i was giffing it for them and trying to just not have me at all but my hat is too obvious~

Puppy Love

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Character: Harry Potter (Year 2)

Prompt: None

A/n: I was watching the Harry Potter weekend this television channel runs like once a month and I’m doing a book report on Chamber of Secrets and I came to realize how much I love the earlier installments of the series both book and film. Plus first love fics are always cute.


“Don’t come back inside until I tell you to!” Shrieked Aunt Petunia as she all but shoved Harry outside. “I have to make this dinner perfect for the Mason’s and I can’t have you lolling about the kitchen getting in my way!”

Harry walked aimlessly out of the front garden as he made his way to his bench down the street, muttering about how wretched his day was going and it wasn’t even midday.

He continued to sulk until his ears perked as he heard a familiar voice that made his cheeks and neck begin to burn.


He whirled around to find you sitting among your sunflower bushes, a place he often saw you from his bedroom window or on the rare occasions the Dursley’s took him out of the house.

You had lived on the other side of Privet Drive for as long as he could remember. But he had never really spoken to you until the previous year when he saw you at the Sorting Ceremony.

Harry’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when he heard your name and even more so when he saw you in the flesh, sitting on the stool, waiting to be assigned to a house.

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They Know

Prompt: Can you do a fic where Dan is deaf and his subscribers don’t know. One day he accidentally uses sign language on a live show and has no choice but to come clean about his disability?

AO3 Link

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Deafness

POV: Third

Words: 2107

All my deaf fics can be found here (each is an independant oneshot)

A/n: This was a prompt but I accidentally deleted it without saving it so….I just went off the general jist (also sorry about the dodgey ending, I wasn’t sure what to do)

((I guess this is set pretty early in their YouTube carier since the chances of Dan hiding hearing aids from four million people is pretty low))

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Does Adrien/Chat like Marinette?

You I am making this because of REASONS (and obviously not because I have to satisfy my intense need) so let the Snark Master to create a completely irrelevant meta about a bunch of fictional teenagers, now, shall we?

(BTW: Most of the gifs are not mine, their original makers are at the bottom of the gif, thank you!)

We all know that our cat boy/cinnamon fluff is “infatuated” with our Bugaboo, and I swear to God I could make a 5 page essay on how/why/when and I am sure Adrien will do that himself tbh

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But everyone seems to forget dear little shy Marinette, which had me to wonder if blondie had at least a small liking to her. Of course we know that Marinette is known to be quiet unless when needed to, because she absolutely wrecked Chloe verbally several times alongside with Lila and other people.



Adrien is known for being quiet, reserved, shy, and obedient. Chat Noir is an outlet for him to release a side of him he is not allowed to show due to his strict upbringing. As Chat Noir he is cocky, playful, joking, and flirtatious. Would Marinette ever think that Adrien is Chat Noir? Certainly not, unless she judges by physical appearances or if one side shows a sign of the other.

Marinette has the same case. As Ladybug she shows more confidence an grace, being able to fight akumas without a sweat. Marinette is a lot more braver, stronger, and scarier as Ladybug. So yeah, I think they’re showing two different sides that the other could barely notice in their civillian forms.

So I have conducted a tally list, one that contains evidence if you, at the least, like someone. I have taken careful consideration in adding objects to this list, so I’m sure that these things mean you like someone.

  • Constant thoughts of object of desire
  • Increased need of body-to-body contact
  • Opening up easily
  • Nervousness around crush
  • Constant smiling when around him/her
  • Showing off one’s features
  • Often fondling with one’s hair
  • You laugh at their attempt at humor
  • Dressing nicely whenever he/she’s around
  • Intense “Research” about them (*cough* stalking* cough)
  • Caring for that person

Now, let us begin!

1. Constant thoughts of object of desire

Well… cat boy doesn’t seem to show this when it comes to Marinette, because we haven’t actually seen much of his point of view. Although it is much more likely for Ladybug, 

As Chat Noir he is obviously showing signs that he often thinks about his Lady. As Adrien he thinks about her too, being on the LadyBlog and then writing her a love letter.

But who knows? Maybe when he sees a roll of fabric or a person standing up for someone being bullied, he is reminded of Marinette, the quiet yet strong girl in his class.

2.  Increased need of body-to-body contact

This is includes simple body contact like shoulder touching, hand holding, (*cough*) and invading personal space. And Adrikkins here seems to do all that.

He is seen occasionally giving her signs of affection, whilst doing so he adds a certain physical touch to it.

For example, in Kung Food he touches her shoulders and his arm around her once or twice.

In Mr. Pigeon when he gets the hat Marinette makes, he LITERALLY JUST PLACES HIS HANDS OVER HERS


As Chat Noir, he is seen to often lean in close whilst talking to her. Like the gif below, he places his hand/paw on the doorway behind her. I don’t know about you all but I’ve often seen this move when one tries to hit on the other.

Originally posted by tunaqueen13

And there are other scenarios wherein he talks to her and tends to get up in her business, and stuff…

3. Opening up easily

There’s not much to prove of this, however, in Origins when Adrien was about to give Marinette the umbrella, he says something like this…

ADRIEN: You know… I’ve never been to school before. I’ve never had friends. Everything about this for me is… It’s a little new.

Now, if you were homeschooled your entire life would you tell a girl you never had any friends? Wouldn’t she think of you as a freak? Either Adrien is pretty open or just wanting sympathy from Marinette so she could forgive him, I don’t know.

But the fact is that Adrien just gave away a personal asset about him. Could’ve just said that he was just gonna remove the gum and Chloe was the one who put it there in the first place? He HAD to add the part about having no friends and all.

4. Nervousness around crush

Even though cinnamon boy is reserved around Marinette, we have a few bits and pieces of him being flustered/nervous around Buginette.


5. Constant smiling when around him/her

Alright, I know that our cat boy is all smiles and all. He smiles when he’s around Marinette, but you’re saying “BUT BUT BUT ADRIEN/CHAT SMILES AT EVERYONE HJDEJSAHDWBJSAB” 

But Chat Noir smiles at the mere sight of Marinette being excited, well, fake excited at least. Like the gif beloooow…..

Originally posted by monishiri

See? Look at that adorable fuckers lil smile

Even in orgins when Plagg teases Arien about “love” and he corrects him that they’re just friends.

He smiles.

6. Showing off one’s features

Includes puffing out chest and standing straight, also flexing subtly/non-subtly



7. Often fondling of one’s hair

Adrien, when flustered, scratches the nape of his neck or his hair. Most of these were when Marinette was around.

8. You laugh at their attempt of humor

Once again, don’t have much evidence here. Except for the, oh I don’t know, the umbrella scene?

Originally posted by adrienthebaedrian

9. Dressing nicely when he/she’s around

Why did I add this? I have gone up to 1000% percent stupidity.



10. Intense “Research” about them

Nope, Adrien doesn’t seem to go full on stalking mode on Marinette, but it is shown that he goes on the LadyBlog to scope out his Lady’s cute butt- to try and decipher who’s the mystery behind the mask. So it seems he only does that for Ladybug.

11. Caring for that person

Adrien cares, a lot.

It is seen that whenever needed, he immediately encourages her and lifts her spirits up. He thinks that she is an amazing artist, even bothering to autograph the Jagged Stone album Marinette designed, and offering an umbrella for her even when it’s raining.

As Cat Noir he constantly saves her, smiles at her (fake) enthusiasm, and promises to protect her. 

Originally posted by ladybugandcatnoirr

Seriously guys, I know all about the quote in the origins, where he says:

CHAT NOIR: Wow, whoever that girl underneath the mask is, I love her


Believe me, I am a sucker for Marichat and Adrienette, but DO NOT GET ME WRONG! I love Ladrien and LadyNoir as much as I love the other two. I feel like a mother trying not to pick out the favorite between her children.

So let me know if I missed anything you guys, and I will see you all in my next post! Ciao!

This is a date? (Requested)

Pairing: Peter x Reader
Featuring: Scott, Ororo, Kurt, Wanda, Peter’s mom
Request: I love your your writing! I was wondering if you could do a Peter maximoff x reader where they meet each other at a pokestop and start talking about all the different Pokemon Peter caught cause he’s basically traveled all over with his super speed and helps the reader catch Pokémon.
Word Count: 1823 words
Warning: Fluff, Peter being a dork. (yes that’s a warning)
A/N: I feel like this is obvious, but this is a modern!AU, also I know nothing about Pokémon so when I talk about something’s it’s pretty vague (I’m sorry)

Originally posted by quicksilversmom

((gif not mine, credit to owner)) Side note: look at this dork in his stupid hat.

                You swore under your breath, feet moving against the pavement as the sun relentlessly beat down on you. Your phone was stuffed in your pockets as you muttered harsh things, while trying to figure out where the hell you were. You noticed the street signs becoming familiar, and soon you were in the old part of town. You knew from here it would take at least two hours to walk home, or a bus ride where you would have to change busses four times, then still walk for twenty minutes. Since, you were heading in the direction of the park, you decided to go there. At least if your still there later, maybe your friend could come pick you up later.

Well maybe friend, was a bad term to use. Maybe the asshole who ditched you to hang out with her boyfriend would be better.

                You were heading to this park, which supposedly has a lot of rare Pokémon. And you friend, had offered to drive you since it was far and plus she needed to practice her driving skills. It was a well thought out plan, and going well, until she stopped for gas and you went to use the bathroom, then came out to find her gone, and with a text that read,

My bfs in town and he wants to hang out srry

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Free! theory #76

Ok folks you better grab yo’ hats and fasten them seat belts cause this here is a long-ass analysis about Haru, his relationship with Makoto, and the idea that he’s had abandonment issues since childhood.

might want to grab your pain meds first cause I sure needed them

So it all started out with me seeing this cute gif and reflecting on how Makoto is always taking care of Haru, so much so that the term ‘Mamakoto’ floats around the fandom. He makes sure Haru has food, he gets Haru out of the bath and to school on time, he makes sure Haru is warm and dressed properly, he restrains Haru from doing certain things, scolds him, fusses over him, and is always checking to make sure he’s ok. These are all things that Haru’s own mother would have done for him IF HE ACTUALLY HAD A MOTHER AROUND DURING ANY PART OF HIS CHILDHOOD. 

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Armin x Candy Shipping Meme ^^

Armin x Candy! : D

  • Who was the one to propose: It was Armin. One day, randomly out of nowhere, a very NOT amused Castiel was somehow forced to stop lounging around for two seconds (GASPS. HOW DARE THEY.) and play the guitar notes to this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHCq20hGhOY . Yup The Mario Kart Love song. While Castiel was playing his guitar, Armin began singing the song to her. Finding the song dorkie, yet absolutely adorable, when he pulled out a wedding ring how could Candy say no? She thought it was rather odd that it was only half a ring though! WHAT?…Oh! The only way to get a whole ring was to hold hands! Or rather, place his hand over hers when portable gaming. Either way, d'awww. Cute move, Armin! 
  • Who stressed more over wedding planning: It was Armin! They of course had a gaming wedding! Every detail had to be perfect and on spot. They only had one chance at this. But some disasters happened before the wedding, causing him to become stressed. “WHO SENT US THIS DISGRACEFUL PINK LINK HAT?, THOSE COLOUR BLIND IDIOTS” He would yell to the far corners of the universe. “AND FOR THE LOVE OF HECK, PRINCESS PEACH’S CROWN IS BLUE SAPPHIRE, RED RUBY, BLUE SAPPHIRE! IDIOTS!” Ended up in him having a gaming emotional break down about three times, but they still had an amazing wedding. And Armin ate like half the cake.
  • Who decorated the house: They both did. They have cute gaming and fandom things from hot topic and their house is epic. "Darlin’, Where can we put the Pokemon Posters?“ Armin will say, as sophisticated as he possibly can be, trying to make fun of the fact that the type of decorating they are doing was certainly not posh! Candy will suggest they scatter them in different rooms! Charmander in the Kitchen- Fire representing the flame to cook. Pikachu in the garage- representing the electricity charge when working on cars. Squirtle in the bathroom- for obvious water fun time. Maybe a snorlax for the bedroom.  
  •  Who does the cooking: Armin is not trusted to cook anymore. On a cold Decembers evening, after he had received, what he believed to be the "best present ever.” It was a plastic Charizard pokemon toy that breathes fire. Obviously, he thought the best use of the toy was to cook with its abilities. OF COURSE HE DID. Loud screams could be heard from Candy as she walked in the kitchen. "WHY IS THE CURTAIN ON FIRE?“ She would screech in fear. "I'TS NOT MY FAULT! I TOLD CHARIZARD TO KEEP AWAY FROM THE DELICATES! NAUGHTY! NO CREAM PUFF FOR YOU!" 
  • Who is more organized: Has to be Candy. At least she organizes her games slightly! In Armin’s Pokemon case you will find a copy of sims. In Armins Sims case you will find a copy of: The Walking Dead” The list goes on. Never expect to find a game n the right place"
  • Who suggested kids first: Armin! On a warm summers afternoon, when neither of them had anything to do. They decided to play sims. “Awe come on, don’t kill off the sim" Candy said. As she saw Armin build another pool, leaving the sim to their natural doom. "Awe but it’s more fun this way!” he said, playfully. Rolling her eyes, Candy spoke her mind. "But if you keep killing people off, you will have no one left.“ Smirking, Armin spoke. "I don’t plan to kill everyone you know, I plan to repopulate the earth a little too." He said, mischievously. "And suddenly, we are no longer talking about Sims anymore, are we?” Candy said, her right eyebrow rising. "NOPE.“ Said Armin, looking suggestively at her. AND THE REST IS HISTORY. They had lovely children soon after ; D 
  • Who’s the cuddler: It’s Candy. When Armin is stuck in one of his games, she will go up to him like a kitten that needs attention. Laying on his shoulder, grabbing his arm, the whole nine yards. Lounging 
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:Armin is the big spoon. Loving to wrap himself around her.
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Obviously, gaming. They will often play as a team now-a-days- on such thing as League of Legends, and other team games. “You got them baby?” He will say, knowing full well that Candy can take down a player/character all by herself. “Yeah i’m making sure they don’t escape now” She will reply. When they win, he makes celebration pancakes, and shares them with Candy. :3
  • Who comes home drunk at 3am: Both do, but the funniest story is of Armin. No matter what he says, once a week  he secretly plays dungeons and dragons with a group in town when night falls. He comes home drunk, rambling. “THEY ARE A BUNCH OF CHEATERS CANDY. I had the magic stick they took cards from me CARDS FROM ME I know that they gave me a dud dice that only GIVES ME TWOS Don't test me Candy they are a bunch of no good wizards who secretly work in the BLACK MARKET TRADING MAGIC FOR INFORMATION.” Candy, not having a clue about what in the hay he is talking about, smiles politely and simply says “Come on, lets get you into bed”.
  • Who kills the spiders: Armin. Candy will scream and he comes running in. He enjoys the time when he can actually act like his heroes and save the girl. Just like the video games! He sways his arms about all martial arts style and says in a deep voice: “Not today Spider.” Before he does an air kick, spins around, and gets a cup and  a piece of cardboard and takes the spider outside.
  •  A head canon: When Armin gets his driving license, every Friday at around 12 midnight, they will decide to go to “Drive in McDonalds.” They will pull up, with sun glasses on, and act all cool like they are from the film “The X Men.”  “I need a cheese burger” Armin will say. “Any fries?” the man will ask. Armin will shake his head in a disapproving way. Candy will join him and say “Sir thats on a need to know basis.” and the guy at the window always looks so confused. Finally, when they have their order right, they speed of and say: “You didn't see anything. As you were.” Leaving everyone at the drive through wondering if they are okay.
  • Their relationship summed up in a gif: (I believe this fan art is from the manga okita and kagura. However I cannot find the original artist for this, if anyone can tell me, I’m be very glad to link it!) I like to believe Candy isnt annoyed with him at the end though. But i guess if your candy is the type to get annoyed at losing, it could happen o3o:

Watch Over Me StevexReader/BuckyxReader

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(GIFs aren’t mine)


Prompt: I was wondering if you do an imagine where y/n is Steve’s girlfriend and she’s also the one who found Bucky and brought him back so like Bucky is only comfortable around her and because of this Steve gets jealous?

Pairing: BuckyxReader (platonic) / StevexReader

Words: 1135 - sorry it’s short 

Warnings: Swearing… again…

Authors Note: LOVE THIS REQUEST! This will be the first time I really write about Bucky and use his dialogue so I hope it’s ok! I am sorry if this took a long time! I was working through requests and I want them to be good so I don’t like to rush!

I suggest listening to Someone to Watch Over Me by Ella Fitzgerald while reading but it’s up to you

Sure, being an Avenger was one of the coolest things in the world; but honestly there was only so much you could hang around the tower before the sound of Tony’s voice made you feel like you were going crazy. So you kissed your boyfriend - who also happens to be Captain America - on the lips and headed for the nearest Starbucks with your laptop tucked away in your bag.

Training, missions and family game night were all fun but you loved being outside. You pulled out your sunglasses and slipped them on along with a small straw hat to keep people for recognizing you. Since it was early in afternoon, the streets weren’t as busy as they normally are. Your walk was short, it only took you 10 minutes to get to the shop.

You ordered your usual Chai Tea Latte and curled up on an empty armchair with your laptop, writing away. If you weren’t blessed with your freaky electrical powers, you would have wanted to be a writer; maybe for a lifestyle magazine or a travel column.

The sound of a loud crash on the streets out pulled you away from your train of thought. You threw everything into your bag and ran outside, leaving your half consumed cup of coffee in the cafe. 

The people on the street were crowded around something and you pushed forward through the crowd to assess the damage. The image in front of you was shocking - 

“Bucky?” You breathed, your heart hammering in your chest. You recognized your boyfriends long-lost best friend immediately from all the pictures Steve kept around.

There sat the Winter Solider curled up in a ball in the middle of the street. There was a large crater in the asphalt beside him, probably where he punched the ground. You ran forwards and knelt beside him, he was breathing heavily and muttering inconsistently.

“Bucky, my name is Y/N.” You told him, brushing his hair away from his face. “Let me help you. I’m an Avenger, I’m friends with Steve, I can take you - “

At the mention of Steve he whimpered, “No - please! I…don’t remember…I can’t…” His eyes were screwed up in pain and it was obvious that you weren’t going to get him anywhere near the tower - now anyway.

You thought through your options for moving forward. The crowd was getting bigger and you were pretty sure a couple people heard you say your name; so people started gossiping and chatting away, their phones out and taking pictures of the odd scene in front of them.

“Ok, I won’t take you to the Avengers.” You promised, “But if we stay here any longer, they’re going to come to us. I can help you, but you need to trust me.”


Two weeks later

I’m a little lamb who’s lost in the wood - I know I could, always be good - to one who’ll watch over me” You sang softly, pressing the keys of Avenger Tower’s only grand piano along to one of your favourite songs. 

Bucky was sitting beside you on the piano bench, his head placed on your shoulder as you sang to him. It was nearly 4 am, but you heard yelling from his room and decided to bring Bucky downstairs to help him escape his nightmares.

“This one is nice.” He whispered tiredly. “It reminds me of home.”

You smiled, “This version is from 1940, so it’s similar to what you’re used to hearing. Steve loves it when I play stuff like this too.” After a few more bars it was obvious that he was nodding off, you nudged him carefully. “Why don’t you go lay on the couch. I’m right here, I’ll keep playing for you…”

He grumbled something under his breath and slugged over to the couch, laying down and closing his eyes.

It took a few days of gaining his trust to actually coax Bucky back to the Tower with you but he still wasn’t comfortable being around everyone. Steve had been happy to see his best friend again, but you were sure he was hurt when Bucky wouldn’t even look at him.

You played from memory, only playing slower jazzy songs that might remind Bucky of his own time. A time of pin-curls and dancing and happiness.

“It is very, very early in the morning.” A sleepy Steve said from behind you, making you hit the wrong note in surprise. You winced at yourself and kept playing through the mistake. He sat on the bench beside you, “Was he having nightmares again?”

You nodded, “Yeah 4th time this week.”

Steve signed unhappily, his head falling on your shoulder just like Bucky’s had before. “You know, it’s hard to be happy that my best friend is back when the only person he’ll talk to is my girlfriend.”

You looked up at him, your fingers still gently moving across the keyboard. “Are you jealous?” You asked, genuinely curious.

He shrugged. “Maybe I am. But I honestly don’t know if I’m more upset that he’ll only talk to you or that you’ve spent so much time with him lately.”

You couldn’t help the small giggle from escaping your lips. “Steve…That’s ridiculous!” His silence made you feel uneasy so you continued, “I’m just trying to help, you know that right? I really want him to be ok.”

He shrugged again and you groaned, pulling your hands away from the piano and cupping his face. His shoulders were tense and his eyes were guarded like he was preparing for battle.

“I love you, you stupid boy.”

“Yeah but - “

“Nope, shut up.” You whispered, pressing your lips against his softly making his whole body loosen up. You whispered, “I’m trying to be a good girlfriend by getting you your friend back. I’m also trying to get to know your best friend, because that’s what girl’s do in normal relationships - not that our relationship is anywhere near normal…But regardless, I. Love. You. So stop being silly. Ok?”

He smiled against your lips, the feeling of his grin making your stomach explode with happiness. “I’m sorry, I just love the both of you a lot and I get so worried…”

“I know.” You smiled, “You’re a guy who cares too much and that’s part of the reason why I love you. But he’s making progress, he even spoke a few words to Pietro today.”

Steve beamed, turning to look at his sleeping friend, “Really?”

“Yup!” You nodded, “Now I’m going to keep playing, are you going to make me a hot chocolate or not?”

Steve laughed quietly, standing up and heading to the kitchen to make us drinks. I smiled as he disappeared, then turned my gaze to Bucky who was knocked out on the sofa.

They’ll be ok… You thought to yourself happily, ‘My boys.

I got all hyped to write dialogue for Bucky and then I gave him like 2 lines and made him a recluse oops…

(gif credit)

summary:  After Lucas admits to Farkle he has feelings for Maya, she finds out, and there’s no more hiding from the inevitable.

read: AO3 | FFnet
please try to leave a review / kudos

In retrospect, admitting to Farkle that he’s in love with Maya may not have been the best idea. After all, his best friend has a habit of revealing people’s feelings whenever he thinks it’ll help or they deserve to know, and this time is no different. So, Lucas really shouldn’t be surprised that Maya is confronting him. He’s a little surprised she’s doing it here, at school, but at least the halls are empty. Football practice let out a while ago and he’s the only one left as he walks out of the locker room. But Maya is waiting. She’s pacing a circle and fiddling with a ring on her finger, the same one Riley wore since middle school. 

He doesn’t get half way through her name before she turns on him, her eyes wide and a little wild. 

“You’re in love with me?” 

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The problem with the OUAT midseason finale wasn't that we got too little CS - it's that we got too much.

But I’m not complaining about it!

Despite what haters say, Captain Swan and Hook are both extremely popular - and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by ABC. 

The result - we got A LOT of great stuff this season (not to mention the 2 hour finale dedicated to them last season).  So expectations going into the finale, based on what led up to it, were high for many fans.  And it’s not their fault.  It’s the writers’ fault - because in their enthusiasm to give the fans more Killian Jones, they seemed to forget the focus of their one of their own story lines.

Emma and Hook’s big breakthrough moment came early this season - with tears in her eyes Emma told Hook “I can’t lose you too”.  It was a huge moment for her - for them.  And it came on the heels of a level of intimacy we hadn’t seen with them before and was followed by Emma accepting her feelings and asking him out on a date. That was their story line for 4A. The writers “wrapped it up” early because they had a ridiculous number of other plot lines to resolve.

Now the story arc with Killian’s heart, well that was really Rumple’s story.  But that wasn’t obvious to a lot of people because of the way the writers handled it.

Hook’s popularity, Colin’s ability to do angst incredibly well, and the fact that the pirate/crocodile story line was never truly resolved made tying Hook to Rumple’s journey with the sorcerer’s hat a natural choice.  Fantastic! Except for the fact that in their enthusiasm to showcase Hook the writers forgot the focus of their own story, which was Rumple’s backslide and the effect this would have on his marriage. We got a lot of Killian Jones in anguish and almost no Belle - in fact the writers literally had her sleep through much of the plot.  We had a TWO HOUR episode in which she was not featured at all. 

As a Rumple fan I was desperately hoping it would be Belle that got Hook his heart back - it felt like it just had to be her to defeat Rumple. But the majority of my fellow CSers were expecting Emma to save her pirate. And who could blame them? The writers gave Hook a lot of screen time and they really showcased the agony he was in by being forced to perform terrible acts under control of the Dark One, as well as the sadness he felt in being one more person to “abandon” Emma.  In the finale they even suggested Emma would figure things out because Hook was acting “off”. And maybe they did this intentionally - maybe they were trying to misdirect us so that Belle showing up would be a real surprise.  If so, it worked. But it left many fans quite disappointed; they saw the plot as building up to a big emotional moment for Emma and Hook not realizing that the writers felt they had already delivered that moment earlier in the season.

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