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Lana Del Rey says Donald Trump helped shape her album ‘Lust For Life’ — and the world needs feminism more than ever.
The singer has returned to the world of music with her fourth studio album in five years.

By Jacqui Swift for The Sun (UK).

LANA DEL REY’s latest album glitters with an all-star cast.
On ‘Lust For Life,’ her most impressive album yet, Lana teams up with heavyweights such as The Weeknd, Stevie Nicks, Sean Ono Lennon and A$AP Rocky.

They are the first collaborations in her career so far, which spans five studio albums, including four in the past five years — an impressive work rate for the Los Angeles-based star.

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Pyramid Scheme scammer ends up paying in the end!

(very long story)

About 6 or 7 years ago, I was trying to enlist into the military. I ended up not joining but that’s a story for another time. At this point, I was led to believe I was about 4 months away from leaving for Boot camp. I was running out of savings, and needing a part time job for some spending cash while I waited around.

So I did what any enterprising 20something would do, and searched craigslist for jobs. I normally hate sales jobs, especially those based on commissions, but figured it would be a great way to earn some extra cash short term. Found a few job listings that looked promising, and put out some applications. A few days later I received a call from David. He was opening up a new store and needed associates. He liked my resume and asked if I’d be available for an interview on Friday morning. I was very up front with him, and let him know that the distance was a bit more than I’d normally drive for a retail job, and asked what he was offering for an hourly rate, to see if it was worth the drive. He told me that they were planning on offering an hourly rate in the mid teens, along with commission. Seemed like an ok deal, so I agreed to be there Friday at 8am.

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This sucks to write, but I feel like it needs to be said.

The Korean public is not ready for Jinki to return yet. It’s as simple as that.

From all Korean Shawols I have talked with since I got here including those who aren’t Shawols and are just aware of shinee agree that this situation was shitty and have forgiven him for it. They want to see him happy. They want to see him going to the concert. But, the Korean public as a whole isn’t ready for Jinki to come back. He hasn’t even gone through the entire court process yet which, I’ve heard, is long and arduous. In sexual harassment cases, even if the case is dropped, they still have to go through the court system, it’s Korean law.

Think about it this way.. Siwon and the issue with his dog, a little more crazy, right? The woman who passed could have had tons of issues before it got to this point, she could have had other diseases other than what his dog gave her, but that’s not what people see. They see a bad owner who happens to be famous. This was such a national topic, my co-teacher who knows very little about pop bands asked me if I read about it the next day. And, consequentially, Siwon wasn’t apart of the activities with Super Junior this time around despite being in the music video. This was such a national topic when it initially happened, my co-teacher who knows very little about pop bands asked me if I read about it the next day.

If it’s taking time to get over a dog biting a human, it’s going to take a lot longer considering Jinki’s allegations.

And it sucks.

I know it sucks.

I hate it. All the Shawols hate it here too..

I’m mad at his friends for letting him get that drunk and then not protecting him, I’m mad at him getting that drunk in the first place, I’m mad at that woman’s boyfriend for insisting she press charges, but most of all, I’m just downright sad. Recently we had seen a change in Jinki, a more open mind, and heart, and now I’m afraid we won’t see that side of Jinki for a long long time.

On the lighter side of things, I love looking for Shawols are doing to support Jinki and show our love. If you currently go to Jinki’s Instagram, his last post has 93.9k comments and climbing while most of his other posts have around 7 to 10k. Every day I see people requesting pictures of Jinki in my Shawol group kakao chat. It’s these little things that let me know Jinki will have love and support through this whole process, and that’s the most important thing we can take away from this.

physics doesn’t have to suck: how to enjoy and do well in your required physics classes

As someone who doesn’t intend to take a physics class ever again, I was relieved when I walked out of my second semester physics final. That said, physics doesn’t have to suck or drag your average down. 

(1) How to enjoy physics: Adjust your attitude. Physics is so cool if you actually think about it. Your attitude will dictate your experience. (2) But physics is so hard: Change the way you study and don’t give up. I did better in university physics than in high school. The content was way more difficult but it was my studying methods that made the difference.

This post is split into 3 parts: Introductory physics (very basic physics, that unit of physics you had to do in a lower level science class), high school physics (physics from an algebra-based perspective), and university physics (calculus-based physics and labs). (Obviously these overlap a lot but I needed to organize this somehow)


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Teach Me - Stuart Twombly

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Stuart Twombly/Reader

Word Count: 7399

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Mention of Oral (both receiving), Actual Oral (female receiving), Orgasm Denial, Public Sex, Hate Sex

Notes: I procrastinated a lot on this all week. So I’m sorry. But can I say I’m kind of proud about how his came out? I hope ya’ll like it. 

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anonymous asked:

Marichat "don't be fucking rude" prompt (your writing is great btw)

Thank you anon! I am glad you like my writing ^_^ (I should be writing more stories, but I am sniffly and finding doing long form hard so i am taking a break by doing drabbles. Hopefully it will clear my head enough to finish the chapter I wanted to get done today!) 

WARNING: Some strong language and suggestive themes! You have been warned.

“What are you staring at?” Marinette cried at last, whirling in her chair to face Chat Noir who was mere inches from her face. 

“hold still, I am trying to count your freckles,” he said completely unperturbed by either her close proximity or her glowering expression. 

“Have you ever heard of personal space?” she hissed, “Don’t be fucking rude!” 

Chat blinked but showed no other sign of being deterred by her wrath. “I can’t count your freckles accurately from across the room, now hold still.” 

Marinette groaned but did as he asked, figuring it was easier to just indulge his insanity and get him out of the way then try to argue with him. She had no idea what had lead to Chat Noir’s bizarre visit today, or his sudden unprecedented interest in her life, if his non-stop questions earlier were anything to go by. 

“Are you almost done,” she whined, trying not to think about why she was finding his closeness so unsettling. 

“Just about,” he grinned, and her heart gave a traitorous little thrill. He really was unfairly pretty. 

“You have 27 freckles across your nose,” Chat said leaning in even further until their noses bumped. “And just for the record princess,” he said his voice dropping to a sultry whisper, “I am not fucking rude. When I am fucking I am extremely accommodating,” and before she could move he darted forward, kissed the tip of her nose and hurriedly ran away, laughing. 

The next morning Marinette trudged blearily into class. Her night had been restless, in no small part to the flurry of daydreams brought on by Chat’s parting comment. Even her icy cold shower this morning had done little to stop her wandering mind or flushed skin. 

“Good morning my bestest best friend who I know far better than Adrien know’s Nino!” Alya crowed as she dropped down into her own seat. 

“Are you two still going on about that?” Marinette sighed, dropping her head against the desk and wondering if she could try sleeping through class, or if she ran the risk of subjecting herself to another Chat-infused dream session. 

“This is the last day of our epic battle,” Alya said with feigned shock at Marinette’s disinterest. “I am going to 50 Euro richer before class even starts. Where do you want to go for lunch?” 

“What if Adrien wins?” Marinette ask, cracking one eye open and looking up at her friend.

“Eh, he gets to pick my next 3 articles on the Ladyblog. But there is no way he is going to win. He would have to get my question right- doubtful- AND I would have to get his wrong, and there is no way Adrien knows anything about you that I don’t already know.”

“OK,” Marinette mumbled. Closing her eyes again. 

“Ah the man of the hour and his supposedly hertosexual life mate,” Alya cried. 

“We like to keep our love free from the tabloids thank you,” Marinette heard Nino say and Adrien let out a light laugh.  

“OK Agreste,” Alya said, “my final question, to see if you know my boyfriend as well as I do-”

“He does, you’re gonna lose babe.” 

“Shut up honey.” 

“Just giving you a head’s up.” 

“What,” Alya continued, “Is Nino’s favorite childhood ice cream flavor?” 

“Trick question- Nino didn’t have Ice cream till you took him to get some on your guys second date.” 

“Damnit! Still, you haven’t proven that you are the most observant person in this little circle, you still haven’t given me my question. Despite your impressive line of questioning thus far, I defy you to come up with something about Marinette that you know and I don’t.” 

Marinette was glad her face was plastered against the side of her desk to hide her flaming face. 

“OK,” Adrien said mischievously, “how many freckles does Marinette have across her nose?” 

Marinette’s eye shot open. 

“You don’t know the answer to that,” Alya said warily. 

“Just answer the question,” Adrien said smugly, “or do you admit defeat?” 

“19,” Alya said nervously. 

“Wrong, 27. Looks like I win.” 

Whatever response Alya was about to give was cut off by Marinette’s loud, piercing scream. 

Four Sentence Prompts: 

Warning- I will NOT be taking repeat prompts! Only one drabble per prompt! (See the list here: http://baneismydragon.tumblr.com/post/159474846531/reposting-so-i-can-edit )

Exo Conversation XXXXIII
  • Kyungsoo: *sincere* No matter what hardships or trials we go through, our friendship will never break.
  • Chanyeol: I feel the same!
  • Chanyeol: *dabs and dabs*
  • Kyungsoo: *eye twitches* You're not making this any easier.
  • Germany: oh, I've got a voicemail from Italy.
  • Japan: what did he send you?
  • Germany: ... a recording of Romano singing in the shower. But that's unusual, it's not sent through our usual chat.
  • Japan: oh, I received that too- wait... did he...
  • Germany: send it through the UN group chat...?
  • Romano, from the distance: I AM GOING TO FUCKING DROWN YOU VENEZIANO!!
Carmilla Movie Theory

You’ve asked me to tell you a story, to weave you a theory. My inbox sings with your requests to try and jumble everything together. You ask. I’ll deliver. 

Originally posted by loveisweakness-clexa4life

I’ll give it my best shot because there’s nothing I like more than a challenge. We’re sticking to the usual plan of trying to make the most ridiculous but still kinda plausible theory possible. To start us off, here’s what canon information I have to work with.

  1. The Existing Carmilla Mythos - So we naturally have everything from the 3 seasons to work with. You’ve seen the web series. You know.
  2. The Original Trailer - This is the one on the beach that announced the movie. Frankly, I’m curious as to how much of this will actually apply because from my understanding it was put together before they had a script. As a scene, it’s probably cut.  I’m treating the information as canon because I don’t have enough material to be cutting ANY of it.
  3. The New Cast Information - Literally yesterday, we received the names of three new cast members. Seeing as I’m going to make the case that these are all literary references (stay tuned) just their names alone give me info. They are:
    1. Emily Bronte
    2. Charlotte Bronte
    3. The Woman In Black

Now we do our magical conjecture and fun fact building to try and whip it all together into a coherent story. Basically, I’m going to write you a movie because I’m a novelist at heart and a story structure buff. We’re going to try and figure out what we can expect when the movie releases in the fall (?). Buckle up, creampuffs.

 This is going to get 7k words worth of messy from parents to exes to fish gods to old school novellas. 

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thebutterflyboudoir  asked:

"I followed you into hell!" Adrienette?

“I followed you into hell!” Marinette hissed. 

“You’re being overdramatic,” Adrien chuckled. “IKEA is not hell; it’s an amazing store full of the most awesome stuff. Hey! Look at this tiny ironing board!”

“We don’t need a tiny ironing board.” Marinette glanced down in the buggy. “We don’t need any of this stuff, Adrien.”

“Come on, we need some of it,” he argued. “Don’t you want our home to have cool things in it?”

“Like this dog bowl? We don’t have a dog.”

“We could have a dog.”

“I’ve got a Chat. That’s more than enough for me right now,” she teased. “Seriously, can’t we go make ourselves sick eating cheap meatballs and call it a day?”

“Come on, my Lady, we’ve hardly made it through half the showrooms.”

“You’re being so mean to me right now,” Marinette pouted.

“I love you,” he sang. His eyes lit up. “Look at this couch! That is the perfect couch for us.”

“It’s so small.”

“Well, the better to snuggle on,” he beamed, eyes already wandering to the next thing. “Holy cats, we have to get this bookcase.”

Marinette pursed her lips. “It is a pretty cool bookcase.”

“And look at all the colors it comes in!”

She laughed in spite of herself. “You really are enjoying this, aren’t you?”

“Of course I am,” he grinned. “I’m building a life with you, Mari. What could be better than that?”

Marinette shook her head, cheeks burning. “How did you just make IKEA feel like the most romantic place in the world?”

“I’m very talented,” he grinned. 

“That you are,” she laughed, taking his hand. “Come on, Kitty. Show me what lamps you think will look best in our new living room.”

Prompt List

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ML Angst Idea: Just Like Him cont.

Continuation on this

Ladybug felt her heart shake with all the different emotions that are hitting her at once. Surprise by the reveal of her partner, Shock by her partner being Adrien Agreste, Sorrow for seeing both her partner and crush suffer for doing the right thing. Anger at how unfair it was for Adrien to be feeling this way.

The blond teen looked at his spotted partner after he wiped his tears.

“I know we are suppose to keep our identities a secret, I… I just … I don’t know.” Adrien spoke as he tried to compose himself.

“Enough of that kid, you have been tearing yourself apart over this. I think it should be fine” an agitated voice barked suddenly.

The voice belonged to the Kwami of Chat noir, a smallish black cat like creature with green eyes similar to that of Chat noir in costume. The creature was cranky, but understandably so, his chosen was going through a horrible time and he could only help him by transforming.

The kwami turned his attention to the super heroine.

“So, you are Tikki’s chosen. I am Plagg, It is a pleasure to finally meet the girl that has been haunting this boy’s dreams.” Plagg bowed

“Plagg!” Adrien irately called out. His mood seemed to have changed to embarrassment over his Kwami’s actions. The little cat seemed to know how to change Adrien’s mood rather impressively, it made Ladybug understand why this little cat was a good match for the blond.

“It is nice to meet you as well. I hope my partner didn’t cause you too much trouble.” Ladybug responded, using the kwami to change the subject.

“My Lady why?” Adrien asked, his chat like demeanor popping out.

“Nah, the kid is alright. He just has a habit of talking in his sleep. Like a few weeks ago he was having a very vivid dream about…”

Adrien quickly covered the kwami’s mouth.

“That is enough Plagg, or no Camembert for a month!” Adrien threatened as his cheeks were red with embarrassment.

“Kwami Cruelty!” Plagg shouted.

Ladybug couldn’t help but smile, seeing her partner struggle in embarrassment, it was a change of pace from the heavy mood. But she knew she would have to address it sooner or later.

“Claws out!” Adrien exclaimed as he transformed back into Chat noir. He turned his attention back to ladybug. “Sorry about that.”

Ladybug smiled

“It is fine kitty.” 

Chat noir felt a bit of a grin reach his face before remembering what he did.

“So about the whole identity thing, I am sorry.” Chat noir apologized.

“I said it is fine. You don’t have to worry about it. If you want I…”

“You don’t have to show me who you are. I broke our agreement of my own will. I shouldn’t ask you to show me who you are just because I needed to vent.” 

Ladybug felt her heart beat at the declaration. Here Adrien was hurting, his father in prison, his mother missing, people of paris treating him coldly, and yet he is still more concerned about her feelings. That is something Adrien would do, it was something so very Chat noir. The idea was so very both of them, that Ladybug understood how they were both one in the same. 

“Chat, you really are an amazing person. You are going through so much and yet you still put my feelings over your own.” Ladybug talked as she did her best to remain steady. “You don’t deserve to go through any of this. This is something you shouldn’t be facing alone…”

“I am not alone.”

Ladybug looked at him.

“I have Plagg, I have my friend Nino, I have Nathalie, I have my friend Marinette and I have you. That is already 5 more people then I use to have.” Chat noir perked up a bit.

“4.” Ladybug spoke softly.

“4?” Chat noir repeated confused.

Chat noir’s confusion turned to surprise one he saw ladybug undo his transformation.

Not as angsty, but don’t worry.

there will be more angst


chemistry, part 1

Originally posted by stilesstilinski37

pairings: teacher!dylan o'brien x student!reader.

warnings: just some cursing.

a/n: I am really really excited about this new series, so I hope y'all like chemistry teacher O'Brien just as much as I do.

word count: 2k+

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Kim Seokjin : Occupation - Kindergarten Teacher

♥(ノ´∀`)Happy Birthday @caramoccii / @ask-seokjinnie !

sap & shit under the cut

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Behind The Album - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 8)

Originally posted by stylesinthewild

Part 7

“Mum? Gemma? What are you doing here?” He asked sneaking up behind you and looking at them, as they stared at you.

You had forgotten all about the fact you weren’t wearing anything other than Harry’s shirt when you felt the cool air hit your legs. You quickly blushed and tried not making eye contact with them. 

“What do you mean what are we doing here?” Gemma scoffed. “You knew we were coming today.” 

“Well, yeah, but I thought it would be later in the day…” he said. 

“I ended up coming in last night, so Gemma suggested we come over and maybe head out for some breakfast, but uh apparently we should have called first,” Anne said looking over at you. 

“Um… I’m going to go get dressed,” you whispered adverting your eyes towards Harry before excusing yourself from the situation. 

While you went up to the bedroom, both Anne and Gemma walked inside while Harry shut the door behind them. 

“So, I take it your busy?” Gemma asked. 

“Kinda yeah, I ordered breakfast in for Y/N and me,” he said. 

“I guess I didn’t realize she would be staying with you,” Anne said. 

“Why wouldn’t she be staying with me?” Harry asked looking at her. 

“Because you’ve only been with her for a few weeks,” she said. 

“We were staying together while we were in Jamacia and we were only together for a few days then, so what makes a difference here?” Harry asked. “Especially since she’d be over here anyway even if she were staying in a hotel. This way it saves her money.” 

“Right…” Gemma said. 

Harry sighed. “Okay, I get that the first meeting wasn’t exactly ideal, but can you two please just be nice and give her a chance. Besides you two should have called before just showing up like you did,” he pointed out. 

“How were we supposed to know you’d be half naked with some girl?” Gemma said. 

“First of all, she’s not just some girl, she’s my girlfriend, and second of all, I wasn’t with her… we were standing together,” he rolled his eyes. 

“It was implied,” she mumbled. 

“Anyway, are you two going to give her a chance or not?” Harry sighed. “I really like and care for her and I’ve told you two so much about her already, so just please for me, give her the chance she deserves?” 

“Of course we will,” Anne said. 

“Thank you, Mum,” he smiled. 


Once you were dressed in your own clothes, you went back downstairs and the food had already arrived. There ended up being enough for everyone to share, so you all sat down and had some breakfast together. At first, things were extremely awkward and you realized you hadn’t really been properly introduced to either of them. 

“Um, I’m Y/N, by the way,” you said nervously. “It’s uh, nice to finally meet you two.” 

“Nice to meet you as well Y/N, Harry has spoken of you often,” Anne said. “I’m Anne, and this is Gemma.”

Gemma looked over at you and nodded before going back to her breakfast. Out of the corner of your eye, you could tell Harry was sort of glaring at his sister. Great, you thought, just what you needed to cause a rift between them. 

“You’re videographer right?” Gemma asked all of a sudden. 

“Yeah, I’ve uh, always loved working with cameras both for film and print work. I went to school for it and eventually worked my way up to being considered a professional videographer, but I’m still pretty new in the business,” you said looking over at her. 

“Is my brother the first artist you’ve worked for?” She asked. 

“No, uh, actually I’ve worked briefly with a few artists in their music videos or other little projects they’ve needed. I’ve worked with both Nick Jonas and Joe Jones with DNCE, Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, to name a few,” you said. 

“Hm, “ she nodded. “And did you ever, hook up with one of them?” 

“GEMMA!” Harry snapped. 

“What? It’s a valid question!” She said to him. “How do you know this isn’t what she does? She works for an artist, hooks up with them, and moves up the ladder,” she said. 

“She is right here,” you said. “And no, I’ve never hooked up with anyone I’ve worked with before, so that’s not what I do. I get hired for a job, I do it, and I’m done. Sure, I have a few friendships with some of the artists I work with because I do multiple projects with them.” 

“You shouldn’t have to answer that, Y/N,” Harry said. “Because my sister never should have fucking asked something like that.” 

“I’m just looking out for you,” she said to him, again ignoring the fact that you’re sitting right in front of her. “You’ve known her for what a few months and you two are already living together and just so head over heels for one another? This is bullshit, this isn’t like you. You’re normally so much more level headed than this.”

“Gemma, “ Anne sighed. 

Harry shook his head. “You do realize that when we were in Jamaica we were living together under the same roof. We were side by side working together and chatting pretty much every fucking day all day, so yeah, we got to know one another pretty well in that environment. Hell, we probably learned more about each other during our three months together, then you did with your boyfriend. And maybe, just fucking maybe, did you ever think that maybe I’m “different” with Y/N because I have real feelings for her and that this is the first time I’ve ever felt this way about anyone before?” 

There were so many emotions going through you at this point. On one hand, you felt insulted and angry at the fact she believed that you slept around on your job and that you were practically using Harry. Then on another hand, you felt extremely awkward because you were the topic of conversation, but no one was really speaking to you. And you knew that Harry’s feelings towards you were something new to him because he had told you once before, but hearing him say it to someone else in defense for you, made you realize just how much you really meant to him. 

“I think we all just need to calm down,” Anne sighed looking at both of her children. “Harry, you have to admit that things are moving sort of fast between the two of you and you two work together… that’s a little unorthodox.” 

“It’s not like we’re getting fucking married,” he sighed. “And so what if we work together? Most everyone who works with me, I have a friendship with outside of our working together, so why should it be any different having a relationship with Y/N.” 

Honestly, at this point you were being ignored so much, you honestly thought about getting up and leaving the room. However, you decided against it because it would make it seem as if you thought you didn’t deserve to be there, even though Harry was defending your every right to be there. 

“Being friends with someone and having a romantic, intimate relationship with someone are two completely different things,” she added. 

“You can’t have one without the other, Mum,” he sighed. “Look, maybe to you two it seems like Y/N and I are moving too fast in a relationship, but you also have to think about how we got our start. It’s not like I just met her and we started talking on the phone and went out on a few dates here and there and decided to get into a relationship. When I met her, we were living together… seeing each other practically 24/7. She was there as soon as I woke in the house, and there as soon as we all went to bed. We spent so many nights just talking to one another and enjoying each other. So, yeah while the timeline might be short, that doesn’t mean that our relationship and my feelings don’t count for anything. And we’re not even living together. She’s staying here while I have some things in London for work that she’s filming. And once we’re done with that, she’ll be gone back to her own house in her own city,” he said. 

“And then what? You’ll just have a long distance relationship or only have a relationship when you need a videographer?” Gemma asked. 

“We’ll make it work,” Harry said. 

You sighed again looking at the three of them. They were still having their three-way conversation about you, without you. Even though Harry was defending you and your relationship, something he shouldn’t have had to really do in the first place, he still wasn’t really acknowledging that you were there and could take part in the conversation as well. 

“If it doesn’t, then you’ll be screwed needed to hire someone new,” Gemma mumbled. “And how do you know she wouldn’t leak anything about you?” 

“Because I trust her and I don’t exactly foresee it not working out between us,” Harry said. 

“Of course you’re going to say that because you two are still in the honeymoon stage of the relationship,” she rolled her eyes. 

“Oh, and when you got with your boyfriend are you saying that you saw you two not working out?” He scoffed. 

“No, but I never acted like it was always going to be a forever happy ending between us either,” she said. 

You got up from the table throwing the rest of the food in the trash, while Harry and Gemma continued their conversation. You even looked over at Anne, who was just watching the two of them banter with one another. You shook your head and finally just snapped. 

“Do any of you even care that I’m still here and that I’ve heard every single fucking thing being said?” You said looking at them. “Gemma, do you even care that you just assumed that I’m with your brother because I’m working for him and that I want to further my career? Or that you use the excuse that you’re just looking out for him when he’s told you time and time again that he’s happy and cares about me because you think every fucking person he’s ever going to be with his going to be with him for his fame and money. Like that’s really sad that you can’t just let him be happy.” 

“And Harry, I get that you were just trying to defend me and everything, but I’m a grown woman, I can defend myself. But honestly, you shouldn’t have had to in the first place, because as far as I concerned, I’ve never given either of you a reason to believe that I’m only with Harry for fame and fortune. If I was some model or some singer or whatever, would you think that? Or would you be okay with it because I’d make my own money and have my own fame? But you know what, it doesn’t matter right now because I’m removing myself from this situation right now since it’s not like I’m needed in this conversation anyhow,” you said before walking out of the front door and down the street away from his house, leaving him and his family behind. 

*Let me know what you think! :) 

Serial Killer AU(Part 5)

Here we go again! What a nice smutty and fluffy chapter we had last time huh? Lol, the calm before the storm. The next part will probably take a couple more days to be written cause it is the ending.

Part 1 | Part 2| Part 3| Part 4End 1| End 2|  

Marinette was what one would consider way too relaxed for someone who was on the way to a crime scene. It had been the first one in three weeks and she wasn’t sure how to feel about it. Since a certain night on the roof, the mysterious murder stopped appearing. Every person in the department was on the edge about something big happening, something unexpected. And it seemed like it came. When they got the call, the person o the other side said they can’t just explain it through the phone. They had to come and see by themselves. Tikki was gritting her teeth, obviously not happy with the development. Marinette bit her lip. It couldn’t have been Adrien. He texted her telling her he was working on a special project just half an hour ago.

Once they reached their destination, the technical crew along with Marinette and Tikki got out of the car and headed towards the side alley. The crowd was already restricted on that sidewalk and the road had been blocked save for the police force. When they reached the murder scene, Marinette felt her heart beginning to beat frantically. On the side of the alley, across the wall nine people were hanging, their bodies impaled on the building in such a way that it formed a huge heart.

So that was the special project.

Tikki was barking orders left and right, but Marinette couldn’t take her eyes off the wall. Anger aside, she couldn’t help, but feel a little flattered. Hell knows how much time he spent putting this plan together to create this thing when it wasn’t even dark outside. She will still kick his ass for this, though, no matter how flattering it was.

Marinette was raging. She slammed the door of Adrien’s flat behind her as she walked in the living room. He was just taking off his mask when she stormed in. He glanced at her surprised before a smile took over his features. It looked rather odd when he only had his cat lenses without the mask.

“Princess! So good to see – ouch.” he settled his palm over his cheek and looked at her surprised. “What did I do to deserve that slap?”

Marinette was fuming. “Nine people at once? Are you insane?”

He shrugged. “No, I wouldn’t say so.”

Marinette glared at him, before her eyes changed to something he couldn’t quite place. A mix of sadness and exasperation. “Why are you doing all this?”

“Oh, buginette. You are still focusing too much on me and not enough on them in this whole.thing.” he leaned over, pressing a loving kiss to her forehead. “Now, if you excuse me, I need to wash all the scum off me. There is sole meunière in the fridge if you are hungry.”

Marinette watched him disappear behind the bathroom’s door with a frown on her face.

Checking the background of the victim was a downright nightmare. She got special permission from the département de l'information to use their database. Adrien’s words were haunting her. What in the world was about those people that she wasn’t focusing on? The research of the deceased hadn’t gone too far, that was true. They had no close relationship or family, their job situation was nothing out of normal, neighbors confirmed there was nothing that could give off the vibe of a conflict with anybody. After she realized it is Adrien doing all this, she thought it made sense. She knew all he had been through with losing both his parents and she was sure he would never pull someone else through that pain. So what was about these people that made him kill them. Adrien never showed any tendencies to criminal, let alone homicidal behavior. She was missing a key piece here and he had given her a vital clue. There was something about these people. Marinette kept scrolling through the file. Until she found something that made bile rise in her throat. Opening a new tab, she accessed the file of another victim. Her eyes bugged out. She kept going through the different files, feeling both sick, but also satisfied enough she finally got a pattern.

Marinette leaned back in her chair with a sigh. Pulling out the phone that wasn’t tracked by the services, she dialed Adrien’s number.

“Ma choupinette!” Adrien’s cheery voice exclaimed through the speaker. “How are you?”

“It’s not your place to serve them justice,” Marinette stated, getting directly into the topic. “There are authorized institutions to do that.”

“You finally caught up! How sweet of you, ma minette, but do answer a question of mine. Did they do their oh so called job?”

Marinette bit her lip. They didn’t. All of the cases were swept under the rug and the identity of the assailants was kept anonymous or simply declared unknown to the public, even though they were very much known by the people in charge of the investigations. Still, it didn’t justify murder. “There are international organizations that could have taken care of it then.”

“And who would have brought it to them when they are kept secret by the people who were supposed to solve them, huh?” Marinette’s shoulder fell. He was right. “Admit it, princess. They would have never been brought to justice. Someone had to do something.”

Marinette inhaled. He had a point, but… “Over ten people, in two months. Do you know what will happen if you get caught with murdering all these people?”

She didn’t need to be there with him to know he was smirking smugly. “Good thing that I won’t be caught. Also, buginette, please, let’s not refer to those things as people.”

Correct. She shivered in disgust just thinking about the reports. Yet, there was still something out of place. “How did you get all the information from? How do you know how to find these people?”

“Oh. A wise old turtle is kind enough to guide me when it comes to that.”

Marinette frowned, before sighing, not sure what to do or say anymore. “Why all the love declarations? And your oh so called gifts.”

Adrien chuckled. “Oh, my declarations of love were as honest as they could be. And well, didn’t you know cats bring corpses as gifts for their loved ones?”

“You are not a cat.” Marinette stated, somewhere between amused and worried.

“I’m your cat. And… wait, hold on.” Marinette tapped her fingers against the desk as the noises of Adrien speaking with someone else echoed through the speaker. “I have to go buginette. We have a midnight photoshoot for a new perfume. I’m sure we can continue our little chat another time. See you tomorrow morning?”

“Yeah. See you.”

“Go home and sleep, mon cœur. Je t'aime.”

“Je t'aime aussi.” she said before closing the call.

Marinette fell on her mattress with a heavy sigh. Her whole body was screaming from how much she had stayed awake. It was well past three when she arrived back from the department. Both her heart and head felt heavy and her moral compass was spinning like crazy.

There was only one thing she was sure of. It can’t continue like this.

Paris was terrified. People who would never be targeted by Chat Noir were too scared to go out of the house. It was a constant state of panic that took much out of the life of the city. But at the same time, Adrien had a very good point. If no one was bringing these people to justice through the legal means, then someone had to do something.  It didn’t surprise her at all Adrien would like to bring justice, hell knows she wanted too. But killing something just doesn’t come without a toll on your mental state. Adrien needed help.

Marinette covered her face with her palms, trying to concentrate on something on anything that could solve this whole mess that was going on. She wasn’t sure how much she stayed like that, one thousand different scenarios and outcomes running through her mind. Blinking a couple of times, she took her phone off the night desk. After a quick search, Marinette nodded, knowing what she had to do.

Yet, she couldn’t help, but open her phone gallery, checking or a specific picture. She took in the contents, beaming smiles, and happiness. Who would have guessed they will end up in this situation? Marinette run her fingers over the screen of her phone. She could feel tears pricking at her eyes.

“I’m sorry.”

Fairytale - Dylan O'Brien Imagine

❁ (not my gif, cred to sweet owner) ❁

A/N: Here’s a little something I wrote months ago but never posted. I couldn’t find the right gif for this one so I just went with the Dave gif. Anyway, sorry if it’s horrible haha and sorry in advance for any spelling/grammar mistakes etc, I’m too tired to check rn.(:


Pairing: Dylan x Reader
Warning: None?
Word count: 1738

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Chlonath Week Day 3: Art


On the first Friday of the month, an art gallery filled exclusively with works dedicated to the heroes of Paris opened, and Ladybug, Chat Noir, and Queen Bee were invited to attend.

“I kind of feel bad showing up in costume, though,” Ladybug muttered as they walked through the gallery, admiring each piece. “One of these days, I’ll have to design—err, buy a skirt to slip on over this suit.”

“You leave that to me, Ladybug. I’ll buy you all the skirts you could ever want. We are besties, after all,” Queen Bee said. Her eyes skipped over the umpteenth Chat Noir painting and scanned the room for a hint of yellow. She knew she was still a newbie, but…

“If anyone’s going to buy Ladybug a skirt, it’ll be me,” Chat Noir said. “For our moonlit stroll along the Seine,” he added with a purr and waggle of his eyebrows.

Ladybug sighed. “Or we could just forget I said anything.”

Queen Bee wandered away from the might-as-well-be-married superhero couple and stepped through a doorway into another part of the gallery. More Ladybug pieces. More Chat Noir pieces. She had just about given up on finding anything dedicated to her when she turned and came face-to-face with a Queen Bee painting that must have been two feet taller than she was. It dominated the entire wall, depicting her in a warrior’s stance with a blazing sunset behind her. 

She looked fearsome. Powerful. Awe-inspiring. But the expression on her face was a gentle one—a superhero who loved her city above everything else.

It filled her with shame.

Her gaze caught on the signature in the corner and she laughed. Nathanael Kurtzberg. How had she expected anyone else?

“Wow!” Chat Noir cried from behind her. “That’s amazing, Bee! You must be flattered.”

She took a deep breath, then turned. “Of course I’m flattered. It’s about time someone in this city acknowledged my magnificence.” She brushed past him. “I’m done here. Tell Ladybug I went home,” she said.

“Oh, uh… okay. Good night, Bee.”

She made it a block away from the art gallery before she took off running, her vision blurred by tears.

Your Name (Part 1) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Stiles Stilinski/Reader

Word Count: 2,431

Warnings: None (unless you count self groping of boobs)

Notes: Say whaaaaat? I wrote something without smut? Yes, yes I did. But trust me. It will make sense for the series. Please let me know what you think of this part! As I scrapped the original version I was writing when I did this part. Thanks to @minhosmeanhoe and @ninja-stiles for lurking and giving me feedback on this part. Hopefully everyone likes it. I promise there will be a smutty part in part 2.

Listen to Me (Please note you are not required to listen. The song is japanese, but it goes with the series)

Prologue | Part 2

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Muns For Charity

What are we?

This blog is created and managed by a community of artists and writers from the badly drawn/ask Yuri!!! on Ice fandom. We’ve banded together to take commissions to help raise money and awareness for various causes. The charities that we will be donating to are Planned Parenthood, Flint, Standing Rock, the Trevor Project, and United Muslim Relief. We have no plans to add any more for now as to maximize the amount we donate to each of them.

How can we commission a piece?

You may contact any of the artists at munsforcharity@gmail.com. When you commission anything, please put the name of the artist/writer in the subject. In the body of the email, please detail what you would like and what charity you would like your money to go to from our list of charities–or, we can choose one for you. You can find a list of who you can commission and their prices/what they are willing to draw here. Keep in mind that many of us have busy schedules so make sure that their commissions are open before you email us. After we work out the details and the artist agrees to take on the project, we will request that you donate the money and show us a receipt confirming the transaction. Once that’s done, they will begin working on your commission!

How can I be sure this is going to charity?

Rather than donating the money through us like we originally planned, we will instead have people who want to commission us to donate the required amount directly to an organization from our list! That way, you will be the ones making sure it gets to its destination!

One last thing

If you are interested in being a part of this project, and would like to participate in Muns for Charity, we encourage you to message us, and we will send you an invite to our Discord chat where we discuss information about the project.