i was giffing something else when i noticed this haha

Jaehyun- Take my jacket

Group: NCT- Jaehyun

Theme: NCT 127- Comeback Special

Type: One shot- angst (?)+ fluff

Plot: Jaehyun arrives to your date very late and when he starts to blame himself, you reassure him and beg him to go get out of the cold.

* hey this plot is actually not tht bad i think i’m finally getting better, I was fr losing hope lol

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anonymous asked:

I found a link to jimin saying he missed the fans the most at kcon: www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=5b54Kvj7P7s&feature=youtu(.)be at around 2min

Thank you very much for this!!!!

Isn’t he the sweetest? Like, How could you say something like that to Jimin when he’s like the most caring person ever? Jimin needs to be loved!

Haha I know this was supposed to be about ‘Jimin hating intl fans and me proving he’s not” but I noticed something else and I couldn’t help but gif it.

Okay so the host was asking what do they miss most and he said the fans in such an adorable way but what fascinated me was Jeon couldn’t take his eyes off him from the moment he spoke till the end. I know this is nothing new to the fandom, and tbh I already made quite a few heart eyes moments, but this was obvious. It’s not really clear, but you could see how he smiled, prob thinking that Jimin’s cute. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Even when the others averted their eyes from Jimin, he still stared at him. I live for this tbvh. Because it’s considered subtle and I love subtle jikook. Anyway, Jimin is lovely. The members love him, why are we doubting his sincerity? :)

/sorry, I’m such trash I couldn’t help myself/