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The White Dress.

This story is about my friends MIL, and her wedding. Strap in guys, this is a wild ride in which I did THE THING that got me banned from any of her family functions. (Plus a few threats of dismemberment and bodily harm)

A good friend of mine from university was getting married! They had been a couple since Junior year of college, through her 2 years in the peace corps and currently her return to this continent. 6 years in total. She had been to all manner of family functions and always came back with a strange story about how she thinks her MIL secretly hates her. But she being a very quiet and sweet person pushed those thoughts aside.

Point 1: She is vegetarian and jewish, husband is not. She was invited and went to Christmas dinner and figured she would just eat sides, as well she brought a vegetarian casserole. MIL, after knowing her for THREE years, and being told by husband a few weeks before about not to forget friend doesn’t eat meat…proceeded to put meat in every dish. Friend drank water and ate her casserole the whole night while MIL cried to everyone that friend was so rude for not eating her cooking.

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An Aquarius was throwing and making a mess in his own room after he found out that she, his girlfriend, had finally moved on without him. I looked as he cuss and threw away some of the mementos of her, and finally stopped when he found an old photo of them together at a photobooth. He sat down and started to burst into tears. “If only.. If only I told her everything, and hadn’t kept it all in, maybe she would’ve stayed..” he said through the tears.

An Aries looked through his twitter and found a picture of his ex with someone else, he let out a soft chuckle. “Oh shit..” he laughed, and slowly he stood up and continued to laugh. “Look at this. Look at her.. Oh, she’s.. she’s fucking hilarious.” He slowly started to laugh so hard, and I watched as he began to shake and slowly made his way to the balconey and started to scream about her, just screamed her name and called her names and how he hated her but finally he broke down and cried.

A Cancer started shaking and tries to grab his phone out of our reach. “Please, let me just call her..” we shook all our heads and told him to just stay put. He begged that it’ll be just for tonight. We told him that he has had enough, but he wouldn’t listen. He wanted to call her so bad, but the truth is.. she’s about to have her wedding in a week, and he was going to tell her he still loves her after all these years.

A Capricorn and I were out in mid-town late at night, and he had too much to drink. He sways as he walks, and suddenly one of Bryson Tiller’s songs played through one of the bars nearby and he let go of me and sang through the whole verse. He finally stopped and looked at me and said, “This shit, that’s me. I wished God would saved her for me. That’s it, and fuck.. I’m not really at my best at the moment, but I loved her.”

A Gemini breath out smoke after inhaling his cigarette and he looked at the city lights from our view. “I miss her..” was all he said, taking another inhale from his cigarette. He looked at me and gave me a small smile and back at view.

A Leo drank with me, and place an arm around my shoulders and said, “I shouldn’t drink too much. These crazy thoughts are hunting me again, and I just want to crush the world. Ha, oh she’s in my head. My ex, you know? She’s in here again and.. fuck! I hate her. I miss her. You know we’re talking again, right but just as "friends”? I want more than that..“ He gave me a small playful slap on the cheek and walked to get another drink. It’s going to be a long night.

A Libra rushed to her house, knocking at her apartment door. But it was locked. Ran back downstairs and started calling her name out her window, trying to get her attention. She finally opened the window and told him to leave. I watched from the car, as he asked for her forgiveness. She shook her head and said it was too late for him.

A Pisces admitted to me how he still thinks about his ex, and how he still calls out her name and how his mind would play memories of her every single day. He can’t stand the nights because his mind would play her, her voice, her smile, the way she would call him everyday and she was his rock. As he sits here with me, tears roll down his cheek and he said, "Now here I am still holding on to her, just waiting for a sign that maybe she’d come back, and maybe we can try again.. but also maybe she’s with someone else, who.. who treats her well than I could’ve had and.. I want her to be happy, I do, but I wish.. right now.. she could be happy with me, and I am so selfish for it..”

A Sagittarius once said that he used to think too much about the relationship and how every time he was with her he would start to overthink every scenario of how she would leave him, and he would tell her and she would shook her head and promised him she would never leave… and now that she’s gone he still can’t stop thinking about her..

A Scorpio said to me, “I’m just not too sure if I could ever ask her to come back. I really messed up, you know? I could try, but would she ever give me another chance to prove to her my real worth? Can she really do that..?” I was a little loss for words. Knowing Scoprio and how he is, he seemed to be really serious about her. I just didn’t know what to say.

A Taurus and I passed by a coffee shop and he paused and peered through and saw his ex with someone else, and she’s laughing and holding this man’s hand. He gritted his teeth and his fist clenched. I put a hand on his shoulder and told him to let it go. It’s been years since they’ve together and been a two years after their break up. He slowly looked down in defeat and sighed. He walked off ahead of me..

A Virgo and I were driving out late one night around the city, and all the songs he played were just old, sad R&B music and I would watch him from time to time as he mumbled some of the lyrics to himself and would let out a small smirk when the singer goes and says, “I love you and miss you..” and he shook his head. We pulled up to a parking lot, and he got out and looked at me and said, “I do miss her, but do you think she misses me..?”

—  Regrets..
Tom Holland | Marry Me?

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Request: hi love! could you possibly do an imagine about tom proposing to you, but like can you try and make it different from the usual proposal? thank you! (send in requests)

Summary: Tom struggles to find the perfect moment to pop the question. 

Warnings: Deadass the most fluff I’ve ever written in my life

Word Count: 1.4K

Tom had been planning out your proposal for much longer than he’d care to admit to anyone, except maybe his mum; in fact, she was the first person to know about his future plans. It was right after the two of you had visited his parents home and Tom saw how well you had managed to fit into his family.  

He watched you laughing heartily with his brothers and talking avidly with his mother and he couldn’t help the smile that grew on his face as he leant against the kitchen doorway. Only one thought was running through his mind as he stared at you; I am a goner and when you glanced at him, a smile completely lighting up your face, he couldn’t help but fall in love with you all over again.

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A Scarecrow For God

by reddit user survivalprocedure

“Can I take your picture?” Larissa sat a few feet away from me on the grey velvet sofa as I aimed my iPhone towards her. I stared at the screen intently for a moment before shifting my focus, looking over the brim of the phone at her defeated, hopeless state portrayed by bloodshot eyes.

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Before I start this post, I want to say that everyone’s orientation is different! I’ve seen that a lot of schools have orientation over the summer, weeks before classes start. My school, I guess because only a few of us are from here and the majority of students are out of the state/country, we had orientation week starting on move-in day, the same week classes started. That’s why I will be discussing move-in day and the first day of classes here, though yours might be a completely separate experience. Let’s get started!

Move-In Day

  • Dress for a lot physical activity. You are going to be lugging your shit up and down stairs (elevators get full, if you even have them) all day, walking back and forth to your car, and once you get everything in your room, you will have to unpack and loft your bed, etc. You are going to be sweaty and exhausted by the time it’s all over. I wanted to still be cute so I wore spandex, my Vandy t-shirt and hat, and a full face of makeup lol. I know you might want to make a good first impression on your roommate and new classmates, but everyone will be wearing what looks like workout clothes. Don’t wear jeans or a dress or something. It’s August, it’s hot, you’ll regret it.
  • Be patient. Oh my god, I swear 90% of the memories I have of move-in day are just me waiting. Waiting in the car for the line to move towards the dorms, waiting in line to get my key, waiting for a dolly to free up, waiting to get inside the elevator, waiting for the stairs to clear up. It’s so boring, especially when you’re so excited to just finally be there. Be prepared to wait and try to appreciate your last few moments before college ruins your life (just kidding!).
  • Brace yourself for something to go wrong. No matter how organized your school is, chaos is inevitable on move-in day. You will have planned according to a schedule they gave you, and something will not go the way it’s supposed to. Thousands of freshmen who don’t know anything all in the same place at once is a recipe for disaster. Just don’t stress about it cause it will all work itself out. Honestly, that’s a philosophy to live by for your entire college career, not just move-in day.

Orientation Week

  • I can’t even explain how busy you’ll be. Starting from the first floor meeting we had on move-in day, the entire next seven days were packed full of activities and meetings and ceremonies. I still have my freshmen guide with the itenerary of all the things we had to do, and it was pages long. Everyday we would wake up at like 8, and have things to do until after midnight. I was so busy, I didn’t even have time to be on my phone, and I love social media. You will be so tired, and it will get old really quick. I don’t really have any advice, but through the exhaustion, remember to try and appreciate this chaotic time and stay in the moment. You’ll never again experience the freshness and excitement of your first week at college, soon you’ll get used to it all and you’ll wish for that feeling back.
  • You don’t have to attend everything. Like I said, you will be exhausted. You won’t want to wake up at 6 am for the Freshman Sunrise (i did and i regretted it), or to take the class picture where you have to stand still for an hour and you can’t even see yourself in the photo (again, i should’ve slept in). You might feel obligated to go to everything, but if you just need a break, then take that break. Orientation is overwhelming. 
  • Don’t freak out if you miss a required meeting. We had lots of events that were marked required. It’s inevitable that people miss these, due to sleeping through an alarm, or reading the time wrong, or getting lost on campus since you don’t know where everything is. Lots of the time, they only mark it as required to scare people into going when there’s no real consequence if you don’t. Even if there is a consequence, you won’t get into any major trouble the first week. You’re freshmen, they understand. Do try to make it to them, though. The best way to do this is to find friends or other people who are in that same section and go together.
  • Don’t stress about making friends. It is quite literally impossible to not make friends during orientation week. You will have to attend so many things with the same group(s) of people that you’ll bond over that alone. You don’t even have to try, so if you’re not a social person, don’t worry. As long as you don’t stay silent in a corner, you’ll have plenty of people to hang out with. 
  • Don’t stress about keeping the friends you do make. You will meet a million people, and have a million new numbers in your phone. You will have a hard time matching everyone’s names to their faces. People form connections really quickly, that’s just human nature, but this is especially heightened in university when everyone is away from home and no one knows anyone. Don’t feel like you have to stay attached to the same five people you became best friends with after two days for fear of not finding anyone else to be close to. Lots of people meet their real friends at the beginning of the year, but most people don’t. All of the pictures and videos I have from my entire first semester are with and of people I don’t even speak to anymore, people who, frankly, I can hardly stand to look at now. During orientation, you’ll gravitate towards anyone, but you’ll soon realize you don’t know them at all and they might turn out to be shitty people. I met all the friends I have now second semester through the LGBT group on campus, and they’re great. Point is, don’t feel too attached to your orientation buddies. You will find your people, even if it takes a while.

First Day of Classes

  • Find the buildings where your classes are held beforehand. Yes, I mean physically walk to them and find the exact classroom, don’t just use Google Maps to make sure you can get there in ten minutes. I knew the names of all the buildings and their general location, but then I found out some buildings are attached to each other and numbered in a strange order, then you finally find the right building but can’t find the right floor and hallway. I was late to all of my classes the first day. University buildings are so confusing. You will have trouble, I promise you. Do yourself a favor and figure out how to get to all of your classrooms sometime earlier in the week. You will feel great about not being that embarrassing freshmen asking the upperclassmen for directions (who are happy to help, but will laugh at you just a little bit).
  • Introduce yourself to the professor before or after class. You don’t have to do this if you don’t want, but it can’t hurt. Just shake their hand and make sure they can match your face to the name. Doing this the first day makes it easier to establish contact with them later in the semester, which you’ll probably have to do. Don’t worry, you’ll see lots of the other students in your lecture doing this, too. Just hop on in line.
  • Double check to make sure you don’t have any assignments due/papers to bring. This is unlikely cause you don’t have summer work in college (at least to my knowledge) and it’s never happened to me, but I had friends whose professors had assigned them work for the the first day of class. This is really ugly, I know, but just check your email and Blackboard to make sure there’s nothing to do. 

This is longer than I anticipated, so thanks if you read it all! I hope this helps someone out. Orientation is a chaotic mess but so so fun, cause it’s the only time you’ll ever be able to experience the fun of college without the stress of the work. Up next is advice on living with a roommate (and boy, do I have advice for that). Previous posts:

Application Process

Choosing/Changing Majors

That Was Not Acting - Cody Christian imagine

Summary: Y/n is an actress, she stars as Theo’s beta on Teen Wolf and has been for the past 1 ½ years. Her character Rebecca is required to have a steamy make out session with Theo leading into other things. No one knows that both Y/n and Cody are actually in a serious relationship until now.

Warning: Steamy make out sesh,kinda fluff and suggested smut.

A/N: gif credit to their respected owners ps ignore the fact i used Scallison as a gif it was the closest to my imagination XD

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The day started like any other I arrived on set at a quarter to 8 as I always did, as usual Shelley and Tyler were on set first. I parked my car,grabbed my phone and bag then made my way out locked the car and went on with my way.

“Hey Y/n,on time as usual” Tyler greeted “that’s my girl” Shelley embraced me sweetly “So whatcha wanna do till showtime?” I asked “I dunno how bout pull a prank?” Tyler smirked wickedly “yes totally” Shelley moved her hands like a wicked scientist “but who?” I wondered “well we’ve done Dylan,Sprayberry,Ryan,Victoria-” Tyler began but Shelley cut him off “Khylin,Michael, Ian,J.R,Melissa,Holland,Each other” I pondered “Cody..we haven’t done Cody” I smiled nervously “that’s so true” Tyler exclaimed “let’s get a move on it he gets here by before 9″ Shelley expressed.

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BTS reaction to not being your bias


He offered to help you clean around your apartment and underneath your bed he found a box, with “bias” written in pink sharpie on. A smirk was already tugging at the corner of his mouth, thinking about all the photos of himself he’ll find.

To his terror, the box was filled with pictures and stickers of Taehyung. He kept digging through them until he got to the bottom where he found a list you wrote. The more he read, the more he wanted to go to you and confront you.

“One of the reasons you’re biasing Taehyung is because he is a good actor? Are you kidding me? Do I need to remind you that I’m the one with a college degree in acting?” “What else do we have here?” “Good looks? You have mister ‘Worldwide Handsome’ in front of you!” “He is a loving person? Um. Hello? I’ve had a crush on you for so long? And you told me you feel the same way? So why don’t you have a box filled with my photos? Give me some attention too.”

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He overheard a conversation you were having with your best friend on the phone. “Yes Jungkook is still my bias.” … “With him is a completely different story” …  “Bye. I’ll talk to you letter”. When you finished you turned around and were greeted by Yoongi leaning against the door frame.

“I get that Jungkook can sing, dance, rap and is very good looking but still… Here I am… thinking you might like me back when in reality I’m not even your bias…”

He turned his head so you can see the pout on his face better, watching you from the corner of his eye while you fumble with your words, trying to explain yourself.

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He had a crush on you ever since you’ve met and he kept looking for signs that you feel the same way about him. And what better way to see if you like him if not finding out if he is your bias?

All day he kept pestering you to tell him. “Is it me? Are you embarrassed to tell me? Aww so cute.”

So you finally give in. “It’s Jimin, okay?” and you can see how his teasing smile turns into a pout once you say it.

“Why? Because he’s really cute and has muscular thighs I don’t get to be your bias?” You make an attempt to hug him from the side and apologize but he pushes you away dramatically looking out the window. “It’s alright. I’ve known rejection all my life”

He will keep up the act for a couple more minutes before going back to his old self. Just because he wasn’t your bias didn’t mean he will give up on trying to win your heart.

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You two were just chilling on the couch when he caught a glimpse at your lockscreen. He was ready to tease, but then he saw that there was a photo of… Hoseok? He was sure he’d be your bias since you are closest to him, but it seems like he was wrong. That didn’t stop him from confronting you and proving that he should be your bias.

“So… Hoseok, huh?” “Is he your bias?” “Is it because he can dance? Look, Y/N, I can dance too.” He started dancing in the living room while singing Dancing Queen. “I am the dancing queen of this group!”

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You accidentaly sent him a message in which you were fangirling over Namjoon that was meant for your best friend.

He immediately stormed to the couch you sitting on to demand answers.

“What you’re doing is discrimination against short people, Y/N!” When he saw your eyebrows furrowing in confusion he continued in a high pitched voice “OMG!! Look at Namjoon!!! How can someone be so hot and tall?? Ughh!!!! I can’t!!!” and then his voice turned to normal “Sadly I can’t enunciate the dozens of emojis you added in between.”

He faked cry, his face twisted in a comedic way. “I do not stand a chance with you because I’m short!! I’m moving in the middle of the mountains to live in complete isolation. Farewell!”

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After a night of drinking you two manage to stumble back to his dorm and somehow you end up in bed with him. While you sit at comfortable distance from him, trying to sleep, you let it slip in your drunken haze how much you look up to the cute Daegu rapper.

“Why, is it because he’s allowed in Cypher? Because he has that tongue technology? I’ll have you know, my tongue technology is just as good. You’d know that if you’d let me prove it to you.”

He turns to his side to glare at you, and you can see that his eyes are glistering. “Are you crying, Taehyung?”

He scoffs.  “No. It’s just raining.”

“But we are indoors”

“Well damn, Y/N. I don’t control the weather.”

“That doesn’t make any sense, Tae.”

“Neither does you biasing Yoongi hyung, instead of me!” And with that final sentence he shifts closer to you, so he can wrap himself around you.  “As if I’d let him take you away from me” he mumbles into your hair before dozing off.

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He borrowed your laptop and found your tumblr blog dedicated to Seokjin. It’s not his fault you never close your tabs, okay? He forgot what he was initially looking for as he was scrolling through the hundreds of pictures, gifs, videos and text posts of his hyung. He couldn’t wait to return your laptop and ask for some explanations.

He opened the door to greet later that evening when you came after your laptop. He had a small smile plastered on his face. “Nice to meet you! My name is Jungkook, known as the Golden Maknae. I’m well known for my talents that range from sports, to singing and rapping. So I can’t understand why the girl I like betrays me and choses to bias someone else when I am so perfect. Could you please help me find a reason?”

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Strawberry Shortcake: Kim Taehyung x Readers x Jeon Jungkook

Strawberry Shortcake: Kim Taehyung x Readers x Jeon Jungkook

Author: Admin Taettybear

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Readers x Jeon Jungkook

Rating: M

Genre: Smut/Angst/Fluff/alternate!au/strawberry farmer!Tae

Description: You decide to runaway from your heart break, evacuating to your hometown. You’re reunited with your strawberry loving childhood friend who’s determined to fix you up.

A/N: HOLY FUCK, first ever BTS smut here it comes! FUCKING SHIT WAS HARD TO WRITE!

Word count: A soul sucking 20+k

“Y/N, I’m sorry.“

You felt your heart shatter to millions of tiny pieces as you stared at your boyfriend of four years. The man looked down at his hand in shame, silently waiting for you to react.

"You’re lying, Jungkook, please tell me you’re lying,” you choked out, your eyes tearing as you faced the man who you have loved from the bottom of your heart throughout the relationship you had with him.  

Jungkook gulped as he looked up, his round eyes seeming to fill with pain as he looked at your expression. He slowly reached out to you, his fingers hovering over your cheek, wanting to wipe the tears that began to fall, “Y/N babe, please, I love you. I didn’t mean for it to happen I-”

“Jungkook, don’t call me that. You just told me you fucking cheated on me and the girl is carrying your child!” You cried, shrinking away from his touch as you heaved, your chest feeling extremely heavy.

A look of hurt entered Jungkook’s eyes as you denied his touch. He pulled his bottom lip that you have kissed over a thousand times between his teeth, gnawing at it nervously.

“Y/N, please. You gotta listen to me, it’s always been you, I’ve always loved you. Can’t you see that? She doesn’t mean anything, you’re the one that I-”

“How many times, Jungkook,” you whispered calmly, your eyes that were blurry stared at Jungkook, watching his reaction.

The man stammered, his gaze wavering.

With a deep breath, you closed your eyes. Jungkook didn’t have to tell you the answer, his reaction already let you know. It wasn’t once, it was multiple times.

“Get out.”

Jungkook’s head snapped up, his eyes widening as he stared at you, “W-What…?”

You gulped, your eyes finally meeting Jungkook’s eyes as you tried to stop your lips from trembling. “I didn’t stutter, Jungkook. I said get out,” your voice was stronger this time.

Jungkook felt like someone had stabbed him in the heart with a dagger, slowly twisting the blade to make the pain feel even greater. He felt his heart drop down to his stomach as he quickly realized he was the reason why you looked like how you were right there.

Your eyes held no emotion, the smile he loved seeing on missing from your lips. Your nose was red, and he would have found it adorable any other moment and teased you about it like he used to when you cried over a sappy movie but he couldn’t.

Because he was the reason why you were crying.


“GET OUT!” This time you screamed, your hands shaking as you pointed to the door, “Jeon Jungkook, we are over.” This time, it was Jungkook’s turn to feel his heart shatter at your words. He stiffly got up to his feet, slowly picking up his keys and wallet as he walked to the door.

You avoided looking at him, staring down at your hands as tears dripped down your eyes, leaving wet stains on your jeans.

Jungkook slowly turned around as he opened the door, his eyes filling with hurt as he stared at your small form that sat on the floor in the middle of the apartment the two of you have been sharing for the past three years.

“Y/N, I love you…” He muttered before stepping out into the night, closing the door softly behind him.

As the door closed, you felt the sob rake through your body, “If you really loved me, you wouldn’t have cheated, you fucking asshole…” you cried into your hand, finally allowing yourself to lose to your emotions. You felt like a massive boulder of weight was crushing you, your shoulders shaking as you hiccupped.

He had cheated on you…. The man who had asked you to spend the rest of his life with him had betrayed you.

After what seemed like hours, you finally moved to your feet, dragging yourself like a corpse to the kitchen to hydrate yourself after losing all of the liquid in your body from crying. You winced as the cold water went down your throat, your body also becoming cold along with your broken heart.

It didn’t help to see the small silver promise ring on your finger, gleaming under the soft kitchen light as if to taunt you.

You harshly tugged it off your hand, moving to throw it across the room. However, you shakily stopped yourself, feeling another tear run down your cheek as you slumped to the floor, your shoulders drooping tiredly as you clutched the small ring.

At that moment, you jumped in fright as a loud crash echoed through the quiet room. With your eyes widened in surprise, you looked at the photo frame that was the cause of the sound.

You tiredly got up to your feet, gently picking up the frame that laid face down on the table. Slowly, your finger ran over the cold glass, your eyes softening as you eyed your younger self; beaming into the camera with your grandmother and a boy who had an equally as big grin as yours, only being boxier than yours.

You sucked in a breath as you returned the frame back to where it was on the table before walking to the kitchen phone, dialing the familiar number.

It rang three times before a familiar voice picked it up.

“Hello, Grandma? It’s me, yeah I’m doing good. Actually, I was wondering if what you were offering a couple weeks ago is still up. I changed my mind.”

The corner of your lips tugged up, “Yeah, I’ll see you soon. I love you too.” The call ended, leaving you alone in the silent apartment filled with memories of three years.

It was time for you to say goodbye.

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Missing (Eggsy Unwin Imagine)

A/N: Hey pals! Sorry, I’ve been away for so long - mock exams are getting crazy! I should be writing more soon, and I hope you enjoy this one! It’s my longest one yet - sorry it’s taken so long!

ALSO - if you're not following @flippingeggsy then what are you doing?

Warnings: kidnapping, swearing, violence, angst (it’s a jolly one…)

The gun in Eggsy’s hands shook imperceptibly next to the man’s head.

Blood trickled from a wound on his temple, trailing down his cheek and running over his lips. Eggsy didn’t seem to notice; he pressed the barrel harder into the man’s face.

“Where is she?” He hissed. A crackle sounded through his earpiece and he flinched.

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Hurry Home (Smut)

 A/N: This is kinda procrastination because I’m having a hard time finishing Redemption, but it’s coming along. I found this is my drafts so this is my “please don’t kill me Redemption is coming” phone sex. Also, I’d like to dedicate this to my lovely friend @sippingchai . Thank you for being as thirsty as I am lol. Enjoy ;)

You stretch your legs out as you sprawl across the bed making the most obnoxious noise. Opening your eyes, you look over and see an empty place in the bed where Shawn should be. The studio maybe? Who knows. You stand up and make your way downstairs to the living room to sit on the couch. You turn on Netflix to watch the next season of Dexter. You and Shawn usually watch it together, but you just can’t help yourself.

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170905 amber’s instagram

사진을 정리하다가 많은 보물들을 찾았어요^^
제가 말을 못 했을때 말 할 수 있게 도와줬고, 제가 겁먹고 자신감 없어졌을때 힘이 돼줬고, 저한테 포기하지말라고 계속하라고 했고, 제가 외로울때 뜬끔 없는 제 전화 받고, 제 재미 없는 장난까지도 받아주고ㅋㅋ.. 9년동안 같이 웃고 울고 다투고….너무나 소중한 추억들인데 앞으로도 더 많이 만들어야죠! 우리 멤버들 항상 고마워 사랑해!
에프엑스는 벌써 8살인데 항상 우리 미유한테 감사드려요!!! 미유분들 없었으면 에프엑스도 없었을거에요! 아직도 우리 미유의 응원소리가 어제인것같이 잘 들리네요. 계속 열심히 하겠습니다^^ 사랑해요 감사해요!

Found a lot of good memories going through old photos^^
When I didn’t know how to say anything, they helped me, when I was scared and discouraged they told me not to stop and to never give up, when I was lonely they would pick up my random phone calls, and they even laughed at my stupid dad jokes haha… its been a crazy but amazing 9 years with them, laughing together, crying together, and even arguing with one another… and I hope to make more special memories with these crazy girls :) Thank you to my members, always! Love you guys!
f(x) is 8 years old!! Just want to thank all you MeUs out there. If theres no MeU, theres no f(x)! I can still hear all those crazy fan chants like it was yesterday. Thank you guys for everything and we going to keep working hard! Love you guys, THANK YOU!

partners. | m

characters: g-dragon x reader ➵ genre: smut ➵ wc: 12.7k

Originally posted by s-tttop

summary: from childhood friends to business owners. too afraid to take it further, either your or jiyong has to make the first move.
author’s note: this is by far my longest work ever. i’m not gonna lie though, i’ve been living for these 5k+ fics, i’m gonna have to start writing more. and i know, i write a lot of g-dragon, don’t kill me for it.

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Every Second of Everyday (Dan Howell x Reader)

Originally posted by shinyphan

Hey guys! I’m finally on break and finals are over! (thank lord jesus) so now I will be posting a lot more than I have been so I hope you enjoy and happy holidays!

xxx Megan


Dan’s POV

 I miss her every second of everyday. I can’t help but wonder what she is doing and most nights I end up punching a pillow or screaming at the top of my lungs thinking about how I treated her. Thinking about how she left one night in tears. Thinking about the disgusting words that left my mouth that I would constantly throw her way. Guilt couldn’t even begin to describe the feeling that was devouring me when I thought about the fear in her eyes every time we were argue. 

 Y/N had left 2 years ago. I could never blame her though. I treated her with such disgrace and constantly regret everything I did to her. At first we were fine, an average happy couple, but then my career exploded and stress was running my life. And unfortunately I would take out all my stress and anger on her. Every night we bickered about something for a good 3 months. Then the bickering formed into top of the lungs screaming at each other until one of us ended in tear or had lost the will to fight anymore. The worst part is she was the one who stopped almost every single time. She was the one trying to desperately fix us and put us back together. And me being the dick I was just decided to ignore her and push her even farther. The night I came home and saw our bedroom only filled with my stuff didn’t surprise me at all. Hell I wasn’t even upset. That was until about a month later where I found the letter in her old underwear drawer.


 I bet you will either throw this in the bin, set it on fire or not even bother to read it but yet here I am writing it anyway. I’m tired. Dan I’m so tired of you complaining about shit and not even realize that the most important thing was broken. Dan Howell I love you so much and I feel like I always will but you are not willing to fight for the most valuable thing in my life. Us. If you’re not going to try to fight then I guess I should just give up too. I know it’s a shitty thing to just pack up and leave but I was already bawling writing this and I have to leave. If I talk to you in person you will make me stay and I can’t keep doing this. We’re broken. I’m broken. I’m done and so is our relationship. I can’t say I wouldn’t miss you holding me or kissing me or even looking at me cause we both know I’d be lying but I am doing this for you. You’re obviously caught up in work right now and I know how much stress and frustration you have bottled up and I know I’m just an obstacle in the way. I love you so much baby and I hope you have a good life without me getting in the way.

xxx Y/n

 I punched a hole in my wall that day. Anger filled my veins at the thought of her crying over an asshole like me, making her think she was justing getting in the way of my life. I loved her with everything I had and still do and yet I left her feeling broken and worthless. I miss her every second of every day. 

 I was currently laying in my bed, alone, staring at a picture of a beautiful couple. It was a tall, dark haired boy smiling down at a perfect girl with y/h/c. He gazed at her lovingly as her eyes were squeezed shut with a wide opened mouth on her face laughing at a dorky joke the boy had tolded her moments before. This was my favorite picture of us. We both looked so innocent and in love. So happy. My thoughts were interrupted as there was knock on my bedroom door.

 “Dan?” I heard Phil questioned on the other side of the door.

 “Yes?” I spoke weakly as I heard the door creak slightly. I heard a sigh escape his lips ashe walked over to me removing the photo from my hands.

 “Still thinking about y/n?” He spoke quietly as I nodded slightly. He frowned slightly looking at the picture shaking his head slightly. Y/n and Phil were so close when we were dating. Besides me she would tell Phil everything but since the letter neither of us had seen her. 2 years she had walked out of our lives and yet both of us remember it like it was just yesterday. Phil shook his head setting the frame down as he gave me a small smile. “Wanna go to the store with me? Get your head off things?” Nothing could make me stop thinking about her. 

 “Sure Phil.” I smiled slightly as I sat up from the bed.

Your POV

 I strolled down aisle 3 searching for eggs. pushing my cart slowly.  My eyes scanned as I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I grabbed it quickly answering the phone call, not glancing at the caller ID already knowing who was calling. 

 “Hi honey.” I spoke still looking for the eggs.

 “WHERE ARE YOU?” His phone boomed through the phone causing me to wince slightly

 “A-at the store. We ran out of eggs and the recipe calls for 2…”

 “You knew all my colleagues were coming over at 7 and I told you to have dinner ready by then!” Ryan’s voice was demanding and loud as I reached down finally finding a carton of eggs.

 “All of it’s done except for the cake you specifically asked for!” I spoke harshly into the phone setting the cartons in the cart.

 “Don’t you dare use that tone with me young lady.” He hushed into the phone causing me to roll my eyes.

 “Okay Dad I’m gonna go now see you at home.” I hung up before he could say anything else. Ryan was my fiance, a well paid, intelligent doctor who thinks he is better than anyone who is younger or earns less money than him. Me being 2 years younger and a mediocre photographer makes him feel twice as powerful towards me. We had been dating for a year and a half and to say we weren’t in love with each other is an understatement. The only reason we were getting married was because his parents loved me and told him to “claim me”. Being the suck up he is of course he proposed. And me being the most awkward person just happened to say yes. I was so busy trying to place my phone back in my pocket I didn’t realize I was walking I ran face first into someone’s chest.

 “Sorry about that love.” A thick british accent spoke causing my breath to hitch. I’d know that voice anywhere. 

 I lifted my head up slightly to look at the stranger’s face as I met a pair of two familiar brown eyes.


Dan’s POV

 “D-Dan?” Her voice squeaked out causing me to freeze. It was her. Here. RIght in front of me.

 “Y-n?” She gave me a polite smile as she looked down at her feet, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, biting her lip, like she always did when she was nervous. I just wanted to pull her lip from her teeth and kiss her. But I’ll I could do was shuffle awkwardly and place my hands in my pockets.

 “H-how you been?” She asked quietly as her beautiful y/e/c eyes met mine once again.

 “I’ve been better…” I gulped as I saw a streak of guilt fill her eyes. “How about you? How are your photos doing?” She smiled slightly as she nodded slightly.

 “I finally got a job. Somebody saw one of the pictures and fell in love with it so they asked me to join their company.” I grinned at her happily. She had always been struggling trying to get her dream job but I had always told her she could do it. That was until all we did was fight…

 “See! I told you you could do it!” I spoke happily causing her to giggle. Oh how I had missed that sound. “What picture was it?” I saw her face freeze before she whispered 

 “The one of you and I…” I opened my mouth to speak when I heard another voice chime in.

 “Dan I found the… y/n?!” I heard y/n squeal as I saw her jump into Phil’s arms


 I felt a pain in my heart as I watched them hug before she pulled away. Phil looked at her gleaming as he suddenly noticed something that I hadn’t.

 “Are you engaged…?” My eyes immediately darted to her left ring finger where a sparkling diamond ring sat. No. I thought to myself. She can’t be. That should be MY engagment for her. I felt my heart physically break as nausea took over my stomach as I saw her nod slowly. She looked down at her finger before looking up to meet Phil’s gaze again. I felt my eyes become glossy as I looked down at my shoes rapidly blinking trying to keep from crying. Phil seemed to notice my pain as he quickly spoke up. 

 “Congratulations! Well Dan and I should be headed out. We have a bunch of editing to do tonight and we have to watch some new anime episodes as such.” I looked up to see y/n gazing at me sadly as she nodded understandingly. She pulled Phil into another tight hug before turning to me and opening her arms slightly. I wrapped my arms around her petite figure as she hugged me tightly. Her vanilla perfume filled my nostrils as she squeezed me tightly. She pulled away slightly before waving a small wave smiling a little. 

 “Bye guys.” Her sweet voice filled my ears one last time before I saw her turn and continue walking the opposite way. I felt a small tear fall from my eye as Phil placed a hand on my shoulder squeezing in reassurance. 

 “I’m sorry Dan….” He spoke softly causing me to shake my head and wipe my tears.

 “Don’t be…” I spoke, “I’m the one who left her go…”

Your POV

 The radio quietly played in the background as I drove to Ryan and I’s apartment. My mind screaming Dan’s name over and over again. I had never gotten over him and the disappointment in his eyes when finding out I was engaged broke my heart. As I pulled into the parking lot of the apartments I felt my mind become cloudy when I tried to think about why I was with Ryan and not Dan. Dan and I had so much in common while Ryan and I were polar opposites. Ryan didn’t have the sense of humor like Dan did. Ryan didn’t care for me like Dan did. And even though all Dan and I did was fight and bicker, at the end of the day, I didn’t love Ryan the way I loved Dan. I carried the bags of ingredients up to the apartment where I opened the door to reveal multiple doctors and nurses filling up the living room. Sophisticated conversations were being spoken as laughter filled the room. I dropped the bags on the table causing a few to glance over at me and Ryan to notice my arrival.

 “Took you long another! Everyone I would like to introduce you to my friend y/n!” I stared at him blankly

 “Fiance.” I spoke angrily only causing Ryan to roll his eyes and nod softly before grunting out 

 “Yes… my future wife.” I scoffed before turning back to unload the bags when something caught my eye. The walls were empty. Nothing was hung or displayed on any wall of the house,

 “Ryan!” I spoke loudly over the voices making everyone go silent and turn their attention towards me once again.  

 “What?!” He spoke harshly, obviously annoyed by me interrupting his company for a second time.

 “Where did my pictures go?”

 “What pictures?”  


 A snotty brunette then piped up.

 “Job? Ryan I thought you said she was a lawyer not a picture taker.”

 “Photographer.” I gritted my teeth trying to calm my anger before turning my attention back to Ryan. “First you don’t want to announce me as your fiance and now you’re embarrassed by my job?!” I shrieked angrily as Ryan just chuckled. 

 “Y/n, I have a very important job and so do all these people. I didn’t feel telling them about your hobbies.” I felt my blood boil as he spoke.

 “Well you know what. I’m sorry I didn’t graduate from a fancy college with a perfect GPA. I’m sorry I don’t make as much money as all of your “perfect” friends but I’m not fucking sorry for who I am or what I enjoy doing. I like my “unimportant” job thank you and I know lots of people who support me.”

 “Oh yeah like who?” 

 “Like Dan…” 

 “Seriously y/n?! You’re bringing up that loser again! He doesn’t do anything either. Worthless piece of….”

 “Don’t you dare finish that sentence Ryan…” I spoke in a low, demanding voice. “Plus I know one thing Dan has that you will never EVER get.”

 “Oh yeah what’s that?”

 I looked down at my ring before sliding it off my finger and slamming it on the table “My heart.”

 “Y/n you’re gonna regret this…” I shook my head staring at him dead in the eye

 “Actually this is the best decision I’ve ever made. Have fun at your fucking party Ryan.” I pushed through the crowd grabbing my keys and open the door as I hear Ryan call from behind me.

 “You walked out that door y/n you can never come back. Do you hear me?! You can just send someone to get all your shit.” I stopped dead in my tracks before calling back.

 “Gigi will be here tomorrow to pick it up.” As I walked out slamming the door. I quickly rushed down the stairs as I reached my car hopping in and rushing down the street driving to the first place that popped into my head…

Dan’s POV

 “Phil make some popcorn!” I shouted from the living room as I searched through the TV for the episode we were gonna watch when I was interrupted by a knock at the door. Who would be delivering something at this hour I thought as I slowly stood up and walked down the stairs. I reached the door unlocking it slowly to be met with a petite girl. Tears filled her y/e/c eyes as her y/h/c hair was tangled slightly. I opened my mouth slightly as I stared at her standing at my door. I never thought I would something as beautiful as this moment. Even with her ratty hair and her makeup slightly smudged under her eyes she still managed to be the most breathtaking thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. I felt a smirk creep on my lips before I let out one of my remarks trying to lighten the mood.

 “Long time no see.” She giggled under her breath before I heard her mumble.

 “God I’ve missed you.” Before I could respond I felt her grab my shirt and tug me toward her. I felt her moist lips connected with my slightly chapped lips as the taste of her cherry chapstick invade my mouth. My hands found her waist as I tugged her inside with my closing the door by pushing her back against it. I tugged on her bottom lip as I pulled away smiling. She giggled resting her forehead on mine as I whispered.

 “I thought you were engaged?”

 “I was.” I grinned before reconnecting our lips

 I missed her every second of everyday. That was until she was mine again. I ended up marrying that girl. To ensure, that I wouldn’t have to miss her anymore.

Think Outside the Lovesquare Day 1: Wrong Number AU

(Just a note to clarify, I elected to use bolded text to indicate Adrien’s texts and italicized text to indicate the person texting him.)

Hey, are you back in France yet?

Adrien stared down at his phone. He wasn’t entirely sure who was texting him, but he could only guess it was someone working for his father. Maybe Nathalie needed a new number and hadn’t had the chance to tell him yet. He shrugged and replied.

Just got back today. I should be home soon.

How’s work?

Adrien raised a brow. Nathalie had been with him until the last two days, so she already had a pretty clear idea on how most of the work had gone. Maybe she just wanted to know about the last shoot.

Fine. Everyone seemed pretty happy with it.

Cool. Are you free this weekend?

Adrien checked his schedule, a bit confused that Nathalie was asking him, instead of the other way around.

I should be, yeah.

After all, she’d promised him a few days off after the grueling three weeks of travel and photo shoots and media attention. His calendar was indeed free aside from a fencing lesson he’d chosen to keep.

Wanna meet up?

Now he knew something was wrong. Nathalie wouldn’t ask

Wait. Is this Nathalie?

What? No, this is Nino.

After a moment, the mystery person added on.

I sat behind you last year.

Adrien frowned. So, it wasn’t Nathalie after all. That didn’t explain who it was, however.

Sat behind me? Where?

In class. Remember?

Now it was beginning to make sense. Adrien flopped back onto his bed and stared up at the screen. It really should have been obvious. After all, Nathalie and Chloe were the only ones who texted him.

I think you have the wrong number.

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Catfish: Part 1

Fandom: Marvel (Tinder AU)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: You’ve been single for a while and it seems like old-fashion dating isn’t working for you. You go to your last resort: Tinder. You come across this guy, James, who seems really nice, but is skeptical about meeting you in person. You’re really dying to know why.

A/N: Photo of Chris doesn’t belong to me. I found it via google. And the pic will make sense when you read the story. Also, i hate myself for coming up with yet another series instead of finishing my other ones. I’m gonna TRY to keep this under 3 parts. Let’s hope I could do that….

Originally posted by caps-bucky

You drag yourself into your apartment with your purse and heels in hand, “Another bust?”

Your friend and roommate, Pietro Maximoff asked, “Yeah,” You mumbled as you flopped face first into the couch.

Pietro sighed and made his way to the couch. He pinched your butt, “Up.” You groaned as you sat up and rested your head on his shoulder.

You let out a sigh, “I don’t think dating is for me, P. I think I’m going to remain single my whole life and live with a bunch of cats and dogs to keep me company.”

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 4

Part 5

You absolutely hated the idea of getting a tutor when you didn’t even need it. Your grades were excelling in the challenging environment, yet the teacher decided to act presumptively and assign you with a tutor, who happened to be the best in the class.

It was Peter Parker, someone you’d probably not notice if he wasn’t your tutor. After meeting him, he was almost inserted into your life and you welcomed him. If it weren’t for the stupid tutoring sessions your teacher made you do. You scowled at the book the two of you were looking at. “This is pointless. I have an A in all my classes!”

Peter smiled crookedly at you before looking back down to his book and mentioning in a casual tone, “You transferred to a completely different school in sophomore year. Not to mention, this school is for geniuses. Most transfers need a tutor.”

Glancing up at him, you added stubbornly, “I’m not a normal transfer.”

“Can’t say you are, Y/N Y/L/N,” Peter responded with a small smirk as he continued to talk about Computer Science. So, you weren’t a fan of people knowing who exactly you were. It’s not like any of your records said anything about your last name being Stark, and that means you weren’t technically lying about your father.

Withholding information isn’t lying. You just wanted a normal high school experience and, although you mended things with your dad, you didn’t want people to think that he got you into the school so you couldn’t handle it. Yes, he got you into the school, but that was just a stepping stone. You were trying your hardest to absorb all the information being thrown at you.

Not to mention the tensions at the Avengers Compound. Due to Sokovia and recent government problems, the team was rather split over the issue. You didn’t want the government to control the Avengers, but you knew the civilian deaths were a serious issue with Tony. Besides, he was set on keeping you out of the conflict itself. It still hurt to see the team you loved so much falling apart.

Yet another thing to worry about is Peter. He’s been very tired lately and he’s been trying to blame it on the schoolwork and late nights. What Peter doesn’t know is that sometimes, if his sleeve is rolled up slightly, you’ll see occasional bruises and cuts. You immediately thought that he got himself involved in something that he shouldn’t be involved in, but you dismissed the idea.

It’s Peter after all. He couldn’t have gotten in that much trouble. He was just a sweet, albeit slightly dorky, guy. There are so many things he could do, but Peter knows when to avoid a bad situation. That’s how he managed to stop the major bullying from Flash.

Little did you know, Peter was looking at you and noticing how tired you seemed. After the tutoring session, he asked if you were okay. Since you couldn’t tell him that the stress of civil war was keeping you up, you simply smiled and stated, “I’ve just been worried lately. You know, because of all the crime lately.”

Concern flashed through his eyes and Peter wondered, “Has something happened?”

“No, not at all. I’m just a bit nervous.”

You began to walk away, but Peter stopped you and said, “I could walk you home.” He wanted to stop by as Spiderman and keep an eye out, but he had no idea where you lived.

Raising your eyebrow, you simply declined, “No thanks. I’m waiting for my dad anyway. Besides, I don’t want you staying up late tonight because of homework.” To hide your obvious lie, you said the last part as if you were a worried mother.

“Thanks, Mom,” he teased before continuing, “Okay. See you tomorrow, Y/N!” You were surprised that he just dropped the conversation, but shrugged it off and continued to walk.

Peter almost ran home so he could get his schoolwork done before his night roaming began. His mind went over the conversation with you. He was still concerned over you losing sleep and decided to see if he could find your address off the school directory.

It hadn’t been updated yet, so you weren’t there. Peter hesitated until he finally just typed your name into a search bar. Yes, he knew that this was slightly creepy, but it was good intentions, right?

Not much came up for your name. Miscellaneous things appeared like some awards you won at your old school. It wasn’t until he stumbled on an article that had recanted its statement. There were some photos of you, leaving what was Stark Towers. No one had any idea why you were there. Tony Stark had replied to the author that your mother was a friend of his and he had given you a summer internship.

You knew Tony Stark? Peter’s eyes widened and his mind raced. Why hadn’t you told him? You knew how much Peter looked up to Tony Stark. Maybe he could casually bring it up in conversation. He groaned slightly to himself, realizing he’d have to explain how he had stumbled upon an obscure article about you. That would seem creepy probably.

Groaning again, he closed the browser and shut his laptop. Of course he found out something about you, but Peter had no idea where you lived. All dreams of protecting you dissipated and reality came crashing back. You’d never like him. You’re just hanging out with him because Peter’s your tutor and one of the only people you knew at Midtown.

When the battle between Avengers was inevitable, you almost shut down in on yourself. Peter was extremely worried for you. Was the transition to Midtown hard? Your grades weren’t suffering, so it couldn’t be that bad. You told him a bit about your old school, and never in a nostalgic way.

Maybe it was personal? It shocked Peter at how little he knew about you. Sure, you met Peter that year, but it’s been a while since you first met him. He would have thought to at least know what your family was like. Some little comment about your mother or father.

You said nothing about your family. Maybe it was a family issue. He stared at you as you did your work. Peter was supposed to be tutoring, but he was too distracted by the dark circles under your eyes, signifying a consistent poor sleep schedule, something Peter knew all too well. He would look over at you from time to time, wishing he could do something.

The Avengers Compound seemed practically empty without everyone there. Wanda was shipped off to another compound, where Steve and Clint broke her out. Natasha stayed, but seemed distant as well. You silently did your homework on the counter in the kitchen when Tony walked in. He paused at your appearance. The Accords and everything had distracted him from your wellbeing. You obviously looked stressed over the upcoming battle.

He cleared his throat. You looked over your shoulder quickly, relaxing when you saw Tony. Walking over and placing a hand on your shoulder, Tony said in a reassuring tone, “You’re keeping up with the work perfectly. Once you’re done your homework, I want you in bed asleep.”

Simply nodding, you noticed his car keys in his hands and asked, “Are you going somewhere, Dad?”

“Recruiting the new Spider-kid,” he answered nonchalantly, “I’ll just pick up some dinner afterwards so don’t wait up.” Tony left you all by your lonesome, so you turned on some music while you did your homework.

About thirty minutes later, you felt your phone buzz on the table. Seeing it was Peter, you looked at it, not expecting much. It read, “Hey, I’m going to need you to collect my homework for the next few days.”

“Why?” you responded.

“I got an internship for Tony Stark!” You looked at the text in shock when another text came through from Peter. “By the way, anything you want to tell me?”

A strangled noise escaped from your mouth as the realization set in. FRIDAY immediately powered up and the voice resonated from the ceiling, “Miss Stark, I am unaware of that sound. Is everything okay?”

“He’s Spiderman!” you yelled at the AI.

“I am confused,” FRIDAY continued, “Is there a spider in the room?”

long distance; tom holland

pairing: tom holland x reader
word count: 1,342. more than thought, tell me if you want a part two to this.
summary: you and tom meet each other on the internet. 
warning: none, (y/f/n) means your friends name, the friend is not described as any gender, you can chose. I think you got it. 
part two| my other work

Originally posted by tomshollandss

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As Long As You Both Shall Live

 Bucky Barnes X reader X Steve Rogers

Till Death Do Us Part

Summary- In a world where everyone is born with the name of their soulmate-or soulmates- on their wrist the reader has the horrible fate of being bound to two dead soldiers. That is until she sees Captain America fighting in New York. Does she run from her destined love or does she go to him?

Message- This is part 2 to Till Death do us Part! I added some T’cham to the story. I got the idea of Bucky burning/ scratching off his soul mark form a story @iavengesuperwholock wrote! There is going to be at least one more part! Sorry if it sucks!!!

Word Count-1300ish

It took you and Steve about 6 months to track anything down. Steve had enlisted the help from all of the other Avengers. It’s Natasha who finally finds something. She hand you and Steve the file and tell you that you should probably read it while sitting down. So you and Steve take the file back to your shared apartment and sit down at the kitchen table and you start to read it.

You were going to be sick. Your soulmate was alive-if you can call it that- he was tortured and experimented on. Hydra had conditioned him to be their puppet, they had even cut the arm with Steve’s name on it off, so Bucky wouldn’t have any way to remember who he was. There was also a picture of his other wrist it showed that your name had been branded off.

“He did that the night before he left. He wanted to keep you safe, he was going to do the same thing to my name but I convinced him not to. When he was captured he had started to scratch it off, but I rescued him before he could finish.”

“We need to find him, we need to bring him home.” You whisper. Steve nods and he takes your hand in his.

“I know, doll, I know.”


You and Steve were currently living in DC. You were having your morning run when Steve decides to mess with the other jogger there. As Steve was lapping the two of you, you speed up so you can run next to him.

“Sorry, about him, he can get annoying at times.” You joke.

“Well, he is Captain America, I guess he’s earned the right to be a bit annoying. I’m Sam.”

“Y/N, I’m the showoffs soulmate.”

“So, what’s it like being Captain America’s soulmate.”

“Well it was pretty depressing for most of my life, thinking my soulmate was dead and all, but now it’s great.”

“Yeah, I’m an error to. I only got a first name, T’Challa. I’ve been looking for him but-“he stops talking, lost in thought.

“We’re looking for our other soulmate to.” You say as the two of you start to slow down. Eventually the two of you sit down by a tree. The two of you talk about different ideas to locate Sam’s soulmate when you here:

“Need a medic?”

“I need a need a new set of lungs. Dude, you just ran, like thirteen miles in thirty minutes.” Sam says. “Do you even try to keep up with him?”

“Sometimes he’s nice and runs at my pace, but usually it’s just a bunch of on your lefts. Only thirteen miles, really Stevie?”

“Guess I got a late start.” Steve says while grinning at you.

“Really? You should be ashamed of yourself. You should take another lap. Did you just take it? I assume you just took it.” As Sam spoke you and Steve started to laugh.

“What unit are you in?” Steve asks.

“58th Para rescue. But now I’m working down at the VA.” Sam says as Steve helps the two of you up. “Sam Wilson.”

“Steve Rogers.”

“Yeah, she told me. Must have freaked you out coming home after the whole defrosting thing.”

“Takes some getting used to. It’s good to meet you, Sam.” You turn to wave to Sam. You had already exchanged numbers, so the two of you could meet up to talk about ways to look for your soulmates.

“It’s your bed, right?” Sam says and Steve stops and turns back.

“What’s that?

“It’s your bed it’s too soft. When I was over there I’d sleep on the ground, used rock for pillows, like a caveman. Now I’m home lying in my bed and it’s like…” Sam says.

“Lying on a marshmallow. Feel like I’m gonna sink right to the floor. How long?” Stevie asks.

“Two tours. You must miss the good old days. Huh?” A lot of people asked him that and it always made you laugh.

“Well, things aren’t so bad. Food’s a lot better, we used to boil everything, no Polio’s good. Internet, so helpful. Been reading that a lot. Trying to catch up.”

“Marvin Gaye, 1972 Trouble Man soundtrack. Everything you missed jammed into one hour.”

“I’ll put it on the list.” Steve said as he pulled his little notebook out and writes it down.


You and Steve were currently at a party that the EU was hosting for all of the dignitaries. It was quite boring but most of the dignitaries wanted to meet the famous Captain America. You were standing off to the side, watching your soulmate fondly.

“Hello, my name is Ayo, I am a member of the Dora Milaje, my King has requested your presence at his table.” A women in a stunning red dress says. You nod and follow her. She motions to a seat next to a man who was in a black suit. After you sit, some of the others introduce themselves and then you turn to the King in question.

“Hello, I’m Y/N, I’m Captain Rogers soulmate.” You say quietly. The King chuckles.

“Yes, I know who you are. I am King T’Challa.” Holy shit, holy fucking shit. This was Sam’s soulmate. You take your phone out of you clutch and you go to your photos and you scroll through until you find the photo of Sam’s soulmate tattoo. You then shove your phone in his face.

“Is this how you spell it?” you whisper.

“Y-you know Samuel Thomas Wilson?”

“I do, he works with Steve covertly and is one of our closest friends. He’s in the city now, if you want I can call him, he’s been looking for you for forever. He was so scared that his mark was an error.” T’Challa nods and you call Sam and tell him to come to the gala.

“That is not what I wanted to speak to you about, but I suppose it is fitting. You give me my soulmate and I give you yours.” King T’Challa says.

“What do you mean?” You ask.

“Hydra sent an assassin to kill my father a couple of years ago, we were able to apprehend him and soon realized that he was being controlled. So our scientists went to work on finding a way to deprogram him. They did about a year ago, but he didn’t remember much of his past life. Just the names Y/N and Steven.” You put your hand over your mouth to muffle the sobs.

“Bucky, you found Bucky.” You whisper.

“Yes.” You jump out of your chair and run to Steve. You drag him over to King T’Challa so he can tell him what he told you. Both you and Steve are sobbing messes when Sam arrives.

“Y/N, Steve, what’s wrong? Why did I have to come? Why are the two of you crying?” Sam asks.

“Sam, I would like you to meet King T’Challa.” You say. Sam stops breathing and just stares at T’Challa and then down at his wrist and then back at T’Challa. While Sam is trying to comprehend what just happened T’Challa is grinning like a fool in love.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, my heart.” T’Challa says. Sam looks at him for another minute and then he launches himself at the King and kisses him. When the break away, they lean their foreheads on each other’s.

“I was so worried that I would never find you.” Sam whispers.

“Well, you never have to worry about that again. Would you come with me to my country? Your friends are coming for a while. They are to be reunited with their lost love.” At that Sam turns to you and Steve.

“Wait, you guys found Bucky?”

“No we didn’t, he did.” You say motioning to T’Challa.

“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s get going!” Sam says.

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In the Right Direction { VxMC - Soulmate!AU}

Words: 3,620 (so its a long post and I won’t put it under a “keep reading” because that messes up on mobile for some reason?)

So here’s the first part of that Soulmate!AU I talked about a very;;; long time ago ^^;; But here it is;; idk if its good but here you are;;;  ~Admin 404

                His compass practically screamed that this cute, blonde girl in his gallery wasn’t the person he thought she was. He elected to ignore this stupid hunk of junk because he believed he had found his sun. Though Jumin has told him numerous times to listen to his head every once in a while instead of his heart, he just couldn’t dismiss these strong feelings.

               When he found her and their relationship to be… less than ideal, he should have listened to his head. Could he just up and leave this women he spent so much time, passion, and love on? He could live with growing old with someone besides his designated soulmate, as long as he was with someone he loved. But now she’s gone, and he has nothing left to look forward to.

               The people close to him knew how much he wanted to find the love of his life– how much he just wanted to love and be loved back. They’ve always told him to just follow his compass, don’t look up until the needle starts to spin like crazy. You would think that’s what he would be doing from the beginning, but he wanted to give everyone a chance.

               Most people in this world look only for their soulmate– using the compass given to them at birth to search the world with a fine-toothed comb, eyes constantly glued to the small circular object– missing out on amazing connections, marvelous adventures– they’re missing out on what could have been an extravagant love! He wanted to change all of that; he wanted to prove that you can live happily with someone you love, despite the fact that someone is out in the world, completely perfect for you. Love can be found in imperfections.

               His history with Rika didn’t change this outlook on this ideal, not even in the slightest. If anything, it solidified his thoughts! He truly loved her, but now he’s able to see that he just wasn’t the one for her and vice versa. Though, after the ordeal, he was left wondering just how love would feel with his soulmate. Someone he was literally made for… the love had to be something other-worldly, right?

               Jumin was the one to finally push him into searching for you. Jihyun was already traveling for his photography, it wouldn’t be too hard to search for you as well. It took quite a bit of pushing to get him to agree, however.

               "V, listen to me. You’re already going abroad to take photos for your next gallery. You can search for your soulmate along the way,“ he  explained, taking a sip from his glass of wine.

               "But what if Rika was already the one? What if my compass is just broken? What if it never worked in the first place? What if-” he was cut off by Jumin scoffing.

               "Why don’t you just try it, V. It really won’t hurt you. You might find your other half, the perfect one for you, the peanut butter to your jelly, your-“

               "Who are you and what have you done to Jumin Han?” his laughter following the question soft and light, “I thought you didn’t believe in love of any sort?”

               His friend shrugged before taking another sip of his wine, “I don’t exactly, but I do believe in your happiness. I think you should try and find what I know will make you the happiest.”

               That was it- that was all he needed to now be sat on a plane, looking out of the window at the clouds surrounding the aircraft. ‘I won’t look at my compass until I’m settled in on the ground. I won’t make this a big thing,’ he thought to himself, 'it’ll be alright. If I find them, great, if I don’t, that’s alright too.’ All the excitement he had for this photography trip was slowly deteriorating because he couldn’t help but think about the navigation device. What if he really did find the one on this trip? What would he even do; what would he even say? He couldn’t help but be worried about just who you were, how the two of you would intermingle- but his biggest worry was what if you didn’t believe in soulmates? What if you were like him, and believed in natural love, but only natural love?

               Those intrusive thoughts were the only things he could think of. It finally got to the point where he put his camera down and only followed his compass. He followed it across multiple cities, countries even! The only time he was ripped away from his compass was when he kept receiving call after call from Saeyoung.

               "Is everything alright? You’ve called me a lot in the past-“

               "There’s someone new in the chatroom,” came Luciel’s anxious voice, out of breath and dripping with concern.

               "What do you mean? That’s impossible, isn’t it? I thought you had everything secure and-“

               "I did! I did and that’s the problem! How did they get into the chat? How did they get past all of my security, how did they-”

               "Luciel,“ Jihyun started, speaking low and slow to help his friend calm down, "Take a moment to catch your breath. Obviously, finding out how this person joined our closed group is the big question here, but you have to think about another fairly important question.”

               "And what is that exactly?“ He asked, audibly a little calmer thanks to Jihyun.

               "Just who this person is. Running a background check is fairly important.  We don’t know who they are, or if they’re trying to harm us. I’m counting on you to figure this out, Luciel,” he couldn’t bring himself to talk anymore, so he hung up the phone. He felt as thoughts rushed through his mind- who could it be? How did they get into their private messenger? Are they there to hurt him or his friends? Was it… no, it couldn’t be. His phone lit up less than a moment later, baring Luciel’s name again.

               "Did you find anything?“ he asked, not so much as a hello.

               "It’s a girl,” he replied- he seemed 10 times more calm than he did in his last phone call.

               "A girl? Really? I need all of the details, no matter how small you think they are,“ he started to head back where he was staying during his trip, the photos and compass both thrown to the back of his mind. 'Finding love can wait,’ he thought, 'my friend’s securities are much more important.’

               Later that day, he finally got a chance to log into the chat room, hoping to talk to this new stranger. It was a simple conversation, but he felt this weird feeling in the bottom of his stomach. Was this feeling fear? Maybe it was panic? He just knew it was brand-new and unexplainable. Brushing it off as the general anxiety that comes with a situation such as this one, he decided the best course of action would be to work with her. Denying her access could make things 10 times worse. He didn’t want to believe that this could have been connected to Rika and her organization, but he couldn’t rule it out, either.  He headed home the moment he could, his photos could wait, his compass was thrown into his jacket pocket and forgotten about.

               The first few nights, he found himself logging into the chatroom once everyone had gotten off, reading each and every message. All of them wanted him to set a date for the new party, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to. He had a bad feeling that his previous love was behind it all, but reading how nice and caring you are to all of his friends… he didn’t think you were truly involved. You were some sort of pawn and he hated that you were a pawn in this mysterious game.

               But, looking through all of the messages, he always found himself smiling when he saw your name popping up and he didn’t bother to stop himself. You were so warm and inviting, you seemed interested in everyone’s well beings, and you had nothing to gain from caring about them all yet you continued to. You were… different than Rika. You were everything Rika pretended to be.

               As days passed, everyone seemed openly surprised the fact that Jihyun had come to the chatroom more often than he has in the past few years, but he couldn’t explain to them why. Although it hurt to stare at the phone for too long, he suffered through it just to talk to you. When he couldn’t see anymore for the day, he would call you. Talking until the early hours of the day were a common thing between the two of you already. Hearing you fall asleep on the phone made his heart skip a beat, and he didn’t think he could feel that again- let alone so soon.

               You talked about anything and everything. Places you’d love to travel, stories behind some of the pictures he’s taken, he’s even talked to you about his concerns for his friends and a hypothetical situation about his ex.  He felt like he could talk to you about anything in the world, but it had only been a few short days. Sure, he was open with his love and cared about everyone but there was just something a little bit different with you.

               "MC, may I ask you something?” he whispered into his phone, laying in his bed with an arm thrown over his currently burning eyes, his phone to his ear.

               "You know you can ask me anything, V,“ you answered just as quietly, though to him it sounded as if you were always singing. Your voice was just so heavenly to his ears and his heart.

               "It’s about love. What do you believe in?” he paused, taking in a shaky breath that he hoped you couldn’t hear. “Do you believe in natural love? Or do you believe in the fact that everyone has someone in the world made specifically for them?” he asked cautiously, scared to hear a certain answer. When you took what felt like a million years to answer in that sweet, soft voice of yours.

               "I believe in love. Whether its love that forms between two people who truly have a connection, or if it’s the kind of love between two halves of one soul. Either of them are absolutely beautiful,“ you answered, hearing him let out a soft sigh. He couldn’t help but smile at your answer. Why did he even bother to ask? Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew you would view it in the same light as himself.

               "Have you been in love, MC?” he asked before he could even realize the thought passed his mind. You gave a soft sound of disagreement, and his previously large smile simmered down to a softer, warmer one. “One day,” his words ghosted, “I hope that love is directed towards me.”

               His hand flew to his mouth and his eyes shot open, realizing the words that just came from his mouth. “I-I um,” he stammered, his face turning a crimson colour, “F-forget I said anything. It’s… it’s late, I should have let you gone to bed a while ago, I apologize. I’ll um, I’ll speak to you tomorrow. Good night.”

               He rushed to end the call, his hands shaking the whole time as he strained his eyes to see the end button on his phone.  He was in such disbelief that he let that slip off of his tongue. There was some sort of feelings for you in his heart but he didn’t know if it was love per say. It was different than what he felt for Rika, but he knew he wanted to pursue it, just… not so suddenly. He spent hours just thinking, burying his face into his pillow and contemplating all of his feelings. He was afraid he made things uncomfortable between the both of you and he was worried. However, now the need to protect you was solidified in his mind- he couldn’t let anyone get to you, not even Rika.

               Over the course of the next two days, he still visited the chatroom to see you, but not for as long as he previously would. He noticed that you treated him just the same as before, but he couldn’t shake his awkward feeling. He decided to just talk through it with you at the party, that way he has a day or so to prepare exactly what he wanted to say. Too bad Jihyun’s plans never work out the way he wants them to.

               He picked up his phone, greeting a frantic Luciel. Before he could mutter a 'What’s wrong’,  Luciel is talking a mile a minute and Jihyun just couldn’t keep up.

               "V. It’s the security system for the apartment,“ the younger man started. Jihyun moved to sit on the edge of his seat, his eyebrows furrowing together. "The… special security system,” he finished. His eyes practically popping out of his head, Jihyun stood up, already trying to feel his way to his front door.

               "What about the system? What’s wrong with it? What about MC? Luciel, please tell me that MC is alright,“ he panicked, feeling around for his jacket. He didn’t want to hear what was coming next but he knew he had to, for MC’s safety.

               "It’s… it’s been compromised, someone hacked into it. Probably the same person who led MC there in the first place. It’s been armed and disarmed, over and over again. I’ve been trying to take back control of it, but there’s always the possibility that they could-” Jihyun cut off the red head with a loud curse. Luciel knew just how upset his friend was now due to the fact he next to never used such strong language.

               "I’m going. I’m getting MC out of there,“ he stated, leaving the house and frantically trying to make his way to the apartment. He was tired of hearing Luciel try to tell him to just stay put, it was too dangerous, especially for him and the state of his eyes but he didn’t care. All he cared about was getting you out of that apartment and getting you safe, away from it all, where he can physically hold and protect you. He never even got to see you in person, there was no way he was going to let the world take you from him so soon. There were so many things he wanted to know, needed to know about you before he would ever be satisfied in life.

               Breathing heavier than he ever had in his life, legs shaking like Jell-O, and his eyesight worse due to the mixture of terrified tears and the wind piercing his eyes, he arrived at the apartment, knowing he had to calm himself down before MC opened that door. Leaning a hand against the doorway to make sure he didn’t fall over, he brought his other hand to knock on the door. Before he did, he could hear your panicked voice muffled behind the door.

               "Seven, what do you mean? What are you talking about? A BOMB? There’s a BOMB in this apartment? Why would you- Who would-,” he could only imagine you would shake your head in disbelief at this point, “Nevermind. You know what I don’t want to know why there’s a FREAKING BOMB. So what… what do I do? Do I… do I leave? Do you think it’ll go off?”

               Jihyun’s fist hovered in front of the door, afraid to knock and only make the situation worse. Maybe Luciel was right? Maybe he shouldn’t have come, the younger man was surely capable of taking care of it himself. His self-doubting thoughts were washed away when he strained to hear your quiet voice whimper behind the door.

               "I just wish V were here. He’d know what to do. I’d definitely feel better…“ hearing you wish for him brought the warmest smile to his face. His heart started to beat so fast it stuttered and his whole abdomen was full of millions of butterflies. Before he could change his mind or run away, he rasped his knuckles against the door, ready to finally see you with his own two eyes… He hoped he would be able to see clearly when the door flew open. He could hear Luciel yelling through the phone not to open the door, in case it was the hacker, he saw a figure wielding what looked like a lamp over their head, ready to protect themselves.

               "MC, wait! It’s me,” he begged, stepping back slightly to avoid the lamp colliding with his head if you were to swing. He watched the lamp get lowered as you raised your face to look him in the eyes. He believed in heaven, he believed in angels, and he believed in miracles- you were all three to him in that exact moment.

               His fuzzy eyesight didn’t clear completely, but when he looked at you, it seemed like you were in high definition. The world was blurry but you were the clarity in his life he had been looking for- apparently you were the clarity his eyes needed as well. He quickly glanced at his surroundings, noticing nothing was clear to him but you. You seemed to have this heavenly glow surrounding you as well- was this what an aura was? Or was that the indication of your wings, because he sincerely believed you had wings. He felt like he had finally found the last true mouthpiece of heaven,  these few seconds feeling like the rest of his life, and he was content with that. Your growing smile was like the light of God, shining brightly and piercing him straight to his heart and soul.

               He watched as you ran towards him, his arms instinctively opening to hold you close. The moment your bodies made contact, electricity shot through him, and his chest felt… full. He knew his heart was pounding loud enough for his newfound love to hear, but he didn’t care. He wanted them to know just how fondly he thought of them, how much they had an impact on his heart.

               "MC, it’s alright, I’m here for you,“ he whispered against the top of your head, burying his smile in your hair before continuing in a soft voice, "I came to protect you.” keeping your arms wrapped around him, you pulled you head away from his chest to look up at him, locking eyes and offering him a small smile.

               "You ran all the way here, for me?“ your smile dropped, a concerned look replacing it, "but you could have been really hurt! V, that’s-” he cut you off by placing a finger to your lips, smiling at the small blush that rose on your cheeks.

               "Jihyun. Please, I want to hear that heavenly smooth voice say my actual name,“ he proposed, gently laughing at just how much your blush had grown. He wouldn’t bother hiding his feelings anymore, he had already exposed himself days before.  You hid your face back against his chest, running from your embarrassment as the two of you just stood holding each other in the hallway for several minutes. Luciel kept taking screenshots from the security cameras and sent them to the group chat, frantically fangirling.

               Your eyebrows furrowed together as you removed your head from his chest again, earning a head tilt from him in return. Patting his jacket pocket, your own head tilted to the side.

               "V- I mean, Jihyun, what’s this in your pocket? It’s… slightly vibrating,” you asked, watching as he stuck his hand in there to find out himself. He didn’t remember his phone being in that pocket…

               The both of you shared a gasp as you looked at the small compass laying in his palm, the needle spinning in frantic circles the closer your own hand got to the device. The moment your fingers grazed the metal cylinder, it dissipated into thin air, both you and Jihyun watching it leave his hand. He looked up at you with his eyes wide, his mouth slightly hanging open in disbelief. You looked into his eyes before smiling, reaching into your pocket to pull out your own, holding it out to him with your eyes full of love. You were completely ready to combine the two halves of your souls, right then and there and he was so overwhelmed with emotions that tears started to stream down his face, only to break when they hit his smile. He slowly extended his hand to lay it over the compass, feeling it dissipate and he gently held onto your hand, leaning forward to place a kiss between your eyes.

               "I wouldn’t have expected this, MC. I always believed in natural love, finding my true soulmate always came second,“ he started, looking at your hands, beginning to interlace his fingers with your own, "But now that I’ve gotten a taste of what it’s like to find the one just for me, I understand why people look for their other half. You are my heaven. You are my clarity in this world,” he looked into your eyes hoping to convey just how much he already loved you with the emotions in his own before he brought his face closer, looking between your eyes and you lips, only fully leaning in to place a loving kiss to your lips once he saw you lean into him.

               "You, MC, are the only thing I’m going to see for the rest of my life, and I’ve never been happier to have finally followed the right direction.“


4 o’clock

pairing: Jimin | reader
✥ genre: angst
✥ word count: 3.963
✥ warnings: blood, violence, graphic language
✥ author’s note: sorry for the hiatus, guys :( I told myself that I would just take a break but it ended up being five months. here’s my gift (???) to you people. it’s my most angsty yet. I saw a Tumblr au based on this and I had to write it because we all love to read sadness. :/ <3 <3 <3 Enjoy!! au based on this and I had to write it because we all love to read sadness. :/ <3 <3 <3 Enjoy!! if you can


They went their separate ways, but that doesn’t mean their paths won’t ever cross again

You watched as the blade slipped closer to your body.

You closed your eyes, trying to get the sight of your impending demise out of your mind. You wanted to remember something happy, but the only thought in your head was the fact that the cold hand of death was reaching out to you. You needed to feel something comforting, but there was only fear. You needed something that meant something, but you could only see the glinting of the blade that seemed to hover in time for a long moment.

You weren’t ready to die.

“Please,” you whispered to the hooded man.

He didn’t respond. Instead, he let out a dark laugh. In his clothed hand was a knife. It was glinting silver in the darkness of the alleyway as he twisted it in his grasp.

Your back hit a brick wall – You were trapped.

His lips twitched grimly now.  

Please,” you sobbed. You couldn’t will your body to move. In that moment, you were completely vulnerable.

And he knew it too.

You knew it was over, but you weren’t going to let it happen easily. You bent down and tried to grab at his leg, trying to pull him down to your level. It didn’t work. He shifted his weight and moved to the side. In a split second, his left hand shot forward to grasp the back of your hair and slowly drag you up the wall to face him.

There was fear in your eyes, but not a trace of it in his.

The man slammed his cold, clammy hand over your mouth as he grasped the knife with his other hand. You saw the tip of the knife inch closer to you with every breath. You vigorously shook your head, the back of your scalp rubbing against the rough texture of the brick wall.

Again the twisted smile crossed his lips.

“You should’ve stayed quiet, darling.”

Your muffled cries for help rapidly increased in speed and vigour as the tip of the blade came closer, seeming to inch through eternity, moving closer with the precision that only the end could bring. A single glimmering tear shimmered out of your eyes. When you felt the sharp sting of the metal come into contact with your skin, a burst of pain shot through your chest.

And then it came again.

And again.

Please,” you croaked, so hoarse you weren’t certain you had even spoken. “No. More.”  

The faint sound of metal hitting the ground and the hurried scruffs of shoes against the pavement filtered into your ears as you immediately dropped to the ground. You looked down at your crimson hands, soaked with blood that was dripping from your side. You weren’t dead yet, but you would be soon if you didn’t get help. You were in no condition to walk, or even scream for help at this point.

So you lay there.

You always thought about how you would go, but one thing for sure, you always thought that you wouldn’t die alone – that you would die after a long and well-lived life with Jimin—Oh God, Jimin.

A new wave of terror flooded through you.

I have to see him, you internally panicked.

But you knew you couldn’t. You were in no condition to move, let alone walk all the way to his apartment.

The deafening silence of the streets was temporarily broken by the familiar sound of your phone notifications as it resonated off the ashen brick walls.

My phone

Out of the corner of your eye, you caught the faint glint of your phone screen that was strewn across the ground. Despite the pain emanating from every cell in your body, you kept your hand firmly clamped over the gaping wound and dragged yourself towards it.

You stretched an arm out to swat the phone towards you, but in the process, your other hand moved away from your injury. The wound touched the ground and you let out a cry.

I have to get the phone

Without thinking twice, you grit your teeth and shot your arm to grab hold of your phone. You grasped it tightly and immediately brought it to your chest. You felt your head growing dizzy from the lack of blood and oxygen.

You don’t know how long you laid with your back against the pavement and your phone held in a death grip against the beating of your heart.

The loud thumping of your heart practically roared inside your head as your chest heaved up and down in an erratic manner. Spots began to cloud your vision as you tried to blink away the tears threatening to escape from the corners of your eyes. The wounds located just below your rib cage pulsated, the skin feeling as if it were being torn apart all over again. You could just feel the debris from the broken concrete sink deeper into your flesh, the stinging sensation intensifying with every breath.  

It felt as if an eternity had passed before you could properly breathe again. For now, the pain had subsided into a dull, static ache. Ignoring the pain in your abdomen, you brought the phone close to your line of vision. Immediately, the sickeningly dry, metallic pungency of blood covering your hands infiltrated your nostrils that smothered your senses. Tears pricked the corners of your eyes as the stench intensified. Trying to recall his number in the thick soup of your brain, you found your thumb scrolling through your contacts list. You squinted at the bright and bold letters pulsating across your phone screen.  

Jimin-oppa <3

With painstakingly slow hand movements, you pursued your lips together and pressed call.

The phone rang twice, three times, and then–


Your grip on the phone tightened.

“Did I wake you up?”

You heard Jimin fumble for and scrape up his wireframes.

“No,” he yawned, “I was awake.”

You inhaled a sharp breath.

“You were never a good liar.”

Jimin’s mouth curved up into a smile as another yawn escaped his lips. “You always knew me better than myself.”

“Don’t you think it’s strange when people say that?” you softly grunted as you shifted, trying to keep your side from paining you.

Jimin stayed silent for a moment as if debating against something. In the end, he chose not to question it.

“No, not really. Why?”

You felt your hand trembling with how hard you were gripping the phone.

“No one can really know you as well as you know yourself,” you paused, struggling to speak. “No one knows every single thought that races through your head or sees the things exactly the same as you do.”  

Jimin didn’t respond immediately.

“Well, I guess I never really thought about it like that before, but you don’t completely know yourself either. You don’t know how you look when you’re smiling in a moment of bliss because you can’t see yourself. You might see a photo but it’s not the same as the real thing.”

“But that’s just an appearance.”  

“It’s an appearance that shows an emotion, and that’s a part of you,” Jimin let out a yawn. “I guess what I’m trying to say is that nobody can truly know you, and you can never truly know yourself.”

A sudden chill rippled through your spine from the cool breeze of the night. You curled further into yourself to preserve whatever heat you had left. “Tell me about your day, Oppa,” you whispered.  

You heard shuffling from the other side of the call. “At, what? Three in the morning?”

You stared ahead at the faint orange hue of the streetlights spilling into the darkened alleyway. “Is it already that late?”

He softly laughed. “Y/N, you really need to go to sleep earlier. You need to take better care of yourself.” Another yawn escaped his lips. “I know that you didn’t call me to ask me about my day in the middle of the night. Tell me, did you call me just so you could hear the sound of my voice right after I wake up? I always knew you found it sexy. All deep and shit.”

You felt a bit light-headed but amused at his antics anyway. “I’ll hang up now.”

Y/N,” Jimin whined, “if you hang up now, I’ll lie here formulating a million reasons for your call, none of them your truth, and that would drive me crazy. You wouldn’t do that to your Oppa who also has your grandmother’s old phone number, would you? Trust me, you can tell me anything.”

You opened your mouth to speak when you felt soft droplets of water gently fall upon your cheek.

“It’s raining,” you softly mused.  

It wasn’t the type of rain where it was cold and hard and you would have to run inside and hope for the rain to blow over. Instead, it was the type of rain where you could walk outside with no jacket on. The type where the wind is blowing, lightly but effectively and all you want are for the rain to touch your burning face. It was the best type of rain.

Jimin closed his eyes and smiled. “It was raining that night when we kissed for the first time.”

You remembered the way his lips felt against yours–-how your bodies intertwined together just perfectly, nestled under a pile of blankets. You remembered the way he looked at you right before you fell asleep—a smile full of warmth and unconditional love.

“When we first met, you asked me a question.”

A slight crease formed in between Jimin’s eyebrows as he unconsciously frowned at the memory. “I remember. We were at Hoseok’s party.”

“Remember how you caught me throwing up in the bathroom?”

Jimin nodded.

“You were crying and asked me what the point of it all was and that everything hurt–that everything always got messed up, and it was usually your fault.”

You absorbed the trauma, swallowing the pain.

Jimin heaved a sigh. “I was beyond drunk that night–completely shitfaced.”

“I didn’t know what to say because I didn’t know.” You sighed, “I still don’t know.”

All of a sudden, every neuron in your body felt as if it were set on fire – every jostle sent ripples of pain through your shoulder, back, and neck.

“You see,” you grit your teeth, “when we first met, I-I was heartbroken. I-I just got dumped, my mom hated me, and,” you quickly tried to catch your breath without being too noticeable, “I thought I had no one. I-I didn’t see the point of living, of doing anything anymore.”

“What about now?” he questioned you, too absorbed in what you were saying to notice your signs of distress.  

“Well,” you sucked in a breath, “now I-I’m happy.”

The soft rain fell upon your body, gently washing away at your wound. “I have you and m-my mom doesn’t hate me,” you coughed, “B-but it won’t stay like this forever.”  The rain mixed with the sweat that coated the back of your neck and the very top of your forehead. You felt dizzy.

Y/N—” You swiftly cut him off, hearing concern laced his voice that wasn’t there before.

“What I’m trying to say is, nothing is permanent,” you panted. “Things are always changing, and you can’t stop them from doing so.” You peaked through your lashes to look up at the moon, albeit it was just a silvery blur, you knew he was seeing the same one from his room across the world.

Suddenly, the once dull ache grew into random electric shocks of pain. It pulsated throughout your body at an accelerating pace. You immediately clamped a hand over your lips to muffle your sudden outcry of pain.

Y/N, is there something wrong?” He asked, his hand tightening around the phone as he tried to gauge whatever was going through your head through the sound of your voice. It was like he was looking for something but had no idea where it was. He knew you well enough to know when something was wrong but this time he couldn’t figure out what. “Why do you seem so…out of it?”

You quickly shook your head. “I’m just a little tired, Oppa.” You bit down on your bottom lip to keep it from trembling. You tasted the metallic sting of blood on your lips that previously covered your hand.

The lines on Jimin’s forehead deepened. “If you say so.”

On nights like this when the air was so clear, you end up saying things you ordinarily wouldn’t. Without even noticing what you’re doing, you open up your heart and just start talking to the person next to you—you talk as if you have no audience but the glittering stars, far overhead.

“Hey, are you already asleep? Keep talking to me.” Jimin asked with a slight edge to his voice you couldn’t exactly pinpoint, but you could tell that he was still worried about you. Whether it was because you wouldn’t tell him what was up or that he couldn’t figure it out on his own, you weren’t sure.

When you did finally speak, you surprised yourself by saying exactly what was on your mind. “Have you ever thought about how you would die.”

“I have,” Jimin said slowly, “why?”

“Are you scared of it?”  

Jimin cleared his throat. “I’m not scared of dying, actually. I just don’t want the people I love to leave before I do.” He let out a nervous laugh. “I guess I’m just selfish like that. I want to leave this world before anyone else I love does. Even if it hurts them,” he sighed. “Dying will be a perfect ending to the greatest story if I get to live my life to the fullest with the people I love the most. I’m not scared of dying—I’m scared of dying last.”

Your eyes burned with unshed tears—you found truth in his words.

“Are you sure you’re fine?” His voice was quiet in your ear, but serious. One thing Jimin was good at was not letting things go, and for once you were a bit unhappy about it. The last thing you needed was him asking you over and over again what was wrong.

You smiled. “I love you, Jimin.”

“You know I love you more.”

You struggled to smile—it all hurt too much. “You must be an idiot,” you whispered, “To be in love with me.”

“I would be an idiot not to.”

You watched the moon edge toward the center of the sky above you. Your side burned and was angry from the gaping wounds that ripped the skin below your ribs. You felt sleepy. “Oppa?”

“Mmh?” he sounded as if he was fighting off sleep—a fight you knew he was losing.

“Can I ask you something else?”

Jimin yawned. “Yeah, sure.”

As you lay outside in the cool air of the night, fingers clutching the phone, your gaze was stuck on the sky while he was silently listening to you. “How did you fall in love with me? You’re always so fixated on the sky and what it holds I would imagine you didn’t have time for much else,” you decided to finally ask him what you had been wondering for so long.

Seemingly not fazed by your question, Jimin instinctively lifted his hand and pointed up towards a group of stars in the sky. “Can you see the sky tonight?”

You gently pried your eyes open, trying to focus on the sky without having your vision clouded from the droplets of rain. “That has nothing to do with what I asked.”

“Just trust me,” he said softly. “Look.”

You hesitantly looked up. All you saw was a heap of white lights dancing in the night sky. Your vision began to blur.

“Leo—it’s Latin for lion. Whenever I see it, it reminds me of the time we took your little brother to the zoo. He was so excited to see the lion exhibit, but you, you were terrified. I’m surprised you didn’t start crying,” he told you with a small laugh.

“And that beside that is the big dipper, you’ve probably heard of it. It makes me think of the first time I met your parents. God, I was scared. But then your mom came out with her homemade soup with that big ass spoon and started talking to me like I was family. I think that was the night I realized I loved you.”

You stared at the cluster of bright lights winking down at you in astonishment as he went on, comparing each piece of the universe to a memory you shared, or to a feature of yours. Finally, his words slowed down.

“The North Star. When I was young, my dad used to tell me that as long as you can see the North Star, you’ll always find your way home. That one reminds me that I love you, no matter what, you’re home. I don’t love you because you remind me of the sky—I love the sky because it reminds me of you.”

Suddenly, the ache in your chest felt lighter. His words were all too perfect.

Jimin sighed in content. “Have I won your heart yet?”

You closed your eyes, feeling the water fall from your lashes and onto your cheeks. They felt cool on your burning skin. “You have all of it, you always did.” The silent throb racking throughout your head was alarmingly increasing in sound, yet you continued without a hint of hesitance. “And I don’t want it back, Jimin. It’s all for yours to keep.”

A few beats of silence passed before Jimin spoke.

“Y/N,” he paused. “I’m going to marry you.”  

A surge of warmth temporarily replaced the numbness entrancing your heart.

“Okay,” you responded a few moments later. “Deal.”

You could hear the surprise in his voice. “Wait—really? I know you’re trying real hard not to laugh at the way you’re breathing. I’m being serious. I’m going to marry you.”

Your eyes glistened with unshed tears. Oh, Jimin.

Blood slid down your arm and soaked the material of your sweater. Pain fluctuated on your face, yet your defiant stance and angry crease through your forehead indicated you weren’t about to go down without a fight.

You faintly nodded your head even though he couldn’t see you. “Yes, of course, I’m serious.”

You struggled to sustain pressure against the mangled flesh—you once heard you were supposed to stop bleeding by applying pressure on wounds. But there was too much blood–dark crimson, with a discreet, metallic scent. It cascaded across your skin, right through your fingertips.

You screwed your eyes shut once again. “Oppa?”

“Yes, baby?”

Your voice was shaky. “Sing for me.”

His voice sent back waves of pleasure down your spinal cord.

“Only for you.”

Jimin’s voice wasn’t a beautiful voice by definition—it was rough edged and sorrowful, a bit used but somehow managed to make your toes curl up in pleasure every single time. His voice had more vibrancy to it than most, which was often thin and white and too pretty to trigger a shiver; it warmed you, as if your heart was on fire, burning passionately on his love.

I wrote a long letter
To the moon one day
It isn’t brighter than you but
I lit a small candle

The flesh wound still oozed blood and the entire right side of your body wore a purple-yellow smear of a bruise. It hurt so bad you could hardly negotiate the raw landscape that strobed in and out of focus all around you.

The nameless bird that sings
In the park at dawn
Where are you
Oh you

You pressed the palm of your hand firmer on top of your wound and felt a fresh wave of pain sear across your stomach.

Why are you crying?
It’s only me and you here
Me and you
Oh you

The blood flowed thickly from the gaps in between your fingers. In the dwindling moonlight of the night, it was indecently red, as red as any flower in bloom.

Your singing voice,
That follows deep into the night,
Brings the scarlet morning
One step, then another step

Every breath felt like a nail bomb exploding in your innards

Your singing voice,
That follows deep into the night,
Brings the scarlet morning
One step, then another step

A cry died in your throat as you forced yourself to stay conscious, desperate to still feel life in your body.

Dawn passes by and
When that moon falls asleep,
Then the blue light that was with me disappears

Ten seconds passed, and then twenty and thirty, and finally the pain started to pull back like the tide going out. It left your fingers first, and then slowly worked its way up your arm. You took a couple of deep breaths. A dull static ache had settled into your stomach.

“Y/N,” Jimin softly laughed. “Are you crying?”

You took in several deep breaths before responding. “Yeah,” you struggled to keep your voice stable. “I guess I am.”

A sleepy smile stretched across his face. “I didn’t know I was that bad of a singer.”

You took a shallow breath, but it choked you instead. “When are you coming back?”

“I talked to our manager and he cleared the weekend for us, so just keep waiting for me.”

You nodded your head, “I’ll try.”

You could almost visualize the lazy smirk hanging off the corner of his mouth. “No, you have to promise me, Y/N. Promise me or else I’ll have to take away every article of clothing you stole from me.”

Your lip wobbled as you fought to keep your voice stable. “I promise,” you managed to choke out.

“Good,” you could the relief in his voice. “I’ll be waiting for you too.”

Another stretch of silence passed, only this time it was longer. You realized Jimin was slowly falling asleep – and so were you.

“Tell me all of the things that make you feel at ease,” you asked him in a vain attempt to keep hearing his voice.

“I feel at ease when I kiss you,” he confessed. “Sometimes I want to kiss you in the most connotative way possible so that no dictionary definition would stand a chance to describe how your lungs could be filled with the sweetest air possible, and yet you still be so breathless.”

The splattering and trickling of the rain drops soon became your second favourite soundtrack, right next to his voice.

A sad smile came upon your lips as you closed your eyes, breathing out every word as if it were your last. “I want to remember this. Us. Right now. This will always be the moment when I was the most alive.”

A soft, yet familiar laugh rang out of his lips, except this time, it was full of love and adoration. “It’s almost 4 o’clock in the morning,” Jimin’s sleepy voice silently stretched through the call. “You need to sleep, Jagiya. We both do.”

You bit your lip, feeling the pressure inside your stomach begin to fall. You looked at the sky, noticing how the clouds had slowly faded away, revealing the argent disk of light quietly illuminating the sky. With a feeble nod of your head, you clutched onto the phone and inhaled a long, deep breath.

This time, it didn’t hurt.

“Sweet dreams, Y/N” Jimin lovingly whispered. “I’ll see you in a few days.”

You felt yourself slowly slipping into sleep, swept with exhaustion.

Like millions of red flowers blooming, the droplets of blood rolled onto the concrete and created a path. Yet, even though there was a path, no one would see it nor follow it. Eventually, the rain would transform into a torrent of water and completely wash away the red.

Your voice broke but a light smile came upon your lips. “Dream of me.”

But the call had already ended.