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  • Mephisto: I must say, you are a gloomy looking bunch. Why so glum?
  • Rin: ...My father just died.
  • Mephisto: Ah yes, of course. How very, very awful. Wait! Let me do that one more time. Give me the line again! Quickly, while it's fresh in my mind!
  • Rin: [uncertainly] My father just died?
  • Mephisto: [gasps dramatically]
Scenes From a Vintage Coffee Shop (Lin/Reader)

For day one of write-a-thon that I wasn’t going to do before realising have no life and therefore I might as well. Today was AU so I did the overused coffee shop AU.

Summary: Reader is a stressed student, spending hours between the classes in the local coffeeshop. Lin is the handsome barista who, without fail, manages to hit on you every time. 

Length: 2175 words (longest i’ve written so far)

Warnings: None

Note: reviews give me life and i’m always ready for requests :)

The window seat was taken.

This, usually, would not be a problem, as there were many other seats in the vintage coffee shop. Today, there was only one remaining one, and that was right next to the till.

If you took that seat, not only would you be trodden and stepped on by the infinite line of people trying to squeeze in, but you would also be pressed against the wooden side of the counter. Behind that counter, the flirtatious—and admittedly handsome—barista would use his words in his next attempt to woo you, as he had done for the past month, every day, without fail.

You didn’t think you could take that right now.

It had all started a month ago when you’d first entered the coffee shop, too many bags to handle, sodden with rain and a lost look in your eyes. Chris, the well-known owner of the small café, took immediate pity on you and sent who he deemed his most ‘trustworthy’ of workers to help you out.

“I’m fine,” you assured him, as one of the loose books in your arms dropped to the floor. A blushing, stuttering wreck, you leant down to pick it up, allowing your bag to slip off your shoulder and tip more books out during the descent. “Honestly.”

“You don’t look it,” said a new voice, presumably the helpful worker. “Here, let me get these and help you to a seat.” He stooped down and began to gather a few of your loose books, taking them and your bag into his arms and directing you towards a seat. After making a dangerously-close-to-tipping pile of books on the table, he turned ceremoniously, smiling at his handiwork. “There.”

You tried to ignore how handsome his smile was, or how his eyes seemed to smile, too. In fact, you tried to ignore how attractive the most of him was, and mumbled a quick thanks, flicking your eyes away from his as you sat down.

With a certain flourish, he pulled out a pen and pad. “Coffee?”

“Yes, please.” You ordered, a hand placed on the stack of books. The worker took this down, slipping through the endless line to get behind the till. You tried to focus as he made your coffee but he was soon back, placing it directly under your nose. “Thanks.” You reached for your wallet.

“Have a good one,” said the worker as he took the money and left, making a beeline for Chris. You watched as the two of them interacted, both grinning at each other, before returning to your work.

It wasn’t until you received the bill did you notice that the worker had scribbled his name on the back of it, watching you curiously from the bar. Lin, read the terrible scrawl. You shook your head.

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Post #712. I figured I would make this one special and give you a glimpse into my process. I started creating these posts exactly 2 years ago and have created one every day since! 👍

This has been my passion project and I am honored to have been able to lift some spirits and inspire people along the way. ❤️ 

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Eventually I will be able to give more back to charities and create a foundation…hopefully in year 4. 🔥

Thank you for your support and remember to do what makes you happy! 😁

Alright, so, I’ll start this off by saying I am honestly not an expert on Kakyoin, contrary to popular belief (I’d actually consider myself more of an expert on Jotaro’s character, if anything), but I’m going to do my best to give my views on Kakyoin’s character, as well as some canon evidence to support it, and hopefully it will help a bit.

If you want a great reference of how to write Kakyoin in fic, go read Sand, sand and more sand on AO3, because it’s honestly one of the best depictions of Kak I’ve ever read, and he’s quite close to canon.


Kakyoin is pretty snarky. He’s subtle about it, but he’s also kind of a shithead. He’s polite most of the time, but it seems to be more of a setting he defaults to when he doesn’t feel entirely comfortable around the people he’s with. We have quite a few quips from him as examples of this, such as him laughing at andd mocking Anne during the dark blue moon arc, and saying she couldn’t possibly be the stand user on board, and in the Geb and N'Doul fight where he orders Polnareff to attack the canteen because he “doesn’t want to”. He also at one point responds to Polnareff saying “this looks bad!” with, “well it most certainly isn’t good.”

He’s blunt, but this also means that he’s honest. He dislikes liars, and prefers that everything is set out before him clearly and plainly as opposed to someone that is clearly dancing around the subject.

He also seems like quite the know-it-all, and likes being right; and he’s probably the type to argue with someone even if he knows he’s wrong. He seems to genuinely enjoy teaching the crusaders about the culture of all the places they visit on their journey, and he has the ability to retain all of that information to recant to them, as well. It seems to be somewhat of an interest of his.

And then there’s this, of course…

The cherry thing is something that kind of bothers me in fandom and fic. Yes; Kakyoin says that cherries are his favourite fruit. Child Kakyoin has cherries on his shirt (keep in mind that the scene with child kakyoin is added in my DavidPro and is not technically canon). BUT, it doesn’t mean that he has to have everything cherry-related. It’s a seriously overused trait in fandom to the point that it just becomes annoying. Kak can have a coffee without it having to be cherry flavoured. Just remember that he canonically enjoys lots of different foods, and that he doesn’t need to exclusively eat cherries and cherry flavoured things. He probably likes to eat foods from all different cultures.

Video games: There is evidence to suggest that Kakyoin spends a LOT of time playing F-Mega, however, this doesn’t mean that his extreme knowledge of the tracks and mechanics applies to every video game in existence. He’s a teenager, with no friends in the 80’s, of course he’s going to spend time playing video games. But back in the 80s, people often only had one or two games, so it’s likely that he has simply replayed F-Mega a LOT, to the point of knowing it by heart. I know the levels of Mario 3 extremely well, simply because I played them over and over again as a kid. If you are fixated on a single game for extended periods of time (especially if it’s the only game you own), you are of course going to know the game well. Knowing a lot about a single game does not mean that he’s obsessed with video games, and does not necessarily mean that he’s a shut-in, and never goes outside.

Also keep in mind that he says that he’s “pretty good at video games”. He doesn’t claim to be great at them, and since we’ve already established that Kakyoin is quite blunt, it would be out of character to assume that he’s being humble here. He literally means that he’s just “pretty good” at them. No more, no less.

His real-world experience is vast, and it’s also mentioned that his parents take him many places on vacation. He’s been to a lot of places, and retains cultural knowledge. It’s not as if he’s read it in books: he’s actually been to these places before, and he mentions it frequently. This suggests that he gets out quite a bit, and also kind of suggests that maybe he isn’t quite the model student type in school.

Kakyoin doesn’t appear to be the honours student & straight A’s type. He doesn’t think twice about skipping out on his new school to travel to Egypt, and as I said before, his knowledge appears to come more from first-hand experience rather than school studies (and I bet he missed more than a few of his classes due to the trips that he and his parents took). He’s a know-it-all, but it doesn’t mean that he does well in school.

On the other hand, Jotaro IS a model student, despite his delinquent status. It’s more likely that Jotaro would be the one helping Kakyoin with his homework.
(He might disrespect his teachers, but he still gets good grades, and let’s not forget that he becomes a marine biologist later in life.)

Kakyoin’s profile also mentions that he “appears very effeminite”. This is another thing that is often misinterpreted. His appearence may be somewhat feminine, and he takes pride in how he looks, but his personality and mannerisms are not inherently feminine.

He hates being forced into submission, and this is the reason why he despises Dio so much. Dio took advantage of his vulnerability and the fact that Kak didn’t have any friends to use him as his pawn. He drew Kak in, made him feel wanted, needed, and then took control of his mind and body.

“He appears to be very effeminate. In reality, he despises submitting to people or sucking up to them.” - Taken directly from his canon personality description.

Another thing that people seem to miss is the fact that he’s extremely sadistic. He says himself that Heirophant “loves nothing more than to rip things to shreds” and that it might “drive him mad with joy”. He likes being in control of the situation, remember. He probably hates losing fights, as well (especially since he could be considered a weakling for losing).

Kakyoin also seems to like Baseball, judging by his profile naming a favourite team, and sumo, as we all know from his exchange with Jotaro.

One of the things that fandom does definitely get right, is Kakyoin being the mother hen of the group. He’s taken on the role of the responsible one, because Joseph is… far from being an adult. He’s strategic and thinks everything out logically, and so is the mature one of the group, especially after Avdol’s “death”. He appears to be content to follow Joseph, but when it’s needed, he steps up and becomes the leader in his place. This is seen when Jotaro, Joseph and Polnareff start physically fighting random men that they suspect are the one in the Wheel of Fortune car, to which he says that, “this is not a good idea,” and that it’s, “getting out of hand”. It’s also seen in the tower of grey fight where he mentions that it’s better that he fights on the plane, because he’s the least destructive of the bunch (even though he’s capable of blasting holes into clock towers, apparently his emerald splash isn’t destructive; okay Kak…).

He’s also fiercely protective of his friends, and extremely loyal as well. Kakyoin isn’t the type to abandon his friends in any circumstance.

He’s a CASANOVA. While Jotaro draws more unwanted attention from girls due to his bad boy façade, Kakyoin is slick and smooth with them, so much so that they notice him more over Jotaro. He’s quick to diffuse the situation when Jotaro pushes the girls aside (again, in the tower of grey arc), and it’s just… yes.

Just look at this. You can bet your ass he’s not the type to blush and stutter as he’s confessing. Straight up grabbing the girl and apologizing for Jotaro. Smooth as butter.

Here are some other scenes that might be able to explain his character a bit better as well:

Mouthing off to Joseph- Jotaro approves.

This line is wonderful. (Again, to Joseph? It’s almost like they have this kind of rivalry going on, haha)

Some really good insight to his character and motivations (And one of my favourite Jotakak moments).

The anime kind of makes this out to be a sort of “Kakyoin mocking Polnareff” scene, but in the manga he seems like he’s just stating what he heard. Pretty matter-of-fact about the whole situation.


I believe that this is the first moment that Kakyoin really realizes that he and any of his companions can die at any moment. Avdol has been shot, and he’s in complete shock. This is a normal teenager that’s now painfully aware of the danger he’s putting himself in to help out Jotaro and Joseph. Sure, he realized that he would be involved in fights, and a little blood would be shed for the greater good, but I don’t think he had realized up to this point that he might actually die.

And here’s Kakyoin’s character bio.

It’s also notable that he didn’t tell his parents where he was going prior to leaving. This doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s in bad standing with his parents (especially since his dying thoughts were of them), and could possibly be because he didn’t want to worry them, or something of the sort, but the fact remains that he didn’t tell them beforehand. Take from this what you will.

So yeah, this is what I get from Kakyoin. He’s kind, loyal to a fault, and deeply in love with Jotaro– and he’s a pretty complex character to write. Don’t feel like you need to take all of this into account, because it’s hard to keep his entire character intact with fanfiction. A lot of his personality comes across in facial expressions, so it’s sometimes difficult to translate that into non-visual media. Just refer back to canon if you aren’t sure of something, and you should be fine. Good luck!

The one that sings (Ethan x FemReader) School AU fluff

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(A/n): Lowkey vv proud of the gif


Request:  could you do like an Ethan is a really talented choir singer and you’re in choir too and like yeah. idek you could probably go anywhere with that but i’m obsessed with Ethan being a choir boy :)

Warnings: boi fluff


Every time you walked down this corridor, you would close your eyes. The hall was long, and at the very end of it was a large room.

That was the music room ( lmao Ouran Academy up in here ). A large, beautifully painted room that was drowned in pastel hues and cased with long French style windows.

It was where a heartfelt choir club met every Wednesday. At the end of the longest corridor on the first story is where you spent your Wednesday evenings exclusively.

Though just walking down the corridor was similar to being inside the room, in the sense that you were able to hear and fully enjoy many wonderful voices that harmonized with its walls. Especially the voice of a certain colleague of yours; a great colleague.

His name was Ethan, and you admired him. Not just for his musical abilities but also for his pride and passions.

The school you attended was a private one; an academy. That usually meant such things as piercings and dyed hair were frowned upon. Yet Ethan, well he was able to let himself out of trouble; just by being so charismatic and thought highly of by others.

He was someone that you often noticed. Looked up to. But as far as you knew, Ethan didn’t even recall you being in his same school.

Often you would find you way down this corridor on days that were not Wednesday, as you were doing today. Simply to embrace the music rooms quiet atmosphere.

Slipping yourself past the towering doors, you shut them one by one behind you. You didn’t hear any singing from in the hall, so you had right to assume no other student was in there at the time you had entered.

Happy, to be in your small haven, you dropped your bag with a sluggish sigh. Directly following was a deep inhale, then suddenly a burst of sound.

Tuned, harnessed, and beautifully delivered sound. Your voice, your lyrics. Words tied together by a calming melody. Not very loud; hushed, idle movements of your vocal chords.

You didn’t sing a choir melody, you sang Elvis Presley; Can’t help Falling in Love.

Twisting your frame, you released several books from you school bag, along with a pen. Smoothly you put your bag against the wall, keeping your stack of school books in your arms as you swept way over to the drapes.

Continuing you rhythm of song, you used one free arm to pull open the large curtain.

“As of now, I can’t help but falling in love with your voice.” someone interrupted.

The sudden words surprised you and you dropped your stack of books. They shattered on the floor, leaving stray looseleaf to roam about the hardwood.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” they said again “I seriously did not mean to scare you, oh my god.”

You began to chuckle nervously and bowed down to recover you papers.

“No, it’s no big deal. It’s alright.” you assured seamlessly.

The stranger couched as well, scattering hands to replace some papers back into newly stacked books.

“I’m Ethan.” he introduced.

You smiled at the papers in response, shuffling them swiftly “I thought you said you were Sorry.” you joked, before peering up to smile at them instead of the ground.

The smile didn’t go very far when your eyes were confronted by a whirl of blue. It was Ethan, the Ethan.

“I- I…” you started to drawl when Ethan began to laugh.

“Well I’m both. Sorry and Ethan.”

You wanted to apologize for you joke, but he seemed to enjoy it so you held your tongue. You watched as he gave you two school books refilled with organized papers. Thanking him kindly, you stood and so did he.

“Your singing though..” the boy started “are you in the choir?”

“I am.” You beamed “I joined soon after you did. You are a very, very amazing singer. You kind of influenced me.”

The confession was weak with confidence but you still stood by each word. You had joined because of him.

“Thank you,” Ethan blushed “I’m surprised I have never seen you.”

“Did you come here to study?” he asked you, stepping to stand beside you.

“Yeah…” you admitted in a sheepish tone, smiling dumbly.

“Mind if I join you then? I’ve been meaning to get a partner to practice a duet with, would you think that you could be up for it?” Ethan smiled back down at your form.

You had to say, with the window light, his seeming baby face was even cuter. His words seemed softer as well. Finally happy that you were seeing him face to face.

“Of course.”


(A/n): this is so meta ouran it kills me

anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice for someone dealing with depression? I'm on meds but it doesn't help as much as I'd like it to... I've switched meds many times and tried therapy twice but it didn't change much and I'm still miserable. What else can I do? Sorry for asking you this but you always give such good advice to people.

I’d maybe say to your doctor that your medication isn’t working. It’s pretty much trial and error when it comes to that sort of thing. What works for one person may not always work for someone else. Maybe try and pick up a hobby, even if it’s just something like reading books or going for walks. Start to write or draw. Go to your local animal shelter and volunteer to walk dogs. You’d be surprised at how much a dog can cheer you up. I’m sorry you’re going through a difficult time. I hope you’re feeling better soon!

So sure boring heterosexual dentist is a character now, but honestly I am here for a recurring gag of every time he shows up to take Trixie out one of the nurses answers the door to quiz him about medical practice.

Like Delia opens the door and is all just “Yes Christopher you’re here to pick up Trixie? Tell me what do you think a good threshold of pain is for giving someone anesthetics?”

Barbara opens the door and is just like “Oh Christopher you’re looking dashing! Apropos of nothing please give me an itemized list of all of the drugs your prescribe patients after they come to your office and what you think their merits are.”

Once He doesn’t even make it out of his sports car when all of a sudden Nurse Crane and Sister Winnifred pull up to him in her punchbug and just holler out of the window without any sort of pleasantries “Christopher please describe when you think it is appropriate to remove a patient’s teeth.”

He’s let off the hook for a couple of weeks and thinks he’s passed whatever weird test these women have and then a tall posh nurse and tiny nun that he’s never seen before open the door, exchange looks, and the tall nurse says “So Chris what’s your opinion on the medical merits of the pill?” 

I’m glad so far no one sees my post as a bad word against P&P like I love them I really really do, they’ve written some amazing stuff. I just would have loved to see everyone give Lin a standing O for being the 13th EGOT winner and 3rd PEGOT winner cause you know they would have. And I’m sure he would have cried and I would have cried and there would be tears all around. So much history could have been made.

An ancient power rises from the deep…


Hey guys! To kinda make up for there not being an update today, I made a quick little gif of a character I’ve been working on for the Pokekids world! I really want to try expanding more on legendaries and how they work in this world. So why not start with this neat gal!

She’s mean, powerful, and will drag your sorry butt to the bottom of the ocean. She is usually found in her Primal form, ready for a fight whenever one might pop up. She doesn’t make contact with people very often, but when she does it’s usually not a good thing.

That’s all I’m gonna give away for her for now, since I’m gonna try to do another world building thing, this time about legendary pokemon, and she may or may not show up in some future comics…

So for now, I hope you enjoy and have a good night!

  • scott: we've got the plastic wrap on logan's bike. now it's time to melt it. jean, give me your hair dryer.
  • jean: what?
  • ororo: what are you talking about?
  • scott: don't you carry one in your purse?
  • ororo: have you ever met a woman?
  • scott: hey, jubilee, do you carry a hair dryer in your purse?
  • jubilee: of course. i'm not an animal.

anonymous asked:

Hello! Just wondering when will the next shop update be? :) (Also, I really really hope you do another unboxing video with all those new crystals, the first ones were wonderful!)

We’ll definitely do another video!

I think we’ll have a smaller crystal shop update this Friday with brand new crystals (not restocking old ones)

And the week after I will be having my big jewelry update. I am really, really taking my time with the jewlery because I felt far too rushed last time. I want to be able to give my fullest attention to each piece. And! I’m also going to be making as many wire wraps as possible 😁💕

anonymous asked:

you are the reason I started watching the Magicians and I'd just like to say thanks!! I was wondering if you had any wickoff headcanons or anything because there is a serious lack of julia/kady content


2. do i have wickoff headcanons????? you bet ur fuckin ass i do pls

  • first of all, i wholeheartedly believe that kady orloff-diaz has no fucking idea how to use a computer!! like this bitch will hop on a mac and find herself typing random things into terminal bc really?? “why the fuck does the internet button look like a compass?”
  • one of kady’s favorite things to do is walk around in julia’s ivy sweatshirts and watch people ogle at her,. (one time she convinced a starbucks cashier to give her their drinks for free because “mark zuckerberg spoke at my commencement ceremony and we spoke for a while after. we exchanged numbers i could probably get you a job or something with him” - julia was just glad that kady even knew who mark zuckerberg was)
  • kady loves to watch black and white films while julia just wants to watch bridesmaids or “even a documentary about the civil war, just- let it be in color please.”

minutanfor  asked:

hey, mate! im planning to improve my skill as a medic in tf2. can you please give me some advices? thank you! have a nice day

Since I don’t consider myself as a very good player yet, I feel kinda terrified with giving advice, but I do have some basic tips however!

1. Your main goal is to keep your team together. Try to keep everyone alive and heal your teammates equally (however, there will be situations when focusing on healing certain classes is necessary for the sake of progress and maybe even winning).
2. Communicate with your team. Your Heavys and Soldiers probably want to know where their Medic is hanging out.
3. Use your UberCharge! If you aren’t sure you are not going to get killed any time soon, do not delay. Building it up again after dying without using the ready one is an annoying thing to do (mostly to yourself). 
4. Watch out for spies. Stay moving and try to avoid predictable pattern. Check behind you when you can.
5. Try to stay behind your team. Since Medic is kind of a passive class, you should avoid going in the front line. Obviously healing others is much easier this way too. 
6. Chill and have fun! You are doing great!

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I hit 3k followers this week, which is absolutely insane! Thank you all so much, seriously it means so much to me that you guys have stuck with me! I don’t have a huge amount of time at the moment, but I wanted to do a quick something for you guys so check out below what i’m doing!

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If you don’t want to see these posts then block ‘3kcelebration’. Thanks again everyone!!!

anonymous asked:

I just have no fucking idea what my gender is im so frustrated and sad and scared I just want to understand I hate this I don't know what's going to happen dude what do I do

I’m sorry it took me so long to reply to this!!

I wish I could give you some save-all solution that would lead you to the answer, but unfortunately, no such thing exists. What you’re going through is very tough and very personal, no one else, myself included, will be able to give you the answers you’re looking for.

It’s going to take time. That’s one of the hardest things to accept, but rushing yourself only causes more distress. Just try to take a deep breath and slow down. You don’t need to have everything figured out, there’s no cutoff to discovering your gender identity. And really, gender is different for everyone, don’t try to make yourself fit into someone else’s idea of gender. 

Try different labels, pronouns, gender expressions, see if any of them feel right or better than others. It’s not so much about finding out exactly what you are, but feeling comfortable in your skin and how the world addresses and perceives you.

Finding and labeling your gender is a very personal thing, it’s for you. Once you let yourself just be, at least in my experience, it’s a lot easier to find yourself. I obsessed over figuring out if I was actually bi and I got nowhere until I finally stopped giving a shit and just decided to feel it out, not force anything. I think that might be a good approach for you. If you feel like you’re trans one day, then that’s what you are for that day. If the next day you think you’re genderfluid, then that’s what you are. The next day you feel nonbinary? Then that’s what you are. Your gender doesn’t have to be set in stone, just be yourself.

I know none of this will relieve your stress and I’m so sorry about that. I wish I could do more. Feel free to hit up my inbox if you need someone to rant to or anything, really. <3

anonymous asked:

I really like one of my closest friends, who is also gay, however she's just come out of a relationship and I don't want to come on too strong because I don't know it it'll even be reciprocated, I don't want to do anything that'll potentially ruin the friendship but I honestly think I could make her really happy, and she deserves that more than anyone

okay give her time to get over the break up.. but you can try to get closer to her. let her see that you care about her and that you feel something for her. Get closer get to know her better. Let her feel loved when she is with you. try to flirt with her and look how she reacts to it. Take the time with her and see how it goes.

The Kindness of Strangers

Well, you’re still twitching.

           Generally means you haven’t given up yet.

Come on, let’s get ya sat up now

           facedown in rockbottom ain’t the greatest thing in the world.

Who am I?

Pardon, who the hell am I?

Somebody who’s been where you are



                                   nosefirst in the asscrack of the end.

Someone saw me floppin’

and rolled me over as they climbed out

           kindest boot I ever got.

What the fuck am I doing?

Doing what I been doing ever since-

           looking for folks who haven’t give up yet.

Ones that have, I respect their choice

           and hope the next time around treats them kinder.

Now buster, what are you doing?


What, cat got your tongue?

No matter.

Think you can stand up?

Whatcha mean why?


Oh, you mean what’s the point?

Well, for starters, it gets the joints moving

           feels pretty good to walk after kissin’ dirt

           and I thought maybe you’d like to try a bit more of life

                       this time around.

If not I can lay you back down.

           Nose up this time, dirt in your nose ain’t fun.

Your choice.

           No judgment neither.

                       Sometimes you just gotta stop.

Come on then, up you get.

Lean on me and we’ll stagger along a little ways

           until we need a rest

And we’ll be farther along than we are now.

Lean on me and I’ll lean on you

           been a long walk so far,

           and that boot wasn’t very soft,

                       but we’ll get where we’re going.


Fluff Night: Round 2

So I just happened to be free tonight so I decided to give you guys Round 2 of Fluff Night! To add onto the amazing Sin Night @fuckyeahazriel just gave us and that we love her for, and also for anyone in different time zones that may miss these nights. (If Fluff Day is better for some, give me times. I could try doing different times, not just nights) 

I’ll try to do about one and a half hour of Fluff Night, and try to answer as many asks as I can. You guys know the drill by now but if you DON’T and this is your first night all you do is send in a ship. A canon ship, a crack ship and unpopular ship, a ship you just made. Send them in, they can be anyone from TOG or ACOMAF.

Send them in and let Fluff Night Round 2 COMMENCE!