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//so I was thinking this morning (always a dangerous sign) that I’ve talked a bit recently about how the Tumblr RP community isn’t always very good at encouraging people to find ways to manage or get to their drafts, and is instead more likely to coddle peoples’ anxieties without actually helping them at all. 

So this is a post of a few tips and tricks that might help RPers manage some of the more common anxieties I see crop up in our circle. Now, I’m not a full psychologist and nor am I licensed counselor. But I do have my master’s degree in clinical psychology with the intention to go on for the PhD (or get licensed to practice if I don’t get into a program) so I do kinda know what I’m talking about. Hopefully some of this advice is a little helpful:

1. “My drafts just stress me out.” This is a pretty common complaint, but I think in most circumstances it’s caused by stress going on outside of the RP world. Take a step back and breathe. Handle whatever is going on in your real life. That always comes first. If you come back and your drafts are still causing you to feel panicky, the next step is to find out the more specific reasons why. That’s going to help you best address the anxiety. Read on for some common reasons.

2. “I’ve gotten so behind, there’s so many and I’m overwhelmed.” This happens all the time! You take a hiatus for a week or two, or life just got really busy for a while, or just lost muse and now it’s back. But in the meantime, your drafts have piled up- suddenly you’re looking at 20, 50, 100- how do you even start? 

The best way I’ve found to handle this is to break them up into smaller chunks. It might be helpful to copy and paste your partners’ replies over into one or more word documents. You can then further organize those word documents even more. One for short replies, one for long, one for medium length. Or you can organize by muses, by how long the draft has been in your folder- whichever way you want to handle this. If you want to put one reply per document, you can organize them into folders instead. How you do this is entirely up to you.

Set a small goal for yourself- even one draft a day is better than no drafts at all. But by breaking the work up into chunks, you’ve taken a lot of the pressure off yourself. A goal of 1-5 drafts a day is a lot better than looking at all 50. 

Another tip- use the queue! Or simply keep completed drafts saved in the drafts folder until you’ve caught up enough to start posting. The queue will stagger your posts so replies aren’t coming out all at once, and your partners aren’t able to immediately reply back. And obviously keeping them in drafts even after they’re done lets you have more time to catch up. These are just a couple of tips, however, and there are probably other good ways to manage drafts. Find what works best for you!

And don’t be afraid to drop a couple if you have no muse for those threads anymore. Just let your partner know, they’ll understand. And if they don’t, they’re just an asshole and who needs that, right? It is better to communicate that you’re dropping them, however, so you’re partner isn’t left hanging.

3. “I haven’t replied in weeks, I’m worried my partner hates me.” I guarantee this is not true. Most people in the rp community are very understanding of slow response time. Your partners want to rp with you- they’ll be thrilled to see a response, even if it’s been several weeks. Responding, even slowly, shows a lot more dedication and excitement over your threads. 

So if it’s been several weeks, and you finally have muse for that thread and want to reply to it, but feel guilty or anxious because it’s been so long- reply anyway. Your partner will be so happy to see your response. 

Another way to alleviate this anxiety is to simply talk to your partner. And I know, this can be scary- but sometimes you have to bite the bullet and do the thing that makes you anxious. Take it slow if you need to, but communication is the best way to feel better about it. And I guarantee, you are going to feel so much more proud of yourself if you did the thing that made you anxious than if you didn’t.

That goes for replying as well. 

4. “I feel so inadequate compared to others. I should just stop.” This is an example of what mental health professionals call a “negative automatic thought”, or “NAT”. And like real gnats, these little thoughts get all up in your ears and start buzzing around. They can spiral out of control very quickly, until you feel absolutely terrible about yourself. These thoughts are very common in people with both anxiety and depression. 

But the thing is, they can be changed. You can actually re-wire your brain with a little work so that it won’t think these thoughts quite as often. One of the most effective ways is to simply replace the negative thought with a positive one- even if you don’t believe it. So if your negative thought is “I’m horrible compared to other people,” a replacement thought could be “No, I’m just as good as anyone else,” or “my writing is unique to me and it has value.”

You will not believe yourself at first, and it will seem a little bit weird when you start. It’s also a little challenging- your negative thoughts are automatic, you’re so used to thinking them that you aren’t even fully aware of it it half the time. But when you do catch yourself spiraling off into those negative thoughts- try to stop them. This is something we teach in therapy and over time, it does help. And it does get easier.

5. “It has to be PERFECT.” Perfectionism is at the root of a lot of peoples’ anxieties. But I challenge you with this- why? Why does it have to be perfect? What will happen if it’s not perfect? 

The answer to that, usually, is “my partners will hate me/lose interest/think I’m stupid or a bad writer.” Perfectionism is usually a fear of judgment, and it’s usually fueled by feelings of inadequacy or fears of failure. So to that, I refer you back to the previous advice about negative automatic thoughts. 

Challenge your thinking about your perfectionism. A good replacement thought for this one is “even if it’s not perfect, my partner will still be happy that I responded. My writing is still valuable to them.” Another good one- “imperfection means there’s room to grow. Mistakes don’t mean I’m a failure or no good.” 

In general, don’t let anxiety say “I can’t do this.” You can do it. Anxiety is not a permanent state. The body cannot sustain it very long- the elevated heart rate, heavy breathing, heightened arousal- it’s physically impossible for it to last. Eventually, your body will start to calm itself and even back out. This is something that is very hard to sit with, because your natural instinct is to run away from the thing that’s making you anxious. Your instinct is to close the drafts folder, to close the messenger, to log out of tumblr and ignore it all completely. But the truth is, that only makes your anxiety worse in the long run. 

Now, if these tips don’t help, or you’re finding your anxiety is so bad that it’s affecting your daily life in almost everything- I encourage people to please see a psychologist, psychiatrist, or some other mental health professional. Anxiety that’s chronically preventing you from doing the things you enjoy is anxiety that probably needs treatment. Having the extra support of a therapist or medication often makes it possible to implement some of these strategies, or find better ones that work for you. Especially if you’re having a hard time managing things on your own. 

Anybody that wants to add to this with other ideas that have been helpful to you, please feel free to do so. 

anonymous asked:

Hi!! I was wondering if you had any advice for a newbie studyblr / bullet journalist ?

Hello there, lovely anon!! ♥ I actually joined the studyblr community pretty recently (just this month!) so I hope I can answer your question well /// !! Since I’m pretty new, there’s still quite a bit I have yet to learn myself! 

➸ advice for a new studyblr

Don’t be afraid to just start. 

  • Honestly! There’s no need to feel insecure about your posts, spreads, handwriting, picture quality, stationary - everyone in the studyblr community is so sweet and positive and helpful I begin to feel spoiled. I hope you do to!
  • Don’t feel self conscious about anything. You’re beautiful, wonderful, and perfect just the way you are. There is no better you than you!
  • Stop comparing your posts and blog to other people’s. There’s a lot for you to learn, and it won’t all come immediately. Notes, followers - it takes time. 

Reach out to other studyblrs!! 

  • Say hi, send asks, make friends! Make comments on other’s posts, send compliments or help where you can. Just being active in the community can help you get attention but also give you a wonderful time. A studyblr is to help you grow, and this is a great way to keep you motivated in doing so.
  • Along the same line, try to find ways to interact with your followers!

Tags, Tags, Tags! 

  • A lot of studyblrs will track a tag and will often reblog your content if you tag your original posts with it! You can find out what tag to put by checking out a studyblr’s page (for example, I track #studyfeather). You can make a list for yourself if that helps! (: But try not to be too overwhelming or overuse it. Maybe switch up which tracked tags you use from post to post. 
  • Make a tag for you to track! It would make sense that if you’re using tracked tags to make one for yourself to spread the love. 
  • Have a tag that is specific to your original content (mine is #featherpost)!!! It will make it nice and easy for those who come across your blog to find what you’re posting about. Having original content helps others have more interest in your blog!
  • A lot of what you are reblogging can serve as a resource for yourself. I like to reblog posts that inspire me, or have spreads I might try, masterposts, etc. If its important for you to find what you’re reblogging for later, make a tag system for yourself. For example, heres @ / studypetals’ tags page or @ / studyquill’s navigation page if you need any ideas. This is a great idea if other people begin using your blog as a resource as well. 

Take advantage of all the information you see. 

  • There are so many posts that address procrastination, time management, stress, note taking, school - anything at all - that is made available to you. It’s one thing to see the information, but it’s another to make use of it. (And don’t be afraid to share your knowledge either!) You can even make posts about trying out different advice if that helps motivate you to try something out.

Make an introductory post!

  • Help others get to know you better by putting together an introductory post! It’s never too late to make one, so don’t worry about making one if your blog has been up for a bit.
  • From what I’ve discovered, introductory posts tend to have the following information (not every one has ALL of this, it’s up to you what you’d like to add): name, age, school year, why you started a studyblr, your classes, some of your favorite studyblrs, other blogs you have (and other sites you’re on), any anything else you’d like to say/add. 
  • If you use tracked tags or tag studyblrs you love, it can help get your blog noticed! (:

Post original content!

  • I touched on this earlier, but this is so important. One of the best ways for your studyblr to succeed is posting your own work and sharing it to the community. You never know how many people will love it, be inspired by it, follow you from it, or contact you because of it.
  • Be fairly consistent in posting original content. I try to post at least once a week even though I’m pretty busy. It helps motivate me to keep my bujo and studyblr going! You can try out the 100 days of productivity or some studyblrs put together monthly study challenges you can keep up with. As an example, here’s a May Study Challenge I might try out!
  • In posting original content, make sure you link information you’re referencing to help others that much more!

Queue your posts!!

  • A great way to keep your blog active is to queue your posts. I have my posts queued at 10 each day and try to keep at least 20 posts in my queue at all times, in case a couple of busy days keep me from adding more. Some people unfollow inactive blogs - and this can be a way to prevent it. 
  • The only thing I don’t queue are original posts and asks, but it’s up to you if you decide to use the queue system or not!

➸ advice for a new bullet journalist

Real quick!! I would advise taking a look at the bullet journal’s official website to help understand the basics of bullet journaling. 

  • It’s designed to be quick and customizable way for you to keep information and tasks organized. A great way to make use of this (that I’ve found) is to make a key for each of your logs. You can see my key here. You can also search tumblr for bujo keys to see what others have come up with. If you do want to make a key, make it so that it works for you!  It can be as simple or detailed as you want, with or without signifiers, etc. If you don’t like this system, that’s just fine!

Discover different journal options and where to find them.

  • There is no set journal to use, however there are popular choices among the studyblr community: Moleskine, Leuchtturm1917, and Muji journals - but it is NOT limited to these. Working with a regular notebook works just fine as well! 
  • It’s one thing to find and purchase something online - but I like being able to find what I’m looking for in person. It saves shipping + handling costs, and I get to it immediately. And, sometimes, they can be cheaper too! I found my moleskine journal I’ve been using at Barnes and Noble, and have also seen Leuchtturm1917 journals at my school’s book store. (The temptation is real every time I walk past OTL) 

Your bullet journal is for you, so let’s make it that way.

  • A big part of having a studyblr is to help yourself in becoming more productive in learning and improving a lifestyle (or this may just be how I see it). So! There is no set format for you to use a bullet journal. It’s up to you to figure out what works best for you.
  • You can take inspiration from other people’s post to help experiment with different spreads and layouts. (Be sure to credit/tag if you do! Just to be safe.) 
  • You can find out different things that you can add to your bujo! Habit trackers, daily/weekly/monthly/yearly spreads, lists of things to keep track of (books to read, tv shows and episodes to watch, shopping/wish lists, bucket list, etc), anything you’re interested in. Depending on your interests and areas you wan’t to use a bujo to help you with, this can vary. If you want, you can test out different ideas to see if you like it or not. It will take time to find what you like, so don’t stress about it in the beginning. You’re just starting, after all!
  • There is always something for you to do, it’s just a matter of finding out what that is. If you need any help of finding something to do, feel free to message me! (As long as you don’t mind me asking a bunch of questions haha.)

Don’t be afraid to use pencil first when making your spreads.

  • Me being me, trusted myself to use pen right off the bat. Boy, do I regret that XD It got to the point where I purchased an erasable pen but I’m finding nothing can beat pencil before pen. But before you erase the pencil - make sure the pen has dried. I can’t stress this enough. I’ve gotten impatient multiple times and go ahead to erase, and instantly wished I hadn’t. You can try to find pens that prevent this from happening, but waiting is the best alternative. Something you can do is make a spread at night, and wait to erase when you wake up in the morning. You can keep your bujo open to the page you worked on for it to dry better.

You don’t need any fancy or expensive stationary.

  • Seeing the pastel highlighters, wide variety of pens and miscellaneous tools it’s easy to think you need to have it all but … you don’t have to have any of it. Especially if you are low on funds, don’t worry about getting anything new. Just work with what you have! I have been using pens I’ve owned for years and have hardly touched to see what I can do with them and am pleasantly surprised! I have a bunch of supplies that I have gotten for school that haven’t been used that I plan on finally putting to use. 
  • Your basic school supplies with notebooks, highlighters, pens and pencils, post it notes, can take you as far as you wish!

Having a difficult time coming up with a spread? Here’s some ideas! 

  • Try out different hand written fonts. This can include headers/titles and subheaders/subtitles. Try headers, banners, and dividers too! Here’s some different ideas: x | x | x | x
  • Give your spread a theme. Disney, movie, music, history, art, cartoon shows, books - anything at all! This can help with finding art to fill in blank spaces to give your spread some more interest. Here’s a post with a bunch of ideas you could use.
  • Colors! Try out different color combinations! Being an art student, I’m overly conscious of colors. They can help set a mood, evoke certain emotion, some colors work best with others (be smart when using complimentary colors), etc. Here’s a site that covers basic color theory. But … this is me being nerdy. This can take quite a bit of thought - but you honestly don’t have to (: !! It’s best if you stick to one or two colors within a page not to overwhelm what others are seeing, especially if you’re wanting to keep things minimal. If you want me to go deeper into this, and talk more about contrast and whatnot … I can make a separate post as not to clutter this one ♥
  • Make goals for yourself! This can be included in a habit tracker, but doesn’t need to be. They can be as small as going on a 20 minute walk each day during this week, being sure to stay hydrated, doing something with a family member or friend, completing or starting a big project or assignment, etc. 
  • Find some quotes and add them! Here’s some quote masterposts I’ve come across: x | x | x | x

When taking pictures, be conscious of lighting.

  • The best kind of lighting is natural lighting. Taking pictures outside (or inside) during the day will help your image quality! I know before I said picture quality doesn’t matter much, but this can be a simple and easy way to help improve your posts. 
  • If natural lighting isn’t helping you the way you want, you can take a look at different apps with photo editing capabilities or filters. I have a horrible app finding ability, and just use Photoshop (you can get PS CS2 for free here) or Clip Studio Paint to edit my photos. My favorite tool to use is the tone curve. However you can see this post to look at other options, like apps (it also links to other posts you can look at)!

Have a good time!

  • Honestly, I feel this is what it boils down to. As long as you are enjoying what you’re doing and continue to have a passion for studyblr related content, you’ll succeed. Don’t stress about it and take one post at a time.

I’ll start putting together a post of how I started my studyblr in case that may help as well! Thank you for asking, anon! Hopefully this helps, and that I was able to cover everything! T o T Sorry I kinda went on a bit of a tangent in some areas.


Anthony Ramos x Reader
Words: 604
Request: Can I ask for some fluffy Anthony x reader?Like the girl loves Hamilton but she only listened to the soundtrack so she can’t recognise anybody,she works in a cafe near Richard Rodgers and she’s in charge of music so she plays Ham and Ant comes there?          

anyway, hi! hows your day? or night. I’m probably like being active too early… all my american friends are asleep cry.

my point of this note was that i have revision week next week and also exams after that, so the next two weeks will involve me not being incredibly active. like, i might write in advance and then add posts to my queue but idk how to work a queue so yeah.

enjoy! requests are open as usuaaaaal x

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You were extremely relieved to walk into your work and find out that your manager had called in sick for the day. The job was hard enough as it was, but with your manager constantly breathing down the back of your neck and telling you that everything you did was wrong… you had nearly quit, many times.

You knew that as you were basically in charge for the day, you were able to choose the day’s music. You smiled, plugging your phone into the speakers and pressing play on the Hamilton soundtrack. You made sure to take the sadder songs off your playlist, moving to the door and turning the sign.

You had been working in the café for a few months now. It was situated in West 46th Street and 8th Avenue, meaning that you were close to the broadway productions that played a massive part in New York’s culture. You had never seen a show, as they were too expensive, but you had listened to all of them. Your favourite so far was Hamilton. The original cast recording was always on replay.

The soundtrack to your favourite musical seemed to make the day go quicker and easier. You were a few hours into your shift when it started to get quiet again. You grabbed your water bottle from under the bench, taking a quick sip and putting it back when you heard the sound of the door opening.

“Hi! How are you?” You said, smiling at the freckly man in front of you. He raised his eyebrow slightly, looking you up in down.

“I’m good, how are you?” he asked, pulling out his phone.

“Good, how can I help you today?” You asked, smiling when you heard Story Of Tonight Reprise come on.

“I was just wanting to get a few coffees. But I’ve been refused at the last few cafes I was at. How quickly can you make twenty coffees?” He asked.

“Do you have five minutes?” You asked, grabbing a notepad.

“Yeah, easy,” He replied. You passed him the notepad and a pen.

“Just like, get your order down and then let me know when you’re ready,” You replied, smiling cheerily.

“Of course,” He replied, starting to write his order down.

“Have you got a meeting or something to go to?” You asked, adding his order into the cash register.

“Oh, no. Just an uncaffeinated cast,” He replied, handing you the notebook back.

“Nice,” She replied, starting on the coffees.

“Is this your music?” He asked, leaning against the bench.

“Yeah. Well, usually my manager chooses what we play, but today she’s away, so I get control of the speakers,” You replied, finishing the first few coffees.

“Do you work here often?” He asked.

“Yeah, I have daily shifts. Pays the bills, you know?” You replied, starting to fold the cup holders.

“So Hamilton, huh?”

“It’s a work of art. I’ve never heard anything like it before, and I’ve listened to a lot of Broadway shows.”

“You should come see it sometime,” He suggested. You chuckled quietly.

“I don’t have that kind of money.” You put the cups into the cardboard holders, pushing them towards him. “That’ll be seventy dollars.” He slid the money into your hand, smiling.

“My name’s Anthony by the way, you probably know me better as John Laurens and Phillip. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

You froze up slightly, your eyes widening. “I-uh….,” You blushed.

“Come by the Richard Rodgers sometime soon. Good coffee, by the way.” He smiled, dropping a tip into the jar and leaving.

“Oh, uh, thank you!” You called after him, blushing wildly.


If you’ve never read my initial theory post, please do yourself a favor and check that shit out. It is a foundation for the theory that, regrettably, was missing a lot of information that I wasn’t able to get to until I was able to do a reread of the series, plus I wanted to wait for the series to develop a little further. The original post was made right after “Deku vs Kacchan 2” was released, so we’ve had about 30 chapters of development. You might be wondering how on earth 3k words isn’t enough to make my point the first time, but here I am yet again! 

I might sound crazy, but believe me when I say… I am the MOST serious. 

Keep reading

Escape Plan//Theo Raeken

Oh my God! I thought this was in the queue and posted! I figured it had flopped and when I looked in my drafts I facepalmed so hard! I’m so sorry! Plus it’s also kinda short so I feel even worse 😖

Characters: Scott McCall, Malia Tate, Stiles Stilinski, Theo Raeken, Reader.

Originally posted by asplittingoffrerard

“He’s downright dangerous, Y/N! You can’t have anything to do with him.” Scott looks you in the eye.

You sigh. “He’s not dangerous with me. Trust me okay?” You look up at him and he shrugs.

“Okay. Fine, I guess. Can you promise me you’ll be safe?”

“Scott, I was born a werewolf, I can protect myself.”

That was the last conversation you’d had with the pack before being taken by Theo. He was using you as bait to draw everyone to him.

“You don’t have to do this.” You look up at him. You weren’t even tied up, just locked in a room.

“I know. But, you’re the only one the whole pack would come for.” He smiles at you.

“You’re being awfully nice for someone who’s kidnapped me.” You look down at your lap.

“I’m nice to you. It’s what I do.”

The pack bursts in the door, Scott rushing for Theo. He grips his neck, lifting him up.

“Easy, Scott.” He chokes out. Malia and Stiles rush you out of the room, taking you out to his Jeep.

“We’re taking you home. You need to pack.” Stiles says as Malia helps you up into the backseat.

“How long was I gone?” You lay back.

He blows air out of his mouth. “About two weeks.”

“Jesus Christ, it took you two weeks to find me? Nice to know that I matter.”

“Theo sent us a text on your phone pretending it was you. He said your parents took you on vacation. Malia saw your mom at the grocery store and we pieced it together.”

“Theo disappeared into thin air too, it wasn’t really hard to find you, we just had to trace your phones.” Malia smiles.

“Hey, why do I need to pack?” You lean forward.

“You’re leaving town. We talked to your parents about it already. You’re going to go stay in Arizona for awhile.”

“So I don’t get a say in this?”

“Not really, no.” Malia shrugs.

“Theo’s too dangerous. We told you before, but now more than ever. You need to stay away from him.”

“Arizona? Are you freaking kidding me?” You slam your head back against the headrest.

“Hey! Easy on the seats?” He looks at you through the rear view mirror. “We’ve got you set up with another pack. You’ll be safe.” He adds.

“I want to stay here. I want to live my life with my family and friends. Not an unfamiliar pack in Arizona.” You groan.

“It’ll only be a month or two, Y/N. Tops.”

It’s been six months. You call each day asking if you can come back. You’re walking towards your apartment when a familiar smell washes over you. You stop in your tracks, your senses somewhat overwhelmed.

“Theo?” You look around.

“How’d you know?” He approaches you from behind. You turn and look at him, he looks filthy. “Where’ve you been, Y/N?”

You’re speechless. “I uh..mean…here? I have to go.” You remember all of the things Scott told you about him being dangerous and you slowly back away.

He grabs your arm. “Hey…can we talk? I’ll make it quick. Here’s the rundown.” He doesn’t give you a chance to answer. “They killed me, decided they needed me, brought me back to life. I helped, I’m a new man by the way, and now I’m here to see you.” He gives you a toothy grin.

“Me?” You raise an eyebrow.

“Yep. You. You’ve always been my favorite.”


“You really don’t know anything about this, do you?”

“About what?” He raises his hand on your arm as you talk.

“Stop asking questions. It’s cute.” He smiles. “I have a major crush on you. I know crush sounds juvenile but I do. I actually think I love you.”

“You stopped me in front of a convenience store to tell me you might love me?”

He nods in response.

“I’ll take it.” You smile and he kisses you, his lips fitting perfectly into yours. Like you were meant for each other. He runs a hand through your hair as he pulls away. “Let’s get you packed up and home to Beacon Hills.”

Waking up early is a struggle for many students, me included. As someone who wakes up at 6am every school day I know this all too well. So I decided to create this post to give you some tips on how to make it a bit more manageable to wake up early. 

It can be really difficult to force yourself out of bed but I think that there are more advantages than disadvantages to it in the end.

So here we go!

The night before

Start your night routine 1 hour before you want to close your eyes for the night. For me that time is 9pm since I want to go to bed at 10pm. So I try to stop studying around that time and start making my bag and such. That usually takes 30 min which means that I have 30 minutes for myself before bed. 

Put out clothes for the next day. This is a classic but it works really well. Check the weather for the next day and choose appropriate clothes. This way you will save time in the morning and won’t have to stress about what to wear. 

Make your bag. This is very effective and saves loads of time in the morning. Put all your school books in your bag for the next day and add any snacks or drinks that you’ll bring. 

Put your alarm somewhere you can’t reach it. Put it away from your bed so that you have to get up to turn it off. This way you are less likely to get back to bed. Also it prevents you from using your phone into the endless hours of the night. 

Put your alarm so that your have more time than you need in the morning. I personally don’t like being stressed in the morning so I’d rather put my alarm for a bit to early. 

Have a glass of water by your bed. In case you get thirsty in the middle of the night. 

You will have to go to bed on time. This is unavoidable if you want to feel alive the next day. I personally like to go to bed at 10pm. I’ve never been much of a night person. I would recommend getting at least 7 hours of sleep. 

In the morning

Let all that light in. Don’t dwell in the darkness because you’ll just make it more difficult to get up.

Don’t snooze! I know that it is tempting but don’t do it! You’ll just go back to bed and be more tired and get up an hour later and then be late for class. 

Splash your face with cold water. A kinder version of the cold shower. I personally don’t like to shower in the morning and this works just as well. 

Get dressed ASAP. Then you feel more awake and you’re less likely to go back to bed. 

Do something that you like. I like to watch a tv show episode in the morning because I really like my tv shows and it also gives me a reason to get up on time. If I don’t get up on time I won’t be able to watch my episode. But you could do anything that you enjoy like sudoku or drawing. It becomes a good start of the day. 

Food! I am personally not a big fan of breakfast to early in the morning so I eat really slowly which is another reason for why I like to have a lot of time in the morning. Make something that you know you like, and if that an is avocado sandwich then great but simpler stuff like a cheese sandwich works just as well. 

Decide on a time that you will leave the house. This will make it easier for you not to lounge around at home for too long.

Benefits of an early start

You have time to exercise in the morning! I know that this isn’t something that people like but it is a very good way of waking up. You don’t have to do a full out work out routine, it can just be a 20 min yoga session or a light jog. 

You add like 3 hours to your day. This is what enjoy the most when it comes to waking up early. It really feels like your day becomes twice as long. 

You can distribute your studying time. I personally like to study in the morning if my classes start after 9am. That way I don’t have to do all of my schoolwork in the afternoon. 

You get some me time. Wether this will be in the afternoon or in the morning is up to you. But in the end you will have more time for yourself. You can also be completely by yourself in the mornings since you’ll be the only one awake. I quite like that. 

You get to enjoy the sunrise! 

This advise is based on what I like to do in the morning so everything might not work for everyone but I hope that you might find some of it useful. And be patient, because it will not be easy to wake up early on the first day. But if you do it for a while it will become easier :)

30 Day Studying Challenge

I just found this challenge (here) and I’ve decided to give it a go!

I didn’t want to do a challenge for posting studyblr stuff each day because I won’t have the time realistically and my phone is broken (probably a Godsend) so I can’t take any pics. 

Day 01: Find something that inspires you to hit the books.
Day 02: Clean up and organize your study area.
Day 03: Add an extra half hour to your study time today.
Day 04: Make 10 flashcards for a subject of your choice.
Day 05: Write a page of notes that has at least one diagram or flowchart.
Day 06: Make yourself a nice cuppa of whatever.
Day 07: Prove the Pythagorean Theorem (a^2+b^2=c^2) in three minutes.
Day 08: Think of favorite celeb/OTP while studying and see how it goes.
Day 09: How long can you concentrate in one studying session?
Day 10: Eat with your non-dominant hand while writing/studying. No spills!
Day 11: Spend one full hour on your most-hated subject.
Day 12: Ask a question that you’ve previously thought was too stupid.
Day 13: Teach someone a concept you are learning right now.
Day 14: Preview tomorrow’s lessons or things you plan to learn.
Day 15: Compare the effects of rap and classical music while studying.
Day 16: What is your best subject and why are you good at it?
Day 17: Share your favorite inspirational quote.
Day 18: Try out the Cornell note-taking system if you haven’t already.
Day 19: Carefully record how you use your time and make a time log.
Day 20: Open up Tumblr or something else. Study in front of the screen. Do not touch or do anything. See if you can focus on your work.
Day 21: Watch an OCW video and take notes.
Day 22: Show us your favorite stationery for studying.
Day 23: Try speed-reading a news article and summarize it.
Day 24: Organize your notes.
Day 25: Plan your work beforehand and finish it before the day ends.
Day 26: Don’t bring questions home… solve all questions before leaving school.
Day 27: Put on a queue and stay off all social networking sites for 12 waking hours.
Day 28: Healthy eating: no junk food today.
Day 29: Set a large goal and reward yourself if you finish it.
Day 30: Celebrate and see how far you’ve gone ;)

*Don’t delete the text or self- promote*

Hi lovelies! Since I’m always running out on queues, and sometimes have no idea where to turn to, to “re-fill” my queue, I’ve decided to create a queue list! So if you’re interested on being added, continue reading!


- must be following me ( @glossomly )
- must reblog this post!
- must have a Q+ account, obviously
- must be an active blogger


- follow from me, if not already
- i will queue from you loads, within reason tho :) 
- possible follower gain
- a new friend (me yay)
- you can queue from me whenever you want to (if you want to, you don’t have to, ofcourse!)
- q4q w-h-e-n-e-v-e-r you want
- featured on my Queue list page (under co)
- and ofcourse, you are now my go to for queueing!


- have a similar blogstyle! (clean/ minimal/ aesthetic/ white/ fashion)


- banner was made by me ( @glossomly ) picture from weheartit
- i will pick around 10 blogs (depending on the blogs) whenever this reaches a descent amount of notes. i will probably add more blogs to the list over the span of time
- if you’re on the list, and i notice that you’ve changed blogstyle, which may not be in my interest, i’ll have the right to remove you from the list! 

if you have any questions, don’t hestitate to send me a message!

Good luck guys, and happy reblogging! :)

Lots of love,  Sheryl    ♥

Favorite Whump Scenario - List of Episodes

So, one of my most recent posts described my favorite whump scenario - stab wound/gunshot wound to abdomen, or broken ribs, and the guy can’t get help so he has to keep going but he’s in too much pain and… I’m rambling. Long story short, I was asked a few times to do more of my favorite whump scenarios (which I will) but I was also asked to provide a few examples of episodes in which my favorite whump scenario happened. That’s what I’m doing right now!

On a side note: I want everyone to know that I am making a conscious effort to swear less. I apologize if my language offends you.

*Once Upon A Time: 2x12 (season 2 episode 12). Hook (who, may I add, is gorgeous) gets hit by a car. He breaks a few ribs and spends the entire episode (and a few thereafter) wincing and groaning and being beautifully whumpy; a shit load of breathlessness and pained grunting.

Also, I’m not entirely sure whether this counts or not (because we don’t know what the exact injuries are) but episodes 12 to 15 of season 5 (5x12 - 5x15) of OUAT are amazing. Hook gets the shit beat out of him, and there’s a lot more of that grunting and groaning that I love so much - with added limping, hunching, near-collapsing, and need for support when standing. He’s covered in blood and his arm is PERMANENTLY wrapped around his ribs. Fuck yeah!

*Frontier: 1x6 (season 1 episode 6). Harp gets tortured in the previous episode (as I have so often explained on my blog… I know, I know; I’ll give it a rest) and he gets stabbed in the stomach. He spends the whole of episode 6 hunching over, gasping, grunting, groaning, wincing and barely able to stand… all while being deathly pale and sweaty. Literally best whump ever.

Quanitco: season 1 episodes 7 and 8 (1x07 - 1x08). Ryan is shot in the stomach. Alex has to perform field surgery on him. He can’t stand straight and Alex has to help him walk. He’s in terrible condition the entire length of episode 8. His arm is wrapped around his stomach at all times. YAY!

*Homeland: season 5 episode 4 - 8 (5x04 - 5x08). Quinn gets shot in the stomach and he can’t go to a hospital, resulting in bleeding out, infection, trembling, collapsing, sweating, and all round whump. It’s amazing and can we congratulate Rupert Friend on his acting? Plus it lasts MORE than one episode, guys!

*Graceland: season 1 episode 10 (1x10). Mike warren gets stabbed in the stomach. He then checks himself out of hospital early, is forced to go undercover in prison, and is subsequently tackled to the ground. Queue a lot of hunching over and almost-collapsing. There’s this great scene where he trips in water and he has to grab a statue as he curls in on himself to prevent himself from collapsing.

AND in season 3 episodes 1 - 3 (3x01 - 3x03) Mike is shot in the stomach. He’s actually shot in the finale of season 2, he just spends the next few episodes being generally unable to move and being pushed to the ground. He groans A LOT and holds himself together (AGH) with his arm, as though if he lets go, he’ll fall apart - which he probably would.

*Taboo: season 1 episode 3 (1x03) Delaney is stabbed in the stomach. He cries out a lot, limps, and has to grab onto something as fast as he can to stop himself from collapsing OFTEN. Even though the whump lasts less than an episode, it’s well worth it; I promise. Plus, Tom Hardy…

*Bones: season 1 episode 15 (1x15). Booth is injured in an explosion. He breaks a few ribs and damages his shoulder. He does go to hospital but he checks out early to save Brennan. Eventually - as predicted - he collapses and he has to be taken back to hospital. Lovely. Fucking lovely.

Season 11 episode 1 (11x01). Booth is shot in the stomach. There are impromptu procedures performed, that kind of help him not to bleed out but don’t do much else. He can’t get up; he can’t stand straight; he can barely even breathe. It’s glorious and it fucked with my emotions.

*The Walking Dead: season 4 episodes 8 and 9 (4x08 - 4x09). Rick gets beat up in a fight. We never really find out what his injuries are, but I think he broke a couple ribs; he wheezes for ages afterwards, goes sort of comatose for a while, and struggles to keep going but perseveres because he needs to. It’s really really good whump; it usually is with Rick.

Season 2 episode 11 (2x11). Daryl accidentally gets impaled by one of his own arrows. He’s lost in the forest and has to get back home, but he’s in a lot of pain and he’s losing a lot of blood; long story short: delusions, passing out, crawling, and groaning make up a vast majority of this episode. We get a little bit of H/C in the episodes that follow, but not much.

*Twelve Monkeys: season 1 episode 1 (1x01). Cole gets shot. He basically bleeds out and spends a lot of the episode sweating. There’s a lovely collapse scene, too. The episode might not have the best whump out there, but it’s sufficient enough to satisfy your whump needs for a little while.

*Banshee: season 1 episode 3 (1x03). Lucas (or whoever the fuck you are, man without a name) gets into a fight with a professional mma fighter. He wins, but he gets the shit beat out of him. He spends the rest (like ten minutes…) of the episode bleeding, holding himself together - hence my conclusion that he broke a few ribs - and needing help to walk. There’s a lovely scene where he collapses that makes the lack of H/C almost seem alright.

Season 1 episode 10 and season 2 episode 1 (1x10 - 2x01). Lucas is tortured by his arch nemesis. The torture is slightly over the top, but it ends with Lucas getting stabbed. 10/10 for acting, Antony Starr. He spends the beginning of the next episode hallucinating, trying to work out but failing, and wincing and moaning. Worth it. Banshee is a relatively good show for whump in general; Lucas gets the shit end of the stick most times. However, continuity can be problematic.

*Ray Donovan: Season 1 episode 7 (1x07). Ray gets beat up and he breaks a rib or two. He’s quite a fucking stoic guy so he’s not obviously in pain, but there’s a lot of grunting and halting movements whenever he has to sit down or stand back up or turn or whatever. Plus the actual moment that his ribs break is pretty great.

Season 3 episode 12 (3x12): Ray gets shot in the stomach. I love this episode because at first you don’t even really take note of it (it’s definitely there), but once his hand comes away bloody you start to notice all of these grimaces and grunts. He has to change tops cause he’s bleeding a lot. Eventually, he collapses. Plus he cries which is amazing and heartbreaking all at once.

*Emerald City: season 1 episodes 1 and 2 (1x01 - 1x02). Lucas has been stabbed in the stomach. Initially he can’t walk without assistance and he groans a lot when Dorothy helps him off of the crucifix. It’s really … I have no words to describe it, actually. He limps when he tries to keep up with Dorothy. BUT his wound gets infected and he winds up collapsing many many times, barely able to breathe or keep his eyes open. Dorothy has to feed him, guys. DOROTHY HAS TO FEED HIM BECAUSE HES TOO WEAK.

*Z Nation: season 3 episode 5 (3x05). I haven’t watched this episode but I looked up the synopsis and watched a couple clips. Basically - from what I gather - 10k gets shot in the stomach; he has no choice but to carry on even though he’s in a lot of pain and getting weaker.

*Safe House: This is a movie starring Ryan Reynolds. Towards the end of the movie (last half hour/twenty minutes) Ryan’s character gets stabbed in the stomach. He goes red in the face from strain; he can’t breathe, nevermind stand or walk. So, he collapses and wakes up a while later. He basically falls off the bed and crawls to find a gun when he’s under threat, because he can’t stand. Really worth it.

*Firefly: season 1 episode 5 (1x05). Mal gets shot in the stomach. He’s alone and running out of oxygen. He has to fix the firefly’s engine and call back the others, all while bleeding out and losing strength. He has to hold onto the wall to keep himself upright, and eventually, he collapses. Plus, he has to inject himself with adrenaline to keep himself going. Fucking fantastic!

*True Detective: season 2 episode 3 (2x03). Ray is shot; he had a bulletproof vest on, but the impact broke his ribs. He spends the whole episode looking really pale, wincing a lot, sweating and groaning. The best part is when he tries to stand or sit. And then there’s this part at the end… I don’t even think I’m gonna tell you; just watch it… trust me. Besides, you can never go wrong with a little Colin Farrell.

*Sherlock: season 3 episode 3. Thank you, anon for this suggestion. I haven’t seen this episode, but it looks worth it based on the gif sets and summaries. Sherlock gets shot, and spends the episode in pain - weak and unsteady. Eventually, he’s hospitalized, but he sneaks out to be the hero, and - of course - he collapses again. Looks really good… I’m going to watch it.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Steve gets shot in the stomach, but I just didn’t feel like it was good enough. Yeah, he struggled through the pain before eventually passing out (which, I admit, was beautiful), but it didn’t last long enough. Whilst the quality was fantastic, the quantity just wasn’t up to scratch. Yes, I’m aware of the fact that he has regenerative powers faster than that of a normal human, and that’s the sad part for whumpers.

Outlander: season 1 episode 9 (1x09). Outlander is one of the best shows to watch if you’re looking for whump. Jamie is gorgeous and he’s extremely whumpable. In this episode, he gets stabbed (shallow wound) in the stomach. It doesn’t last nearly long enough, but it’s pretty decent quality. His wife has to stitch him up and she’s angry with him, which means a lot of tugging and grunting. Then he gets shat on by the clan leader, and he has to hold onto a table as he stands, his one arm wrapped around his stomach. Just not long enough!

As I think of more, I’ll add them! Hopefully I’ll make this list a little longer. There are a few more scenarios where the character gets shot or stabbed or gets broken ribs (like Hawaii Five-0 and Gothom) but I’m not adding them purely because I feel like the whump was seriously underplayed.

voltron s2-inspired reverse asks

get to know your followers and see what they think of you. then maybe respond back! reblog if you want them to answer any of these questions. if there are any you don’t want them to answer any of these, put them in your tags

wormhole - how long have you been following me?

safe and warm - why do you follow my blog?

junk galaxy - what’s something about my personality that you’ve noticed or stands out to you?

teludav - you get the chance to go anywhere, real or fictional. where do you want to go and why? would you bring me with you?

the slipperies - how are you feeling?

space mall - what’s your favorite thing you remember seeing on my blog?

blade of marmora - you’ve just invited me to a secret, exclusive club. what is it called, and what do we do there?

pool - what’s something you do to relax?

weblum - what’s something you’ve done or accomplished that you’re really proud of?

slav - do you have any quirks or habits? do i have any that you’ve noticed?

yupper - cutest thing about yourself? or cutest thing about me?

echo cube - what’s a gift you would love to receive? what’s a gift you think i’d like?

vrepit sal - recommend a good food place to me! why do you like it?

across the universe - do i seem like a space, forest, or ocean person?

olkari - what’s your favorite original post you’ve seen me make?

lotor - what’s something about me that you’re curious to know?

texan keith - what’s something you were really surprised to learn about me?

kaltenecker - if i was an animal, what kind do you think i’d be?

seventh wheel - what’s a talent you noticed I have?

sharpshooter - give me a nickname or alias

Let’s Talk: How to Admin

As someone who has adminned my own groups and collaborated as co-admin in other groups, I’m gonna’ drop you some knowledge on being an admin in the RP community. Maybe you’ll learn something, or maybe you’ll see something you’re doing wrong. Let’s talk!

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anonymous asked:

Hi Emma, I want to start a studyblr too. Please give me some tips. :(

Hello! These are my top tips:

  • set with a related url and icon - whilst some people choose not to have a study related url, it can help to have something that gives people an idea what your blog is about! Also personalised icons are super popular and a cool way to differentiate your blog! @annistudio makes awesome custom icons for a minimum of $3 which is great for the quality of work she does! Otherwise you can make your own!
  • have a user-friendly theme - my pet peeve is themes! I also like mine to look pretty, be functional and free from glitches. Make sure your followers can see everything clearly, navigate through your posts quickly and there are clear links to all your pages. My favourite theme makers include @modernisethemes​​, @neonbikethemes​​, @acuite​​, @pohroro​, @magnusthemes​, @bychloethemes​, @sorrism and @themesbyflorels.
  • make an introductory post - these are super cute in the studyblr community and people love to find new blogs and read a little about someone. Tag your favourite blogs or your most inspirational blogs and hope they’ll see it and reblog it too!
  • upload your own tips/advice posts - people love reading tips and tricks that other studyblrs use so feel free to share you own! If you make a post, feel free to submit a link to my masterpost blog @studyblrmasterposts
  • use popular tags - this includes #studyblr, #studyspo, etc. This can help give your post a little bit of extra exposure. Tag some of the urls of your favourite blogs. For instance if you take a post with #emmastudies I’ll see it and reblog it!
  • join studyblr networks - I’ve seen a few of these pop up around and about so if you see one, join in! It is also a great way to make friends and get some mutual followers!
  • use a queue - if you use the queue option you don’t need to be on Tumblr 24/7 and that means you can still have an active blog when you’re not around. If you’re having an off-Tumblr day or week, it doesn’t matter because you’ll still be seemingly online!
  • join my studyblr directory list - I created a list of studyblrs which you can see here. It is a collection of different accounts in categories like their education level, their examination system, what country they’re from or the language they study, etc. If you’d like to add yours too it, go to here!

I think running one is great, I’d totally recommend it! :-) xx

anonymous asked:

Heey do you have tips for starting a studyblr. I really want to make one but I have no idea how I should start.

Hii! My top tips would be:

  • set with a related url and icon - whilst some people choose not to have a study related url, it can help to have something that gives people an idea what your blog is about! Also personalised icons are super popular and a cool way to differentiate your blog! @annistudio makes awesome custom icons for a minimum of $3 which is great for the quality of work she does! Otherwise you can make your own!
  • have a user-friendly theme - my pet peeve is themes! I also like mine to look pretty, be functional and free from glitches. Make sure your followers can see everything clearly, navigate through your posts quickly and there are clear links to all your pages. My favourite theme makers include @modernisethemes , @neonbikethemes , @acuite, @pohroro, @magnusthemes@bychloethemes, @sorrism and @themesbyflorels. Some more theme makers can be found here.
  • make an introductory post - these are super cute in the studyblr community and people love to find new blogs and read a little about someone. Tag your favourite blogs or your most inspirational blogs and hope they’ll see it and reblog it too!
  • upload your own tips/advice posts - people love reading tips and tricks that other studyblrs use so feel free to share you own! If you make a post, feel free to submit a link to my masterpost blog @studyblrmasterposts
  • use popular tags - this includes #studyblr, #studyspo, etc. This can help give your post a little bit of extra exposure. Tag some of the urls of your favourite blogs. For instance if you take a post with #emmastudies I’ll see it and reblog it!
  • join studyblr networks - I’ve seen a few of these pop up around and about so if you see one, join in! It is also a great way to make friends and get some mutual followers!
  • use a queue - if you use the queue option you don’t need to be on Tumblr 24/7 and that means you can still have an active blog when you’re not around. If you’re having an off-Tumblr day or week, it doesn’t matter because you’ll still be seemingly online!
  • join my studyblr directory list - I created a list of studyblrs which you can see here. It is a collection of different accounts in categories like their education level, their examination system, what country they’re from or the language they study, etc. If you’d like to add yours too it, go to here!

I think running one is great, I’d totally recommend it! :-) xx

Blog Announcement

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to give you all a heads up:

Laura and the hubby are going on vacation for 2 weeks!  We’ll be out of the country until June 18, traveling through Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic.

Why do you care?

Well, I’ve decided that I will be taking a complete and total vacation from tumblr during this time as well!  I will be closing and logging off tumblr on my computer (I always have it open in one tab, sometimes two or three) as well as deleting the app from my phone and iPad.

But wait - what does that mean?

Actually, not a whole lot will change from your viewpoint.  I have everything queued and ready to go while I’m gone, so you might not even notice my absence.  

Here’s what you’ll still be getting:

  • 365 Days of Classic SPN, daily
  • Chapters of Invisible every Tuesday and Thursday (4 total while I’m gone)
  • 6 One-Shots
  • Birthday fics on @spnfamilybirthdays
  • Normal queue of mostly-SPN related content every day

Here’s what you won’t be getting:

  • Updated links on masterlists and chapters
  • Replies from me from messages or asks (I’ll reply to everything when I get back)
  • Additions to tag lists until I get back
  • Any random ramblings that I would have otherwise posted

All in all, most of you won’t notice I’m gone.  When I get back, I promise to answer all messages and asks, and add anyone to any tag lists who requests it - so feel free to send those things in while I’m gone, even if you won’t get an immediate reply.  

Also, please continue to tag me in everything while I’m gone, so that when I’m home on June 19 I have a million things on tumblr to occupy my time and catch me up!

I’m queueing this post periodically during the vacation, so that if you’re visiting my blog later you’ll know what’s up.

Also I’m currently at 1855 followers and omg how awesome would it be if I got to 2k while I was gone…just a thought. :)

Auf Wiedersehen!  Ich werde dich am 19 Juni sehen!

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Anonymous asked: “hey my handwriting sucks an d i’ve alwyas hated handwritng my notes bc they take forever & a mess. any tips?”

Anonymous asked: “do you ever type your notes? do you think it’s better?”

i’ve gotten a few asks about not handwriting notes, and i wanted to respond publicly saying: yes, i feel you on that handwriting notes take forever and they often look messy and chaotic; personally, i am a much faster typer (my wpm is like 90 or something lol) and i like to be able to go back and add things that i might have missed before, without making it seem all squished up. 

i wanted to show you a sample of my chemistry notes (PLEASE DO NOT TAKE WITHOUT CREDIT), which i often type up instead of handwriting them. as you can see, i incorporated pictures and colors (that corresponds with my chemistry book). one of the main reasons i like typing my chemistry notes is because of the way i format my notes. this format allows me to easily identify the main concepts and details. in addition, if the book references back to a concept, i can add that detail right underneath the concept; whereas in contrast to handwriting notes, i would have to take a sticky note or try to squish the detail into whatever remaining space i have left on the page (again the whole messiness thing). and also i can add pictures, whether they’re from my book or online (this saved me when trying to draw s, p, d, f orbital shapes)

but, like all things, this is all up to you! i still handwrite my math notes and latin notes, but my history and chemistry notes are both typed. these two subjects have more pages of notes. i cut down on the note-taking time by typing it and allow myself more time to study.

hope this was a tiny bit helpful? if you want a more in-depth post, feel free to ask for it. if you have any more questions, send me an ask or a message! 

Rules and Info Page Updated

Took me a while, but I finally managed to get the Rules and Info page changed to show the new information. The FAQ page has a few changes as well. Please take a look!

A few notes:

Multi-chapter requests are open again, but please read all the new rules before sending me a promo request, no matter if you’re a writer or reader. Things are running differently now so I need more from you in your requests than just a link.

I’ve put it on the FAQ page, but please do not send requests for fic rec lists. I know I answered a few, but I was wholly unprepared for the flood of requests in my inbox. (Seriously, dozens.) This blog is a side project that already takes up quite a bit of time and I don’t have the time or organizational skills necessary to go through and create lists for stories that I’m not promoting already on CSFP. This is a place for you to send me recs, so that I might boost exposure for lesser known stories and writers. There are some wonderful bloggers out there who create spectacular lists and I am just not one of them. Sorry, all!

Below are the additions to the R/I page. The general rules from before still apply. :)


If you’d like to submit your own story for promo, there are a few options I’d like you to consider, particularly for multi-chapter fics that require more time and effort to read through and review. When you send me a link to your story, please specify which option you’d like. Just add “Option #” to your submission/ask/message so I can easily figure out which to use.

Option 1. If you wish for each chapter to be read/reviewed, I will take your request and put your fic on a list for potential reviewer volunteers to read. There’s no guarantee on how quickly said reviews would be completed and uploaded, but as the project goes on, I will get a better sense of a rough timeline for you.

Option 2. If you wish for just one review of the overall story, I will queue up reblogs of each chapter and put the same “non-spoiler” review on each one, rather than review chapter by chapter. Depending on how long your fic is, it may take a few weeks for me to read through the whole thing, but once I do, it will be easy to queue up the reblogs twice a week.

Option 3. If you just wish for your fic to be reblogged without reviews, I will queue up every chapter to be reblogged, likely twice a week. This is what I previously called a “Reblog Request.” This means that I, or any volunteer reviewers, may not necessarily read the story, but this is an option for exposure and to gain notes on individual chapters. This option is probably best for fics that have thorough summaries already in the body of the post.

Option 4. If you already have a reader review(s) that you really loved, whether from Tumblr or a comment on FF.net/AO3, just let me know and I can quote them beneath the CSFP reblog. (Very much like the critic quotes on the back of novels.) Like option 2, this will be one review to cover the whole fic, unless otherwise specified. Like option 3, this means that I or volunteers may not actually read the story, but it will offer exposure and hopefully boost notes.



If you have a fic that someone else wrote that you would like to submit for promo, particularly a multi-chapter fic, please take a look through these before you send me your recs:

  • If possible, I’d appreciate you sending me your rec with a review. I figure if you are passionate enough about a story to want to share it here and promote it, you also have read it and probably have things about it you love and would be happy to share. Just add a review along with the link in an ask/submission. You don’t need to send me a review for each chapter, just one for the overall fic, but I definitely would appreciate (or, rather, the writer would appreciate) a review for every chapter.
  • If you wish to remain anonymous, you can send through anon ask, or just mention in your submission “Anonymous Reviewer” and I will not post your Tumblr handle when I reblog.
  • If you want to review on your own reblog of the writer’s fic, just tag @csficpromotion in there and I will reblog from you. (Tags are not always reliable, so to double check you are welcome to send me a message with your reblog link.) Otherwise, if it is sent through ask/submission I will reblog directly from the writer’s original post.
  • I will still accept recs if you don’t have a review, but just know that it may be put on the volunteer reviewer request list, and there’s no way for me to know exactly how quickly it would be read/reviewed.



I’m looking for volunteer reviewers!! You can let me know through a message or ask if you’re willing to take on the role. A few things to know:

  • I will never send you more fics than you can handle. You will set the cap. If you can only read one story at a time, I will only send you one. If you are happy to go through five, I will only ever give you that many at once. Hopefully this will be a very pressure-free experience.
  • You will likely be expected to read and review every chapter of a multi-chapter fic. The reviews do not need to be long, minimum 3-4 sentences, and you can flail over things that happened in the chapters and/or comment on the quality of the writing.
  • If you have to stop/take a break for any reason, please let me know. I’d prefer if you could finish off whichever pending stories you have but if you aren’t able, I will give any unread/unreviewed chapters to another volunteer. Life comes first! Don’t push through if you’re very sick or have a family emergency or if you just are too exhausted to continue.
  • I will only expect you to read/review one chapter per week. If you find you can only do it once every other week, that’s no problem. If you can cut through an entire fic in one weekend, great!
  • I have created a private blog for volunteers. On it, I will post promo requests so anyone can decide which ones they’d like to read. This will also allow us to easily converse and anyone can provide me with suggestions on rule changes or anything else. I want this to be an inclusive process.
Dracoskull’s Plot Bunnies 1

Okay so i have a whole lot of fic ideas, and rarely get feedback by normal means, so i’m just gonna start posting my fic ideas on here in bullet point, and ya’ll let me know if you wanna see it turned into a drabble or a full fic, and things you think could be added or subtracted from them. Please and thank you!

- Ladybug and Chat Noir finally confront Hawkmoth.
- Classical villain bravado, some insults/puns are thrown about, and the three class.
- At first it’s fine, but then Chat messes up and well, things go downhill.
- Chat is stabbed through the heart (queue Shot Through The Heart)
- Well shit, everyone is kinda freaking.
- Chat’s ring goes off, without the wielder alive, it detransforms him and leaves Adrien Agreste dead on the floor.
- Ladybug kinda locks up cause sudden realization that her longtime partner is Adrien, and Adrien is in love with her.
- Er, was in love with her.
- Hawkmoth on the other hand screams ‘noooooooo’ and detransforms to reveal himself as Gabriel Agreste, rushing to cradle his now dead son.
- Ladybug.exe has stopped working. What the hell is going on here? like, what even?! She simply cannot even her heart is so dead inside.
- Gabriel cries his heart out, spouting some sob story before he decides he can no longer live in a world where he has nothing, and cuts his own throat before Ladybug can register what he’s doing.
- Moment brought back to function, Ladybug rushes to Gabriel, trying desperately to keep him alive, but she can’t stop the blood flow fast enough. 
- She becomes desperate, calling on a lucky charm to undo this shitfest of a mess.
- Problem is, Lucky charms require a clarity of mind, and Ladybug has none of that right now. She can’t calm down enough to figure out how to use it, and turns desperate. 
-Nooroo pops out of his miraculous, sensing the strong emotions and he himself still damage, has an idea. 
- Consoling the girl, Nooroo explains to Ladybug Gabriel’s motives as to why he became Hawkmoth.
- Turns out Mrs Agreste died during a trip to Tibet, only her miraculous and skull were eventually recovered. Gabriel has been trying ever since to get her back.
-So Nooroo convinces Ladybug to take the Black Cat ring and use it to undo this disaster. He warms her there are repercussions to it, but she doesn’t care.
- Ladybug snatches up the ring, and before plagg can even protest, she calls his transformation.
- In the blink of an eye, Mari is filled with cosmic energy. it’s way beyond the power of just the ladybug miraculous. 
- She sees so much, overlooking all of creation in a single instance, and realizes…
- She’s gone too far. Using both miraculous is in and of itself abuse of the two, and the cosmos itself has already decided to punish her.
- And every action she now chooses will cost her more.
- Well, she’s fucked up this much, might as well go all the way.
- She chooses the simplest route to fix it all: Mrs Agreste doesn’t go to Tibet.
- At the last minute, Mrs Agreste decides not to go to Tibet, feeling it better to spend time with Adrien.
- Satisfied, Marinette embraces the will of the cosmos and passes out.

- When she wakes up, she’s in her room, the sun is rising, and it’s a school day.
- Marinette immediately checks her ears, and realizes she has no piercings: The ladybug miraculous is gone. 
- But she’s not too freaked out, she knew this was part of it. By abusing the miraculous, she can’t be Ladybug anymore. She can never use the ladybug miraculous again.
- But she’s fine with that. It’s the price she paid.

- So Marinette gets to school, and she learns something else. Adrien isn’t in the class.
- According to Alya, he never was. Alya doesn’t even know how Marinette would really know, since she doesn’t keep up with the models in fashion magazines. 
- Some online research while listening in class, and Marinette makes the final connection: Mrs Agreste is alive.
- Because she never died, Gabriel never turned away from Adrien. With the love of both his parents, he never pushed for public school like he had before.
- And the last detail of all, there was no Ladybug, or Chat Noir. Adrien and Marinette never got the miraculous, which means…

-Marinette never met Adrien, and he never fell in love with her.

Beyond this point, if the story goes further than that, a new Hawkmoth would rise since Gabriel never went looking for the butterfly, and heroes would be called again. Naturally Master Fu chooses Adrien to be Chat Noir, but he cannot choose Marinette to be Ladybug. Someone else gets the Ladybug miraculous, and Marinette is helpless to watch the love of her old life dance through the rooftops of Paris with someone else. 

Well, until things go wrong. Master Fu quickly realizes that the new Ladybug and Chat Noir dont have the perfect synch they need to beat this Hawkmoth, and have already gotten too close to losing out. Someone else needs to step in, but he can’t call on the other miraculous. 

Mrs Agreste though, can. She still has the Peacock, and has long given up that mantle. When Marinette throws herself in the way to protect Adrien during one such Akuma attack too close to home, Mrs Agreste decides she knows the perfect host for the Peacock.

Again though, i dunno if i want it to go beyond the realization that she’s paid the ultimate price. Maybe i wont have her get a miraculous, and instead just try to get Adrien back the hard way. Who knows.

So let me know what you think! which parts do you like? which parts don’t you? would you add anything? let me know by reblogging this with your thoughts! All thoughts are welcome! 

So, as many people know, I don't do follow forevers or bias lists. As in, I don't create and post them myself for various reasons. However, I do like to create  special things for my writing partners because this blog really wouldn't be what it is without THEM. I’m incredibly grateful for the numerous adventures that these lovely people go on with me through our threads. I’m constantly learning from them. Writing has always been one of my favorite hobbies. My partners make me love it that much more because creating amazing things with others who also love the hobby is such a special experience. The idea of collaborating with others while gaining a better understanding of characters that I cared about was what drew me to the roleplaying world. What makes me that much happier is that I’ve gotten to know many of these people ooc. Whether it’s through tag conversations, IM chats, or both. They’ve become true friends and their love truly makes me feel appreciated. I always keep them in my thoughts and I hope that they get the best from life. I’m always grateful for these wonderful people, but today - on my birthday - I want to make one of my appreciation posts ( my version of a follow forever / bias list ) because having these talented people in my life is an incomparable gift. You’ll always have a friend in me. Before I mention them, I want to close this by saying that as a human being - someone who isn’t perfect, I do make mistakes. So, it’s possible that I’ve accidentally forgotten people. If you believe I’ve forgotten you, please let me know so that I can add you. 

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State of the Blog Address

Hello everybody! Hoo boy 2017 has been a crazy year already! I wanted to check in with all of you and let you know my plans from here!

First of all, I would like to proudly announce I’m back in college! Hurrah! Because of that, my time has become a bit crunched and as some of you may have noticed, updates have been very slow and sporadic lately. To address that, I’m putting myself on a schedule. New translations will now be coming out every Thursday, at the very least. Please look forward to it!

Next, by popular demand, I will now be hosting my full doujinshi translations on the blog itself. Some of these doujin are NSFW, and will be tagged as such and underneath a cut. Please be careful to read warnings and only open that you want to see! Hopefully this will make the doujin I have translated easier to find and more accessible, since they’ll be available on less a sketchy site.

And finally, to fill the time between Thursdays, I’m going to start a reblog queue like a normal person. Feel free to send submissions! I’ll be happy to add your work to the blog! Fics are welcome too! I’m also going to have answers to various asks I’ve received in there. They will be tagged #blahblahblah, so if you aren’t interested in seeing the asks, feel free to filter that tag off. Some of those asks have been in there for over a year, so it’s about time! Please pardon me for that.

And, that about sums it all up! Thank you for everyone who has stuck with this blog and me through thick and thin! I hope I can keep bringing you content you enjoy in the year to come as well! Everyone keep doing your best, keep taking those risks, and stay Plus Ultra!

Uta Pri: 6th Stage Report Pt. 2

Continues from Getting Tickets

PRE-SHOW: The Goods Line & Trading @ Sunshine City 5/25

In my research of Japanese concerts and seiyuu events, I learned about goods sales typically happening before the show. I noticed people mentioned that you could line up any time before doors opened, there wasn’t a set time that the merch tent would ~open for business~. Sometimes there was order forms, sometimes not. Either way, you’d be waiting a while to get your stuff before the actual concert. I spent a good few weeks trying to mentally prepare myself to get to Met Life Dome on the first train out, trying to figure out a schedule, make sure I was super rested for a really really longggggg daaaay.

Of course, for 6th Stage, with such anticipation of getting goods, the staff decided to make a separate event over several days leading up and including the live weekend to join the queue at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro for the majority of the available merch. This…..threw a wrench in my planning! Just when I thought I had a whole day to dedicate to 6th Stage, I now realized the first thing I was ever ever ever going to do in Japan…….was going to stand in line. For hours. To try and buy merchandise. Of fictional idol groups.

Me: (to me) why are you l i k e t h i s

Keep reading