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(English Subs + Text) Soraru and Mafumafu’s new Cooking Videos

”I tried making Sticky Ramen for my friend”
I’ve subbed Soraru’s latest video on his official channel where he tries to cook a meal for Mafumafu! :O If the English subs don’t pop up immediately, click the gear icon and enable them~

Below the “read more” is the full transcript for Mafumafu’s video!
Watch Mafumafu’s video here.
I can’t subtitle it because his channel doesn’t have community contributions enabled, sorry! ;_; But feel free to share the link to this post if you see people wanting to know what’s happening in the video!
This goes line by line and might be a bit hard to understand without the video side by side, so feel free to ask if you have any questions~ I hope you enjoy both videos! :)
(Please do not use these translations to upload a subbed version of either video to Youtube or anywhere else)

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ALMOST / g dragon au (part one)

part two part three

summary: it’s been three years since you’ve last seen jiyong and you didn’t think that you two would ever cross paths again. however, an unexpected business meeting leaves you thinking otherwise.

pairing: g dragon (kwon jiyong) x male reader

tags/warnings: boyxboy content, swearing

notes: i’ve been wanting to write something like this for a while after reading a g dragon au series a while back. there aren’t enough fics on here with male idols and male characters on here so i decided to write my own. hopefully this goes well so i can turn it into a series like i plan to do (: happy reading my loves xx

a small smile spread across jiyong’s lips as he watched you from the living room doorway. he had ended up coming home later than usual and he thought that he’d come to you already sleeping in bed, but he was quite surprised when he saw you sitting on the couch cross legged with the tv playing in the background as you drew something on your sketchpad. your eyebrows scrunched up in frustration and you let out a little sound that jiyong found funny as you erased something. jiyong laughed, not realizing how loud he was until you looked up at him and smiled.

“how long have you been standing there?”

“long enough.”

he walked over to where you were sitting then took a seat beside you on the couch. he rested his head on your shoulder and took a peek at what you were drawing.“what’re you doing?” he asked.“just a little sketch of something that came to mind” you mumbled, semi lost in your own world.“are you going to be finished soon? you have work tomorrow” he reminded you. you nodded slowly, quickly trying to add the finish touches to your drawing.

some may think that working under their parent would have perks, but to you those perks were barely there, practically nonexistent. your father treated you like he treated the rest of his workers. although you were next in line for running the company once he stepped down, your father didn’t see that as an excuse to treat you any different from everyone else. he was grounded in teaching you independence and the values of it and you would be lying if you said that you didn’t appreciate him doing that.

“i know, babe. i just have to finish this up.”

your boyfriend mumbled an “okay” before kissing your bare shoulder then standing up. he let out a long yawn before turning to you.“i’m gonna call it a night since i have to be up early again. are you coming to bed soon?” he asked.

“in a few.”

“alright,” he paused then looked at you and said, “i love you.” you glanced up at him with a blush covering your cheeks and a smile.“i love you, too” you said. he walked out of the living room and headed to your shared bedroom. once you heard the door close, you sighed in content and shook your head as your smile became bigger.

“what are you doing to me, kwon jiyong.“


you heard the rumors long before had gotten together. when you were first introduced to him, no one thought that you and jiyong would develop much of a friendship. even then, you heard whispers of his failed his relationships and his player status. you didn’t listen to them. the jiyong you had started to get know was far from the man that everyone was painting him as. as the two of you got closer and eventually develop a relationship, it seemed as if the whispers followed you everywhere you went.

it was never ending. it seemed as if every chance people got they were telling you about his past relationships and why they failed and that you should stay away from him. you continued to ignore their comments, not even bothering to tell them off even though you wanted to so badly.

for a short period of time, they had stopped pestering you. gone were the days when they’d snicker behind you and jiyong’s backs as you two walked through the hallways with one another. instead, whenever they saw the two of you, they would quickly glance at you and then go back to what they were doing. you had enjoyed that small period, but you wished that it had lasted longer because you weren’t prepared to deal with things once that shirt period was over.


the fans knew you before you knew them. jiyong was always taking pictures either of you or with you and when he had posted a photo of you the first time, fans didn’t think anything of it. they had assumed you were a friend and nothing more. as time went on, however, and the posts got more frequent and your presence in pictures and short videos were more and more obvious, fans were curious to know just exactly who you were.

they started to ship you guys. you found it cute at first — from the ship name to the little posts they made about you guys and how “jiyong obviously wants y/n” because of a look he had given you — but then somewhere along the line you started to wonder what it would be like if people really knew the truth behind you and jiyong’s relationship.

you brought up it to him one night. the two of you were just laying in bed when suddenly you asked him the one question that had been on your mind.“ji, when are we going to tell your fans about us?” you asked. jiyong looked up at you from his spot on your legs. he grabbed your hand and pressed a chaste kiss to your knuckles.

“soon, love. soon.”

soon, however, never came. you were patient. you knew that he was probably just waiting on the right time to tell everyone, but with every new day that came, it seemed as if you were getting nowhere. so you started to ask him. at first, it was at random, but then overtime you began to ask him everyday until it got to the point where you’d ask him whenever you saw him.

“soon, baby. i already told you that.”

“you’ve been saying that for weeks now, jiyong. i want your fans to know about us. you know that they don’t care about who you date.”

“i know that, but i can’t tell them right now.”

“if not right now then when?”

he smiled.


when soon came, it came in an unexpected way. you had just woken up and not even five minutes later, your best friend was calling you.“check your instagram right now” she said.“what? why?” you asked.“you’ll see” was all she said before hanging up. curious, you went online and much to your surprise there was a picture of you that jiyong had taken a while ago of you sleeping with a simple caption that read ‘how did i get so lucky to have an angel as a boyfriend?’

words couldn’t describe how happy you felt. it had finally happened. the entire world now knew that you and jiyong were together and you couldn’t have felt happier. no more hiding, no more pretending being just his friend — no more lying.

you could finally have the proper relationship that you longed for and nothing was going to ruin that.


a month.

that was how long it took for things between you and jiyong to go downhill. you didn’t know what happened. jiyong had started to distance himself from you and you had no idea why. the calls started to become less frequent, texting between the two of you became almost non-existent and jiyong’s attitude had completely changed. you told yourself that it was because he was busy with touring and the time zones made it hard for him to talk to you, but you didn’t even believe those excuses yourself.

you managed to get seunghyun on the phone one day much to your surprise. the two of you were close, but lately you hadn’t been talking as often as you used to. when he picked up after the third ring, you were beyond relieved.

“seunghyun? hey.”

“oh! hey, y/n. it’s been a long time since we’ve last spoken yes? how have you been giant?“ you found yourself laughing at the nickname he had given you. him and the others had always teased you about your height and it didn’t help that you were taller than your boyfriend.

“i’m okay. how are you?”

“i’m good as well,” he paused.“i’m assuming that things between you and jiyong aren’t going well.”

“what makes you say that?”

“i can’t remember the last time i saw him speaking to you on the phone much less say your name. when we’re in the studio and he sees your name pop up whenever you call, he ignores it. i didn’t want to ask him, so i’m asking you instead. what happened between the two of you?”

you were speechless. he was ignoring you? you were confused. did you say something wrong? were you not giving him enough attention? does he not love you anymore? these questions constantly flew around in your head and it was killing you knowing that you didn’t know the answer to any of them.

“i don’t know” you finally said. seunghyun sighed.“listen, i don’t want to be that person, but i’m saying this for your own good, y/n. break up with him” he said.“no” you immediately said. you refused to break up with jiyong without a proper explanation for what’s happened between you two.

“what? why not?”

“because i love him, seunghyun.”

“and you think he loves you? because i sure as hell know that when you love someone you don’t treat them the way he’s treating you. there’s a reason why his relationships and it’s because of this. he starts to distance himself and starts ignoring you until you decide to give up and leave him.

“hence why he’s been labeled as a player. he can never stay with one person too long without somehow finding a way to make them hate him so they can leave. i honestly thought that things between you two would be different, but i guess not.”


“we’re coming back home in two days for a break. i’m pretty sure he’s staying at you guys’ place for the break so try and sort things out with him. i have to go now, but i’ll see you soon y/n and please don’t forget what i said.”

Asktheblueoceangem’s/Wend’s Askblog Tips and Stuff!

Okay, before I answer this, I’m assuming you want to know how to make an askblog like the ones I have. This would be an askblog that gets asks and answers them using fanart that only you or your co-mod has drawn). I’m not going to cover roleplaying blogs or askblogs that don’t use drawn responses.

Yeah, there’s a lot of info here but honestly, it isn’t that hard. I’m just a really wordy person.

Table of Contents: (These are not links btw oops)
-Choosing a Character
-Making the Blog (URL tips, Theme, Icon and Description)
-Managing Your Askblog
-Starting off Your Blog
-Tips and Managing Your Blog (Art, Answering, Tips on Posting and getting questions)

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anonymous asked:

Please talk to me about Jackim cause I am feeling very Jackim right now

omg I feel like being asked to talk sexy but okay. (I can’t talk sexy btw)

I’ve been rewatching XS and I’ve gotta say Claykim is so strong I’m surprised there aren’t more shippers in the fandom. There’s just so much subtle interaction between those two, so much physical interaction and closeness it’s really cute.

but I’m here to talk about Jackim so let’s talk about Jackim.

I’m not really good at talking so have bunch of captions.

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tonkola  asked:

*I think I just sexted the wrong number, but OH HE'S HOT AF LET'S KEEP DOING THIS*!Klaroline AU.

My second attempt at smut so be warned (and be kind? =P). Many thanks to thetourguidebarbie for beta'ing this for me. Who better to beta than the queen of Klaroline smut drabbles herself? ♡


Falling back onto her bed, Caroline huffed out a breath. It was a Friday night and her roommates had all headed home for the weekend with their respective boyfriends. Something she didn’t currently have.

Although, she thought slyly as a smirk appeared on her features, there was that boy - Bobby - who she had met the week before at a party. They had ended up spending the night together in an entanglement of limbs (he was rather good, making her come at least three times), and the morning shrugging on their clothes and bidding goodbye nonchalantly. That was after he had given her his number on a slip of paper he had conjured up in his (somewhat messy) room to call if she ever wanted to hook up again. She had taken it because, hey, she was in college and it was her time to experiment and play around a bit. If she wanted a guy on call for some friends-with-benefits, no strings sex, then she would.

Digging out the number from her bag, Caroline quickly undressed and slipped into her sexiest blue lace lingerie. Topping up her makeup from daywear to party, she tossed her hair to fluff it up before taking a strategically aimed selfie which made it completely impossible to identify it as her to add a bit of mystery and to cover herself (she had heard too many stories of revenge porn to leave herself vulnerable like that).

Happy with her last picture, she returned to her bed whilst typing the number into her phone, saving it under ‘Bobby’. Laying down on her bed, she bit her bottom lip as she sent it with the caption:


Fancy another ride? I know I do ;)

It took only a few minutes for a reply, and Caroline wasn’t too ashamed to admit she was already getting her panties wet in mere anticipation. She gripped her phone with both hands to keep one from wandering down and relieving herself, opening the message to see a reply photo. However, it wasn’t one of someone she knew.

Eyeing the number on her phone with the one on the paper, she cursed herself at mixing up the last two digits to create a new, random number of the stranger who was now trying to sext with her.

Typing out a hurried apology, she was just about to send it when she finally looked at the photo again. It might have been a stranger, but so was Bobby before they slept together. And by the looks of it, this guy pretty much what she went for.

Frowning, she sat up straighter and analysed the image. Like hers, it omitted a face but rather focused on the naked upper body and sweatpants covered legs (with the inclusion of a couple of textbooks next to him on the bed indicating he was likely a student too). It was clearly taken in a mimicry of hers, but she wasn’t complaining. Not when she could practically imagine herself kissing the toned stomach or licking the outlines of his abdomen to feel his muscles jumped under her fingers.

He had added a caption to this photo, making her smile and relax back into her pillows as she read it.


I’d definitely take one…

Deciding to play along, she took a long good look at the lean body and replied whilst unconsciously licking her lips and crossing her legs.


You look like you could last for longer than just one ;)

Waiting for his reply, she decided to bide her time by changing his name in her phonebook before she forgot to a moniker until she learnt his real name.

Not Bobby:

Its one of my many talents, love.


Many? Do tell.

Not Bobby:

I’m an artist, you see. Very skillful hands.


That’s funny, I’m a drama major. But I could make you scream.

Not Bobby:

I’m a rather reserved person, sweetheart, but only because I have other uses for my tongue. Care to find out?


You talk big. Sure you’re not making up for something?

When his reply didn’t come immediately, Caroline couldn’t help but wonder if she hit him where it hurt; right in the ego. Just as she was resigning herself to another night with her friendly vibrator hidden in her underwear drawer, her phone came to life in her hand.

Much to her pleasure, there was a new picture attached to the newest message. It was taken from the same angle as before with the same focus, only her eyes were drawn to what was below his waist this time instead of above. For once, what was going on under his clothes enticed her more than what was on show without the clothes. The very noticeable tenting in his sweatpants had her rubbing her thighs together to gain some friction against her currently highly sensitive region right between her legs.

Under the picture, he had added:

Not Bobby:

I assure you, I’m not.

Smirking to herself, she took another long look at the newest image (and sighing lustfully without even knowing) before replying and carrying on their conversation.


My, my, baby. Didn’t I just make your evening?

Not Bobby:

It definitely wasn’t my coursework, love. So, how about a happy ending for us both?


Let’s meet and see how it goes ;) I live on campus.

Not Bobby:

I have a place in the city.

Taken aback, Caroline cocked her head to the side as she contemplated his words. His number was definitely a Virginia one, and she knew he was a college student. The nearest city was Richmond, which was a little over an hour away. If she was honest, right then, that was a journey she was willing to make to meet this boy (and see what was under his clothes). Better yet, she had an empty room all to herself and she was sure she could tempt him into keeping her company for the weekend.



Not Bobby:

Yes, just by the French Quarter, actually.


Wait, which college do you go to?

Not Bobby:

Tulane. Why? How about you?

She wasn’t sure why his answer had sent ice cold shocks down her spine or stabbed her stomach. It wasn’t like she actually knew him or had any feelings for him aside from the ones controlled by her hormones right then. Yet the disappointment shook her deep to her core.


Whitmore… :(

Not Bobby:

I see. I’ll be home for Thanksgiving next weekend. I live about an hour away.

The proposition was clear in his words even if he didn’t state them. He’d be home in a week when they’d both have a four-day weekend. They’ve both have time off to do as they wished and be within commuting distance. Rapidly, she organised her weekend in her mind and figures that if her mom followed her traditional Thanksgiving work rota, she would be busy both Saturday and Sunday, leaving Caroline free to do what she wished.

Or rather, who.


Sounds like a plan ;) Until then, I guess the only happy ending you’re getting tonight is by your own talented hands.

Not Bobby:

Or you could talk me through it?


And what what I get out of that?

Not Bobby:

I never leave a woman displeased.


I hope you’re right because I am very horny right now.

Not Bobby:

Now, that’s what I like to hear. Along with you screaming my name.


Which is…?

Not Bobby:

Klaus. What’s your name, sweetheart?

Klaus. Caroline said it out loud a couple of times whilst changing it in her phonebook once again. It was a neurotic habit of hers to keep it organised and accurate. Changing the timbre of her voice, she carried on repeating his name until she finally sighed it contently and decided it was the best one she had heard yet. It would also probably be the one she’d hear the most that night.


I’m Caroline.


Nice to meet you, Caroline.

They met at the campus bar as per her request.

Thanksgiving had gone smoothly and enjoyably back at home with friends and family, but Caroline had been looking forward to returning to Whitmore to finally meet Klaus. She had brushed off everyone’s questions with the excuse of needing the extra time in the empty theatre to rehearse for her play (which, if they really knew her, they would have known she was a natural and ‘extra time’ wasn’t in her vocabulary). Thankfully, none of her friends majored in drama so with a sympathetic smile and nod, and a few hugs, they had let her go with minimal ribbing.

Their sexting had carried on through the week, gradually getting hotter and steamier with many more pictures to spur them on. However, she had yet to see his face just he was yet to see hers, yet somehow, she recognised him the moment he walked in.

Lean, tall, curly dark-blonde hair and piercing blue eyes all wrapped up in a delicious combo of a grey henley and dark jeans with a black leather jacket. Caroline was pretty sure she had never been happier to text a random number on accident before.

They shared a couple of drinks and a few appetizers before making their way back to her dorm. Conversation flowed smoothly and friendly between them even with the fact that they would be (hopefully) in between the sheets by that evening. It had almost felt like a first date.

The door had barely closed behind her when he had wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed her body to his at the same moment his lips met hers. Groaning, she gave herself over to him willingly as his hands worked on getting her out of her clothes as she did the same to him.

Klaus had dimples when he smiled, and she was forced to smile back when he showed them to her as she dragged his top off him; the only time she could find it in herself to break her lips from his.

They were completely naked by the time she led him to her bed, crawling on without breaking their kiss and dragging him on above her. He was warm and firm, and most definitely hard. Caroline had taken a much appreciative look of his entire form (with eyes lingering on his manhood a second more) when ridding him of his pants and underwear, and she was glad that his pictures hadn’t lied. Out from the confines of his clothes, he was as impressive as she had imagined. And as he hovered above her, his beaded necklaces brushing against her chest (because oh my god, the guy could accessorise) and his cock hot against her stomach, she was pretty sure the rest of the night would be nothing like she had imagined.

“You’re beautiful, Caroline,” Klaus rasped out, and she practically swooned. She didn’t think he could be any hotter than in the pictures they had exchanged over the week, but the moment he spoke, her name rolling off his tongue like honey and setting alight the fire in her stomach, she realised just how wrong she had been. There was the tiniest hint of a lisp lilting his words and, god, if that wasn’t the sexiest thing ever then she didn’t know what was.

Running her hands up his back, over his shoulders and down his muscular arms, giving them a squeeze as she smiled lopsidedly. “Not so bad yourself,” she said coquettishly, pushing up her body against him to make him moan gutturally as she pressed his erection between their bodies.

“You’ve complimented me much more through texts,” Klaus replied with a hitch to his words after she had relaxed back onto the bed, lifting a brow challengingly to which she merely grinned back.

“You’ve done much more through texts,” she reminded him, urging him on with the thoughts of their daily sexting and occasional storytelling of what they’d do to each other until they came (Caroline usually more than once in the privacy of their bathroom if her roommates were there).

A salacious smirk appeared on his features and she could practically feel herself start to drip with arousal at the sight of it. He shuffled slowly, a hand trailing down her body and playing with her breasts. “Oh, in that case…” he murmured before dipping down to follow his hands with his mouth.

Sighing in content at his attention (she had been thinking about it for a whole week), Caroline gave herself over to his ministrations. As one hand played with her right nipple, his mouth enclosed over the left and his other hand travelled down to skim over her stomach with a featherlight touch, rubbing her hip gently before moving lower. His thumb brushed over her clit the same moment he playfully bit her nipple and she wasn’t sure which was the act that elicited her loud moan.

“God, yes!” Caroline exclaimed when he moved down her body, causing her thighs to fall open to give him space as he kissed a line directly down to where his fingers were already working her up to her peak.

Clutching the pillow in one hand, she threaded her fingers through his hair with the other to keep him in place, marvelling at the silkiness for just a moment before he used his full mouth to coerce her little nub out of its hiding and rolling it between his lips.

Klaus kept her open as she bucked in pleasure against him and instinctively tried to trap his head between her smooth thighs. His chuckles vibrated through her pussy, setting her right on the edge of an orgasm as he pushed one of his long fingers into her. She could feel him curl it slightly to hit that spot inside her perfectly.

“Kla-Klaus!” Caroline all but screamed, arching off the bed as she clamped down around his finger and climaxed onto his attentive tongue. Her grip tightened on his hair until she felt him start to retreated, forcing her to let go. Slipping his finger out of her, he stroked her folds softly until she came down from her high before finally glancing up at her. “You really do have many talents,” she told him, smiling lazily as she caught her breath.

“I don’t lie, love,” he replied, sliding up her body and capturing her lips with his own. She could taste herself on his lips and on his tongue, mixed with the taste that was simply him (as whiskey from the bar). It was a taste she could get drunk on, addicted to, live on. “It helps to have such a gorgeous, pliable lady to work with, too.”

“Well, I have also been on edge for a week,” Caroline smirked, which he returned.

She had pretty much forgotten all about Bobby, her actual intended friend-with-benefits, spending her spare time sexting Klaus and getting off to her fingers and toys whenever she needed it. However, nothing was ever as good as the real thing, and her new buddy was pretty well versed in sex, it seemed.

Trailing her hands down his back, she squeezed his rather delectable backside with both hands before slipping a hand between them to grasp at his ready cock. He groaned at her actions, the husky sound urging her on as she stroked him slowly. “As have you, evidently. Pictures really don’t lie, huh?”

“You tell me,” he said suggestively, moving until he was poised at her entrance. Inhaling deeply, she guided him in before wrapped her legs around his waist as he sheathed himself in her completely.

Hands grasping for purchase, she gripped her sheets as he worked himself in and out of her in a fixed rhythm. She could feel another orgasm build in her, her inner walls starting to pulse around him. He smirked slyly before capturing her lips in a deep kiss, swallowing her groan of satisfaction as he changed the angle without any warning and made her come with ease.

It was how the rest of the night went. For a couple of hours, he would start her off in one way before bringing her to completion with the tiniest bit of added stimulation. They had changed positions numerous times; on her back, on his back, on her hands and knees. Klaus had probably the best stamina she had ever seen from a lover, allowing her to come a few times before he did himself. His experience had paid off and he recovered fast, much to her own benefit.

Collapsing onto her back, Caroline turned her head to look at Klaus next to her, panting after the exertion of their most recent sexual position (at the edge of the bed with him standing between her legs as he fucked her into oblivion). His body shone with a sheen of sweat, toned chest rising with every breath he sucked in and a ghost of smile curved his lips. Licking her own, she revelled in the taste of him that stuck to her tongue (she had sucked him to an orgasm in the end and swallowed all he had given as he came down her throat) and allowed her eyes to rove over his body once more. Now he was no longer hard, she was drawn in more to his physique and tattoos than what was below his waist (though he did have some pretty impressive legs).

Twisting onto her stomach, she peered up at him as he looked over at her. “When do you head back?” she asked, skimming the pads of her fingers over the beautiful tattoo decorating his shoulder and arm like she had been wanting to ever since his first photo.

“Tomorrow,” Klaus answered with a heavy sigh and a furrowed brow. “But I’ll be back for Christmas.”

Grinning at his proposition, she pushed herself to her elbows as she asked, “Wanna keep sexting?”

“Only if we can do this again,” he replied, throwing her a wink and following her with his eyes when she got onto her knees and straddled his thighs.

Curling a hand around his semi-erect member, she used her other hand to work his balls. “I think we can arrange that,” she smirked before leaning over to take him into her mouth and show him exactly what she meant.

Robin Hook FF: Two outlaws walk into a bar...

A/N: A silly drabble inspired by my beloved yaytessamae, who just wanted to know what would happen if Hook and Hood had a little bro time at a bar…and is gonna get so much more haha. :) Robin Hook brotp, established CS - Outlaw Queen is still in the formative, mutual crush stage.

Words: 1175

Rating: T - sexual innuendo


Two Beers

“Does it still surprise you,” says Killian, “when you flip that tiny toggle and the glass bulbs illuminate?”

YES,” Robin replies, setting down his empty glass with a little too much enthusiasm. “This sorcery Regina calls electricity…brilliant. And it never runs out!”

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blackbirdprince  asked:

"I don’t have time to play tour guide." with Klaine :)

Around the third month of Blaine’s presence in the city, NYADA gets shut down for the day (something about Cassandra July contaminating the school’s water supply with home-made vodka–or something), and Kurt has all sorts of plans.
He has to finish his report on whether or not Jazz has been appropriated by mainstream culture, it’s his turn to do the grocery shopping, and he has an afternoon shift at the diner.
The break from school is a blessing, but he is quite busy.
Meanwhile, Blaine finished his presentation on an introduction to Ballet two days ago–damn his scary organisational skills–, it’s his day free from work and all he has to do is the laundry.
Which could explain why he bounds–literally, he’s like an unleashed puppy (oh, nice image)–towards Kurt with a gigantic smile on his face.

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