself.

“Alright, Dean. I believe that none of my nudity is visible!” Cas shouted, much louder than necessary. 

Dean bolted back inside the bathroom, pressing his finger to his lips, trying to shush his oblivious friend—but it was too late. Sam was already barking out more laughter. “Great! I am never going to hear the end of this!”

“The end of what, Dean?”

Dean rolled his eyes and pulled up the stool that was sitting beneath the vanity mirror at the far wall. “Nothing, man.” He sat on the small seat and turned so he was facing the opposite the tub. “So, um …” he started, rubbing the back of his neck. “What do you want to talk about?”

The water sloshed as Cas repositioned himself in the tub—Dean couldn’t help but peek back, noticing the man’s slick arms lining the tin edges, prickling with the cool air of the bunker.

“I’m not sure. What do people normally talk about during times like this?”

Dean huffed out an uncomfortable laugh. “Buddy, I can’t say I’ve ever experienced a time like this, so I don’t know.”

He could feel Cas’s eyes burrow into him “What do you mean? You have careless conversations with Sam all the time.”

“Not while he’s naked and taking a bath! This sort of shit is reserved for like—married couples and crap!”

The bathroom grew silent once more and Dean finally deflated, knowing that the quiet wasn’t helping either of them. He cocked his neck from side to side, letting it crack and release the tension. “So, what … what was your favorite animal at the zoo?”

He heard his friend still a moment, and then the water sloshed a little more. Dean peeked back to see his friend running his hands along the surface, collecting the bubbles and then letting them float away. 

“I enjoyed the elephants … and the iguanas.”  

Dean chuckled, finally meeting his friend’s eyes. “I get the elephants, but why the iguanas?”

Cas narrowed his focus on him, as if the answer should be obvious. “Because they are cool-looking, as you might say.”

He felt himself warm with the laugh that bubbled up, wondering why it was so appealing to think that his angel could find something ‘cool-looking’. But it was appealing, and he felt endlessly pleased that the guy would attribute that ability to him. He finally settled and look back, instantly stilling with the expression on Cas’s face—it was warm, and happy and accepting … but intense, much like when they first met. The man was almost terrifying with how deeply he stared—as if he knew everything about Dean without ever having to ask. Now, with a smile being added to the mix, it was too much. Dean sprung to his feet, walking closer and then trying to back away, rubbing his neck once more and looking to the ceiling. 

“I just remembered, man … I have some research to do and I just—”

He felt, warm, wet fingers wrap around his arm, and in a second, he was being pulled down hard, tipping over the edge of the tub and into the steaming, sudsy water. It sloshed over the edges, over his body, sputtering up into his mouth. Dean flailed and tried to straighten himself out, but the tub was too deep and his knees bent over the side and he sunk down, causing more water to dump out and coat the floor.

“Cas! What the hell?” he barked, wiping the bubbles from his face.

The former angel stayed still, looking at him once more like the answer was the most obvious one to ever be conceived. “My apologies, Dean … but you said that hot water helped soften the pasta … I thought … I thought it might do the same for you.”

“I’m not a fucking noodle!” Dean screeched, trying to find a spot where he could put his hand in order to draw himself out of the tub. He landed his palm firmly on Castiel’s thigh. He froze, slowly sliding his hand away and staring hard at the door—praying that Sam wouldn’t come in to figure out what all the commotion was about.

“I know you’re not a noodle, Dean. But, I assumed that people took baths for the same reason—they are tense, so the warm water soothes them—makes them ‘bendy’ if you will. You seemed very not-bendy just now, and I thought … I thought you might want to relax as well.” He sighed and Dean felt him trying to urge their eyes together again. “I realize now, that that might have been an ill-conceived notion.”

Dean kept his focus on the door, barely hearing what his friend had said because his palm was still tingling with the feel of the man’s skin. 

“Dean?” Cas continued. “Dean, would you like me to help you up?”

Dean stayed quiet.

“Dean?” Cas pulled in his legs and slid closer to his friend’s side, leaning in to inspect why the man wasn’t talking. “Dean, are you alright?”

Dean finally came to with the feel of the man’s breath on his cheek. He turned slowly to meet his gaze, drowning in the new waters that washed over him. 

“Dean, would you like me to help you out?”

He felt Cas’s hand wrap around his warming arm, bubbles sliding over to hug to his angel’s bare shoulders. Water slicking over skinanother human thing he never appreciated enough. “No” Dean said breathlessly.

Cas looked at him, confused, but nodded while pulling his hand away. Dean grabbed it, knotting their fingers together like the noodles still sticking to the kitchen wall.

Holding hands. Another human thing …

“Dean, what are you—”

Dean leaned across the foam and sloshing water, silencing his friend with the press of their lips.

Kissing someone when words won’t do—another one.

I really need to stop going into the Crystal tag

- Supersonic Wave (the “crying attack”) appears in both the original manga and the 90s anime. It appears in the first story and again in the funny dentist story (as a MotW plot in SuperS and an arcless short story in the manga). Both Usagi and ChibiUsa can do it, and the 90s anime had ChibiUsa doing a variant of it constantly during the R season. While never outright stated, it’s implied to be a kind of inadvertent Royal Moon Family defense mechanism for when their children feel really helpless and aren’t fully grown into their powers.

- Mamoru wears the Tuxedo during the day in the manga as well. And yeah, Usagi doesn’t recognize him, and yeah that’s hilarious and requires a little bit of suspension of disbelief, but Usagi is also not the most observant little fish. Bless these two dorks. In either case, it’s not new. It’s straight from the manga. You may address all complaints to 1991.

- Moon Tiara Boomerang is the name of the attack in the manga.

- Usagi has the exact same voice actress as before. Same one. This is not a new actress with a more annoying high pitched voice. It is literally the exact same voice. It has always sounded like this.

- The plot is practically beat for beat the exact same plot that appears in both the first episode of the original anime and the first chapter of the manga. It’s okay if you don’t like it, but if you think it’s worse plotwise than the original anime then you confuse me. Because it the same plot. The same things happen. In the same order.

- The story cannot be cliche if it invented the cliches. If you’ve never seen Sailor Moon but seen lots of Mahou Shoujo and now you are watching SM for the first time and thinking “it’s so standard” - this show literally invented that standard. It was revolutionarily unique and groundbreaking, so much so that now an entire genre of anime owes itself to this story’s existence. You are not seeing a rehashing of old tropes, you are seeing their invention.

- Not seeing exaggerated goofy faces and instead expressing emotion using real movement is the opposite of lazy animation. Those big goofy faces are frame saving animation shortcuts. It’s okay to miss them, but that doesn’t mean Usagi is inexpressive. Manga has even fewer “frames” to work with to show character emotion, and so also uses shortcuts and big cues to get feelings across. Usagi in Crystal has weird loopy eyebrows when she’s upset and presses her faces against jewelry store glass in a face that’s even funnier than the manga. She may not go into caricature mode, but she does make funny faces.

- That being said, manga Usagi is not nearly as over the top as 90s anime Usagi, so yeah, she’ll probably reflect that in Crystal. But doing a loyal adaptation of the original character is not watering things down (similarly, manga Mamoru is not nearly so much of a jerk, and they do not start out as antagonistic to each other). This isn’t watering down the characters or relationships, it’s rounding them out and giving them more nuance and treating them as the manga did.

- I think people are overestimating the budget on this, and if I had my laptop I could more easily type out my long reasoning for it, but since I’m doing this from my phone I’ll just say that 1. The distribution method (twice a month only online) indicates this isn’t being backed by a tv channel or getting additional funds that way, 2. they’ve already proven they can make money off of older nostalgic audiences just by releasing merch with no need for a new series so there’s not much financial incentive to invest there and expect much of an increase in returns, and 3. newer anime series (like PreCure) are much better formatted to take advantage of the marketing to kids “buy all our play sets and toys!” model than the series on which they were inspired. I don’t think this is being made with an expectation that it’ll bring in much additional revenue for the franchise, and so is budgeted to account for that. I think it’s being made because a whole lot of adults working in the industry now remember and love it and want to make it because it’s special to them. Which is why it has the slower production schedule, because they want to do it right with limited resources.

- Considering the above, and given what’s been said in interviews (it’s for the women who grew up with the series), I don’t think this anime is for everyone. And if it’s not for you that’s okay. The more someone has been dissecting Sailor Moon to pieces since they were a baby, the more I tend to see a positive response from them so far. I get the feeling (reinforced by the fact that the transformation sequence has so many direct homages to the old series, including nail polish that’s just going to be covered by gloves anyway) that this is a passion project for almost everyone involved. It’s not the blockbuster reimagining, it’s the “let’s put on a show” version by a group of fans. So comparing it to shows with prime time TV slots and the budget to accompany them isn’t fair. And I think it’s being designed so that you can watch it without knowing anything, but not particularly being reimagined to try to bring in more people. I get the feeling that everyone involved is trying to do, essentially, the version of Sailor Moon that would have existed if the whole scope had been understood from the start, if Naoko had had time and space to flesh out more of her ideas, and if the anime adaption had been more loyal to the manga (and the manga that Naoko wanted to make).

- This isn’t the new Sailor Moon for a new age, it’s the execution of the original Sailor Moon that it always deserved but never got. If that’s not interesting to you, that’s okay. But the last thing this is is a betrayal to the franchise, as every moment and every choice so far has shown so much knowledge and love for the franchise it came from. The water color pallets, the prettiness (which is absolutely Naoko’s whole aesthetic - she LOVES making things impossibly pretty), the story beats and script. Ikukos hair, Sailor V, the inclusion of the video game motif and dreams. If this ruins your childhood, then your childhood was already ruined by Naoko Takeuchi in 1991, because so far the biggest feeling I get from this is that this is trying to be what Sailor Moon was always really designed to be. And it’s okay to like other versions better, but this is the sweetest love song to the source material I’ve seen so far, and I don’t see how the source material can ruin your favourite adaptation of it. Again, you don’t have to like it, but they aren’t “ruining” it or “messing it up”. So far I have only seen them honoring the original vision that never got made.

I mean, that could change; we’ve only had one episode. They might make a decision that seems to run counter to everything in the original story, but that hasn’t happened yet, and I don’t see any foreboding omens so far. It’s okay not to like it. It’s okay not to like the style. Just don’t hold the illusion that that means something sacred is being ruined. Naoko always wanted Sailor Moon to be flowy and pretty. Not liking the style isn’t the same as it being bad. And the plot is direct from the manga. Nothing from the source material is being neglected here. This is a good adaptation of the manga so far by every metric I know. You don’t have to like it, but don’t pretend your opinion has any basis in loyalty to the series when this is the most loyal adaptation ever seen so far.

So yeah. Them’s my thoughts.

AM Epilogue - Baby I’m Yours

Prologue, Part One, Other parts, Smut

in other words, until I die

baby I’m yours

baby I’m yours

*One Year Later*

Hannah opens her eyes lazily. Grace is in her arms still from last night. She can’t believe the brunette slept that soundly. Normally it’s a scattering of long arms and legs, with Grace flailing accidentally. Hannah doesn’t mind. She’s a sound sleeper. If she does get disturbed, she just pulls out the iPad and takes a four AM tumblr break. It’s a system Hannah is totally on board with. 

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anonymous asked:

Fitzsimmons prompt: We’re new next door neighbors whose roofs out the window are close enough to have a little patio. Please??? :)

Midnight Skies Swallowed up Our Childlike Eyes (1/1)

A/N: College/Neighbors AU. Title taken from Remember Me by Gavin James.

Summary: Simmons and Skye move to their new place and become neighbors with Fitz. Cue the obligatory awkward first meeting and all the shenanigans that follow.

Pairing: FitzSimmons, with just a hint of FitzSkimmons.

Rating: PG.

“Psst, Simmons!”

The girl in question dumped a moving box at the top of the stairs, panting a little as she poked her head through her new bedroom’s doorframe, “what is it?”

In response, Skye jerked her head to one side to indicate something past the jut of her shoulder. Simmons stood on tiptoe and peered around. Beyond the small window, in place of a balcony was a roof, ashen and weathered, which extended out until it met the red tiles lining the roof next door. Together, they formed a quaint little patio overlooking her backyard – a fenceless stretch of land that disappeared westward into the forest.

“An accidental patio,” Simmons nodded with satisfaction. “How nice!”

“What? No, you nerd.” Agape and quite frankly a little disappointed, Skye grabbed her friend’s shoulders and angled her towards what she needed to see.

Beyond the roof that touched her own, through the window of the adjacent house, was her new neighbor, stretched out on his bed, naked save for a flimsy pair of boxers with monkeys printed all over it. He was reading something while his headphones were on, which was why the girls’ moving commotion didn’t faze him in the least.

Simmons wiggled her eyebrows in silent appreciation, but Skye shot her a wicked grin that could only mean someone’s dignity was about to be torn to shreds.

Oh dear God no.

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