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Do Kyungsoo // Calamity

Summary: Kyungsoo is the owner of a coffee house, and extremely adorable and fun - and he’s also one of your closest friends. It’s just such a shame that you had to ruin everything by falling in love with him. playlist 
Scenario: angst, barista!au
Word Count: 4,740

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How Bad Grades Got Me Laid

How Bad Grades Got Me Laid //Phan

Pairing: Daniel Howell and Philip Lester 

Genre: smut

TW: none

Teacher!Phil x Fem!Student!Dan

Phil’s POV

“So, the tests aren’t… Bad, per say, but they’re not exactly good either,” I recited the familiar speech as I delivered the tests to the respective students.

I went around the classroom, until I reached the familiar boy with brown hair, looking up at me with dark pupils and an innocent look. “Dan…” I started, placing his test in the desk, a disappointing red 2-out-of-20 mark, clear as daytime, “come see me after class.” he nodded eagerly, seemingly not bothered by his low grade. “Yes, sir.” he purred cheekily.

I wrote some exercises for the students to solve and sat at my desk, looking up to see Dan’s familiar face, sitting at his desk diagonal to mine. Anyone else would be non-the-wiser, but I could tell when Dan wanted attention. But today was different.

He was wearing the typical female school outfit, something he’d do normally- he liked to switch between female and male outfits- but he just looked like he was up to no good.

Dan and I have been dating for about two or three months now, and I couldn’t wait for him to finish high school, so we could move in together. In these past months I’ve grown to be more rebellious than in my entire life and yet, I could not be happier.

One thing that I both loved and hated about Dan, besides his immaturity, would be his lack of shame.

I stopped spacing out when I heard my name bring called, “Uh… Mr. Lester!” I snapped my head up at that, my eyes instinctively falling on Dan. He was looking at me with lustful and zoned out eyes, his face was coloured with a shade of pink and his mouth was slightly open. His eyes fell shut when he realised he had my attention, he bit his lip and tilted his head backwards oh-so gently. My eyes trailed down his body; how his outfit was slightly tight on him, and down his chest, to his arms and finally his hand bellow the desk-

“S-sir, over here!” I jumped as if I had been caught doing something I shouldn’t, which, technically, I was. The student in front of Dan, Chris, was now standing, blocking my vision of Dan. “Oh, uh, yes, sorry?” I mentally slapped myself over how starstruck I probably both looked and sounded. “Should we do exercises 15 and 16? We haven’t learned that yet.”

“If you can, do it, otherwise…” I trailed off carelessly with a wave of my hand, watching as Chris sat back on his chair. I looked at Dan again, his right hand clutching the paper tightly- his test- while the other was under the desk, rubbing himself. We made eye contact and I noticed him mouthing pleas, most definitely directed towards me.

I glared at him, only receiving a small, lazy smile from him in response as he continued to touch himself as if it were the most normal thing to do. I checked the time, fifteen minutes until the bell rang. I groaned in frustration, tapping my watch impatiently, wanting everyone to leave already, just so I could have Dan alone.

I looked at him through my glasses, frowning, but more relieved when I saw that he had refrained to touching himself, now simply tapping his foot against the ground and pressing his legs together as tightly as he could. I smirked, chuckling quietly under my breath, which caught some students attention for brief seconds. I looked at my watch once again; twelve minutes and thirty-six seconds to go.

I could almost feel Dan staring longingly at me, and more so when, in the midst of the silence of the classroom, a loud and familiar huff was heard, coming from him. I looked at him in time to see him motioning me to hurry up with his hand. “Impatient,” I mumbled under my breath, knowing he’d have no way of knowing what I just said.

The last straw was drawn when he started squirming around on his chair, swaying from side to side in an effort of getting himself off, and failing completely, judging by the long sigh of distress he’d let out. I smiled, done with my teasing.

“Class dismissed.”

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Holster Has Made Out With Everyone 13) Senior Year: Ransom

This is the last installment! Thanks for reading.

“I think you two should make out,” says March.

This is clearly an intervention. April is here, and Bitty perched in a corner of the locker room clutching a tray of mini-pies and looking embarrassed for everybody. Lardo brought her fucking gavel. There is a laptop in the corner, and Holster’s pretty sure someone is going to suggest Skyping Shitty any minute. Chowder’s supportive smile is already looking strained.

The only people in the room that Holster isn’t mad at right now are Nursey and Dex who are ignoring the stupidest ever session of Samwell Men’s Hockey Court to grope each other behind the We Support You Both banner.

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Train of Thought

As promised, here is my fic with no gender pronouns and no specific avenger named. It’s written from the avengers point of view too, so they’re looking and thinking about you! Thought I would go all out and mix it up even more. It was quite difficult to write so it isn’t as long as my other fics, and I hope I did it ok! Please let me know what you think guys - Elizabeth :) xox

It was another one of those incredibly boring, incredibly monotonous train journeys. I was sitting, staring out the window, earbuds in. As most people are on trains, I was completely zoned out of the world. Nobody likes to make eye contact on trains lest it encourage unwanted conversation from an over enthusiastic stranger.

Things changed though when they got on the train.

I glanced up as they sat opposite me, their hair shining in the light as they struggled to get their bags into the gap under the table before the train started moving. I watched out of the corner of my eye when they finally managed to push the bags down where they wanted them. Their hair was mesmerising and they caught my eye, smiling when they realised I was looking at them.

I felt my cheeks flush and looked back out the window, annoyed at myself for blushing at a single smile. They were the most gorgeous creature I had ever seen. Should I talk to them? They would probably think I was weird. Like I said earlier, nobody likes talking to people on the train.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t glance at them way more than necessary. They saw me a few times and their eyebrows crinkled in confusion before I could quickly look away and try play it cool. It probably didn’t work. I’m not the most subtle of people.

My song changed just as they answered their phone, their gorgeous voice hitting my ears before the next notes of my song reached them. They sounded so happy, so free of trouble and worry like so many people I hear do. Part of me hoped they got off at the same stop as me so I had an excuse to talk to them. Would it be stupid to do the “how bizarre we got off together?” thing? Probably…

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Funny/embarrassing story...

Okay, so when I have a conversation with someone sometimes I don’t really focus on what they’re saying completely & agree to certain things or whatever & it’s like I process what they say after I’ve responded.
Well today some lady I work with was being a little too friendly & I sorta just went along with the conversation we got onto her relationship & then she asked me if I had a boyfriend & zoning out I said I did & in real life I do not.
Okay so after she asked me what his name was I finally realised what I said & in a panic I said Mamoru. & continued to answer her questions on what he does & how old he is. I managed to leave out the black market actions. This seems not very embarrassing but…this lady also works with my mother. So now my mum thinks I’m dating a detective who is like 10 years older than me. & I’m too flustered to tell her he’s not real 😢

• Aaron Carpenter Imagine #1

- Hey guys, I introduce you (y/n).
Nash, my childhood bestfriend, introduced me to his friends for the very first time. It’s been a long time I didn’t saw him and since our reunion, we wanted to spend more time together, so he invited me to the Magcon tour at San Diego with him. I knew some of the Magcon boys by name, but I wasn’t especially a fan of them. I heard that they were all nice and funny. Effectively, when I met them all, they warmly welcomed me. All, except one guy I didn’t know. His name was Aaron something; his hotel room was just in front of mine. I’ve heard about him that he was one of the most adorable of the band. It was the complete opposite. At the beginning, I tried to talk to him and get along with him like with all the other boys, but he was really cold and pretentious. Whenever I asked him if he was fine, he was answering things like “I suppose”. I started being tired about his behavior, so I stopped to try to be in contact with him. It was maybe better like this: he had no interest for me and either I.

We were all hanging out in Nash and Cameron’s hotel room but we didn’t have anything to do and were really bored. So finally, we decided to do a basketball game. After we all changed our clothes, we went on the basketball field and started to play. Even though I was the only girl, I wasn’t too much bad. In fact, I never missed my shoots, which started to annoy Jack.G, who was apparently really competitive. During the game, Shawn passed me the ball really high, so I jumped at the same time as Jack, but he catched the ball a little too fast so I fell on the floor really roughly. They all ran over me, but Aaron was the nearest. He stretched out his hand to stand me up and asked:
- Are you alright ?
- Oh, yeah, I just feel dizzy. And my knee hurts a little..
Nash was saying to Jack:
- Are you crazy ? She’s a girl dude!
- I’m sorry, I’m sorry (y/n), I didn’t mean to!
Aaron said:
- Do you want me to take you back to your room ?
- Oh, you don’t have to, I..
- No you can’t do it alone, I’ll take you back. Come on.
I looked at him, really surprised, while he was taking me on his back. Jack was still saying:
- Sorry (y/n), I really didn’t mean to!
- It’s alright, don’t worry about this.
Then Aaron and I left. When we arrived in front of my hotel room, he said:
- Do you need me to do something special ?
- No, my knee doesn’t hurt anymore, I’ll just sleep a little bit.
- Ok then.
He started to go to his room while I said:
- Thanks.. For everything.
- That’s nothing, everyone would have did this.
Then he smiled a little and just came in his room. I thought about how nice he’ve been, compared to the other days, and fell asleep thinking about him.

The next day, I just came out of the bathroom after finishing to prepare myself to go out when someone knocked at my door. It was Aaron.
- What are you doing here ?
- Listen, I’m sorry for having been a jerk with you at the beginning. It’s because I didn’t know you. I don’t easily trust new people so.. That’s all I wanted to say.. Bye.
Then he simply left. So finally Aaron wasn’t that shallow. I was still thinking about what he’ve said when I arrived at the table for breakfast with the boys. Taylor told me:
- So (y/n), are you coming tonight ?
- Where ?
- At the concert we’ve talked about two days ago, remember ? You said you loved that band!
- Oh yeah it’s true but I can’t come, I’m going to have dinner with my sister. She’s living in San Diego and I don’t see her a lot, you know..
- Are you sure ?
- Yeah, sorry.
- Next time then!
- I suppose.
Aaron’s eyes quickly crossed mines. I felt disappointed to miss the concert, and one more moment passed with the boys, that were now close friends to me, but I didn’t see my sister since maybe 8 months now, so I didn’t really had the choice. However, we had a great time together, it was good to be reunited with my sister again, I’ve missed her a lot. I didn’t even thought about the concert during the whole evening.

The next morning, I went out of my hotel room exactly at the same time as Aaron. It was a litte bit awkard, but he tried to be normal with me. He said with a smile:
- Hey.
- Hey.
- So, did you had a good evening with your sister ?
- Yeah, I had a great time with her. And you, the concert ?
- It was crap.
- You’re a lier.
- I was disappointed you couldn’t go.
- Oh.. Well you know I had no choice.
- Yeah..
We stayed in an awkard silence until he said:
- Listen, I know it’s not perfect between us but I really wanna be friend with you, I think you’re a cool girl. So.. Are we good ?
I smiled and said:
- Yeah, of course we are.
Then he replied by a smile and hugged me. At this moment, I couldn’t know what to do, it was so weird but at the same time so nice. I think my heart stopped at this moment.
- So, let’s go join the guys for breakfast!
- Oh, uh, yeah!
What was happening to me ? Since when Aaron looked so adorable and cute for me ? Since that moment, I started to see him in a complete different way. We started being very friends, but I realised I wanted to be more than simple friends. I wanted him for me.. I then stopped hugging him and everything, I didn’t want to be stuck in the friend zone. He was always trying to talk to me again, to hug me or to kiss my cheek or my forehead, but I was rejecting him until one day. When I once again rejected his hug in the morning, when there were only the two of us in the hallway, he finally said to me:
- Why are you a complete jerk with me lately ?
- What ? What are you talking about ?
- One day, we’re great friends, and the other day you reject me and you’re colder than the ice, what did I do wrong ? Did I say something wrong ? If it’s because I’ve been a jerk at the beginning, it’s because I didn’t know you and I’ve already said I’m sorry but things have changed you know!
- It’s not about this!
- Then about what ? I thought we were friends!
- … Maybe I don’t wanna be your friend..
- … What ?
I looked at the floor while repeating:
- Maybe I don’t wanna be your friend..
- … But why ?
- I.. Think I got feelings for you..
We stood there in a complete silence until he hugged me. Here we were stuck in the friend zone.. But suddenly he raised my chin and kissed me. I couldn’t understand but I felt like the happiest girl ever. Then he looked at me in the eyes and said:
- I thought we didn’t have the same feelings.. I love you (y/n).
- I love you too Aaron.
Then we kissed once again and hugged, this was by far the best moment of this week.
Inspired by a tv show (ok, it’s exactly the same story but I love it, so…). I hope you guys enjoyed it even though it’s pretty short! Next Imagine will be a requested one.
xoxo :)