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More Dazatsu Headcanons

So in attempt to save myself from the never ending angst from @myshipwillsailon we came up with some fluffy as hell dazatsu headcanons because I can’t get enough of these. 

=Dazai watching over Atsushi sleeping because Dazai himself can’t get much sleep. And him just absentmindedly petting Atsushi’s hair and he doesn’t realize that Atsushi is awake and staring at him softly

=And then Atsushi likes to snuggle up with Dazai on the cold nights because the cold reminds him of the orphanage but he’s ok because he has Dazai with him and he sleeps better

=Both of them have issues falling asleep/when they manage to sleep they get horrible nightmares but when sleeping next to each other they sleep really well

=So that’s how Ranpo figures out they’re dating because they’re both happier and more energized at work

=Kunikida: Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed
Dazai: Actually I woke up in Atsushi’s bed
Everyone else loses it, but Ranpo’s just like “Huh, what else is new?”

=Everyone’s just noticing that Dazai has become less secretive and seems much happier in a natural way, like less forced

=The ADA would be really skeptical until one morning where the two sleep in and Dazai is sleeping in Atsushi’s room, and they look so happy together

=One day they’re both late because they hadn’t woken up so Kunikida marches over there and sees them
“Dazai get your ass over to the work–” and he stops and sees them snuggled up together smiling and asleep and happy so he just leaves them alone
So he just walks back to work
And everyones like
where are they??
Kunikida just kinda doesn’t answer
He secretly thinks its really cute

=It’s like the one day that Kunikida does Dazai’s work for him because it makes him happy seeing Dazai happy
He’s like ‘for once my partner isn’t floating in some river’

=“Did something good happen today Dazai?” 'yeah Atsushi exists’

=Like the whole atmosphere in the Agency changes and Dazai stops giving Kunikida so much trouble because he just loves Atsushi so much.

=In general the tension starts fading in the ADA and everyone’s super happy

=Like Dazai still has his secrets but he promised to tell them to Atsushi so everyone in the office makes sure Dazai is doing ok by checking in with Atsushi

=Atsushi won’t spill his secrets because he knows that it isn’t ok but he can let everyone know if Dazai doing better or worse

=And everyone is really happy whenever the two of them are happy

=They hold hands all the time. They’re impossible to tear apart and whenever Atsushi gets assigned to a different mission or something,  Dazai does the thing that he did with Higuchi and slips in the listening device and the two of them talk through missions together

=Dazai rolling his chair all the way to Atsushi and give him a kiss on the cheek during the day just because he loves Atsushi so much

=Kunikida pretends to be annoyed but hes happy

=Atsushi and Dazai are usually some of the last two people to leave work and sometimes people stay and hide in closets  and just watch the two of them walk out together because they’re happy and laughing and smiling

=Dazai’s just like yoSANO GET OUT OF THE BUSHES
-Yosano: *closes closet door and pretends she was never there to begin with* 'Don’t mind me’
-And like Yosano is sitting on top of Ranpo or something like that and Ranpo can’t see anything so he’s just like 'are they done kissing yet? I’m hungry’ and -Atsushi is like 'wtf man i just wanted to kiss Dazai’
-Yosano’s like 'shut up Ranpo,  they’re going to kiss’ and offers him a lolipop
-Ranpo is about to protest but then he just shuts up and takes the candy

=Yosano and co. spying on the Dazatsu when they think that they’re done with work, and Dazai is just like 'hold up one sec.’

=Ranpo and Yosano forming the “Make Dazatsu Canon” squad

=The two always getting up to shit to get the two together

=They drag Fukuzawa along with them and they’re like 'president,  we need you to assign Dazai and Atsushi to this mission alone.’

=Fukuzawa doesn’t understand why fully but he kinda gets it so he goes along with it

=Yosano is on the team because she genuinely wants to see the two of them happy, Ranpo wants them to get together so he doesn’t have to deal with them being so dense around each other

=Then when the two finally start dating Ranpo and Yosano go out for a drink to celebrate

=Everyone’s like “why are you going out for a drink? It’s a Wednesday?” and Ranpo and Yosano look at each other like-

=Kunikida is just like 'guys don’t you think you should let them figure it out on their own?’
Ranpo: have you seen the two of them?

hes the most dense
like even Kenji knows whats going on
but Kunikida, no

=Kenji giving Dazai flowers to give to Atsushi
Kunikida is just like 'don’t bring in weeds from the garden’

=Atsushi cooking meals for dazai

=Dazai sucks at cooking, but he’ll sneak into the kitchen while Atsushi is chopping onions or something and hug him from behind

=Atsushi is really good at cooking. Like he doesn’t know a ton of recipes but he’s good at just going with the flow and improvising so Dazai always brings him new things to cook

=Dazai loves watching Atsushi cook because Atsushi is so in the zone while cooking, and Atsushi is busy putting all his love into the meals

=Dazai bringing leftovers to work the next day and Ranpo’s like 'you cook?’ And he’s like 'nah Atsushi made it for me’ and Kenji’s like 'Atsushi can you make me lunch?’

=Everyone at the ADA practically begs Atsushi to cook for them because of this

=Atsushi ends up cooking the meals for everyone once a week. He’s really nervous the first time he makes the food

=But he makes Dazai taste test everything

=Dazai’s like I can taste test but only if you can feed it to me!

=And Atsushi is like shit I can’t do this but Dazai steps in like 'I can heLP’

=Dazai ends up accidentally setting the stove on fore or something and Atsushi freaks out

=Dazai buying one of those 'kiss the chef’ aprons

=And like Dazai can tell when the food is from Atsushi compared to other cooking like Atsushi has that tiny special touch that only Dazai notices

=Like he’ll be eating the food one day and he’ll be like 'hold up this isn’t Atsushi’s’ and it takes him a second to figure out how he knows that

=His first instinct is that he’s been poisoned (mafia habits don’t die) so he spits it out and whoever cooked the meal is so offended but then he’s like 'oh wait this isn’t poison, it’s just not Atsushi’s’

=The ADA is like 'how are you so fine tuned to this??’ and Dazai’s just like 'I eat a lot of Atsushi’s food fite me’

=And the thing is that Dazai couldn’t care much for food before because Mafia rations were awful, but he just loves Atsushi’s cooking so much

=He refuses to eat anything that hasn’t been made by Atsushi so when Atsushi is sick or something,  Dazai is like 'not eating’

=Dazai is normally really skinny and a bit underweight but he puts on a few pounds and becomes healthy again after eating proper food from Atsushi

=Everyone notices how Dazai is not only happier but overall, but physically, looks a lot healthier, like there’s light in his eyes and a spring in his step and he just looks so healthy

=During lunch breaks at work the two like to find a quiet spot to snuggle

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do you know a fic from dan and phils neighbors perspective? this is so vague im sorry but i don't remember a lot about it lol

The Neighbors Upstairs - Through videos and live chats Dan and Phil have told the story of their eclectic and sexually active downstairs neighbor, but this story looks at the lives of Dan and Phil–all of the ups and downs in their lives, going through the major events since they moved to London–through the eyes of their own downstairs neighbor who doesn’t quite understand what these two boys do with all of that filming equipment upstairs for money…

- Gabriela

We immediately fell in love the first time we met in person. We had talked through chat for about four months before meeting. He was extremely damaged and jaded, and told me that all he’s ever wanted was just ONE person to not give up on him and stay with him through anything. I promised him that. I’m the type of person that will never give up on somebody. I will realize that I love them, even when I don’t like them very much. Love is a choice, not a feeling, and it’s unconditional. He would say “forever”, and I would reply with “& always”. We were going to get tattoos on our pinkies with those words. Me getting “forever” in his handwriting, and him getting “& always” in my handwriting on his. He told me that even when we’d get in fights and he’d tell me that he was done, I’d always forgive him and tell him that I wasn’t going anywhere, how thankful he was that I was proving that I would always ALWAYS be there.

This fight came from my not wanting to make my Facebook profile information public, specifically my relationship status. It was viewable to anyone who is my friend on Facebook, just not for people who weren’t. That wasn’t good enough. He wanted someone to “scream to the world” that he was loved. I told him it was nothing personal, I just don’t make any of my profile information public. So he went off, saying horrible things to me. He has this thing where he will flip on any compliment he gave me, or anything he told me he liked about me. Saying that he hated everything he previously said he loved. Things like that. I posted a selfie on Facebook, and because I was wearing my new tank top, (the reason for the selfie, I wanted to show it off) and it showed my cleavage, he forced me to take it down because “the only person that should ever see you in something like that is ME.” It was a tank top. That’s it. And he went bat shit insane over it.

I got this message, and after multiple times of him saying he’s done with me, and now telling me to not bother replying, I didn’t. It messes with me mentally too much. It’s not good for one’s head to always feel like they’re about to fall off a ledge, so to speak. I’m sure I’ll get a message eventually with something along the lines of how terrible of a person I am for giving up on him. But I need to worry about myself, and not keep myself in an abusive, controlling, and manipulative relationship anymore. He’s 43 years old, and I’m 27, yet I’m the one not acting like an adult.

Just had a rather surreal experience. 

I’m up really early, studying for an exam, and this kid Jon, probably the richest, whitest guy on our floor, comes into the common area to hang out. We start chatting and I find out he can’t sleep because sometimes you just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Can’t Sleep.

And we’re talking and I’m going through my notes and he’s playing Skyrim, and all of a sudden, he goes: “Mo, I have a question. I am not trying to be a douche. This is serious question I have that has been on my mind. What is privilege?” 

And like damn. I was like, “That’s a loaded question”, and I was prepared for things to go bad real fast, but lo and behold… he listened as I talked?? I tried explaining from my experiences in really simple terms. I didn’t do so well about going into details or nuances, but like, I have never really had to explain privilege before, and it was really fucking early in the morning. 

But what really got to me was this: he asked questions and stuff, but he didn’t challenge or interrupt. The fact that he asked this question to a person who actually deals way more heavily with the weight of others being privileged? It surprised me, a lot. And wow. It was not bad. Just quite unexpected coming from him, because he was always pretty douche-y. There are many things about which I still don’t trust him completely, but this was the first time I talked to a really privileged person about privilege and they didn’t get angry and defensive. How refreshing honestly. 

National Treasure {Sentence Starters}

  • “You’re not supposed to be up here, looking at that.”
  • “Our evil plan is working.”
  • “What led you to assume there’s this invisible map?”
  • “Why don’t you just come back down here, and we can talk through this together!”
  • “You’re treasure hunters, aren’t you?”
  • “Stop chatting and get in the van.”
  • “When are we gonna get there? I’m hungry.”
  • “I know something about history that you don’t know.”
  • “Who wants to go down the creepy tunnel inside the tomb first?”
  • “You are gonna go to prison. You know that, right?”
  • “Still a little on-edge from being shot at but I’ll be fine, thanks for asking.”
  • “No broken bones? A jump like that could kill a man.”
  • “Why can’t they just say, ‘go to this place, here’s the treasure, spend it wisely’?”
  • “You know something? You’re shouting again.”
  • “I’m gonna steal the Declaration of Independence!”
  • “Will someone please explain to me what these magic numbers are?”
  • “Meet me at the car. Call me if you have any problems.”
  • “I’m just trying to hide from my ex-husband.”
  • “If there’s something wrong, those who have the ability to take action have the responsibility to take action.”
  • “Anyone crazy enough to believe us isn’t gonna want to help.”
  • "It’s a big blue-ish green man with a strange-looking goatee… I’m guessing that’s significant." 
Don’t look at my computer




His fingers dance over the keys.


My fingers dance over the keys.


Sometimes the only way for me to be with Saeyoung was to just enjoy his presence. I was writing a report  going through reference after reference not absorbing anything. Saeyoung was typing faster than lightning, way faster then me, as he mumbled to himself things that seemed top secret and other things that made no sense at all. I was allowed to sit in the same room as him on one condition.


I was told that in the chat room, I had to speak it in Arabic, type it in morse code, and our robot Elly told me when I entered the house. Message received. I sat on his bed facing away from him while listening to my music. Sometimes I wished I could be spoiled by Saeyoung but I knew his work was important. So just being here with him was enough. Almost.

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DST: The Beautiful and Tragic Tale of WX-JR; Or, “WX Ate the Baby”

So, I run an RP server on Don’t Starve Together. Basically a few of us go in and roleplay in the chat as the characters we’re playing the game as. I’m Wilson, @asafeplacefromcharlie is Maxwell, @dan-backs1ide is WX-78.

May I present to you a tragedy told through screenshots and only slightly edited chatlogs.

@shitpeoplesayindst, I would’ve submitted this but I couldn’t figure out how.

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“I’m really worried for season 2. Whenever it’s obvious that two characters will eventually be together, (c'mon I think we can bet our lives on ladynoir becoming canon eventually) there’s usually a low point in the relationship before the happy ever after. What will it be for Ladybug and Chat Noir? A big argument, a love rival, a flat out rejection from one of them? Especially hearing there’s going to be an ‘evolution’ of the love square. There’s usually a storm before the rainbow. I know they’ll pull through in the end but I’m still worried…”

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This is going to sound a bit pathetic perhaps, but I recently came back from a long Tumblr hiatus & have lost touch w a lot of the fandom. It may sound strange, but how do you do the friend thing? I feel like an outsider. :/ Anon to avoid awkwardness

Not pathetic at all! If you go through our history you’ll find a lot of people came here with the same question! I went ahead and PMd a lot of folks who said they were interested in a chat. You already have Sherlock as a common topic! If you’re not comfortable with that, you can start off by dropping people asks on anon and work up to taking anon off. SD

So I forgot to mention yesterday that my manager kind of blew up at 3 of us at work. And she’s usually really easy going and we could tell that she was stressed, but it shocked us all a lot.

It was right before closing (like, literally 9:30), and the 4 of us working on the floor (there’s 3 sections and we split the work to do returns and make sure the sections of the store look nice and whatever), but there’s really nothing left to do–we’ve all gone through our sections two or three time and constantly checked to make sure it’s ok–so we’re all just hanging out in the middle section kind of chatting, and our manager comes up the middle aisle and sees us all and goes kind of angrily (and I’ve never seen her angry before) “guys, cmon! Someone go up front and help darcie ring!” So we all are like YUP ok and all go to the front (to cashier and see if we have any returns left to put back before we close) and we all get up there and darcie goes “Grace (the manager) already closed every other register” so now we’re all just standing there like….??? Ok.

Then Grace calls up and apologizes because she forgot that she closed the registers, so we are all like ok sure, so we start walking around the store again, like walking together and tinkering with the little things we see wrong, and then our manager comes out of the back hall and sees us and goes “You know what you guys can just leave” and then under her breath went “you’re just standing around and not doing anything anyway” and the three of us who heard her say that froze and immediately felt really bad, but like???? It was a 6 hour shift, and when we’ve already done what we’re supposed to do to be able to close the store, like??? We don’t know what else to do???

So we literally stood there and didn’t know what to do. Because we didn’t just want to leave, but we also didn’t want to make her more angry, so we went back up to the front and when she saw us she went “you guys can leave. Go ahead and punch out” and Jenn and Caitlin turned around but I stopped and was like very calmly apologizing and trying to make sure we were still on the right foot, like I told her that we weren’t trying to upset her and I apologized if we did something wrong, and she was still really stressed but I think my sincerity calmed her a little, but she said we could all just punch out anyway.

So we went back to the break room and did, but the store was already closed so we had to wait for everyone else to leave with us anyway, and when we left the break room to walk to the front Grace was coming down the hall and she was like “Sorry guys I just have a lot on my mind” and we were like “oh no, it’s ok!”

But idk I get really stressed when people are potentially upset with me. And like she’s a manager and I’m a worker, and she knows that she kind of blew up on us, and both sides apolgized, but ajdlgjailfbak ax b CA ka

I saw a super hot guy on Tinder and almost swiped left b/c I thought I didn’t stand a chance, but we matched! We were both going through divorces and joined Tinder to slowly start meeting people again. As we started chatting, I discovered he lived one neighborhood away, had the same exact birthday as me, and rescued animals like I did. With so many similarities, I was pretty sure I was being catfished, so I deleted my account. To my surprise, he called the next day.

Fast forward, we’ve been together for a year and a half, own a home together, and recently got engaged! For obvious reasons, our favorite quote is: “Do you think the universe fights for souls to be together? Some things are too strange and strong to be coincidences.”

Despite having to drive three hours for my Planned Parenthood appointment, yesterday was a great day ❤️. The nurse practitioner was so sweet and funny, everyone was very sweet, we decided to try me on the nuva ring. I’m actually really excited? New is always fun, even if it’s your birth control method I suppose lol.

Then we visited a friend of ours, chatted and picked up bomb ass weed.🌳 Had lunch at Chipotle 😍🤤, rare treat. If y'all haven’t tried their sofritas GO DO IT THEY’RE DELICIOUS.

And then we visited this awe inspiring crystal shop. As you’re walking through the shop you can feel the powerful energy from all the crystals fill you 💝 Crystals larger than my head. Geodes taller than me. Massive clusters as big as coffee tables. The energy was complex and beautiful. My hubby had a crystal call to him, and it was so fun to see since he’s not as into crystals. Of course we left the store with our hands and hearts full 💓. He got a deep, rich amethyst cluster. And I left with a Labradorite palm stone💙. I’ve been low-key wanting both a palm stone for meditation and a Labradorite, and here the universe brought those wishes for me in one little beautiful package. I can’t wait to spend time with her ✨

National Treasure {Sentence Starters}
  • "You're not supposed to be up here, looking at that."
  • "Our evil plan is working."
  • "What led you to assume there's this invisible map?"
  • "Why don't you just come back down here, and we can talk through this together!"
  • "You're treasure hunters, aren't you?"
  • "Stop chatting and get in the van."
  • "When are we gonna get there? I'm hungry."
  • "I know something about history that you don't know."
  • "Who wants to go down the creepy tunnel inside the tomb first?"
  • "You are gonna go to prison. You know that, right?"
  • "Still a little on-edge from being shot at but I'll be fine, thanks for asking."
  • "No broken bones? A jump like that could kill a man."
  • "Why can't they just say, 'go to this place, here's the treasure, spend it wisely'?"
  • "You know something? You're shouting again."
  • "I'm gonna steal the Declaration of Independence!"
  • "Will someone please explain to me what these magic numbers are?"
  • "Meet me at the car. Call me if you have any problems."
  • "I'm just trying to hide from my ex-husband."
  • "If there's something wrong, those who have the ability to take action have the responsibility to take action."
  • "Anyone crazy enough to believe us isn't gonna want to help."
  • "It's a big blue-ish green man with a strange-looking goatee... I'm guessing that's significant."

2016. What a shite year. Everything was terrible. School, the world, general life. I didn’t have much hope for the future.

2017 finally began. I don’t know whether it was my totally drunken state or general vibes, but I somehow got that this year was going to be THE year. I didn’t know why. Didn’t know how. I just knew.

I’ve been friends with this girl for around four and a bit years (it’ll be five when we meet). We met online, on a legendary app called High School Hero. It was great. I made many friends on that app that helped me through my earlier secondary school education. We rped, and chatted way beyond our bedtimes (goddamned time zones).

As time progressed, we soon moved to kik, holding endless conversations between many of us. Then HSH got deleted, many said they’d stay in contact but they never did.

People grew, changed. Disagreements. People left. She didn’t.

Late night Skype calls, laughter, and getting told off for laughing too loud by my parents occurred frequently. My friends knew her, my family knew her. Her name became a household name.

I’d back her up, through anything. People tell me, people I consider ‘friends’ at school, that Internet friendships aren’t real. To that I say piss off. To that I ask where they were at my lowest lows and my highest highs. They wouldn’t know.

She would.

This girl, who is over 4,000 miles away, has had more impact on my life than some of my friends here in England and some of my family. This girl, who I’ve only ever spoken to through a screen, knows what to say to make everything okay. This girl, who I’ve never met has a stronger bond with me than any of these superficial bitches I have to put up with at school.

It’s getting soppy now, but I think it’s the one time I’m going to allow it.

I know I haven’t been there much, as of late. I’m sorry. I suck I know. But there hasn’t been a moment that I haven’t been thankful for having you in my life, despite the distance between us.

You’re totally fucking crazy. But in a good way.

You’ve got awesome hair, you’re funny af (we’re both going to hell), you’re extremely supportive and accepting, and you’re my best friend. Admittedly, we need to work on the welsh accents, but we can do that when I come to visit you.

Roll on October. I can’t wait to see you, you awesome son of a bitch.
💕💕💕 @ihatewhoevertookthatusername

kinda tempted to make a forum/rp board/chat-type-thing for the httyd modern au that i’ve got going with @chibsblog @nolimeoblivisci and (if he’d like to join in on our weird fun) @transbeequeen

that way it’s easier to communicate our various headcanons, ideas, and whatnot without having to constantly reblog posts on tumblr or reply to different chat windows in tumblr or text messages. we can keep them all in one place without having to worry about scrolling through our dashes to find things. 

i dunno. how does it sound to you guys? i like this au and i’d love to do more with it, but i also know that we’ve all got busy lives. i just thought it’d be kinda fun to have a place to goof off and share stuff without judgement from people who aren’t in the know.

Chat Noir was not fucking around today

His dad was in trouble and he just went and kicked ass. Everytime I thought Chat Noir was going to have one of those “Haha Chat Noir failed at fighting” moments, he just plowed right through. He had one goal, and that was protect the last parent he had. He didn’t get brainwashed by the akuma villain. He didn’t trip up. Didn’t even give Jacksays the chance to speak. His rage was visible guys. I’m surprised Ladybug didn’t say anything cuz the whole time I was like “God damn how the fuck is that our precious cinnamon roll in that suit?” 

Also best friends: 

Nino is such a precious friend. I mean he turned into an akuma villian just to give his best friend a happy birthday. 

Since everyone already went over the other cutest moments *ahem, dad hug, Adrien’s mom, cute kids in love, “You have her smile”* I decided to talk about these two things.

Loss in All Its Many Forms

So @crossroadsdimension and I were chatting earlier this evening about the Gravity Falls finale, and I feel the need to share some of our discussion and feelings. We were discussing, specifically, the final few scenes in the Fearamid and in Stan’s Mindscape in the Flaming Room. 

It’s just … thinking back about the finale and what actually happened is so heart-wrenching when you consider it through the characters’ eyes.

Because yeah, we as the audience know that everything will most likely work itself out in the end, that everyone is going to be happy and everything is probably going to be magically resolved. But the characters? The people going through it at the moment? They have no way to know the future.

The decisions they make can and should be irreversible. 

They rightly think that what happens is permanent. That there is no going back.

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