i was going to buy this but its sold out


♡ here are my draws for this year’s daiya big bang!! i worked together with ewa for this bang and it was really really fun to chat together about these boys!! thanks so much for keeping me in order and things and i hope we can jam more together in the future!! ♡

here’s ewa’s wonderful fic!!! and a big thank you to the organizers for all of their hard work!!

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It's Mother's Day today, and the amount of people wanting to buy flowers is really sweet, but we sold out of flowers 4 hours ago. No amount of yelling, screaming, cursing or threatening to get me fired is going to magically make them appear. I know the florist across the road is more expensive, but if you really have to have flowers, go there or come yesterday when we had dozens.

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Whaaat's the story with the tshirt at target?? what did i miss? It's so pretty :(

Okay so Target (and i mean target as a whole not just the target by me) messed up and put out the Reputation t-shirts out early. I don’t think they realized the T-shirts couldn’t be sold until November 10th (for obvious reasons) and so us thirsty hoes are going in trying to buy these shirts and the system simply wont let them. The guy who was helping me tried to override the system on three different devices and it simply would not let him. Like the the Target I tried buying the shirt from was actually kind of funny because the guy was like “Is it just this shirt?” and I was like “no you have an entire rack of these shirts” and his response was “I’m going to take them down right away so no one else has to go through what you went through” as if they had killed my cat. But I still got pictures of me in the shirt so until then…


An Old Acquaintance

This is a follow-up to Going the Extra Yard, and once again dedicated to the lovely @lady–divine for her birthday.

The prompt came from @ancientgleek-youngatheart: “ Now I need a sequel in which Kurt discovers an old plushie with a bow tie in one of Blaine’s boxes when they move in together… (hint!) ;D”

“Something smells absolutely delicious,” Kurt said, unwinding his scarf and stomping the snow off his shoes on the mat by the door.

Blaine kissed Kurt and took his scarf to hang it on the hat stand. “I’m making risotto. It’s nearly done.”

Kurt hurried to the bathroom to freshen up a little first, and decided to change into comfier clothes while he was at it. Only, he had to squeeze himself through stacks of cardboard boxes to get to the walk-in closet.

Ten minutes later, Kurt joined Blaine in the kitchen, circling his waist and burying his still ice-cold nose in Blaine’s neck. Blaine shivered but kept stirring the risotto.

“What’s with all the boxes, honey?” Kurt asked.

Blaine chuckled. “My mom has been cleaning out her attic the past few weeks and now she’s sent me all my childhood toys and books. I’ll need to sort through them and throw out what’s in bad repair and donate the rest.”

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Interesting how dan and phil went from telling us not to bother buying playlist tickets if it was for them cause they weren’t going this year - to having a meet and greet, and panel, AND hosting the opening show. Interesting how playlist live made $17.1 million in profit last year. Proud of my smart boys I hope they negotiated a high appearance price cause playlist live went from really low ticket sales this year to being completely sold out.

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so how does the game work? do you buy it and then the other routes are add ons to come later? or do you buy it by the route you want to take? also bless you for including todo/baku... i am hyped ^^

Each route is going to be sold separately! (since its just two of us working on it, it’ll be difficult af to make ‘unlockable’ routes. So for the time being this is how we’ve decided to do it!) So if you only want to play a certain route thats totally ok! Since the routes will be staggered though you might end up having to wait a little while for the route you wanna play to come out~ And thankyou!!! I’ve always been a lowkey sucker for todobaku cause HE DOESNT TAKE ANY OF BAKUGOUS SHIT LOL~ 

Sneaking Around

Group/Member: EXO / Kyungsoo

Genre: fluff 

Word Count: 1.2k

Summary: “Exactly my point, all this sneaking around is going to get us in trouble.

Author’s Note: hey helloo i’m a new admin, i like to write tbh so pls enjoy this ily

- Admin Mel

Originally posted by missdyoo

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Update post about my shops! I have updated some of my favorite pieces to be on more products on my Redbubble and I will no longer upload new stuff to my Society6 - just to my Redbubble. You can still buy stuff from it, they’re just going to be stuff from >5 months ago. Redbubble will be my main shop now so please check it out if you want! If there’s something that you want on Redbubble but isn’t there, please let me know!

You know what I really appreciate?

The fact that not once, in the entire duration of the series, does it occur to Helga to try to manipulate or force Arnold into loving her.

Helga’s Love Potion especially shoves this fact into your face. There is an actual shop called Madame Blanche’s Love Potions, and the thought never even crosses Helga’s mind to buy one of those love potions and slip it into Arnold’s drink. Not once. No, she thinks: Oh, I know, I’ll buy an Out-of-Love Potion so I can move on and stop obsessing over a hopeless unrequited romance! But then she realizes her life is empty without him and she voluntarily chooses to go back to loving him.

I think this is what really sold me on Helga’s love for Arnold. She accepts him 100%, unconditionally, even if doing so means accepting that who Arnold is will never be someone who can love her.

And I think that’s beautiful.

Ohhhhh there’s a hotel in my town with a pool for $60 a night. Is $60 worth a one night mini vacation where I can swim and take a bath and be away from my family and pets for an entire day? 

Stealing A Sold Goodie. Thief Probs.
  • (All bidders in lounge after a successful auction, MC walks in getting off work depressed)
  • Baba: why that face beautiful lady?
  • MC: Baba have you seen my necklace my parents gave me for my Birthday?
  • Baba: What did it look like Princess?
  • MC: It was a royal blue gem on it
  • Baba: ROYAL BLUE GEM!?
  • MC: yea.. Its been in my family for many years.. I think I dropped it outside by our house somewhere, I cant find it.. Will you help me look for it?
  • (All the bidders face went stunned, Baba got up and ran out the lounge fast before MC could say anything to him leaving all the bidders smirking at MC)
  • Ota: Don't worry, he is going to go steal the necklace once again, it just sold nicely to.
  • Eisuke: How can you forget something that belongs to your own girlfriend? Guess that's what being a famous thief does to you, seeing all different types of things
  • (Smirking clearly amused)
  • Soryu: At least it sold for good money
  • Mamoru: Don't worry kid, he will just steal it right back wit out them even knowin its gone
  • MC: Damn you auctions...
  • (MC Starts leaving the penthouse)
  • Ota: Where you going?
  • MC: TO BUY A SAFE! Damn that thief.
  • Soryu: sounds like he needs to also steal a dog house tonight to, so he can sleep somewhere
  • (All the bidders chuckle watching MC leave)

im moving out tomorrow…. but im not letting my mom know. 

im moving in with my friend, im just really scared of the outcome. i know my mom is going to flip but i cant take her anymore. she gaslights and blackmails me to stay living here because she doesnt want me to leave. its just rough. 

she sold my car to buy herself a new one even though she didnt buy my car. and now shes forcing me to apply to a job thats further away from where im getting an appartment so that i wont be able to and im not gonna do it. i just got my job back at fredmeyers. idk im just really sick i feel like im gonna throw up from alll this. i moved out once and idk how she did it but she manipulated me into moving back into her house and quitting my job at fred meyers and im not gonna do it again. she cant keep doing this to me. why do I fall for it. im almost 21 i cant be her personal baby sitter anymore i already raised my little sister for 5 years. shes in kindergarden mom doesnt need my help anymore between her and azalias dad they can figure out daycare if they need to. 

im just tired of “you cant use my car to go to work if you dont do this and and this” or “im gonna take away all your stuff if you dont do this and this” 

and the constant telling me im no good and i dont have large enough goals and that im too ugly and i need to be more feminine and all the gross men she has over that give me dirty looks and are homophobic as fuck. i cant do it.

i cant have her scream and yell in my face and throw things at me. and tell me she wishes she aborted me then turn around and tell me she never did any of that stuff the next day. 

i- im gonna do it. im gonna leave, i wont have a car but ill take the bus back and forth to work. im just not prepared for how shes going to react to all this.. shes gonna flip her fucking lid.

im just so weak as a person im so easily swayed into doing things i dont want to. 

The Irish World: interview with Rob and Allen

By David Hennessy

Internationally phenomenally successful Downton Abbey is back and The Irish World was there at the recent launch to chat with the cast. Here’s out chat with Rob James-Collier who plays Thomas Barrow.

Risking life for high quality drama

“He was coming at me with an axe,” fame is supposed to have its price but not quite like the dramatic/humorous story Rob James-Collier who plays underbutler Thomas Barrow.

When asked where the most unusual place he has been recognised is, Rob answers without hesitation: “Homebase. I was buying a bit of 4 x 2 plywood, geezer’s come over, skinhead. I thought: ‘Here we go, it’s going off’. He’s got an axe in his hand. I didn’t know at the time Homebase sold axes, I thought he was coming at me with an axe. It turns out he was a huge fan of the show and he was buying the axe because it was reduced. He had a wood-burning stove and he was simply buying the axe to chop his wood and he wanted to come over to say he liked the job I did on the show.

“I’ve misread the situation, gone into karate stance. Well lets it this way, one way or another: I took the axe off him.”

Laughing beside the actor previously known for playing Liam Connor in Coronation Street is Dublin actor Allen Leech whose answer to the same question, which includes a taxi driver jumping out his car to say hello outside Jakarta Airport, can’t compete.

Rob asks Allen: “Did he have an axe?”

“No,” Allen answers.

“Thank God for that,” Rob concludes.

Although there was no axe involved, Rob says he put himself in serious danger in the filming of the first episode of the forthcoming series where it is his character Tom that rescues Lady Edith from a fire in her room. Although Allen laughs while he tells another dramatic story: “There was one take where I wasn’t allowed to go over it when it was at full height for insurance, which he (Allen) is alluding to, but there were times when it was at a candle’s height and I stepped over those flames, yes me, and then I stepped back over them with Laura Carmichael who plays Lady Edith. It was exhilarating. It was close, the closest to death I’ve ever been to. My ankle got singed on one take but I just thought I’ll carry on. Why? Because we’re making high quality drama.”

It is obvious from the moment you meet them that Rob and Allen are very much the jokers in the pack. No laughing matter is the situation of Rob’s character Thomas is homosexual which rules out any possibility of his happiness as he is forced to deny himself: “I think what we see is him finally confronting the fact that he’s been outed. He was actively trying to pursue the life of a homosexual male, more power to him, very modernistic. But society is gradually wearing him down and this year we see him reflect on himself and think: ‘Can I ever truly be happy? I can’t do this anymore so what am I going to do?’ It’s quite a sad story, hopefully well played.”

Conniving and vindictive, it is this inner conflict that goes a long way to explaining why Thomas is like he is: “Society has condemned him. Society has said he is twisted and a freak of nature so he’s not going to have a nice attitude towards society because he’s done nothing wrong and yet he’s condemned. He projects society’s hatred back towards society and that’s why he’s alienated and that’s why he’s an outsider and that’s why he is the way he is. Quite rightly, I think. I can’t blame him for it anyway. I can empathise, I hope people will this year.

Rob James-Collier in character

“He openly told him (footman Jimmy Kent) he loved him and Jimmy said, ‘I can never be what you want me to be’, and we have a lovely scene where Tommy says: ‘I accept that, can we at least be friends?’ So he’s already exposed himself. When someone tells you to your face that they could never love you, you know you’ve got to give up the ghost. What we see (in this series) is Thomas’s nice side in that he is willing to forego his feelings and help Jimmy get into bed with Lady Anstruther, and there’s just that moment when Jimmy goes, that you see Thomas wishing it was him Jimmy was coming to. What a lovely thing for him to do.”

Rob’s character was originally only meant to survive one series. Could he have ever foreseen that it would still be going strong? “We would have been pretty big headed if we had actually thought this was going to happen. We’re still talking about his show five years later, new regions like China are watching it now. Of course we are massively surprised.

“We have to go to America in December to promote it. They love our history, they’re fascinated with that anyway. Hollywood royalty is in it. Dame Maggie Smith has not been on any British telly for thirty years yet she chose this show to come back. They (Americans) want to know why Dame Maggie Smith is in this show, it must be good. Julian Fellowes, Oscar-winning writer: Why has he written this? That’s what tuned them in because of the subject matter as well.

“If there’s one thing Julian does well, it’s class, that’s his bag. The Americans are obsessed with it, ergo it has a chance even with the significant drag factor of both mine and Allen’s performances dragging the show down, it still had enough buoyancy to get up there. I’m fishing for a compliment there for both of us, don’t leave me hanging.”

When it is raised, Rob takes the opportunity to clear up an earlier misquotation. A publication quoted Rob, who never attended drama school and worked as a labourer before finding fame, as saying it was harder for working class actors to get a break: “I was misquoted, that was taken out of context, taken to the press complaints commission and all subsequent articles pulled off. Never happened. It’s really unusual for the press to take someone out of context and misquote, isn’t it? Those things were never said. I’m sorry to disappoint.”

But Rob doesn’t appear to be one bit wary of the press despite the experience: “No, have you seen me going around here? We’ve been giving nothing but love to the tables, made you laugh, I proposed at the last table. That’s anything but wary, that’s needy if you ask me. I came across needy.

“Not at all, why blame the rest of the press for one person’s misdemeanours? That’s the way I look at it.”

A joking Rob later reveals what it really takes to get ahead in the business when high profile actors who have failed to land Downton parts are mentioned: “You know what their problem was? They didn’t sleep with the right people. I did. Thanks for getting me in the show.”

Rob lifts his hand for Allen Leech to give him a high five. “Thanks for sleeping with me,” says Allen.

There has been a lot of press about the new child actors playing including the one playing Allen Leech’s screen daughter Sybil who he has described entertaining. Asked if Rob also helps keep the kids amused, Allen answers: “He’s useless.”

Rob retorts with mock indignance: “They’re not my kids. They’re not my on screen kids, nothing to do with me.”

Allen reveals: “Sometimes I see them lovingly come up, tug on his coat tails and he’ll literally flick them off, send them careering across the room.”

Rob concludes: “You’re not in my character’s storyline ergo, do one.”

Rob is immensely proud of his Irish connections: “My mother’s Irish, she’s from Donegal right at the top Buncrana-way to be specific. I used to go over every year as kids and I still go over every couple of years, see some of the family and hang out there. I love it, it’s beautiful over there.”

Downton Abbey returns to ITV at 9pm on September 21.

Crashing Down

Boy: Lucas

Rating: PG-13

anonymous requested: ok i know this would never ever happen but can you do one where luke is out on tour and you’re on your way to surprise him and you sold your car to buy your ticket to fly to see him and he checks the news at home and there’s a bad car wreck and it’s your car and you dont answer your phone cause your gonna surprise him so he like flips out and then you show up and he like wont let go of you cause hes so relieved? sorry it its too much, thanks so much! love your writing<3333

(im gonna try something new and switch around POV’s so bare with meee)

Your POV:

“Text me when you get there okay?” Your mom hugs you tightly before you get out of her car- well soon to be your car. She had finally decided to buy a new one, meaning you get her current one. More importantly, you were able to sell the old beat-up Honda you had been driving for the past five years to a junk yard, giving your savings just enough of a boost for you to buy a plane ticket to surprise your boyfriend Luke while he’s on tour in the UK.

Now you were at the airport, finally ready to get on the plane. Luke had told you he had a few free days coming up, so with a day of traveling under your belt you’d be able to make it there the first night they had off. 

Excitement filling your veins, you grab your suitcase and head into the airport, waving goodbye to your mom as she drives away. 

After about a half an hour, you’re cleared through security and boarding your plane. You send Luke a quick “i love you!” text before the plane takes off, you falling asleep as soon as you’d leveled off in the air, counting down the hours until you got to Luke.

Luke’s POV:

“I miss home,” Ash whines from the other side of the small living room of the townhouse, tapping lazy drum patterns on the couch. Were both covered in a sheen of sweat left over from the show, waiting for Michael to finish showering. Calum sits in the corner on his laptop, freshly cleaned. Since we have a few days off in a row, management was nice enough to get us a house, all with our own rooms.

“I doubt anything interesting’s happening anyways,” I try to reassure him. 

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WiSiK 2016

WiSiK stands for Wika, Sining at Klima (K is the theme which changes every year). It is an annual gathering of artists in Los Banos wherein they showcase their works. It was held last September 24 at DL Umali. 

I always missed attending the past WiSiK, that’s why this time I made sure that I’ll be able to attend. This one day event was packed with many activities. There’s a sunrise ritual and I regret not going earlier. Aside from that, Harmonya and Sandayaw performed. There were several lectures and workshops, open mic performances, exhibits, freedom wall, an artists’ market, etcetera. 

What I enjoyed most was the artists’ market! I told myself that I’ll just buy stickers and art prints because I only have limited money (no budget for zines hu hu). There were a lot of cool and artsy stuff (of course, it’s an art event duh ha ha) like origami earrings, match box with design, different art crafts… Still, I am really happy with what I bought, but I forgot to go back at the Magpies table! Until now I don’t have their stickers, I’ve attended Elbikon, Zine Orgy 2 and its’ either their stickers were sold out or I forgot to go back! Lesson learned, if I want something I’d better buy it before I forget about it!

I also loved the sound performances of escuri and young sleepy boi! They’re so cool!!! 

Maybe you’re wondering about the last photo with the fire. It’s the sunset ritual conducted by the Agnihotra Philippines.

I am looking forward to next year’s WiSiK! (But I hope at that time I’m not a student anymore and I’ll be able to participate as an artist he he)

Your preorder questions, answered
So, between a few hours ago when I announced the preorder news (if you’re just tuning in, check it out here) and now, you guys sent in about a billion questions about how this signing thing is going to work. Many of you asked the same ones, so I’m answering them in this Master Post of Signing Questions.

I HAVE AN IMPORTANT QUESTION! So i ordered in amazon and i live in Brazil what if the demand is so so so huge that i end up without a signed copy bc it takes a while to be shipped?

Whether the books are signed doesn’t depend on store shipping dates. Every single first US edition (i.e. hardcover), shipped anywhere in the world, to any bookstore, in any country, city, and town, will be signed. If you preordered the US edition, your work here is done.

are you even signing pre orders from Indigo Chapters??!! 

I believe Chapters sells the US editions, so, yes!

Hi Michelle! Will I still get a signed copy if I order it from Amazon France?

If you order the US edition (hardcover) from Amazon France/Amazon [Any Other Country], then yes!

Anyways, I was just wondering if you will be signing pre-orders of the paperbacks, too, or just the hardbacks? :)

Those paperbacks you see available for preorder on some websites, those are for the UK edition, published by Simon & Schuster UK, which is an entirely different publisher from Simon & Schuster in the US. (I know, it’s confusing!) So, no, they will not be signed: only the first printing of the US edition will be signed.

but how am I supposed to know if it is the US version or UK version?

The UK edition is in paperback. The US edition is in hardcover.

So no US paperbacks will be signed?

The US paperback editions won’t be out for another year, so, sadly not.

does it matter when you order? i can’t preorder until next week. will i still be able to get a signed copy?

It doesn’t matter when you preorder. You can preorder as long as preordering is a thing that’s possible (i.e. before the book goes on sale on 11/4/14), and if you do, your book will be signed.

so if i pre-order the retribution right now, it might be signed by you? o_O

It WILL be signed by me. No question.

Do I have to pre-order to get a signed copy :))

Nope! I’m signing the entire first printing of Retribution. So, every single book that will be in bookstores on 11/4/14 will be signed.

can’t decide whether to pre-order a signed copy or wait to get it signed when you go on tour? Do you know when the tour dates will be released?

I don’t know where I’m going yet, but I do know that my events this fall are going to be very limited. I can’t be away from home for more than a few days at a time because of this. Right now, I know that I will be at Dragon*Con in Atlanta on August 29-31st, and at YALLFEST on November 8-9th. There will probably be a few more events sprinkled in there, but not many, and I don’t know where/when yet. Thus, your best bet for a signed copy is to preorder–and if I happen to come to your city for an event, just bring the copy you ordered and I’ll personalize it for you then, cool?

Do you know if @book_world is included in this? 

The signing thing does not depend on the individual bookstore: it depends on the edition you buy. If you buy the first US hardcover edition (which is the only edition that will be available for preorder right now, or on shelves on 11/4/14), it will be signed–and those signed copies will be shipped to every bookstore that stocks the book. So the people to ask are the people who work at your local bookstore, in whatever city/state/country you live in. Ask them if they’re going to sell The US edition (hardcover) of The Retribution of Mara Dyer. If they say yes, it’ll be signed. If they say no, you can get a signed copy shipped to you from Amazon, Book Depository, even my local bookstore Books & Books! (They’ve shipped to Norway, Israel, and Australia, among other countries, before!)

will I get a signed copy even if I pre-ordered months ago (hardcover) to South Africa?


this may have been asked but… If we preorder from B & N, will we still receive a signed copy?


So i preordered hardback from book depository…that’ll get me a signed copy, right?


will all in store copies be signed if we pick it up release day??


so if we were to preorder it today, would we get a signed copy? 


is it just the 1st edition??

Yes, because the way it works is, my publisher sent me boxes and boxes filled with tens of thousands of pages that I need to sign and send back by a certain date. Those pages are going to be bound in the finished book that will go on sale on 11/4/14. Those books are called the first edition. When those books are sold out, the book will be reprinted again (the second printing).  I don’t know when the book will go into its second printing–no one can predict that. It could be two weeks later or two months. If having a signed copy is important to you, your best bet is to preorder it or buy it on November 4th.

so even if I couldn’t pre-order, if it’s a first edition, I can walk into any bookstore and get a signed copy?


will all the copies in the stores be signed? Or should I pre order to be safe

It depends when you buy your store copy: see above. If you don’t preorder or buy the book on release day (11/4/14), I can’t promise it will be signed.

Can we still preorder a book to be signed (since you already started signing them)?

My friend, I will be signing for a minimum of five and a half hours a day, every day, for the next six weeks to make this happen. You’re good.

Why are you doing this?

Because I wanted to do something special to thank my early readers for their support. I can’t thank you all in person, so I’m doing it like this.


Offer to work off the $18.99 by doing chores? Babysitting? Cooking? Tell her it will save her a trip to the book store on November 4th? Show her one of the many studies that show that kids who read do better in school and demonstrate more empathy than kids who don’t? Tell her I think it would be a rad thing to do? Keep me apprised of your success.
Gun Shop Problems: The Crazies

Possible ongoing post series of general life working at a gun shop.

In the first post, I mentioned I have had people walk into the store that acted or said things that were very contentious, if not “red-flagging” themselves.

Any private business has the right to refuse service or goods to any individual they choose, usually based on some sort of requirements. If you’re at fine dining restaurant, the most common example would be the “No shoes, no shirt, no service” deal. If you’re slapping waitresses on the ass, you’ll probably be kicked out.

I’m pretty sure every gun shop has had their own experiences with certain individuals that just aren’t right in the head.

Things customer’s have said when I’ve been at the shop; some were just weird, others really messed up…

  • “Can I see that bullet? My daddy shot my grandpa with one of those. Capital murder it was. Hahaha!”
  • “Why don’t you have more black powder?!? This must be the government hoarding it all. They’re gonna kill us all bro.”
  • “Can’t wait to test this handgun out on the range…or on my wife.”
  • “Man why can’t I get a gun? I could kill as many people as I want just by setting them on fire or ramming my truck into a damn crowd!!!”
  • “Will this go through police body armor?”
  • “This is good for killing people right?”

There is that unknown factor that anyone can have some sort of malicious intent to use a firearm regardless of how they behave or speak while in the shop.

Just last week we sold a brand new Magnum Research Desert Eagle XIX to a customer. He was born in Europe but became a U.S citizen and had always wanted to own that specific handgun. Found out later that he was arrested for DUI with his Desert Eagle in the passenger seat. Gun was confiscated.

I don’t know what prompted his final action but he committed suicide at home after he was released pending a court case. I only learned about that cause we were told the Desert Eagle was going to be kept as evidence but eventually it would be destroyed and sold as scrap.

He was a really nice guy, wealthy too, but I never got any inclination of any possible suicidal tendencies. Maybe he committed suicide cause he was afraid to go to jail, or that his new gun was confiscated. I don’t know.

There was another instance where this older woman came into the store and kind sneaked around the store looking for one of my bosses who knows her. I could hear her talking to my boss, asking “Don’t mention to anyone I was in here but is there any other ways I can get a gun?”

After she left my boss told me, that if she comes into the store again, don’t hand her anything. We had been informed by the police that she had been arrested for assault and had suicidal tendencies. She was apparently going gun shop to gun shop looking for someone to sell her a gun.

This reverberates onto key talking points that get spread around; that guns are tools and that the people using them are ultimately responsible for whatever purpose they intend on using them for.

I’m all for the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms but I think one of the worse things you can do when going into a gun shop is make crazy or violent statements then ask to buy a gun. 

If you’re acting recklessly in the store, like pointing a gun I’ve just handed to you, back at me or at other customers, I’m not going to sell you any guns because it clearly seems like you don’t know the basics of firearm safety.

A lot of anti-gunners think people just walk into a gun shop and walk out with an arsenal of assault weapons, and that the gun shops don’t care who they sell to as long as its a sale. That’s not true. I do care if a gun I sold is going to a responsible person. I can’t predict human nature or personal intent, its impossible, but if you say crazy things or do crazy things while in the shop, you’ve already hurt your chances of me putting my trust in you when purchasing a gun from me.

SEHUN’s Cologne Choice…

Sehun Fucking Shops at Abercrombie and Fitch and wears “Fierce” there a bunch of running jokes I know but I actually fucking can’t believe this like I actually buy that cologne and spray it on my sheets. I’m over it and its my fave store and old job… WHAT KINDA…. Watch this cologne be sold the fuck out in Korea and A&F is going to have no choice but to have to higher him as a part-time model and when you walk in he will just be fucking there next to a got damn moose and you’ll black the fuck out because it’s just Sehun and his abs and a fucking moose in dim lights and house music blasting with the smell of fucking “Fierce” in the damn store I just..