i was giggling like an idiot during this scene and the other one

good luck | reggie mantle (riverdale)

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a/n: i want more reggie asap like riverdale give us more reggie please i need it in my life. i also had a lot of fun playing around with like kind good protective reggie instead of jerk jock reggie!! asshole to the world but never to his girl!💙💛🏈1️⃣4️⃣

prompt: 55- “don’t you dare lay a finger on her” & 86- “you know it’s okay to cry”

you walk out of the gym still clad in your cheerleading uniform, the hall filling with the loud commotion of kids as they pour out from their classes.

you see the jocks exit their locker room rowdy from practice you assume, as you make your way toward your locker one of the jocks bumps into you sending you toward the ground

“watch it idiot” i spit annoyed picking myself up of the floor “me watch it? how about you watch your mouth vixen” he steps closer to me trying to intimidate me. i place my hand on his chest pushing the jock out of my face

“you think your tough because your a bulldog?” i giggle and roll my eyes at the teen “get out of my face Chuck”

i try and move past as a crowd gathers but he’s hands dart to my arm and he pulls me back pushing me up against the lockers “no can do princess” he snarls

“seriously chuck stop being a meat head and let me go” he steps back and i glance at him before walking forward only to have chuck grab a handful of my ass as i pass

i freeze turning on my heel “what the hell chuck!” i yell feeling sick to my stomach “oh c'mon (y/n), i had to see if the rumours were true” he bites his lip and runs his hands over his head taking a good look at my body

i suddenly feel self conscious in my uniform and lookas a crowds gather “CLAYTON!” a sudden voice yells

i search for the voice as none other than reggie mantle steps through the sea of jocks and shoves his friend into the lockers behind him just like the boy had done with me.

“ah chill mantle im just having fun with the hottest little river vixen, right (y/n)” the jocks get giddy pushing on each other like ‘bros’

“it’s fine reg forget it” i mutter to the raven haired boy turning to leave the scene “yeah reg it’s fine” chuck tease slipping past the boy and walking briskly toward me to get one last touch of my ass

i squeal disgusted in the boys actions, and like lightning reggie is next to me in a flash shoving the dim witted boy up against the lockers holding him up by his sweat shirt

“don’t you dare lay a finger on her” he warns getting into his face “you hear me” he shouts and the boy nods vigorously “okay okay reg chill” he drops the boy down and I turn walking away as fast as my legs could take me.

“did i hear that chuck & reggie were fighting over you today!” ronnie gushes as we prepare for the big game.

i roll my eyes applying another coat of mascara to my lashes “jeez v it wasn’t like that at all” i exhale placing down the wand and turning to face my two best friends “chuck was being a handsy dick and reggie stuck up for me thats all”

they share a puzzled glance “wait what do you mean handsy?” betty pushes worry washing over her face “he just grabbed my ass a few times and yeah I don’t want to talk about it can we just drop it?”

“(y/n) that’s not nothing you-” and by some grace of god cheryl bounds into the locker room “let’s go sluts show time”

“god i hate the kids at this school” i mummer before following the raven and blonde headed girls out and onto the field.

we stand along the track as the bulldogs rip through their banner jogging onto the school field as the bleacher erupt in cheers. we do a few cheers and flips before it was the opposing teams turn to enter

i make my way over to the drinks table and catch chuck and his mates staring me down like a piece of meat making gestures that would only make a girl feel sick to her stomach

and like clockwork tears dribble down your fast as fast as they appear “(y/n?)” i cuz sand turn away from the boy quickly wiping my eyes before turning back to the jock “reg hey” i smile

“your crying” he states and i shake my head denying it which only causes me to cry even more “im sorry it’s stupid i shouldn’t be crying im fine” i choke and he shakes his head stepping closer to me

“hey hey” he places his hands on my shoulders in attempts to comfort me “you know it’s okay to cry?” he questions dabbing a few of my fallen tears with his thumb

“do you?” i tease earning a laugh from him which cause me to giggle to myself “um yes for a fact i do, your looking at a dude who cried during the fault in our stars”

my eyes widen “no way” he shrugs his shoulders “guilty, but if you tell anyone im afraid I’ll have to kill ya” he said as a matter of fact. i hold my hand up “scouts honour”

i wipe the remaining tears off my face and take a few steady breathes trying to block out chuck and he’s idiotic friends

“forget Chuck okay? a guy like that doesn’t deserve a pretty girls tears okay?” i look up into his eyes and smile to myself “thanks reg” he smiles shyly.

“anytime (y/n/n)” he plays with his helmet and i glance down to my shoes to nervous to say anything else

“mantle lets go!” he turns to his coach as he yells for him “coming coach” he yells back glancing at me looking slightly guilty

“im sorry ive gotta go” and i shake my head touches his shoulder softly “it’s fine it’s fine!”

“goodluck” he smiles at me and i blush “thanks reg” he waits glancing at me “what aren’t you going to wish me good luck?” he sasses and giggle.

“you won’t need it but” i throw my arms around the boys next and stand on my tip toes kissing him

“good” kiss “luck” kiss “reg” kiss

i take my hands away from his neck settling them on his chest as his still linger around my waist “woah that was way better” i smile giddy as he re joins our lips “good luck my little vixen”

“MANTLE” he rolls his eyes “im coming coach im coming!” he yells giving me another kiss before rushing off to his team turning around and smiling giddily at your as a blush covers your face.

maybe not all jocks where jerks after all


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Pairing: Clay Jensen x Reader

Summary: (Y/N) and Clay had an intention to finish their project. Would they be successful on doing it?

Word count: 1.270

Posted: 21st of April 2017

A/N: I am so overwhelmed for the feedbacks I am receiving for my previous imagines with Clay and I would like to thank you for the support.
I love you as much as I love this cinnamon roll and I am so inspired to write 13 reasons why imagines.
Thank you for everything guys and I love you all.

P.S.: My requests for 13 reasons why are OPEN!

- G. x

Warning: (Y/E/C) is Your Eye Colour.

It has been a long and tiring day at school and to top it, you still had some projects to finish with your project buddy and best friend, Clay Jensen.

“Are you tired?” Clay worriedly asked you after he saw you yawning for the hundredth time now. “We can do it some other day, if you want. The due of the project is two weeks from now.”

“No,” You smiled at him as he was so caring and thoughtful. “it’s fine, Clay.”

“Are you sure?” He assured as he parked your bike beside his.

“I am sure, Clay!” You playfully slapped him with your black binders and you rolled your eyes as he was starting to annoy you.

“Alright, alright.” He huffed as he gave up on reassuring you. He then looked at you, pretending to be annoyed because of your actions. “Fine then.”

“Finally,” You were relieved when you both headed to his house’s doorstep. “thank God.”

“What? Finally, we are home or finally, I stopped annoying you?” He raised an eyebrow as he opened the door with his keys.

“Both!” You honestly answered and you both entered the Jensen’s home laughing and guffawing, as if something was really funny about it.

“It seems like you are both happy.” You heard a sweet voice coming from the living room.

“At least, you are honest.” He winked at you but quickly turned his head to the living room as he saw his Mum staring at him. “Oh mum, don’t you have any work for today?”

“I wanted to bring these stuffs at home.” She waved some papers that were in her hands and you noticed Clay shaking his head. You then carefully looked around the house. It was clean and perfectly in order. “(Y/N)?”

“Oh, yup!” Clay smiled a little bit and he pulled you to enter the living room with him. You hated him at that moment since you were somehow shy, of course, but you quickly felt comfortable and at home when you saw his mother smiling.

“Lainie!” You smiled at her and she smiled back at you. You met Clay’s mother during the parents’ meeting at your school. “How are you?”

“I’m stressed for works and for my rebellious son right here.” She pointed at the messy piles of papers on her desk and then at Clay. You just laughed as you saw Clay pouting.

“I can imagine.” You nodded, agreeing for what she has just said. “Clay’s been stressing me too.”

“What?!” Clay looked at you and he pretended to be offended for what you have just confessed. His mum laughed and you flashed him an apologetic smile as he rolled his eyes in response.

“Mum, we’re finishing our assigned project in my room.” Clay then said, turning serious as he changed the topic.

“Sure.” Lainie smiled and you flashed her a sweet smile, before you headed to the stairs with Clay. “(Y/N), does it bother you having dinner with us?”

“Of course not, I would voluntarily join you.” You kindly said and you noticed Clay smiling widely while he stood beside you. “Thank you.”

“No, thank you.” Lainie sympathetically answered and Clay started going upstairs. “Clay?”

“Mum?” He suddenly stopped in the middle of the stair and you almost bumped him.

“Leave your room’s door open.” You giggled at hearing his mum’s reminder.

“Oh my God, Mum!” Clay whined and it made you laugh even more. He continued going upstairs and he led you to his room, leaving the door open like what his mother has reminded him. “Idiot, you are having so much fun here, eh?”

“Oh, shut up Jensen!” You flashed him a death glare as you carelessly plopped your things on his desk. “Shall we start?” Your gaze softened and he flashed you his flat smile, nodding.

“Yup.” He shortly answered and he started to get the materials that you needed to conclude your project.

You both spent the time doing your project, but it didn’t mean that you were serious and deadpan. He kept on doing silly things to make you laugh and to keep you awake. Clay Jensen – that adorable and dorky man that you’ve always liked because he was himself whenever you were with him. Who wouldn’t love him? Everybody would.

“Clay, you are an idiot!” You exclaimed when he poked fun of himself.

“It’s true that you considered me as a nerd when you first met me. Don’t lie.” He ranted as he was trying to cut a piece of paper for the almost finished project.

“It’s not true!” You lied through your teeth. He was right, you really considered him as one of those nerds, one of those good-looking nerds.

“I would kiss you so you would shut your mouth up!” Clay blurted out and your eyes both grew wide. You looked at him putting his scissors and paper down on the floor and he looked straight into your (Y/E/C) orbs.

“Clay?” You stopped yourself from doing anything and you stared at Clay as he bit his red bottom lip. He was shocked too, but he perfectly knew that he couldn’t take his words back anymore.

He created an awkward pace between the two of you, but then you suddenly found yourself closing your eyes and leaning forward, maybe copying Clay’s actions too.

A little moment later, you felt two soft lips on yours and you both slowly deepened the kiss, him constantly pulling your body closer to him. He caressed your cheek as he lingered the taste that your lips allowed and you had your arms wrapped around his neck. You felt some sort of sparks and nervousness, even though you imagined this scene in your head for uncountable times now.

He was about to close the door, but you both heard some footsteps and you suddenly broke the kiss, both scared to be caught.

“Guys, dinner is ready.” You both looked where the deep voice came from and you both nodded, still astonished for the happening between the two of you. Matt, Clay’s father, had a smirk on his face before going back downstairs and you wondered if he saw everything.

“C’mon?” You nodded as your thoughts faded away and you both followed his father.  “That was perfect.” You flashed him an embarrassed but happy smile.

“It was.” You agreed as you both entered the dining room. You could bet that you saw Clay blushing and smiling widely, you couldn’t be wrong with that.

When you entered the room, you saw his parents smiling widely and you both got into your places, so you could start having your dinner.

“How’s your project going on?” Lainie has asked with a bright smile on her face. You looked at Clay, giving him the cue that it was his turn to answer.

“Fine, it’s almost finished.” Clay has said as he tried to chew his food slowly.

“Oh, project?” Matt has asked and you noticed Clay widened his eyes. “Your project consists of kissing and cuddling?”

“Dad!” Clay protested and you both became crimson red in your face and you felt a burning sensation in your whole body. You were embarrassed and dumbfounded.

“Congrats!” His parents said in unison and they both laughed as they saw your reaction. Clay then caressed your hand under the table to calm you down and you both laughed together with his parents.

“Another reason why my door should be shut.” Clay jokingly said. “Always.”

“You have a point in there, buddy!” His father agreed and you all laughed as you felt more relaxed, welcomed and snugged as a bug in a rug.

The Girl on Set – Cody Christian Imagine

Requested by Anon: May you do a Cody imagine where you are a fan of tw and you win the contest to visit the set in the final season and you’re so happy because you’re gonna met the cast but mostly exited because you’re gonna meet Cody cause Theo is your favorite character, And when you meet him gets an interest on you and take advantage of every break or every moment to go to talk to you and sprayberry can see you caught him so deep and tell him to ask you out or something?? 

Word Count: 2,430

Warnings: None

Pairing: Cody Chrisitan x Reader

Other Characters in this imagine: Holland Roden, Tyler Posey, and Dylan Sprayberry

Author’s Note: I’m not sure if this is the ending you wanted, but I still gave you the same concept you asked for. I hope you like it and feedback is greatly appreciated :)

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

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“Who is that?” Cody asked as he approached Holland and Dylan Sprayberry sitting on their chairs.

Holland looked up and noticed Cody nodded towards the girl by the craft table with Tyler Posey, who were talking and laughing as they put food on their plates. Holland looked back at Cody with a smile, “that’s Y/N. She’s the one who won the contest to visit the set.”

“We met her earlier in the make-up trailer. She’s really nice,” Sprayberry said after looking up from his phone.

Cody looked back and couldn’t help but admire the girl. Her hair was down with long waves that reached just above her butt. She had dark skinny jeans, which showed off her hips and great butt. She wore a black tank top underneath a red plaid shirt, with a pair of matching red Converse. She was too far to notice the small details on her face like her make-up or if she had freckles. However, he knew one thing for sure, she was beautiful. 

“Do you need a bucket?” Sprayberry’s question snapped Cody out of his trance. He gave him a puzzled look, wondering why he would ask such a thing. As if reading his mind, Sprayberry answered, “for all the drooling.”

Holland giggled. “Someone has a crush.”

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Valkyrie has the vapours

Sooo… I am on week 3 of being sick with bronchitis and/or walking pneumonia, so forgive me for my ramblings and for taking so long to post.  Here’s my report from the front lines.  (I’m without my laptop so this will be a challenge.)  You might want to grab a beverage because I’m going to put this all in one post.

THAT HORRIBLE FEELING WHEN YOU REALIZE YOU MIGHT NOT MAKE IT TO THE CON IN TIME:  I came down with a stomach bug on Wednesday night (on top of the bronchitis) and was too sick to fly on Thursday morning.  Though the airline was able to rebook me on an afternoon flight, delays meant I would miss my connection.  After an hour standing at the JFK ticket counter during which options slipped away, I was finally able to secure an alternative flight… but had to endure a coach window seat for 6 hours despite having paid for a first class seat.  Thank god for the copious amount of drugs in my system that I was able to remain calm and get a little nap before running through LAX, rebooking yet again when I discovered a better connecting flight, and finally arriving at SeaTac after 1:00 am - 12 hours after I was originally supposed to land. The silver lining was that I was too distracted by the drama to be nervous about what I would say to Cait and Sam.

WAIT, WE’RE QUEUING UP HOW EARLY?  Luckily @chrismosstree and @myguiltyolpleasure scoped out the situation on Thursday afternoon and figured out exactly when and where we needed to be.  I awoke around 5 am after a couple hours of sleep to bid them farewell as they headed for the convention center, taking advantage of their generous offer to hold a place for me in line. Despite being dizzy and queasy I made my way down the street to our “holding pen” outside the main hall to wait for the panel discussion with Sam and Cait.   We were able to meet up with the lovely @supertam87, @sileas84, and @side-eyeing-you and chatted with a lot of other fans while we waited… and waited… and waited.  Seriously, you guys, attending a comic con is all about standing around and monitoring your fluid intake to make sure you don’t have to go to the bathroom at the wrong time.  Luckily I was dehydrated from the decongestants so I didn’t have to worry too much.

OH, MY GOD, IT’S STARTING!  Being in line so early paid off as we got 5th row center seats in the auditorium.  The hall was huge and completely filled up in a matter of minutes.  I feel like you miss so much in the room because you’re trying to switch from watching them on stage, to seeing them blown up on the screens to the side of the stage, to snapping pics, to trying to anticipate whether they are about to do something cute so your camera is at the ready.  Initial impression was that the panel was merely okay, but I’m jaded by having attended the NYC Apple Store event last year where it was a much more intimate setting and they were less guarded.  I’ll have to watch the video to see what I missed because I’ve seen a lot of cute gifs on tumblr.

GOOD LORD, HAVE THESE PEOPLE NEVER MANAGED LINES BEFORE?  The convention organizers came across as very disorganized.  Rather than routing us toward the hall through a series of roped off rows like an airport security checkpoint, we were crammed together in a pen behind some gates like cattle in a feed yard about to go to slaughter.  That set the tone for the day as staff struggled to figure out what to do with us as we queued for photo ops and autograph sessions.  All sense of time was lost as we stood packed cheek to jowl in very stuffy conditions.  By the time we approached our solo pics with Sam I was a sweaty mess - some combination of nerves, the cramped quarters, and the Robitussin.

A TOTAL OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE:  I turned into a blithering idiot during the photo ops.  For those of you who haven’t done this before, the process is similar to school picture day but with more yelling.  There is a tiny mirror hanging outside this curtained off area.  I seriously thought I was going to hyperventilate as we got close to the front of the line.  You have only a second to realize you are a sweaty mess before you give your ticket to someone and are waved into the booth.  You see Sam smiling with a fan plastered to his side while a photographer screams, “READY!”  *click* “NEXT!”  Then you are thrust toward Sam and he says hello while clasping you tightly.  You are too tongue-tied to say anything and too blinded by his beauty to look him in the eye.  "READY!“ *click* "NEXT!”  It’s over.  You can’t believe it happened, but you assume it did. Emotions were running high and we skipped away, giggling uncontrollably.  Then got back in line for the joint photo op and the solo Cait session…. which took all afternoon.  Observations: I’m shorter than I thought I was after seeing myself next to them.  Sam’s jacket is unbelievably soft and I’m surprised I didn’t pet him (or maybe I did - who can remember).  He smells really good (not that @chrismosstree would know…).  He’s also thinner than I expected.  Not skinny, but not beefy like in S1.  (He’s the same height as my brother but seems so much taller.) Cait’s legs are ridiculously long and her waist is in line with my bust.  She glows. It was all a blur.  I pride myself on being unflapable, but I was - well - flapped.  I was shy and embarrassed and nervous and excited and couldn’t put a sentence together, all at the same time. 

“THAT IS SO COOL!”  On to the autograph session and a two hour wait to deliver the Doll Frasers to Cait.  They had been packed in their little trunk and carried around all day while I mentally rehearsed what I would say.  A few people asked what was in the box (I carried it in a giant clear zip lock bag to guard again rain.) As I explained that our friend makes costumes for a set of Jamie and Claire dolls and poses them in scenes from the show, one woman asked if @outlanderedandoverhere had a booth at the con where she could buy her own set!  (There’s an idea for a revenue stream, Fiona…)  There were handlers taking each item to be autographed and passing them to Cait and Sam so that by the time you were in front of them the item was signed and you could be on your way.  I was a little worried that they might not allow gifts because I didn’t see anyone in front of me doing it and I had visions of carrying the trunk around for the next week only to have to ship it back to the U.K.  I knew I had to be quick and concise, so I removed the trunk from the bag and unlatched the lid.  I flipped it open and set the thr trunk down in front of Cait, telling her that we saw the Doll Fraser calendar on the wall in their makeup trailer and thought the cast and crew might like their own set of dolls to play with.  She said, “Yeah, yeah!” and lit up like a Christmas tree.  Seriously, smiling ear to ear and digging through the trunk.  I pointed out the charity t-shirts and she said, “That is so cool!”  She just could not stop staring at them while I babbled on about how the Doll Frasers have been adopted by our community.  Finally the handler tried to move on to the next fan and Cait sighed and reluctantly closed the trunk before tucking it under the table.  She even made a little sqeeing noise.  Sam was sitting too far away and occupied with signing to notice, and they were running waaay behind, so there was noopportunity to alert him to the transaction. However, the Doll Frasers were clearly a hit.  No telling where they go from here (I assume all gifts were sent to production offices in Scotland) but hopefully we’ll see or hear about them again at some point.

After that we were FINALLY finished for the day and headed out to meet up with other fans for dinner.  And, honestly, that was the best part of this event: meeting up with so many of you.  I have laughed (and coughed) so much in the last week that my abs might actually form a “six pack.” 😂  And I love how willing everyone is to share their experience and that so many are interested.

Some of you have asked about the cock blocking story.  It’s not that interesting and requires props and facial expressions to convey properly so it’s best done in person.  For some reason (ahem, @c2bend and @rainmanjdog) it’s taken on a life of its own.  Truly, I’m not trying to be a tease so I’ll see if I can figure out a way to tell it with @chrismosstree’s help.  We’re off to dinner now but will be back online later. 

tl:dr  Overall impressions are that Sam seemed very tired and a little guarded, Cait could not have been more lovely nor down to earth, and that we are an amazing, funny, smart, and lovely group of women.  Mwah!

COLD SHOULDER | Seb x Reader (Request)

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@lelewright1234 asked “can you do me a request It’s when Sebastian cheat on the reader and she finds out so she gives him the silence treatment to teach him a lesson. So he then treat her like a princess until he is forgiven from her. Thank you”

I tweaked it a little but I hope you still enjoy!

You danced around in your trailer to music playing. The sound of bacon sizzling in the pan next to you was intoxicating as you felt the hunger in your stomach bubble. You checked on the eggs, making sure not to cook them too long. Three raps on your door startled you. “Come in,” you shouted from your position in the kitchen.

“Good morning beautiful,” you heard your cast mate behind you. “What are you cooking me for breakfast?” He snuck up behind you, putting a hand on your lower back. You rolled your eyes, sliding your breakfast onto the plate in front of you.

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[scenario] [request] library

5: “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” 
32: “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.” 
41: “You did all this for me?” 

Title: library

Member: seungcheol ft. got7 member cameos 

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 1414

Seungcheol hates the school library.

No, not because he’s a bad student, who’d rather party all night and deal with hangovers in the morning. He’s actually a quite diligent student, who balances homework and his social life fairly well.

He hates the school library because with each visit, the cute girl with a pile of books on her table is always with a different guy.

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so your heart can beat like crazy

Summary: Dan misses Phil. Phil can’t take it. They exchange feelings through texts.

Set in 2014 w/ some fluff and light angst.


[4:40 pm]

dan: hi
phil: why the hell are you texting me
dan: idk i just wanna talk
phil: i’m literally one room away from you
dan: i just
phil: you just what

seen ✔️ 4:41 pm

“How do I talk to Dan if he’s acting all awkward and ignoring me, except with texts?” Phil says, sitting with Martin and Cornelia at a nearby fast food restaurant. The sun is baring down on the three of them pretty hard. Their food is laid out in front of them, and Phil slurps his shake to thaw his staggering heart, which has bothered him for days on end.

It doesn’t work.

“What do you mean?” The redhead and her boyfriend exchange glances. “Why is he acting like that? All you guys ever did was separate for a bit. You guys didn’t break up or anything, right?” Cornelia takes a single fry from her plate and pops in her mouth, chewing thoughtfully. “I sure hope you didn’t.”

“We hadn’t! It’s just-” Phil sighs and takes another sip of his shake, letting the sugary drink flow through him. “He’s being strange. We talk sometimes if necessary, like for a video or that panel we had a week ago, but there’s something off about him. I know it’s been awkward since we had that bad year, but it’s been a couple years now. Surely he’s over it. I know I am.”

A flood of memories came rushing into his brain of that year, and he winces. The thought of that one night on the Manchester eye also swarmed his brain and filled his heart with roses. A thousand different feelings in a thousand different places.

Martyn and Cornelia frowned in unison, and Phil wondered what it was like for them to be in love that long and have such a romance that they did everything together, even outlandish facial expressions. He suddenly wished he and Dan were a lot closer now so that they could have something like his brother and his partner. They weren’t apart, but they weren’t together. The magic disappeared, and phil was more than willing to get it back.

Cornelia sighed. “Just talk to him with how he’s letting himself talk. I know it’s weird, I certainly think it is, but just text him like he’s texting you. Just keep the digital conversation going, and he’ll eventually grow tired of it and want to talk to you face to face.” She ate yet another fry and gestured to Martin, who agreed instantly.

Sure, a digital conversation. Phil thought to himself, tapping his chin with a pale finger. I could do that.

His phone suddenly lit up with a notification that he had received one new message, and his heart leaped. With every millisecond he spent waiting for his phone to unlock, and go to the home screen to click on messages, it felt as if time had stopped.

It was a quick few seconds to any onlooker, but to him- all he could hear was his heart beating in his ears.

Faster, faster, faster.

[6:23 pm]

dan: how long are you going to be at the restaurant
phil: a few more minutes
dan: good cause your mom keeps talking about funny stories from when you were a kid and if I laugh any more my spleen will burst
phil: gross
phil: i don’t wanna hear about that
dan: she’s telling me the story about how you fell down the stairs at school and the entire year group laughed
phil: oh my god
dan: i shouldn’t be surprised though
phil: wait why
dan: you’re already quite the klutz
phil: shut the hell up
dan: hey phil
phil: what
dan: oh uh nm

seen ✔️ 6:25 pm

Phil came to the realization that talking to Dan was going to be a challenge.

It wasn’t as if they hated each other or something. They never have and given the amount of love distilled between the two boys, they probably never will. Late night with a dim light of a lamp and bodies crashing together doesn’t necessarily count as a product for hate. It was all about the fact that there was just something above them, a little tension cloud.

And it felt like they couldn’t talk much because they were both a little scared and recovering over being outed to the entire world when they weren’t even ready. It was about taking a single leap from one side of the bridge to the other, the last step into the other side that with it came zero worries and diminished troubles.

A better future for the both of them where they can do anything without the claws of their adoring fan base at their every move. He just didn’t understand why tapping on a phone screen is the way to go.

Yet, he still goes with it. Phil felt as if he could detect Dan’s nervous aura, and did pretty well putting on a show of letting the world know that they were okay when they weren’t okay and could only communicate in the palaces of the World Wide Web. Which is the exact same way the met, a time of pure love and exploration, an unlikely situation that came true because of a friend’s recommendation and one interesting website.

It felt like the scene in a movie where the two characters were silent until one of them said something rude and incredulous letting the other launch at them, leading to either more anger or a later on resolved situation, always sealed with a little kiss.

Except this wasn’t a movie, this was real life and with every minute of every passing day, his heart beat out a single message of i need you. And it hurt.

With a sigh, he opens up his phone and sends Dan a quick little text before tapping the power button on his phone. Hopefully things will get better soon for the two of them. And hopefully everything returns to normal including his heartbeat’s rhythm.

His phone lit up 5 minutes later, and he nearly dives to see the message, a anxious expression painted on his face.

[10:30 am]

phil: hey
dan: hi
phil: please tell me what you were about to say
dan: um
phil: ?
dan: i just miss you is all
phil: if you miss me than actually come talk to me
dan: but i feel terrible
phil: about?
dan: the way I treated you two years ago
phil: that was two years ago dan
dan: still, it wasn’t your fault we were outed to the whole world
dan: i screamed at you for everything
dan: i even yelled at our fans, and i’m supposed to be a role model for some of them
dan: i know they invaded our privacy and all
dan: but some of them were respectful enough not to do that, even if they shipped us
dan: yet i still yelled
dan: i’m a terrible human being
dan: this is all my fault
dan: you must hate me
phil: you’re joking right
dan: what?
phil: you had a valid reaction
dan: i know but
phil: listen to me okay
dan: fine
phil: this wasn’t your fault
phil: people stalked us, they stalked your brother
phil: they did a lot of things
phil: and yes some of them did the right thing by leaving us alone
phil: but some forced a lot of things upon us
phil: which is not okay
phil: you also faced a lot of stress
phil: you had to deal with so much
phil: don’t apologize for anything
dan: okay
phil: we’re good?
dan: yeah
phil: also hey dan?
dan: yes?
phil: i hope you know that i love you and that you deserve happiness
dan: oh wow
phil: don’t i get anything nice back
dan: yeah sure i guess i love you too
phil: better

It happens a second later.

A thunderous thumping noise grew louder and louder as he finally saw himself being tackled onto the floor yuri on ice style. It startled him, making him immediately drop his phone and stare up at the person who created the chaos, starting to giggle. It was ridiculous and laughable but for the two of them, the dorky antics felt normal.

“Finally.” Phil speaks.

Dan rolls his eyes affectionately. “Don’t ruin this moment for us.”

Phil took Dan’s hand in his, rubbing his knuckles. Starting from the top and down to the bottom, just like always. “Sure.”

“I wonder how many gifsets would be cranked out if we recorded this whole thing?” Dan wondered, smiling at the undying effort of his fans.

“Probably a lot, with some quotes and a black and white filter. They’d probably throw in that one moment when I looked at your lips.” Phil mimicked the scene, leaning into Dan’s face and dramatically looked at his lips before quickly kissing them.

“Wasn’t that during Gamingmas?” Dan asks soon after.

“Yeah.” A mischievous look grows on his face, and he smirks. “More like gaymingmas. Ha! Get it? ‘Cause we’re gay.”

Dan narrows his eyes. Goof. He grabs the pillow nearest to him and starts pummeling him with it. “You’re an idiot, you know that right?”

He half means it and half doesn’t.

“Wait, nope- I’m bi. And aren’t I your idiot?” Phil batted his eyelashes before blocking his next hit, shoulders shaking from laughter. “Aren’t I the same idiot you drooled over for two years?”

“I highly regret loving you at all.”

“Liar!” Phil declares.

“Eh, it’s true. All you’ve ever done for me is steal my cereal and clutter the flat with house plants while I slowly fall even more in love with you, and it’s not fair.”

“I-I-can’t believe I’m meeting the amazingphil! I-I am so excited, I’ve watched all your videos, I even-.”

Dan kisses him to shut him up.

They’re recording a gaming video when they finally decide to let them know everything without letting them know everything.

“Hello, danandphilgames controllers!” Phil cheerily says into the camera with a wave. Dan looks at him strangely.

“Controllers?” He questions.

“Well, since we’re using controllers for this game, I just thought-”

“You’re terrible.” Dan puts his head in his hands, shaking his head.

“You’re a lot worse.” Phil interjects.

“I can’t believe I have to deal with you everyday. You’re a literal pain in the neck.”

“Well, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Eyes meet. Time stops. A flurry of comments and analyzation come soon after, so many people @ing them on twitter and making little edits on YouTube. Reaction videos fill up their feed. Just like every other video.

It’s nice.

[4:40 am]

dan: hey ugly
phil: hey stupid
phil: go away
dan: i thought you loved me
phil: well you don’t love me
dan: eh true
phil: go to sleep
dan: give me five more minutes mom
phil: you’re insufferable
dan: you’re a brat
phil: now dan
dan: *le sigh* fine
phil: “le sigh” the fuck is that
dan: shut
phil: now you can’t even finish sentences
dan: i said shut
dan: glad to see things are back to normal

Dan turns his phone off and closes his eyes.

“I thought we agreed to stop texting each other.” Phil rolls over to Dan’s side of the bed, poking a single dimple.

But he’s fast asleep.


pt1 | pt2 | pt3 | pt4 | pt5 | pt6 | (ongoing)

pairing: jimin x reader, jungkook x reader

genre: angst, smut + punk!jikook

word count: 17,468 

description: It was everything, from his tattoos, to his touches, to the way sweat rolled down his neck as he strummed into his guitar on stage; everything about him had completely enthralled you. So why are you now, two and a half years later, on a train to Seoul, telling a complete stranger the recollection of how you became fated to forever have scars on all of your future hearts, due to the happiness, but most of all the pain, that came along with falling in love with Jeon Jungkook.

note: inspired by the anime/manga “Nana”


Your senses are filled with the scent of food before you even open your eyes. You immediately perk up from your makeshift cocoon in Hoseok’s bed, quickly making your way to the kitchen downstairs.  When you round the corner you expect to find Hoseok standing over the stove, but instead you’re met with nothing.

“Hoseok?” You called out as you started making your way through the kitchen. There’s no response, and you’re about to try again when you catch a glimpse of something laying in the middle of the counter. You reach forward for the piece of paper and quickly unfold it.

I have class, but I made you breakfast, it’s in the microwave .x - H

You smile at the note, gently placing it back on the counter before retrieving the food. You made your way to the kitchen table, stomach growling as it begged to be sated. You quickly started shoveling the food in your mouth, practically moaning at the taste of Hoseok’s cooking that you’d missed so much for the past year.

One year.

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You Deserve Better-Ethan Nestor

Pairing: Ethan Nestor x Reader
Description: Reader’s boyfriend is abusive and Ethan’s thinking he’s ready to get shit stomped
Requested: 38, 81, and 84 for Ethan? I love your writing btw
Send me numbers and I’ll write imagines with THIS dialogue list!
Warnings: Domestic abuse, domestic abuse mentions, angst

As alsways, the fic for Ethan will be under the cut, and the warnings are above. If you feel this piece will be harmful to your health or triggering in any way, please skip it, and if you’re Ethan, skIP THIS THANKS K BYE LOVE U

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 13 (2.0) PART 14 END

Text series with last part as a fan fiction - can be read alone

AO3 version

Word count: 9,787

Paring: Jungkook x reader

Warning: Super fluff, cliche, gross gooey, cheesy asf

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habits (isaac lahey one-shot)

Originally posted by bilesandthesourwolf

Summary: Isaac Lahey was nothing if not observant. So when the newest addition to his pack develops a strange habit, he can’t take his eyes off her. 

Pairing: Isaac x OC

Rating: Teen

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waterpark adventures.

Originally posted by kihqun

» minhyuk x reader
» LIFEGUARDS!AU; fluff; cursing
» 2.991 words
» summary: public pools were tragic, even more so during summer periods, much more for someone that worked in there.

soundtrack: losing myself by state champs

Public pools were tragic, to say the least, even more so during summer period. It was insane, like staying under the scorching sun for hours and getting a sunburn at the end of the day were not enough. Kids were either crying their lungs out or running around the pools so close to the edges they could slip and crack their heads any moment. Mothers were complaining about every single, from the deckchairs, to the supposedly bad ice cream of the bar. Middle aged men with floral swim trunks directly taken from the 80s always trying to flirt with teenagers.

And you had always thought that being a lifeguard was not supposed to be that hard, especially in a pool. You could not have been more wrong. People rarely listened to lifeguards and if the lifeguard happened to be a girl, they were even more inclined to ignoring. And you, well, you were a lifeguard in a public pool and a girl. Just the perfect combination.

It was a rather hot day of the middle of July, and you were toying with your whistle’s string while sitting on the lifeguard chair. You would occasionally shout to running kids to slow it down when they got too close to the pool edge. They would always run away screaming something unintelligible and you would just flop back on your chair, trying not to curse out loud. Why was so difficult to parents to control those screaming creatures?

You were dwelling on it, about how much tiring it would’ve been for you to run around all day like that when kid slipped right in front of your eyes. He fell near the pool edge and almost hit his head on the tiled ground. You quickly got up and blew in your whistle.

“Come on, you can’t run around like that, it’s dangerous” you said, in the most sweet and motherly tone you could muster in yourself.

The kids silently exchanged looks and you thought you had convinced them for once, but then they started laughing, like you had just said the funniest joke ever and you were so close to lose it.

“Hello, I see you are having fun” Minhyuk cheerily steeped in sporting his thousand watts smile, he crouched down to the kids level “But it would be really bad if one of you got hurt while having fun, right?” the kids all nodded solemnly at his words, entranced by whatever strange kind of magic Minhyuk was performing on them “Then it is better not to run around, right? You can hurt yourself really bad if you fall” Minhyuk smiled when the kids nodded and then patted their head one by one. Your frown only deepened when the kids walked away and settled down to play in the kids pool, without screaming or running around whatsoever.

Minhyuk turned to look at you with so much smugness you wanted to slap him. He was always like that you, showing off just how good he was at doing his job and how easy it was while you struggled around every single day. You snarled at him and Minhyuk chuckled.

“You should at least thank me, you were clearly going to curse at them in front of their parents” the boy stated, impertinence heavy in his tone. You rolled your eyes, not wanting to start bickering with him one bit, and sat back on your chair under the lifeguard umbrella.

Minhyuk shrugged and clicked his tongue, giving up on trying to get a reaction out of you. He walked away, probably to go nag Kihyun in his side of the park.

You threw him a frowning look just when you knew he was not looking. You really did not understand how someone could manage to do what he had just done. Both adults and kids respected him and listened to his admonishment. It was unbelievable how people just seethed down when he was talking and you hated it. Minhyuk was always so cheerful, every single day, every single week, during his shift and his breaks, it was like nothing could stop him from smiling and playing around and joking with everyone. Mothers loved him, kids adored him. Flocks of girls swarmed around him the whole summer, giggling and squealing when he took off the staff shirt because it was hot or to go dive in because some idiot had breathed underwater.

But what irked you to no end was he had the rights to show you where you did wrong eve if you did not like it, he was good at being a lifeguard, he liked his job and knew how to deal with people, he was smart and diligent. If that was not enough, like he was not already perfect just like that, he had been blessed with such good looks the first time you saw him you had stuttered so hard you had to introduce yourself twice.

You were so deep in your thoughts, trying to convince yourself that you did not have a huge crush on Minhyuk, that Changkyun had to shook your shoulder to get your attention.

“When are you going to stop pretend that you hate Minhyuk?” he asked, grinning ear to ear. Changkyun was your best friend and probably knew you better than yourself. He had noticed since the first day your crush on Minhyuk and did not waste a single chance to make admit it. You, on the other hand, were trying not to commit to reality for as long as you could.

“Don’t you have towels to fold or something?”

“You are so funny. I’m on break” Changkyun leaned over your chair and then raised his eyebrows “You should really stop trying to seem mad at him. The sexual tension is kinda embarrassing actually, even Hyunwoo knows you are crushing so hard-“

“Shut up, Changkyun”

“Keep on denying but the longer you wait, the fewer chances you have to get him” Changkyun nodded to the other part of the pool and you quickly looked over, silently cursing yourself for looking so damn desperate. Minhyuk was leaning over a waterslide, one of his most dazzling smiles painted on his plush lips, shamelessly flirting with a cute girl in a pink bikini. You frowned and your thoughts wandered to your white staff shirt and your black single piece swimsuit. You found yourself wishing you were half as cute as that girl.

“As if he would ever look at me like that. Because he hates me”

“Sure he does” Changkyun rolled his eyes dramatically and with a last pat on your shoulder, leaving you to drown back in your thoughts.

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Pairing: Maria/Eliza

Modern middle school AU (they’re in eighth grade)

Word count: 1372

Warnings: none (Eliza is a cinnamon roll who doesn’t swear)

sequel: Blue



She stood out because she was wearing red.

Most people, for the first day of school, had gone for neutral shades–grays, blacks. A few, Eliza included, had chosen soft pastels. Eliza was wearing jeans and a floaty blue shirt.

But the new girl was dressed in a stunning red color, a tight solid-colored shirt. A gray sweatshirt was tied loosely around her waist, and she was wearing dark skinny jeans.

Eliza saw her immediately.

The halls were packed, anxious sixth graders trying to unlock their lockers, seventh graders flirting and running around, and eighth graders such as Eliza and the new girl strutting around. They knew how to deal with middle school at this point.

Eliza’s little sister Peggy was starting sixth grade, and Eliza was helping Peggy calm down.

“Liz, what if my lock gets jammed?” Peggy asked anxiously. “What if I trip on the stairs? What if someone makes fun of me?”

“Pegs, chill. You’re one of the best kids I know, and you’ll do fine. Everyone else is as worried as you are and won’t notice if you do trip.”

“But what if?” Peggy persisted, and Eliza sighed, leaning against the locker next to Peggy’s. She gazed out over the sea of people, laughing and greeting friends, and that’s when she saw the new girl.

Eliza’s breath caught in her throat.

“Liz? Liz? Eliza? You still with me?” Peggy asked, waving her hand in front of Eliza’s face. Eliza shook her head.

“Um, yeah, sorry. Go ahead and get to your first period. I’ll see you around, okay?”

Peggy nodded wordlessly and carefully closed her locker door.

The new girl was already gone, lost to the ocean of people, but she had stood out enough that Eliza was positive she would recognize her later.

“Hey there, Eliza!”

“Hi, John,” she greeted the freckled boy. His hair was in a neat ponytail, better than it had been all summer, and his arm was casually slung around Alex’s shoulders.

“How are you?” Alex asked. “We haven’t talked much these last two weeks!”

“You’re right,” Eliza agreed. “I’m…uh…did you see that new girl? The one in red?”

“Eliza has a cru-u-ush,” Hercules sang, appearing out of nowhere. Eliza blushed furiously.

“No, I, uh, I just wanted to know her name is all,” she said defensively.

“You’re-how you say-out of luck,” Lafayette said. The French teen gave her a smile. “We don’t know her.”

Eliza sighed.


Her first class was history, and when she walked into the classroom, she gasped audibly.

The seating chart was alphabetical. Her last name, Schuyler, was right behind the new girl’s last name, Reynolds, and they were right next to each other.

The new girl was already there. Hands shaking slightly, Eliza walked over to her desk and sat down.

“Hi,” the new girl said. “You must be Eliza.”

Eliza nodded, trying to find her voice. The girl was even more stunning up close. Her red shirt was satiny, and light was catching on the material. “Um. Yeah.”

“I’m Maria. It’s nice to meet you,” Maria said, and Eliza couldn’t help it–she smiled.

Conversation was light and easy between the two of them, and when the bell rang, Maria shot Eliza a quick smile before facing front. Eliza melted inside.

That’s when she knew she had a proper crush.

“It’s been two months, Angelica. This crush isn’t going away. I really wanna do something about it.”

Angelica sighed, closing her laptop and spinning in her swivel chair to face Eliza, who was lying on Angelica’s messy bed, her long hair hanging over the mattress. “Ask her to the movies or invite her to a sleepover or say something during the school day.”

Eliza sat up too quickly and got dizzy. “Angelica–”

“A, b, or c?” Angelica asked, steamrolling over Eliza’s complaints. “Ten seconds.”

Eliza panicked. She sure wasn’t going to say anything during school, for risk of rejection and being laughed at and suddenly noticed (she much preferred the background, thank you very much). A sleepover? She’d only known Maria for two months, for goodness’ sake!

“A! A! Movies!” Eliza shouted over Angelica’s countdown, and her older sister grinned.

“Ask her tomorrow to go on Saturday.”

Tomorrow was Friday.

“Angelica I can’t do that she’ll reject me and laugh at me and not wanna be friends anymore, Angelica why did I ask you for advice you’re pushing me to actually take the first move and–”

“You did say you wanted to do something about it,” Angelica interrupted, and Eliza gave an exaggerated sigh.



“Hey, um, Maria, I, uh, um, are you doing anything tomorrow?”

Maria turned towards Eliza, her eyes showing her confusion. Normally Eliza was either quiet or flawlessly eloquent. “Not that I can think of. Why?”

Eliza fiddled with the sea glass bracelet she was wearing. “Um, I was, uh, wondering if, erm, you’d like to go to the movies with me tomorrow?”

Maria let out a little laugh, and Eliza bit her lip.

“Of course, Liza. What movie?”

“You can choose,” Eliza decided, an immense feeling of relief sweeping over her. “Let’s meet there at…one?”

“Sounds good,” Maria said.

The day passed far too slowly for Eliza’s liking, but all too soon Maria was waving and heading out the door. “See you tomorrow!”

Eliza lifted her hand in response, but Maria was already gone. Grinning to herself, Eliza gathered up her things and left the classroom, eager to get out of the school building.

“Angelica, help.”

“Did I say you could come in?” Angelica asked irritatedly, removing one earbud and squinting up at Eliza from her nest of blankets in her bed.


Noting the anxiety filling her sister’s tone, Angelica closed her laptop and sat up properly. “What?”

“What do I wear?”

Eliza looked so lost and confused and scared that Angelica had to help her. She sighed, then got up and led her sister to the closet. “You can borrow my…uh…blue sweater. You’ve always looked good in blue.”

Eliza took the sweater, folding it over one arm and then standing there nervously. “What if…what if I mess this up?”

Angelica engulfed her in a hug. “Then I’ll be waiting here with hugs, hot chocolate, and a shoulder to cry on. Go do this. I know you can.”

“H-hi, Maria.”

Eliza’s voice wobbled and she hoped Maria wouldn’t notice.

“Hey!” Maria greeted cheerfully. “So, I think we’ve got two good options. Wanna help me pick?”

They chose a movie, bought tickets, and then stood in line for popcorn. Maria paid for everything, not even letting Eliza take her money out of her purse. Eliza didn’t complain, just smiled and then stared at the back of Maria’s head when the other girl turned around.

Maria headed straight to the back of the theater. It was mostly empty, as the movie had been out for a while. Eliza followed and sank into the plush seat. Maria handed her a handful of popcorn, and their hands brushed.

Eliza barely breathed, not moving, and Maria stared at their touching hands, for once at a loss for words.

They simultaneously dropped their hands.

When the movie started, the only other people were a couple families seated down at the front. Eliza couldn’t tear her eyes away from Maria, and her hand slowly crept over to Maria’s. She hovered her hand just above it, about to reach down and grab Maria’s hand. Then she stopped.

She couldn’t do this.

During a romantic scene, Maria turned so that she was facing Eliza. Eliza felt her breath catch in her throat.

Both girls unconsciously moved closer.

“I like you, like a crush,” Maria whispered.

“I like you a lot,” Eliza admitted.

“Can I…” Maria finished the question with her eyes, and Eliza almost laughed before leaning in and kissing Maria first.

Lips, tasting like buttery popcorn.

Hands, in her hair and on her neck.

Her own hands, tangled up in Maria’s hair.

One kiss, impossibly right in so many ways, sealing away all her doubts.

“I liked that,” Maria muttered when they broke apart, and Eliza giggled.

“Shall we try again?”

Right before Maria leaned in, Eliza noticed what the other girl was wearing.



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Home, Chapter 13

AUTHOR: Losille2000
GENRE: Romance/Drama
FIC SUMMARY: Tom returns home grouchy and exhausted from a cramped flight after four months on the road for work. Unfortunately, there’s already someone sleeping in his bed.
RATING: M (sex, language)
AUTHORS NOTES: Longer chapter than normal, but I don’t think you’ll complain. Thank you all so, so much for your support! Enjoy!

Previous Chapter - Also available on Archive of Our Own

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It’s Like Trying to Catch Fire--Luke Hogwarts AU

Hi guys! It’s been a long while, but my life has been very busy and I haven’t had time do anything. This imagine has been in the works for almost a year and it’s been pieced together over time. Ever since I posted my Calum Hogwarts imagine, Spellbound, I’ve been really excited to post another one. I debated for a while over whether to post this as one huge imagine or in parts. Considering that this is almost 9,000 words, I’m gonna break it up into parts. This is based off of the fourth Harry Potter book/movie and it’s one of the longest in the series. I never would’ve dreamed that Spellbound would get so much love and I hope you guys love this one just as much (: Forgive any spelling errors or grammatical mistakes, my stories are very rarely proof-read or edited lol


You sighed for the millionth time in the last five minutes, glancing down at your watch. The hands kept ticking closer and closer to eleven and there was still no sign of your boyfriend.

You bit your lip nervously as you glanced around the busy train station, hoping that you had missed him during flutter of activity surrounding platform 9 ¾—families hugging and friends reuniting and chatting excitedly about the up and coming semester—and a small frown settled on your face when your search came up empty.

You looked back down at your watch and sighed.


Just as you were about to abandon your spot off to the side of the train in favor of finding a compartment and just waiting for him there, you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around your middle and a familiar set of lips land on your neck.

Despite your annoyance, you found yourself smiling, “You’re late, Hemmings.” you said, turning in his arms and looking up into those blue eyes that you loved so much.

Luke pouted down at you, “You haven’t seen me in almost two weeks and that’s the first thing you say to me?”

You raised an eyebrow, unimpressed.

“Don’t go too hard on him, Y/N,” Luke’s best friend, Calum, spoke up, popping around Luke’s ridiculously broad shoulders to shoot you a wink, “he just wanted to make sure his hair was perfect before he saw you—“

“I did not!” Luke protested, but the blush forming on his cheeks said otherwise.

“Oh, please,” a familiar drawl said from behind you, “don’t even try to deny it!” Michael said with an amused scoff. He cleared his throat and began speaking again in a higher pitched voice,  “Guys, I have to make sure it looks just right! I’m seeing Y/N for the first time since the World Cup and I have to make sure it looks just right!”

“What if she doesn’t like it? What if she breaks up with me because my hair is shit—“ Calum jumped in with a wicked smile on his face.

“—do you think Y/N would like it like this? Or maybe like this—“

“I don’t talk like that! And never said any of those things! You guys are just saying that to make me look bad in front of Y/N!” Luke pouted, which only made the guys laugh harder.

“Y/N,” Luke whined, turning his pout on you, “I don’t sound like that, do I?”

You had been bitting your lip to keep the giggles that wanted to escape your lips at their antics, but when you looked into Luke’s put out expression, you couldn’t help the fond smile that made its way across your lips.

You stood up on your tip toes and gave him a quick kiss, smiling even bigger when his pout melted away, “Of course not, babe, and,” you added with a simpering smile, “I think your hair looks sexy anyway you wear it.”

He smirked, leaning down to kiss you again, which you accepted happily, your hands gripping his muscled shoulders tightly. The familiar cool press of his lip ring made you sigh, and just as he swiped his tongue across your bottom lip to deepen the kiss, you were interrupted by obnoxious gagging sounds coming from your left.

You pulled away from Luke’s lips reluctantly to see both Michael and Calum, bent over at the waist and pretending to retch on the cement ground.

“I hate them so much.” Luke muttered and you giggled, giving him one last kiss before grabbing his hand and directing your attention to the two idiots who were still pretending to be sick.

“If you two are finished,” You said, annoyance and fondness coloring your voice, “Would you mind taking my trunk onto the train while Luke and I go say goodbye to his parents?”

“Why of course, Mrs. Hemmings! It would be my pleasure.” Michael said with an over exaggerated bow before grabbing your trunk and pulling Calum along with him, who was trying to convince Michael to carry his trunk without much success.

You watched them go with a small smile, before you turned around to your impatient boyfriend, who was watching them go with thinly veiled annoyance.

He caught your eyes and he smiled, slightly shy, reaching for your waist again, “Hi.” he murmured, kissing your nose.

The ticklish sensation made you wrinkle your nose and your heart warm at his sweetness, “Hi,” you replied, “I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you, too, so much.” He whispered before kissing you again, this one a bit more heated than the last.

Before you let yourself get lost in it, like you very very much wanted to, you pulled away from him, giving him a consoling peck when his lips slipped back into a familiar pout, “You should say goodbye to your family, we only have a few minutes.”

“You should listen you your girlfriend, Lewie,” Jack said, appearing right next to you.

“Yeah, mum didn’t drag us all the way here against our will to watch you make out with your girlfriend.” Ben added with a grin, “Hello, Y/N.” he added and you simply nodded your head in return, feeling Luke tense beside you and you squeezed his hand in reassurance.

“Oh hush, Jack, Ben, leave your brother alone,” Liz admonished, smacking Ben’s arm lightly, before turning her warm gaze on you, “Hello, Y/N, I haven’t seen you in a while, how are you?”

You found yourself smiling, “I’m great, Mrs. Hemmings, how about yourself?”

She smiled brightly, “I’m wonderful, darling, but I’ll miss my baby, will you be joining us for Christmas this year?”

“Mum,” Luke muttered, embarrassed, “I’m not a baby, and Y/N already has plans with her parents.”

Liz smiled, “Well, perhaps she can still visit us before the holidays are through,” she amended, but the warning whistle of the train cut her off, “oh, well you best be going, love, don’t want the train to leave you.”

Luke gave his mom a quick hug and his dad, who had been silent for the entire conversation, opened his arms for one as well. You watched the scene with a small smile that quickly turned into a frown when Luke turned to his older brothers to say goodbye.

Jack ruffled his hair, effectively messing up the quiff that you knew had to of taken Luke ages to do this morning, “Have a good year, nerd, continue to do mum proud with your grades and dad shame with your lack of Quidditch skills.” He teased lightly and you had to bite your lip to keep from snapping at him.

Ben was a bit kinder, giving Luke a quick hug and ruffling his hair, messing it up even more, “Have a good year, Lewie, make good choices and don’t forget to write mum, you know how she gets when you’re gone.”

Luke nodded, muttering a quick goodbye before he made his way back over to you and you offered a wave and a smile to his dad and brothers while Liz gave you a quick hug before they walked off.

You felt Luke’s hand grasp yours tightly and you looked up, offering him a small smile. You reached up and Luke, realizing what you were trying to do, ducked down so you could run your fingers through his hair, organizing it into an artfully messy look, before you cupped his cheek, giving him a kiss.

“All fixed,” you murmured, and he gave you a grateful smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes, “now let’s go before Michael and Calum kill each other fighting over who gets to sit next to the window.”

He gave a soft laugh, following you onto the train and in the search for Calum and Michael.

You kept an eye on Luke during the entire train ride to Hogwarts and you mentally went over all the spells you could use on his brothers, namely Jack, to get back at them for teasing Luke.

You’d known Luke since your first year, when he’d barged into your compartment—where you’d been sitting alone, reading a book—and asked you if you’d seen a black kitten with a white tipped nose who answered by the name of Benji. You remember being startled by his disheveled appearance and completely captivated by his frantic blue eyes.

“I haven’t seen him,” You had said and you remembered the way his face had fallen and how a slight glimmer appeared in his eyes and you felt your heart constrict in your chest at the amount of sadness in his eyes.

“Oh,” he replied, looking down at his shiny new dress shoes, “okay, thanks.”

He’d turned to leave and you felt horrible for not being able to help.

“Wait!” You said as he’d grabbed the handle of the door and you could feel yourself blushing when he turned hopeful blue eyes to yours, “I could, um, help you? If you want?” You offered shyly, biting your lip.

A bright smile had overtaken his features and you couldn’t help the smile that made its way across your face, “Okay! Thank you so much!”

You remember smiling back as you hopped off the plush seat and followed him out into the corridor, where you went from compartment to compartment, asking anyone if they’d seen a kitten.

“How’d you lose him anyway?” You asked him curiously as you stopped to let the candy trolley pass through.

He sighed, “My brother, Jack—He’s a fourth year and I guess he just wanted a reason to get me out of his compartment so he could hang out with his friends, even though my mom made him promise that he would sit with me.”

You furrowed your eyebrows, “Well that’s mean,” you said with a frown.

He merely shrugged his shoulders, “S’okay, I’m used to it.”

You frowned, but didn’t make any further comment and just continued to help him find his kitten.

When you’d found him, he was in a compartment near the back of the train with two boys your age, one with messy black hair and shining brown eyes and a personality to match and a more somber, blonde haired and pale boy who sneered at Luke when he entered the compartment.

“What do you want, Hemmings?” he snarled.

Luke looked down at his shoes and you found yourself wanting to defend the obviously shy and slightly awkward boy whom you’d befriended in the short time span of fifteen minutes.

“Hey, there’s no need to be rude, we’re just looking for his kitten, have you seen him?” You’d asked, standing slightly in front of Luke to shield him from Michael’s menacing gaze.

Calum was the one who spoke up, nodding his head over to the small ball of fur that had made himself comfortable on top of a Man U football jersey.

“Benji!” Luke exclaimed from behind you, picking him up and cuddling him to his chest.

Michael, who’d had turned his angry gaze to Calum, flickered his eyes interestedly over to Luke, who was cooing over his now purring kitten.

“Benji? Like Benji Madden from Good Charlotte?” He asked curiously, his tone a lot nicer than it was five minutes ago.

Luke glanced up from Benji, who was occupying himself by playing with the messily tied tie around Luke’s neck, and he nodded timidly, his cheeks flushing.

“Yeah, me and my dad saw them together over the summer and I really like them, they’re probably my favorite band.” He added shyly, flicking his eyes nervously over to yours.

The hatred that had greeted Luke when he first walked in drained from Michael’s green eyes, replaced with excitement.

“Dude, me too!” he exclaimed before he began chatting animatedly about their new album, sitting down on the seat and gesturing for Luke to do the same.

Calum joined in and soon, the three boys were exchanging favorite bands and what song was their favorite at the moment.

You remember feeling a bit awkward and out of place, thinking that you might of just lost the new friend you made to these two boys. Biting your lip, you tried to slip out of the compartment unnoticed, longing for the safety of your own, when a small hand grabbed your wrist.

“Wait, aren’t you gonna stay?” Luke asked, baby blue eyes genuine and hopeful, “I mean if you want to, you don’t have to—“

You glanced over at the other two boys, unsure, but they gave you small smiles, nodding encouragingly, agreeing with Luke’s sentiment of wanting you to stay.

You found yourself smiling, “Yeah, I was just gonna go grab my book and I’ll be right back!”

You remembered being back in record time, book in hand and your heart beating wildly at the thought of making friends, never really having any back home.

The four of you had been inseparable since, even though Calum ended up in Gryffindor, Michael in Slytherin and you and Luke both ended up in Ravenclaw. You’d spent the summers together—trading off between each other’s houses. More often than not, the four of you ended back up Calum’s house for most of the summer—Michael wanting to experience what the muggle world had to offer, you not really caring where you ended up and Luke, well Luke was always trying to escape his older brothers clutches.

Both Ben and Jack had been Gryffindors, along with Luke’s dad and all three of them had been captains of the Qudditch team in their respective years at Hogwarts and it was no secret that they’d hoped Luke would’ve followed in the same path. However, Luke couldn’t have been more opposite of the males in his life if he tried. He’d been sorted into Ravenclaw, and you couldn’t think of a better fit for him. Luke was smart, he was the top of your class and absolutely shined in the classroom. He was musically inclined and he was way too awkward and gangly with his long limbs to really play Quidditch. It didn’t stop him from trying though.

You remembered holding on to Luke’s hand tightly as he waited his turn to try out for Ravenclaw’s Quidditch team as one of the Chasers in second year. You remember trying to give him some words of encouragement to try to soothe the nerves, but they seemed to fly over his head. You remembered sitting in the stands, watching the bright blue of the practice jerseys turn into a blur as the team zipped around the pitch, running drills. You remembered watching in horror as one of the beaters, a burly sixth year, whipped a bludger in Luke’s direction and Luke, who was caught up in the excitement of at the possibility of making a goal, didn’t see it coming. The sickening crunch of the bludger meeting the wood and bone made you wince and you watched, a silent scream building in your throat as you watched Luke fall and meet the ground with a loud thud.

You remembered running as fast as you could, the muscles in your legs straining to keep up with the pace, your chest burning and you realized you couldn’t breathing. You remember seeing Luke’s body laying in the damp grass, his already pale skin turned ashen and when he didn’t respond to your calls, you could feel the panic build in your chest, tears threatening at the edges of your eyes and you remembered screaming for Madam Hooch, who was only a few steps behind you.

She conjured a stretcher and floated Luke’s limp body to the Hospital Wing, you only a few steps behind.

You remembered waiting by his bedside, refusing to leave him until he woke up and you were sure he was okay, much to Madam Pompfery’s annoyance.

Luke ended up being okay, just bruised ribs and a broken arm, but you remembered the utter defeat in his eyes when he didn’t make the team and the shame and embarrassment that came with his brothers endless teasing. That was the first of many attempts to prove himself to his family and you watched that thirst for approval grow over the years, the desperation to feel like he belonged, which only resulted in many sleepless nights in the library a month before final exams, wanting to get the highest scores or many nights sitting by his bedside in the hospital wing, watching his body slowly heal whichever new injury he received in his scheme to be recognized.

A squeeze to your hand brought you out of your thoughts.

Blinking, you turned your gaze—which had been staring out the window (you stole in the seat next to the window, while Calum and Michael were bickering, much to their annoyance and their squabbling reached physical violence over the bench seat across from you)—to the concerned blue that still made your heart flutter like the first time you laid eyes on them.

“Are you alright, Y/N?” Luke asked softly and you smiled, giving him a quick kiss.

“I’m fine, I was just thinking.”

He smiled, “About what?”

You gave his hand a squeeze, giving him a soft smile, “You, as always.”

You giggled when you noticed the bright flush dusting his pale cheeks, but before he could answer you, another voice interrupted your little moment.

“You two are gonna make me puke up my chocolate frog, seriously, get a room.” Michael complained, throwing the empty box at Luke, hitting him on the side of his face.

“Michael!” You admonished, grabbing it and chucking it right back at him.  

“If you children are done,” Calum interrupted with a pointed look, “we’re almost to the castle, so we should probably get changed.”

Michael and Calum stood up and began digging around in their trunks to piece together their uniform and while they were busy, Luke squeezed your hand, bringing your attention back to his concerned blue eyes.

“Are you okay?” he asked quietly, leaning in close so the other boys wouldn’t hear your conversation and begin the teasing all over again.

You nodded, giving him a bright smile, “I’m fine, babe, I promise, I just got a little lost in thought is all.”

His eyes flicked between yours for a few moments before he relented, kissing the tip of your nose, “Okay, just checking.”

You smiled up at him, but the sinking feeling in your stomach told you that this up and coming year was going to be a rough one.


Even though you’d been going to Hogwarts for over six years now, the grandiose beauty of the solid stone castle never failed to take your breath away. Everything was how you left it at the end of the year, but yet, every time you stepped out of the horseless carriages, you found a new piece of the large castle to admire that had gone unnoticed in your pervious years.

Stepping into the Great Hall, hearing all the loud chattering from students and Professors, seeing the flickering lights from candles floating above your head, was like coming home from a long trip away.

You gripped Luke’s hand tightly in your own as you followed a bickering Calum and Michael to the Ravenclaw table, where your fellow classmates parted automatically to make room for the group of you to sit down.

You were joined not even a second later by Ashton, who was a Gryffindor and on the Quidditch team with Calum and the final piece to your little group of friends. He was in his seventh and final year at Hogwarts and you found yourself unwilling to think about facing the following year without him.

“Hey guys! Sorry about not being able to sit with you on the train ride, there was a mishap with a few of the first years that needed to be taken care of and by the time it was over and done with, it was time to change into my robes.” He said in a rush, collapsing next to Calum on the opposite side of the table.

Michael, who was next to you, rolled his eyes, a smirk dancing on his lips, “Right, it had nothing to do with a certain Head Girl, who, by the way, is extremely hot —“

Calum joined in, “And also, extremely single, if my sources prove correct, which let’s face it, they always are.”

Luke rolled his eyes, “Are these the same sources that told you in Year Three that a certain Cho Chang was single and it turned out she wasn’t and was still very much dating Cedric? Or how about last year? When the same sources told you that we wouldn’t have a Potions final because of what happened with Harry and Sirius Black and—“

“Okay,” You cut in, when Calum opened his mouth to argue, “Michael, Calum, enough picking on Ashton,” you said, giving them a reproachful look, “Luke, enough picking on Calum.”

Ashton gave you a grateful glance, while Calum and Michael muttered under their breath and you think you heard Michael mutter something about it “being just like having my mother around.”

You raised an eyebrow, “What was that, Mikey?”

He gave you an innocent smile, “Nothing, Y/N, nothing at all.”

You rolled your eyes, but before you could respond, McGonagall’s voice cut you off, announcing the beginning of the sorting.

You gave polite applause after every sorting and gave encouraging smiles to the ones that’d been sorted into your house, hoping to ease some of the nerves and trepidation you remember feeling when faced with a sea of unfamiliar faces that were supposed to be your new family for the duration of the school year.

Once the last child had been sorted, Dumbledore rose to give his annual beginning of the year speech and you found yourself focusing instead on the thoughts you had earlier on the train. You were silently praying to whoever would listen that nothing bad would happen this year, that Luke would make it through this year unscathed and you could just focus on having fun with your group before Ashton graduated.

Your attention was focused back into what was going on around you when you heard the collective gasp around the room and Luke squeezed your hand, bringing your attention to the front of the room, where Dumbledore was still standing.

“—but home to some very special guests as well. You see, Hogwarts has been chosen to host a legendary event: The Triwizard Tournament. The Tournament brings together three schools for a series of magical contests. From each school a single student is selected to compete. Now let me be clear,” Dumbledore paused, his bright blue eyes full of warning as he gazed into the sea of students staring up at him, “if chosen, you stand alone. And trust me when I say, these contest are not for the faint-hearted.”

You felt Luke shift next to you, and out of the corner of your eye, you saw him bring his full attention to what Dumbledore was saying, hanging on his every word.

“Eternal glory! That’s what awaits the student who wins The Triwizard Tournament, but to this that student must survive three tasks. Three EXTREMELY DANGEROUS tasks,” Dumbledore continued on to his enraptured audience.

You heard Luke mumbled the words eternal glory reverently to himself and your heart suddenly felt ten times heavier and your chest felt a lot tighter than it had a few minutes ago. Recognition was something Luke had been striving for as long as you had known him, from his brothers, from his father and you watched him attempt to prove himself over and over again, pushing himself to the point of severe injury in order to receive even the smallest amount of pride from the males in his family. Luke never felt like he was good enough and it broke your heart to see the rejection in his eyes whenever one of his brothers or even his father, would make a snide remark or a comment that was meant to take in jest that would only solidify the inadequacy he felt.

Dumbledore continued his monologue on the subject at hand, it’s history, past competitors and even why it had been over three hundred years since the last Tournament: the death toll was reaching gruesome numbers.

That fact did nothing to settle the anxiety bubbling in the pit of your stomach.

With a clap of his hands, the table before you filled to the brim with food for the traditional welcome feast, but you couldn’t seem to find it in you to even think about stomaching any of the delicious food that had appeared by magic in front of you.

The enthusiastic murmurs about the upcoming school year went over your head, the words EXTREME DANGER playing on a loop in your mind.

Looking over at Luke, who was now chatting away with Ashton and Calum, you could see the hunger and the determination burn in his blue eyes and you knew, with a sinking heart, that this year was not going to be the relaxing and peaceful year you had hoped for.


The time at Hogwarts seemed to fly by with the grueling Sixth Year class schedules that kept you on your toes and homework that kept piling up no matter how fast you go it done and turned in. Before you knew it, the first week of October came and went and tonight would be the night that the selected students from Durmstrang and Beauxbatons would be arriving.

The anticipation of your guests could be felt in the flurry of activity around the castle—teachers bustling about the hallways, students chattering excitedly about the new students, not to mention the smells of delicious food wafting through the castle from the elves working away in the kitchen.

You were celebrating your half day of classes down by the lake with Luke, Calum, Michael and Ash, enjoying the one of the last few cool fall days before winter set in and it would be too cold to even consider going outside. The air was crisp with a slight chill in the air and you absentmindedly snuggled deeper into Luke’s embrace, who in turn, tightened his arm around your shoulders to bring you even closer.

You grinned up at him in thanks and he kissed your nose in reply, making you giggle quietly.

“Guys, they’re doing it again.” Michael complained loudly, interrupting Cal and Ash’s conversation about, surprise, Quidditch.

Ashton and Calum looked up at Michael’s loud complaint and Ashton rolled his eyes, “Honestly, Michael, you act like they’re making out right in front of you.”

“Yeah,” Cal piped up, “it could be worse, Mikey, they could be having sex right now.” he said with a cheeky grin, making Mikey laugh and you to shift uncomfortably in Luke’s grasp.

“Calum!” You snapped, your cheeks flushing hotly.

“Don’t act so shy, Y/N,” Calum chided, that stupid smirk still on his face, “Luke’s told us all about how much of an exhibitionist you are—“

“Fuck off, Cal, leave her alone.” Luke cut in with a scowl, tugging you closer to his chest.

“Alright, alright,” Ashton cut in with a small grin, “leave Luke and Y/N alone, let them be the sickening sweet couple that they are.”

You shot a grateful smile in Ashton’s direction and he returned it in kind.

“Oh, fine, if we must,” Michael said with an overdramatic sigh, “did you guys here that Viktor Krum might be one of the students coming from Durmstrang?”

“Oh come off it,” Cal said with a roll of his eyes, “do you honestly think that they’d risk their golden boy just for a shot at a stupid trophy and some galleons?”

Michael huffed, “It’s not like Dumbledore would let anything bad happen to any of the competitors. Besides, I think it’d be cool to meet him.”

“Sounds like Mikey’s got a crush,” You teased with a grin, making everyone else laugh.

Michael opened his mouth to protest, but Ashton cut him off, “I think I’m more excited for the students from Beauxbatons.”

You furrowed your eyebrows, “Why’s that? What’s so exciting about them?”

Calum wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, “It’s an all girls school, from France.

You raised an eyebrow, “Oh? Over a certain Gryffindor genius already?”

Calum flushed, but there was no denying the smile that danced on the edges of his lips at the thought of his newly acquired crush on the girl in his Transfiguration and Potions class and whom he hadn’t shut up about since.

“No, but it’s not like she even knows I exist.” Calum muttered petulantly, picking at the grass aggressively.

“Cal, you’re captain of the Quidditch team and their star play—“

“—Hey! I’m on the team too—!”

“—one of their star players,” you corrected, smiling apologetically at a pouting Ashton, “I highly doubt she doesn’t know who you are.”

“Hey, I know! If you really want to get her attention, you should put your name in the Goblet!” Luke pitched in suddenly and all four of you turned your eyes to him.

“What?” he mumbled, his cheeks flushing under the attention, “if your name gets pulled, there’s no way she wouldn’t notice you then. And if you win, well, chick’s love a champion.”

Your heart sank at Calum’s considering nod and you tensed against Luke’s chest.

“Good plan, Luke,” Calum said and your heart pounded painfully against your rib cage, “there’s only one problem.”

“What’s that?” Luke demanded.

“Chick’s tend to like their champions alive,” Calum quipped and you let out a sigh of relief, a small laugh escaping your lips.

“Aw, c’mon Cal, are you scared?” Luke taunted and you threw him a warning look, but he wasn’t looking at you.

“Hell yeah I am,” Calum said with an emphatic nod, “any sane person would be. I like living, thank you very much.”

“Yeah,” Michael agreed, “I think the idea is cool, don’t get me wrong, but I think anyone who’d put their name in that cup willingly is an idiot. Besides,” Michael said with a wrinkle of his pale nose, “the whole thing sounds like a lot of work to me.”

You, Cal and Ash laughed at Michael’s admission, knowing there was no way in hell that Michael, who was barely scraping by in school as it was, was willing to put in any kind of extra work for without any kind of extra incentive, money and trophy aside. Not like Michael’s family needed the money anyways, what with him being heir of not one, but two, oldest and most affluent wizarding families in the wizarding world.

“Come on you guys, don’t you think it’d be cool to compete? It’s like Michael said, I doubt Dumbledore or even the Ministry of Magic would let students compete in something that could result in death. The tasks might be a bit of an adrenalin rush, but it can’t be anymore dangerous than a Quidditch match.” Luke said and while you could agree with the logics, the words EXTREMELY DANGEROUS TASKS flashed through your brain and suddenly, your lunch felt a little too heavy in your stomach.

“I think I agree with Mikey and Cal,” Ashton said after a moment, “I mean, don’t get me wrong, the money would be really nice,” Ashton admitted with a flush to his cheeks, “but I think my mother would kill me if I even thought about putting my name in the Goblet, let alone actually competing.”

Your heart clenched at Ashton’s words, knowing that, out all of you guys, Ashton’s finical situation was the worst. He was the oldest of three and his dad had left when he was younger, leaving his mom to raise three kids and work long hours at the Ministry to make ends meet. A thousand galleons would go a long way in putting his younger siblings in new robes and providing them with new school books, rather than the second hand robes and battered texts books Ashton and his brother and sister were forced to use. Maybe it was selfish, but you were thankful that Ashton wasn’t swayed enough by the money to place his name in the Goblet.

“Sounds like you put some thought into this,” Calum said, his eyes narrowing suspiciously, “do you have something to share with crowd, Lucas?”

You glanced up at Luke to see him staring down at you, and you could see the hesitance in his eyes. A knot of anxiety settled in your chest and suddenly you felt like you couldn’t breathe.

“No, my mom would kill me if I ever thought of entering the tournament.” Luke said after a beat of silence and your oxygen intake returned and you breathed a sigh of relief.

“I think we’d have to flip for that one.” You said dryly, resting your head back on Luke’s chest.

The boys laughed and you gave a weak chuckle, but something in your gut told you that something was amiss with Luke and with a sinking heart, you knew it was only a matter of time before you found out.


As always, the Great Hall was loud, with students talking over one another with speculations about the impending arrival of the new students, the excitement level almost stifling as you made your way to the Gryffindor table, sitting down next to Luke, who was talking animatedly with Michael and Ashton about some up and coming American band that they were fond of, while Calum was nowhere in sight.

“Where’s Calum?” You asked curiously, looking up and down the table, searching for the familiar head of raven hair.

Michael, who was sitting next Ash, snorted into his potatoes, “Right after you and Luke left the lake to go ‘study’,” you ignored the air quotes around that word, “H/C/N walked by with Hermione and Calum stood up to go talk to her. But he tripped over a tree root and landed flat on his face right in front of her. He’s been hiding in my dorm room ever since.”

You couldn’t help the laugh that escaped your lips, but your heart went out to Calum, “Poor guy, is he okay?”

Ashton rolled his eyes, “Physically? He’s fine. His ego? Not so much.”

“I hope he knows he’s not sleeping in my bed tonight, I’ve got Potions first thing tomorrow and I’m not gonna have Snape yelling at me for falling asleep in class again because Calum hogs the bed,” Michael grumbled, taking a ferocious bite out of a turkey leg the size of a Beater’s bat.

Luke raised an eyebrow, “Sleep with Calum often, then, Michael?”

Michael flushed, his mouth gaping like a fish, “No!” he protested loudly, making you giggle,“well, yes—like, I mean we’ve shared a bed before, when we were little and I’m assuming that he still hogs the bed, because people’s sleeping habits rarely change, you know, but that’s not the point!”

“Hey guys!” Calum said, plopping down next to you, “What’s up?”

“I do not sleep with you!” Michael said loudly, causing a few people to turn and give your groups curious looks. Those closest to you, including Luke and Ashton, snickered loudly into their food.

Calum, bless him, merely looked bewildered, “Okay?”

Michael’s looked seconds from exploding, he was so red, “I hate all of you.” he muttered petulantly to his over-flowing plate.

You bit your lip to keep your laughter at bay, but if the murderous look Michael shot you was any indication, you weren’t successful. You gave him a smile that you hoped looked at least slightly apologetic and reached for the roasted chicken that you’d been eyeing since you sat down.

While Calum tried to pump Ashton for information on what they’d been talking about before he arrived, Luke turned to you with a small smile, but you could see the concern shining in his glacier eyes.

“Are you okay?” he asked softly, brushing a lock of hair away from your face, “it’s just, you seemed a bit tense earlier when we were studying and I just wanted to make sure—“

“Are you going to put your name in the Goblet?” You asked quietly, searching his eyes for any kind of sign, any inclination that would confirm the doubts swirling in your mind. You’d been wanting to ask him this question the entire time you were studying, but a part of you was afraid of the answer.

The concern immediately faded from Luke’s eyes and that same hesitance from earlier returned, “Y/N, this isn’t the time—“

“Are you?” You demanded softly, griping his hand tightly.

He opened his mouth to respond but he was cut off by a familiar tapping of a glass. Luke dropped your hand and turned his gaze towards the front of Great Hall, where Dumbledore was standing at the podium, gazing down at the students over his half-moon spectacles, a small smile on his face.

“Good evening, students,” Dumbledore began, “as you all know, tonight we have a few new students, along with their Headmasters, joining us for the majority of the school term. While I acknowledge that competition brings rivalry, I implore you to make them feel welcome here at Hogwarts, as we are a school first and foremost and I would beseech you to see this as an opportunity to make some new friends.”

“So, without further ado, I would like to welcome Professor Karkaroff and his chosen students from Durmstrang Institute!”

The Great Hall doors opened with a bang, and a tall, surly looking man with heavy set brows and a rather impressive goatee appeared, his obsidian eyes flickering over the room with an unimpressed scowl. Wrapped in fur from the hat on his head down to the long, thick coat set upon his broad shoulders to the heavy snow boots adorning his feet, he looking imposing and frankly, someone you didn’t want to spend too much time around. Behind him, in what could only be described as a military march, eight students ranging from fourteen to eighteen, dressed in a similar fashion as their Headmaster, followed behind Professor Karkaroff as they made their way down the main aisle of the Great Hall.

They all appeared to be similar in features—heavy brows, wide set noses, olive skin tone, close cropped dark hair and dark, appraising eyes. Your eyes caught one of the student’s gazes and when you heard the collective gasps from around the room, you realized that it was Viktor Krum, the starting Seeker for Bulgaria.

He nodded in your direction as he passed your spot at the table, before placing his gaze to the front of the room, watching as his Headmaster embraced Professor Dumbledore like they were old friends.

“Did you see that?!” Michael whispered excitedly, “Viktor Krum nodded at me!”

You rolled your eyes, giggling when you heard Calum mutter, “Does this mean he’s over not being able to sleep with me?”

“Finally, I would like to welcome our next few guests, Madame Maxine and the lovely ladies of Beauxbatons Academy!”

A hush fell over the Hall as the six female students, ranging from fifteen to eighteen made their way gracefully through the Great Hall. They were all beautiful, you had to admit, and they held themselves with a quiet grace and confidence that you found yourself admiring. They looked clean, polished, reminding you of china dolls in their uniformed baby blue dresses and coats, their features delicate and not a hair out of place.

Taking a sweep of the room, you found yourself amused at the awed stares coming from the male population in the room as they took in the new students and the disgruntled and jealous looks the females were giving them.

You rolled your eyes, flicking them back over to the entrance to the Great Hall, where a woman—a giant woman, who, unlike Hagrid, was obviously full blooded giant—with a severe, shiny bob and dressed quite elegantly, followed behind her students with as much grace and refined poise as a dancer.

The ladies of Beuaxbatons curtsied once they reached Dumbledore, before they scampered off to join the Ravenclaw table, while the Durmstrang students chose Slytherin.

Surprise, surprise, you thought with a mental eye roll.

While you tried to be as neutral as possible when it came to in school rivalry, Slytherin was still a hard pill to swallow. Being muggle-born, you’ve faced a lot of jibes and slurs thrown your way since your time at Hogwarts and the brief friendship you’d built with Michael over the course of the train ride to school your first year, was almost non-existent when one of his childhood friends called you a mudblood your second day of Potions. Professor Snape, who’d over heard him, promptly gave him a month’s worth of detention for using such foul language. However, Michael didn’t feel like that was good enough and slipped some of the shrinking solution you’d been working on in class that day, into the kid’s pumpkin juice at dinner, causing him to shrink to the size of a toddler. He was rushed to the Infirmary and while Michael was never caught, you’d had a sneaking suspicion that Professor Snape knew it was Michael and had simply overlooked it.

So, simply put, you weren’t surprised that Durmstrang had sat at the Slytherin table—dark minds think alike. Durmstrang was known for its selective student body, only pure-blooded wizards were accepted and it held a long standing affiliation with the Dark Arts. To say you were weary of these particular visitors was an understatement and you snuggled closer to Luke instinctively.

Luke gave you a small smile, understanding shining in his eyes and he kissed the top of your head.

You focused your attention back on Dumbledore, who was still perched behind the podium, waiting for the rest of the students to come to order. He surveyed the room with twinkling blue eyes and for a split second, you allowed yourself to relax, hoping that putting your blind faith in this man standing before you wasn’t an error in judgement. You trusted Professor Dumbledore to protect you and the rest of the students in this school and you hoped beyond all belief that he wasn’t bringing death to one of these students by allowing this Tournament to cross the threshold of the castle.

“Now that we’ve all been introduced, I would like to take this moment to remind you that this tournament is something that shan’t be taken lightly.” Dumbledore paused, his gaze heavy on the newest students in attendance, and for a moment, he looked older, more weary than you’d ever seen him and you wondered, if Dumbledore agreed with this tournament and everything it stood for, “And it’s because of this, that it has been decided that only students who are of age—Sixth and Seventh years—are permitted to put their names forth into the cup—“

He was cut off by cries of outrage and a chorus of boos orchestrated by the Weasley twins, but you couldn’t help but feel a bit of relief at the rule, but the sinking feeling you had didn’t dissipate completely.

SILENCE!” Dumbledore roared, the windows trembling violently at the force of it and you jumped, startled at the rare outburst from the usually docile Professor.

You weren’t the only one who was shocked into submission, the entire student body was staring in awe at Professor Dumbledore, who was glaring sharply at the Weasley twins in particular, who, while quiet, were still glaring contemptibly right back.

“As I was saying,” Dumbledore continued more calmly, “This is something that not only I, but the rest of the Ministry feel is a necessary measure of protection. Due to the level of difficulty of the tasks and the amount of dangerous that still lurk no matter the amount of protection, not only will it require more advance magic, but we also believe that anyone younger may not be able to cope.”

The severity of his words cut you to the core and the reality of the situation hit you with all force of a thousands disarming spells at once. These tasks…they weren’t just going to be a small dose of adrenalin to get your heart racing. They were potentially life threatening and while a part of you was relieved that no one younger would have to face that reality, your fear at Luke being able to enter outweighed all of it.

“Now, don’t fret, we’ve taken the necessary precautions to ensure that no immediate danger will come to those who are chosen to compete. This tournament is supposed to encourage international wizardry relationships, and I implore everyone to use this tournament as a learning experience and a chance to make new friends.”

Gesturing a weathered hand to an ancient brown box perched on a pedestal to his left, one that you had failed to notice during your entire time in the Great Hall, Dumbledore put to the excited students out of their misery when he unveiled what was inside the weathered and tattered box.

A large, slate grey goblet shaped objected appeared and it seemed to wear everyone of it’s years. Chipped in many places, cracked in some, the Goblet of Fire looked as ominous as it the tournament sounded. Designs etched around the rim of the goblet stood out to you, looking suspiciously like Ancient Ruins and with a bit of squinting, you could decipher a bit of the message.

Trials of mind, body and soul and those unworthy shall perish in face of their defeat.

You suddenly found it difficult to swallow.

“The Goblet of Fire! Anyone wishing to submit themselves to the tournament need only write their name upon a piece of parchment and throw it in the flame before this hour on Halloween night. Do not do so lightly! If chosen, there’s no turning back. As from this moment, The Triwizard Tournament has begun!”

A bright blue flame erupted from the Goblet, making the students around you gasp and shriek in startled excitement. You, however, were far from excited.

….those unworthy shall perish in face of their defeat.

Gripping Luke’s hand tightly in yours, you refused to think of what that could mean and suddenly, you no longer found the subject of Ancient Ruins as riveting as you once thought it to be.


You waved to Mikey, Cal and Ash over your shoulder as your small group split up, everyone heading to their respective common rooms to catch up on some sleep.

You and Luke walked the halls hand in hand as you made your way to your shared common room. You were both quiet, lost in your own thoughts as you roamed the silent corridors, with only the occasional chatter from passing portraits and the echoing of your footsteps breaking up the silence.

Fatigue had settled deep into your bones, weighing you down and all you wanted to do was change into your pajama’s and fall into bed and you were thankful there were no upcoming assignments or tests to study for in light of your new guests.

You were thankful that Luke seemed to be coherent enough to solve the riddle once you reached the entrance to the common room. Other than the crackling of the fire, the common room was silent, every one either in bed or still in the Great Hall.

You turned and met Luke’s warm blue eyes, the light from the fire making the flecks of gold in his eyes shimmer. He gave you a smile, pulling you in close and pressing a kiss to your forehead, before kissing you softly.

His lips were slightly chapped, but warm and gentle against yours, igniting a fire in your lower belly that spread through your veins and made your heart flutter like a phoenix’s wings. It still amazed you, after all this time, that Luke could still make you feel like this. Like every touch was new, every smile sent your way was still just as beautiful as the first one he gave you when you were eleven years old, both of you shy and unsure of this new world and everything in it. Luke had a way of making every kiss feel like it would last forever, like you were the only thing that was important in this world and he’d do anything to keep you in it. You’ve loved him since the first time you laid eyes on him and you knew that he was the one you wanted to be with forever.

All thoughts of the tournament and the new students and your exhaustion flew out the window and into the cool autumn night and you pushed yourself closer, running your fingers through his soft hair, brushing your fingers across the stubble on his cheeks, memorizing every inch and crevice of his mouth. Tongues intertwining, lips molding, hands roaming and everything in you was screaming more more more.

There was a level of desperation that had never been there before and something tugged at the back corner of your brain, lingering like a shadow, but you ignored it, batting it away like an unwanted bug and continued to lose yourself in Luke.

“Y/N,” he breathed, reverent, like a prayer and the fire in your belly turned into a pyre and you wondered if you were glowing with it, because it felt like every inch of skin Luke touched lit up underneath the attention.

The banging of the common room door opening made you jump back from Luke in surprise, a breathless gasp making its way past your kiss-swollen lips.

Your cheeks flushed bright pink at the knowing looks your fellow classmates gave you as they passed and when you met Luke’s eyes, he was watching you. His eyes were dark, the blue almost eclipsed by his dilated pupils, but underneath the desire, there was something unfamiliar lurking in his cerulean depths that made your chest pang.

He brushed his calloused thumb across your soft lips, his eyes tracking the movement with a longing that made your heart flutter and heat simmer in your belly.

“I love you,” he breathed softly, his voice barely above a whisper and something about this moment felt fragile, like tempered glass. While fragile, it was precious, something to be treasured and even though there was something about this moment that made your instincts stand on edge, you didn’t want to ruin it.

“I love you, too.” You whispered back.

Luke’s smile was worth putting your instincts on hold for a while.


The tapping of a glass submerged the Great Hall into silence, and Dumbledore took his usual place at the podium, smiling down at the anxious student body.

“The time has come, it seems, to find out who will have the honor of representing Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang in the Triwizard Tournament. I commend those who entered for their bravery and their commitment to their schools, but alas, only three will be chosen as champions, so without further ado…”

The entire hall waited with bated breath as the lights dimmed and everyone watched the ancient Goblet as the flames flickered, the blue changing to a violent shade of red before a piece of parchment shot out from the flames, the edges gleaming orange with embers.

“And the champion representing Durmstrang…Viktor Krum.”

The hall erupted into loud cheers and claps, mostly coming from the Slytherin table where the small group of Durmstrang students sat in their uniformed furs, all of them rising to pat a rather stoic looking Viktor on the back as he made his way to the front of the hall, shaking Dumbledore’s hand and meeting a beaming Karkaroff, his yellow teeth glinting a weird green in dim lighting of the room.

You swore you heard Michael squeal next to you as Viktor stood at the front of the Great Hall, appraising the adoring audience with a mild form of detached interest.

“And the champion representing Beauxbatons Academy…”

Like before, the flames turned an angry shade of red, before spitting out another piece of parchment.

“…Fleur Delacour.”

The clapping was mixed with excited chatter in french as Fleur gracefully made her way to the front of the hall, curtseying to Dumbledore, hugging a rather proud looking Madam Maxine and you held back a snort of amusement when she grimaced her way through a hand shake with Professor Karkaroff before taking her place next to Viktor.

A hush settled around the Great Hall as the anticipation of finding out who the champion for Hogwarts would be. You found yourself chewing your thumbnail anxiously as you watched the docile blue flames turn scarlet for the third and final time, the third piece of parchment fluttering down into Dumbledore’s awaiting hand.

“And the champion, that will represent Hogwarts in the Triwizard Tournament…”

The dread, anxiety and sleepless nights all reached their crescendo when Dumbledore’s voice rang loud and clear through the Great Hall.

“Luke Hemmings.”

Nightmares don’t always happen when you’re asleep.


So, this is the first part, I’m thinking maybe two or three more parts to this? I want to cover the three tasks, the Yule Ball and some of my own parts in between. Bare with me on updates, I’m just now settling into a house and unpacking on top of working full time and taking a few college class. Thank you to those who have stood by me and my works and have been super patient with me. I love you guys so so much and I hope you guys liked the beginning of a new story (:

On and Off Screen

Author’s note: Eek, I can’t believe I finished this today! And omg it’s super long, too, I literally did not see this coming. //sweatdrop

Summary: AU. Nagisa and Rei are co-starring in a drama series that is about their fictional lives as boyfriends. Unfortunately, there is one scene that ends in a tickle fight in which Rei’s character has the upper hand and Nagisa doesn’t like the look on Rei’s face once they start rehearsing. At all.

Word Count: Almost 4k of pure Reigisa fluff! Hope it’s okay~ ♡

[Bonus: I used their voice actors’ names for their characters, lol
Also, maybe I can go by heart!Anon -if it’s not taken of course- because I’m too chicken? //hides]

Note to author: THIS IS THE CUTEST REIGISA FIC IVE EVER READ AND THIS AU IS SO REALISTIC!! *dies* everyone be prepared, read and die of fluff.

They were about to film the new episode and Nagisa was probably the most flustered person in the whole world because the last scene they had to film was a playful moment with his fellow actor and boyfriend, Ryuugazaki Rei. Usually he’d be jumping up and down at the thought because them playing a lovey-dovey scenes in this series was what made them fall for each other in the first place, but this one scene… Eh.

At first, Rei had been very distant and shy about the whole dating thing and the only reason he’d decided to audition was because he wanted to participate in showing the world that it was totally normal to be in a gay relationship. It was definitely not one of his first roles, which shone through his amazing skills; something that had made Nagisa question himself so many times for the first few months. Rei’s eyes held so many emotions whenever he was looking at him when they were filming and if Nagisa hadn’t pushed himself to take the first step, he wouldn’t have ended up in a real relationship with him.

It was true that Rei had been acting in the beginning, but after their first kiss on camera, Nagisa could definitely tell he was into it and after confronting him, Rei awkwardly admitted that he had indeed developed feelings for him. And so, they started hanging out in between takes and going on dates whenever they could. 

As usual, they received the script for the next episode two weeks in advance and Nagisa had happily been skimming through it until he reached page 28 where it said, “Daisuke playfully tickles Tsubasa… end act 7.”

Nagisa’s face had become bright red and he quickly turned to the next page, looking for his next scene. The butterflies in his stomach stopped him from focusing, though, because oh god, he didn’t want to get tickled by his boyfriend on camera. He’d probably get extremely flustered and make weird noises and ugh.

Slowly but surely, Nagisa let himself slide down the couch at the thought of Rei tickling him in front of twenty other people with at least five cameras pointed at them. Not to mention they were going to be practicing this scene multiple times and had to record it at least another ten times.

As icing on the cake, Nagisa knew that he was beyond ticklish and Rei was probably going to use it against him in the future.

Turned out he was right because they were at the studio now, going through all the lines and Rei was sitting next to him, holding his hand under the table; a habit they had developed in their first week of getting together. Their scene was coming closer and closer and Nagisa tried to shrug it off, but his heart ignored him and continued to ram itself against his chest. Luckily he managed to somewhat stay in character throughout the whole thing for which he patted himself on the shoulder.

Matsuoka Gou, the director, suddenly looked up from her script and clapped her hands. “Everyone, I’d like to take a small break. Good work so far!”

Everyone bowed and got out of their chair to go grab a drink, talking to each other excitedly about the new episode. Nagisa was about to get up, too, but Gou had walked up to him and laid a hand on his shoulder.

“Can I talk to you and Rei-kun for a sec, Nagisa-kun?”

Blinking, Nagisa let go of Rei’s hand and rose to his feet. “Sure? Everything okay?”

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Gou laughed and looked around to check if everyone had gone. “I just find it important to know what my actors are comfortable with and what they’d rather not do.”

Uh-oh. Nagisa already knew where this was going and resisted the urge to snort nervously. Instead, he nodded to indicate that she could continue.

“Obviously, it’s important that Rei-kun hears this, too. I’m assuming you’ve read the whole script of this week’s episode?” Another nod. “Right, so are you okay with Rei-kun tickling you? I know for a fact that my brother hates being tickled, like, he will seriously hurt you if you even think about trying, so I thought I’d ask to make sure.”

At least he wasn’t the only one feeling awkward, seeing that Rei’s cheekbones had also turned red, which made him feel slightly better.

Of course it was a normal question, asked by a professional on top of that, so Nagisa cleared his throat and put his hands behind his back because he couldn’t stop friggin’ fiddling. “I’m okay with it, yeah.”

“You sure? Because if you’re not, we can just replace it with a kiss and then do a fade out.”

Now she was just making it worse. How was Nagisa supposed to answer that without it sounding wrong. How.

“We can see how it goes and if he gets uncomfortable, we can always replace it with something else,” Rei spoke up and put his arm around Nagisa’s waist, rubbing it reassuringly. “Does that sound like a good idea?”

“Yes, excellent! Thank you for your time. I’ll leave you two alone, then.” Gou practically skipped to the nearest vending machine and Nagisa snickered to himself.

Rei pulled him down onto his lap and slipped his other arm around his torso as well, laying their hands over each other. “So, it’s safe to assume that you don’t dislike being tickled?”

The day had just begun and it was already getting out of hand. Rei sounded a little nervous, yes, but the smile was still evident in his voice.

Nagisa blinked and looked over his shoulder to see Rei looking up at him with a curious yet playful look. That idiot was enjoying this.

“You’re really mean, you know that?”

He shouldn’t have said that because the next thing he knew, he was trapped in a tickle hug. Nagisa squealed in surprise and pulled his knees up to his chest, wiggling around aimlessly in the other’s grip. Rei had strategically crossed his arms over his torso and was squeezing and tweaking his sides repeatedly.

“N-no! Rei-chan! We’re not shooting yehet!” he managed to giggle out and threw his head back against his boyfriend shoulder.

“All right, all right, sorry,” Rei chuckled and adjusted his grip on Nagisa to get more comfortable. “Can I at least know your worst spot?”

“Rei-chan, no.

It was no wonder people kept asking him if he had gotten a sunburn because his face was now permanently red. They went through the scene and Rei teasingly poked Nagisa’s side when they got to the tickling scene, making him jump and squeak and the entire crew laugh and coo. While Nagisa squirmed awkwardly in his seat, Rei patted his knee and whispered a soft apology in his ear, which made him relax again.

He had no idea what was going on anymore. It was common knowledge that most people didn’t really mind being tickled, some even liked it, but in Nagisa’s case that was kind of hard to get a grip on because he didn’t know whether he was just embarrassed or excited. Sure, his high school friends had tickled him a few times during lunch breaks and sometimes during swim practice, but that was about it and left him with little to no answers. He was usually on the other side, knowing fairly well how to tickle someone until they begged for mercy, so he had no idea about his feelings towards the receiving end. Pretty much any kind of psychical contact was fun in his eyes, so maybe he liked tickling as well.  

Nagisa curled up his toes at the thought of him finding out soon enough without having a choice because they would start rehearsing in a few days and before he could even blink, he and Rei were lying in bed, dressed in their own clothes still, cuddling in front of their crew.

Rei threw a crumbled up piece of paper at the trashcan next to the desk and purposely missed.

“Ah, damn it.”

“It’s okay. Not all of us can do simple things,” Nagisa giggled, already mentally preparing for the upcoming tickle attack.

“What did you say?” Rei turned to him oh so calmly and even though they had practiced these lines a few times already, he still felt goosebumps appearing all over his arms and legs. His voice did that thing were it lowered to a certain pitch that sent shivers down his spine and it made his heart flutter excitedly.

“That you can’t throw to save your life?”

Lazily throwing the blankets aside, Rei slung a leg over Nagisa’s waist and smirked down at him, making the other gulp in anticipation.

The next twenty seconds were of Nagisa laughing hysterically, Rei easily pinning him down and tickling him into oblivion. Rei’s fingers were everywhere, squeezing, grabbing, poking, scratching, scribbling, basically testing out different areas and techniques to see what kind of reactions he would get.

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Here we go again, another smutty story. Please don’t read this if you aren’t comfortable with smutty stuff. This has not been proofread so please forgive any mistakes. xxx

Harry did not like parties. He wasn’t the guy to go out, get drunk and party until the early hours of the morning. He liked it a lot more bring if that is what you would like to call it. He liked to go to a nice restaurant, maybe the cinema. But he hated parties.
He couldn’t say no to this one though, this was kind of especially his party. It wasn’t his birthday or anything like that but it was a celebration for the magazine that came out little over a week ago and his face was on the covers.
He was proud of it, he really was but he wished he wouldn’t have to attend the party. Of course there were also friends of his coming and his sister but that didn’t change the fact that he will most definitely feel out of place there.

He wanted to just stay home for a bit, have a quiet night in with his girlfriend. He missed her during the last few months, always busy with filming a movie, working on songs or perfecting his appearance in this magazine.
He was on break from the band and even though he thought he would have a lot more time for Y/N that wasn’t the case at all. He didn’t get to spend more time with her, if anything he felt like he was apart from her a lot more. Because even though they spent most of their time in the same location that didn’t mean they had time for each other. They were almost always in the same city, but Harry would often come home very late and Y/N was already asleep or in the morning he would wake up without her next to him because she was already gone to work.

He hated the fact that now this party was coming into their way as well. This evening was supposed to be spent alone, in their living room, watching some tv and cuddling under a big fluffy blanket. Or maybe in between the sheets because they both loved to get intimate with each other.
But well that wasn’t possible. He had to go to that stupid party. At least she was coming with him or else he would have pretended to be sick.

“I don’t want to go.” he sighed out while standing in front of the big mirror in their shared bedroom.
“You have to, baby!” she said from behind the closed bathroom door.
She was currently adding the last finishing touches to her makeup and Harry was excited to see her. He loved it when she dressed up, not that he didn’t love her in sweats and a messy bun.
“I’d rather be alone with you though.”
The bathroom door opened and Y/N came out, walking over to him in front of the mirror.
“It’s your party, lovely. Everyone is looking forward to seeing you.”
He locked eyes with her through the mirror, admiring the way she looked. Her makeup was natural, a shimmery tone on her eyelids, a perfect eyeliner and perfect lashes and her lips painted in a nice rose like color. Her hair was straight, falling perfectly down her back. She was wearing a nice light pink, velvety dress that showed all of her curves, especially those he loved the most.
“You look absolutely breathtaking, my love.”
He turned around to look at her properly, stunned by the way the dress made her body look so sexy.
“Thank you very much. You look quite handsome yourself, mister.” she complimented him.
He smiled at her softly, taking a step forwards so his body was pressed against hers. His hands were on her hips, feeling the soft material.
“Are my nipples visible?”
He almost choked on his breath at her question.
Her nipples?
He looked down at her boobs and then he saw it. She wasn’t wearing a bra. She definitely couldn’t wear one because the lines of it would be visible through her thin dress. Her nipples weren’t peeking through though. Thank god or he wouldn’t be able to contain himself.
“N-no.” he stammered.
“Good.” she breathed out with relief.
“Wasn’t sure if I should really go bra-less.”
A thought came to Harry’s mind then. If she isn’t wearing a bra… Is she wearing panties?
“Are you wearing panties?”
“Yes.” she giggled out.
“Don’t worry, I would never go without panties.”
“Good, or else we wouldn’t have left the house.”
She rolled her eyes at that, always an protective and horny idiot.
She took her clutch from the bed, filled with her phone and makeup.
“Shall we?” she asked.
He nodded and took a deep breath.
“Of course.”

They left their apartment, getting into the taxi he called earlier that would bring them to the location the party would take place in.
Harry seemed nervous during the whole drive, his leg shaking and his fingers fiddling with Y/N’s. She knew he was nervous, never liking it when the whole attention was on him. This was his party though, he was the guest of honor. All eyes would be on him.
They stopped not long after, parking in front of a club. They both sat there for a while, preparing for the paparazzi that would snap thousands of photos in the next three minutes.
“Nervous?” she asked him.
“A bit.” he admitted.
“It’s going to be alright, love. Everyone will love you.” she smiled reassuringly at him.
He nodded, a dimple popping in his cheek.
She leaned over to kiss him softly, careful not to mess up her lipstick.
Harry got out of the car then, walking over to Y/N’s side and opening the door for her. He helped her out of the car, holding onto her hand tightly so she wouldn’t fall with her heels.

They walked into the club hand in hand while the photographers were taking their pictures of them.
“Harry!” they heard Jeff yell over the loud music in the club.
It was already filled with most of the guests, the music blaring loud from the speakers.
“Hey, mate.” Harry said and gave Jeff one of those man hugs.
“Oh, it’s so nice to see you, Y/N. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” Jeff turned his attention to her then.
“It really has. Nice to see you too.”
Jeff kisses her cheeks as a greeting, smiling warmly at her.
“My wife is somewhere around the club, have lost her a while ago.” he laughed.
“There she is!” Y/N exclaimed when she caught side of Glenne.
“Hey, oh my goodness, you look incredible!” Glenne said and wrapped Y/N into a tight hug.
“Oh, thank you. You look very pretty yourself.”
“Hey, Glenne.” Harry spoke and hugged her as well.
“Harry, so nice to see you. You look very handsome.” she sent him a small wink.
“Have you seen my sister? Texted me a bit ago and said she is already here.”
“I think I’ve seen her at the bar a couple minutes ago.” Jeff answered Harry.
“Thank you.” Harry smiled.
He took Y/N’s hand again, leading her through the people, waving at a few. They reached the bar and there Gemma was sitting, sipping on a cocktail.
“Hi, baby brother!” she shouted over the music and got up from the stool.
She walked over to them, greeting both with a tight hug.
“Oh, girl you look amazing.” she told Y/N when she pulled back again.
“You too, babe.”

The party was okay, Harry went off and left Y/N with his sister to be the little social butterfly he is. He greeted all of the people he worked with during the making of the magazine, chatting with every friend that came. He kept an eye on Y/N as well, making sure she didn’t drink too much.
Y/N spent the time dancing with Gemma and Glenne, drinking a few drinks and just having fun. She missed those girl nights, they haven’t done that in a while.

Harry just finished talking to a old friend and planned on joining his girlfriend but then he saw somebody he really did not want to see.
Oliver, a old friend.
Yes, they were something like friends but since he saw Oliver getting a bit too close to Y/N for his liking during the last party he wanted to punch that guy in the face. Harry hated it when someone got too close to Y/N, she was his and while he knew she would never do anything with another guy it just made him feel incredibly uncomfortable.
He watched how Oliver made his way over to Gemma, Glenne and Y/N immediately, greeting them all with a hug. Maybe Harry was just paranoid but Oliver hugged Y/N a bit longer and a bit too tight. Y/N was smiling at him, giggling at something he said. He had an arm around her shoulder and to someone who did not know Y/N was with Harry could think that she was Oliver’s girlfriend.
Harry’s blood was boiling when he watched them, laughing and smiling at each other. At some point she was taking a sip from her drink and he made her laugh which resolved in her choking on the liquid and a blush to spread on her cheeks.
His hands were in tight fists when he saw her cheeks turning pink. He was the only one to make her blush. No one else was allowed to make her blush like that, especially not Oliver.
“Harry, calm down.” he heard Jeff speak from beside him.
Jeff saw the way Harry was glaring at Oliver and how his fists were so tight his knuckles were already turning white.
“That bastard, he-”
“Harry, I really don’t need you to make a scene. He’s not doing anything out of the ordinary.”
Harry’s jaw was tense, his eyebrows furrowed.
“He’s touching her.”
“But not in an inappropriate way.” Jeff replied.
“But in a way I don’t like it.” he spoke and finally made his way through the crowd and over to the lounge part where Y/N was.
“Harry!” Oliver exclaimed when he saw Harry.
Harry did not respond, not greeting him only looking at him with anger in his eyes.
“You okay?” Y/N asked and took a few steps towards him, making Oliver’s arm fall from her shoulder.
“M'fine.” he huffed out.
He saw the little spark of hurt in her eyes at his tone. She reached a hand out, grasping onto his. She squeezed his fingers, rubbing over his skin softly.
Oliver left her alone then, not making another move towards her. He knew what would happen if he would, he experienced it the last time he got too close to Y/N. Let’s just saw that Harry wasn’t that nice to him.
Harry knew he needed to calm down. Jeff was right, Oliver did nothing out of the ordinary. He might has touched Y/N but that didn’t matter. Harry did not want to ruin the night with his bad mood now, especially because it was his party and he did enjoy it.
He excused himself for a moment, kissing Y/N’s cheek and leaving the group to go to the restroom. Maybe a bit of cold water in his face would calm him down a bit.
He knew he was totally overreacting but he couldn’t help it. He did not like this guy, not one bit. His biggest problem was probably that Y/N seemed to really like him. Of course she would, he was nothing but nice to her and they had quite a few things in common. Oliver liked to go out as well, he was a pure party animal. Y/N liked to party as well, not as much as Oliver did but she enjoyed it from time to time. Harry did not, everyone knew that. He’d rather stay out then go out into the nightlife. He often worried about that, always thinking that Y/N found him too boring.
He left the toilets then after he refreshed himself a bit. He made his way over to the lounge again but stopped dead in his tracks when he saw what was going on.
Oliver had his arm around Y/N again, this time around her waist and his hand was on her ass. He was pressed tightly against his side, not doing anything against his hands. She was probably too tipsy to react.
Harry watched how Oliver leaned down and whispered something in Y/N’s ear, giving her bum a soft squeeze.
Harry stormed over to them then, having seen enough of Oliver’s little show.
“Get your hands off my girl.” Harry gritted out.
Oliver’s eyes widened when he saw Harry’s angry look, removing his hands immediately.
“I’m sorry, I really did-”
“Leave.” Harry snapped at him.
Oliver left immediately, not interested in a fight.
“I’m sorry, Harry. I did not want him to-”
“We’ll leave.” Harry interrupted her harshly.
“What? You can’t leave your own party!” she protested.
She probably did not realize that most of the guests were already gone.
“We’ll leave.” he said again, giving her the look that made her know that he won’t change his mind.
She nodded quickly, getting her stuff and saying her goodbyes to everyone.
He leaded her out of the club then, with a tight hold on her hand that almost hurt. He made her get into one of the taxis quickly, slamming the car door shut with force. He got into the other side, telling the driver where he had to bring them.
They did not talk at all during the whole drive, Y/N too scared to say anything in order to not make him anymore angry and Harry too angry to talk to her.
They arrived at their apartment quickly, Harry paying the driver and both of them getting out of the taxi.
They walked up to the front door, Y/N waiting behind him until he opened the door.
They got inside, taking off their shoes. Y/N was glad she was finally freed from her heels.
“Did you have fun tonight?”
Y/N turned around to look at him, surprised to hear his voice. She knew he was mad.
“Yeah?” he mocked her.
“It sure as hell looked like you were having a blast.”
She gasped at his harsh tone, not expecting him to be this mad.
“I-I’m sorry, I-”
“I want you naked on the bed on all fours, when I get up there.”
Her eyes widened at his words. Her panties already dampening at the thought of what was about to happen.
She made her way up the stairs quickly, taking off her pretty dress in seconds and pulling her panties down as well. She got situated on the bed, on all fours just how he wanted her to.
He came into the room a second later, happy that she did just what he said. He walked over to the bed, crouching down in front of her. She was looking down at the sheets, too scared to look at his face yet but he lifted her chin with his fingers, forcing her to look at him.
“Have you been a good girl tonight?” he asked her softly.
She shook her head. She hasn’t been a good girl.
“No?” he questioned.
“No.” she repeated with a small voice.
“You’re right, you really haven’t been a good girl. Letting him touch your ass like this. Think you need to be taught a lesson, hm?”
She nodded her head even though she knew that wasn’t a real question, he would do it anyway.
He sat down on the bed beside her, motioning for her to lay down over his lap.
“Over my lap, baby.”
He gasped when he saw how wet she was. She left a wet patch on his black skinny jeans and he would have taken her right there but he had a point to prove.
He rubbed his hand over her ass when she was properly situated on his lap.
“Want you to count how many times I spank you. Think you can do that?”
She looked up at him with her big innocent eyes and nodded. He went to take of the rings on his fingers but her voice made him stop.
“No… Keep them on.”
He looked at her for a moment, searching for any sign of hesitation or doubt in her face but he didn’t find any of that. He gave her a quick nod and slipped the rings on his fingers again.

The first time his hand came down on her she gasped, not really expecting it.
He spanked her again with more force then, but still not hurting her too much.
“Two.” she moaned out.
“You like that, hm?” he asked and rubbed his hands over her cheeks, massaging the sting into her skin.
He didn’t need a answer to his question, he knew the answer. He felt the answer against his leg.
“Three.” she all but screamed out.
Harry loved the way her skin grew more pink with every hit of his hand, his rings leaving almost purple marks on her.
“Love it when I mark you.”
He moved one hand from her ass a bit lower, dipping it in her slit and feeling how wet she was.
“All pretty and wet for me, hm?”
He spanked her again and she jolted at the sting he caused. He reached the point where it was almost too much but still pleasurable for her.
“F-five. Harry, please I-”
“Shh.” he shushed her.
“C'mon, baby. Up you go.”
She got up from his lap on shaky arms, sitting back against her legs. She looked at him and he saw the tears brimming her eyes.
“Don’t cry, baby.” he cooed at her, cupping her cheeks lovingly, a hard contrast to only seconds ago.
“Want you to suck me now. See your mouth filled with my dick.“
She nodded eagerly at that, wanting it too. He stood up quickly, taking off all of his fancy clothes that he bought especially for this party.
He lied down on the bed when he was finally completely naked, his head against the pillows. Y/N crawled in between his legs immediately, lining her face up with his dick. He was hard, standing nice and pretty for her. His tip was as pink as his raspberry lips, getting her even more excited to finally taste him. She waited for his permission though, not wanting to risk another spanking.
“Go on, love.” he encouraged her.
Within seconds he took him into her hand, her fingers wrapping around his shaft. She leaned down, licking up the vein on his underside. He shuddered at the feeling of her warm and wet tongue against his dick. She moved up, kitten licking his slit, tasting the precum that oozed out of him. He groaned when she finally took his tip into her mouth and began to suck. She was still licking over his slit, catching every drop on her tongue. She moved further down then, taking more of him into her mouth. Harry gasped when he felt himself hitting the back of her throat. His hands reached down to her head, cupping her jaw and disappearing in her hair.
“Just like that, baby. A little deep- Ohh! Oh fuck, yes!”
She was full on sucking him now, her hand stroking the base of him. Her tongue was licking on his underside, his tip hitting her throat with every bob of her head. Her free hand was playing with his balls, ever so slightly scratching over the soft skin.
He felt himself loosing control, thrusting his hips up into her mouth and moaning constantly. She felt that he was close, he twitched against his tongue and more precum came out of his slit now.
“Fuck, I’m gonna-” he didn’t get to end his sentence though because he was already exploding.
He came right in her mouth, hot spurts of cum dripping down her throat. He was a groaning and moaning mess, not able to control himself when she was sucking him so fucking good. She moaned around him when she tasted him, loving the feeling of his cum on her tongue. She kept on sucking on his tip, milking him of every drop.
When she was sure he finished she removed her mouth from him, swallowing all of the cum that was still on her tongue. He watched her through heavy lidded eyes, how she swallowed everything he gave her.
“Fuck, you took me so good, baby.”
“Love sucking your cock.”
Just then he realized how much she enjoyed it, her eyes glassed over, looking all fucked out. She was breathing heavily, her lips swollen from all the sucking they’d done.
He sat up, taking her face into his hands again.
“You’ve been such a good girl, baby. Think you deserve a treat, yeah?”
He was right, she was being a very good girl. She didn’t do anything wrong earlier either, he was just a bit jealous. But he didn’t want to punish her, did that earlier. He wanted to show her how good he could make her feel. Better than anyone else could ever make her feel.

He pressed a soft kiss against her lips, tasting himself on her tongue. He didn’t mind that taste though, only proved that she did a good job.
“Want you to sit on my face.”
She moaned at the idea, she loved sitting on his face. Loved to ride his tongue and have him pressing her down on his mouth.
He lied down again, waiting for her to crawl up the bed. She hovered over his mouth with her pussy. He moaned at the sight, she was clean shaven, pink and absolutely soaked for him. He put his hands on her hands, pushing her down a bit more so he could finally start eating her.

She moaned at the first contact of his tongue against her, licking a broad stripe over her whole pussy. She watched how his eyes fluttered close when he finally started to lick her properly. He was licking deep between her lips, lapping his tongue over her clit and tasting her juices. He took her clit between his lips, sucking on it with the perfect pressure and licking over it. Her moans were loud, making him feel dizzy. He loved that, having her pussy right on his mouth, his nose smelling her and her moans filling the room.
His mouth created filthy sounds against her, adding to her loud moans and groans. He moaned against her as well, enjoying every second of this.
She began to move her hips, riding his mouth. His tongue fucked up inside of her, reaching as deep as he can manage. She was already so close, his tongue sending hot pleasure all through her nerves.
“Oh, fuck.” she sobbed out when he hit just the perfect spot inside of her.
She was rubbing her whole pussy over his mouth, him catching her clit every now and then to suck harshly on it. She was shaking on top of him, her thighs closing and relaxing against the side of his head every fee seconds.
“I’m going to come.” she whimpered out.
He wanted it, wanted her to come. All over his tongue, he wanted to taste it. She moved faster over his mouth now, her moans growing louder every second. He was sucking on her clit hard, making her see white.
She came within seconds, screaming out when it hit her. Her thighs closed around his head, her whole body shaking on top of him. He was still licking her deeply, right against her clit. Her juices came dripping out of her, right on his tongue just how he wanted it. He moaned against her, making her orgasm even more intense with the vibrations against her clit.
She moved away from his mouth then, his tongue too intense and her nerves too sensitive. She moved down to straddle his hips, catching her breath for a moment.
He watched her, admired the way she looked right now. She had black stains all over her cheeks, her hair a mess and her lipstick smeared all over her chin and around her mouth.
She felt him, how hard he was again. She felt it against her ass, his dick hitting her cheeks with how he was standing for her.
"Want to ride you, Harry. Please, let me-”
“Go on, love. S'all yours.”
She lined him up with her entrance, sinking down on him immediately. A gasp left her lips when she felt him hitting her spot. She instantly began to move on him, rolling her lips against him. Harry hissed at the feeling of her wrapped around him, so tight. Her hips were moving against his in a fast pace, they both won’t last long.
She leaned forward, her hands on his chest just were the two swallows were tattooed in his skin. Her movement were hard and fast, making the headboard hit the wall every time. Both of them were a moaning mess, they weren’t able to control their bodies.
“Harry, I’m gonna- Want you to-” she wasn’t able to complete her seconds, a loud moan always interrupting her words.
“With me, baby.” Harry gritted out.
He was rubbing her clit, making her reach the edge faster. He felt it how she began to shake on him, her eyes rolling into the back of her head.
He sat up before they could reach their peaks, grabbing onto her hips tightly and making her sit completely on him. He began to thrust his hips upwards, hitting her spot perfectly every single time. She screamed out at the force of his thrust, overwhelmed by the things he made her feel. His thighs were slapping against her ass, adding to the filthy sounds that already left their lips.
“C'mon, baby. Come for me. Come all over me.”
He felt it as her walls began to squeeze him, her pussy grabbing onto his dick. She was sobbing when the waves of pure, overwhelming pleasure hit every nerve of her body. She felt it as he came inside of her, coating her walls with rope after rope of thick, hot cum. He was holding her down on him, filling her up and coming so fucking deep inside of her. She loved this feeling, when he came deep inside of her. Nothing felt better than that.
He pulled out of her when they finished, both looking between her legs. It was a thing of theirs, they liked to watch him pour out of her. Liked to watch how his cum dripped out of her and sometimes streamed down her leg.
He reached one hand out, catching his cum before it could hit the sheets and lifted his hand to her mouth. He watched how she sucked his fingers clean, closing her eyes at the taste.
“Fuck, you’re incredible.” he breathed out with a smirk on his lips.
She giggled at him, leaning down to press a kiss against his pink lips.
He wrapped his arms around her, her sitting on his lap. He pressed his forehead against hers, enjoying the feeling of finally having her to himself.
“I’m sorry for being like that earlier.” he whispered.
She lifted her hands up to stroke over his cheeks gently.
“S'okay. Would have reacted exactly the same if another girl was touching you like that.” she reassured him.
“M'still sorry.”
“Don’t worry, I still love you.” she smiled teasingly at him.
“Good, or else we would have a bit of a problem.”

Seventeen Reaction to you visiting them after being apart for a while.

A/N: This was requested a few times too so i tried to combine all the requests into one :-)

Seungcheol (s coups)

would be so excited oh my god, you would surprise him during a dance practice being recorded inside the practice room, the rest of 17 already knowing what was going on, and once you entered he would be so confused because what? Are? You? Doing? Here? But he would like fall on the floor all dramatically but then get up and start kissing you because you literally made his day and week and month and year, with the rest of the boys hooting behind u like scoups! Scoups! Scoups! And the whole thing would be captured on video and would be the best birthday present ever

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it wouldn’t be a big affair, Hoshi would have contacted you letting you know that /eyebrow rise/ seventeen was gonna have the entire weekend off, and once you both planned to get Jeonghan to the meeting spot (an icecream shop) he would be confused like soonyoung why am I here? But then his jaw would drop and his bangs would fall in his face when he saw you enter because he hadn’t seen you in months due to promotions for mansae, and he would stay in that position until you walked up to him like, earth to Jeonghan, and then he would snap and get up and envelop you into a crazy tight hug while Hoshi took pictures of you both with his phone, you’d both be slightly embarrassed but wouldn’t even care as Jeonghan enveloped your lips into a kiss and whisper all things y'all were gonna do this weekend.

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shy and cute little baby, you would surprise him when he least expected it for his birthday. He would be kind of down because he couldn’t see you and hadn’t seen you in over 4 months due to the distance, but was still trying to stay positive. So when Seungchol put forth the idea that you should come, you packed your bags and got ready to go straight over there as soon as possible. due to the time difference though, you would get there the night of his birthday, while he would sit kind of emo in his dorm like sighhhh, then you would knock on the door and he’d open it like what??///: but then see you and like close the door again, and you’d be like ? but then he would open again with pants on this time to grab you and spin you around, because he missed you so much, literally dragging you inside because he wanted to “catch up”

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he would’ve been in a music rough patch, frustrated that he couldn’t make anything or find inspiration, scoups would be like, it’s cause y/n ain’t here right /: but wooZi would be so stubborn and deny it. To prove him wrong, scoups would invite you over once he heard you were finally on break and you would be so extra. Woozi would be in the recording room and start to try and compose a beat, but would keep getting mad, but then you’d slam open the door to the room and lean on the door like “your muse is here.” and woozi would stare at you like holy shit is that my y/n in the flesh?! And get up and start hugging you while you both jumped and laughed like idiots, but then jihoon would hear one of the boys’ cameras go off and would slam the door shut on them, yelling at them to get lost because he’s about to find some inspiration with you /cue gross yells from all of 17/

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my god, he would be a mess after being apart from you for the amount of time he was. Seventeen could not with his constant complaining about missing you, and would beg woozi to do something about it. So you’d get a reluctant call from woozi during your weekend off and he’d beg you to come and calm down Jun, and you’d giggle and agree because you missed your cream puff anyways. Once you got to the dorms, you’d be practically yanked inside by the boys as junhui sat, super emo in the corner on his bed and seventeen would kind of shove you to the front like, here, y/n, jun, no more sad, and jun would light up like a Christmas tree because your here! ! ! He would envelop you into a crushing hug and you’d be used to it because that’s just how he hugs you and the rest of seventeen would sigh in relief (but once you left again, it’d be worse, but that only mean increased visits)

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you couldn’t really tell he missed you and that’s what mostly kept you away because you knew he was busy, but behind the scenes the rest of 17 knew what was going on, and so they hatched a plan to get you there. At first you were reluctant because you didn’t want to be a bother until Jeonghan was like please come he’s so emo at night, so when you agreed, hoshi would pretend to be the same little sunshine ball he is while he sat in the practice room with the rest of the boys, so when you entered you would be a little hesitant, hoshi would be busy practicing in the mirror, drenched in sweat, and he’d see you in the reflection and I feel like he’d kind of breakdown because he hadn’t seen you in SUCH a long time and the rest of 17 would go really quiet because soonyoung would be so happy you came to see him and be reassured you cared about him ()

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emo boy, would express to you how much he missed you himself because, he’s emo and needs to see you, but you would pretend you couldn’t get off just to trick him, and so once you’d arranged with mingyu (the third wheel of the relationship) to meet up, you would walk in the cafe and literally pop out of nowhere basically scare the living shit out of him, and then when he’d turn back to grab you, you’d start running around all playfully and wonwoo would chase after you, once he’d caught up to you you’d kind of both share this look before he’d start kissing you super softy, smiling into the kiss because where have you been he’s missed you so much, a little less emo because he has his favorite prince(cess) in his life again!!!

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…the biggest puppy in the world, but I don’t feel like he’d complain directly to you, would mostly whine about not being able to see you as often, but he wouldn’t be that persistent about it because he knew you would be busy with school/work. Eventually though, he would be really sensitive around the rest of svtn, so when wonwoo messaged you like come over for mingyu n chill, you would be surprised because you’d had a free weekend at the same time. Once you got to the dorms and walked in with Mingyu’s favorite snacks, he would hear your voice from his room and hightail it to the you still dressed in his PJ’s and literally run into you so hard you’d drop half the snacks but you wouldn’t care because you’d both be hugging each other so tight and mingyu would be smelling your hair because he’d missed you so much and wanted to remember this moment for as long as he could.

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Vernon the type to pretend like he didn’t miss you at all, and try to pretend that it was no big deal he hadn’t seen you in months and would constantly try to tell the members different. Sometimes they would believe him, but then late at night he would let it out to scoups how much he really did miss you, and so scoups like the good dad he is, would ask if you had the time to come meet up with him, you’d be skeptic at first because you didn’t think Vernon missed you THAT much, so you would agree. Hansol wouldn’t really like taking you to the dorms, preferring to stay more secluded with you, so when time came to hang out, scoups would drive him and Vernon would be like where are we going /: but then he would notice your apartment coming up and Vernon would try not to start smiling all hard when he saw you waiting in front of it for him but he wouldn’t be able to and would practically run out the still moving car to pick you up in a hug because this would be the one thing he had been wanting to do for months now.

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the little baby, he wouldn’t bother you that much about missing you either, only occasionally letting it slip how much he really wanted to see you. You’d feel bad because you literally could not find the time too. But after one of your bosses noticed how down you were due to not seeing him, he’d recommend you drive down there and take the weekend off. So with delight you’d go see your little mingming, not bothering to tell him ahead of time so when you’d arrive through the practice room doors, you’d catch this boy in the middle of bboying and he would like almost crack his neck trying to get up to see you, he’d be so happy because now he could introduce you to all his friends and show you new things he was working on and just hugging you so much because he’s a little honey donut

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 …would pressure you so much to come see him lmao, he’d ask you like once a day when you were coming to see him because he missed you and thought it was completely unfair of you to deprive him of your cute laughs. You’d want to see him but had some big tests coming up, but once those were after, you’d surprise him with a text saying to come over because all of your exams were done, and you’d be surprised to hear a knock on your door, so when you opened it, seungkwan would be standing there with flowers and some bags looking more sheepish than usual while he kind of muttered some nonsense about your schedule and asking your friends when you’d be free, but you wouldn’t hear him because you’d pull his cute butt inside and hug him so hard, and he would be kind of silent because he just wanted to enjoy the hug because he’s so happy he made the trip and reassured you still even want to see him these days.

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 would make such a big deal of you coming to see him. For instance, say you’d have a free day off from work and school which rarely happened that allowed you to make you way to the recording room because that’s where woozi said they would be, and seokmin would be inside of the booth, and you’d cautiously slip inside as to not mess up any of the recording but once he saw you he’d yell out the nastiest scream right in the middle of recording and basically throw his headphones off and scramble to get out of the booth, and woozi wouldn’t even care, just mostly laughing and assuring you it was okay while seokmin picked you up and practically crushed your bones because he couldn’t believe you were actually here, and actually made the trip for him, and it would literally just brighten up his entire month and give him so much energy because he finally got to see you.

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my baby duck butt hair, since he’s the youngest, he wouldn’t directly complain to you about your absence, instead relaying the message to the rest of the performance unit while being all teenage angsty about it and blowing his bangs out of his face, but what he wouldn’t know is that Hoshi would literally be relaying all the messages to you, and you’d kind of frown because you couldn’t figure out a way to make the drive to see him until Hoshi complained to scoups and scoups basically got you a ride there because he’s a good dad. So the day you finally got there, you’d excitedly text him to see what he was doing at the moment, he’d reply that he was at a certain park just taking a break without suspecting anything, and once you got there with seungchols help, you’d yell his name at the top of your lungs and he’d look up so confused, but then his eyes would light up and he would literally sprint to you and try to pick you up (which he really couldn’t do but he tried) and smile so hard his face looked like it would split in half as he held your hands affectionately because he’d be so energized and ready to run a mile because your face just got him like that.

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All I Want For Christmas Is You

The familiar tune of a holiday classic sounds softly over the din of the room filled with people chattering animatedly to each other about the nearing holiday season. Although Lena disliked the holidays, she found herself in awe of the effort that went into the decoration of the building. Beautiful balsam wreaths were wrapped intricately around the pillars throughout the space, the pleasant albeit sharp smell of cinnamon permeated the air, and in the back of the room was a large, pulchritudinous pine tree adorned with thousands of shining lights, shimmering red tinsel, and a plethora of ornaments of various shapes and sizes. It looked like a scene from one of those Hallmark movies that played on television every year.

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