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He reminded me of the wooden nesting dolls I’d played with as a child.

EXO React to You saying cute things when you think they’re asleep

Xiumin: While you were stating that you thought he was the best person in the world and how you didn’t want this moment to end, he would shift and sit up slightly, surprising you. He would pull you closer to him, “it doesn’t have end yet, let’s just enjoy our time together.”

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Chanyeol: As you were explaining how important he was to you, you would look at his face to find him sleepily watching you. Your face would turn bright red from embarrassment and he would chuckle lightly, “why’d you stop?” He’d ask you innocently.

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Suho: While you are in the middle of saying how amazing you think he is, he would  interrupt you, catching you off guard. “You’re too sweet sometimes,” he’d say and look you in the eyes. “But I mean, I guess that’s one of the many reasons I love you.” He’d pull you closer, “You make me wish I could stop time.”

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Baekhyun: He would cover his face in an attempt to hide his blushing, but would fail miserably, causing you to laugh. So he was awake, you would think. He would sit up and look over at you. “Am I really all that you said?” He’d ask and act cute, causing you to giggle.

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D.O.: After hearing you say how much you cared about him, he would crack a small smile with his eyes still closed. “Just because my eyes are closed, doesn’t mean I’m asleep,” he’d mumble softly, causing you to practically have a heart attack from being startled.

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Lay: Once you finished talking about how lucky you felt to be with him, you would notice a light pink on his face with his eyes still closed. You would realize he’d been awake the entire time and he’d open his eyes. “I think I’m luckier than you cause I have you,” he would say, causing you to blush.

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Chen: He would attempt to act like he was sleeping so he could hear more of what you have to say, but wouldn’t pull it off well. You’d catch on quickly and after asking if he liked what he heard he would laugh lightly, “Just a bit.” He would say with a big grin.

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Sehun: “Is that really how you feel?” He’d ask softly when you finished saying how much he meant to you. He would open his eyes slowly and look at you, examining your expression. “You are something else you know that? Something amazing.” He’d say after some time.

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Kai: “You are the adorable one,” he’d say  after you had just stated how you cute you found him. Seeing your stunned expression would cause him to laugh. “What? You never asked if I was asleep~” he would tease and smile sweetly, finding your reaction funny.

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I’ve been waiting so long to use cute gifs like these!! 

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Exo reaction when their kid is telling them something smart

Sehun:*kid voice* ….so I’m smarter than you no”.. No you are no kid you just learned how to read.

Kai:*doesn’t understand what his kid is talking about but find it’s cute* Could you be more cute than this?

Tao: Honey I think can you come and talk with the little one cause I don’t understand what he is saying and he is waiting and answer from me

Kyungsoo: So he took my intelligence after all not only my good looks

Chanyeol: You don’t understand a world from what he is saying also?

Chen: Who are you and what did you do with my little monster?

Baekhyun:*does’t understands shits* Ohhh that’s so nice baby….why don;t you tell mommy also

Lay: Really? that’s good to know, daddy will treasure this knowledge forever

Suho: Don’t you have kids to play with……

Kris: Why are you still looking at me like that? I hope you are not waiting for something smart back

Luhan: Did you hear that sweety, did you hear what he just said? he is so smart

Xiumin: You can’t really find something else to do for fun?

When people complain about people in the Gotham fandom talking about Jerome...

Jerome, Jerome, Jerome Valeska, Jerome Valeska! Come back Jerome! I love Jerome! Bring him back! Bring Jerome back! Jerome was amazing! Jerome was brilliant!

I made this because I’m very mature haha! 😄 Okay, okay. On a serious note, so people are talking about Jerome…big deal. He’s a great character and yes there are other great characters in the show. I do like other characters in the show other than Jerome believe it or not but Jerome is my favourite but I do love Ed Nygma (definitely my second favourite) and then it is Penguin (even though him testing that poison on that dog was horrible!). My point is…chill alright? Just scroll on by and ignore it and look for something else in the Gotham fandom. To be honest I find far more Penguin posts than Jerome soooo yeah. Well rant over, see ya!

Here’s a little more Jerome to annoy some people more haha!

Exo reaction when they stare at you and they get caught by you

Sehun:*watching you like*

*but when he gets caught* What? I wasn’t looking at you. Really!

Kai:*after he gets caught* At least I know that she was checking me out too!

Tao:*can not contain his smile* She smiled at me, she smiled at me….

Kyungsoo: Act normal Kyungsoo, maybe she didn’t see you staring creepy at her.

Chanyeol:*keeps on stealing glances even after you caught him*

Chen:*turns the table in his favor* Oh I saw you trying to check me out guuuuul, don’t lie!!

Baekhyun:*avoids your eyes pretending he was looking at something else*

Lay:*he would just wave like a little cute unicorn he is*

Suho:*the gif talks for himself*

Kris: Great now she’ll think I’m a creeper or something!

Luhan: Look away Luhan she saw you looking at her!

Xiumin: *emabarrassed baozi*