i was going through my concert pictures and


So, I was looking through my 1 fancam that I took yesterday (cause security was so strict I wanted to cry) and IM CRYING CAUSE I LOVE DAY6 SO MUCH AND I TELL YOU THIS NOW, IF YOU HAVE A CHANCE OF GOING TO A DAY6 CONCERT, GO! If you have to eat instant noodles for 2 weeks to go, DO IT! It’s seriously so worth it you won’t regret a minute of it 😭😭

Caught Up In You 5

Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Warning: Swearing, Stalking, Angst, Sass, Anxiety, potential life of death situations. I’m not really sure. But it’ll have cute fluffy pieces too.

Being famous isn’t always a piece of cake, sometimes you down right regret it. when a fan starts sending you frightening letters, claiming his love for you, and declaring you as his property when you’re about to start your Europe tour. Your manager and tour team start making calls to get you help. When a man shows up asking for the details of the stalker, things he’s sent, the letters, pictures.
The Kingsman agree to help you out, sending Eggsy and Merlin to your aid. When you and Eggsy start to get close, the media starts running a whirl wind of rumors. Sending your stalker on a new craze and Eggsy’s boss on a rampage. Will Eggsy keep you safe, or will you continue to regret your career choice??

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Comparing and Wondering: Jay Park

“Y/N I don’t understand how you do it,” my friend, April, says to me from across the table as she stares at her phone.

“Do what?” I question as I move the food on my plate around with the fork.

“Be so trusting of Jay. He’s in a different country releasing these videos of him surrounded by women while you’re here studying 24/7,” April says looking up from her phone.

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Taylor, one day I hope I get to meet you, just the thought of hugging makes me happy. But a girl can dream so I thought i would share mine ya know so you could just get a feeling for how it would go down :) So it all begin at the TS6 concert, I’ll was singing and dancing my little heart out jamming out while your preforming on stage having the time of your life. All of a sudden I got tapped on the shoulder and when I turned around just to find MAMA SWIFT standing there waiting for me to calm down so she could ask me if I wanted to go meet Taylor at the TS6 party…. AND I BURST INTO TEARS I COULDN’T BELIEVE THAT I, Akhila, WOULD EVER MEET TAYLOR SWIFT AGAHAGAH I COULDNT PROCESS IT but IK I had to keep it cool because I didn’t want mama swift to think I was weird lol. After she left I went back to my HAPPY place where I listened to Taylor sing WILL I would scream at the top of my lungs trying to keep my excitement together. So anyways time goes by and finally Taylor Nation tells us all to go and meet at a certain spot in the arena, just like all of Taylor’s after concert fan meet ups. I was scrolling through my phone looking at all the LOFT 89’ pics trying to find a perfect pose but then I stopped and turned my phone off and realized I shouldn’t copy someone else’s pose I should do my own.. so ya know the drill Taylor walks in and my heart instantly exploded into a million pieces but I told myself to keep it together so I wouldn’t ruin the picture but as soon as she walked up to me and gracefully said,“ Hey Akhila, I’m Taylor,” I balled my eyes out but she helped me get back together because she told me that she didn’t want to have the time we had together go to waste and so we talked and laughed and all I could think about was how incredibly happy she made me that day. When she walked away I didn’t even feel bad because I knew that she would never forget our special moment. Buddy if your lurking and you happen to read this I just wanted to let you know that I CANT WAIT TILL THE DAY I MEET YOU but until then I can only dream :)) I love you from the bottom of my heart sunshine 💓💓 @taylorswift ~ Akhila :)

Someday I will go to a twenty one pilots concert.

Someday I will scroll through pictures that I took of Tyler and Josh.

Someday I will write poem from experience.

Someday I will lay awake in the early hours of the morning and sink into the memories of the concert.

Someday I will see the Tyler and Josh + the crew with my own eyes.

Someday I will be able to think back to the time I was surrounded by clique members and felt at home.

Someday I will truly know what it’s like to hear the music live.

Someday, I will go to a twenty one pilots concert, and what a beautiful day that will be.

i just want to wear some chacos and throw my hair in a messy bun and read my bible and go on soul-filling adventures and drink good coffee and eat good food and be with people that fuel my soul and see God in everything i do. i want to take pictures and travel and have my feet always dirty, hair always messy, and eyes always sparkling. i want to love and fall in love. i want to listen to The Lumineers and go to concerts and dance without holds. i want to sing at the top of my lungs and stick my head out of car windows as we drive through the mountains. i want to love, to be loved and to live authentically. i want to get the most out of this beautiful life. 👣☀️


Hello friends! So I start college in the fall, but until then I have a decent amount of free time. I’ve decided to just take submissions (not blurbs or imagines, smut only (read the name lol)) through my inbox and post them, rather than scroll through the 5sos smut tag like I used to. It was a great idea when I started but now it’s an absolute mess and impossible to navigate. I’m also still open to receiving links to other’s posts, so feel free to send those too! Also I’m going to the 5sos concert in Hershey July 2nd, so hmu if you’re going as well! I’ll probably post a picture of what I’m wearing that day, if any of you want to meet up.


I was trying to find 10 pictures for this post but I had so many that I made collages instead! I just wanted to show you how many happy memories you’ve created for me and I could not be more grateful. You’ve helped me become the person I am today and you’ve been my inspiration through so much❤️ your concerts are pure happiness and I cannot wait to go to as many as possible on the REPUTATION TOUR AHHHHH!!! I’m currently studying music at the University of Birmingham in the UK and hopefully in my third year I’ll get to do a year abroad in Nashville which I’m so so excited about! If it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t have found a passion in songwriting and performing so thank you SO MUCH FOR THAT. I hope one day i get to thank you in person for everything but until then, sending you the biggest virtual hug🤗 I LOVE YOU SO MUCH @taylorswift 💜💜💜

Regalia University Part 2

Yoongi x reader

This au is based off a similar “school” concept from my previous fic, Telecom.

Genre: Strong language, love, angst, music, school life,

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Regalia is the school for dreamers and achievers. It is a school for widely talented people and you have always wanted to go there. The place that most idols, authors, and painters come from; was the university that you wanted to go too… And the university you were accepted to.

The exciting news sent chills through your spine as you thought of your exciting new future to come from it… But boy were you wrong…

It all started with your dorm neighbor…

Min Yoongi.

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sakii_matsuda:  Our princess invited me to see the Sailor Moon Classical Concert after rehearsal! I never thought I’d be able to go! They played a Lights medley and Ai no Starshine.  I had a wonderful time.🌱。゚

miuasamiokamura:  Thank you for a wonderful time, Sailor Moon Classical Concert✨ Ms. Kosaka wrote many of those famous songs✨We took a picture with ERI, who I’ve known for ages through Non Non Genre, and my beloved Saki-Healer, who came with me after rehearsal.📷😊

                                                  N E W       B L O G 

W H O  A M  I ?

Hannia. 18 years old. I just graduated high school and I´m going to Law School in less than a month.

W H A T  I S  T H I S  B L O G  F O R  ?

I have always liked the “tumblr life”. I like indie music and going to concerts, but mainly I like taking cool pictures and posting them to instagram. Also, I like updating my tumblr and being trendy.

This blog is for all of you, law students, future law students, studyblrs, or anyone who wants to see how I document my college life while trying to stay “tumblr”. You can help me and this blog to grow by liking, reblogging, and sharing this blog I just started and will continue to update through my journey in law school. :)

Oh, almost forgot. My Instagram, which I will be updating with different content of the same kind, is @theradlawlife, so you should follow me there too <3


Hi, I’m a french black girl and went to myname’s concert in Paris last month. The show was awesome and I’ve just noticed going through my videos that there were a lot of staring going on. I’m actually pretty tall so you’d see me in a crowd but I never thought they had seen me.

I feel like I’m overreacting, and that maybe they were just zoning out and all, but i got so much pictures of them (especially jun q and insoo) zoning out in my direction that i want to believe that they were actually looking at me. Anyway here are some gif, tell me what you think :)

KM & BW: abs! and what they whispering about? Hmm! (¬‿¬) and girl, you know what you saw, these idols are known to stare a lot, so you’re not overacting, it’s just a lot to take in xD

i miss counting down the days til the next big time rush episode and waiting for their new songs which took forever to come out and seeing them post pictures together and going through the meet and greet pictures every day from their concert the night before and watching their new interviews and going to their concerts and feeling sick when the countdown for them to come on stage got to 5 minutes because i was so excited and i would like to go back to 2012 now 


It’s been over a week since I met Fifth Harmony. I had been waiting for this day for months. The only reason I was allowed fly to see them was because my parents wanted me to have something to look forward to because I had an accident in June where I received third degree burns so I’ve been in hospital a lot since then and had two skin graft surgeries two months apart. I had no independence after this I couldn’t walk or sit or use stairs do simple things, I couldn’t even have a shower by myself. That was the easy part of it, the pain is excruciating 24/7 they prescribe shit for you but they even tell you nothing will stop the pain. I also couldn’t go back to school yet. So when every else was going back to school I was in hospital. 

From June until november I had to get dressing changes every second day. Unless you’ve experienced it the pain you go through during it is indescribable. My sister would wait outside while my mam held my hand and my sister would still hear me screaming and crying in pain from outside. Just before I’d go in every time i listened to Brave Honest Beautiful to remind myself that I was brave enough to face this again. My dressing changes are only once a week now which makes me so happy.

After 6 weeks of missing school so the end of October my surgeon told me i could go back to school part time. I had my first full day back at school on Monday November 2nd and saw the girls on Wednesday November 4th. A full day at school was a massive challenge I could still barely walk and needed cushions to sit on through at least one class so travelling to Manchester was a seriously tough challenge for me having to walk around airports sit on a plane in a taxi lots of walking and standing around all day for m&g etc it was really diificult but I knew the happiness the girls would bring me was worth the pain. 

 After my five months from hell, on that day with the girls they made me so fucking happy. During the concert I had the biggest smile on my face the whole time. Physically I put my body through a lot going to the concert since I’m not recovered but it was so amazing It outweighs it. What Lauren said to me in that first picture I’ll never forget. I love that picture because we weren’t posing. She hugged me so tight and didn’t want to let go. She also told me how proud she was of me and how brave I am and kept repeating how much she loved me.All the pain was worth it for this moment. Dinah showed me her Ireland bracelet she had on from a fan and when I told her i was missing two days of school for this she told me to tell my teachers I was doing an essay hahah. She told me she loved me and hugged me and I felt all the pain i’ve gone through wash away and in that moment i felt safe. Ally also showed me her ireland bracelet and made me feel so loved. I didn’t get a chance to go to Normani and Camila I really wish I did but being near them made my heart happy.I love the girls and they made me more happy in one day than I had been in the past few months. 

I love you girls thank you for the m&g, the concert and thank you for being there for me without knowing it the past few months. You really helped me. You were the only reason for my smile throughout all this. Due to time difference when I had sleepless nights because of the pain It’d be 7am and You’s would be coming off stage and I’d watch Dinahs stories and wipe my tears and smile. I really appreciate you girls. I’ll never forget what you’ve done for me and I’ll never forget this day! I love you always 💕 can you help me get the girls to see this? I’d really appreciate it! @ssweet-dispositionn @waakeme-up @normanikordeiofficial @allybrookeofficial @beeautifulmistake97


Lauren fucking Jauregui looked at me. We had eye contact for 7 seconds. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was just running through my hair, putting them on the other side, like Lauren does it and as I looked at Lauren, she already focused on me. The way she looked in my eyes…I wasn’t breathing for 7 seconds. My heart stopped. To be 100% sure that she was looking in my eyes, I smiled to see if she smiles back and as you can see, she smiled. I smiled and she smiled back. My heart cannot handle this. That video btw is NOT my video. I was going through my explore page on Instagram and suddenly saw this video. Someone took this video and it was exactly in that moment she looked at me. FATE HUHH LMAO. What a blessing honestly. I love her so much.

What also happened:

Before the concert, I met Ally’s dad and Dinah’s cousin. YES. I took a picture with Jerry but not with Dinah’s cousin because everyone wanted pictures and I didn’t wanted to pressure her even more. BUT I had the opportunity to give her the letters I had written for Camila, Lauren, Ally, Dinah and Normani.
I think they all received them safely because Camila followed me and that’s because I noted down my Twitter username…and I wasn’t tweeting or spaming her. So I’m really the happiest ever. I’m a little too late because it was last week (20th October) but I couldn’t find any time…I’m 24/7 on wattpad because I’m way too much into DIWK lol but here ya’ll go.


Well I saw no interactions, the only thing I saw was that Camila kept staring at Lauren’s ass. 😏🍑

That’s it. I’m the happiest.
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Sometimes when im sad i remember i’ve lived red hair michael in the flesh and then suddenly lifes just so much better


(Now with high(er) quality pics!)

QUITE EASILY one of the best things that’s ever happened to me at SDCC… I still get overtaken with absolute glee when I think back on it; I kinda wish I had gotten video of their reactions–especially Eaglebones (I thought his bottom jaw was gonna go through the table). They remembered me from the Chicago show and were all so stoked by the poster and their individual pictures. MCBC didn’t realize that I was actually giving him the picture as a gift until after he’d already signed it… so he just signed it to himself, Kanye style.

I’m super happy with how it turned out, too; totally worth holing up in my hotel room all day on Thursday to finish the poster, running to the printer, running back to the hotel to shower/change, and then running to the concert with about an hour to spare :’)

You can see the art for the poster here: http://adrimakesart.tumblr.com/post/93751718255/the-finalized-art-for-the-poster-that-i-had-signed

gosh you know what’s weird to me is that one day, long after this era of my life is over, i’m gonna stumble across a picture of harry, and louis, or 1D, and be transported right back to this moment in time with… concerts through Vine (RIP) and crappy periscope feeds, and silly fandom drama that doesn’t even mean anything anymore, and just.. like… this happiness and this light feeling, and i KNOW like… i know so much weird stuff goes on around here and it’s lies after lies, and drama and whatever, but this part of my life is just… i don’t think it’s ever going to be tainted by that like i’m going to look back on it all fondly – the good, the bad, and the ugly, because it’s just… the 1D Experience man. wild and stressful but so… not bad. not bad at all