i was finally in the zone when i realised

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Holy fucking shit, that collab was the death of me. I was all like "Yesss, I have finally finished this fic, I can go back to study for the test I have in exactly 87 minutes" and then I read about the second motherfucking part in Elle's tumblr and realised how screwed up I was.

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When @esselley​ and I started writing it, we fully didn’t intend on it being such a monster. It was going to be a fun, weird little treat for valentines day, but then we started planning…and the plan just kept getting longer…and everything spiralled drastically out of control.

I’m so so glad you enjoyed it!! Special thanks to @clemy-sensei​ for the reply that started it all:

Funny/embarrassing story...

Okay, so when I have a conversation with someone sometimes I don’t really focus on what they’re saying completely & agree to certain things or whatever & it’s like I process what they say after I’ve responded.
Well today some lady I work with was being a little too friendly & I sorta just went along with the conversation we got onto her relationship & then she asked me if I had a boyfriend & zoning out I said I did & in real life I do not.
Okay so after she asked me what his name was I finally realised what I said & in a panic I said Mamoru. & continued to answer her questions on what he does & how old he is. I managed to leave out the black market actions. This seems not very embarrassing but…this lady also works with my mother. So now my mum thinks I’m dating a detective who is like 10 years older than me. & I’m too flustered to tell her he’s not real 😢