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Headlines - Peter Parker

request -  I LOVE YOU WRITINGS Can you PLEASE write a fic were peter takes his s/o on dates to the tops of buildings as spider man a lot to the point were people beging looking for spider-man girlfriend and pictures of them start showing up on websites and news broadcasts 

a/n - i’ve gotten multiple requests to write this kind of fic, and i hope it doesn’t disappoint and is a flop like me anyways don’t forget to request a fic if you’d like or follow! also peter looks like he’s listening to a pretty funky beat in the gif LMAOOOOO

The sun was setting over Queens after the clock struck seven in the evening. My back was pressed up against Peter’s chest, breathing in the view as he was holding me close by. His mask was in my lap as his chin rested on my shoulder, rocking me from side to side.

Sitting at the roof of a busy building in town was a bit of a risk, but somehow Peter and I were willing to make such an attempt. During times together like these, he would become so equipped and steady to grab him mask at any point and run off with me, keeping our affair a secret as best as he could.

I leaned back even more and look up at his face, only being able to see his cheeks. I chuckled as he looked down, pressing a kiss on my lips as a smile melted onto his face as well. Our hearts were both jumping from mile to mile until Peter broke the kiss, putting his mask on within a second.

“What happened?” I asked while he put my hood up.

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Cheater Part 2


Part 1

a/n: i’m fuckin dying where is this angst coming from why am i so troubled who hurt me

The sunlight shining into Shawn’s eyes woke him up, and the pounding in his head kept him awake. He opened his eyes, and sat up on the bed. “Babe?” He asked, stretching. He saw the Advil and water, and thanked you silently as he popped the bottle open, and swallowed the pills with a few gulps of water.

Getting out of bed, Shawn didn’t see you in the bathroom, nor did he see you in the spare room where you usually did yoga in the morning. “Honey? You home?” He asked, walking out into the hall. He passed the mirror that was hanging up, and froze.

Walking backwards, he looked at his chest in the mirror, and he felt his stomach turn. “No.” He whispered, adrenaline pumping through his veins.

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Originally posted by wonnhao

  • I think we first need to take into consideration those Diamond Edge photos of him
  • Anyway
  • Yeah just imagine that for a minute
  • But doesn’t want to dress in those fancy clothes all the time
  • the dress shirts feel too restricting and the pants always feels a little tight, and god why is this jacket so heavy does it really need all these extra frills
  • has a special love for cats
  • there’s five cats in the castle that roam around because as a child, Wonwoo found them wandering outside and brought them in
  • they’re very special to Wonwoo, so special in fact that he kind of hired some staff to just watch over the cats
  • also explores the large garden, admiring the beautiful flowers
  • even ask the garden staff about the various plants and he continues to ask questions about it to the point that the staff isn’t even working anymore
  • friends with the neighboring princes
  • there’s a group chat for the 13 of them that is just them complaining about all the work load as well as the various antics the princes do
  • like one time Wonwoo received a snap from Soonyoung at 2 in the morning showing that he was visiting Prince Jihoon and all Wonwoo saw was Soonyoung dumping water on a sleeping Jihoon before running away
  • didn’t hear from Soonyoung for a few days after that
  • Wonwoo’s favorite writers happen to be in some of the neighboring kingdoms, so sometimes Wonwoo will legit take a flight to Joshua’s kingdom just so he can get a copy of the author’s new work that hasn’t been released in his kingdom yet
  • Receives a snap from Joshua that’s a pic of Wonwoo’s back and Joshua screaming
  • Wonwoo also gets hamburgers from Minghao’s kingdom because they have the best cattle raising there
  • So whenever Wonwoo’s family is visiting Minghao’s, at the dinner table you see everyone eating fine sirloin steak and then Wonwoo’s chowing down on a huge hamburger that looks like everything is about to fall out
  • in the gc: let’s go out to eat together, which kingdom should we go to
  • wonwoo: MINGHAO’S
  • is scared of Seungcheols two giant dogs
  • ‘wonwoo just come out of the car’
  • ‘NO’
  • ‘they just like you’
  • ‘WONWOO’
  • met you when he was visiting Joshua
  • well he wasn’t visiting Joshua it was just his favorite author was having a book signing so he played it as though he was visiting Joshua
  • but Wonwoo was being led to the back patio where Joshua was
  • and he heard this laughter, so saccharine and enticing
  • when he fully stepped out onto the patio, when he saw you so perfectly dressed in a bright yellow sundress that touched the floor, a simple jacket hung onto your shoulders, your hair elegantly pulled back with loose pieces hanging down
  • Wonwoo fell
  • Literally
  • With his eyes glued onto you, he forgot that there was a small step to get down onto the main ground so he plunged to the ground
  • It was silent for a still moment as a staff member helped Wonwoo up, but once Wonwoo composed himself, Joshua burst out into laughter while you turned your head and tried to stop yourself from laughing by covering your mouth
  • After all the laughter was out, Joshua introduced you
  • You were the eldest daughter of the military general in Joshua’s kingdom
  • Joshua excused himself as he was being called by his parents, so you and Wonwoo sat in silence, almost awkward since you two didn’t know each other
  • ‘do you like cats’
  • You were so perplexed by the question for a moment before you broke out into a smile, ‘I love cats’
  • And so for five minutes Wonwoo is showing you pictures of his cat and suddenly the awkwardness is gone, now you two are playfully bickering over something trivial
  • and for once, Wonwoo is feeling his heart thump loudly in his chest as you give him a wide smile
  • Joshua comes back soon, sliding back in his chair as he looks at you, ‘our parents are really stressing me out with the whole engagement’
  • Wonwoo freezes ‘engagement?’
  • ‘Oh I forgot to tell you, y/n is my fiancée’
  • Wonwoo feels this pierce in his heart, he knew it was trivial to feel a bit of resentment towards Joshua just because he grew a crush on his wife to be but Wonwoo couldn’t help the feeling
  • For months after, you and Wonwoo grew closer through texts and various run ins at formal events, but as you two grew closer, Wonwoo’s feelings increased
  • He began to get jealous, he was jealous of seeing Joshua stand next to you, holding your hand, putting his hand on your waist, he fumed in his head when he heard Joshua introduce you as his ‘fiancée’
  • During one of the ball events, Wonwoo decided to blow off some steam on one of the open balconies, he bickered with himself in his head over the fact that you were Joshua’s not his.
  • ‘Lonely?’
  • Wonwoo watched as you approached the spot next to him and he knew he had to get it out, the more he held it in, the more it’s going to ruin him
  • ‘I like you. I like you so much but you’re engaged to Joshua and what I’m doing is entirely wrong and for all I know I’m raging war against Joshua’s family over you but I like you’
  • You’re leaning your back against the edge of the balcony, taking in what Wonwoo said and for a minute he thinks you’re going to yell at him, say that you’re Joshua’s, but instead you say the four words he’s always wanted to hear
  • ‘I like you too.’
  • And he’s never wanted to kiss you so badly before but then it hits him, he’s betraying one of his best friends
  • He’s betraying Joshua, probably the nicest guy out of all 13 of the princes
  • And Wonwoo rejects your mutual feelings but then you do something that makes him high confused
  • You’re laughing for like five straight minutes before you finally calm down
  • ‘the engagement isn’t real. Well to our parents it’s real but Joshua and I see each other as sibllings, we grew up together, I beat him at sword fighting and I really can’t date a guy who thinks doing the pindrop every 5 seconds makes him look cool. And besides, Shua’s dating someone but don’t tell him I said that’
  • Suddenly, the weight is lifted off of Wonwoo’s shoulders and finally he can’t help but to grasp your lips with his
  • Before you knew it, You and Joshua publicly announced the end of your engagement
  • Wonwoo, wanting to be like all the romantics in his novels, set out to your house where he brought over ten of his staff to carry bouquets to your door, that day he asked your parents for approval to court you
  • and honestly your parents couldn’t refuse bc like hello a prince with over ten bouquets what an ideal man
  • but you’re just like ‘yeah this is the guy that can scarf down five hamburgers in one setting how ideal’
  • for a while you and Wonwoo remained in a long distance relationship until Joshua got really fed up with Wonwoo talking about how much he missed you so Joshua practically begged you to move
  • but you’re like ‘Joshua I work for your kingdom, I just can’t move’
  • and whelp guess what, suddenly you’re being relocated to Wonwoo’s kingdom to act as a military representative for your father
  • Wonwoo’s all happy and when you come, you’re greeted with his face and his five cats
  • It’s kind of taboo for you to be sleeping in the same bed as Wonwoo before marriage so just imagine Wonwoo peeking his head out of your room at four in the morning before he dashes out to go to his room
  • And to be honest all the staff and his parents know but no one tell him because it’s funny watching him run on the security cameras
  • Will in fact break into your military meetings and because he’s the prince, everyone is standing up and greeting him but you’re just sitting there like ‘Wonwoo I’m working!’
  • ‘but I wanted to have lunch at Minghao’s’
  • After almost three years of his antics with you, Wonwoo’s family host a large ball where Wonwoo announced his engagement with you and he gives this little speech where the whole time, he stares at you while stating how much the past years have been the best of his life
  • Has a very simple wedding, royal families attended and a few friends, and when you walk down the aisle, Wonwoo swears his breath stopped completely
  • ‘stop telling people that Wonwoo’
  • ‘but it’s true, you looked so beautiful’
  • A few months later, after being crowned king and you his queen, you announced to him in the middle of the night, as he was just about to fall asleep after a stressful day
  • ‘im pregnant’
  • And he’s up, he’s wide awake now, he’s screaming, his knights ran in thinking there was a break in
  • Prince Wonwoo loves you dearly, even more so now that you are carrying his child. He even agrees to take you to Minghao’s to feast (but it’s more for his benefit). Anyway, love the king as much as he loves hamburgers. But to be honest, Wonwoo would drop burgers for you any day.
Waiting - Peter Parker

Relationship: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: The reader is concerned about Peter coming back to her after fighting crime all day. This causes her to think of the night they started talking and forming their bond.

Warnings: Swearing, drinking, a sweet kiss

Words: 4480

A/N: This is my first imagine so please be kind. It is a bit long but PLEASE bear with me. I worked hard on it.


The regular writing is present time

The slanted writing is a flashback

Enjoy my loves <3


Waiting. It’s an agonizing feeling. To expect outcomes of situations that you have no idea how to decipher or understand.

You weren’t patient, you never were and you couldn’t be now. Especially not now, at a moment like this.

But, yet, here you were, still waiting.

The remaining question: How will this all end?

11:37 p.m. the clock presented.

Exhaling a frustrated sigh of defeat, you roll over on your mattress, eyes burning of fatigue. Your body craved desperately to drift off, into the land of slumber where you could escape your thoughts, your worries, your fears but your stubbornness remained tall and strong-like a cement wall.

How could you sleep when he was still out there?

You gaze out the tall window that was feet away from your bed, its glass sprinkled with raindrops from earlier precipitation. Outside, it led right out to the fire escape where he would usually arrive to slip into your room. Gazing out the window now, you reminded yourself to buy some plants and flowers to add some beauty outside your window. You’ve been meaning to do it for weeks now.  

As you kept staring, you search for a looming shadow or listen for a delicate tap against the glass, anything that signaled that he was here. That he had come back to you, that he was safe. You could never truly sleep soundly unless you knew for certain that he was okay.

Who were you waiting for?

Peter Parker, that’s who.

A.K.A Spiderman

A.K.A your best friend    

A.K.A the love of your life

Your head buries itself into your soft pillow as you think of him, your cheeks warming as you picture his tousled chocolate locks, sparkling brown eyes and heart thumping smile. The damn kid made you feel like the zoo escaped in your stomach whenever you locked eyes and you hated/loved him for it.

You both met last year, when you moved to Queens as a sophomore. At the time, Peter was identified as “The Dude You Had 30 Second Small Talk with in Chemistry Class” and those “conversations” you two shared were rare, usually right before your teacher started her lecture.

Like, the occasional: “Hey, did you read the chapters last night for Chem?”

Or: “Your poem in the literary magazine was real good, Y/N!”  

Or, ironically: “I saw Spiderman swing above me on my way to school… coolest thing I’ve seen all week!”

But, sadly, you both merely classified as acquaintances to one another.



Last Year, Halloween at 11:37 p.m.

Your eyes bore into the back of your friend, Jess, her lengthy golden hair whipping from side to side as she sprints to the door ahead. You didn’t bother to keep up with her, no matter how freezing your body felt in the frigid wind. The brisk air whips against your stockings in a brutal manner and it was then, that you wish you wore pants to this party instead of your moderately short black dress. It was practically November. You trudge through the decaying grass as you cut through the lawn, arms crossed over your chest, crunching leaves under your Doc Martins.

Reaching the door, were are welcomed with a gust of warmth along with the scent of sweat and weed.

“Ah, refreshing…” you mutter under your breath, while rolling your eyes.

Scanning the perimeter for Jess, you spot her by the stairs, many feet away, chatting with her other friends. Anxiety kept your feet planted by the entrance as you watched them speak to one another. Her friends were not your own, only strangers that you glanced at politely in the in the hallways or had exchanged three words with during your month at Midtown. Despite your discomfort, you walked on toward them, mentally giving your anxiety the middle finger since it had kept you from doing so many other things in your life.

You’re only two steps into walking forward until Jess turns and dashes up the stairs, as if she were the roadrunner and you were the coyote.

What the fuck…

Huffing out in frustration, you make a beeline to the snack table close by, not in the mood to follow her again. You didn’t even want to be here in the first place, you weren’t going to follow her around like a lost puppy.

She’ll be back. She can’t leave me alone at a time like this…

Your mind attempts to reassure you but it didn’t ease the rapid thud of your heart.

You could do this, but not alone.

Fifteen minutes later, you were still attached to the table as if it were your best friend. You occupied your time by looking down at your phone, chomping on chocolate pretzels and frowning at anyone who gave you an amused smirk.

Right then, a group of upperclassmen made agonizing eye contact with you a few feet away. The girls attempted to be discreet about their staring but failed, the giggles they tried to hide with their hands giving them away. You glare into their posse circle until they get intimidated and look away, embarrassed.

You sigh out sadly as the last stare glances away. The brave face you masked on before the party was faltering into a look of pure insecurity.

You thought you could be brave.

You thought you could handle this but the anxiety was overpowering you.

Why the hell where you still here? What was the point?

You had your doubts coming here but Jess had begged you to come, had encouraged you, had basically dragged you here and then left you alone. Alone. At a party. After she promised to stay with you all night. It was social suicide, especially due to the situation you were in now. Clenching your fists in anger, you started for the door until a familiar face stopped you.

Sweet relief seeped within your chest.  

“Hey! Curly Twirly!” you call, grinning, as you spot Michelle’s curly, wild hair from afar. That was the nickname you had given her yourself. She was the first friend you made at school, having been assigned together for an activity in one of your classes. She always managed to make you laugh in the dullest situations and although she’d never admit it, the walls she built over her exterior seemed to crumble whenever you two spoke.

She was wearing an orange shirt with the word ‘COSTUME’ printed on the front. You smirk at her irrefutable wittiness. Why the hell didn’t you think of that?

Her head turned toward you at the sound of her nickname and that was when you noticed the unsettling look of agony in her eyes. You only caught a slim glimpse of that look until she masked it with a plastered smirk. Something was up, you knew because the smile didn’t quite reach her eyes.

“Y/N, thank the Black Widow you came to this lame ass party…” she calls.

You widen your eyes at her sentence, getting caught off guard. Even though you two were friends, M.J. never said something like that to you before or…anyone really.

She approaches you, gazing at your outfit with extreme focus.

Spectacular costume, Wednesday Adams is one of my role models.” she smirks.

You were dressed in a black dress with a peter-pan collar, black stockings, Doc Martins and had tied your hair into two braids. Boom. Behold, your costume.

“Shocker…” you say, the sarcasm clear in your voice. If Wednesday Adams were a real person, she and M.J. would be BFF’s.

“I’m surprised you’re here…” she admits, swiping a plastic cup from the beverage table and filling it with punch. The punch was obviously spiked, the cup she filled reeked of alcohol- vodka probably. You cringe as the cup comes too close to your nose for comfort, the intense scent still making you sick to your stomach.

“I thought people were still giving you shit?” she asks, sipping her beverage.

“They are,” you admit. You roll your eyes but not at her, at the assholes around you who continued to talk about you in front of your face.

“Yet, you still came?” one of her perfectly plucked eyebrows arch.

“I wanted to prove that they couldn’t get to me, but I don’t think I’m fooling anyone…” you truthfully confess.

You wished so badly to not give a shit, but you did.

“Hey…” she nudges her shoulder into yours. “You fooled me…”

You smile graciously. She had been one of the few people who didn’t judge you based on that stupid video.

“Besides,” she huffs, frowning. “Fuck what other people think. They don’t know jack-shit about you…” she continues. “This is just another ‘Midtown Mini Drama’. It’ll be forgotten in a week.”

“Thanks M.J…” you mumble. “God, I’d so rather be in bed with a book right now…” you admit, shamelessly to her. You knew she would understand, the girl had her nose in a book 24/7.

“Amen, sister.” she mutters as she tips her face back, draining her drink down in a one gulp. You cringe instantaneously, again, nearly tasting the bitterness in your mouth as you watch her. You were glad you were sticking to you lemonade and pretzels tonight.  

“What the damn hell?” M.J. bluntly utters, causing you to snort in amusement. Your eyes followed to where hers were fixated- the entrance of the party to where Ned Leeds and Peter Parker were standing.


“Twice in one month? That’s monumental.” you murmured in her ear as you both continue to gaze at the spot the two boys were standing. It was true that they didn’t come to many parties, only attending one bash weeks ahead of time that a girl named Liz had hosted.

You study the costumes of the two boys and notice both dressed as Star Wars characters. You recognize Ned to be Obi Wan Kenobi with his white tunic, white pants, belt and brown robe along with Peter as Darth Vader, dressed black from the neck downward and the iconic mask he held in his hands.

You smirked at their choice of attire, these dudes where hella cool.

As they linger throughout the monumental house, they came upon the snack table several minutes later where M.J. and you were still standing. They approached you as M.J. was gulping down the spiked punch as if she were dying of monumental thirst while you were inhaling the snack table like you were a vacuum on supersonic mode. (Especially the chocolate covered pretzels. Yum.)

Peter locks eyes with you and graciously delivers a soft smile when you have about six pretzels in your mouth. Embarrassed, you cover your mouth with the back of your hand and give him a wave with the other. You realized at that moment, under the neon flickering lights how cute he really was. Why you noticed now? You had no idea.

“Evening, ladies…” Ned suavely greets as he approaches MJ and you with Peter by his side. You swallow the pretzels painfully, not having the chance to chew every single one as you prepare to speak.

“Hey guys,” you smile, brightly. “Having fun?”

As the two boys begin to reply, M.J. cut them off.

“I wouldn’t decipher this party with the word ‘fun’.” she quips, her tone laced with boredom.

“That’s because you’re still sober…” you tease, mimicking her past action by bumping your shoulder with hers.

“This is why I keep you around…” she smirks, once again.

She turns away from you and the boys, back to the table to refill her cup, yet again. You stare at her, growing even more worried and mentally cursing yourself for the sentence you had just said. This was already her fifth cup.  Why was she drowning herself in alcohol? You wouldn’t be as concerned if she was a regular partier but this behavior wasn’t normal.

“What are you doing?” you ask, stepping slightly closer and setting a hand on her shoulder.

“Getting shit-faced.” she responds, blankly. “Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do at parties?”

“She has a point…” Ned adds, from the side. You spot Peter hit him in the arm with your peripheral vision.

“You know what I mean…” you whisper in her face. “Why are you drinking so much? Are you okay?” 

“Fine,” she bites, her eyes narrowing. “Leave it alone.” she harshly whispers.

“MJ, talk to-”

“I don’t need a babysitter, Y/N.” she barks at you over the music, glaring at you with so much intimidation it made you feel small and insecure. “Just, leave me alone.” she continues, the same cold tone latched within her words. She never spoke to you that harshly before.

Usually, for you, whenever you got into an argument with someone, you were quick witted and decently sly but as for right now, you were speechless.

It was harder to stand up to your friends rather than your enemies.

Before you had the chance to regain the strength to argue back, she whips around and stalks away to another room, taking her drink with her. You watch her back until it disappears and release a sigh. You desperately wanted to go after her but you didn’t want to smother her and possibly get her even angrier at you. She obviously didn’t want to be near you, hence her walking away…

The music begun to kick in to a louder beat, muffling the voices of other party-goers surrounding you. You could barely hear yourself think, the pounding music thumping throughout the walls was distracting. The room felt even more clustered and full, causing you to sweat and pull at the collar of your dress.


You whip your head to your right to where Peter was standing, closer than he was before. He was staring at you, pure curiosity swimming in his orbs. His eyes- so gentle and welcoming, looking at them had you feeling calmer. He was the warm fire in a rainstorm.

“What?” you dumbly utter. The damn music was causing your hearing to dysfunction, it was drowning everything out, even your own damn thoughts.


The words were hard to understand over the bumping but you could read his lips. You smile sadly at him. He was such a sweet guy, he barely even knew you and here he was, asking that question. He could have easily walked off moments ago, escaping the awkward banter between you and Michelle but here he was.

“Yeah, thanks.” You nod, smiling gratefully. “I should probably just give her space…”

He mimics your nod, agreeing with you. You glance at your surroundings and realize Ned was nowhere to be seen. Huh, where the hell did the dude go?

“–Seventy three?” You heard the number he mumbled but once again, you didn’t hear the full sentence.

“Sorry, what?” you laugh, awkwardly.

“Did­–? Seventy three?”

Ugh, this fucking music. It wasn’t even a good song either…

Clenching your jaw in frustration, you exhale. You wanted to chop the DJ’s head off.

“WHAT?” you yell, leaning in closer toward him, so close that you could see the purple and pink hue of his lips. (They looked soft…)

“DID. YOU. DO. CHEM. YET?” he bellows. His voice and face was still friendly even when he was screaming in your face. He was talking about the chemistry homework that had been assigned. You were to read page seventy-three in your textbook and complete the five paged packet that was due Monday. You haven’t even started yet.

“Oh!” you realize. “Uh…no, not yet.” you confess, yelling, slightly ashamed since Peter probably already finished it. That kid was an absolute wizard with anything science related. He had the highest grade in class, no doubt. He nods in understanding, looking away then back to you again, as if he wanted to say something.

“I–I can give it to–”

“Do you want to go outside?!” you yell, interrupting him. You would be able to hear everything he said to you out there. Besides, the pot in the air was getting stronger, giving you a headache.

He only stares at you, blankly.

“WHAT?” he shrieks.

You already get the answer you need. You turn around, latching onto his wrist and lead him out the door with you. You felt your cheeks grow hot at the sudden gesture, you just grabbing him and leading him away but you couldn’t deny the giddy pound in your chest.


Lifting your head up from the pillow with sonic speed, your eyes blink rapidly. You zero in on the time displayed on your cable box that rested on your dresser.

2:34 a.m.


You had fallen asleep.

Breathing heavily, you struggle to remain calm. You stumble out of bed to your window, leaning your head against the cool glass. You gaze out, scanning the fire escape as if he would magically appear in that moment. Peter has never been this late, ever.

What if something happened?

You stand motionless for a moment, the light patter of rain against the roof and the pounding drum of your heart the only noises you could hear. Scrambling for your phone seconds later, you dial the digits you have ingrained in your brain.


Last Year, Halloween at 12:41 p.m.

“So?” you ask, leaning in slightly closer towards him in curiosity. “How was your first drink?”

“Terrible…” Peter winces, scrunching his face up in the cutest way possible as he crumples the plastic cup in is fist. He gulped down the whole drink in one sitting and you were impressed since this was his first time drinking. He had gotten some punch in the house before coming outside with you.

“Tastes like piss, right?” you ask.

“Like piss…” he agrees.

You giggle like a child as he stares off into space, blinking slowly and gazing off in wonder, a dazed look on his face. One of your eyebrows arch.

“Oh my god…” you breathe. “Are you already buzzed?”


“Maaaybe?” he gets out, his voice slightly high-pitched at the end, making you cackle like a hyena.

“You are such a lightweight, you’re adorable.” you gush.

The words sprang out of you and it caused a small blush to ignite across his cheeks. Peter glances down at his high-tops bashfully, a tiny grin lacing his lips. While looking at him, you painfully resist the urge to leap in front of him and squish his cheeks with your fingers. God, he was so cute.  

“Um–I–I…uh…” he stutters.

“Peter, calm down.” You smile. “I’m just teasing.” Your body shakes with laughter again at his painfully awkward stuttering.

You and Peter were currently sitting side by side against a tree outside the house. Although there was still a slight chill in the air, the temperature outside had gotten slightly warmer, leaving you refreshed and cool.

Some others from the party even came outside as well, one pair came out to lay on the lawn to stare at the stars or some came just to walk around in the cool air and drink with their fellow friends.    

It had been about half an hour since you two had been hanging out with each other. You talked about school or the randomness of your daily lives. During those 30 minutes, you came to learn that Peter was a total cinnamon roll and you adored the way he talked to you.

As you glance toward the monumental home, you are reminded of M.J. The agony in her eyes, her strange behavior, the excessive drinking.

“I should check on M.J…” you say, out loud.

“Good idea,” Peter nods. “I’ll come with.”

You rise from the grass quickly and look down at Peter in amusement, who seemed to be struggling to stand. You giggle painfully to yourself as you help him up, both of your hands gripping on his surprisingly muscular biceps. Damn, what was he hiding under all those layers?

You steady him as he rises.

“Thanks, Y/N…” he flushes.

“Anytime,” you grin.

As you start to walk up the lawn, toward the door, a heavy arm slings over your shoulder, halting you. The monstrous weight nearly pushes half of your body downward and a horrid stench of body odor slaps you like whiplash as it emits from the strangers armpit.

“What the fu-” you speak out, scrunching your face up in annoyance and disgust. You nudge the body off you and turn to face the unknown male.

He’s stocky and much taller than you, with dark hair and a lazy smile. He held a beer bottle in his big fingers and was dressed as a Yankee baseball player.

“Can I help you?” you angrily spit. You didn’t like being touched by guys you didn’t know. Who the hell does?

“You don’t remember me?” the tall boy grins, taking a step closer toward you.

You take a grand step back, too grand however, because you collide into Peter’s chest. With this amount of proximity, you get a whiff of Peter’s scent- laundry detergent, pine and deodorant.

Sweet mama, you could sniff that boy all day like a flower.

“You really don’t remember me?” the random tall boy asks again, snapping you back to reality.

“Clearly.” you snarl, not in the mood to deal with any self-righteous pigs tonight.

“Y/NNNNNN!” a girl shrieks into the air in excitement, causing you, Peter and the stranger to jump in horror. Seconds later, two arms sling over your shoulders in a crushing hug, forcing Peter to back away from you. Hot vodka breath fans in your face and you shut your eyes painfully, cringing.

“Where have you been?” Jess laughs in your ear while she squeezes you painfully.

“You tell me,” you flatly reply, frowning at your friend that had abandoned you all night. You shrug her arms off your shoulder. “You’re the one who ditched me.”

Her eyes roll in annoyance, making you even angrier. “Don’t be so dramatic…” she mocks.

More people linger around the tree that you and Peter once occupied alone. Most of these people were Jess’s friends and some were random strangers. They all circulate around you, making you uncomfortable. You catch Peter standing side by side among them, looking timid himself.

“Whatever,” you huff. “I’m leaving.”

“What? No!” she begs, her manicured fingers latching onto your arm. “I got Brandon to come and see you!” she explains, excitedly.

“Who the hell is Brandon?”

“That’s me, Hot Stuff.”

You glance over to the stranger who had put his arm around you. Brandon gives you a wink as he nudges Peter to the side as he steps closer to you and Jess. You only stare at him, unfazed by his comment but suddenly able to recognize him.

You remember who he was and it made you want to slap yourself with a cactus.

Because you were such a drunk idiot last weekend.

“What are you anyway?” he utters, looking at your costume up and down. “Some goth bitch?”

You don’t even try to hide the irritable glare on your face.

“I’m Wednesday Adams, you moron.” you bite.

You see Peter grin shamelessly behind Brandon. In attempt to hide the laughter that lingers behind his smile, he covers his mouth with his sleeve.  

“Woah, chill.” Brandon’s thick eyebrows raise in shock. His stunned reaction only lasts a fraction of a second until that annoying, careless smirk appears on his face again. He stares down at you with interest, giving you the impression he’s most likely wondering what you look like without your clothes on.

“You’re kinda feisty, aren’t you?” he slurs.

“To self-absorbed assholes? Yeah.” you swiftly reply. “Keep testing me and I’ll get even meaner.”

Everyone around you snickers at your snark. From the sidelines, you see Peter’s eyes nearly pop out of their sockets in flabbergasted shock. He doesn’t care to hide the laugh as he lets it out with ease. It was a lovely sight to him, watching you roast this drunk buffoon in front of you. You were so sassy, so…irresistible.

“Y/N!” Jess bellows.

“What?” you ask, innocently.

“Stop embarrassing Brandon…” she scolds.

“He’s embarrassing himself, I’m just mocking his stupidity.”

Holy shit, you needed to be stopped.

“Um, okay…” Peter pipes up, stepping to the side of you. Everyone in the group whips their head towards him in shock, they didn’t even notice he was there.

“We should get going…” he mumbles as he grabs onto you elbow and leads you away from everyone and to the house.

“She’s my DD!” Peter awkwardly calls toward the group.

As the two of you walk across the lawn to the door ahead, you realize Peter still hasn’t let go of your elbow. His face leans in close to yours.

“You’re dangerous…” Peter whispers into your face, only he’s smiling when you look over to him.

“Am I scaring you, Parker?” you beam, unable to hide the amused smirk from spreading across your face.

“A little.”

“You still have time to run away, right now.” you teasingly warn.

“I–I don’t want to…” he manages to reply, fumbling with his thumbs as he looks down toward the ground.  

The two of you stop in front of the entrance of the party, both of you standing on the doormat, your shoulders touching.

“So,” you start, “We grab M.J. and I drive you both home? Sound like a plan?”

You don’t bother for a reply from him, your fingers latch onto the door handle but his voice calling your name stops you.

“Y/N…” he sighs, finally making eye contact with you.

“Peter…” you tease, breathing out his name like he did yours.

“If–If…I wasn’t drunk right now…” he states, slowly, looking down at his feet. “I’d kiss you.”

“O–Oh!” you squeak, squeezing the door handle in bewilderment. That was absolutely the last thing you expected him to say. You knew it may be true because there was no way in hell Peter Parker would say something like that to you sober.  

“W–Would you?” you attempt to joke, grinning ear to ear in excitement and closing your eyes, making sure this wasn’t a dream.

“Yes…” he breathes next to your ear, you could practically hear the soft smile in his voice.

Without thinking, you lean in, capturing Peter Parker’s lips in a sweet peck.


“Hey,” you speak shakily into the phone, your voice trembling erratically and embarrassingly. “Call me as soon as you get this, okay?” You squeeze the phone in a deathly grip as you struggle to keep breathing. You hang up before you get pathetic and start crying like a goddamn baby on the phone.

The tears start to roll down your cheeks with speed, similar to how the rain slides down the glass of your window outside.

Maybe you were getting worked up for nothing but how were you supposed to know? How were you to know what happened out there?What happened to him?

You stare outside the glass motionless, blankly, numbly.

There was nothing you could do now, only wait.


Part 2???

The XX-File

Jonathan Byers x Reader

Jonathan has a file cabinet full of photos filed by genre. One day you find a file labeled XX.

Word Count:

Warnings: Smut

Note: I want more Jonathan Byers smuts in the world

Originally posted by softtroublemaker

“Jonathan? Baby, I’m here.” You looked into his room and wondered where he was. His car was out front. You sighed, figuring he went to find Will somewhere in the woods. Toeing off your shoes, you padded to drawers. You swapped your jeans and blouse for a pair of Jonathan’s boxers and a white tshirt, then opened his file cabinet. You flicked through the files, smiling when you saw one labeled with your name. You kept sliding through, looking to find something new. In the back of the file cabinet, hiding along the back seam, there was a black folder labeled with white chalk. “XX-File”.

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daddy, please - suga scenario (m)

Originally posted by bwiseoks

daddy min yoongi x little male reader

word count: 2,312

yoongi texts you some exciting instructions. you want to be a good boy for your daddy, so all you can do is obey.

requested by anon

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|| Yours To Cherish || [[smut]]

{summary: you are his to cherish alone, and you’ll be damned if you let another woman take him away from you.}

to those of you who have sent me some new nsfw peter parker headcanon asks, i’ll get to them tomorrow because my plan with those is to do three posts a day so that it won’t come out as too much clutter on everyone’s dashes :D I’m not ignoring them, I promise you I’m not ignoring them! I’m saving them ;w; so if you have anymore headcanons you want to send me, then bring them in !!

now let’s delve into this guilty pleasure series [♥]

[ {I’m Yours} series tagging list ]: @marvel-fanfiction , @sea-kale , @acunningstargazer , @imagine-thingsandstuff , @sebatianstanisbae , @boom-boombang (if you wish to be added to this series’ tag list, let me know in a reply or an ask!)

warnings: masturbation, smut, blow jobs

**please don’t plagiarize/repost this story. reblogs are fine!!**


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Pennywise & Adult! Reader

Chapter 3: Adult

Warning: No warnings

Note: This is the final chapter of Pennywise & Reader Imagine where the reader is 19 and is heading back to Derry to solve her questions. Now this doesn’t mean I won’t post anymore Pennywise & Reader imagines! Or Losers club! This is just the last chapter connected to the previous ones. Cuz yes, I’m addicted to Skarsgard. I can’t help it. I mean who isn’t? C’mon. XD! Anyways enjoy!

Originally posted by hellomadelene

Originally posted by myvainsoul

You were gripping the steering wheel tightly as you head up north to Derry, Maine. Your Aunt always told you to never go back to that place in risk of you getting your memories back, but you wanted to know something. You can hear this small voice in your dreams that for some reason kept reminding you of a person you didn’t know.

You always asked your Aunt but she would just tell you it was just interesting dreams your mind was creating. However you knew there was more behind them than just being random reoccurring dreams that felt so real. Finally when your aunt was going down to Florida to meet a friend of hers you traveled up to visit your birth town.

You heard your favorite song playing on the radio and turned it up needing to get rid of some anxiety. You drummed your fingers against the steering wheel to the beat of the song lip syncing a little. You stopped singing when you saw you were approaching an old faded sign that said Approaching Derry. Only the welcome didn’t seem so welcoming.

You turned your attention back onto the road and slammed on the brakes as a deer jumped across the road unexpectedly. You choked as you suddenly jerked forward nearly breaking through the windshield if it wasn’t for your seat belt holding you down. The deer continued to prance across the road before disappearing on the other side of the forest.

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{Reaction} EXO's child walking in on them talking about sex

(Reaction) EXO is babysitting their kids and they over hear their dad talking about sex with their mom (reader) to the fellow members {pretty please.}

Note: Ahh this was very fun! I hope you enjoy~ Fighting! Admin Mami x

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by sehunniez

Chanyeol spoke proudly to Kyungsoo in the kitchen about your previous night. His eyes glinted with mischief as he lead against the counter while Kyungsoo moved around the kitchen, cooking up some dinner for Chanyeol,  your daughter and himself. But what the pair weren’t aware of, was the small girl stood in the doorway, listening to the tail end of the conversation.

Chanyeol: “Hopefully she’ll be pregnant again, I’ve wanted another one since {child’s name} was born-”

{Child}: “So that’s what you were giggling about this morning! Mummy is going to have another baby? Isn’t that when you share a toothbrush and then a baby goes in your tummy? I’m never sharing mine, ever!”

Chanyeol: “Uh yeah… That’s how it works, sweetheart.” *nervously fidgeting as Kyungsoo smirks to his expense, Chanyeol heard Kyungsoo mutter a small “karma” as the noodles began to boil.*

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by jonginssoo

Kyungsoo usually doesn’t talk about this kind of thing with his friends, but on the rare occasion that the topic was brought up, he decided to talk through it with one of his trusty friends, Kai. The two of them talked of their own experiences, until they heard a voice coming in the room.

Kai: “Sounds like you had fun last night”

{Child}: “Yes they did, they were bouncing on the bed or something. I could hear it from my bedroom.”

Kyungsoo: *Scarred for life and will probably never talk about sex again unless he knows no children are around to hear about it.*

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by yixingofficial

Like Chanyeol, his night had been one that he was hoping for another child. He talked about it proudly with Minseok as the child stepped inside, he started to blush as his child started to question him on the topic.

{Child}: “So you were making a baby? How do you make a baby?”

Baekhyun: “Well… you need some… ingredients.”

{Child}: “Ingredients? Like vitamin D?”

Baekhyun: “Yeah, pretty much.”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by damnitsehun

Sehun grinned as he talked to his band members about yours and his previous night, he grinned accentuating how amazing it was when he saw his child walk inside and stopped immediately, but apparently he hadn’t been quick enough to shut up, because the child sat down and looked at him with those innocent, wondering eyes.

Sehun: “It was just so good.”

{Child}: “Daddy what’s good?”

Your child would be the biggest meme, just like their father oml

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Yixing explained to Baekhyun about your night alone. Your child had been staying with Baekhyun for the night as this had been planned since you were both hoping for another child. But Yixing obviously hadn’t been as quiet as he thought he had been, though it was a good thing the child had an imaginative mind.

{Child}: “Daddy I can’t believe you wrestled Mummy! I hope you have her a plaster if you hurt her.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by jikain

Jongdae cringed as he heard his daughter enter the room as he slipped that you may or may not be having a baby to one of his friends and that he’d really made sure he gave you his all. Literally.

Jongdae: “It’s not something you have to worry about baby-”

“But how does the baby get in there? I thought they were brought by Leprechauns.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Yours and Minseok’s child is a little older, and is old enough to realise that your significant other is talking about his sex life with his friends when they enter the room, looking appalled.

“Dad! I can’t believe you - you’re so old! I- My friends better not hear about this! I never want to hear about this again!”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by zitao-vevo

Tao doesn’t have much awareness, so when he starts talking to Kris about your sex life, he doesn’t even consider that your young child might come into the room at any given moment. But of course, karma isn’t far behind, and it strikes in one of the worst possible times.

{Child}: “Daddy what’s a dildo?”

Tao: “How about I let Uncle Kris explain that to you while I go and get some tea.” *Dashes out the room.”

Kris: “Oi!”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by oh-prankster

Junmyeon stopped talking as your child came and sat in the room with her notepad and pens. She was drawing something, and Junmyeon exchanged relieved glances with Yixing as he thought you may have overheard what you were saying. The child looked up, they may not have heard the conversation, but they did hear something the night before.

{Child}: “Daddy, why does Mummy call you Daddy too?”

Suho: “I-… Well-… oh honey that’s a lovely picture, what is it?” *Nervous as Yixing is giggling in the background*

Lu Han

Originally posted by harlysquad

Luhan chuckled, explaining that he and you may have been a little too loud a couple of nights ago while getting frisky in the bedroom to Sehun. He thought he had got away with it, your child hadn’t mentioned anything about it. But of course, that silence was never going to last.

{Child}: “I know why Mummy and Daddy were making strange noises, it’s because they were sad because it’s Friday the thirteenth and that’s unlucky”

Luhan: “There’s nothing unlucky about Friday the thirteenth,baby, it’s just a silly superstition”

{Child}: “Really? Because I heard Mummy being sick in the toilet this morning, isn’t that unlucky?”

Luhan: *Makes a mental note to buy a pregnancy test*

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by kaibility

Jongin talked with Chanyeol about the night you had spent together loudly in the living room, his eyes glinting as he mentioned that you may finally be pregnant again. But as Chanyeol was in the middle of congratulating him, a small voice entered the room, making Kai’s cheeks flush with embarrassment.

{Child}: “Why are there things that women can do that men can’t? Like, Mummy is probably going to have a baby since I just heard you talking, but why can’t men have babies?”

Kai: “Well…. I- uh”

{Child}: “Because I’d rather be able to grow a mustache or a beard than have a baby. Besides, you can remove a mustache, you can’t remove a baby”

Kai: “Trust me honey, it’s tempting.”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by holymotherlandkorea

Yifan had to explain to his child that you and him were “playing games” in the bed last night, like twister and bouncy castles, just so they didn’t know the truth behind those bed squeaking noises and the sounds of both of you in unimaginable pleasure. He fiddles with his hands, hoping his child believed his story.

{Child}: “So that’s what you were doing last night. I knew you were doing something in bed. But why wasn’t I invited? I like playing games too.”

Kris: “It’s a special game honey… I also need to make a mental note to sound proof these rooms.”

Fast Firsts and Sloppy Seconds Part 2

This is long overdue!! For @miladyaelin, who stayed up really fuckin’ late with me and really helped drag my ass through this chapter and is a literal angel - thank you!! For @highlady-casandra who was my reason for posting part one, and who I just love so so much! <3 For everyone who wanted it, and waited for it, thank you so much - @rowanismybae, @fictionalcharactersaremyreality, @feysandrowlien21, @throneofstars, @snaps7, @heirofthebookstore, @fortunatelycleverpaper, @sarahjmassbooks and so many more, thank you thank you thank you!!!!! Part 3 will for sure be out by next Tuesday <3 So so sorry this took me so long, hope the wait was worth it!!! Without further ado, happy reading!

Warning: it gets kinda smutty… ;)

Part 1    Part 3

“Oh come on, you can’t be that bad!”

Manon barked out a laugh at the thought as she tossed back another shot of whiskey. “The only thing I can’t be is that drunk. No matter how much whiskey you keep handing me, you’re not gonna convince me to dance.”

It had been ten minutes of this. Ten minutes of her glowing golden eyes and flirtatious laugh and her gorgeous, bare legs pressed against his, with her hand trailing patterns on his arm and his desperate growing need to hold her against him and watch her lose herself in his arms.

His blue eyes shined as he watched her, and tossed back his own shot of whiskey. The alcohol burned his throat, cutting through the fog she’d created in his mind.

She leaned into him then. His heart stopped as her hand landed on his leg, and then slowly crept up his inner thigh, closer and closer to the growing bulge in his pants. Her breath was hot as she pressed into him, her lips nearing his ear, and her long white braid gently tickling his arm. “I don’t think you could handle me, princeling,” she purred, her fingers barely grazing him – just enough to cause a choking gasp to burst out of his lungs. His hands clenched around the arms of the chair, digging his nails into his palms as his fingers wrapped tighter around the wood, and his knuckles turned the color of her hair.

Fucking hell.

Fucking. Hell.

He couldn’t do this. He couldn’t survive it.

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Of Dates And Misunderstandings

Happy Birthday Sarah ( @lifeinahole27 ) <3

Here’s a little something for you. I am so glad that this time I got something out for your birthday. And I didn’t forget to tag you. It should have been up at your midnight but I will assume there is still somewhere when it’s just the beginning of your birthday.

Special thanks to @ladyciaramiggles and @space-whales for beta reading. Thank you so much. <3

Of Dates & Misunderstandings (T-rated) AO3

Emma’s leg started jittering as she waited for her laptop to power on. She missed the comfort of her bed but with the wine she had already drank she was reluctant to get too relaxed, lest her mind wandered to less than innocent territories that she wasn’t ready for yet. She still believed that online dating sites were a farce, especially ones with the cliched names like - Happy Endings. But, drunk Emma made questionable decisions and signing up to an online dating site at Ruby’s prodding was one of them. She signed in and carefully made her visibility selective. She didn’t want the entire world to know she was online and having to fend off sleazy come-ons that would put her perps to shame.

No, Emma was interested in only one - therealkillianjones.

Emma was intimately aware of the nitty gritty of an online dating website, she had used them too many times to lure in her perps. Men were predictable that way. Act a little coy, laugh, or in this case, send a winky emoji on their crass pick up line and -boom- you had a date. She had fake profiles set up on many of these platforms but Ruby raved about the advantages of finding dates through them, gushing about the men and women she had met. So one day, Emma sat with her friend after sharing a bottle of wine between them and proceeded to set up her profile. Though drunk, they had  created  her profile including as much information as they could without revealing  too much. It was fun while it lasted. Together they had vetted potential suitors and fended off some sleazy ones - a nice way to blow off some steam. So, she was surprised to get a direct message from someone named therealkillianjones.

therealkillianjones - Oh My God! I love that quote and the book. It’s one of my favorites.

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Apple Pie Order

or Jack and Bitty see each other naked outside of the locker room

Bitty is in a mood. Most would call it restlessness, because that’s what it is. It’s because Bitty should be working on an essay for class, but he gets panicky every time he starts thinking about just how many words he has to write, so he’s on the hunt for a distraction.

Baking is too easy for a mood like this. He could do that with his eyes closed and half asleep. So, he falls back to his other fall-back. House-cleaning.

He’s already cleaned his room and the kitchen, and he’s tidied the main room, going so far as to give the green couch a very cautious wipe-down. He’s currently in the upstairs bathroom he shares with Ransom and Holster, earbuds in and blasting Beyoncé. The toilet has never looked so clean, and the grout he thought was a permanent fixture in the corner of the shower just needed a hospital strength cleaning liquid and five minutes of scrubbing.

He’s got all the bits and bobs for bathroom cleaning in a bucket, and he figures he’ll just do Jack and Shitty’s bathroom while he’s in the zone.

There is less to take care of in this bathroom, which is good but also bad because this is really the last place Bitty feels comfortable cleaning (he’s not going to mess around with anyone’s bedroom). After this he’ll actually need to do his school work.

He’s scrubbing at flecks of toothpaste on the mirror when Jack walks in to the bathroom.

Bitty didn’t hear him over the Beyoncé, but he for sure can see him.

One minute, Bitty’s focusing on a stubborn glob of toothpaste that won’t shift, and the next second there’s a penis in the mirror. Jack’s penis, specifically.

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Secrets || BTS RapMonster

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Mafia

Word Count : 2,111

Originally posted by baebsaes

Anyone who met Namjoon would tell you he was an angel sent from above and you thought the same. He was always kind and caring toward you. Whenever you two went out, he would put a protective arm around your waist and would glare at any male that looked at you. You felt loved and Namjoon was basically everything you ever wanted in a boyfriend. Around 2 years after you two started dating, you were sure that Namjoon was the one that you wanted to marry. Apparently, Namjoon thought the same because on your 2nd anniversary day, he took you to a fancy restaurant and proposed to you. Of course, you said yes with no hesitation. You were certain that Namjoon made you the happiest than any other man. For months, you, your mother, and his mother had been organizing the whole wedding. You had your wedding dress and Namjoon had his tux. The venue was reserved and everything was complete. There was just 3 more weeks until the wedding and you couldn’t wait. You could barely sit still due to the excitement. There was too much energy buzzing in you. You decided to put that energy to some use and clean around the house. The house hasn’t been cleaned in forever.

After a few hours, you were done cleaning. The apartment wasn’t every big and it wasn’t every dirty either. You looked around and noticed that there was one room that you have never stepped foot in because it was Namjoon’s office and he ordered you to never step in there. You always thought a person’s privacy should be respected, so you never went in the room. However, you two were getting married soon, so shouldn’t the wife be able to invade a little bit of her husband’s privacy? It was for a good reason anyway. You wanted to clean it up. It was a great reason since Namjoon wasn’t a very neat person.

You turned the knob on the door and luckily for you, it was unlocked. You began with wiping the floors and dusting off wherever there was dust. As you were wiping the floor, you bumped into the desk and a file filled with papers spilled onto the floor. You quickly picked them all up, but noticed that the papers were quite odd. It was filed with profiles and candid photos of people. There was even a few papers stating orders for weapons like guns. As you looked through the papers some more, you noticed that the ‘KILL’ was stamped onto some photos.

You were so focused on the papers that you didn’t hear Namjoon entering the house. When Namjoon opened the front door, he saw the door to his office open and immediately dashed to his office. He slammed the door open to see you holding one of his very important files. He grabbed the papers from you hands and threw them into a desk drawer.

“I thought I told you to never step foot into this room.”

His voice was stern and cold. When you looked into his eyes, they were filled with anger. You immediately shrunk a little.

“I just wanted to clean the apartment up a little.”

“You can NEVER, and I mean never, come in here ever again. You are invading my privacy.”

“But we’re going to be married in a few weeks. Don’t you think I should be able to know a bit about what you do for a living?”

“You don’t need to know. All you need to know is that you are safe with me.”

He looked at you with a soften gaze, but it didn’t melt away your curiosity.

“Kim Namjoon, you know everything about me, but I feel like I know so little about you. Why are you keeping me out?”

“I’m not. All you need to know is the simple information.”

“Fine, but tell me why you ordered guns and why there are pictures of strangers with the word ‘kill’ written over them.”

“(Y/N), you are pushing the limits.”

You knew if you continued this conversation, it was going to end bad, but you continued anyway.

“What limits? I’m about to be your wife, Namjoon. I’m not a stranger.”

Namjoon exhaled deeply indicating that he was frustrated and wanted this topic to be over already.

“I don’t want you knowing yet, but I’ll tell when the time is right. Now can we please just drop this topic?”

You weren’t exactly 100% happy with the answer, but decided that to drop it. You had an idea of it anyway. Namjoon was in the mafia.

Namjoon lead you out of the room and you two went out for dinner. You forced yourself to forget about the files and the suspicious behavior Namjoon was showing. You were about to get married and you were happy, right?

When you got home, the both of you showered together and one thing led to another. Let’s just say the both of you had to take a 2nd shower. Namjoon helped blow-dry your hair and the two of you went to sleep, however, you couldn’t sleep. You just laid there looking at Namjoon’s face. You studied his features and admired the way he looked so peaceful while sleeping. It was like there was nothing but happiness in his world. You tried to sleep, but the files and pictures kept interrupting. Finally, after hours of thought, you got up from the bed. You grabbed a duffel bag and stuffed some clothes for a few weeks into the bag. You needed some time to think things over. You felt scared to be near Namjoon. Was he trying to kill you? Does he even actually love you?

You wrote a quick note telling him that you just need some time to think things over and to not panic and look for you. You knew he wasn’t going to listen, but you tried anyway. You went outside and there was a cab waiting for you. The driver drove you to the address you gave him. It was one of best friend’s home. Namjoon didn’t know her and you thought it would be safe with her. When you rung the bell to here apartment, she immediately opened the door. You had texted her before you left. She let you in and you collapsed onto the couch

“Why did you suddenly run away?”

“Ugh, don’t even ask.”

She looked at you with a raised eyebrow.

“You are 3 weeks away from getting married and you run away. That wedding better still happen. I spent major money on my maid of honor dress.”

“I don’t know if I want to get married to Namjoon. It’s like he still doesn’t trust me.”

“Is this about the room?”

You turned to her as she sat down on the couch next to you.

“It’s more than just the room. It’s a matter of trust. I want him to be able to talk to me about his work. Everyday he comes home tired and frustrated. Sometimes he comes home with bruises and injuries and he just says, ‘Don’t worry about it’. How can I not be worried?”

“Do you have any idea of what his work is? Or do you still think Namjoon is involved in some illegal mafia or gang?”

You had suspected your fiancé was involved in the mafia even before the engagement, but you didn’t want to ask him. Now that you saw those files, you were 99% sure that he was, but there’s that 1% where you don’t want to believe yourself.

“I don’t want to believe it.”

“Well, if he is, then do you really think he won’t send people to find you?”

“He probably will find me, but that gives me time to think this through.”

“Well, I just wanted you to know-”

“That you’ll be there for me no matter what? Don’t be so cliché.”

She looked at me with her lips pursed and cocked her head to the side.

“That, but also. My dress is fabulous and I need to show it off to some single men to get me boyfriend jealous, so make sure you don’t cancel this wedding.”

“Are you and Yongguk still fighting over what happened in Japan?”

“Well, it’s not my fault he went to that strip club without me! I need to make sure he gets a good show. It’s not cheap.”

“I can’t believe you two. It’s like he sleeps with some stripper and you’re okay with it and then you sleep with another dude and he’s okay with it.”

“We are in an open relationship.”

You shook your head and (Y/B/F) shrugged. She and her boyfriend was the most open relationship you had ever seen. It didn’t affect them that one slept with another as long as the other knows.

“Well, I need to go and wash up. I was up researching about that patient’s surgery I told you about.”

“Hey, I left a bath bomb here last time. Let’s share a bath.”

“YOU LEFT A BATH BOMB IN HERE? Why haven’t I found it yet?”

“It’s legit on the shelf on top of the toilet.”

“That’s where the condoms are and Yongguk and I haven’t been fucking so I don’t reach up there.”

“Let’s just go and take that bath.”

Around 2 weeks have passed and Namjoon has still not found you. You had a feeling that he knew where you were, but just didn’t confront you. Every time you went to work, you felt a car or someone following you, but whenever you turned around, there was no one. There was now only 6 days left until the wedding and Namjoon still hasn’t came to get you. You began to think that he didn’t want to come get you. What if he never wanted to marry you? Questions started to flood your mind.

There was 3 days left until the wedding and no one has knocked on the door to see you. Other than the jajangmyeon and pizza delivery. You were a mess. It was a Thursday afternoon and you were spending the 2 week vacation you got from work eating ice cream and catching up on dramas. You were supposed to be spending this vacation with Namjoon at home, cuddling on the couch and staying in bed all day doing nothing at all. But here you are, in (Y/B/F)’s apartment wearing a tank top with sweats eating a whole tub of ice cream while watching dramas by yourself.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go home? I love you and all, but for real, that wedding dress is not going to fit if you keep stuffing your face with ice cream.”

“I worked out.”

“Walking to the bathroom is not exercising.”

“I actually worked out.”

“Walking down 2 streets to get more junk food is not exercising either.”

“I went to the gym.”

“Running for 5 minutes and then using the sauna there isn’t going to help.”

“I went swimming.”

“Sitting on the steps of the pool is not swimming.”

“Fine, I’ll lay off the junk food.”


“After 2 more tubs of ice cream.”

Before you could even reach the fridge, (Y/B/F) threw herself on the front of the fridge with her arms hugging it and one leg pushing you away.

“Oh come on.”


You walked back to the couch and the moment you sat down, the doorbell rang. Your ran to the door so fast that you almost slipped over your own feet. You slammed open the door and saw a very tired Namjoon standing in the doorway with a tub of your favorite ice cream and a bag of your favorite snacks.

“Come back?”

“Only if you tell me everything.”

He paused for a second before letting out a sigh.


“The truth.”

“Deal. Now please. Come back. I had to push the wedding back a whole week because of you.”

You threw yourself at him and Namjoon wrapped his arms around you. His head fell onto your shoulder and he breathed in your scent. You were on your toes since he was so tall and just to fit the moment, (Y/B/F) walked over to you two and took the food that was in Namjoon’s hands.

“I will be taking these since your lovely fiancé stole all of mine. And by the way, please take her home. I’ll drop off her things later. AND be sure that wedding is happening because I need to make Yongguk jealous with that fabulous dress I bought.”

Namjoon laughed and threw (Y/B/F) a smile.

“I will. Thanks. Now, (Y/N), let’s go home.”


A little Tristhad for @hannigram-a-b-o-library​‘s Summertime Slick event, day 7: Surprise Heat.

Also on AO3.

The stupid thing was that, for once, he hadn’t even been thinking about kissing Tristan. Normally it was all he could do to stop himself from claiming that tempting mouth, poppy red and – in Galahad’s imaginings, anyway – petal soft, working itself into that curling smirk that brought his breath short. He had devoted long hours to constructing first kisses in his mind: some deep and lingering, some gentle and faltering, some filthy-sweet and wet. And all perfect.

Instead, in the end, he kissed Tristan for the first time by clumsily smashing their mouths together because the omega simply wouldn’t shut up about how Galahad really needed to relax with himself while he was fighting. The way his upper lip rolled into a sneer as he – yet again – berated Galahad for the limits of his moral perspective was entirely unbearable. Galahad simply couldn’t stand it for a second more, and so had elected to grab Tristan by the shoulders and kiss him until he stopped talking.

Which, in Galahad’s defence, did do the trick.

The moment their lips touched, Galahad felt Tristan freeze beneath him. His stomach twisted as he realised what he had done, how disgusted Tristan must be with him. Still, he held his lips against the other knight’s for a moment longer, trying to memorise the feel of them in the only opportunity he would ever have.

Galahad pulled back slowly, tensing in preparation for a well-deserved punch. What the hell had he been thinking? Not much, apparently. Apart from stop talking, you beautiful bastard, and stop telling me unpleasant truths about myself, and please stop pouting in my general direction. Frankly, he’d probably punch himself for such idiocy if Tristan wasn’t going to do it for him. He squeezed his eyes shut and braced for impact.

Any moment now.

Any… moment… oh.

Galahad opened his eyes to the sight of Tristan’s back retreating into the distance, leaving him completely un-punched. And oddly disappointed. Being knocked out wouldn’t have been his preferred result of kissing Tristan (that would be Tristan kissing him back and then dragging him bodily into his quarters so that they could explore what else they could do with their mouths), but at least a punch would have been… something. No reaction at all was just hurtful.

Galahad dragged a hand across his beard and decided that if he couldn’t have Tristan inside his mouth, he would settle for a drink instead. Several, in fact.

“Any idea what’s up with Tristan?”

Galahad lifted his head from his beer – somewhat reluctantly, given that he’d only been allowed to get one decent pull at it – and tried not to look guilty as Gawain sat down opposite him. “Why should I know? I haven’t done anything to him.”

Gawain gave him a bemused look and said, “Never suggested you did, Gal, the hell are you on about?”

“Nothing.” Galahad ducked his head in embarrassment. “Don’t know. Anyway I never know what’s up with the man. Complete mystery to me.”

Gawain leaned over to peer into his flagon. “How many of those have you had, pup?”

“Not so many I couldn’t land a punch.”

“Fuck’s sake Galahad,” Gawain said, staring at him, “you’re even touchier than usual today. Between you and Tristan, must be something strange in the air.”

That had Galahad’s head snapping back up. “Why? What has Tristan said?”

“Hasn’t said anything. But Dag says he saw him fling himself – fully clothed, mind – into the lake and stay submerged until Dag thought he’d have to go in and rescue him.” Gawain relaxed back into his seat and chuckled. “I know he’s always a little insane, our Tristan, but sounds like he might really have cracked this time.”

Galahad grabbed hold of Gawain’s arm and shook it roughly. “And did he?”

“Did he what?” Gawain asked, pulling his arm away and glaring at Galahad.

“Did he have to go and rescue Tristan?”

“Oh, that. No, he came back up eventually, shouting bloody murder apparently. Refused to come out, too, just growled at Dag until he left him be.” Gawain chuckled again, apparently amused by Tristan’s antics, and then swivelled in his chair as a commotion broke out at the front of the taverna. “O-ho, looks like the lady of the lake has emerged.”

“What? What’s going on Gawain?” Galahad asked, standing up out of his seat to try to see through the crowd and contemplating knocking Gawain over so he’d get his huge, blonde head out of the way.

And then, suddenly, Tristan was standing in front of them, so wet he was dripping, clothes clinging to the planes of his body, and glaring at Galahad with a feral expression and a sneer on that fucking mouth that caused Galahad’s cock to twitch traitorously beneath the flaps of his pteruges.

Galahad opened his mouth to say something, to ask if Tristan was alright, but the omega stared him down into silence. “Actions have consequences, alpha,” he growled, sneering out the last word. Then, without any warning, Tristan grabbed Galahad and slung him easily over his shoulder, Galahad’s head coming face-to-face with Tristan’s arse. Which brought two things swiftly to the young alpha’s attention:

  1. Tristan’s backside could have been carved from marble.
  2. It was not just water Tristan was soaked with.

Galahad breathed deep and moaned, helplessly, as the scent of Tristan’s slick filled his nose. It was all he could do not to bury his head in the curve where Tristan’s back met his buttocks, not to trace his tongue against the sodden fabric of his trousers where it clung to his flesh. The omega smelled glorious, like sun-warmed earth and pine forests, and the faintest trace of molten iron, the scent of weaponry clinging to Tristan’s skin. All thought was replaced by the need to be filled with that scent, and Galahad ceased to struggle, content to simply be wrapped in Tristan’s presence as they continued towards the living quarters.

Tristan stalked into his room and deposited Galahad unceremoniously on the floor, which knocked enough sense back into him to be able to figure out what was happening.

“Heat,” Galahad murmured, near-unaware of his surroundings, “you’ve gone into your heat.”

“Yes,” Tristan growled, looming over the bewildered alpha. “Your fault. I tried to staunch it,” he said, gesturing to his damp clothing, “but the damage was done. So now you will be learning about responsibility, little alpha.”

“My fault?” Galahad stammered, gaping at Tristan as he turned away. “How the hell is it my fault? Tristan, I… what the fuck are you doing?”

Tristan finished pulling off his tunic and turned to glare witheringly at Galahad. “You think I should stay in my wet clothes, pup?”

“No, that’s… no, of course not. But while I’m… and you’re in…” Galahad was having great difficulty remembering how words worked while Tristan was revealing more and more tanned and taut flesh, and with it releasing more of that spectacular scent that was making Galahad’s head spin with desire. He wondered if trapping him in this room with a heat-fevered omega he couldn’t touch was meant to be his punishment for the kiss.

If it was, Tristan was even more of a sadist than he’d thought.

Completely naked now, Tristan stalked past Galahad and crawled onto his bed, leaning his head down onto his forearms and raising his ass in the air to make quite the most appealing picture Galahad had ever seen. “Come on then, alpha,” Tristan spat, turning his head to fix Galahad with a glare, “get on with it, don’t piss about.”

Galahad’s mouth flapped open and he suddenly found it hard to breathe. “You want me to… you want me to mate with you?” The question came out as a squeak.

“Whether I want you to or not is irrelevant. I’m going to need a knot and since you are the reason for that unfortunate necessity, you are going to provide one.” Tristan lowered his head back to his arms and growled, “Unless you have a problem with that, Galahad the Pure.”

Galahad stared for a second. It would be easy, horribly easy, to simply undress and slide into Tristan, already slick and open with heat. To take his pleasure and feel Tristan tight around his knot and-

“Fuck, yes I have a problem with that!” Galahad snapped, causing Tristan to whip his head round, eyes narrowed and fierce. “I don’t even know how you think I’m responsible! All I did was kiss you Tristan, that…” He trailed off and simply stared at Tristan for a moment. “You can’t possibly… Tristan you can’t think that was enough to set you off!”

A growl came from low in Tristan’s throat and he sneered, reminding Galahad uncomfortably of the moment he’d kissed him. “Do not flatter yourself, pup, it was due in a few days anyway. You simply nudged it closer, any alpha taking such liberties would have had the same effect.”

“One moment of foolishness and you choose to punish me like this?” Galahad felt anger rise inside him to mingle with his dashed hopes. “I knew you were cruel, Tristan, but this I would have said was beyond you.”

“Punish you?” Tristan finally twisted out of his position and flew off the bed to confront Galahad. “How is this punishment? Any alpha would jump at the chance of a wet, willing hole, do not claim you are any different.”

“How little you think of me. I would rather be nothing at all to you than that.” Galahad took a breath and calmed his tone. “I will not be just a knot for you to fuck,” he said, voice low and bitter, the words forced out between gritted teeth.

“Why kiss me at all then, pup?” Tristan sneered, unmoved by Galahad’s words. “To humiliate me? Control me?”

“Because I love you, you stupid bastard.”

The silence that followed his words tasted sharp and painful to Galahad, his heart held exposed within it. It filled the room, pressing close and uncomfortable against his skin until he had to say something.

“I’m sorry. I never meant to… to take advantage. I’ve thought of kissing you so often, I don’t know why I did it today, I just couldn’t stop looking at your mouth, and I wanted… and I always want to, so I don’t know-”

Tristan put his hand over Galahad’s mouth to stop his babbling. “Hush, pup, I’m thinking.”

Galahad stared at him and tried very hard to resist the urge to lick at Tristan’s skin, so warm and so close and covered in the scent of his heat. He wanted to suck the flesh into his mouth, to taste the salt of Tristan’s sweat and slick mingled together… but it would not do to make such a mistake twice in one day, he might as well roll over and let Tristan kill him if he did such a thing.

“You love me, you say.” Tristan lifted his hand, and allowed Galahad to reply, yes, to his question before replacing it. “For how long?”

Again he removed his hand to let Galahad speak, and Galahad felt he did an admirable job of not chasing after it. “Training,” he managed to choke out, “when you taught me to use my bow.” He expected – hoped, a little – that Tristan would replace his hand, continue playing his game of questions. Instead, he dropped his arm by his side, looking unconvinced.

“We were nothing but children, Galahad. This is nothing more than a crush you speak of.”

“I thought that. I hoped it. I knew you would never return my feelings and so I prayed for them to fade. But they only grew as we did, every time you showed me up in a fight, every time you drank me under the table, every time you were kind to that stupid bird of yours.”

Tristan frowned at that but let it pass. “And after all these years of pining, you kissed me today because?”

“Because you wouldn’t stop arguing with me! And your mouth, it does this thing where it curls at the edges when you’re telling me how stupid I am, and it drives me crazy Tristan, I can never think when you do it, and I always lose every argument because I can’t stop looking at your damn mouth and mmmmmf!”

Tristan, apparently, had decided that kissing someone to shut them up was a very effective method after all.

It was not, as it turned out, any better a kiss than their first had been. Galahad was entirely too stunned to respond, his hands fluttering around Tristan’s waist but not brave enough to actually touch, and his mouth remaining stubbornly closed against the heat of Tristan’s. It wasn’t until Tristan flicked his tongue sweetly against the seam of his mouth that Galahad finally woke up enough to realise what had happened, but he could only chase after the press of Tristan’s lips as they pulled away, and Tristan regarded him with amusement.

Amusement and, Galahad realised with a start, nervousness. Trepidation. Fear.

“It’s ok,” he said, his hands suddenly working again and clasping Tristan’s arms. “I’m not going to run off. I…” Galahad suddenly remembered something terribly important. “Tristan, did you really jump in the lake to try to stop your heat?”

Then Galahad saw something he had never expected to in all his days.

Tristan blushed.

“I thought… perhaps if I could lower my temperature…” He hesitated, avoiding Galahad’s eyes. “I was not ready to deal with what a heat would mean.”

Galahad placed a finger beneath Tristan’s chin and drew his eyes upwards. “You said it meant nothing, that any alpha would have brought it on.”

Tristan looked at him. “A lie, pup. My heat isn’t due for weeks.”

“Then… how?”

Tristan tucked an errant curl behind Galahad’s ear and smiled at him fondly. “Because I’m in love with you, you stupid bastard.”

Galahad could only stare at Tristan, trying to take in the words. “Oh,” he said, eventually, living up to the name of stupid. “Really?” he added, after a moment, not really doing anything to raise his reputation in terms of intelligence.

“Yes, pup.”

“Oh.” Galahad felt a smile, wide and silly, spread across his face to match the one on Tristan’s. “I love you too.”

“You mentioned that,” Tristan teased.

“Yes. Sorry. Think I’m a bit stunned. And your scent… Fuck, Tristan, you’re in heat.”


“Which means we should… if you want to…”


“Right now?”

“Yes, alpha, my alpha, right fucking now.”

Their third kiss, Galahad was thankful to discover, was indeed the charm.

A Fool’s Hope

Characters: CastielXReader, Dean Winchester, mention of Sam Winchester

Word Count: 1487

A/N: What do you get when you mix a traditional day of pranks with a wise-ass Winchester, a bumbling well-meaning angel, and a love-struck doubting reader? This fluffy April Fools’ Day drabble, that’s what!

(not my GIF)

“Y/N?” Castiel tarried at the threshold of your open door scanning the apparently occupant-less room.

Hair disheveled, sporting sleep rumpled pajamas, nestled on the floor amidst a comfy pile of pillows and blankets on the far side of the bed, lost in the pages of a book, you stifled a groan – the angel had developed a particular knack as of late for catching you at the worst times. Just last week he ran into you in the hall, or maybe it was the other way around. Either way, you had been stark naked, having forgotten a towel for the shower and not wanting to get your clothes wet, and engaged in a somewhat leisurely stroll to your room under the mistaken belief you had the bunker to yourself. For several days afterward, Cas maintained a curiously strong interest in the ceiling whenever he was in your presence. It might have been amusing if it weren’t so embarrassing – and also if you didn’t happen to be so head over heels in love with the angel. Combing fingers haphazardly through tangled locks to smooth them, you peeked over the mattress. “Hey Cas, what’s up?”

“Is this a bad time?” He took a tentative step further into the room.

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When Stars Align | Part 1

A/N alrighty, after writing something new, not liking it, fixing it and writing it again i present to you my second fic. Im really excited about this one and I hope you guys will be too, theres gonna be a lot of drama I’m winking 
So, without further ado, When Stars Align. 

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader

Rating: Drama, Angst, Fluff, Smut

Originally posted by samwol

You felt like it had been hours since you last touched ground, and it had been. It was your official first day of summer break and you spent it flying from your home to your best friends. The two of you had been extremely close since freshman year when you were thrown into a random roommate draw, and you definitely got lucky. She was your other half, and like promised that first night of your freshman year, if you had made it this far the two of you would vacation together the summer before your senior year. 

The flight to Chicago went easier that you thought it would. No stops along the way and you got the window seat. You had only been away from your best friend for maybe 48 hours, but still it felt like a life time and a half and there was nothing more you wanted at that point in time than to touch down and run into her arms. You weren’t usually one to get excited over small things, especially things like seeing someone after a short period of time, your childhood proved that none stays forever, but she was able to pull that out of you. 

You couldn’t walk fast enough once off the plane, your backpack slung haphazardly over one shoulder and your hands quickly rolling up your headphones. The moment your phone was turned on you started to respond to your friends texts, typing just as fast as you were walking and only looking up to make sure you were still heading in the right direction. You could see it, the exit to baggage claim right in front of you. Your step quickened and your eyes looked back down, typing quickly and in all caps to count down the seconds till you were reunited. 

And then your shoulder hit someone. Your bag hitting the floor you grunted, your eyes not even looking up as you apologized and reached for your bag. You stumbled down only to have it snatched up before you could reach it. 

“Im sorry, I should probably look at where I’m going.” You said, your eyes only leaving your bag after finishing your sentence. 

“Don’t worry about it, we’ve all done it.” 

Your eyes trailed up to the boy in front of you you with a kiddish grin and tick sunglasses covering half his face. Your heart lurched causing you to cough and reach out for your bag. There was something different about that boy. Not different in the way he was strange, but different in the way that he didnt seem like a stranger. You pressed your lips together and looked up at him, nodding your head once before taking your bag from his grip, your fingers brushing slightly making you’re spine tingle. You coughed again fully taking the bag from his hands and turned to walk even faster out of the closed off section you were in, your heart now beating a million miles per hour.

You could hardly breath as you were engulfed in the arms of your best friend your mind instantly snapped in one direction. You rocked back and fourth, squealing and not caring who heard you, or which eyes were sent your way. As you pulled away from her your eyes caught his again, slightly peeking out from behind the frosted sliding doors. He retracted the moment you noticed him and  you couldn’t help the feeling in your kneecaps that seemed to ache when you saw him. It was strange, but before you could truly think about it you were being pulled away by your best friend. 

You sat there with your head in your tiny hands, kids around you laughing, kicking dirt in your direction and calling you names. It had been like that every day since you had moved to South Korea and every day you cried to your dad to take you home, take you back to where your life started. You were too different for the kids of South Korea. Your face was too thin, your eyes too round and your hair? Well don’t get them started on how different your hair was. 

It was one day in particular you remember the most about being in South Korea, the day that changed the way you saw that city and the reason why you never wanted to leave. 

You were on the ground, your knee bleeding as one of the usual girls who was mean to you pushed you over. You could hardly understand what she was saying as she teased and taunted you in Korean, the only thing you could focus on was the trickle of blood running down your leg and meeting the top of your sock. You kept your eyes down, but could still see her loafers walk up to you and her hand reach down to grab your backpack, still talking to fast for you to understand. You jumped slightly as your books pens and your lunchbox hit the ground in front of you. 

You choked back a tear as the girl and her friends laughed when she pushed you on your back, you just wanted to go home. The tears started just as a voice was called out and you opened your eyes to see a young boy running towards you. He was dorky, running like something out of a comic book, but still running your way. You sat up instantly as he got in the girls face and started yell, growling noises coming as he talked quickly. The girls scoffed at him once before looking at you, one kicking a book before they walked away. 

He helped you up and looked at you with sad eyes before holding his hand straight out, waiting for you to take it.

‘What are you? A monster?’ You whispered half in english as you wiped your hands and shirt free of dirt. 

‘Im Namjoon.’ He said slowly, waiting as you nodded to indicate that you understood what he was he had said. 

‘Y/n.’ You said softly. ‘You have a funny name.’ You said after trying to say his name in your head a few times and not being able to. 

He looked down to your knee and pressed his lips together before throwing his small arm over your shoulder and making you walk forward. 

‘Well were friends know so you’re going to have to use my name.’ He said still looking at your knee. 

You nodded and stopped, bending down wipe the dirt out of your bleeding knee and trying not to cry at the sting that erupted at your touch. His knees where soon bending with yours as he started pushing a tissue to your leg. You watched as he concentrated on cleaning up your leg, mumbling things about the girls who had pushed you, growling in a way once again when you asked him why he was acting that way.

‘Those girls are so mean. Well, don’t worry. There not going to be mean to you any more. Im going to make sure of that.’

You were so lost in thought as your friend rambled on about this and that you hadn’t even realized you were puling up outside her house. Shaking your head you got excited again, grabbing your bags out of the back seat and linking your arm with hers as she pulled you towards the front door. You were welcomed excitedly by her parents and was immediately sat down to eat. Something you expected from her mother, but was always surprised by. 

“Okay, y/n. I have a surprise.” Your friend said tapping the table a few quick times as her mother started to clear the table.

“Ooo I love surprises.” You said leaning on your elbows. 

A chuckle came from you as she stood quickly, holding a finger for you to wait as she dashed out of the kitchen. Sitting there awkwardly you didn’t know what to do since your friends mom refused your help with the dishes. But thankfully the sound of your friends running made you perk back up as she quickly sat across from you again, now clutching onto a white envelope. 

“So I figured since you know, were here for a few weeks before we run off to vacation that we would need something to do, right?” She started, placing the envelope on the table and running her excited fingers over it. “So. That one band you know I love so much is coming to Chicago in a few days so I thought you and I could go together.” 

“Are you asking me on a date?” You asked smiling, getting excited to be able to do something so fun with her. 

“Yes, yes this is a date, were going to see Bts for our date!” She squealed reaching for your hands.

You were excited, even if you knew next to nothing about these boys you did enjoy their music, and you always loved to tease your friend on just how excited she got about the boys. As the two of you crawled into bed that night and cuddled close she started flipping threw pictures, telling you thinks about each boy in turn. You smiled at Jimin, snorted at Taehyung and awed at Jin. She continued to flip until she landed on a familiar face. You took her phone from her and stared at his face, his dimples making you feel like you knew him. 

“Why is he so familiar?” You said zooming in the picture. 

“Hes familiar because he’s a god damn Rap Monster.” She said chuckling and flipping through more pictures. 

You chuckled and shook your head rolling to your back, your eyes getting heavy  as you listened to her softly continue to talk about the boys, but as you fell asleep you started to think about the boy you ran into at the airport and how he also seemed to hold this same presence about him.

Is She Telling The Truth?



PART I: White Boy

PART II: Fucking Gallaghers

You had been in and out of conciseness ever since you’d woken up to see Carl laying next to you. Sometimes you saw him there with no corn rows and sometimes he wasn’t there when you were up but you couldn’t really complain you are Carl weren’t truly friends he was just using you as a favor and you were using him as a family investment. When you fully woke up your vision was blurry and all over the place you had a mini panic attack thinking you were blind until your vision started to clear up you looked over to the side of the hospital bed to see so many cards and flowers that had beginning to dry, but as you looked around the room you had seen the cause of your pain, Carl Gallagher, gone.

You weren’t going to lie it did hurt that he wasn’t there but you knew he wasn’t the whole cause of your pain, finally deciding to stop feeling sorry for yourself you tried to move out of your bed but as soon as yours feet touched the ground your body collapsed due to the unfamiliarity of pain that went coursing through your body at the moment. Your body couldn’t handle the pain that was surging through your body causing your body to fall into a fit of seizures, you couldn’t form any words with your mouth so the seizures became more rough and brash until you heard a man scream yelling for help and before you could see what was happening your eyes rolled into the back of your head causing you to fall unconscious

. It felt like months had passed since you’d last woken up but that wasn’t the truly the case you’d woken up within the next three days but this time when you had awoken you room was filled with unknown faces causing you to panic “(Y/N/N) big brothers got you. It’s okay sis, I got you. These are the Gallagher bunch and friends.” Your brother said gesturing to the group of people standing in front of you but only one person stool out to you. “Carl…” you said faintly watching your white boy no longer strutting his corn rows and bling bling. He didn’t say anything to you, he walked out of the crowd to wrap you in a tight hug “You had me scared (Y/N). I can’t lose my other only friend.” You hugged him so close as if your life depended on it but that quickly faded when you saw her smirking at you, Dominique Winslow.

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Work was always getting in the way of his time with Lestrade. There would be times when he would have to go several days, sometimes even multiple weeks without seeing him in person, feeling his lips against his own, or even just a touch of his hand as they sat beside each other. Mycroft exhaled deeply, tapping his fingers against his knee as he waited for the American ambassador to arrive at the British embassy. He was stuck overseas dealing with tedious politicians while Greg was back in London, dealing with… well, their usual life.

And the DI missed him just as much.

Every night, right on cue, Mycroft would instant message him as soon as he got back to the room. Of course, he could afford an international phone plan, but Greg couldn’t, and insisted that Mycroft not get one for the both of them. Reluctantly, the man agreed and settled for nightly chats on his laptop.

MH: I do apologize for this extended stay in the States. It is ever so tedious, Gregory.

The notification on his phone’s app lit up and Greg beamed as he saw who it was from. Of course it was nearly 3AM in London, but it was worth it to talk to Mycroft Holmes. He quickly tapped out his reply, yawning as he did so.

It’s taking too long. I haven’t seen you in forever, Myc. When will you be home? And just what am I supposed to do with all this delicious food I made while you were gone? -GL

A small smile appeared on Mycroft’s lips as he saw the response, and the smile grew as he realized just how instant that reply had been. Conclusion: Greg had been waiting up for his reply. It warmed the Iceman’s heart to know that someone wanted to talk to him as much as Lestrade did.

MH: That depends on what you made, my dear. Anyway, how is London faring without me? Sherlock hasn’t decimated it yet, has he?

The entire city is falling into ruins as we speak, Mycroft. I don’t think England will last much longer without you here to save it. ;) -GL

MH: Although your attempt at trying to make me worry more about you is working, please refrain from using those dastardly emoticons, Gregory. We are not teenagers with a crush on one another.

Speak for yourself. :P -GL

MH: Gregory for goodness sake. Just picture me sighing, absolutely exasperated and wondering why on earth I put up with you.

As Mycroft’s pale fingers dashed out his latest reply, he couldn’t help the feeling of joy he felt at being able to just talk to someone as easily as he could with this man. It was utterly ridiculous sometimes, but he absolutely adored that about him.

Greg meanwhile, scratched his head, rubbing his eyes. His smile was a sleepy one, but it was there nonetheless. Before he could reply to that, Mycroft sent another message, berating him for still being awake.

MH: It is nearly half 3, Gregory. Why on earth are you awake?

I couldn’t go to bed until I talked to you. It’s kind of become part of my routine. Obviously, it would be better if you were actually here, so I could hug you. -GL

And… other things. -GL

MH: Other things? Care to elaborate?

Greg swallowed harshly, having just said that as a flirtatious joke. Now he was worried he may have said something wrong. With Mycroft, sometimes it was hard to tell. Luckily, he found an innocent response.

You know, what we usually do. Cuddling, making out on the couch instead of paying attention to the movie playing in the background. Staring at each other and enjoying every second. I wish I could do all of this to you. Guess I’ll just have to settle for eating this steak dinner, alone. -GL

MH: You can make me feel guilty all you want, Gregory, but I cannot simply fly home until this policy is cleared. Trust me, you’ve no idea just how much I would rather lie next to you and hold you than deal with the tedium of this place. And, dare I say it, your insufferable insistence on tickling me, as you say, “for science.” It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, and you do not make a single application of the scientific method throughout.

Greg actually had to set his phone down from laughing so hard at that response, but he finally managed to recover and chuckled the whole time he replied to the message.

Thanks for the laugh, and the criticism. I shall ensure an entire experiment as soon as we see each other again. ;) -GL

MH: …..

MH: Gregory, you are absolutely insufferable.

;) -GL

;D – GL

MH: Gregory Lestrade, stop this now.

Then open your damn door, Mycroft Holmes. -GL

MH: What? Gregory, what are you saying? You’re not really, oh my God–

Before Mycroft could investigate further via the messenger, a knock reverberated throughout the room. He finished up his last message and glanced up. His gaze fell on the door and he rushed to it, tugging it open. There stood his Detective Inspector. His mouth fell open, right on cue because he threw his arms around the other man’s waist and dragged him inside, the kiss full of need and passion for the other.

“What the hell are you doing here? How long have you been here?” Mycroft asked as Greg pulled away to breathe. Mycroft was stunned that Greg had actually managed to surprise him.

“I missed you, and I wanted to see you.” Greg said nonchalantly as he sat down on the bed. “Plus, it was worth the trouble of getting an overnight flight on Tuesday just to get here in time to see that look of surprise on your face; it is adorable. I was overdue for a vacation anyway.”

Mycroft shook his head. Greg had managed to keep it a secret for three days? “You continuously manage to surprise me, Detective Inspector.” Mycroft also moved over to the bed, sitting down beside him, his fingers lacing with Greg’s.

“Good thing too, because I have an experiment to perform.” Greg smirked at Mycroft, who immediately tried to shift away. The Inspector tightened his grip on his hand, quickly throwing his weight on top of Mycroft to pin him down on the bed. In a moment, Mycroft was trapped and at Greg’s mercy. The DI raised his eyebrows, shifting slightly as he peered down at his boyfriend. He lightly ran a hand against Mycroft’s sides, already tickling him. But then he stopped abruptly.

“Right then…” Greg began. “For science, properly this time.”

Later, when Mycroft and Greg were getting ready to sleep in the same bed together for the first time, in a bed that absolutely was not familiar to either of them, Mycroft had trouble sleeping. So, he did what he always did when he couldn’t sleep, he talked to his boyfriend. In person, it was a hundred times better than text or a phone call would ever be.

“So, that steak dinner you told me about. Did you actually make it? Because I am quite jealous that I missed out on that one if so.”

Greg laughed and scooted closer to his boyfriend. “I didn’t make it. Had it ordered to the room.” He winked.

Mycroft’s eyes widened. “I thought I smelled a seared steak wafting through the door earlier. Wait – you’re saying you have been next door all this time? How on earth did you manage to go unspotted?”

“Because I know what you’re like, Mycroft Holmes. Based on when you message me, I know exactly what to expect.” Greg moved in to snatch a quick kiss, but Mycroft scoffed and put a finger against the other man’s lips.

“I don’t think you do, Detective Inspector.” Because then Mycroft was on top of Greg, smashing his lips against Greg’s.

In the middle of the night, when Mycroft was snoring softly next to him – god, that was so adorable, thought Greg – Lestrade grabbed up his phone and read through the messages of the day, realizing just how well his plan had worked. And when he noted that he’d missed a message just as Mycroft had thrown open the door, he beamed. He sent a quick glance over at the other man and then leaned over and planted a soft kiss against Mycroft’s forehead.

It was a simple message, but it meant more to Greg than nearly anything they had ever exchanged. After all, times like these were all about the little things.

Greg set his phone aside, the dull glow still showing on the nightstand, and the message still on the screen. He rolled over, curling up close to the man beside him before falling asleep.

On the screen was nothing more than this:

MH: :)

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One Of The Boys//Part I

I’m back with a new two-shot. This was inspired by the song “One Of The Boys” by Katy Perry. I hope you enjoy it. xx (Typos and grammatical mistakes are probably everywhere, but whatever.)

Summary: You and Shawn are best friends. Little did he know that you are in love with him. Unfortunately he is only looking at you like a little sister.

Shawn x Reader

“And another win for me!” You said grinning mischievously and threw the basketball back at him.

It was a sunny summer day, you and your best friend plus neighbor Shawn were shooting hoops all afternoon. After quite a few matches, it was pretty clear that you’ve won and you were going to rub it in his face as long as you can.

He caught the ball and rolled his eyes. “You were lucky (Y/N)” With a smirk on his face, he threw the basketball one last time and scored. The basketball bounced a few times on the hard asphalt until it stopped on the lawn nearby.

I starred at him with an unbelieving countenance and pinched his arm. “You can persuade yourself as long as you want, but we both know that I’m way better than you.”

Shawn started to laugh and grabbed you by your waist, lifting you with ease. Laughing and shrieking loudly, you tried to fight back, but it only led to him losing his balance. You fell on the soft lawn, still laughing.

After a while you stopped laughing and you turned around, so you were lying on your stomach and had a better view on his face. He didn’t seem to notice, because he was starring to the sky, appearing to be in deep thoughts.  

You and Shawn were best friends for about ten years now. You met when your family moved into the house next to his. At first he didn’t care much about you, since you were almost two years younger than him, but one day you were playing soccer in the garden and your soccer ball flew over the fences and right in his garden. A little surprised by his discovery he threw the soccer ball back to you and asked if he could join. Since that day you were inseparable.

Over the years your friendship grew closer, but with the years you also developed feelings for him that where rather romantically and now at the age of seventeen you were head over heels in love with your best friend. To your disappointment he only looked at you as one of his boys, but you couldn’t really blame him. You weren’t like the other girls. While most girls liked make-up and clothes, you enjoyed video games and any kind of sports. Therefore you had no clue how to dress like a girl or how to make yourself look prettier.

“Do I have something in my face?” Shawn asked , interrupting my thoughts. Blushing widely you shook your head. With a smile on his face he suddenly moved his hand to your hair. Your heart beating fast and for a short second you thought he might make a move, however he just pulled a grass stalk out of your hair and turned his attention back to the sky. You touched the spot his hands were touching few seconds ago and were about to speak up, as his phone started to ring.

He looked on his screen, smiling brightly. A few seconds and typing sounds later, he locked his phone screen and jumped up. Confused by his sudden movement you looked up to him with a questioning look. “I need to go, but I’ll write you later.” He simply said and before you could answer him, he was gone.

Two hours later you were freshly showered, lying on your bed, scrolling through your Instagram feed. Ed Sheeran was playing in the background and you were humming to the song. Shawn didn’t call neither he was home yet, which you knew because his window from his room was facing yours, making it easy for you to check on him.

Instagram didn’t entertain you enough. You were about put your phone away as you noticed a new picture posted by Shawn. You waited patiently for the picture to load, when it finally appeared, you felt like being hit multiple times in the face.

The picture showed Shawn wrapping his arms around his ex-girlfriend Camilla. His face buried in her hair and her laughing happily while looking straight to the camera. You didn’t notice yourself biting your lip to gulp back your tears, until you tasted blood on your lip. A million thoughts went through your mind.

When did they get back together again, you asked yourself. Shawn and Camilla broke up almost seven month ago. High school ended and she went to another city while Shawn started to go to college nearby.  First they tried doing long-distance, but they soon realized that it didn’t work and than they broke up. It broke his heart, but you were on his side. putting the pieces back together. It wasn’t like you didn’t like her, but still deep in your heart you were sad about seeing her with him.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. Taking a deep breath you made your way to the front door. You dashed the tears on your cheek away and opened the door. Shawn was standing in front of you with a big smile on his face, but when he saw your puffy red eyes and bruised lips, his smile vanished.

“(Y/N) what happened to you?” He asked worried and stroke your bruised lip with his thumb. You looked down on the ground and pushed his hand away.

“I’m fine, I fell from my bed and hit the nightstand.” You lied, faking a smile. He starred at your for a second, not sure if he believed what you just told him, but soon he gave you a small smile and hugged you. With hesitation you wrapped your arms around him and breathed in and out very slowly, not wanting him to notice your heart flattering. He pulled away and invited himself in. He made his way to your room and you followed him quietly.

Soon he was sitting on your bed and you stood in the door frame, watching him making himself comfortable on your bed.  

“Why are you standing there so awkwardly?” He chuckled.

“Why are you here?” You asked back, ignoring the question he asked you just a moment ago. Confused about your behavior he shrugged.

“Since when do I need a reason to come over?” His eyes wandered through your room, landing on your computer which was lying at the end of your bed. He pulled it onto his lap. You didn’t know what he was doing, but you didn’t care either.  A small smile crossed his lips, making you curious about his discovery.

“What’s going on?” You asked, finally moving closer to him. Before you could take a look at what he was looking at, he pulled the laptop away.

“I think you have a secret and I’m really disappointed in you for not telling me.” He said seriously. Panic overcame you. What was he talking about? Did he find out about your crush on him? But how could he, you never told anyone about it, except maybe (Y/F/N). Shawn looked at you with an eyebrow raised, waiting for you to say anything, but you couldn’t talk. It was like your whole body was paralyzed.

He waited a while, but you weren’t talking. With a grin on his face, he turned the screen, so you could see what he was starring at for the last few minutes. Your body relaxed. It was only a picture of a guy from your science class, which you randomly clicked on earlier while stalking the school homepage. You narrowed your eyes and gave him a questioning look. You didn’t know what was so secretive about you looking at pictures from your high school. Shawn looked at you as if it was obvious.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you have a crush on Cameron? We’re friends you know that, I could’ve helped you setting up a date or something.” He explained. With big eyes you shook your head like mad, but he only reacted with laughter.

“No Shawn, I’m not…” You started to talk, but he interrupted you.

“Come on, it’s me. You can tell me stuff like that, your like a little sister to me.” He told you, tousling through your hair.

You pushed his hand off of your hair and tried to comb through your messy hair with your fingers. There it was again, it was all he ever saw in you: a little sister, one of the boys, a gender less person. A piece of your heart broke yet again, but of course he didn’t notice.

“Shawn, don’t get me wrong, but I’m really tired. Can we talk tomorrow?” You said with a sigh. He gave you a nod and a quick peck on your cheek. Without saying anything else, he left your room. You were tired of being just a friend to him, you wanted more and if you had to be more girly to get his attention you were gladly do so.

Soon you would prove him, that you were more than one of his boys.

Not All Secrets Are Meant To Be Kept

Dean Ambrose x Reader

Warnings: mentions of depression and past infidelity

Authors Note: this is my first fic on tumblr so please bare with me. If you have any requests I would love to hear them! Thank you so much for reading.-ren

Summary: you have spent your whole life alone, that was until you fell in love with Dean Ambrose. But from the very beginning you agreed to keep your relationship a secret, but you can’t keep that secret forever. Mostly fluff & a dash of angst.

You & Dean have been together going on a year & a half. You guys were a perfect fit from the very beginning. Whenever your depression would get the best of you & you would do everything possible to push him away, Dean was always there to lift you up. He does something that very few people in your life have done, he stays. You both make each other better people while also staying true to yourselves & keeping your independence. But your relationship isn’t always so easy, many factors play into that such as the fact that you are on separate brands with Dean on raw and you on smackdown. Dean also has to work along side your ex boyfriend who treated you poorly, but the hardest part about your relationship is the fact that nobody knows about it. At the very beginning of your relationship you both agreed to keep it between the two of you & your close friends (the bella’s, their men, & roman) because they are the closest thing that either of you have to family. You both thought it would be for the best due to you bad past dating a wrestler & Dean preferred to keep his private life just that, private.

It was just about one o’clock on a dry Sunday morning in Vegas, & you were lonely & miserable. Dean, Roman, John, Bryan, & the twins were overseas for the annual tribute to the troops, which you were unable to attend due to a minor concussion your acquired during a live event last week. The only thing that was keeping you sane was the fact that the tour ended yesterday so everyone would be back today & the next string of shows were in the Vegas area. Knowing that you would get to see the people that have become your family soon lifted your spirits greatly. You absolutely hated being alone, especially for long periods of time because there was nothing t distract you from the dark & destructive thoughts that always found a way to creep inside your head. Just as you were starting to get deep into those thoughts your phone beeped signaling that you had a text, it was Dean letting you know that their flight should be landing in about an hour. You were happy that you would finally get to see everyone, but you were upset because you would have to wait for them to get back from the airport & that could take hours. It has already been two weeks since you have seen Dean, your impatiens was getting the best of you, & you just couldn’t wait another second to see your man & you weren’t going to. Before you knew it you were on your way to the airport. By the time you got to the airport & then through security it was announced over the speaker that the flight Dean is on was about to land, causing a smile to creep its way onto your face. As you finally made it to the gate the superstars had just started to exit the plane, but as fate would have it the first person you made eye contact with was your ex aka Seth Rollins. The moment Seth noticed you a smile began to develop on his face, he was hoping that you had come to forgive him and take him back. But those hopes were shattered as your gaze shifted behind him & you were smiling ear to ear. “Dean!” You yelled immediately taking off towards him, the second he heard your voice he snapped his head up & instinctively dropped his bags & opened his arms. Within seconds you were in your mans arms & your lips found his, after a few moments Dean placed you down but made sure to keep his arms around your waist & you kept yours around his neck. “I know we agreed to keep this to ourselves but-“ before you could finish your explanation Dean crashed his lips back in to yours. “Its been a year & a half,” Dean explained “I love you & at this point I don’t care who knows it.” You just smiled before replying “I couldn’t wait another second to see you.” Just as you & Dean were both leaning in for another kiss you were interrupted by three voices that you knew all to well saying “finally!” You looked up to see your best friends all with huge grins on their faces. “Well are you just going to stand there or are you gonna come give me a hug?” You heard Brie say right before you ran into her arms. “Im so happy I can finally get JoJo to stop asking me about you two she’s going to be so excited” Roman said as you pulled him in for a hug. “Does this mean I can actually post the pictures from the holidays this year?” Nikki asked excitedly as you were pulled into her hug, you started to giggle as you heard Dean let out a muffled “no” & Nikki gave him a dirty look. As you started to make your way out of the airport you noticed that Seth hasn’t moved from the spot you last saw him with a look of surprise on his face, he never imagined that you & Dean would ever date never mind fall in love. Everything was a lot for him to take in. As you passed him & saw the look on his face you secretly hoped that he was hurting, just like you were two years ago when you found him in your bed with a women that wasn’t you. But as you walked out of the airport with the people you considered your family you felt happier than you ever have been in your entire life. It was like every ounce of pain you have ever felt was gone & every grudge you ever held never existed.


You were sitting alone in the office of triple h trying to process the news that he just left you with, but you were quickly sniped out of your thoughts when you heard that unique ringtone signaling that you had a FaceTime call. Your face lit up when you saw Bries name flash across your screen, & your smile got even brighter when you came face to face with not only Brie but also Nikki & your goddaughter Birdie. “Is this a bad time?” Brie immediately asked knowing that you were backstage at smackdown live. “No.” you said “this is actually perfect timing, I just received some big news-“ “YOUR PREGNANT!” Nikki interrupted. “Nope not pregnant” you laughed “but I am adding a new addition to the family-“ “OH MY GOSH you are finally getting a puppy!” Nicole yelled “will you let her finish.” Brie scolded causing you to laugh, you always found their bickering so entertaining. “Nope I’m not getting a dog” you explained “just the smackdown live women’s championship.” You revealed in a nonchalant tone, although the huge grin spread across your face gave away your true feelings. Nikki immediately started freaking out & congratulating you, as you were celebrating with Nikki you realized Brie hadn’t said a word yet. “Brie, are you alright?” You asked with genuine concern, “yeah!” She said “I am just speechless, you have waited so long for this. & you have been through so much… you are just finally getting everything you have ever wanted & deserved.” This caused tears to form in your eyes, “I love you guys so much.” You whispered trying no to let her tears fall, “the only thing that could make this day any better is if you guys were here with me, & Dean of course.” “What did he say by the way? When you told him about the title?” Nikki asked, “I haven’t.” You said, “I think I’m just going to surprise him, he usually watches but if he decides not to I will just surprise him when we FaceTime later.” You explained causing both Brie & Nikki to “aww.” “Im sorry that none of us are able to be there with you tonight.” Nikki says. “You are all with me in my heart.” You said, “& Im not all alone Bryan & John are around here somewhere.” Just as the twins were about to reply a crew member interrupted, “the show starts in thirty!” They said & you just nodded in response. “Well that’s my cue.” You said looking back at your phone screen. “Well good luck!” Nikki smiled, “& congrats we will be watching the the whole thing.” Brie reassured you. “Thank you! I love you girls” you said. “We love you more!” The twins said in sync. You blew them a kiss & Brie had Birdie blow you one back before ending the call.
After five years of wrestling & a lifetime of hard work, many ups, and many more downs, you have finally done it. You are officially the smackdown live women’s champion. You sat in the middle of the ring gripping on to YOUR title with tears streaming down your face, this moment felt so unreal. After spending way more time in the ring soaking in your victory than you were supposed to you were finally able to dry your tears & go celebrate. As you made your way up the ramp you turned around to soak in the cheers one last time & you mouthed a thank you, then blew the audience a kiss before making your way backstage. The moment you stepped through that curtain you once again broke down into tears, then as you rounded that corner your tears only grew stronger at the sight that was before you. You came face to face with Roman, John, Bryan, & the Bella’s who were on FaceTime, standing around your boyfriend of three years who was on his knee right in front of you holding the most beautiful ring you have ever seen. Before Dean got the chance to say anything you were already sitting on the floor in front of him kissing him. You pulled away briefly to whisper a soft “yes.” Dean had the biggest smile on his face as he slipped the diamond ring on your left hand, took your face in his hands, looked you in the eyes, & told you he loved you. You then brought Dean in for another kiss as cheers erupted al around you. You finally had everything you ever wanted, & for the first time in your life you truly believe you deserve it.