i was going through my concert pictures and


Hi, I’m a french black girl and went to myname’s concert in Paris last month. The show was awesome and I’ve just noticed going through my videos that there were a lot of staring going on. I’m actually pretty tall so you’d see me in a crowd but I never thought they had seen me.

I feel like I’m overreacting, and that maybe they were just zoning out and all, but i got so much pictures of them (especially jun q and insoo) zoning out in my direction that i want to believe that they were actually looking at me. Anyway here are some gif, tell me what you think :)

KM & BW: abs! and what they whispering about? Hmm! (¬‿¬) and girl, you know what you saw, these idols are known to stare a lot, so you’re not overacting, it’s just a lot to take in xD

i miss counting down the days til the next big time rush episode and waiting for their new songs which took forever to come out and seeing them post pictures together and going through the meet and greet pictures every day from their concert the night before and watching their new interviews and going to their concerts and feeling sick when the countdown for them to come on stage got to 5 minutes because i was so excited and i would like to go back to 2012 now 

Sometimes when im sad i remember i’ve lived red hair michael in the flesh and then suddenly lifes just so much better

I don’t think I’ve ever posted this.. I made this a pretty long time ago, and I’m pretty sure that a lot of you don’t know this but I’m a HUGE fan of Tyler the creator. He’s just amazing and whenever I was going through my time of depression, I seen a status he made on his Facbook page and I burst out in tears, he’s an inspiration to me. <3 I’ve been to his concert here in my city and I have so many videos and pictures and I was so close to the stage ugh.. what was I talking about? Oh yeah. Uh Yeah have a desktop wallpaper lol. It’s free… give me credit and don’t steal.

I was going through my old concert photos and found this picture of the Fearless Tour Stage. It’s so small compared to what she performs now! It just goes to show how much work Taylor has put into her career because look at what she performs on now!! Woah.


9/12/15 - 1989 Tour - St. Paul Night 2

Honestly this was the best day of my life and I’m so glad i got to go and see @taylorswift in person. Screaming my lungs out for 3 hours was so fun and having Taylor look over a few times in my direction because of my demonic screeches honestly made my life. Getting that “oh my god she’s actually real” feeling when she came on stage for the first time is the most wonderful experience. Before the show I saw a couple of my friends who i didn’t go to the concert with and we hung out together. Meanwhile Taylor was posting pictures with her Emmy backstage. I met one of my internet friends an hour before Taylor came on and that made me so very happy. I loved the Blank Space loop of “twin cities!” that still goes through my head 24/7 and i scream it when i listen to Blank Space. Having Taylor talk about well “twin cities” in like every speech makes me smile every time i think about it. Having Taylor perform Clean and Mean was exactly what i needed to hear at the time. Enchanted/Wildest Dreams was so cool because Taylor got so into it like she does with all of her songs. Love Story was the song that got me to start liking Taylor and so seeing Taylor perform it on it’s 7th anniversary of release was truly wonderful. Seeing Taylor perform live was one of the highlights of my year and my life. 💜-Alex

taylorswift Hey, Taylor! I was supposed to be at your concert tonight in Chicago, but I can’t because I have Bad Blood :-( I’m so bummed out, but I know you’re going to do amazing! I bought the tickets back in October and it’s been the only thing getting me through my long days and nights in the hospital. I wish somehow I could have been able to go. Here’s a picture with me and my nurses wishing you a good show. I hope I’ll be well enough to see you soon. Sending you all my love. xoxo taylorswift


Hi everyone.

And hi taylorswift.

So this is my boyfriend, Tristan, and me up there in the picture. The sad truth of the story is that we’ve been scammed out of Taylor concert tickets.

I am devastated. When Tristan and I first met, I was going through severe depression. My family broke up, and someone I thought was the love of my life betrayed me in the worst way possible by sleeping with a friend, and they both lied to me for 6 months.

When I met Tristan, I wasn’t sure I could ever lay myself out on the line like that again. But he was patient. He never rushed me, he listened to me, he told me every day I was beautiful, I was whole, perfect… Clean. Despite what I thought. He waited a whole year, playing the role of my best friend, until I knew I was ready to love him. He’s never let me down. He puts me first, and is the most selfless and generous human I’ve ever met.

It’s our 3 year anniversary this coming June 20th. As a surprise gift, he purchased two tickets to the Tay concert in Manchester on June 24th. He paid for train travel and for a hotel, and even put aside 10 pounds each week so he could buy a real fancy dinner for us.

However, the surprise was shattered. Today his bank contacted him to say the company he purchased the tickets from is fraudulent. We won’t get the tickets, we won’t see Tay and most of all, he feels he has let me down, when in reality he’s the most magical thing I’ve ever had in my life.

taylorswift, I just want you to know how excited we were to see you. We had costumes, he was going as calvinharris and I was gonna go as you, and I’m devastated that I won’t be seeing you. We are both full time students, and I work two jobs alongside my studies trying to survive and pay back my student loans. To other fans, PLEASE AVOID CIRCLE TICKETS, it is 100% a scam. My beautiful boyfriend has lost his pride and 300 hard earned pounds not to mention what he spent on train tickets and the hotel.

If any fans could help spread this, I’d really appreciate it. I’ve been crying since the bank called him at 7pm and I can’t let this heartbreak happen to anyone else.



hey taylor! it’s me, McKenna. I don’t know if you remember but you reblogged my video last week and named it “best parked car performance of the year” and called me MAJESTIC…WHICH WAS CRAZY. but I’m seeing you today!!!! the bottom left picture is my sisters and I at the fearless concert, and we’re going to the 1989 concert together tonight!!! we couldn’t meet up prior to the concert to take outfit pictures but we’re dressing up like hunters and foxes! they have gone through so much (especially alex, the one on the left in both pictures) to get us to this concert and it would mean a lot if we mAYbe, just maybe got the chance to meet you!!
SO PUMPED FOR TONIGHT. we will be in SECTION 102, ROW P, SEAT 16 (I forget which seat number we have through but that’s my number) I LOVE YOU!! LETS PARTY HARDY


Hey taylorswift!!!! These are my friends Dani twoairplanesflyingg (top) and Leanne feelingforeverfearless (middle)!!! We get to meet the day before your concert in Vancouver!!! (We’ll all be on floor) We’re going to go to Vancouver aquarium and going to take tons pictures and Polaroids!!! Since we all met through you I feel like it’s only fair you get to be apart of that journey (we’ll be uploading the pics on tumblr 😝) by following my lovely friends!!! It would make us so SO happy!! we can’t wait to see you August first!!! LOVE YOU.

so i just got back from the Marianas trench concert and oh my god, I was in the front row literally like a foot from the stage. this was my FIRST concert and my FAVORITE band. it was such a good experience even tho there were some hiccups and I am just so kefkskshfkaksdkadjfjs. y'all can expect pictures after I have a chance to go through them all 😂


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So last night ( February 27th 2015) after the concert i begged my mom to let us wait by their tour bus to see if any members would come out. My mom let us and about a few minutes later Jinxx and CC come out and i got their autographs and only got a picture with Jinxx but I hugged them both and almost cried. I asked CC to write “stay strong” because ive been going through a lot lately and thats when he hugged me <3 best day ever


Top picture - Last Christmas. Going through a really rough time but holding onto the one thing that made me smile.

Bottom picture - 1989 TOUR GLASGOW - 23rd JUNE 2015. HAPPY.

Hey Taylor,
I’m Abbie & I have been a Swiftie since 2008. My first time seeing you live in concert was on Tuesday 23rd June in Glasgow and what can I say, it was just beautiful and so magical and THE BEST DAY OF MY ENTIRE LIFE so thank you so much for that! You have been there for me throughout a lot of rough times in my life & I’m so grateful. Last year and the beginning of this year in particular was a really hard time in my life and I ended up extremely ill which lead to bed rest for 2/3 months.I was so alone and I felt like nobody understood apart from you.You were there for me through everything and you were basically my imaginary shoulder to cry on.I wasn’t a good person to be around at this point in time & I know that. I was miserable 24/7 and trying to even put a fake smile on my face was hard. I lay awake at night with worry and I couldn’t sleep no matter how hard I tried. I needed your music to calm me and to put me at ease. I constantly felt like i was disappointing everyone and putting them down. I felt useless.

But you told me to stay strong, you told me to hold on and that I could get through this. I was about to let go Taylor. But you held my hand before I jumped into the water.Thank you for teaching me that I was worth it, that I had to keep trying even when I was about to let go. 1989 was released during that period of time and my aim was to be able to listen to “Clean” at the end of my tunnel when I finally reached the light and celebrate.I got to do that with you, on the 23rd of June 2015 in my hometown. I feel like now, I have found who I am again. I cannot completely go back to my old self but I will try damn hard to get as close to it as possible! Taylor, you helped me find who I am. You helped me find my personality and my true identity which at one point, was completely lost. One day, I will get to thank you in person for that, I’ll get to run up and hug you tight and tell you how you were my best friend through everything. I’ll get to tell you my full story and you will listen and hug me and I will finally feel complete.

I just want to say thank you Taylor. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. And also. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU. because honestly I don’t think I would be this far along if it wasn’t for you. You saved me. You have helped so many of us swifties in so many different ways that the list goes on and on. I am so proud of you Taylor & I want you to know that I will always be here to support anything and everything you do throughout your future career. I want to return what you did for me, to you. Anyway, Thank you. Just for everything Taylor. I love you so much and I hope you come back to Scotland one day and we can hang out and bake cookies and talk about life…. Loving you forever and always….

Abbie xx


Taylor PLEASE read this!

Taylor, I know you probably will never read this, but I still have hope! Okay so I am Samantha, I am almost 14 yrs old, and I have loved your music since I was about 6 years old.  You have REALLY helped me get through hard times, whether it was other girls at school(I know it sounds stupid but it is really hard) ,or personal things at home. When ever I am feeling down or upset I go up to my room(where I have tons of posters and pictures of you.) and I listen to your music and sing along. I  know all the lyrics to ALL your songs, and at the moment I am listening to it!  I tried to save up enough money to go to your 1989 concert, but sadly I only saved up $250 and that is not enough for two tickets (One for me and one for my mom) :( Anyway, Taylor you have inspired me to start writing my own lyrics and songs.  It has been my dream since I was younger to meet you, and that you could notice me whether that is just liking a post, following me, or just commenting, I have sent you a lot of letters and I did not get a response, I am upset, because I know you probably get Millions of letters and posts in one a day, but it would mean the WORLD to me if you responded to this!  You are an amazing role model and today I would be a totally different person without you! Another reason I wanted to write this is to say that, this year you didn’t seem as happy as previous tours and albums, so I want you to do what Taylor wants, not just what gives you the most fans. Taylor you have worked way too hard not to be happy! If this makes you happy than I am perfectly happy as well, because I love every song that you write! I just wanted to say that you should NEVER change,or listen to the critics because you are perfect! Thank you so much!

Oh and did I mention I love you!

-Love Samantha! 


I will remember this weekend, the 24th and 25th of July, forever. All of these people in these pictures mean so much to me. 7 months ago if you would’ve asked me what my plans were for the Taylor Swift concert, I would have never told you I would be going with 13 other people that I met through tumblr. Needless to say, I had the time of my life with them at the shows and wouldn’t have wanted to spend it any other way. I consider them a few of my best friends. They make me laugh SO much, whenever I need someone to talk to at least one of them is there, if I’m having a bad day I know they will cheer me up, they help me get my mind off of things and answer all my questions about life. I literally don’t know what I would do without them. What is life without squad? taylorswift thank you so so much for bringing these amazing people into my life. And thank you being being such a big part of all our lives.

You all make me so happy and I appreciate each and every one of you. Counting down the days until we are all reunited again. I love you all so much.

strangelookonhisface a-blank-space iknowplacesclean iswearillloveyou but-im-still-trying-to-find-it incredib13things mad-lov3ee cuzustilldontknowwhatineversaid anawfulmess almostthefool ivegotablankspace wanderlust-wonderlnd heldyourpride


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This wasnt an official ‘Meet And Greet’ but it was still worth it :)

On Halloween Secrets, The ghost Inside and Crown The Empire were (obviously) playing with Asking Aexandria on their From Death To Destiny tour.. I never asked to meet them it just happened by chance and I couldnt be any happier about this chance.

So me and my friend (who took the pictures for me) were in the concert and during Crown The Empires set I had a claustrophobic attack but I couldnt leave the set unfinished so I pulled through until they finished their set and me and my friend made our way out of the crown so I had space.
After recovering a group of people started to come out of the crowd and we were utterly confused and then I looked over to where they wefe going.. to Andy, Hayden and Dave. I looked to my friend in hope then walked over to them with her..

Now me and her both have social anxiety so this was rather tricky. First we went over to Dave who was taller than I expected (im like 5’ 8) and signalled with my hands for a picture then a hug ^.^

Next was Hayden who was confused as to why we didnt speak “guessing its just nerves” when getting a hug I whispered thank you in his ear and his face lit up and I couldnt help but laugh “you talked.. I heard you talk!” It was the best reaction.

Last was Andy.. this is one I truly smiled at because it wasnt Picture, Hug and move on.. he had small talk about how he liked my shirt (I couldnt reply because of social anxiety) I signaled for a picture and he understood straight away and the picture is always what brightens my day… I then signaled for a hug (normally when I hug my friends I sway them in a joking matter but I didnt with Andy) it was a hug to remember because it was a tight hug while swaying side to side and the smile never left our faces.. Best Night Ever thanks to these 3

After meeting them I went back into the crowd for the rest of The Ghost Insides set and after it Asking Alexandrias set but again claustrophobia and my friend had to walk the rest of our friends to the train station so I was by myself… I decided to be smart and went out again hoping it was empty… I was wrong it was more filled and ths only space was between Andy and a camera.. I waited until after the picture to get through but there was no space. Andy noticed me and made a little joke 'long time no see’ but my face was pure panic and he saw silently asking what was up so I used my hands to motion closing in on my head and he understood that it meant claustrophobia and he asked the group nicely to make a path to the entrance so that I could gst through…. Thank you Andy.

Halloween will always be a happy memory ♥♥♥


I am meeting falloutboy on the 28th of June and like others I want to give them something of my own and something from their fans.

SO I am doing a thing where you SEND YOUR FAVORITE FALL OUT BOY MEMORY.

This could be:

-The first time you heard one of their songs

-How you found them

-A moment from a concert you went to

-A sad time that one of their songs helped you get through

-A memory of a happy time that involved their music

Basically any memory involving them and/or their music.



-Leave the memory in my ask, if you want a picture then^^

-You can be on anon, but your URL will not be written in the book, obviously

-Please don’t be inappropriate. I want this to be nice.

-I have yet to figure out the end date, so just send as soon as possible

I will be tagging asks with: Sugar’s Thnks Fr Th Mmrs Project    so if you want to leave your stuff in that tag INSTEAD of sending an  ask, you can and I will reblog it noting that i have received it.




I took a million pictures at this concert…I was going through them yesterday and saw this…I absolutely love this picture…this makes me emotional in fact. I’m going to pretend @taylorswift was waving to me specifically as I was waving to her. This was the second show on this tour that I was lucky enough to attend…but that wasn’t a goodbye, it was a see you later! This girl has had such an influence on my life in a positive way and even though this tour is almost over…I can’t wait for her to finally have a break and create more magic. She is one of a kind and I am so absolutely changed because of it!! Until we meet again Tay!!