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Yuri on Ice Characters’ Hogwarts Houses

I don’t know if anyone has done this yet, but because HP was my first fandom and the one I always fall back on, I have a tendency to sort every character.  I put some real thought into this, but this is only my interpretation!  Feel free to argue a character’s house!  All of these characters could potentially belong to a different house than the one I set for them.  So here we go! (completed pre-episode 12, post-episode 11)

Yuuri Katsuki
At first glance, this cute little cinnamon roll may seem like a Hufflepuff.  I definitely don’t deny that he has some Hufflepuff tendencies, but I mean just look at how brave he has been this entire series to get where he is now!  He’s had to take on tremendous obstacles and overcome his fears.  I picture Yuuri to be a lot like Neville Longbottom.  He may seem mild and timid at first, but boy does he pack a punch when it’s his turn to shine!

Viktor Nikiforov
Once again, Viktor may seem like another house at first glance (namely Ravenclaw or maybe Gryffindor), but my argument for Slytherin is a pretty strong one.  This man gave up everything in order to succeed.  He is quoted as saying that he’s ignored love and life for 20 years in order to achieve his desires of being the best professional skater out there.  His ambition is great, and he does whatever he has to do to get what he wants (such as his relationship with Yuuri).

Yuri Plisetsky
Okay, stick with me here.  I know, I know, you’re thinking, “What?!  He’s so clearly a Slytherin though!”  Well look again, my friend!  Family is very important to Yuri.  His grandfather is his entire world.  It’s where he finds his agape.  He takes commitment and hard work to a whole other level in his training too!  Yuri may be an angry smol skater, but he holds his loved ones close and ain’t no slacker when it comes to achieving his goals.

Phichit Chulanont
This one is for a lot of the same reasons as Yuuri.  Phichit has overcome insurmountable odds in his professional ice skating career.  It’s clearly stated in the show that he’s the first Thai skater to ever make it this far.  He’s daring and bold, and TBH, I liken him to Ron Weasley a lot.

Christophe Giacometti
Chris is a very sensual, intelligent, and artistic individual.  In episode 7 during his monologue, Chris states that he designed his own programs with the intention of beating Viktor.  Designing your own skate programs takes a level of creativity and intelligence that not all skaters possess.  Besides intelligence, Ravenclaws are also known for their creative ingenuity.  Chris has this in spades!  He is driven to succeed and works hard to do so.

Otabek Altin
Okay, so my reasons for this one are actually quite similar to my reasons for Viktor being Slytherin.  Otabek has come a long way from where he started.  By the sounds of it, he had a later start to skating and/or not as much natural talent as others.  However he decided to do whatever it took to become the greatest.  He has a lot of ambition, and intends to steal the gold away from the Russians in order to bring it back to his home country.  Otabek is determined to succeed, and cares little for what others think of him.

Jean Jacques (JJ) Leroy
JJ is exactly the type of person who would complete dares just to prove himself.  He acts first and thinks later.  He’s bold and daring with his skating (I mean seriously! How many quads did he do?! A lot!)  He’s not afraid to push himself to the max.  JJ has the heart of a lion, and isn’t afraid to prove it.  However he also relies on his fan-base.  His family and loved ones are important to him, and he wants to prove himself in their eyes.  Lucky for him, they love him unconditionally!

I just got back from seeing TFA again a little bit ago and have the need to gush about something.

I absolutely love the dynamic they’ve got going between Rey and Kylo Ren. I’ve always been a sucker for enemies who are different yet very much alike, and boy did they set these characters up well for that.

Introduction wise, I really enjoyed how they established everyone, especially these two. Rey is innocent without being naive, which isn’t something I’ve seen done often. She’s strong, brave when she feels she needs to be, smart, and a genuinely kind person. And she’s so wonderfully human. She’s allowed to be fearful and sad (running away from Maz’s castle after finding Luke’s lightsaber, wanting absolutely nothing to do with anything that comes from it, forcing herself to realize that no one is coming back for her) and angry.

Meanwhile Kylo Ren is such a combative person - with others as well as with himself. He’s dangerous and has these moments when he’s terrifying. And he’s not scary simply because he hurts and kills others in the film, at least not to me. He’s frightening because of the ease he shows when going through these acts (except, of course, when Rey is somehow involved). And he’s angry. Holy shit, is he angry. There are so many times we see when he just can’t control his anger and he takes it out on the nearest object/person. But he’s also tormented. Whatever good is left in him, that he apparently is struggling with, he is actively trying to smother with his decision to be on the dark side, and it’s hurting him. Ren is still seen as the antagonist as the film goes on, but the closer he gets to meeting Rey, the more we see his struggle with the light.

And then there’s the interrogation scene. Before now, Rey doesn’t really know who she’s up against. She’s only been presented with the general idea of the First Order and fighting against/running away from stormtroopers. And then she first faces off against Ren in the forest where she’s so easily stopped by him and taken prisoner. And now she’s alone, restrained, with no foreseeable way of escaping, and she’s facing off against him again. Only this time it’s without any real weapons.

She’s afraid, it would be hard for anyone not to be, but she still bites back. She’s not backing down and she has the nerve to call him out on hiding behind his mask.

And then he does something unexpected; he takes his mask off. Had anyone else even implied what she said to him, he’d have killed them I’m sure, maybe severely wound them if they were lucky. We’ve already seen how temperamental Ren is, it wouldn’t have been surprising if we saw him harm Rey at this. Yet he takes off his mask. And he seems so human.

Up until now, it was easy to write him off as a simple villain. But now. This is when we really see him. This is when Rey sees him. And its very clear that he wasn’t at all what she was expecting. The whole confrontation is a battle of wills at this point. One that Rey wins. Ren (for whatever reasons) very nearly comforts her, tries coaxing her, is almost even gentle with her (compared with how he interrogated Poe earlier, which was presumably a more painful experience than Rey’s) when attempting to get the information he needs. And then Rey starts fighting back. She pushes him out of her head and worms her way into his and throws his fears back into his face.

And instead of getting angry, Ren leaves her (more or less) unharmed and runs off to his master to ask permission to train her.

I could go on, talking more about their fight later, before Rey and Finn escape, or about their similarities.But this has gotten long enough already. These two are both what the other expected of each other, yet still full of surprises. I’m not even sure that they really know how to feel about each other after their final confrontation. They’ve already surpassed first expectations of one another by then and certainly left me surprised and mildly confused about what I expected of them (which was a typical hero/villain relationship). I dunno, I just can’t wait to see how things play out between these two.