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bts reacts: you ask them out

anon:  Can you do a BTS reacts to You asking them out, instead of the other way around??

none of these gifs belong to me, i don’t have the talent. all credit to their original owners :)

this took me so long to do i’m sorry oml also they’re hichkey terrible i have writers block and exam studies rip my productivity

yoongi: he’d always been someone you’d been comfortable with, but for some reason, the prospect of actually going up and saying what you wanted to say seemed daunting, to say the least- so after that, the only viable option was by text. maybe not the most intimate of choices, but it seemed like the best option at the time. he’d be confused at first, messaging something along the lines of;

this wasn’t meant for me, was it?



if you hadn’t answered, he’d message again for clarification. no more than once, any more than that was quite frankly unacceptable.

whether it was meant for me or not, the answer would be yes. just in case.

hoseok: i’m going to try and make this the least cheesy that i can, okay?”

“why so serious all of a sudden?” he joked, nudging you slightly. “where did ___ go and who is this impostor?”

“please?” he nodded solemnly in response as if to say, ‘go on, i’m listening.’

“would you ever consider going out- with you know, me?” the words were a little garbled and seemed to run over one another, but he understood nonetheless.

“what, really? you mean, on like, a date?”

“yes? if not, it’s absolutely fine, i understand- i just thought that maybe-”



“yes, of course i will! what else would i have said?”

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namjoon: “so let’s say, hypothetically speaking-”

“ahh, hypothetically speaking. okay.”

“hypothetically speaking-” you ignored him and carried on. “if i were to say to you, hypothetically speaking, of course-”

“of course-”

“if someone, i don’t know, asked you if you wanted to go out one day to, you know, maybe grab some coffee and talk about the world, then hypothetically speaking, how would you reply to that?” his lips were pressed together into a smile, as he rested his head on his hand and his elbow on the arm of the sofa.

“well- hypothetically speaking,” he added, “i’d say of course, what day and what time- but you know. hypothetically.”

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seokjin:  it was when you were both the slightest bit tipsy; just intoxicated enough to be little lax with what you were saying, but sober enough for it to not be garbled and nonsensical.

  “do you ever think about what we’d be like?” he sighed against your chest as you lazily played with his hair, both of you too tired to do anything that involved inputting any more energy than that.

“what d’you mean, we? you mean, like us? together?”

“something like that.”

“sometimes.” he admitted. “i like to think about what it would be like to hold your hand. i like to think about if you’d give good hugs or not- does that count?”

jungkook: you hadn’t even meant to. the words just hung in the air and you gaped at them, as if, if you kept your mouth open for long enough then they would magically go back to being unspoken and become forgotten about.

“i, uh- i wasn’t meant to say that.” at those words, his face fell a little, and he cocked his head.

“you didn’t? not at all?” the only way you could describe the way he looked was a hurt puppy that had been left out in the rain. “oh.” his head hung slightly, and he almost looked disappointed.

“no- it’s just- it’s not that i didn’t mean it, i just- i wasn’t supposed to tell you yet.”

so you did mean it? cause if the offer still stands, then i would have totally said yes.”

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jimin:  it had been going on for two weeks, the not stop stream of friends, family, and just random people with which you have a faint acquaintance with just asking where the two of you even stood with each other at this point. it would always end in the same way, resulting in the two of you being reduced to blushing and stammering messes of protest net to each other, promptly followed by an awkwardly long hour that avoided the elephant in the room.

“what am i to you?” you said out of the blue, one day. “what are we?”

“what do you want us to be?” he tipped lightly, carefully, cautiously, as if there were invisible boundaries that had been laid out and he was scared of crossing them.

“me? i like the idea of us. you and me, together. is- what about you?”

taehyung:  “you’re my best friend, right?”

“best, best friend.” he agreed. “the best of the best. the prime. the creme de la creme. the very, very best.”

“you’re ridiculous.”

“and you love me for it.” he beamed, leaning a little to the side to temporarily rest his head on your shoulder.

“oh yeah? what makes you think that?”

“i just do. i know that you love me, you love me-” he teased in a singsong voice, his head swaying side to side, still with an annoyingly angelic smile painted onto his face. “you like me, you love me, you like me-”

“you’re a child, i hope you know that.”

“you like me, you love me-”

“yeah, i do.”

“told you.” the words didn’t even have the smallest hint of arrogance when coming from him. they just seemed to be full of happy triumph. “i told you, i told you-”

“no, i mean- i like you.”

“i know you do- wait, really?”

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you see they either end up really short or really long i don’t even know why tae’s was so much longer rip

i hope this was okay, anon :) requests are open, as long as its fluff i gOtChU

last post: how many nights does it take to count the stars- taehyung


thanks for reading!

-tash 💕

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Do you remember "the rules?" That piece of paper that was on dans piano a few years ago in a video. I remember it talked about when to go to bed and when to be productive and was signed by both dan and phil. Do you think that could have been one of the ways he started helping himself?

(for context click here

I absolutely think so, I think it was an early attempt from both of them to try and get Dan to be more productive and more focused. Since Dan said that he only started going to therapy three years ago it had to have just been something they came up with - and that makes my heart both hurt and feel good at the same time, to imagine Dan and Phil taking Dan’s self-care so seriously even back then, even though they didn’t have all the tools they’d actually need in order to really be able to do it. 

I was in my social studies teacher’s advisory during school. I was the just only one in the group of about 24 students who did my work, so I constantly volunteered to do extra work to help him out because I felt guilty for just sitting there drawing since when my math teacher would pass by he’d tell me to do something productive but I didn’t have work to do bc I did it all at home. Eventually it got to the point where I literally became the secretary for him and was always answering the phone, stapling papers, and grabbing kids in other advisories to go to him to make up work daily. I’ve always been very well behaved and try to help out my teachers when I’m free, and this one girl who has bullied me in the past over a kindergarten crush started practically begging my social studies teacher to replace me with her since she’s faster (I have asthma and when running from class to class to grab students I’d sometimes get winded). My teacher was aware of her constant teasing and shaming of me and proceeded to scold her for never doing her work. She had French with me and was on my bus and for the rest of the year she would step on my shoes, spread nasty rumors about me, and just be harsher than normal in general for “ruining her reputation.” At the end of the year, when my social studies teacher was giving his highest award for academic excellence, he started with a vague description that could’ve been directed at either of us. She came to me and started jabbing me and telling me how in the end, she was so much better than me. My social studies teacher suddenly said that the student had even been given the fitting nickname “madam secretary.” Needless to say, she was outraged. After the awards ceremony, my teacher actually ended up informing my parents and I that he and the science teacher ended up arguing on who would give me an award. It was hilarious and well worth the bullying I went through.

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So I have a request idea... headcanons of like what if rfa members knew MC before (s)he joined the rfa like what if they were friends or dating before MC joined? How would they meet? How would the RFA react to MC etc

i have been awake all night because of horrible cramps so i figured i should do something productive and go through my asks


♡You and Yoosung were childhood best friends, living next to each other, classic neighbor next door…

♡Eventually you had to move away, leaving you both devastated and you both fell out of touch

♡When you joined RFA Yoosung immediately found interest in your name

♡"I used to have a best friend named MC…“

♡"No way! I used to have a best friend named Yoosung!”

♡Everyone is just watching you dumb dumbs like… “should we tell them or…?”

♡t h e y d o n ’ t

♡Finally when the party comes around you both spot each other across the room like O:

♡Cue dramatic running to each other in slow motion into a hug

♡After catching up Yoosung turns red and stutters, “D-do you have a boyfriend?”


♡Zen never really noticed the stage crew on his musicals, not that he was rude about it, he just never had time with him memorizing lines, getting makeup done, or actually working

♡He d i d n ‘t notice them until you

♡Running around bossing around the crew

♡ ”I’m Zen,” He’d introduce with a charming smile and when you replied with a “That’s nice, get into positions.” He was sold.

♡Everything was too hectic for you two to actually talk, but when his next musical came around and you weren’t there he was disappointed

♡But he didn’t have to be disappointed for long when he sent the photo of himself when you joined the chatroom and you immediately recognized him

♡ “Wait Zen, I worked on your musical once!”

♡Zen would be so happy,,, Jaehee… wouldn’t be


♡College years were kind of a blur to Jaehee she studied hard and didn’t interact with a lot of people

♡But she did sit next to someone really cute in her Econ class…

♡Both of you shared notes and had a lot of study sessions

♡After you guys graduated Jaehee joined Jumin’s company and got so absorbed with work she couldn’t really hang out

♡So when someone named “MC” joined the chatroom Jaehee immediately perked up

♡"MC…? We haven’t spoken in ages"

♡You both blubber on about how you miss each other’s note cards and study tips while everyone else is like “Um the hacker?”

♡After that Jaehee always made time for you,,, especially when she develops feelings


♡Jumin always kept tabs on rival companies 

♡When the one you happened to “affiliated” with made a stronger investment than his, he was interested

♡He set up a meeting and expected the owner of the company, but instead got a meeting with the owner’s daughter

♡Jumin almost blew it off just because you were woman and figured your dad wanted to auction you off like all the other companies

♡When you had the meeting you definitely meant business and it spiked Jumin’s interest more

♡Later that day when “MC” entered the chatroom and Jumin asked if you were apart of the company he just bought,,, you left the chat room

♡Everyone’s heads were rolling

♡You forgave him… eventually because you were worried like everyone else when you showed up on his doorstep

Saeyoung (707)

-hardest to write he is so antisocial ohmygosh

♡Working at ungodly hours of the night was the norm because of Seven’s job

♡So caffeine was basically required for the job, so whenever he wanted fresh air he’d run to a 24 hour coffee house that you happened to work at

♡Working the graveyard shift was boring, but when a certain redhead would come in it’d brighten your whole day

♡No one else was in the establishment and his jokes made you laugh which killed time

♡He liked your late night chats so much he found himself coming more and more

♡Until one day you just weren’t there

♡He checked a couple more times, and tried to think positively, that you got a better job and you were moving up in the world

♡The day he saw you confused on Rika’s doorstep through the CCTV his heart skipped a beat

♡”I think someone entered the chat room…” He typed with a smile



Hey guys! Because of a few words of encouragement coming from a few of my friends, and other people saying that I should change my prices, I finally updated and changed a few things to the list! Hopefully with the updated version, I could earn a bit so that I can pay off some expenses, along with the help coming from my family. :)

EDIT: I forgot to put in the price in one of the character sheets sub categories. It’s additional +$30 if you want a certain template for it. :D

So if you guys are interested for a commission, here’s my email address:



When you guys send an email about what you want, be sure that you send an image reference of the fandom/character that you want, including a very detailed description of what will go in the drawing. I don’t want you to get the final product, then find out that something was left out or something went wrong.

Also:  Payment is via PAYPAL only!

Prices will vary by country, for the prices in the list are in the Canadian currency (CAD)

Just a couple of reminders:

  1. NSFW requests will NOT be accepted. (But I am pretty much open for about anything, so hit me up! :D)
  2. Do let me know what is your timeframe and we can talk about it.
  3. Artwork will be reviewed by both parties (Blue Umbriel and client) and changes/alterations shall be made at that time.  Once the client has agreed to a final version, payment is due on receipt of invoice and changes will be permanent and final artwork will be sent.

Thank y’all for your time! :’3c

n e w   s t u d y b l r

hello! i’m sarah and i’m kind of new around here. 

i’ve been in and out of the studyblr community but i’m going to really try this time (fingers crossed)

i’m a senior in highschool

i’m homeschooled (something interesting right?)

i have too many empty notebooks

and i love pens and flowers and pretty fonts

blogs that have inspired me are @emmastudies @026ml-studies @tiny-notes @theorganisedstudent @gloomstudy @studyblur @elkstudies @studie-s @studyign @studyquill @tbhstudying and many more!

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My manager doesn't even know how to manage. He is constantly Googling how to manage his employees. People miss out on lunch because he won't come out of his office to help us and I guess that'd be fine if he were doing something important, but I've literally gone into his office (because he told me to go in there and do some work) and started typing on Google when "Gloria Trevi" pops up. How productive of you...while we're STARVING YOU'RE SEARCHING UP CELEBRITIES. Smh!!

Day 6: Main pokemon buddy

I was late because today I went going the party of my grandmother, and until now I had the opportunity to submit this </3
I drew Ink with a Bayleef because I think this idea is cute UwU
Myebi don’t say that is especially with the first evolution of the main pokemon, so why not draw the second evolution of Chikorita?
At first I wanted to draw him with a Chimchar (because Chimchar is my favorite main pokemon), but the anatomy don’t help me now, so I drew something more easy like that Bayleef :D
I hope you like it!

Day 5: https://luli-productions.tumblr.com/post/166088896269/inktobertale-day-5-realistic-skeleton-god-this

Ink!Sans belongs to @myebi / @comyet
Art by me~

god I thought since it’s the weekend and I’m home alone I’d be so productive and sort out my room or maybe make pendants or SOMETHING but I just tried going through my closet and I got so overwhelmed and anxious I don’t think I can manage anything other than being bundled up in bed watching movies I’m sorry

Hooptober 4.0: 1/3 People eating people

Firstly, I should note that I can’t judge this production all on its own. Sweeney Todd has been my favorite musical since I was fourteen; I’ve seen two live productions and four different film versions. I’ve listened to different versions of the soundtrack over and over, and I almost have the whole thing memorized. When I watch a new version, I don’t think “What’s going to happen?” but “What parts are going to get cut? How are they going to stage this scene? How will the actors deliver this particular line?”

It’s not an ideal way to view something, but that’s how it is.

With that in mind, the Lincon Center production does a perfectly fine job, and would be a good introduction to someone who’d never experienced the musical in its entirety. Bryn Terfel is a passionate Sweeney and Emma Thompson an entertaining if somewhat over the top Lovett- but these are parts it’s better to overplay than to underplay (cough, Burton film, cough.) Kyle Brenn as Toby, always my favorite character, is absolutely adorable, and while there’s not much in the way of set design, someone clearly put some thought into creating an atmosphere.

So much for the Sweeney fans, but what if you’ve never seen it before?

Sweeney Todd is a man on a mission of revenge, at least at first, but it’s funny how the goalposts can move when your goal is out of reach. Revenge killings turn to serial killings, and serial killings turn to a profitable business. The music is staggeringly powerful, the humor is dark and cruel and bitterly funny, and even the standard young lovers get interesting things to do. Sweeney Todd is less a story than an experience, honestly, and if you haven’t experienced it before now- or if you have and want to do it all over again- you can thank the fine folks on PBS for this dose of musical cannibal shenanigans. Dig in.

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What major(s) do you think the Superfriends had in college? (This is mostly because of the college AU mention in that last ask, so I'm curious now. :P)

Haha, wellllllll…

Alex: bio or chem (@ultranos is yelling at me to note that organic chem/biochemistry is not its own major but it would be the best fit as a specialty for Alex)

Kara: CLEARLY NOT JOURNALISM I tend to lean toward communications or english just because she is clearly writing-oriented, but you could also make a case for something like history or comparative politics. Art is another viable option, given that we know she paints.

Winn: computer science/computer programming

James: photography skills don’t necessarily require a specific major, but given that he ends up in an art director position I’d go with something along the lines of graphic design, media production, or media studies. But you could choose almost anything.

Lena: mechanical engineering

Lucy: law studies or economics (go spend some time on the West Point website, it’s fascinating)

Maggie: being a police officer doesn’t usually require a BA/BS, so I tend to assume she either did a two-year degree or went straight into police work after high school.

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Hey, I was wondering if you have anything that could naturally increase testosterone/decrease estrogen. It's just that personally I think I'd feel more confident with that until I can afford going on t because I'll feel like I'm actually doing something to achieve my goal. (Is the hormone that makes you more feminine estrogen or am I just being dumb? Please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm currently sick and thinking is a bit harder than usual)

Foods that are high in Vitamin D and protein can typically boost testosterone, this includes:

-Seafood such as tuna, salmon, sardines, oysters and shellfish
-Eggs (specifically egg yolk)
-Beans (white, kidney, and black beans, other beans may increase estrogen)
-Broccoli and Cauliflower
-Pomegranate (either whole fruit or juice)
-Whey protein is also pretty beneficial to testosterone production if you want to keep animal protein consumption to a minimum 

You can also consider vitamin D supplements or vitamin D enriched cereals/milk/food. Exercise that promotes muscle growth (such as lifting) is also beneficial to testosterone production.

Foods that are high in vitamin C like tomatoes, banana, citrus, etc may boost estrogen. Other foods you might choose to avoid include:

-Soy beans/soy milk/Tofu
-Seeds/flax seeds, and nuts
-Root vegetables such as yams and beets

The articles I got these from were focused on raising hormone levels in cis bodies, and so it’s hard to say for example how much effect the testostorone boosting foods will have on an estrogen based body. This should be used more as a loose guideline than anything.  

***Disclaimer 2***
Diet and supplements will have a pretty minimal effect on hormone production in the body overall and I don’t like to recommend that people try the “natural transition” route (attempting a full transition without taking T) since it can be incredibly intensive and expensive for the little results you get. However I see no problem at all in being mindful of your diet and how it effects your body, and in small ways this can really help.

Good luck!


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I'm amazed by how fast you write your stories and how productive you stay all the time have you any advices for writers how want to achive the same but have a lack of inspiration or motivation? - also I love all of your stories <3

Thank you :-D 

I actually have I own you and I’ll be your addiction all finished up, first draft wise. So it’s just going through them and checking for errors/tweaking things. But sometimes I get too many ideas so I just have to start writing them.

Hmm my advice would be, don’t force yourself to write something if you’re just not feeling it. So write something else that is fresh in your mind.

Even just write out some stuff, basic ideas or little drabbles. Then you can go back and add/edit if you want to.

Sometimes if my mind doesn’t seem to be working well, I’ll do some one shots. (When I take prompts to get the creativity flowing.) And that works really well for me. As when I finished writing some one shots, it flowed for my new story.

Or even take a few days where you just do not attempt to write at all. If I’m so busy with work for a few days in a row, I find my mind goes crazy with ideas and motivation. So then when I do get a chance to write, I am so desperate it just pours out. 

Also the right kind of music really helps me with inspiration too. I often have music playing as I write. 

I don’t know if that will work for others or not, but that’s what works for me. And I don’t know if this makes sense at all or not either haha. But good luck! :-D x

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What's really sad is that if you look at the comments on her IG posts, so many of her pathetic fans have no money to buy the overpriced crap she's selling. They talk about having to wait until their next paycheck to buy this garbage. And yeah, I know it's their own fault for being so gullible and stupid, but if I were G, I'd feel guilty about pushing overpriced lotions and jewelry on people who clearly can't afford it. But then again, I have a conscience.

she’s a stupid fuck. instead of naming a couple reputable charities or Things people can do to help those in need she makes it so you have to BUY something and then has the audacity to tell you take pics so she can see how you style the product. go fuck yourself you manipulative bitch.

Tanz der Vampire St. Gallen - Cast Review

And here is my final St. Gallen post for now. Here I talk about the cast and how they performed the new versions of their characters. Once again, there might be spoilers for the people who haven’t seen the St. Gallen production yet. If you wish to remain unspoiled, turn away immediately. Everyone else, let’s go :D

Keep reading

ok honestly: i really want someone to paint yusuke’s nails for him. he’d be so thrilled?!! like you really can’t tell me he wouldn’t be… even if the final product is ‘sloppy’ or something, he’d just be so pumped up about it.

idk what it is about it but the very act of painting someone’s nails for them is just so gentle and kind and intimate in a nice, friendly way imo… i can’t stop thinking abt how starry-eyed yusuke would get if someone offered to paint his for him ;-;

I wish I was the motivated type of person. The type of person that needs things neat and never procrastinates. I hate that I let things pile up last minute like this.  I should have cleaned yesterday so I could study today but nope. I thought I could do both today and that’s proving wrong. Even if I did get all the cleaning done yesterday I’d probably be doing the same thing I’m doing right now. Making this pointless post instead of doing something productive. I just want to go take a nap but I can’t. Basically all I have to do is put all my clothes in bags and get the dirty ones down in the cellar to do laundry whenever I get around to it and then bring the clean ones up to my room to probably just sit there for who knows how long before I can get around to sorting thru them. The I have to clean the dishes and start dinner. 

What sucks is that my gm is coming home today and I haven’t seen her in 2 weeks and I’m sure she’s going to want to catch up but like I need to study but I feel like an ass having her come home, us eat dinner together and then bye going up to my room to study but like I need to!!ee

I have so much doubt about class this time around. I’ve been procrastinating studying probably cause I think I’m going to fail so whats the point anyways. I just have no energy. I have no motivation. Yes I want to get this job and yes I want to move out but I literally don’t have the energy to focus right now. I’ve just been stuck in this slump lately and it really sucks because I can’t backtrack. It’s totally black and white thinking but its like I relapse and slip further and further back and eventually go back to the hospital or I get my life together. 

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Why the fuck would anyone pay for your shitty art? Maybe get the fuck over your fucked up self and actually go out and get a job. If you didn't sit at home and "age regress" all day, maybe you wouldn't have to beg for money on the internet like some sort of pathetic piece of human garbage :).

Maybe if you had any brains in your head you’d realize that some people aren’t as fortunate as you, that mental illness is crippling and I’m doing the best I can. That I don’t enjoy sitting at home and not being productive, that my age regression isn’t something I do for fun or to just pass the time.

Maybe if you’re not interested in helping you can fuck off and shut up. I’m not hurting you by asking for help for my medicine. I’m not holding a knife to people’s throats and demanding money.

So take yourself off my blog and go enjoy your life instead of trying to make other people feel bad

Hello guys!

My Code:Realize stuff is finally with me after waiting a very long time. I decided to share what I bought and a little review. It was my very first time buying something from a proxy buyer, I used Zenmarket.jp, and I don’t have any complaints about their service, the only problems I had was with my country post service (seriously, It’s the WORSE) but the delivered everything in perfect condition, everything came with their own bubble wrap and most of all the delivered on time.

Now I’m going to talk about every product:

  • Cardia’s Rubber Strap: I’m in love with it, now I’m using it on my cell phone. I’d bought it from another Japanese shop but when you use Zenmarket service they get the item you want only by copying and pasting the URL.
  • Code:Realize Clear File: so first, clear files are an obsession for me, they’re one of the prettiest and useful (at least for me) merchandise you can get. I got it from another page as well, it’s brand new and in perfect state.
  • Lupin’s Character Song “Shall we Dance?” Limited Edition: I bought this used, for my surprise when I opened it looked like it was brand new, and the acrylic keychain is SOOO freaking adorable, I’m not using it yet, for now I’m keeping it on the little card box. As for the content of the CD, I’d already heard the actual song before and it’s my favorite, but I got the CD only because the bonus track (if anyone know were I can read the translation or if you’re a translator and want to work on this situation drama I can provide the audio, DM me <3)
  • Code:Realize Fanbook: this was the most expensive product I got, but seriously IT WORTH EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR, the content of the book is a piece of art, plus the character design (very helpful if you’re planning to cosplay any of the characters) and the rough design are a very interesting part, and you get to see some extra things. *wink*

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy it! You can ask me any questions you have and I’ll gladly answer them. •^•/

Never in a million years did I think I would post something like this, but I hope sharing my experience will help someone else who may be battling the same war with their skin that I’ve been battling for 5+ years.

My skin has always been my biggest insecurity. I would break out all over my face, my skin would bleed, and I’d have to wear tons of makeup to even have enough confidence to go through a Dunkin Donuts drive-thru. The picture above doesn’t even capture how bad my skin really got - I couldn’t even look at myself when my skin was at its worst. I have spent literally thousands of dollars on quick-fix acne treatments, including big brands like Proactiv, and including medication. Nothing ever worked, and honestly, most products I tried just made my skin worse.

But… NATURAL SKINCARE HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!!!! I made the switch to natural products last year and my skin has sincerely thanked me. My acne has diminished, my scars have faded, and my skin is supple and soft. Makeup now feels like an enhancement instead of a necessity… some days I don’t even wear makeup.

Coconut oil has replaced my makeup remover wipes. I only use organic face wash (shout out to Pacifica, whose products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free). I make face masks with essential oils, activated charcoal, turmeric, and honey. I moisturize with rose hip oil. My skin has neverrrRrrRrrrRrr been clearer and I’m so happy with the results.

To those of you struggling with your skin: be patient (it took between 3 and 6 months to see substantial results). Be good to your skin. Wash and moisturize daily. Stay away from harsh chemicals. Give your skin time to breathe. Give your skin time to heal. And if anybody would like any face wash/mask recommendations, feel free to PM me. :)