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Connection Part 1

Summary: You’re a Winchester. Sam and Dean’s little sister. Same dad, different mom. You spend your life traveling with your brothers and moving to different schools, never staying in one place for more than a few weeks. But when your brothers tell you they found a case in California, you’re thrown into a completely different world - the town of Beacon Hills. When you meet a group of suspicious friends who keep finding themselves in the middle of murders, you realize that this case is going to be a lot more difficult to solve - especially when you’re starting to fall for one of the suspects.

Warnings: Mentions of violent murders

“Dinner’s here!” Dean called, his voice echoing through the halls of the bunker. You emerged from your room almost immediately, heading towards the grumbling sound of your brothers talking in the kitchen. You could smell the pizza before you reached the room and ran in, spotting Sam pulling a slice from the box, Dean already halfway through with his piece.

“I hope you got fries,” you warned as you grabbed a paper plate, Dean instantly plopping a take out container in front of you. You smiled in victory and sat down next to Sam, the both of you facing Dean.

“So, we got a case,” Dean told you, his mouth full of food.

“Chew first, then speak,” you reminded him, earning an eye roll.

“This town in California. Lots of crazy things going on over there.”

“Crazy how?”

“Supernatural crazy, that’s for sure,” Sam chimed in. “We thought it was just werewolves at first, but when we dug a little deeper, we found a lot more.”

“Bodies found in the woods, teenagers missing, wolves spotted in public places,” Dean added.

“California doesn’t have wolves,” you stated.

“Exactly. It’s basically anything you wouldn’t expect from a small town that’s almost in the middle of nowhere,” Dean said.

“And get this - the FBI was sent there a few years back to research a string of murders, but they left after a while without finding anything,” Sam said, wiping his hands on a napkin before grabbing his laptop. “The reports didn’t say much, but the sheriff of the town was being watched. Actually, so was his son…” he trailed off, squinting his eyes at something he was reading. “His son was in the middle of the mess too. But I saw him somewhere else… here. Wow.” He clicked a button and turned the laptop around for you and Dean to see. He had searched the sheriff’s son’s name and found a list of cases that he was tangled in.

“Troublemaker,” you muttered, taking in the list in front of you. “So what’s the deal now?”

“Murders are happening again, but… this time they’re even more confusing. We don’t know what it is, but the victims all have the same injuries. They were all strangled, took a blow to the head, and had a slit throat. Each separate injury was fatal in itself. Whoever killed them really wanted them dead,” Sam explained. You let out a breath at the vulgarity of the situation.

“We wanna get going as soon as possible so nobody else dies. We’ll probably head out tomorrow morning. You good with that?” Dean asked, and you nodded at him, sticking a fry in your mouth.

“On to school number 24,” you joked, causing Dean to freeze up.

“Have you been counting?” He asked cautiously.

“No, I just like that number,” you laughed, watching his shoulders drop with ease. You were receiving your education from schools all over the country, and Dean hated it. He knew what it was like to keep transferring, how it was hard to make friends or even pass a grade when you knew you were going to be gone in a few weeks time. You didn’t mind it, though. You loved your brothers more than anything, and you wanted to stay with them on every hunt, even though they tried to keep you out of it most of the time. Besides, it was fun to meet different people and experience different towns. The best part was that you never cared what people thought of you, since you knew once you left you’d never see them again. You finished your pizza and stood up from the table.

“I’m gonna go pack my bag,” you informed, dumping your paper plate in the garbage and strolling towards your room.

Almost an hour had passed when you were sat on your bed, your duffel bag stuffed with clothes, shoes, and notebooks. Your family knew how to pack light, considering you basically lived on the road, so having only one bag was plenty. There was a soft knock on your door before Dean peeked his head in.

“Hey, kiddo. Can I come in?” he asked, and you gestured for him to enter, moving the bag over so he could join you. His emerald eyes were tired and watching you with a hint of regret.

“What’s up?” you asked, your eyebrows furrowed. He hesitated before responding.

“Are you good with us leaving again? ‘Cause we’ve made the bunker our home, and it’s really a pain to keep switching schools, so if you want to stay behind, you can. I don’t have a problem with that. You don’t have to keep stopping your life to follow us around the country,” Dean told you, guilt apparent in his features. You sighed, upset to see him in such a manner. Your brother had a rough childhood. You weren’t there to witness it, but it was evident in almost every encounter he had with you. Sam used to tell you stories about how your father treated them while they were kids, and it made your stomach churn. He had been completely different with you during the few years he was alive to take care of you. Once he passed, Dean swore to let you have a normal life, even though you knew that hunting was inevitable for the Winchesters.

“Dean, it’s okay. I like traveling. I don’t mind switching schools. I’d rather be you guys than stay here alone. Our job is important, no matter the price we have to pay,” you said.

“I know, but when you said that at dinner, I-”

“I was joking! Dean, I was making light of the situation. I really don’t mind. I promise,” you insisted. He glanced at you for a few seconds before pulling you into a hug.

“Okay. We’re gonna leave at eight o’clock tomorrow. Get some sleep,” he told you, pressing a kiss to your temple.

“Goodnight, Dean.” You watched him walk towards you door.

“Night, sweetheart,” he smiled, closing the door behind him.


The three of you met in the hallway at eight on the dot, everyone sporting a flannel and gripping a packed duffel bag.

“Wow,” you giggled. “I wonder if we’re related.” Your brothers dismissed your joke with a chuckle as they headed towards the Impala, leaving you to trail behind. You put your bag in the trunk first and climbed into the backseat, making yourself comfortable as your brothers packed the rest of the stuff and settled into the car.

“Alright, let’s go,” Dean said as he started the car.

“How long will the drive be?” you asked once you were on the road.

“Twenty-four hours,” Sam answered, laughing when you groaned loudly. “Don’t worry, we’ll drive as much as we can today and stop somewhere for the night. You might as well go to sleep for a bit to pass the time.” You agreed to that, grabbing one of Dean’s jackets from the floor to use as a pillow. You suddenly remembered you didn’t even know exactly where you were headed.

“I forgot to ask. What town are we going to?” Dean looked over his shoulder to respond.

“Beacon Hills.”

**I’m not really sure what I want to do with this, but I had an idea and I wanted to write it! I don’t know how long I’ll make it, but please leave some feedback!**

Gif submitted by @bringmesomepie56. Request by @dancingalone21: Congrats, love!! If possible can I get a request with Dean x reader? It’s their anniversary and it seems like Dean forgot. She thinks they’re driving somewhere for a case but he surprises her. They end up at Disney World or something fun? :) Thank you

“Where are we going, Dean?”

“I told you…a case.”

“And I told you that you’re full of shit, Winchester. We’ve been in the car an obnoxiously long time, Sam is back at the bunker, and if I have to listen to Back in Black one more time I am going to throw it out of the window.”

Dean’s hands tightened on the steering wheel to a white knuckled grip. With a heavy breath he finally looked at you, seeing how upset you genuinely were.

“Alright sweetheart, what’s going on in that pretty head of yours? You’ve been in a bad mood all day.”

“You really want to know?” You asked, turning in the seat to face him, arms crossed tightly across your chest, amplifying your cleavage and tempting his eyes to wander a little lower.

“Yeah I do.”

“You forgot our anniversary! 6 years, Dean…6! Am I suddenly not important enough to remember?!”

Dean quickly pulled over on the side of the road, putting Baby in park aggressively and cutting the engine. He turned and looked at you head on with a fire in his eyes that you rarely saw directed at you.

“I remember every single day that we’re together. I remember the name of that stupid lotion you have to have. I remember every single thing you’ve ever told me that was important about yourself. I remember you telling me you never got to go to Disney as a kid because your Dad was too busy hunting, which is exactly where we are heading if you could drop the sour attitude for 5 god for saken minutes. I can’t even surprise you because you do this every single time I try and plan anything nice, and let me tell you Princess, it ain’t easy planning shit for you, so sit back, shut up, and enjoy the rest of the ride to Disney.”

Before you could fully process what he had said he was back on the highway in North Carolina in the middle of nowhere. He hadn’t forgot, he’d planned something just for you and you ruined it. Sliding across the seat you wrapped your arms around his waist and placed your chin on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry…thank you for being the best boyfriend ever…and I’m really excited to see Minnie Mouse and Pooh.” You kissed his cheek, feeling the muscle in his cheek twitch before his arm came around you, pulling you closer.

“You’re welcome…and it’s been 8 years, not 6.”

Holy shit…

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So I remember seeing a post somewhere about all of the things that we as a Phandom came up with and agree as fanon and one of them was Danny being a level 7 ghost? No one could figure out where it came from but I’ve been rewatching DP recently and it’s actually a canon thing?? Like in Double Cross My Heart the Guys in White mention that Phantom is a “class 7 ecto entity” and I totally forgot that was mentioned in the show???

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Trying to distract myself from news about Manchester. What's your favourite fluffy fics, the ones so sweet they give you toothache?

Anything by the amazing @effie214 is Pure Gold, including her collection of prompt ficlets “throw your soul through every open door” (I started reading it at work and oops, where did the last hour go?)

And omg at “staying safe never looked so cute” by @sarcasticfina (I FORGOT HOW FLUFFY IT IS OMG) and this one also by Lee? The fluff is so Pure: “patch it up and sew it shut (my scars are all but gone)” 

And these Epic Fluff Beauties (this is accidentally dirty) by @anthfan “Somewhere Between the Thirty-Second and Thirty-Third Floor” and “Nine Minutes.” 

AND THEN THIS OMG: “You are the best thing (that’s ever been Mine)” by weonlyliveonce.

There’s so many and they are needed right now. So everyone should

Reblog with your fluffy fic recommendations!

take this burden - part 7

[ pull me down - mikky ekko ]


Mo Guan Shan accepted the conditions, trying his best not to argue.

He Tian went back to his apartment to grab his clothes.

They decided to move the party to this apartment.

Jian Yi and Zhengxi went to the kitchen with the goal of making food.

The other two stayed in Mo Guan Shan’s new room.

He had his own small bathroom, decorated just as dramatically as the rest of the apartment.

He Tian sat on the edge of the bed as Mo Guan unpacked his things.

‘Is this weird for you?’ The redhead asked.

‘What do you mean?’

‘You’ve known me for less than 48 hours and I’m moving in with your friends?’

He Tian considered that.

‘It probably should be, but it’s not.’

‘Not yet.’

‘Not yet.’ He Tian agreed.

‘Will you tell me if it starts to get weird?’


‘So, you live alone?’


‘No girlfriend that stays with you or anything?’

He Tian thought about the best way to respond to respond to that.

‘HE’S GAY AS FUCK!’ Jian Yi shouted from the other room.

That works.

He Tian smiled.

‘And that’s how I came out.’

Mo Guan Shan laughed.

At this point, Jian Yi and Zhengxi stood outside the door.

‘He’s not kidding.’ Zhengxi assured him. ‘It happened six years ago.’

‘He was taking too long.’ Jian Yi shrugged.

Zhengxi rolled his eyes.

‘There’s food now, come eat.’

They sat around the coffee table.

Jian Yi found a movie.

‘This look great, guys. Thank you.’

‘Thanks!’ Jian Yi exclaimed. ‘I made the salad.’

‘Nope.’ Zhengxi corrected.

‘I cut the carrots’


‘I washed the lettuce?’

‘There ya go.’

‘You made all of this?’ Mo Guan Shan asked, incredulously.

‘It’s nothing.’ Zhengxi’s face flushed.

‘He went to culinary school. He’s a fantastic cook.’  He Tian informed him.

‘So, this is kind of nothing compared to what he can do.’

‘If you don’t mind me asking, why are you a cop?’

Zhengxi pushed food around his plate.

‘It’s a long story.’

‘No it’s not.’ Jian Yi said around a mouthful of food.

He Tian sighed.

‘He joined the force because that was the safer bet.’

‘Yeah, it’s real fucking safe.’ Jian Yi grumbled.

Zhengxi stayed silent.

‘I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to bring up…’ Mo Guan Shan felt like he had caused nothing but trouble for these people.

‘It’s unavoidable.’ He Tian assured him.

‘They’ve been together for over a decade. There’s nothing you could possibly say that wouldn’t start some kind of argument.’

Jian Yi and Zhengxi couldn’t argue with that.

Breaking the silence as uncomfortably as possible, He Tian gestured towards Mo Guan Shan’s face.

‘Is the bruise supposed to be getting worse?’

Jian Yi stared at him for a few seconds.

‘Yeah. It’ll be even worse tomorrow.’

Mo Guan Shan raised his eyebrows.

Zhengxi sighed this time.

‘What he’s trying to say, is that it’s going to get worse before it gets better and it’ll start to fade in a few days.’

Jian Yi nodded in agreement.

‘Yeah, that.’

They finished their meal, drinks, and movie.

‘I’m heading to bed.’ Zhengxi announced. ‘I have to get up stupidly early.’

‘Boring!’ Jian Yi groaned.

‘You have to get up even earlier, idiot.’

‘You got me there.’ Jian Yi conceded.

‘Mo Guan Shan, do you work tomorrow?’ Zhengxi asked.

He’d put some thought into this.

‘I’m not entirely sure that I’m going back.’

‘Why not?’


‘Oh, shit. You work there too, don’t you?’

Mo Guan Shan nodded.

He Tian and Jian Yi looked confused.

‘I work with my…’

‘Ex?’ Jian Yi offered.

Mo Guan Shan nodded.

‘Well, obviously you’re not going back.’ He Tian huffed.

‘I can’t exactly be unemployed.’

‘Sure you can.’ Jian Yi told him. ‘You have somewhere to stay and plenty of time to start looking for something new. Oh! I almost forgot. Where did you park? I need to get you a sticker.’

‘I don’t have a car right now, I’m fine with-’

‘You can borrow mine. It mostly just sits in the carpark gathering dust. The keys are in the drawer by the sink. He Tian will show you which one it is.’

Mo Guan Shan shook his head.

‘You really don’t need to do all this for me.’

Jian Yi smiled.

Zhengxi shrugged.

And they walked away without a word, closing the door behind them.

He Tian and Mo Guan Shan stood in the living room in silence.

Mo Guan Shan checked his phone.

Nearly two.

‘Do you work tomorrow?’ He asked He Tian.

‘Not until six.’

‘…That’s in four hours.’

‘Six in the evening.’ He Tian corrected, laughing softly, unthinkingly following Mo Guan Shan into his room.

‘Tired?’ He asked.

The redhead nodded.

‘Yeah, I’m not sure why. It’s not like it’s been a busy day.’

He Tian studied his face in profile as he sat on the edge of the bed.

‘Do you…have everything you need?’ He Tian asked lamely, not knowing how to properly exit the situation.

‘Yeah, I’m good.’

He Tian nodded, turning to leave.

‘He Tian…’

Mo Guan Shan’s voice was so quiet, he wasn’t sure if he’d imagined it.

He turned back.

‘Will you stay?’

He Tian was shocked.

This seemed like a very odd time for a come on.

The look on Mo Guan Shan’s face conveyed no invitation.

He was scared.

Of course, he was.

Who wouldn’t be?

‘I’ll be right back.’

Mo Guan Shan watched him leave, feeling like an idiot and walking to the bathroom.

He stripped the jeans off, pulling a pair of pajama bottoms from his bag, opting to leave He Tian’s shirt on, telling himself he was doing it because it was soft and comfortable.

While that definitely was the case, he knew why.

He Tian did too, after this morning.

Mo Guan Shan was dreading the moment He Tian decided to bring that up.

If he came back.

He shouldn’t have said anything.

He barely knew this dude.

If anything, he’d just given him the wrong idea.

He just wanted to be alone…right?

That’s what he should be doing.

Focusing on getting his shit together.

Not making some virtual stranger stay the night with him because he didn’t want to be alone.


He brushed his teeth, thinking about all the levels on which this was stupid when the front door opened again.

He Tian entered the room again, dumping an arm full of blankets and one of the soft pillows Mo Guan Shan had slept on last night on the bed.

He pulled one free of the bundle, spreading it out on the floor, dropping the secondary blanket and pillow on top of it before turning on the stained glass lamp on the bedside table and pulled the chain on the ceiling light to turn it off and the second to turn the fan on.

It took Mo Guan Shan a few seconds to realize what he was doing.

He looked at the king-sized mattress.

‘He Tian, you can-’

‘No.’ He Tian assured him. ‘I can’t.’



Mo Guan Shan couldn’t decide if he was relieved or offended.

He settled with guilty.




‘Don’t apologize to me. You’re not sorry, and neither am I.’


Mo Guan Shan walked past him, sliding into the soft, warm, bed.

‘Do you want me to close the door.’

‘Yes, please.’

He Tian pulled it closed slowly, settling down on the pallet he’d made for himself.

‘Light off?’

‘Also yes.’

They lie in the dark.

He Tian’s chest tightened at the soft, unmistakable, sound of someone trying to control their breathing.

Trying not to cry.

Eventually, He Tian whispered

‘I really want to ask you if you’re alright.’

The response was a barely audible.

‘Please don’t.’

Bella on Beauty for British Vogue


I’m not even just saying this – I know I’m a walking Dior commercial – but I love the Dior Hydra Life Lotion-To-Foam Fresh Cleanser, it’s the green one. It’s the perfect foamy face wash. So I use that and then I’ll moisturise with the Hydra Life Fresh Hydration Sorbet Crème because it’s really light – it feels like you have nothing on. My face is always so dry, so it sucks up all the moisture. Then if I’m doing proper hair and make-up I’ll use the Glow Better Fresh Jelly Mask first. It just kind of plumps your skin up and makes it super moist and sort of tightens it… I don’t know what it does or how, but it’s something incredible.


I love Elizabeth Taylor’s make-up – that was always beautiful. Anybody old-school from like the Fifties to the Nineties. There was always an iconic moment. Growing up I never really wore a lot of make-up so it wasn’t something I really looked at back then. I was a horse girl so I was more like, “what riding boots are those?” rather than wondering what make-up they were wearing. But since about age 18 I’ve loved keeping a simple look, and the Nineties supermodels always did that so well. All my inspirations end up going back to the big Nineties girls. Clean skin, a great brow… Christy Turlington, I mean, stop. It’s insane. Her face… it’s crazy, she’s too perfect.


I usually do concealer under the eyes, on my chin and around the nose, and then always a good bronzer and a good brow. That’s my top three for everyday. I love my natural freckles and just keeping a natural look. And I love mascara. What’s so amazing about the Dior Pump’n’Volume Mascara is that it looks like you’re wearing false lashes. It’s a perfect mascara. I always do a top lash, but I rarely put mascara on my bottom lashes. But with this mascara I’ve started doing my bottom lashes and it really opens up your eyes. And I always use a curler. With or without mascara, you always gotta curl.


I love my Dior Lip Glow. The whole range. The balm is amazing, you can’t go wrong, but I love the Lip Glow Pomade - it’s a lot glossier. Then there’s also the Lip Maximizer which I love – it gives a little plump in your lip which is always nice for a night out. It’s literally magic. I mean, if I leave the house without it I freak out. I’m like, “I need someone to bring it to me”.


It’s hard with my schedule – every time I go somewhere I’m like “can you send me a pair of Nikes? I forgot my shoes!” I always forget something. But even this morning I went and swam in the pool, just to keep moving. When I’m home I like to train harder than usual. I haven’t really worked out a lot since the last VS show. My trainer always calls once he knows I’m in town. Like “I know you’re back, where are you?” And I’m like “sleeping?!”. But when I have the time and energy I’ll go. I love doing abs and ass, and getting my blood pumping. Running around keeps most of my body in check but I eat really badly when I’m travelling because I can’t help myself. It’s my comfort.

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(Hey I love your blog, thank you for cheering me up all the time) Draco, Harry, hello! I have a question. What was the dumbest fight you two ever had?

(You’re very welcome! Thank YOU for the love! ❤️)

Harry: Well, none of our fights are particularly intelligent.

Draco: Speak for yourself, I have a reasonably high IQ.

Harry: Last week, you were squabbling with me about a potato.

Draco: You left a fucking potato on the floor and I could’ve broken my neck when I stepped on it and nearly fell over!

Harry: But you didn’t.

Draco: I could’ve!

Harry: *shrugs* I’d have caught you.

Draco: You were in the kitchen!

Harry: I’d have come running and leaped forward to–

Draco: Stop talking. Why was there a potato on the floor in the first place?!

Harry: I dunno, it must’ve slipped out one of the grocery bags.

Draco: …You were carrying about seven of them in one go weren’t you?

Harry: *sneering* No. *after a pause* I was carrying, like four, and Levitated the other two.

Draco: Why can’t you just Levitate them all or Shrink them or something?!

Harry: I can’t control those many floating bags, they always wander away! And the last time I Shrunk the groceries, I forgot about one of the bags and three weeks later there was a bagful of rotting tomatoes somewhere in the house and I couldn’t remember where!

Draco: Merlin, help me.

spontaneous ficlet

There are so many people who want to kill her. It weighs on the back of her mind, sometimes - a small familiar fear that she shoulders as routinely as her purse before heading out the door.

Lena’s not helpless though. For one thing, the purse in question contains her own version of pepper spray, something with a far narrower coverage area.

Sometimes she feels like she’s dedicated every day since Lex to fighting that fear, and somewhere along the line she’d gotten so busy with it that she forgot to also be a person.

Now, with the heel of her expensive shoe broken and dangling, and her purse out of reach where she’d left it in the bar, she has the wild thought that she should laugh - it isn’t the Luthor name that’s going to take her down. This shaky kid with the gun doesn’t even know who she is.

All that time, all that fear, and she’s going to die just like everyone else.

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For the drabble prompts can you do number 38 & 148 and make it angsty yet not at the same time?!?! Like with a happy ending for nessian I need more fanfic and you are incredible! Thank you in advance if you do write it because it will make my day/week because I need need need more nessian fanfic! 🤗😍😘😜

Oh stahp it you make me swoon 

Originally posted by kasugano

But okay; we got 38 -  “You leave whenever you feel like it.” / and 148 -  “Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?”. So I feel like i have the opportunity to make angst but also comedy (which I never get to do so thank you!!!) 

I don’t know how I’ll make this angsty and funny at the same time but I’ll try??? Also probably no smut here. So here we go. 

“I hate this,” Nesta said flatly. Cassian rolled his eyes. 

They were on official business at the Day court, having meetings with all the generals of the armies to access a problem with the east coast of Prythian. Nesta said she was bored so he had brought her along. They were in their room getting ready for dinner when Nesta just threw herself on the bed and refused to get up.

“You hate everything,” he said, remembering just how many times she had asked to go along with him and regretted it. 

“I don’t hate everything, I just hate everything I do here.”

To be honest, Cassian was a bit hurt by the words. He thought that after two years of living in fae lands, and six months of living with him she would have at least a bit of happiness. Apparently, nothing was ever enough.

“You can leave whenever you feel like it,” he said, looking around the room for his boots. And it was true. Even though she didn’t work (because she didn’t want to), she had the money she inherited from her father, and she could do whatever she wanted. 

“No, I can’t.”

Cassian looked at her then. She looked… Sad. She sounded sad. He forgot about his boots entirely and sat down on the bed beside where her torso was sprawled out. She sighed and looked at him with a frown. 

“I have no one else, Cass. Feyre is high lady. Elain won’t leave here and look at the human lands for the life of her. You were born and raised and lived your whole long life here. How can I just go somewhere else?” 

Cassian frowned, unsure of what to do. He didn’t think going back to the human lands would make her happy, but didn’t know what could. 

“If you want to live there, we can,” he said. “But I don’t think it will help you at all.” 

She widened her eyes in surprise. 

“You would move there… For me?” He frowned again at her answer. 

“Of course,” he said simply. He thought Nesta knew… Knew that he would move to hell and live there gladly if it made her happy. Knew he would do anything for her. “But it will only make you remember all you went through there. That’s why Elain doesn’t want to go back.” 

Nesta let out a breath as if she had been defeated. 

“Then I don’t know what to do,” she said, her voice so low and sad Cassian wanted to just make a bubble around them that would protect her from seeing or feeling anything bad. He wished he could do such a thing. 

“You can try getting a job,” he said. She snorted. “I’m serious, Nes! Try and do something. Something you like. You could ask Amren.” She nodded at that, and Cassian hesitated before he said what else was on his mind. “And… I think letting yourself have some affection wouldn’t hurt, either.” 

She raised her brows, but said nothing. Even though they were living together ans slept on the same bed, she never let him hug her, or kiss her a lot; not when it was just pure affection. She would kiss him and everything when sex was involved, but almost never when it came to just sending time together and doing nothing together. In those cases, she talked to him a lot, but never really touched him or let him touch her. After a few tries he had stopped and decided he would wait for her to at least give him some sign that she wanted something like that. The sign never came; even though she asked him to live in his apartment.

She frowned at him before she asked, “Cass, why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?” 

It was true. He enjoyed watching her sleep and plant little kisses on her head and her cheeks. He never did that when she was awake, he figured she wouldn’t like it. 

“Because you look like you’re going to murder me anytime I lean down to kiss you,” he said flatly.

“No I don’t!” The protest was not even serious. Cassian rolled his eyes. 

“It just always seems like you don’t like me to kiss you.” She blinked.

“Cassian. We live together. We share a bed.” 

“Well, yes, but…” 

“No buts, of course you can kiss me!” His cheeks heated. 

“Well you could have said something!” 

She laughed and sat up beside him, kissing his lips lightly. He guesses she wasn’t so good at this stuff, even after they were living together. He brought her close with his arm and she actually hugged him back. 

“Can we not go to dinner tonight?” She said quietly.

“Sure. I’ll get us some food..”

“No, not now… Just… Let’s not do anything.” 

“Okay,” he said, and placed a kiss on top of her head. 

They eventually decided to lie down, and Cassian poured all those months of affection into that one night, kissing her and letting his hands travel through her body delicately, and Nesta actually looked happy. 

Bella On Beauty

On skincare

I’m not even just saying this – I know I’m a walking Dior commercial – but I love the Dior Hydra Life Lotion-To-Foam Fresh Cleanser, it’s the green one. It’s the perfect foamy face wash. So I use that and then I’ll moisturise with the Hydra Life Fresh Hydration Sorbet Crème because it’s really light – it feels like you have nothing on. My face is always so dry, so it sucks up all the moisture. Then if I’m doing proper hair and make-up I’ll use the Glow Better Fresh Jelly Mask first. It just kind of plumps your skin up and makes it super moist and sort of tightens it… I don’t know what it does or how, but it’s something incredible.

On her beauty sins

I do sleep in my make-up sometimes but I always wake up at 2am, freaking out and feeling completely guilty about it. My body knows! So I’ll get up, wash my face, moisturise and go back to sleep because I hate waking up in the morning with make-up on – it’s the most horrible feeling. But I’m usually a good girl about taking my make-up off at night.

On make-up

I usually do concealer under the eyes, on my chin and around the nose, and then always a good bronzer and a good brow. That’s my top three for everyday. I love my natural freckles and just keeping a natural look. And I love mascara. What’s so amazing about the Dior Pump’n’Volume Mascara is that it looks like you’re wearing false lashes. It’s a perfect mascara. I always do a top lash, but I rarely put mascara on my bottom lashes. But with this mascara I’ve started doing my bottom lashes and it really opens up your eyes. And I always use a curler. With or without mascara, you always gotta curl.

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The Sky post y'all been waiting for

Ladies and gentlemen, enemies of the sun this is the long promised Sky post y'all have been waiting for I’m sorry I can’t use images since my laptop won’t work and I have to do this on mobile and now without further redo let’s start


Season 1:
We are actually introduced to him as Brandon because of an unnecessary role switch. I don’t even know why they thought this was a good idea since anyone who would’ve wanted to harm Sky and did proper research would know immediately who the real Sky is. That’s not that much of a problem however starting to “date” someone while still being engaged is. He wouldn’t even have to out himself as prince who just would’ve had to tell Bloom: Sorry I have a fiancée or to break things up with Diaspro. TBH this whole love triangle that has been going on since then is his fault he shouldn’t have just started “dating” Boom. And then everyone starts acting like everything is Diaspro’s fault tbh it was neither Bloom’s or hers it was Sky’s. And then he tried to solve things with Bloom not his actual fiancée no the girl he cheated on her with I doubt he even talked to Diaspro what even should he say: Ehm sorry I cheated on but I didn’t bother to break up with you before I started seeing someone else? Other than that he is pretty tolerable this season.

Season 2:
OH BOI that’s where the major drama begins. He starts out just fine but the second Avalon gets introduced “sigh” I still can’t believe to this day that he thought it was a good idea to spy on his girlfriend in a party where he is not invited with the excuse of making sure she’s okay (or what was it were we even given an excuse?) anyways and then he sees her talking to HER FREAKIN TEACHER and he gets jealous immediately. Like dude you were spying on your girlfriend and saw her talking to her teacher WHILE THEY WERE AT SCHOOL it’s not like they were together in the city or something no they were RIGHT THERE at school and the party was FOR THAT EXACT TEACHER and your first thought is that she might like him then idk if it’s her problem or yours TBH . Then that teacher promises her to help her find out about her past and you should be excited for her but no you’re being a jealous asshole. And then at red fountain he “dies” and then gets resurrected with Bloom’s healing powers but still believes that she likes the teacher more and who would blame her it seems like the teacher treats her better than her actual boyfriend does. And then he still manages to help her get healed from Darkar spell like Bloom if I was you I would’ve blown him away because honestly speaking Bloom deserves better.

Season 3:
Oh beloved season 3 in this season he’s kinda okay I guess except the part they had an off-scream fight in and we never knew what happened there and the part where he is under Valtor’s curse and tries to get rid of everyone and idk if he apologized for that it’s actually not that much his fault except it’s pretty stupid to trust Diaspro at that point. I don’t recall anything else if you do you can add it.

Season 4:
Now this season is weird because other than a few things I didn’t seem to have much impact on anything. Anyways this season was incredibly frustrating to watch from the romance perspective (well relatively anyways) because we had various love triangles that were what the children call incredibly stupid and cringeworthy. Like It didn’t really have to be and it didn’t add to anything in the season except maybe that one filler episode with Mitzy. And what role does Sky play in all of this? As always the jealous asshole. (I know it was not only him but still) dude just because some dudes were helping your girlfriend with painting the god dam walls while you weren’t there doesn’t mean they’re cheating and you have to behave like jealous children when someone plays with their fave toy on the playground. Like dude Andy and Bloom are childhood best friends of course they’re close like what even do you expect and instead of talking you just walk away like what is? What are we? You have a mouth and y'all can talk instead of this stupid miscommunication. Also think about from who the “Anonymous” message was because if you consider it i don’t thing “girl that hates bloom since they were children and wants to date Brandon although she knows he has a gf” isn’t exactly what you would call a reliable source. Then he is normal I guess for the rest of the season. Ah I wish he would fall of somewhere I just hate him.

Season 5:
Be careful what you wish for because yes he fell but he DIDN’T FREAKIN DIE. No he lost his memory and didn’t want it back because…? Like dude I get it you lost the jewelry but that doesn’t mean that you and Bloom will never live happily ever after like come on how superstitious are you to think that the only reason you and your gf won’t have a happy life because of that piece of jewelry you won’t have a a good life with Bloom because you have hundreds of other problems in your god dam relationship. (Note: this is the part in season 5 where I gave up the first time I was watching it) And how could it not be Diaspro decides to show us again how much they wasted her potential. You’d think after season 3 she would be banned never to return to Eraklyon but noooooo how can king Erenidiot ever make a good and smart decision in his life he even appoints her as Sky’s royal advisor or something like that. Yes you read it right folks she got a position of power. What happened next will shock y'all. She became a controlling bitch who would even control his phone calls (and Bloom totally falls for it but that’s a story for another day) and then they have this meeting where they discuss if they should do something against Tritanus where he at first doesn’t even wanna join forces and suddenly when it still happens he decides he’s the perfect person to lead it
(Ah yes forgot to mention that he gets his memory back somewhere before Diaspro became his royal babysitter because Flora found the piece of Jewelry in Domino idk how it got there)
And the season ends there this was one of the more frustrating seasons too.

Season 6:
I wouldn’t say there was much Bloom x Sky drama here except where the part where Diaspro tried to kill Bloom but I think we’re used to that by now like we’re used to wake up every morning: incredibly annoying and hard to go through. Surprisingly enough that’s not the part where he angers me the most no he annoyed me because he has the mentality of some people on this website to hold something a person did while they were 10 against them for the rest of their lives. Like if I was 10 and playing in the forest and some random dudes attached me I would run away too and nobody would judge me since that’s and instinct and TBH the only logical thing to do unless you’re some anime protagonist. And I wouldn’t hold a grudge against someone who did it like come on Sky you could’ve ran for it too and it’s sadly not like any harm happens to you since you’re alive and well unfortunately.

Season 7:
If I’m being completely honest with y'all I’m still in denial this season ever happened and you know what else I can’t believe ? The fact that this season featured a Bloom x Sky “love triangle” where the third person was a talking unicorn ( I know it’s one episode but still) Come on dude if after all these years of being together you still have to fight for Bloom’s heart WITH A UNICORN then dude something is seriously wrong and it’s not Blooms fault. I’m not talking about this particular incident more or else I will go on a long long rant.

Conclusion (I guess):
In general you can say I don’t really like Sky and think he’s one of the worst character'a ever to exist in the Winx universe and who can blame me? Also if you go ahead and call Bloom a Mary Sue I except you to call out Sky too who apparently is the best in his class even while losing his memory. And I think it’s safe to say that Bloom and Sky are one of the worst couples in this show.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I didn’t include the movies since it’s been a while since I watched them

Here you have it folks the long Sky post y'all been waiting for thank you for sticking around to the end I tried to keep it brief and I’m curious to here your thoughts on the matter

anonymous asked:

Do you have anything with Coran and/or Hunk helping Lance deal with langst? Thanks!


Very coincidentally, maybe two days after you sent this ask I stumbled upon a fic called Part of the Team by winged flower where Coran is The Best, which I’ll make a formal post for bc I’m not near my computer :^(
also just like that by varelsen, which is under the pining langst tag sOMEWHere on this blog, has a cutscene with Coran playing a part-
Other than that, all I have is a previous answer to an anon who asked for Coran and Lance fics,,it wasn’t all that substantial either but I’ll reblog it for you :’-)

EDIT: I FORGOT??? The first fic in the series for So Here’s What You’re Not Going to Do is focused entIRELy on Hunk and Lance and langst, so there’s that too!!

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What are the girls' diets/workout routines?


Gigi’s Core-Focused Workout:
1. Warm up the core with 10 minutes of boxing.
2. Perform three sets of 40 crunches each.
3. Raise your heart rate with 10 minutes of boxing.
4. Perform three sets of 40 bicycle crunches each, kicking each leg out once per bicycle.
5. Box for another 10 minutes.
6. Take a plank pose to hit the transverse abdominals, holding for about 60 seconds, or as long as you can maintain good form (abs tight, no sway in the back, and the neck in a neutral position).
7. Super-set straight into leg raises to hit the lower abdominals, performing four sets of 25 leg raises each.


Gigi said: “It’s really important to get tested for your allergies and know what’s inflammatory for your body, what you shouldn’t be eating. I think all of those things are really important, more than following one person’s fitness and diet routine.”
  • Breakfast: She wakes up at 7 in the morning and she has a cup of coffee or a simple breakfast of bacon, toast and scrambled eggs.
  • Lunch: Gigi has her lunch at noon and usually visits JG Melon to have an arugula salad.
  • Dinner: She eats sushi with her friends. If she is having a night in, she likes cooking and watches some TV show or a movie. Her day usually ends by watching Girls or Prison Break and sleeps by 11.30 PM.


“I’m not really a big “working out” person, but I definitely like to do cardio when I do. I guess I run sometimes, drink green juices once a week.”

She also likes to run (with or without a treadmill), do yoga, Pilates and walk around New York. She gets very self-conscious in front of a fitness trainer, so she tries to work out on her own. Her exercise regime is not set. Bella exercises whenever she gets some time. She tries hard to do cardio exercises for at least 15 minutes every day. She is also a fan of horse riding and has been doing it since she was just two years old.

In an interview with British Vogue, she talks about the difficulties of working out when you’re travelling a lot:
It’s hard with my schedule – every time I go somewhere I’m like “can you send me a pair of Nikes? I forgot my shoes!” I always forget something. But even this morning I went and swam in the pool, just to keep moving. When I’m home I like to train harder than usual. I haven’t really worked out a lot since the last VS show. My trainer always calls once he knows I’m in town. Like “I know you’re back, where are you?” And I’m like “sleeping?!”. But when I have the time and energy I’ll go. I love doing abs and ass, and getting my blood pumping. Running around keeps most of my body in check but I eat really badly when I’m travelling because I can’t help myself. It’s my comfort.

Before VSFS: “I’ve been eating hard protein every day, and working out for three hours every day. It’s crazy but I think that you know if you set your mind to something I think you can succeed.”

On her dietary guilty pleasures:
‘Ooh. I mean, chicken nuggets, grilled cheeses, French fries, pizza, burgers. All those things. Usually my go-to is just ordering chicken fingers, grilled cheeses and fries when I get to the hotel. [The] burgers in London are really good.’

Rumour: According to this website this person tried eating like Bella for 7 days and went to Bella’s nutritionist. I don’t know if Bella eats exactly like this but here is what the nutritionist recommends:


Workout: She likes to focus on abs, but says that it hurts to even laugh the next day. She also said that she uses Instant Abs Trainer (free app): “Sometimes when I’m watching TV, I think to myself, ‘I should be doing crunches and sit ups right now.’ Then I get off the couch and do it”. You can read how she got ready for VSFS here.


  • Detox Diet Tea (Up to 12 cups a day)
  • Fruit: Strawberries, Grapes, Apples
  • Vegetables: Carrot / Celery Sticks
  • Salad: Kale / Spinach
  • Oily Fish: (Salmon, etc.)
  • Lean Protein: Yogurt, Smoothies
  • Organic: Eggs, Milk, Produce


Workout: Kylie said that she sometimes workout with her family but this website claims that this is how she works out .

Diet: she opts for foods high in fiber that taste good. High fiber foods allow you to eat things that taste good, but with less calories. Fibrous foods don’t turn into fat. Carbs, without much fiber, do. 

  • Breakfast: eats avocado toast, oatmeal, bagels and waffles. She loves Avocado Toast with Chicken strips (healthy fat + carb + protein).
  • Lunch: From organic-pressed juice to smoothies, she loves it all. She loves to eat Mexican food, especially tacos and guacamole. 
  • Dinner:  Her go-to staples are: Chicken, fish, veggies and rice. One meal was Lemon Bacon Arugula Pasta. She also loves: Shrimp Fried Rice, Asparagus and Teriyaki Chicken.


“I think you kind of have to force yourself to exercise – even when you don’t want to. I always end up feeling better after a workout when I force myself to just do it. I used to be a ballet dancer, so doing things that I enjoy that don’t feel like exercise – like talking classes, doing Pilates or things like that are good. I also like to randomly play a sport that I’m bad at – I like going to play soccer with people, or trying to play tennis with people – and teach myself that way. I’m competitive, so I’m always open to learning and trying [a new sport].”
Her favourite workout:
“I don’t like to run. You will not see my running on a treadmill ever. Ever! I like boxing, though, so if I can go to the gym and box for 30 minutes, I will.”

Diet:“I try to be very strict about eating just for my skin and my body.”
But Hailey does break the rules on occasion—particularly on vacation. “I did go to the Maldives not too long ago,” she recalled. “I felt like that was like, super lavish, indulgent. I was eating whatever I wanted when I was there because it was just like you’ve got to take advantage of those moments.”
She also really emphasises the importance of drinking lots of water.

  • Breakfast: “On a regular day, breakfast is usually eggs or oatmeal, some type of healthy protein, or a smoothie.”
  • Lunch: “Lunch is usually salad, fish, grilled veggies, or maybe a sandwich. I don’t really eat a lot of gluten so I’m trying to be particular. I love a good kale Caesar salad [but with] no croutons. That’s usually one thing I leave out.”. 
  • Dinner:  “Dinner is usually kind of along the same lines [as lunch]—some sort of vegetable, or pasta, like a gluten free pasta. Chicken, maybe. Sometimes [I’ll do dessert]. I really like the Magnum (ice cream) bars, obviously that’s a great one. [But I generally try to avoid] sugar. Sugar’s a big one for everyone, I think.”
  • Cheat day:“A cheat day for me, the first thing that I crave, I’ll eat. That’s my rule. So if I wake up and I want pancakes, I’m gonna eat pancakes. If I want a cheeseburger for lunch or for dinner, I’m gonna eat it. If I want fries, I’m gonna eat the fries.”
    Hailey’s favorite burger is the same as Gigi Hadid’s (the one she ate on Jimmy Fallon’s show, notably): “I love J.G. Melon. It is so good. I actually think…no, she’s not the one who took me there, but it’s bomb, and I don’t think enough people know about it.”
Behind the Walls (Chapter 11)

Behind the Walls Masterlist

Pairng: Professor!Bucky X Reader

Words: 1,573

Warnings: Cursing!

Summary: You are currently getting your PhD in Art History, your dissertation being about The Power of Nudity in Art. Your advisor recommends you switch from being her TA to another professor because she feels her health is declining and wants you to get the best help/advice from someone new. She recommends Dr. James Barnes and believes he will be of great help to you. Things don’t turn out as you plan.

A/N: My second round of midterms start by the end of this week. I really sometimes hate school. I know this chapter might be a bit boring but I am trying to set up the next chapter which might involve some new development in their relationship! ;D Let me know if you want to be tagged please…and comment about any errors also! And thank you to everyone for the support :)


@gatorgal94 @amxwxxld @confidentrose @vashanatasha @your-puddin @shamvictoria11

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brothers ; bangtan boys (part 2)

genre: fluff, maybe some angst

summary: you live with seven boys who turn out to be your brothers, but what could go wrong? THIS WILL BE SO FUCKING LONG BE PREPARED

y/b/f/n = your best friend’s name

part 1 / part 2

also, this isn’t my best, i had to get it up asap to you guys, but i promise the next one will be better!

a few days later, you woke up early than usual, rubbing your eyes and looking around you. jimin was hugging a pillow, jungkook shifted to the other side while you could hear taehyung quietly snoring. you take your blanket off and place it on jimin, making a small smile before heading to the bathroom. you figured it was awkward to see them, since you were admitting that you were a little mad at them. it’s been a few days and you don’t really end up talking to them, it kind of disappointed you.

once you go back to the room and grab your school uniform to the bathroom and get changed, you head downstairs.

“morning y/n… you’re up early, school’s in half an hour.” seokjin smiles at you as you nod.

“listen, about last ni-”

“don’t worry about it.” you say. it was pointless of being mad at them, but at the same time you can’t help but feel disappointed.

“are you sure?” seokjin rubs the back of his neck shyly.

“it’s okay.” you sigh.

“y/n, i know you’re pissed at me, or us, you’d call us oppa and say it’s okay in an annoyed tone.” seokjin said, “i’ve lived with you for many years and i know what you do or say.”

“thanks for breakfast, y/b/f/n’s waiting for me.” you say, grabbing the food from the table.

“i’m sure it was an accident,” y/b/f/n says as you both take the bus to school, “i know them. maybe the forgot the time?”

“they’re never forgetful. i mean, never.” you say, “clearly something’s up..”

“i’m not in the family,” y/b/f/n laughs, “you should find out.. do you want to head to mine later?”

“sure, i could get out of the house for a while.” you nod.


“for your english project, i would like you and your partner to come up with a script.” mr shin says, “it can be about anything. please hand it back in on monday next week, no excuses.”

the bell rings as students begin to gather their things.

“class dismissed.” mr shin says, sitting back at his desk.

you and y/b/f/n walk out of the classroom together, talking about what you should do while at her house.

“y/n!” someone shouts, “hey, y/n!”

“i- uh, oh, yugyeom?” you ask, “what do you need?”

y/b/f/n nudges you making you blush.

“i wondered if you wanted to go around mine tonight for homework?”


“of course she will!” y/b/f/n says, “she will.”

yugyeom looks at you as you nod. “i.. okay.”

jungkook saw you, but you couldn’t see him. jungkook and yugyeom actually knew each other, they’ve hung out for a while. jungkook just couldn’t tell what he was saying; you were blushing and smiling widely, what was yugyeom saying?

“how about five?” yugyeom asked as you nod, “that’s perfect.”

“alright, see you then.” you smile.

“see you, y/n.” he waved and began to walk away.

“thank me later,” y/b/f/n winked.

“i feel slightly bad, are you okay with it?..” you eye y/b/f/n. “i’ve canceled a lot lately-”

“totally! we can hang out any day, it’s your chance to get closer to yugyeom.”

“it’s not like i’ll date him..” you laugh.

“maybe i can have him to myself?”


“where are you going?” yoongi asked as seokjin and him exchanged looks. the boys were all on the couch, playing mario kart. they stopped when they saw you holding your backpack, looking like you were going to escape.

“somewhere.” you say, looking at your phone.

“wait, y/n, can we talk to you?” hoseok said.

“i really have to go.” you sigh. you held onto the door knob, twisting it.

“we’re sorry.” jungkook said. you turn around and some of them smiling in a sad way.

“we forgot about the time. we all felt bad when we saw your texts and calls and that you slept and waited for us.” namjoon sighs, “we love you, y/n.”

you smile. “i love you too.. i’m sorry for being stubborn..”

“we get it.” jimin said, “we haven’t hung out lately and we wanna make it up to you..”

“i.. i was going to do homework at yugyeom’s tonight..”

“yugyeom?” taehyung asks, “oh.. him..”

“leave the decision to her,” jungkook said, “if she wants to be with yugyeom for their project that’s okay.”

you can sense the disappointment in his voice.

“my project with yugyeom won’t be that long, i promise.” you say, “we can hang out tonight..”

they all nod, “that’s fine..”


“i’m home!” you say and lock and bolt the door behind you. you place your backpack on the staircase and sit down next to yoongi.

“how are you dongsaeng?” yoongi asks, ruffling your hair, “did you finish the project?”

you nod, “we did finish it and i’m good.”

“what movie should we watch?” taehyung asks.

“iron man!” jungkook runs down the stairs.

you roll your eyes, “no way, oppa.. all of us fell asleep last time. go watch it in our room.”

“don’t get feisty with me, y/n.” jungkook said sternly as you lay your head on yoongi’s lap.

you laugh, “i’m in the mood for it, oppa.”

“taehyung-oppa, it’s my turn!” you shout.

Are You Jekyll, or Hyde?

Originally posted by at-taekwoons-mercy

A/N: Ever since the Chained Up era (Which I’m still not over) I see all of VIXX as submissive people. Oops. But I tried my best :) And there will be no part two so please do not ask.


~Admin Allie

You searched your bag for your keys as you wedged your phone between your shoulder and the side of your face. The phone rung a few times before you were sent to voicemail. You sighed and hung up the phone and turned on the flashlight after setting your purse on the ground. You looked in every compartment and even emptied out your bag, no keys.

You leaned against the door and rung your roommate a few more times. Every call ended unanswered and added to your frustration. You called her more and more until she had to answer.

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Cuddles won’t satisfy me this time. - D.O. Scenario

Type: Angst / Fluff / A little sexy :D

Summary: Your boyfriend Kyungsoo had been ignoring you and you test him by flirting with Tao. What will D.O. do after he realizes that?


Originally posted by huang-shit-tao

He wasn’t answering you calls. Again. You knew he was busy, you knew he had rehearsals 24/7, but was it so hard to pick up that phone, just for a second, to ask you how you’ve been. This was so unlike Kyungsoo. His usual caring self had disappeared and you unwillingly started to get some doubts.

Maybe he got bored with you. He could have any of those fangirls. Why did you think, that he would be loyal to you forever.

 You dialed his number once again, swearing to yourself that it would be the last. You were so shocked when he picked up, that you forgot to speak for a few seconds.

“Hey, Y/N. Y/N, are you here? I don’t have much time.” he said.

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annadesu  asked:

Adding on to the SU dream thing you have going: I had a dream where I was in my old college classroom, and Pearl + an old teacher I use to have were both scolding me for not doing my homeworld. I haven't been in school since 2009 so I have no idea wtf that was about. lol

that sounds like something Pearl would do, haha.

I still sometimes have dreams where I’m at school (mostly just me being lost on a campus tbh). Also, sometimes when I’m awake and walking somewhere I get this brief moment of panic of “Oh no, I forgot my backpack!” even though I haven’t been in a situation where that could happen in almost 15 years


Jikook using the “If I look away while I’m doing it no one will notice I am actively sharing a water bottle with my boyfriend member” method